Hoover S3639 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Sapphire Wind Tunnel Canister Plus Vacuum

  • Wind Tunnel Nozzle
  • Headlight
  • Covered Tool Storage
  • Chrome Wands
  • Includes Mounted Turbine Powered Hand Tool.

    Accompanied by a powered hand tool for stairs and upholstery and equipped with Hoover's powerful WindTunnel technology for thorough cleaning, this canister vacuum's motorized floor nozzle power-cleans carpets with a two-brush agitator that switches off for bare-floors. This is a full-size, 1440-watt vacuum, with a 15-inch cleaning path, edge groomers, easy-rolling wheels, a 6-foot swivel hose, and two chrome wands that extend 37-1/2 inches for the onboard tools: dusting brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, and hard-floor tool. Other features include a foot-pedal-activated rewind for the 25-foot cord, a full-bag indicator-light, and allergen-filtration disposable bags to reduce dust mites and pollen. A foot-pedal turns the vacuum on and off, and the 20-by-11-1/2-by-11-inch canister stands on end for compact storage. The vacuum comes with a 1-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack
  • Features:
    • Full-size canister vacuum; powerful WindTunnel technology for thorough cleaning
    • Motorized floor nozzle with 15-inch cleaning path, headlight, edge groomers
    • Powered hand tool for stairs, upholstery; foot-pedal rewind for 25-foot cord
    • Uses allergen-filtration disposable bags; 6-foot swivel hose
    • Two chrome wands, dusting brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, hard-floor tool
    Customer Reviews:
    • not good with high rugs
      Very very poor vacuum for high rugs... had to replace it with a bissell that did a much better job (still loving the bissell by the way..). after using the hoover twice, it started to lose suction and spit the dust and everything else right back out. was such a pain.... ...more info
    • Nine months later
      I bought this vacuum about nine months ago. If you read all the reviews posted you get the tale of two vacuums - one with really good suction and one with poor quality construction. Guess what, the vacuum has really good suction, does a great job on rugs and pet hair. But the hinge on the cover for the on-board tools keeps popping off, the nozzle attachment broke off when changing the vacuum bag and had to be crazy-glued, and the motor runs hot. Just keep in mind if you think you are getting a half-priced miele equivalent that it isn't such a bargain if you have to replace it in a year or two....more info
    • excellant
    • awsome
      This is a great product. I had one just like it for eight years. I wish they still would make them!!!!...more info
    • Packs a good punch for the price.
      A friend of mine loaned me theirs and I was surprised how well it worked, and it's priced nice....more info
    • Great on Vinyl Floors
      I had the previous model and it lasted more than 10years giving us very good service. The new model seems identical except for cosmetics and also seems more powerful. Ous whole home has vinyl floors and some large area rugs. We are totally satisfied with it on vinyl and rugs. The old model Motor Bearings wore out....more info
    • don' bother with this one
      I purchased this vaccuum because the reviews were so good and I wanted a canister vac. Well- the attachment for rug cleaning is a pain to put on and change when you have to go back and forth from rug to floors. And it doesn't work that well, I can't push it forward so I have to pick it up and then drag it backwards on the rug. So, no I use the floor attachment on the rugs because it's easier but doesn't have much suction power on rugs. And the whole thing isn't quite as light as I expected for tugging around the house.

      Big disappointment!...more info
    • Vacuum Review
      Recommended product by professional cleaner. Prompt delivery , very good price. Works as predicted. Highly recommended cannister vacuum...more info
    • Great Vacuum
      The vacuum is excellant. The carpets have never been so clean. It picks up beautifully....more info
    • Great for Dog Owners!
      I have three huge, hairy dogs that live inside the house. Hair and dirt is a big issue, and I like to keep a tidy house. I never thought a cannister vacuum cleaner had the suction power to get hair out of my carpets, but this one does! I'm also able to carry this guy up and down the stairs easier than my other vacuums. The tool carrying kit is GREAT! My husband is ALWAYS misplacing these items, which drives me crazy, and this time I know he won't (at least he better not! Heck, maybe I should be grateful he vacuums). Anyway, I love the fact that it has bags. Those bagless vacuums really don't work well. Emptying out the container is gross, and cleaning out the filter everytime is impossible. I hate it. Bags are better....more info
    • my first canister
      This is my first canister vacuum.I also have an upright but with tile and wood floors on the first level, a canister was recommended. It was a little confuding to put it togeteher. What ever happened to appliances already assembled? anyway, it is very lightweight and therefore, a little difficult to control. It seems to do a good job with the floors and rugs and self adjusts. As for its longeviety, it is so light that I feel it won't last very long. Oh, where are the vacuums of yesteryear??...more info
    • Very satisfied!!
      When the time came for me to buy a new vacuum I did my research. I was definitely prepared to drop alot of money on a good vacuum since this is the one chore that I do at least every other day (if not everyday). I knew before setting out that I wanted a canister. My previous vacuums had been uprights but I only have carpeting on the steps leading upstairs and then upstairs. I needed something that I could carry easily and something where the clip to keep it upright wouldn't break so easily from using the attachments so often. I have a siberian husky and a cat so there is alot of hair that I am constantly trying to keep under control. Therefore, I use the attachments most often.

      What I love about this product is the suction is great, the rotating bristles are really strong, the cord is nice and long and the attachments are exactly what I was looking for. The whole thing is easy to manuver and the retractable cord is very convienent.

      My only complaint are the small bags that have to be changed often (this seemed to be everyone else's complaint as well)....more info
    • really sucks! (not in a bad way!!)
      WOW. This Vacuum has some serious sucking power. After going through about 3 or 4 upright vacuums (some bagged, some bagless) that were slightly less expensive than this unit but absolutely useless (most didn't pick up much, one died, another would get too hot and stop running after 5 minutes) I decided to get a Hoover. I remember growing up we always had a Hoover canister that worked fnatastically and seemed to live forever! So, I spent a little more money and got this guy. I have to say, it's definitely a lot sexier looking that the off-white unit we had when I was younger, and overall I have noticed a decreease in build-quality, but the final result is just as good!

      I have had this bad boy for about 2 months now, so I can't comment on the longeviety of the product, like some reviewers on here have, and only time will tell if it can stand up to the rigors of cleaning my apartment's carpets and hard floors, so we shall see. But, in the meantime, let me offer some pro's and con's about this machine:


      * Incredible sucking power! When you turn it on, it wants to practically run away from you and run across the carpet. What a suprising, welcome feeling that was when I first turned it on after using crappy uprights for so long.

      * This machine will pick up just about anything. Some of my carpet is a very thin pile, and hair just sticks to it - human, cat etc. I haven't had a vacuum yet that could pick it up, but this machine sucks it up with ease. Incredible! I can actually lay down on my carpet again and not get disgusted - they're clean!

      * The headlight is very useful for going under couches, tables etc

      * It's very useful to be able to turn off the carpet roller for bare floors, like the kitchen, by just flicking a button on the handle

      * Comes with a lot of useful tools that are high quality ABS plastic and are all stored neatly in the back compartment of the body. Very nice.

      * Very easy to change the bags (which last for quite a long time with my moderate use) and this unit was very easy to set up

      * The cord recoil feature is very usefu


      * Overall the build quality does feel a little cheap in *some* areas: the way the handle/pipes fit together used to be with metal pressure pins on the older models, now they are just plastic clips that feel flimsy, but so far so good. Also, the body looks a lot cooler in terms of design than some older models of Hoover but it also feels a bit more cheaply made

      * The power button is on the base and is easily confused for the coil recall button. It would have been easy to just paint it a different color. However, I like having it on the base, I can just tap it on or off with my foot!

