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Barbie Pet Rescue

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Barbie Pet Rescue PC MANUFACTURER WARRANTY:andnbsp;andnbsp;90 DAYS

Forget the cat litter, all-hours dog walks, and outrageous vet bills; Barbie Pet Rescue features some of the most realistic, adorable animals we've ever seen in a computer program--and without all the work involved in owning a real-live pet. Visit Barbie and her kid sister Stacey at the Pet Rescue Center, where you'll wait for rescue missions, explore in the playrooms, or tend to pets in the Care Center.

Rescue missions come in over the phone or via e-mail; after learning which pet is missing where, travel with Barbie on her scooter to one of three different environments in which to search for one of eight lost pets. In many missions, you'll have to use your wits to figure out how to entice scared animals to come to you, or how to retrieve pets trapped in trees or other sticky situations. If you get stuck yourself, Barbie's full of helpful hints to send you on the right direction. With each successful mission, you'll receive a printable Paw & Purr Award that hangs on the PRC wall.

Rescued pets come back to the Pet Rescue Center with you and Barbie to wait for their owners and receive a little TLC. Nurse them back to health in the Care Center, where you'll give recovered pets water, treats, vitamins--even baths and brushings; sometimes you may also need to bandage a hurt leg or pick burrs from ruffled fur. After creating a file for them in the computer and giving them a name you select from a list of suggestions, the animals go to one of two playrooms to wait for their owners.

In the meantime, you can play with them, plus all the other pets already in the playroom--a kitten, bunny, hamster, puppy, and even a turtle--in what is perhaps the best of the game's activities: petting! Select which animal you'd like to pet, then use the cursor to stroke an animal's head or back, or perhaps scratch her under the chin. The animals respond to your attention as they might in real life, by licking, rolling over, purring, or barking. It's the next-best thing to a romp in the park with a real-live kitten or beagle.

There is a related game for each kind of animal--Kitten Keepaway, Puppy Treat Toss, Hamster Trail, etc.--and if you do well enough, you'll see the animal do something especially cute. A few of the games test kids' logic and spatial aptitude, but mostly they challenge players' mouse mastery and hand-eye coordination; a speedy "click" finger yields frequent success.

Our only complaint: once players have completed all eight rescue missions and the activities in the playrooms, there's not a lot more to do. It's always fun to pet the animals, but it's not likely to hold kids' attention for frequent replay. That said, this graphically rich program is a real treat for any animal lover. We plan on keeping this game around for those moments when we really wish we had a dog around. (Ages 5 and up) --Leah Ball

Girls can join Barbie on exciting missions to search for and rescue different animals such as kittens, puppies, and bunnies with the Barbie Pet Rescue CD-ROM. This fun adventure game empowers girls to find lost pets and nurture them back to health at the Pet Rescue Center with Barbie. Girls can care for pets up close using a special onscreen cursor and observe as the animals react to petting, feeding, and more.

Customer Reviews:

  • look out for antique operating systems
    It wasn't the seller's problem that the latest Windows systems just are not backwards compatible. It would only work on an antique IBM that I had in the basement. So much for buying used computer games.......more info
  • Difficult
    The graphics are nice but sometimes it is difficult to find or catch the animals... my daughter cannot play this game alone so it's not on her favourite list. I find that the movement of the characters is too restricted there is no way to investigate the surroundings....more info
  • Cute and Entertaining
    My 5-year old daughter is a huge animal lover, so she really loves this game. We have had it for about six months, and it is still one of her favorites. The graphics are good, and the animals are adorable. She loves to play the games, do the rescues, and take care of the animals. My only criticism of the game is that there are only so many "rescue missions" that are the same every time, so once she did it one time, the challenge was gone. It would be nice to have more variations, but she hasn't seemed to mind yet!...more info
  • Good but gets boring after 2 hours
    I got this today. This is how it all goes,
    1. You get a 5 minute mission to rescue a pet.
    2. After its rescued, you go to the check up room. IT always says What a healthy girl, I wish it could get sick for once
    And other stuff that the other reviews have said. I say this game is good for ages 5-8. How childish. And I'm 10. I don't reccomend it much. Even 5-8 year olds will get board!!!!!!...more info
  • Pet Perfect...not!!!
    Pet Rescue is a good game but the dialogue is just to weird. The words are chopped up. In real life i think Barbie could get her own phone. Remember Barbie can do everything! The graphics are wonderful and the game is a little to easy i would make it ages 7-10. I don't think 12 year olds would like this. You get to chose mostly anything you want. You get to chose the name and collar....more info
  • EWWW
    Umm, I totally feel like I have no control over Barbie, I mean, it would be wayyyyyyyyyyyy cooler if I could drive the motorcycle (I love driving on comps.). Petting the animals sucks, what's the point, your not even petting them for real! I just don't like this game very much, and the last level I haven't even beat cause I just hated it so's a stupid game and now Barbie is just a stupid doll, she used to be my hero until you suckers ruined it!

