Essick Air 696-400 Variable Speed Humidifier

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11 Gallon, Output Per Day, Light Oak, Variable Speed Evaporative Whole House Humidifier, Credenza Style Cabinet, Humidifies 2,300 SQFT, Humidistat Automatically Controls Humidity Level, Automatic Shut Off With Refill Lights, Two 2.75 Gallon Water Caddies With Refill Hose, Concealed Control Panel, E-Z Roll Casters,

  • Uses replacement wicking filter #1041 & replacement air care filter #1051
  • Use of Essick Air Bacteria Treatment #1970 recommended when refilling water bottles to eliminate bacterial growth

    Designed to humidify without disrupting dcor, this credenza-style Bemis humidifier improves air quality and comfort throughout the entire house. The added moisture helps the well being of the skin and respiratory system, as well as protecting plants, furniture, and electronics from excessive aridity. The unit uses an evaporative wick construction, emitting invisible humidity to avoid the dust, spray, and mist of many other models. It covers up to 2300 square feet and outputs as much as 11 gallons per day from its two tanks. The straightforward controls are variable for both airflow and humidity and include a quiet nighttime setting and an automatic humidistat. A two-stage Air Care filter traps particulates and minerals, while a refill light simplifies monitoring and automatic shut-off prevents overheating. Measuring 29-5/8 by 14-7/8 by 25-3/8 inches, the unit comes with casters and plastic housing with an imitation wood finish in light oak. Bemis includes a one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard
  • Features:
    • Credenza-style console humidifier for up to 2300 square feet
    • Evaporative wick design for invisible humidity
    • Variable speed control; nighttime setting; 2-stage Air Care filter
    • Dual tanks; outputs up to 11 gallons per day
    • 29-5/8 by 14-7/8 by 25-3/8 inches; 1-year warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • Don't Waste Your Money!!!
      This is a cheaply made piece of junk. The materials and craftsmanship are well below average. It just feels cheap. The first problems I encountered were with the water bottles. Sometimes they leak, sometimes they don't work at all. It's just not a good design - very unreliable. Next problem, the motor started making noises after only a few months of continuous operation. Eventually the motor burned up completely after only 5 months of use. Seems like this unit was not designed to be run continuously. If you only plan to use it a few hours a day, it might last you a couple of years. Don't waste your money on anything from Essick Air. They don't build quality products....more info
    • This thing is a workhorse!! Going on 15 years!
      I purchased my Bemis Credenza Variable Speed Whole House Humidifier in January 1994 from Home Depot. At the time it was model 6964, but I believe this is the successor. Have had this thing so long even the company changed hands (now owned by Essick). Anywho, I used this for about 8 Maryland winters to humidify a 2,000 sf house. Then we moved and have used it to humidify just our bedroom (about 400 sf) for the past 6 years. The wick usually lasts the whole season. Then it's cleaned out as directed at the end of the season, the fan blades are cleaned and the fan motor oiled, a cover is put on it to keep the dust out and it's ready to go for the next year. It has been fantastic! The only negative about it is the noise. When it was humidifying the whole house, it was not located near the bedrooms so when it started and stopped (in accordance with the humidity register), the noise didn't disturb us. However, now it is in the bedroom and I keep it on low fan speed continuously (sort of like "white noise") and we turn it off in the morning. Otherwise, I'd be up all nite as it shut on and off. Another slight issue is the cost of the wicks---as I was painfully reminded of it when I finally found one at Ace Hardware for $22 (but then all of them seem priceythese days, don't they??). Nonetheless, it is one of the best household health appliances I have ever owned....more info
    • Piece of Junk
      The product arrived damaged, not from shipping damage, but from packing at the factory. Too damaged to use. Dealer said they didn't want it back. It's a good thing, because it was replaced by a unit that wouldn't run. I took the fan unit (which wan't damaged) out of the damaged unit and put it in the second unit and it runs, but only at a low fan speed. Anything higher causes too much vibration noise. Also, both units we received were poorly finished, with the base being several shades lighter than the cover, which matches the picture on the box. It looks like they only gave the bottom one coat of stain. Thanks to the dealer who refunded our money. My email with complaints directly to the manufacturer got no response....more info
    • Great Humidifier
      We are very pleased with the humidifier. We have a large, open family room with all wood ceilings which gets very dry in the winter. The humidifier works well reducing static shocks and dry skin. In terms of noise, the unit has a fan and that is what it sounds like, a decent size fan in the background.
      I would recommend the product to others needing to increase humidity in large spaces. ...more info
    • Get Ready for Takeoff
      Sounds like a B-52 even in quiet mode. Does not humidify air. Wick system is a waste. ...more info
    • Does the job, but not quite 5 stars
      The good news is, it humidifies. That's what I bought it for and that's what it does. The level of humidity is adjustable, allowing the unit to automatically cycle on and off as needed. And yes, you can adjust the fan speed, but getting it anywhere near the upper range makes it sound like a B29 taking off. IT'S LOUD! I leave it on med-low and it's not bad at all.