      * Sometimes you have to play with the cord recoiler a bit to get it to take up the cord properly, but it's a minor issue

      Overall a great buy! I am very happy with how this product performs and I'd definitely buy Hoover again. However it is made in the USA and I expect a highly quality build with better parts, perhaps, in the future....more info
    • hoover s3639 windtunnel canister vacuum cleaner
      vacuum sucks great, the edge cleaner on the power head stinks. I love all the attachments but they could be a little bigger and the place to put all the attachments is a little cheezy. This vacuum is worth what I paid for and it sucks as well as the higher priced ones....more info
    • Great suction, but plastic construction sucks, too!
      I have owned this machine for 2 years. As the title says, it cleans well. However, it is poorly constructed
      out of a lot of plastic. I am NOT hard on appliances and yet I've had to make extensive repairs on the body
      of this machine to keep it operating. Thank God for duct tape as that is the only way I'm able to keep the
      hose connected to the body as the point of connection in the plastic top simply broke out from standard use. I've also had to use tape on the small wheels on the carpet nozzle to keep them in. I would not buy another Hoover product after this due to the total lack of structural integrity....more info
    • Best vacuum I have ever owned
      I love this vacuum. I have had it for about 6 months and have not had one problem with it. It picks up evrything including animal hair (I have a long haired corgi that sheds alot). I have been through several vacuums over the last couple years. This one is very durable and works wonders....more info
    • So far so good!
      We just got this vacuum yesterday and so far it is awesome. It is so powerful it nearly pulled me across the room!...more info
    • burned out after 6 weeks
      This is the third one of these we bought. One lasted 3 years. One lasted a year. The motor on this one burned out after 6 weeks. So it's under warranty, right? The warranty repairman says he has ordered a motor but he has been waiting for months for other motors from Hoover. It is in for repair but it may be months before it is fixed. Hoover has been repeatedly sold, and perhaps the turmoil has affected its quality. No more for me.
      ...more info
    • Death of a Thousand Cuts
      I bought this vacuum a little over two years ago. Initially I was quite pleased with it. But then things started breaking. First the hinge on the lid broke. Okay, no big deal. Then the lock that holds the wand in place broke. I figured a way to hold the wand in place with rubber bands. (Really, I did.) Then the on/off switch that you can use with your foot broke. But I could still reach down and turn it on by hand. Then the retractable cord broke, so I had to loop the cord up like a rope when I wanted to put the vacuum away. THEN the motor broke and it stopped sucking. Game over. I take care with my tools, and I hadn't used this vacuum especially hard. My previous vacuum, a Eureka, lasted 10 years. The WindTunnel's quality was so pathetic, I would have to think long and hard before I ever purchase another Hoover product again....more info
    • Breaks too easily
      I bought this vacuum based on it being a consumer reports "best buy". Unfortunately, after only using it for about a year, and I don't even vacuum as often as I should, it is falling apart. First the motorized floor nozzle broke where it attaches to the hose, now the power cord no longer rewinds all the way. Yes, it worked pretty well, but it's too cheaply made and falls apart....more info
    • Great vacuum!
      I have bare floors and some area rugs, along with a large hairy dog. I moved from an upright vac to this one because I can turn the brushes off, which is great for the bare floors. It works really well on the rugs as well and the switch in the handle that turns the brushes on/off is really handy. It's lightweight, which is a nice change from the upright model. There are lots of attachments, so getting into those corners and having the upholstery tool is a nice change. I'm very pleased with my purchase!...more info
    • Works well, great bargain, fine product!!
      We love it! This particular model came with recommendation, and we are glad (after research) that we followed that very recommendation. We don't particularly care for upright vacs since we have so many stairs and hard-to-reach places, and canisters seem to be sort of a niche market right now so it was difficult to find hands-on display models. This vacuum cleaner is fantastic. It's powerful and versatile for the money, and the slew of accessories allow for a variety of tasks. Stupendous!...more info
    • I would definitely buy it again
      I bought this item about a year and a half ago. I have moved a lot and owned many vacuum cleaners, from Filter Queen, to Electrolux, to inexpensive models. Out of the economy models this is definitely the best. It has all the tools you may want, adequate suction, and a good life expectancy. When I first got it I climbed on a ladder to clean a high fan, vacuum in tow, and I dropped it from about 5'. I was able to reassemble the pieces and the machine is fine! A plus for this item is that unlike many other inexpensive models I have owned, it has lasted more than a few months. I actually prefer a vacuum that uses a bag, as it is more convenient and cleaner to empty than a bagless. Also don't forget to change the secondary filter once in a while. Overall, I am very pleased with this appliance. ...more info
    • Great Vacuum
      Product is very light and mobile. It has good power for its size and has all the tools you need. No problems at all....more info
    • Hoover Vacuum Cleaner
      The product arrived in super record time, within a few days infact. The product met my expectations and the price was excellent....more info
    • great value
      Hoover S3639 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Cleaner
      This was a purchase to replace another hoover canister vacuum that was showing its age after 10 years of service. This vacuum works great. It has more power than the older model and more attachments including a small power head attachment for the staircase. It was a great value from Amazon. Very please with its performance and highly recommend it....more info
    • I'm Happy !!!

      I am pleased with my new Hoover Canister Vacuum. After, our old canister vacuum burned out unexpectedly. I wanted another canister style, after using them for several years. I decided on Hoover, instead of going back to my previous brand. Now, that I have experienced using my new Hoover canister, I am glad I chose it over my old brand.

      This vacuum works nicely on hardwood floors. It glides right along, without the need to pull it sharply, as required by my previous canister vacuum.

      It is impressive on carpets as well. It has powerful suction. It leaves the carpets clean and with that new carpet look. Overall, I am very satisfied with my new Hoover Vacuum. I am confident I will have many more years of reliable service from this vacuum cleaner.
      ...more info
    • OK
      Vacuum performs fairly well. A little hard to maneuver and the accessories lid refuses to stay on but it does clean the rugs well....more info
    • Imagine dirt-free living, in NYC!!
      This Hoover performs excellently, and the price cannot be beaten! I cleaned the apt. top to bottom using the WindTunnel nonstop. No dust is expelled from the back end (unlike my previous brand starting with KEN----) making for a very thorough cleanup. The power of the floor attachment is fierce. It'll pull you along, so be on your toes....more info
    • Very good
      Our previous Hoover canister vacuum cleaner was 12 years old. The hose
      separated to the point where duct tape would no longer keep it together.
      We tried to replace it but it was not available according to a search made
      by local vacuum cleaner repair shop. The new one is self propelled and
      my wife likes the small hand-held vacuum attachment....more info
    • Don't Buy - Hoover S3639 has a fatal flaw...
      You would think that after years of making vacuum cleaners that Hoover could make a well design quality product. Wrong! Don't waste your money. A vacuum cleaner should suck up dirt and keep the dirt within the bag. The Hoover S3639 does suck up dirt but it spits the dirt right back out into the the room. This vacuum suffers from a very poorly designed and flimsily constructed bag compartment. Back to the drawing board on this one Hoover!...more info
    • Good Value
      I replaced my Hoover Windtunnel upright with this Windtunnel canister and I'm overall pleased with the price/performance. It sizes up well with canisters from Kenmore/Panasonic and Bisell that are about $100+ more expensive. The powerhead is wide and the spinning brush packs some power. You can turn off the powerhead brush for bare floors, but I find it rather clumsy for this purpose and use the vacuum on carpeted floors, stairs, furniture and stairs. (Better off with a stick vac for bare floors for speed and ease of use.)

      This vacuum has weight (about 30 lbs) so you will be pulling the canister behind you in traditional fashion rather than carrying it. It maneuvers okay and the hose swivels but it does not swivel 360 degrees like the Kenmore. The suction is great- just what you want from a Windtunnel and the bags are easy to get to and change. All of the controls are analog so it feels like a canister your mother might have used, but I think that means the controls are less likely to break.

      A couple of criticisms: (1) the power button and cord rewind button are located on the canister unit and are hard to discern which is which. I placed a sticker on the power button to distinguish them. (2) The check bag light really doesn't work all that well...so I will check the bag manually to see when it's full.