    Good Going Barbie Software!
    Sincerly dispointed..hope this helps customers!...more info
  • love this game
    my daughter is 10, she don't like barbie, but
    she really love this game, she played with
    it every day for a good while, she really enjoyed
    getting calls to rescue different pets...more info
  • Awesome,Great,Good,Any other good thing
    1. The animals r SO CUTE!
    2. The graphics are GREAT!
    3. There r a lot more pros,i cant think of them all.
    4. Oh wait! i just thought of another pros. Another person said bunny's r wild. Not ALL bunny's r wild. U can find bunny's at the pet store.
    1. I wish you could drive Barbies bike.
    2.i wish the pet's got sick.
    3. Pets r still there. EXAMPLE: u said no when u got a call or e-mail about sage,then u go in the playroom. AND SAGE IS IN THERE
    Overall I think this is a WONDERFUL GAME!...more info
  • listen to the other reveiws!!!!!

    6.I WISH WE COULD HOLD THE ANIMALS AND BRUSH THEM INSTEAD OF GIVING THEM A BATH.(not that a bath is bad but why cant we brush them)
    7.i will scream if barbie says the same thing over and over and over again.
    8.and what about cassies hamster why cant we feed or bath him or even take him fo a check up.
    9.why cant we take the golden retriever to check up???????boriiiing!

    here are some fun facts about this game! can pet the animals. can play with the animals. hear cool and real pet sounds.

    i just told you 100% about the game
    70 percent= boring and dull 30 percent= fun!fun!fun!

    hope i helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! byee now....more info
  • What A good Game
    This game is great and I love all the games except the kitten keep away. But otherwise the game is the coolest and I am hoping to by one know and it would be so cool if you could send me one for free. Much love Britney....more info
  • Very cute!
    This game is so cute. I just love the animation and the animals look so real and so cute. The only problem that we've had is the sound. Sometimes the game makes Barbie sound like she's got a frog in her throat. I've called tech support but was put on hold for so long that I hung up and haven't ever gotten around to calling again....more info
  • from a person that loves animals
    I love this game! In it you get emails or telephone calls saying that different people need your help because they saw or lost an animal, and they need you to go help them. You don't have to go on these missions if you don't want to though. The thing that I don't like about it though is that there are only about fifteen missions to go on. Once you rescue an animal, you take them into the vet area to take care of them. You give them a bath, feed them, and do other things with them. There are some great games that you can play, like a turtle obstacle course/race, a game where you try to get the treat into the puppy's mouth, and a hamster maze. Sometimes the hamster gets out and you have to try and find him. Once again, I love this game!...more info
  • the cutest !!!!!!!!!
    I never write reviews, but I had to on this one, my 7 yr. old daughter loooves it, it really is adorable, my daughter loves animals, so this is perfect, I even like to play it with her and even though my 5 yr. old son does not like barbie, he just loves playing this game, the animals are too cute and the sounds and graphics are great, it keeps them busy for hours!!! i totally recommend this game!!!!!!...more info
  • Awesome graphics
    I was prepared to be unimpressed with this product, thinking it would be just another Barbie game--heavy on the Barbie license, light on the creativity and development. I couldn't have been more wrong: The graphics are incredible, making this fun for adults and kids alike. I played this for a few hours at a time, on several occasions, and I never got tired of petting the animals or playing with them in the various "trick" scenarios. This is truly an exceptional game....more info
  • A great game for animal lovers!
    I bought this game for my 3 1/2 year old for Christmas 2003. When I got it I realized that it was for ages 5 and up. Well...I put it in my computer and let my daughter play it anyway. At first it was hard and got her frustrated (she's only 3 1/2). Now...she will play this game for hours upon hours if I let her! She LOVES it! She loves saving the animals, cleaning them up, giving them water and playing with them.