      It has two plastic 2.6 gallon water bottles and at the med-low fan speed I use, I go through about 1 bottle per day. It keeps the rooms close to it quite comfortable, but rooms farther away don't get much. Your mileage will vary depending on humidifier location, floor plan, and normal air circulation.

      As far as being built "sturdy" (as one reviewer pointed out), I have to disagree. The entire housing is made of plastic. Without the water bottles in it, it's so light that on a hard floor it easily rolls away with the lightest bump. Unless you are on carpet, I recommend NOT installing the castors that come with it. The weakest part of the whole unit is the stupid lid. It's constantly falling off it's hinges when I'm replacing the water bottles. It's just poorly designed.

      I highly recommend buying the optional "air cleaner filter" (model #1051) that fits on the back. It helps clear your house of dust and pollen and also makes your internal wick last longer. For allergy sufferers, this is an absolute MUST.

      Speaking of making wicks last longer, it wasn't until I read the owner's manual that I found out soft water is NOT recommended as it's supposedly not good for the wick. Oh well. The only NON-softened water I have is my outdoor hose and there's NO WAY I'm going out there every morning in the snow to fill my humidifier bottles!

      All in all, I give it a 5 in performance, 4 in construction, and a 2 in convenience. (Hey, refilling and lugging 22 lbs of water every morning gets old!) Since performance is really what we want out of it, it gets an overall score of 4 stars from me.

      BTW, use about 1/2 as much of the anti-bacterial additive as the bottle recommends and it does just fine.

      Cheers!...more info
    • great job
      I bought this product due to the extreme dry heat in the nevada desert. What a relief. It can be as quite or as loud as you want it to be. It has a variable speed fan that can be tweaked up or down depending on the level of comfort. I have a small humidifier and it pales in comparison to this. Can't beat it, with the free shipping....more info
    • A healthy home addition
      We have had our Bemis humidifier now for over three weeks. We live in Nevada where the air is hot and dry. This humidifier has moistened the air in our home so that we don't wake up with dry throats every morning. Sinus passages are also benefiting from having the moist air circulating in the house. It also has the advantage of looking like a nice piece of oak furniture which fits in beautifully with our decor. Probably one of the nicest features is that it runs fairly quiet. We have become so accustomed to the fan that we don't notice it anymore. I purchased a second humidifier for friends and they love it too. 5-stars!!!...more info
    • Great investment for your health
      This is the best product I have seen. It is easy to operate, has two seperate water tanks that can be filled easily, it achieves great result in a short period of time and has humidity control and output control.

      I just bought a second one as a gift. EXCELLENT PRODUCT!...more info

    • Fantastic Humidifier! This thing does the job!
      This is a great humidifier that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but extremely functional. It is very sturdy and the craftsmanship is wonderful. You can even adjust the output to fit any house, big or small. Great buy!...more info