      In this price category, the S3639 delivers. If you're looking for a quiet, lightweight vac, though, you'll have to go up into the $400-$600 range to grab an Electrolux or Bosch....more info
    • So nice to have a dependable vacuum cleaner again.
      I was a home owner for many years and went through many disappointing vacuum cleaners, including Kenworth and Oreck. I spent a lot of money on the Oreck, as I was led to believe it was the top of the line, but it went through broken belts like gangbusters. "Customer service" was just a joke - their attitude was that it was all my fault and they wouldn't offer to do anything to remedy the problem, except send me a free belt.

      I recently moved into an apartment which is carpeted throughout and I really needed a new vacuum cleaner, as I had set the Oreck out in the front yard for a charity pick-up, (and I hope that everyone who drove by saw that it was being given away). I am thoroughly satisfied with the Hoover S3639 Wind Tunnel - the carpet looks fresh and almost brand new after it is vacuumed. I have one white cat, and it even picks up the stubborn clumps of cat hair. The assembly instructions in the owner's manual were in logical order and easy to follow.

      I haven't used the attachments, as I also have a hand vac with similar attachments and it also works just fine....more info
    • Ah,,,wot a relief it is!
      Hoover® S3639 Bagged WindTunnel Canister VacuumAfter wasting my hard earned dough on a crappy Kenmore machine with cheesy plastic tubes which broke the 2nd time I used it...this Hoover product really cleans my place up...It makes house work [almost] a joy! Seriously, it has a ton of great features, really gets down to the micro-crud level [allergens, dust mites and mold spores...oh my!], and does it's job well! I am well pleased to have finally found a great, solid performer for the home cleaning venue. Thank you....more info
    • Too bulky
      Unfortunately I had to return this vacuum. The head is so big it wouldn't fit around furnture. I had to move everything out of the way and then back again. I'm going to look for something smaller....more info
    • Great value for your money.
      I recommend this vacuum for it's performance, versatility and value for the price. The vacuum arrived in exactly the same condition as it was described on the web site. ...more info
    • Hoover vacuum cleaner
      The vacuum is fine, just like our old one that lasted 15 years. Pleased with the updated features. thank you....more info
    • lots of problems - then it just quit
      I have had lots of problems with this vacuum. Plastic parts have broken, the cover never stayed on, the hose keeps coming out of the canister, the cord doesn't recoil...

      Then it started overheating and now has quit completely on me.

      When it worked it was great, but very quickly it started breaking....more info
    • great vac
      This vacuum was great for my small apartment. I just moved into a large house, but its portability will be a serious plus for cleaning. It's also wonderful getting the gunk out of sofas and chairs....more info
    • Hoover Vac
      Product was as advertised and performs very well. It was delivered one day late, but amazon compensated with a shipping refund....more info
    • Finially a vacuum in my price range that's effective!
      I had a hoover upright, and could never get under the bed easily.
      This WindTunnel really, really, just brushes away dust no matter how think. Moved furniture around and compared to my upright, the windtunnel, dug deep and made the carpet look almost like new.

      My only gripe is the corners don't realy pick up much, so edges have to be cleaned by an attachment.

      I really like this product....more info
    • Only worked for a few weeks
      The product worked great at first. Now the vacuum is making a whining noise and I'm afraid to use it. I don't know who to contact because I bought it through Amazon....more info
    • LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!
      I had a Hoover Futura for about 16 years and it just broke. I wanted something similiar to that because I loved it so much.

      This model is not a disappointment at all. It is so great.I like how I can clean the hard floors with the one attachment. It is so handy!

      I also really like the feature where the cord gets stored inside the vacuum and I have to just push a button for the cord to go in. Truly a great product!! ...more info
    • Just what I wanted
      My old Hoover canister of 20+ years bit the dust. I found this Hoover online and it has surpassed my expectations. I mainly want it for vinyl and hard wood floors, plus car and boat carpets. It is extremely light weight - compared to what I had! I can even carry this one up the stairs. It does well on the hand tools too, like the upholstery attachment. I have a good upright for the carpets, but this is perfect for everything else....more info
    • It Really Sucks...In A Good Way!!
      If you prefer a canister to an upright,and who doesn't, this is the vacuum for you. It manuevers easliy around tight spots, has a convenient storage cavity for tools, and power cord rewinder. Best of all, the Hoover vacuums now have a new power attachment for stairs and upholstery that makes cleaning almost fun....more info
    • Great Choice
      I am 46 yearws old and have been thru my share of cleaners. This however is one of the best I have ever purchased..... If you are looking then you should try this one. I have purchased cleaners form $1000.00 and down ...this one is great....more info
    • No problems so far.
      My main use for this Hoover is on my hardwood and tiled floors, light clean up on my carpets and to clean out my Hoover bagless upright WindTunnel. For these purposes, it works just fine, no problems. ...more info
    • Wonderful vacuum, as good as a Kenmore cannister vac
      I owned a Kenmore vacuum cleaner and wanted another one, but the price turned me off to them. I seen this one and read the other reviews and this one came very close to the one that I had previously owned, for less than 1/2 the price of a Kenmore. I weighed the pros and cons of all the reviews and looked at the other canister vacuums online and for the price this one wins hands down. The performance is wonderful, it has great suction and even gets the dirt along the edges beautifully. I have no trouble like others had mentioned in their reviews, with the retractable cord. It flys into place when the button is pushed, just like my Kenmore did. The tools are very convenient and hidden with the top, and they also don't go flying off the vacuum like other vacuum attachments do when you move the canister. The brushes to the powerhead can be turned off and on with a slide of a button so you can do other types of flooring as well as carpet with the powerhead, or you can use the barefloor attachment that is provided. It even has a powerhead for the furniture. I am very pleased with my purchase, and the way I see it, I got a bargain when you really start to compare apples to apples. ...more info
    • sucks the dirt into the motor instead of the bag/Turbo 5000 model
      Loved it for about one year. I considered it the best vacuum I have ever owned. Noticed one day it was getting hot, and it blew my circuit breakers .Seems now the dirt and dust it picks up does not go into the bag but into the motor! I use the proper S type bags. I have cleaned out the entire inside of the canister and washed the filter cover of the motor each time it happened as I thought perhaps I was not attaching the bag properly. However, there is really only one way to attach it in order for the canister top to close.I may bring it back to Macy's as they are pretty reputable. I am hoping it is something simple that can be resolved. Curious if anyone else has had this problem...more info
    • Very Disappointing
      I've owned this vacuum for less than a year.
      While the performance and cleaning power are very good, the poor quality construction and refusal of Hoover to repair these issues overshadow the positives.
      In the past 6 months the cord rewind has performed sporadically, the bag level indicator has frozen in one position, the cord to the powerhead has frayed, the wheel under the power nozzle has fallen off ($5.00 to replace after a 30 minute drive to the closest repair facility) and the power nozzle headlight cover disappeared.
      After dropping it off for repair (and being advised that parts take 1 month to be delivered) I got a call from the repair shop that the main housing is cracked, which causes vacuum suction to be reduced, and this is a $50.00 repair not covered under warranty.
      Bottom line: Spend your money elsewhere, this company is a disgrace...more info
    • Just what I was looking for!
      I had been shopping retail for a good canister vacuum which was nowhere to be found. Last year I bought this vacuum on-line and love it so much that I just purchased a second to use on another level of my house!
      This vacuum works really well and has all the attachments you need.
      It was just what I was looking for!...more info
    • Hoover S3639 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Cl
      I needed a canister vacuum to vacuum my hardwood floors. I had tried upright vacuums that claimed to work for hardwood floors, but they scraped and marked the floors and didn't pick up the dirt very well at all. The Hoover is excellent for hardwood floors and does a great job cleaning up the dirt. I love that with just a flip of a switch I can vacuum the carpets too. A great purchase for the price....more info
    • Wonderful vacuum
      If you're in the market for a canister vacuum, this is an excellent choice. It is well made, has very strong suction and is convenient to use. It's a better vacuum than the Kenmore Progressive and much cheaper. I especially like the powered brush hand tool, which uses the vacuum's suction to spin the brush, not a tiny weak electric motor (read other reviews about vacuums that use small motors to power the brush!)

