Essick Air H12-300 3-Speed Evaporative Console Humidifier, Light Oak

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Product Description

Replenish the needed moisture to the air with a console humidifier that restores and maintains healthful levels of humidity reduced by home heating. Also provides an ideal environment for home furnishings and electronics.

  • 12 gallons of output per day
  • Humidifies 2500 square feet
  • Three moisture settings
  • Three speed operation, includes quieter nighttime setting
  • High-output evaporative wick
  • Easy-fill water bottle
  • No messy white dust or spray
  • Helps prevent chapped lips, parched throat, and cracked skin
  • Reduces static electricity to protect computers and electronics
  • Protects plants and furniture from harmful dry air
  • Removable Power Pack for safe easy cleaning
  • EZ-Roll casters - humidifier moves easily from room to room
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Light oak woodgrain color
  • 120 Volts/60 Hertz/170 Watts
  • Uses Replacement Wicking Filter #1045 & Replacement Air Care Filter #1051
  • Use of Essick Air Products Bacteria Treatment #1970 recommended when refilling water bottles to eliminate bacterial growth

    This Bemis console humidifier keeps air pleasantly moist, cutting down on excessive dryness and static electricity to aid in the overall well being of skin, plants, and electronics. The unit uses an evaporative wick to add invisible moisture to the air, avoiding the spray, mist, or dust of some humidifiers. Three fan speeds let you tailor output to personal tastes and conditions, and a variable humidistat shuts off the machine when desired humidity is reached. Designed to output as many as 12 gallons per day and cover up to 2500 square feet, the unit is suitable for the whole home and features a quiet setting for nighttime use.

    Equipped with a single 2-1/2-gallon tank, the humidifier includes a refill indicator light for easy monitoring. To prevent overheating, an automatic safety shut-off feature cuts power when the tank runs dry. Measuring 24 by 13-1/2 by 22 inches, the unit comes with a light oak-colored casing and casters for easy movement. Bemis includes a one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Features:
    • Rolling console humidifier for up to 2500 square feet
    • Evaporative wick design for invisible humidity
    • 3-speed fan; quiet nighttime setting
    • 2-1/2-gallon tank; outputs up to 12 gallons per day
    • 24 by 13-1/2 by 22 inches; 1-year warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • Evap Humidiier
      Product came cracked but functional. Living in AZ it sucks up water pretty quick, a larger holding tank would be nice. Overall it works well....more info
    • Great humidifier choice
      We have had this humidifier for about a month now and we are definitely pleased with the performance. The unit was easy to assemble (with my wife's help of course). It runs whisper quiet; we can barely hear it from 10 feet away and when the heat pump kicks on, I don't hear it at all. I like the basic, no frills dials; too much high-speed stuff means more to break. The 2.5 gal tank is easy to remove and fill while the unit is still running. We keep the humidity level rather high so we have to fill the tank twice in a 24 hour period. I recommend getting a large bottle of bacterio-static treatment fluid in a separate purchase; the small bottle provided lasts about 2-4 tank refills only. I recommend this product to everyone....more info
    • it's ok
      Well like a lot of others have said, you have to fill it up too often.
      I would think for the size it is, they could of made it hold more water.
      It is kind of loud on the highest setting. But other than those two things we like it....more info
    • Satisfaction with one reservation
      Essick's whole house humidifier successfully keeps our 2200 square foot home at 50% humidity. Refilling its 2.5 gallon water bottle is simple, required about every 12 hours. Operation is quiet and the unit fits room decor. Initial assembly presented one problem: the unit didn't operate owing to failure of the electromechanical sensor for water level in the pan. All attempts to follow troubleshooting instructions for this feature failed. So, owner had to defeat the level sensor by bypassing the sensor switch. No adverse effects of this have been noted, other than the fact that owner must check water level every 12 hours or so....more info
    • Worked good for three months.
      Worked well until the blower motor went out. It now gets hot when plugged in but will not spin. This product work well until it broke. now to get it replaced I must pay to have it packed and shipped back. Then they say they will test and if bad replace with me paying shipping. Just doesnt seem fair. I do not have the time to wait for testing so I am going to buy a different brand. maybe from a company that will send me a new product until they are able to verify what I a saying is true....more info
    • Works , but flimsy .. Manf. won't respond
      I have had this unit for awhile and it does work. However it is made from very thin plastic and will not stand a simple bump without falling apart. I ordered some anti-bacteriostat from Essick and they sent a third of what I paid for and will not respond to my requests for an explaination....more info
    • Decent, Reasonable Value
      This is my first large humidifier and I may not be the best person to appreciate differences amongst brands. But I will give you a "layman's" impression.

      When it first arrived I wasn't sure I was that impressed. It's a big piece of plastic, not exactly durable but it can last. The casing is cheesy imitation wood which I guess does the job. It reminds me of my parents' old wood paneling from the 70s although some people like this "rustic" appearance. The unit doesn't consist of much -- a plastic basin, casters for it to move on the floor, a 2.5 gallon bottle that comes with a hose for filling up (nice addition), the fan assembly piece on top. My first thought was "now this produces a great profit margin."

      Well, while that might be the case, I should compare it with the smaller humidifiers I've used that cost anywhere from $40-70. They are a little more intricate, have better precision, but this isn't a tremendous difference and the value for what it does is evidently much better. When it comes right down to it though, I wonder how much more effective this is than having a large pot of water and a fan, but somehow the entire 2.5 gallons evaporates pretty quickly over the course of a few hours.

      Noise -- quiet is not a word I'd use. Not sure what these people are talking about. On low speed it's noticeable, medium it's definitely noticeable, high speed is like a jet plane. I keep mine in a foyer of my apartment at mid speed and it's noisy but tolerable generally. At night you don't want this in your room when trying to sleep.

      Overall it works. I'm still having humidity challenges in my dry apartment but this is probably better than the small machines. I'd give it 3.5 stars because of price to performance. Unsure how these differ from a "whole house" humidifier other than price since specs are the same....more info
    • Excellent Buy
      This is an excellent buy. Quiet and shuts off when desired humidity reached. Recommend highly....more info
    • Great Product, Smooth Performance
      The only negative is that the installation instructions are a little cryptic and the fan makes some noise at highest speed.

      At low speed, it's silent. Appearance is great and performance is great too (so far!)....more info