    The graphics are so life like and adorable! She gets so excited whenever she plays it. It amazes me that she has pretty much mastered this game! The main thing that you're kids will learn with this game is problem solving.

    I think this game is great and recommend it to anyone...even younger then 5 years old. Definately a great buy!...more info

  • 6-year old adores this game
    I bought this game for my daughter because she loves Barbie Gymnastics and there were good reviews for this one. My daughter loves, loves loves this game. You have to force her to quit to eat dinner and do her homework. Any little girl who loves animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, bunnies) will love this game. Parents may think it is not the best but my daughter and her friends are delirious about this game....more info
    I spend hours playing this game! The graphics still impress me. I feel like I'm actually there playing with the animals! I recomend this for children who love animals and like going on adventures. This is also very educational because it teaches children how to take good care of animals, what to do when an animal is in need, and even more! This is why I think this is the PERFECT game for anyone!...more info
  • Rescue the Lost Pets
    Following is a review by Isabella (6 years old), one of the younger members of Dream Factory:

    "You have to rescue all the lost pets in the neighborhood. I like this game so much I would jump to the stars. And I LOVE dogs, cats, and pets. I have a great time playing this. thank you."

    Highly recommended by the parental units. Teaching youngsters responsibility and sympathy toward pets in distress. Also bringing forth logical ideation and planning during the rescue exercises. The negative reviews tend to forget that this is geared toward children and dose not need to have machine gun capability. Just a nice friendly search and rescue orientation....more info
  • Definetly for young kids
    I would say that this game is aimed towards 4 to 7 year olds, but it is acually kind of fun for older kids too. It is slightly strange at times, what dog slides down a slide for water? But overall it was good...more info
  • Cant play with animals
    The game was fun and all but there were so many missions that you never get to play with the animals. Also, if you get this game, if you're in the playroom, don't bother getting a check-up for the animals, they're never sick....more info
    This is the perfect way for children to help other things like abanded pets,and to adopt pets. It is a very cute game. I really love it. I think it is a great game for girls or some boys that are pretty young. It's great for kid's who love animals or have pet birds, cats, dogs, turtles, and bunnies. It encourages them to start to help out more with their pet (if they have one) I'm not making the choice, you are, I can only recommend you to get it, anyways all I'm saying is it's a wonderful game! To wrap it up(my opinion): my advice is: JUST GET IT ALREADY!...more info
  • Not worth the money!
    This was a Christmas present for my 5 yo Barbie/Pet loving daughter. She adored it. Then she completely solved all the Rescues...the same day! That was it. She played all the little Barbie games in the rescue center, she rescued all the animals, and cleaned them (or whatever it the pet required) and she completely finished in less than 6 hours. Now, she's a bright little girl, but come on, for the money I spent, I'd have sure liked it more if she (A 5 year old!) had gotten more play time out of it. Cute......more info
  • The Best one you would ever see!
    I got my Barbie Pet Rescue two days ago ( Friday April 6 and I think it is amasing! I love it! At first I thought it was so boring and I was going to take it back but you know what? I played it longer and I found out more about it and I Lllooovvvveeed it! I can't tell anymore because you haft to buy this first and try it out! But what I can tell you is if you think after you do all of the misins there is nothing els to do but you are rong if you said that there is always things to do like play games and go on the laptop and there is a tun of misens! Please don't turn it down it might be expensiv but it is worth the money!...more info
  • No Way
    I dont have any idea why soooo many people like this game, it did not keep me cntent for more then a little while, I expected way more. You dont acually have to "nurture" the pet back to health....................... And there is only about 7 missions tha you do over and over and over. Younger kids probably ,like this much more then older kids though......... oh well...more info
  • Best game, i miss is!
    When i was younger, 9 or so, i loved this game! I played it endlessly! It had A++ pictures! The pets looked so real! The games and rescu mission where fun! But it bothered me that we had to rescue bunnys. I mean really, you see them in the wild and then you get a call from someone saying "I saw a bunny! Oh no! Go rescue him!" Then barbie would drive off. I wish we ourselfs could drive, it would be much more fun that way! And then I remember when i rescued all the animals, then I had to rescue the monkey. (he comes last to rescue) And I couldent get it!
    So here is how ro rescue the monkey...