      A canister vacuum is for people who are serious about cleaning, as it's convenient for vacuuming floors, carpets, stairs, upholstery, lampshades, air vents - anything you can reach.

      Best thing about it: MADE IN USA!

      Highly recommended. ...more info
    • Best Ever
      The WindTunnel canister is the best sweeper ever made. I clean a rather large church and I just got the second one. It picks up great and can go under anything. When the first one "died" I went straight to Amazon to get another. It turned out that the first one only needed a rest so I use it at home now. Money well spent and worth every penny....more info
    • doesn't hold up
      I bought this model a couple of years ago. It is cheaply made and has not held up well. The brush deteriorated within 6 months. The retractable cord rarely does. The bag full indicator hasn't worked since almost the beginning. The plastic hinges have all broken and I now have no suction. It doesn't roll smoothly and bangs into all of the furniture. My last, much older Hoover canister, was so much better (and better built) that this model has been a major disappointment. Save your money and put it toward something better....more info
    • Pleasantly surprised
      My old vacuum cleaner had an electrical problem and I decided on purchasing this product. My toughest vacuum job is an Oriental rug to which pet hair really clings. This is the first vacuum cleaner I've had that gets the job done on the first pass. It's great on hard floors too....more info
    • Just What I Wanted
      This vacuum cleaner is just what I wanted. It cleans really well. I especially like the power rug cleaner with the ability to switch to bare floor without having to change parts. The power upholstery attachment is also great! Storage is very nice and it also looks attractive. The only thing that I don't appreciate is that the bag is small and fills up fast. But that is not a big issue because the vacuum works so well....more info
    • Not a good buy at any price!
      When I first received this vaccum, it was great--the suction was wonderful and worked beautifully. That all ended about 3 months into owning it (I've had it about a year). I have 2 cats and the hose gets plugged every time I use it (my cats are not that furry--I've resorted to using my crappy upright and it NEVER gets plugged). The only way we've been able to unclog the hose is to use water to flush it, which really isn't a good idea, but it's the only way we've been able to get it functional again. As well, we've had problems with the carpet powerhead and the small upholstery components of the machine--the beater brush does not turn on for some odd reason, but only sometimes. Another rater stated their machine was "moody", and they are correct, as sometimes these two pieces will work, and sometimes they will not. And the retractable cord? Forget it retracting after about a dozen uses. It's a piece of trash and I agree with the rater who stated, "Hoover should be ashamed of themselves!". ...more info
    • Terrible Trash
      This vacuum cleaner has been junk from day one. Poor quality accessories that broke easily and were expensive to replace, retractable cord that rarely retracts. All this, and it barely cleans anything. Don't buy it. The folks at Hoover should be ashamed of themselves....more info
    • WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Cleaner (Updated)
      I purchased this vacuum cleaner in December to replace an old Kirby upright. I chose a canister because I have all hardwood floors and one area rug. The WindTunnel Canister does a very good job of cleaning the cat hair (3 cats) off the rug and the floor tool works nicely on the wood floors. I only wish the floor tool was a bit wider. The attachments are conveniently located on top of the cleaner and they work well. I use them to clean walls and my furniture.
      The only thing about this cleaner that I don't like is the retractable cord. It doesn't retract very well. Sometimes if I have the cord pulled all the way out and I line it up in a straight line it will retract when I press the pedal. Most of the time I just get frustrated and throw it all in the closet with the cord piled on top.
      The power pedal and cord retract pedal are identical so I put a dab of white paint on the power pedal so that I could tell the difference. It doesn't make much difference if I accidentally press the retract pedal though since it doesn't work so well.

      Update November 2007
      I wish I had bought another vacuum. This one vacuums very well--good suction. However, it is cheaply made. I have been waiting for over a month for a floor nozzle replacement from Hoover. The plastic piece that attaches the wand to the floor nozzle broke.
      The reatractable cord doesn't work at all and neither does the bag check indicator.

      ...more info
    • Absolute Best For a Few Months - 1 YR Later Useless
      I almost never write reviews, but this is the second I just HAD to write - or better said, warn about. I am glad I didn't review this when we got it - we loved it! But a year later and it is literally useless. You would swear the thing is plugged, but it isn't! We replaced the filter - no help. Believe it or not, even a new bag makes little to no difference and what difference it does make is over in a few minutes. We are shopping again, and as I stumbled upon this one again, I had to give our experience. ...more info
    • Not a great buy
      Having had a Hoover in the past, I was excited to find this one at this price. I've had it only a year and am now vacuum shopping once again - and WILL NOT be looking at Hoovers. The parts are plastic and cheap and break easily. It advertised a power hand tool. It is not. It works on air and when you put it to any material it stops spinning. The upright power tool for carpets also stopped working after about six months. The hard wood floor tool worked fine - and suction was strong enough - but again the plastic pieces break and the attachments don't stay on like they should, so I spend most of my time with the vacuum re-attaching the pieces.

      I would recommend looking elsewhere if you want a vacuum to last!...more info
    • The almost perfect Vacuum Cleaner
      I've been buying Hoover for many years. This model is the best so far. I think it's the best of all brands except for 3 minor details. Just as in all Hoover models, the air hole opens when you don't want it to open. The other annoying detail is that for some reason Hoover Vacuum cleaners have a tendency to veer to the left or right as you pull the Vacuum. The Vacuum seems to find it's way into hitting everything in it's path. Hoover people, get to it, this annoying problem needs looking into. The third annoying detail is the plastic snap piece that holds the attachments. It breaks very easily and then your attachment keeps falling off. Some Hoover fix it shops carry attachments with metal snap pieces, which will never break. But I keep buying Hoover because it is the best for the money. This model has incredible suction power, the best I've seen which is the most important feature for me. It's light weight also and does the job well. If Hoover would fix my complaints, this would be the perfect vacuum. ...more info
    • Ease of use
      the vacuum has plenty of power and manouvers very well. easy to handle and ease of access to the onboard tools. overall very satisfied with this vacuum....more info
    • CHEAP
      This vacuum is sooooo cheap. The suction on carpet to pick up pet hair is terrible and on vacuuming an area rug it doesn't pick up hair either. This was rated good/great on pet hair and that is why I bought it. I really hate it! My last vacuum was a Royal canister and I should have stuck with this brand as it is far superior. You get what you pay for!...more info
    • Satisfied user
      The Hoover S3639 Wind Tunnel performed as expected. The longer hose and lock/unlock lever makes use easier. The cover over the attachments keeps them out of site and clean. I did not like the suction on the small beater bar attachment for carpeted stairs, better off just using the large one. ...more info
    • Great vacuum for the price
      Seems good so far, can see how people may complain that it may seem a bit cheaply constructed, but it vacuums great and lifts the carpet nap really well, hard floor vacuuming is also very good which is why I bought it in the first place. and what can you expect when you're paying so little for a vacuum....more info
    • Wind Tunnel Review
      No Problems. Used to own one before. For a $125 there should be no complaints. I looked at the Eltrolux Ultra at Sam's Club for $400, even if I only get 4 years out of the Hoover I could still buy two more and be under the price of the Electrolux. I owned my previous one for 6.5 years, it wasn't worth fixing, so I bought the new one....more info
    • Wonderful vacuum
      This is THE best vacuum I have ever used. I bought my mother one and loved it so much I bought myself one. It is easy to manage and has great suction. ...more info
    • Hoover S3639 Wind Tunnel
      I was very pleased with the overall acquisition of this product. From my search and selection, all the info I needed was at my fingertips to the delivery of the Hoover Wind Tunnel. The entire process was extremely favorable.

