Bemis 497-300 Variable Speed Evaporative Console Humidifier

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Product Description

With generous output and variable controls, this Bemis console humidifier keeps the home atmosphere pleasantly moist and its inhabitants comfortable. The unit uses dual tanks and an evaporative wick to release invisible humidity into the air without the byproducts of spray, mist, or dust. It outputs as much as 12 gallons per day and covers up to 2500 square feet. Variable dial controls for humidity and airflow keep operation straightforward, and the quiet setting is perfect for nighttime use. The unit also uses an automatic humidistat to shut the machine off when targeted moisture levels are met. To ensure that output is clean and pure, a two-stage Air Care filter keeps minerals and particulates inside the machine.

Equipped with two 2-3/4-gallon tanks, the humidifier is easy to refill and includes an automatic safety shut-off feature that cuts power when tanks run dry. A refill light makes for easy monitoring, and casters allow for versatile placement. Measuring 28 by 13-3/4 by 22 inches, the unit comes in an oak colored casing with black accents. Bemis includes a one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Rolling console humidifier for up to 2500 square feet
  • Evaporative wick design for invisible humidity
  • Variable speed control; 2-stage Air Care filter; nighttime setting
  • Dual 2-3/4-gallon tanks; outputs up to 12 gallons per day
  • 28 by 13-3/4 by 22 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Bemis 497-300 Console Humidifier
    This was our first purchase of a Bemis product and was purchased due to the online review by Mr. Nelson. We are extremely happy with this humidifier. The tanks are easy to fill. The controls for the fan and humidity are adjustable. The humidifier we had in Alaska was not nearly as dependable and did not keep the humidity at an even level. The Bemis is absolutely wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone considering a purchase. We would buy the same brand again....more info
  • Wonderful humidfier - built to last!
    We currently have owned one of these for several years. They work great, the tanks are easy to refill, and a refill typically lasts 2-3 days. One of the best features is the humidity level control, you set it for a certain level and once it's reached the unit automatically shuts off.

    Ours recently broke the fan blade, but that's after almost five years of operation and three moves. It's very durable. I may be able to have it repaired, which you can't say for most appliances these days. Well worth the money if I end up having to replace it....more info