    Sage the golden wonder will be with you, she is the key.
    1. Tell sage to 'sit' when you are closer to the pond, but can still see the jungle gym.
    2. Have the blond princess walk back to the other side and go up the stainrs. The monkey will run if he hasent already.
    3. Go as clost to the money as you can, then click on sage to 'come'.
    4. She will climb the jungle bars, and come over to you.
    5. The monkey will hug sage and *boom!* You have yourself a monkey!

    But I would make sure this game fits your computer, I have an XP and can no longer play this game, it makes me sad. *weep*
    GET THIS GAME!...more info
  • Purr-fect
    Do you like to save animals and pets? Then this is the game for you. It has perfect pictures of the pets you save that they look so life like. I like when I go to the check-up room and you check the animals that you chose but one can't go there and that a big Golden Retriver that you find on a farm that chases a chicken. I like to wash the pets and play with them. I really like this game and you will like it to when you buy it....more info
  • This Game is Pretty Good
    This game is pretty good if you are under 10. I am almost 11 and I still sometimes play this game, but only because it involves animals.
    It's annoying because other people can adopt your pets if you rescue one like it (i.e. you rescue a gray kitten, then rescue another, the first one gets adopted). You also don't get to keep the birds you find, which is not very fun.
    When you rescue a bird, it gets taken to the Checkout Room (more about this room later) where Barbie checks it out and makes sure it's not sick or hurt. "Her vital signs are strong! What a healthy girl!" is what Barbie always says; it could be more exciting if once in awhile the pet was sick and you had to give it some special medicine (if you want to have a game like this, try another game called Vet Emergency, which is more advanced than this game). Then, as soon as you get into the Lobby Room, Stacie says "Barbie, while you were out one of our animals was adopted," a.k.a. the bird you just were with two seconds ago has already been taken home by its owner. How does this happen, I don't know.
    Another funny thing is that you start out with a file on Barbie's laptop that says you rescued a Poodle named Emily or something. You never do; you can only rescue a few other breeds (more later).
    In the Checkout Room, you can name the pet and give it a "special tag"--a bone, pawprint, heart, or star in blue, green, yellow, or pink. You can also feed it bones (which is funny for the turtles and bunnies you rescue!), give it a bath (or in the case of kittens, a grooming), and with some pets, like the cat, you can bandage her paw, or the bird, where you can give her an ID band on her foot (how does Barbie know so much about the bird? Real tags are supposed to have its name, owner, address, etc). You can give them a vitamin, but it's very realistic at this part because you can only feed them one vitamin a day. You can also give them water. You can't dry them off with the towels on the shelf, they only have to sort of shake themselves off. You can't check out a few of the animals, though.
    There are two different Playrooms where, in the first one, are:
    Stacie's hamster, Nutmeg (who I particularly think is ugly) and kind of acts annoying and a little cheeky sometimes, especially when it escapes into the Lobby Room (Stacie, take better care of your hamster!),
    Your puppies (you can get either a tricolor Beagle, a Dalmatian, or a Golden Retriever, and the Dalmatian is my favorite). The puppies can also lie down in their baskets and sleep,
    Your bunnies, a gray, brown, and white-and-black one, and Barbie's family of bunnies (who you play games with and they don't have names, or at least they don't tell you the name),
    And in the second playroom are your kittens (a black tabby, an orange tabby who I like best, and a gray-and-white one)
    Sage, a Golden Retreiver dog who is very sweet,
    Your turtles--a green one, my favorite, a red one, and a gold-and-black one.