      Thanks...more info
    • Windtunnel
      It is a very powerful vacuum for the price, but somewhat heavy and bulky to use. This has resulted in my wife turning over the vacuuming to me. Not what I intended. A good buy for the price however....more info
    • It is OK but could be better
      I purchaed this vacuum as a replacment to my 13 year old Hoover futura. The futura finally wore out. Strangly enough, my main reason for purchasing the wind tunnel is becuase I needed something esentially the same size, to be a assured it would fit in the storage cabinet I have for cleaning stuff. This vacuum is essentially the same machine with two exceptions. 1st the power vacuum nozzle is wider, and 2nd a power upulstry attachment was added. There is also a redesigned hose. The new hose seems good. Much more flexible than on the old unit. I do not think it would survive stepping on the hose however. There is a handle which helps hold the wands at a lower angle, which was an issue on the old model. There is now a switch on the handle to turn the power brush off. My main problem with the new machine is the power nozzle has the same has the same motor and belt as the old machine did, but with a wider brush. I am finding on very short stiff carpet, the brush stops turning and the belt slips. I have the air vent open to reduce the suction and this helps. I expect this problem will go away as the brush bristles wear. The upolstry brush seems to work well as long as you don't push too hard. It is powered by the air flow, so if you push hard it stops spinning.

      All in all, it is an OK vacuum. Too bad Hoover has not discovered that redesigns are supposed to IMPROVE a product. The old futura was a far better quality product....more info
    • This is a vacuum you will be very happy with!!!
      10 stars would be better for this little machine!!!
      I have been using this vacuum for a month now and am so happy I got it. I have used bagless upright vacuums for the last several years and was just disgusted with them. As soon as it was delivered I put it together and started vacuuming with really little effort. I have carpet, slate tile and vinyl tile it works great on all 3. The carpet actually feels fluffy after vacuuming now. I also use it on my furniture and beds. It picks up dog hair and human hair like a dream. I love the duster attachment I use it all the time on everything shelves, books, the TV, ceiling fans, etc. and it does a complete job without leaving anything behind. I have used bagless upright vacuums for years and would sneeze for hours afterwards and was convinced I was just moving dust and hair around; not with this one I don't sneeze and I know it has done its job ... the air even smells cleaner.
      I had read that several people have had problems w/ the tool caddy lid not staying closed I discovered if the crevice tool is not put back in its place right that will cause the lid to pop open otherwise its fine.
      I actually like vacuuming now ... words I never thought I would be saying. :)

      I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner for any and everybody.
      ...more info
    • Not impressed!
      I have always used the Kenmore canister which always does a great job but
      everyone of them that I have had ended up with a crack by the front wheel on the bottom of the vacuum. For this reason I decided to try another vacuum. The Hoover advertised a power hand tool. It is not. It works on air and if you push down too hard it stops spinning. I can't seem to get the vacuum to its full suction power. The bag never completely expands. The tools are also a pain to get on and off. I don't even bother with the
      rug power head. I use my upright. I can't stand plugging and unplugging
      this! Overall, stay with Kenmore. Much better quality....more info
    • Good update of older model
      This model is very similar to our 15-year-old Hoover Futura, but with some welcome additions such as the small power head attachment, the extra filter, and the beater power switch at the top of the handle. It has better suction and more power on the standard head's beater. It's also a little quieter.

      Some parts seem sturdier than in the old model, whose hose and wand have broken after a lot of heavy use -- but duct tape has helped. I'm not so sure about the plastic of the body, especially the cover of the attachment compartment, but time will tell.

      It would have been nice if the spring on the cord rewinder were stronger. That was always one of the annoyances of the old model, and the new one feels the same....more info
    • The Perfect Canister Vacuum Cleaner
      I spent two solid days reviewing numerous canister vacuum cleaners on the internet. It was a horrible experience, as it was almost impossible to compare apples to apples. When I would occasionally find a vacuum that met most of my requirements,the comments by most owners were negative. Then I came across the S3639 Wind Tunnel Canister Vacuum Cleaner. It had all my requirements AND the majority of the current owners had very favorable comments.

      I purchased the vacuum about 4 weeks ago. It is truly wonderful. It picks everything up. It's easy to handle. It has a good sized bag. It has filtration. It has a 25 ft. cord. All the attachments are on the canister. You can easily get under furniture. The roller is nice and wide. I have absolutely no complaints about it whatsoever. I would highly recommend this vacuum, if you are looking for a canister type vacuum cleaner that does well on carpeting. I don't really have any flooring to speak of, so I can't say how well it does on floors.

      I had read in one of the previous reviews that it is also best to purchase the filtration bags from Amazon, as their prices seem to be much less than other sources. I researched this, and found it to be absolutely true.

      I hope this review helps other readers as much as the previous reviews helped me.
      ...more info
    • Low price, great on carpet
      I bought this vacuum to replace a Bosch that continually had the power head motor shorting out. While not in the Bosch class as far as suction, the vacuum has great power on carpet; too bad we only have 1/4 of the house with carpet. On carpet, the vacuum does a very good job. The power head brush WILL pull you over the carpet. On hardwood and tile, with the brush turned off, power is decreased by about 2/3. Turn the brush on, the head will pull across the floor - but any sand, gravel, etc. will get thrown around. With 2 kids and 2 cats, dirts and litter gets tracked throughout the house. My old Bosch had GREAT power with the brush turned off. Overall, if you have carpet, buy this vacuum especially if it is on sale. If you have alot of tile or wood flooring, keep looking or make multiple passes....more info
    • I was ripped off
      I had been looking all over the place for this vacuum cleaner, and finally found it on Amazon. I was thrilled, ordered it, and received it. When I opened the box, several things told me that I was not the first person to receive this broken vacuum cleaner. I am very disappointed in Amazon and will never purchase anything but books through them again. It will be a long time before I order a book from them either. I'm pretty angry....more info
    • great
      I switched from an upright because we have all hard surface floors now. This is easy to manuver and use. So far no problems but have only had it a few weeks!...more info
    • It could be more user friendly!!
      This is the second canister vacuum that I have. It is good, light weight compare to Kenmore, but the handel and attachment could be a pain to remove and install. Specially, the electrical cord for the brush head is very dificult to plug in. Of course, Kenmore brand would cost three time this brand, so it should design better....more info
    • Hoover S3639
      nice vac, my wife prefers canister vacs to uprights. Seems to do good job and the smaller power head is great for the stairs.
      ...more info
    • Light and easy to vacuum with.
      This vacuum is very easy to push around the carpets not requiring any effort to do so. Power and suction are good overall, but not as powerful as some. Impressed with the delivery time, and so far, so good....more info
    • A great canister vac
      This is a great mid budget canister vacuum. The attachments are easy to get to and the handheld powerhead is wonderful. Their is a suction adjustment slide on the vacuum and it does come in very handy. This cleaner has so much suction that it will pull a rug up if you are not careful. A+!...more info
    • Very pleased with all its features!
      I liked the reviews I read before buying and it lives up to all the described features. It has everything I wanted, compactness, cleaning power and easy accessibility of attachments. ...more info
    • Hoover S3639 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Cleaner
      Old type vacuum cleaner still better for cleaning under furniture and easier to carry arround. ...more info
    • Great vaccum for the price.
      I have owned many Kenmore's at twice the price. This vaccum has better suction and is easier to manuever, because it is lighter. The only down-side is that the tool cover is sometimes hard to keep on and the arm/handle is light, so it falls over occasionally. For the price, you can't beat it. I would buy another one....more info
    • Great for pet hair
      I bought a Hoover Futura in 1990 for more than $200. The retractable cord broke long ago and the motor finally died in 2006. But it was a great vacuum with some regular maintenance like removing hair and string from the power brush. I paid only $143 for this model through Amazon and it has several new features such as an easy-to-change HEPA filter, WindTunnel technology and a great hand-held brush attachment that actually vacuums fine pet hair off my quilt without sucking the quilt up! Unbelievable. The WindTunnel has many of the same features as the Futura (on board tools, same bag, retractable cord) but the construction actually seems sturdier. And this model is much quieter than the old one. I almost spent $350 for a Kenmore until I read the reviews here on Amazon. I'd recommend this vacuum for anyone....more info
    • hoover canister vaccum
      This is a tremendous vacuum cleaner for the money. I am very well pleased with this purchase and I would reccommed it to anyone who needs one....more info
    • S3639 Hoover Canister Vacuum Cleaner
      This unit was described as being one of the best units available. Portability, ease of operation, availability of attachments were but a few mentioned. When I started using the unit, I quickly found some of the problems. The powerhead is not so easy to attach, the attachments are under the cover, which keeps closing on my hand, the cord, which is on a retractable reel does not retract very well. The powerhead does extremely well on carpets, with its self leveling capability. However, vacuuming bare floors with the powerhead attachment is almost worthless. I use the attachment under the cover for bare floors and this works well. It's just the constant changing of attachments which is extremely bothersome. On the whole, the unit performs fairly well, once you get to be familar with the work-arounds. It does pick up very well, and changing the bag is a snap...more info
    • best Buy
      This is one of the best vacuum's we have ever owned and this is compared to Kemores for twice the price....more info
    • Barely Adequate
      It's a good thing this vacuum is cheap because that's what you get - a cheap vacuum. The collection bag is small (get used to replacing it often), the canister doesn't roll freely behind you (get used to tugging it), the return spring for the power cord is barely able to do the job (get used to helping it back in), and the power head wants to jump out of your hand when the brush is spinning (get used to fighting it).

      On the plus side, the thing is inexpensive and has a good selection of attachments, but it's not enough to overcome the many negatives. Save yourself the aggravation and disappointment and buy something better....more info
    • Great Purchase
      I had an older model of this vacuum, (not sure of that model #), anyhow, it just recently it quit working, my husband checked it out and said the motor just froze up. He did some research for replacement part(s) and we decided that it would cost us more to repair it than to just buy a new one. When I thought about it, I figured my vacuum must have lasted me 10 years with no problems what-so-ever, so the thought of buying a new one didn't seem that bad, as I guessed I got my money's worth from the old one. Anyway, for no particular reason I researched other models like, Electrolux, Panasonic, etc. I couldn't make my mind up and was confused, because if I read reviews from 10 people, 5 out 5 people loved it or didn't think it was that great. So with my husband's advise, we choose to buy another Hoover canister vacuum, the latest model. I can tell you that I am 100% happy with our choice. I love this vacuum, for one reason I'm familiar with it since it's so similar to my old one, plus the new one has this really cool attachment you can use specifically for furniture. Don't get me wrong, that wasn't the reason we purchased it, but it's great nonetheless. I guess in short, I would totally recommend this product, and are completely satisfied with it's proven track record!

      ...more info
    • A phenomenal vacuum at a fair price
      I recently purchased this vacuum after having used one that my mother purchased, and I have never been more satisfied with a vacuum cleaner. The canister is light and easy to carry as you go (it also has wheels), the cleaning head is very effective, and the cord is plenty long.

      The standard attachments I don't use that often, but the windtunnel head is just fabulous for cleaning upholstry and other cloth articles not normally vacuumable. The whirly brushes get jammed sometimes, but don't they always.

      In short, this is a very versatile and powerful vacuum, in a small package at a very good price. Highly recommended....more info
    • Even better than the last one!
      Unlike most of the alternatives, this vacuum is designed and built in USA (Canton OH). We got ours to replace the 15-year old Hoover that finally gave up the ghost (the thermal cut-out, "cut out" and wouldn't restore by itself). We were surprised that this new one, is pretty much an exact remake of the old Hoover, although with more plastic in the construction. We shopped a similar Hoover "Duros" at Costco which was made in China and cost more, and also consulted the Amazon reviews. We are very happy with the new Hoover, it's very powerful, the bag setup is more bullet proof, it's lighter and quieter (despite the other reviews' low opinion of this) than the old one. I don't know how you could do better than this, for the price. Don't buy a bagless vac--you'll hate it. (You can have our old one)....more info
    • Great Vacuun
      This is my second one, my first lasted 6 years. Works great on hardwood floors....more info
    • just what i needed
      this vacuum from hoover is just too good.
      compact and smart. handy features, good accessories, and a very good performance.
      cleans my carpet, bare floor and upholstery. even my three year old can use it :-)
      has bag indicator light, long power cord which easily rewinds.
      they can put a visible marker to distinguish the power switch and the cord rewind switch.i have put a sticker myself
      i am very satisfied with this and now each time i vacuum i do not have to clean the waste as i had to when i had a bagless vacuum.
      This is much better than a bagless vacuum which sucks...more info
    • Great vacuum at a reasonable price
      This is a great vacuum if you have a mix of hard floors and rugs. I really don't like uprights and was looking for something easier to store as well.
      Powerhead has great suction when on, not great when turned off so use the regular floor attachment. It cleans well, bag light is great, handles come apart easy enough and stores easily in closet.

      The small power head hand attachment is a nice bonus as well.
      Cord retractor works O.K., but best if it is out straight and not coiled.
      Overall, I am very pleased with it's performance for the cost.
      Would recommend....more info
    • Disappointed
      I had ordered my vacuum in July. I received it and kept it in storage until the renonvation on my townhouse was completed. October I used it for the first time and it worked great. Unfortunately, the second time I tried to use it I couldn't get it to turn on. It seems that there was a problem with the connection. I had to bring it into a service dept for repair because Amazon has a 30 day return policy....more info
    • Easy to use, nice job, convenient
      Great cleaner. Gets up the dirt, not too heavy, easy to use. The only negative is that the cover comes off too easily and can be a bit of a hassle. But that's a minor inconvenience....more info
    • Effective, Efficient, Easy to Use, Value
      The Hoover S3639 is effective, solidly constructed, well designed, easy to use and reasonably priced. Prior experience with more expensive Eureka, Electrolux and Bissell was unsatisfactory. I would not buy from these manufacturers. We have extensive tile floors, area rugs and some wall to wall carpeting. "Carpet" setting activates powered floor nozzzle - Grade "A". "Floor" setting relies on canister suction only - Grade "B", however consider using "Carpet" for better "floor" results. ...more info
    • Great Canister!!!!!
      I had an old Hoover canister vac and was ready for a new one. I looked at all the Kenmores but none of them seemed right (I have a small Cleaning Business) so I ended up ordered the this Hoover Windtunnel and love it!!! I didn't want the powered floor cleaner because I don't use that but it does work great! I also love the handheld powered cleaner, works great on furniture getting the cat and dog hair off! I highly recommened this canister for anyone looking for a good one. Plus Hoovers are easy to take apart and I can fix just about anything on it!...more info
    • good product
      This is my second Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Cleaner. It is work for me very well.

      ...more info
    • S3639 Windtunnel
      Easy to use. Good suction, performance on par with my old Panasonic canister.
      On and off petal should be a different color than the cord rewind petal....more info
    • old but works
      I was surprised to see when this vacuum arrived that it was EXACTLY the same as the model I had purchased years ago that had died. No changes, upgrades, modernizations of any kind at all. I also felt as if this vac itself might be pretty old. It came in a faded and battered box with shredded and broken styrofoam.
      But it works fine so I can't complain....more info
    • Windtunnel vaccium
      I like the vaccium, but the handle was defected, and I was unable to get help how to get it replaced. I spent 30 mins trying to figure out how to contact someone. So I probably won't shop for something this way again. There should be some kind of help phone number so that I could have talked to a live person. I still am using a defected handle and it doesn't seen right, but because there is no store to return it to I stuck. So I don't like this at all....more info
    • Great Vaccum for the price
      I was in the market for a new vacuum and knew the only upright that had everything I was looking for was a Dyson, but I didn't want to spend that much. So I looked into canisters and this Hoover has it all. All of the attachments are right there; the power brush for carpets, a hard floor tool, a hand held power brush for the steps, and the other usual attachments. I am finally able to get under the beds with a full sized brush (~12 in) instead of the little 2 in one I had to use with my old upright.

      I have only found 2 down sides: the bag is a little smaller than I would like and the cover that hides the onboard tools falls off, I'm a bit rough with it though.