    I think that all of these pets are cute, except for Stacie's hamster. When you pet the hamster (you can pick any animal to pet, and this part is very realistic), Stacie says, "Looks like you've made a friend!" No, I have not made any friends, at least with your hamster, Stacie!
    Another thing is that Barbie carefully checks out all of these tame little bunnies who are playing at the park, but she doesn't check out this wild, stray dog who doesn't have a home and is racing around this farm chasing a chicken. What if the dog had rabies or something?
    Anyway, the pets are very cute and sweet but if you want a game where you can actually care for pets, as in train them and feed them something other than treats, etc., try Petz 5 (I have reviewed this game, too).
    Overall, this game is pretty fun. I'd say the age group is about 5 to 10. If you are within this age group (or you think that the game sounds fun), you should think about getting this game. (I got it when I was eight and I was sooooo excited when I got it!)
    They could make this game a little better, but I think it's pretty much a good game.
    You also rescue this "mystery animal" a.k.a. a monkey, who leaves clues all over the place, lets out the animals from their real homes, and lives at a circus. This is sort of silly but otherwise I like this game a lot....more info
  • A little repetetive...
    Barbie pet Rescue starts out great, with loads of thigns to do. However, once you get the hang of the game, it gets a little boring. I mean, how many times can one person rescue a kitten/dog/bird/hamster/monkey from the same spot in the same way before it gets old? The game could stand a little more variety....more info
  • good but not great
    when i first got this game i loved it! but after a couple of days it got kinda boring. im not saying its bad but i nots great. ill play it once in a while but il rather play another game. i really wish u could ride her moder bike. also barbie is weird. theyll tell u were to go! its an ok game. i request if u r older than seven do not buy this game. its no a bad game. well thats all i have to say about this game....more info
  • Excellent- Best software I ever bought for my daughter's!!!!
    I bought this for my daughter's last Christmas (ages 6&8)--They still love it and spend hours rescuing, petting and playing with the pets with Barbie. Other reviews mentioned that it was difficult for thier children- I must admit a couple of areas were somewhat difficult (the puppy treat toss and rescuing the monkey on the playground- were the only areas they had trouble with)- But it took a few chances at playing for them to have the movements figured out. My niece (age 5) also received this last Christmas and has been the same experience for her as well!...more info
  • A Nice Game
    This game was quiet enjoyable and the graphics were very good. You rescue different animals -- dogs, bunnies, cats ect. -- during the game. After rescuing the animals, you take them back to the 'PRC' (Pet Rescue Center) to give them a check-up and name them.
    One of the things that's kind of annoying is that the animals Barbie rescues are always girls. I'm a girl, so it really shouldn't matter, but that makes the game pretty un-realistic.
    Also, you'll find the animals in odd places that they couldn't get to or trapped in in real life. The adventures you go on to rescue the animal are always the same. And, Barbie will rescue turtles, which she really shouldn't be able to tell whether they are pets or wild.
    Anyway, it was a nice game all around. I recomend it for eight and under. If your son or daughter likes animals, this would be the game for them!...more info
  • Great Game!
    My daughter can't get enough of this game. The graphics are excellent and there's plenty to do. Just be careful, Mattel's minimum system requirements are way too low. We're running it on an AMD K6-2/350 PC with 64MB of RAM and it gets a little slow changing from screen to screen....more info
  • Rescue the Lost Pets
    Following is a review by Isabella (6 years old), one of the younger members of Dream Factory:

    "You have to rescue all the lost pets in the neighborhood. I like this game so much I would jump to the stars. And I LOVE dogs, cats, and pets. I have a great time playing this. thank you."

    Highly recommended by the parental units. Teaching youngsters responsibility and sympathy toward pets in distress. Also bringing forth logical ideation and planning during the rescue exercises. The negative reviews tend to forget that this is geared toward children and dose not need to have machine gun capability. Just a nice friendly search and rescue orientation. great fun...more info
  • Pet Rescue Review
    The Barbie Pet Rescue game was a lot of fun at first-and I played it for about 2 hours. There were three colors of the animals so you never know which color you might find. Once you rescue an animal, you get to feed it, clean it, and keep it until you rescue another animal just like it and then it is adopted. The only bad things about this game were that you'd do the same thing over and over, Barbie's voice is a little annoying, and the hamster you have in the game always escapes. Also, would you really find a turtle in a well? It's not realistic. All the animals in the game are perfect, that is not true. Many rabbits bite, dogs run all over, but in this game all the animals are cool, calm, and collected. Also, when you adopt an animal, you get a message thanking you. Many times you get the same message over and over! Thanks for listening to my review....more info
  • Barbie Pet Rescue Software
    This game is wonderful! I played it for hours. After you rescued an animal there would be a "mini movie" for about 10 seconds, and the graphics looked almost real! While playing the Bunny game I almost thought that they were real rabbits! The only complaint is that there's no escape when there's a "mini movie" or someone is talking. You have to listen or watch the whole thing. I am definently getting the gameboy color one, which looks just as awesome!...more info
  • Fun for little girls
    I have a 4 year old and a 7 year old who both love this game. The 7 year old mastered it in a day, however. She still plays it sometimes, it's fun, but not challenging. The 4 year old, however adores it! She loves washing the animals and playing games with the puppies. She also has mastered it, but it took her longer. If you have a 4-6 year old, I think this game is perfect, any older, though, and you'll have yawns within a couple of days....more info
  • Okay for a rainy day
    My mom got me this game for christmas and I loved it. Now that was two yrs ago. Now I only play it when i'm really bored which is like never. One you get all your paw and purr awards it is just the same rescues over and over again.And also the thing that annoys me the most is that you can never keep any parrots once you rescue them. Also how do you know if the turtles were not wild to begin with? On the positive side the puppie kittens and rabbits were so life like. Overall a good game but play only if you are really bored and you need to pass the time....more info
  • Fun at first.
    When I bought barbie pet rescue with my money I thought that it would be realy fun. But I turned out to be wrong. The second day I owend it I realized I had wasted my money. Once you catch All the animals you just catch them All over agian. Another thing is you cant make up your owen name you can onley pick one from the computer. I would onley recomend this game for people whoe are in desprate need of animals.Other whise DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!...more info
  • THE MOST ADORABLE (maintence free) PETS EVER!
    My 6 year old daughter received this CD-ROM for Christmas, and, ignoring all her other multitudes of gifts, proceeded to play it for the entire day! The graphics on this program are just so life-like AND the faces on these little critters are just so ADORABLE you can't help but fall in love with them! This program is wonderful for encouraging empathy and caring, and for encouraging problem solving skills! There are MANY different missions that require your child's "help" in rescuing various animals (including a monkey and a cockatoo!) from all sorts of sneaky and precarious spots! There's also a vet center (but no bills to pay!) and fun games in the playroom that include a turtle race and a hamster maze. In addition, your child is encouraged to pet and groom the critters. All in all, a wonderful product - my only complaint is that you couldn't CLICK on more things to make them "do stuff"! But that's just me! A SUPER PROGRAM, nonetheless; ESPECIALLY for young girls who love animals!...more info
  • It`s Ok-ish
    It`s ok-ish.Barbie just takes about 10 seconds to take a few more steps.And she always says the same things.And it can get boring quickly....more info
  • Great!
    Many, many hours of peace and quiet around the house when my 5 year old daughter is playing this game. She loves animals and this seems to be a better alternative to rescueing birds and turtles from the street in real life (yes, that happens in our household). She absolutely shines when she gets a new award, and can play this game for 3 hours without stopping.I would recommend it to anybody!...more info
  • i got
    i got this for my 9th bdayand i played it for long hours strait. now ido not play it as much. it gets boreing after A while. barbie says: all of her vital sounds are strng.oh, what a heathy girl. in a way iwish ythat they would get sick[it mightr be exiting]. the animals look really real.bye now.[ see my other reviews][lots of reviews!] bye![again!]:)hoohoo!...more info
  • Ton of Fun yet snoring and boring
    Yea uhhh this game is ok. Its not challenging. There is this one vet came that is challenging thatyou have to SAVE the animals but not this one! Barbie says the same thing what a healthy girl in her shrilly little make me wanna blow voice! I mean how does she know its not a boy? Anyways my point is this game gets rreeaaallly dull after awhile! It depends on what type of game you like. If you like easy going games....This one is for you!...more info
    I love all the cute animals espeshily NutMeg the hamster. When I first played the games and rescues were kind of hard but I am getting better. My favorite game is KittenKeepAway. I love the way people con adopt animals. Well thats my opinion thanks....more info
  • Pet Rescue Success
    We bought this for our daughter's 6th birthday. Five months later she still loves it. She brings the animals into the doctor's office and cleans them and bandages them and feeds them. If your young child loves animals and is a nurturer, this is a good fit....more info
  • Rescue the Lost Pets
    Following is a review by Isabella (6 year old), one of the younger members of Dream Factory.

    "You have to rescue all the lost pets in the neighborhood. I like this game so much I would jump to the stars. And I LOVE dogs, cats, and pets. I have a great time playing this. Thank you."

    Highly recommended by the parental units. Teaching youngsters responsibility and sympathy towards lost pets in mild distress. Also bringing forth logical ideation and planning during rescue exercises.

    The negative reviews tend to forget that this PC-CD is geared toward children and dose not need to have machine gun sophistication. The scenes are well produced. Just a nice friendly search and rescue orientation....more info
  • Barbie Pet Rescue is fun, but can get boring
    Hi, I'm StoryMaker. As the title says, Barbie Pet Rescue is fun, but can get boring. Just like everyone else is saying, the animals never get sick. "All of her vital signs are strong! Oh, what a healthy girl!" says Barbie at the start of each checkup. Espeaking of checkups, you don't help Barbie check up some animals like Saige, the Dog you rescue, and Gynx the monkey, aka the mystery animal. Those animals also can only be rescued in one place witch can get things boring. And now, Russian Blue Witch has played all the missions - all animals in all places - and it can get boring because me and Chocolate Dog were watching her. The special animals (Ya know, Gynx and Saige?) also don't have a record in the Animal Records. Espeaking of the records, there's a mystery! A dog named Elizabeth T is always in it. I think she was rescued by a real rescue center. And the hamster mission is unique, but also boring. Stacie's hamster Nutmeg is running in the office. Blecch! Games in playrooms can be hard and the turtle race, Stacie makes dumb moves. Animals look real, but rest of game, non-realalistic. In the E-mails it dosen't show the sender and you can't create E-mails. BUT, still cute, BUT, still not that good, BUT, perhaps you should buy. Signed, StoryMaker. "Gotta trust the kid's review!" ...more info
  • OK
    This game is pretty fun, but it's for little kids.
    You go on missions with Barbie and rescue cats, dogs, birds, turtles, rabbits, and finally, a monkey. Once you rescue the animal, you can check it out at the Pet Rescue Center. You can play games with each of the animals except the birds, and the animals are kept in the Playrooms. You have to figure out how to save the animal from whatever minor predicament it gets in.
    Okay, to begin with: The animals NEVER get sick. They're always just so healthy. It would be more fun if you could keep at least one of the parrots you rescued. Plus half of the e-mails say, "Oh, help, Barbie! My little kitten ran away!" and then you name the kitten, and then it gets adopted by somebody else other than its first owner.

    Second of all, the animals are WAY too tame. Animals don't just sit there in their bed like that. Trust me, I have a puppy probably about as old as these dogs, and he does NOT always just sit there. Unless Barbie gives sleeping drugs to her animals, they wouldn't act like that.

    And why don't you check out this dog who's been running wild at a farm for who-knows-how-long and probably has rabies, but you check out the little kitten whose owner just called five minutes ago saying that she ran away?

    But overall I like how you get to wash and feed the animals. It's also really cool how they can't have more than one vitamin a day. And different food should be given to different animals; why do the turtles eat dog bones?

    But overall, the animals are cute and the rescues are fun. It's nice that there are different breeds of animals, too. And you can't bathe cats or birds, either, which is realistic.

    I like it how you can rescue the animals at different places, too. This game is overall pretty cool, but slightly repetitive and babyish.

    If you are under 10 years old, you should think about buying this game. It's fun!
    ...more info
  • For animal lovers-who can't have them all! Barbie Pet Rescue
    My eight year old daughter has pets, but wants many more. I thought this program would be fun and interesting for her. I was right! She thinks the animals are adorable and enjoys going from scene to scene to do activities. It is simple and fun! The graphics are great! When she has a friend over, it gives them something different to do that is not too difficult either. I didn't have to help her too much to get to know how it operates-which is a plus for parents. Once she became familiar with it, she could operate it independently. It is also educational because it teaches concepts like responsibility and empathy for animals. Children have to be observant and think about the characteristics of animals in order to find them! Simple, lighthearted fun!...more info
  • Game No Longer Supported
    I tried to install this game on both a Windows XP and Windows 2000 machine and it wouldn't install. I got the same error messages on both. Vivendi Universal answered my e-mail with a "we no longer support that old game" response.

    My daughter got it for Christmas - she was very excited and now she's depressed. I hope I can get her something else....more info


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