      I have already recommended this to family members in the market for a new vacuum!...more info
    • I say 5 stars, my husband says 4
      Why I give it 5 stars: 1) It's much quieter than the ancient thing we stopped patching and finally tossed; 2) it's lighter--I can haul it about without further injuring my shoulder; 3) the upholstery attachment works GREAT on pet hair; 4) the crevice tool is flat enough to fit in the narrow slots of cast iron radiators; 5) it slides all the way under the bed; 6) great suction.

      Why my husband subtracts a star: 1) The only off-on control is on the cannister, and it's very easy at first to confuse it with the cord retractor button; 2) the upholstery attachment sits in a plastic bubble that rides on top of the cannister, and which needs little provocation to come unhooked; 3) watch out for that great suction around the fringe on the good oriental rugs. ...more info
    • Ok - but not as good as expected
      I've owned this vacuum for a short while, and haven't used it extensively yet, but have noticed some pros and cons that I'd like to pass along.

      Pros of this vacuum:
      1) Quiet operation
      2) Accessories (esp. small power head)
      3) Cleans well
      4) Hasn't burnt a belt yet (like my last Eureka...)
      5) Uses bags (I'm tired of dealing with the mess of bagless vacuums)


      1) On/off button and cord retract button look the same
      2) It is hard to pull the power head towards the user (when
      brush is in use)
      3) Hose tangles easily....more info
    • Excellent replacement of previous S-Type Hoover
      We decided to replace our old model due to a crack in the hose. This model is better than the old one and cost about $25 more than having a hose repaired!...more info
    • Garbage
      this machine never performed well and now the motor has died two weeks after the guarantee expired. Am tossing in the garbage; Hoover products are consistently awful and we have joined Hoover anonymous to avoid future purchases....more info
    • I expected better from this brand but I was disappointed.
      Ok, first let me preface by stating that I went to Sears to look at a Kenmore canister model that was on sale for $300.00. I had a Kenmore before and liked it a lot. The new one had great features, but I was afraid to spend that much money so I got this Hoover instead. I thought the good reviews and the price made it a good deal. Plus, well, it's Hoover! They've been making vacuum since the beginning of time, right? Well, I should have spent the extra money. Here's many reasons why: The main aggravation I have with this vacuum is that every time I pick it up, the attachments cover flips open and comes off! I wonder how Hoover tests its products because this one wouldn't have passed my test. Unfortunately I had to spend 135 bucks to find out. The retractible cord is really slow and sometimes needs to be "fed" back in. The canister has a square front and therefore gets stuck on every piece of furniture and around every corner. (Kenmore is rounder in front)
      The unit does not pull along very easily. I have to really tug at it. The so called "swivel" hose does not swivel 360 degrees. (the Kenmore does) The power head LAUNCHES in a forward direction, so all your effort is a pulling BACK motion. This can become quite painful for some people, (uh, like me). There is no carpet height adjustment (like the Kenmore has). The bag is not as big as it should be compared to the size of the unit. (Kenmore bag is much bigger) The cord that attaches from the power head to the hose can be an annoyance when you need to switch to a hand attachment. You have to unplug the cord first. (not so with the Kenmore)As for suction, I think it's pretty good. The attachments are adequate and I actually like the little power head. I have 2 cats and a dog and it removes the hair off of the sofa very well and it does stairs nicely too. I don't expect this unit to last more than a year. I had previously purchased a Euro Pro small canister(which I would NOT recommend AT ALL!) and, after I ran out of the 12 bags it came with, I tossed it. The Kenmore I had lasted 10 years. But alas, I was swayed by Amazon.com offering a $25.00 credit for purchases over $150.00 and free shipping. So I got this vacuum at a pretty low price, but....I'm not very happy with it. If you don't vacuum often, it's probably ok, but vacuuming is a part of my daily routine and I need it to be as effortless, effective and efficient as possible. This model basically annoys me....more info
    • Satisfied customer
      A great vacuum, especially for the price. Very compact and well-designed, it handled more like a European vacuum cleaner than a clunky old American model. I have both hardwood floors and area carpets and am very satisfied with the performance of this model, I am not even using half the attachments that are included. You could easily spend lots more money, but for 150 bucks, this Hoover will do the trick....more info
    • thee best
      we gave our older hoover canister to our daughter who loves it just as much as we love the new one. i like the fact that the wand hooks onto the unit and is easy to put away. and the cord retracts which is another plus. the power is really good and havent found anything it wont clean....more info
    • Solid, dependable vac
      If you like cannister vacuum cleaners w/ bags, I recommend the Hoover S3639. I have used similar cannisters over the last 15 years, and besides doing a good job, this one has the advantages of looking great, having an extra small power brush for steps, and a fantastic price thru Amazon. Also, it was delivered to my door w/o shipping costs!
      It is easy to carry, has a good set of tools, and a powered brush w/ a light to vacuum rugs.
      Once the dirt bag is full, you throw it away--less work than bagless vacs. ...more info
    • Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum
      When Fed Ex delivered the vacuum nobody was home so they tossed it over an 8 foot fence onto a concrete sidewalk. The vacuum still worked perfectly. Great product from Hoover, brain dead service from the delivery company....more info
    • The BEST vacuum ever!
      I absolutely love this vacuum! I never leave feedback on my purchases but I just had to for this one. What a great vacuum for the price! I hate spending money on something that I dislike doing but I actually enjoy vacuuming now. Every attachment is so useful, especially the little mini wind tunnel tool. I suggest purchasing the Type S bags online since they're pretty hard to find because they sell out quickly I guess (I tried Target, Sears, and WalMart). I also bought a pouch of scented pellets and poured them into the vacuum bag and now everytime I vacuum my house smells even cleaner! Just as a side note...I have four children (10mths-17 years old, a husband, and a big dog so this vacuum really earns its money! ...more info
    • So far, so good
      Arrived on time and in one piece. It's brand new and I've only used it a few times but it appears to have very good suction. The only thing I don't like is that the on/off switch is on the canister - on the previous model it was on the handpiece....more info
    • Excellent Cleaner
      This Vaccum is a good one to purchase. Does everything it says and more for my needs. Would recommend this to anyone who needs a new cleaner....more info
    • not my daddys hoover
      hoover is obviously not what it was i recently purchased this vacuum within two weeks the belt broke then it got clogged now when using the dusting brush a big piece of plastic fell off.
      i wish i could just have my old hoover back....more info
    • A surprise
      I thought buying this vacuum was a price compromise. I have always owned the Consumer Reports high rated Sears vacs. This one is lighter, easy to use and does a great job. I have no trouble taking the attachments on and off and I have a good bit of arthritis in my hands. I am very pleased and it was a pleasant surprise. ...more info
    • Great Little Machine
      This is my second vacuum cleaner like this!! The only negative is the carpet attachment gets clogged and has to be cleaned out at times to work at full potential, but that is the case with any vacuum cleaner. I give it two thumbs up! ...more info
    • Hardwood Floor Use
      Good vacuum overall.Do not use it on hardwood floors.I started to return it after it left dented trails on hard oak floors,but I decided to keep it for use on other areas.The small guide wheel in the front is what dents the floor.The wheel needs to be of a softer material or maybe wider....more info
    • great vacuum
      This cleaner is really a high quality product. It does a great job, with all phases of cleaning, since every accessory attachment is included, except one, the ROBOT, who does the work. ...more info
    • Fantastic Vaccum
      This is the best vaccum I have ever bought, and I've bought vaccums every year, it cleans like nothing else....more info
      I am very impressed with the suction from this canister vacuum. I also have hard floors and love the onboard attachments. Plus at the price, you really can't go wrong. I would have expected to pay much more....more info
    • Greatly Improved Product
      We had the older version of this vacuum and the only complaint was lack of suction power. This one has quite a few refinements over the old model. Really like the powered mini-sweeper attachment and the cover for the other attachments. 25' cord...never enough of that! To top it all off, the price is excellent. One can pay many times the cost of this one and end up with a vacuum that's merely equivalent. I never rate anything 5 stars but I couldn't deduct any points on this one....more info
    • What a sucker!
      I really enjoy my new canister vacuum. I have mostly hardwood floors with a few area rugs and a runner up the stairs. I had been using a lame Shark vacuum, it was nothing compared to this. I really enjoy the hardwood floor attachments, they get under the furniture and in the corners with ease. I was finally able to suck up all the pine needles from our Christmas tree!
      The motorized rug attachment hooks on with no problems, it practially goes by itself, really! There is a special stair attachment that is also very easey to use. IT's a bit loud, but Idon't know any real quiet vacuums. The price was reasonable, with Amazon I received a discount and free shipping.
      I really love my new vacuum, I use it all the time (and I haven't had to change the bag yet)...more info
    • Really Great Vacuum!!!
      I Love this canister vacuum. I love that I can clean my hard wood floors, my rugs, my upholstered furniture and my table tops with all of the attachments. It is easy to manouver this vac and it has great suction as well as rotary power. I have a big dog and cats, so I need a great vacuum and this is the best I have ever had. I have asthma, so bagless vacuums are out of the question because so much becomes airborne when cleaning the bagless, so this is really perfect for me. Also, Amazon.com sells the bags much cheaper than anyone else....more info
    • Hoover Products
      This is the second Hoover cannister style vacuum I've owned. I am very please with its performance and I espicially like the new powered hand tool for furniture and stair cleaning....more info
    • Good value
      The Hoover S3639 is a good value for the price. It has excellent suction power and I like the style as well as the atachments. I especially like the extra wide carpet attachment and the fact that it gets very close to the wall or objects. I also have the Hoover Powermax Deluxe which is quite simular so I know I will probably have a problem over time with the cord rewind but it is easily fixed. I am quite pleased with the performance thus far....more info
    • I like the older version better.
      When my 15 year-old Hoover canister vacuum finally died, I decided to get a new version. Comparing the two, here are my thoughts:

      Pros: Very powerful, quieter, longer hose, wider floor nozzle. The newly added rubber brush at both sides of the floor nozzle are pretty nice as they lift up small objects in hard-to-reach areas. The power hand-held stair nozzle is great; perfect for my carpeted stairs.

      Cons: I MISS THE ON/OFF SWITCH ON THE HANDLE! I have to pull the canister closer to turn on/off with my foot, cumbersome! The company definitely deleted the most useful feature. Light shines the wall, hummm.

      Generally, I miss my old Hoover vacuum. But, I'm sure I'll get used to this one; I am happy it's powerful and quieter!...more info
    • great vacuum
      Great vacuum few things I did not like putting plug into wand I put a little white nail polish on both ends so you know how it goes in also marked the foot and cord switch so I know which one is what. Other wise I love this vacuum my other hoover is seven years old the new one is so quite....more info
    • Engineering flaw
      I just attempted to vacuum the carpet and, for the zillionth time, the belt that drives the carpet brush came off. It does this so frequently that it is essentially useless for the carpet. Today's problem occurred when I lightly bumped it against the baseboard. Having fixed it myself many times, I know that the problem is caused by the fact that the metal piece the belt goes around actually tapers slightly in such a way as to invite the belt to slide off. Were engineers involved in the development of this product? How could anyone do anything so dumb? When I was a kid, Hoover was considered to be a reliable product. How times have changed!...more info
    • Not real hapy
      The Hoover Wind Tunnel vaccuum is not very user friendly and has design issues:
      1. The extension handle has to be unplugged to use small attachments.
      2. The extension lock should be a quick snap and not have to hold the metal snap up.
      3. The cannister does not move freely. Needs to be directed by pulling.
      4. The hose gets tangled and does not swivel well.
      5. The small beater attachment is useless.

      On the positive side, this product does have good suction.
      Had I seen this product in a store I would not have purchased it.

      G. Zaborsky
      ...more info
    • Finally!!!!!!!!! a vacuum that meets my needs
      I'd recommend it to anyone. Not only is this inexpensive and light, but it has the power and all the features I've been looking for in a single machine. So far, it has passed the test- 3 dogs and five cats. My only concern would be long term performance as I've only had it for a couple months....more info
    • Repeat purchaser of WindTunnel Canister Vacuum
      I purchased my first WindTunnel Canister Vacuum 4 years ago. I liked it so much I purchased a new one recently when my old one was handed down to my daughter who was moving out. This new WindTunnel Canister is improved over my last one (which I liked very much). The seating of the bag is more secure than on my old one, and I like the clear bag compartment cover so I can see what's going on in there. The new one didn't come with the extra plastic extension wands for a super-long reach, but did come with a suction-driven small 'powerhead' that works great for furniture and carpeted steps or small areas like the dog's bed. It's got great suction and I look forward to using it for many years to come....more info
    • Send this vac BACK!
      I've found customer reviews very helpful in weeding out lemons. Too bad, I didn't read the ones on this product before I wasted $300. The carpet attachment sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. The retractable hose stopped working, so I've been winding it around my arm and tying it with a plastic tie. The last and most serious problems is with dust coming out of the bags and covering the interior. After washing the entire interior, replacing filters and bags, the same thing happened over and over. It's history and I will never buy another Hoover. I gave it two stars because it's a nice blue color....more info
    • Plastic broke
      Bad design on the plastic cover to hold all the accessories in --it looks like they were going for looks rather than practicality.

      The suction is OK, 12 amps just like my previous Eureka upgright. I guess not much has changed in 5 years

      The storage position is a little weird since the assembled wands hook onto the canister. You always need two hands to move this thing around.

      Again, if it weren't for the cheap plastic cover, this might be OK, but I can't recommend it. If I paid list of $369 for it, I would definitely return it. Fortunately, I paid $179.99 - $30 off and a $20 coupon from Amazon, making it a $130 vacuum shipped to my door. Still I would say it is only worth $99.

      ...more info
    • piece of junk
      When I had this vacuum less that a month the plastic cover broke off. Then, a wheel fell off. Then the plastic piece that holds the wand to the canister broke off. Now the motor has burned out. This vacuum doesn't even get a lot of use, since I also have another one on another floor. This was a huge waste of money and I'll never buy another Hoover again!...more info
    • versatile vacuum
      I owned a predecessor to this vacuum for about 12 years, but finally some of the plastic pieces were breaking, and I'd gone over the cord a few too many times. It's still up and running, but I figured at a good price I'd go ahead and replace it. I loved the old one, which was a Hoover Futura, and I love this one even more so far. It has a lot of power and I can easily move from one floor surface to another. It even has a switch that you can use to turn of the motorized brushes as you move between carpeted areas. I also especially like the small powered brush that you can use for stairs. It is just the right size to get dirt and fur from corners. The attachments make it perfect for vacuuming the car and it is easy to move around with two metal "wands" that can be detached. I do have a very furry dog so I use my vacuum very frequently. My last vacuum held up wonderfully and I didn't hesitate to buy another Hoover. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone....more info
    • Motor burned out
      I bought a hoover windtunnel cannister vacuum less than 3 ywers ago. The motor burned out. I only use it at home. Since my husband is in the military and we moved, I was unable to bring it to my point of sale. The hoover customer service was not helpful. I will never buy a hoover product again....more info
    • Very Happy Deliveres What Promissed
      Very impressed with the suction, and the filtration. Love the way you can turn the roller brush on/off with a easy to use handle switch. I have always been a canistor user and found the Hoover to exceed my needs. You can use either filtration or regular replacement bags. It's peace of mind to know that Hoover
      remains the only manufacturer of Vacuums Cleaners in the US that have their own Factory Repair Centers and great service after the sale. They are also located in the Internet. Try finding that when you buy a Fantum or Regina. I did and they're a joke....more info
    • Run, don't walk, away from this stinker!!
      What a dissapointment! This vacuum was good for about two weeks, now the rubber belt has stretched and it will not spin the brush-bar. The hose from the cannister to the wand attachment is too short, so I am constantly hauling the cannister towards me. Also if you want to vacuum blinds, you have to lift the entire cannister off the floor with your other hand - not convenient. The bag is small and requires replacement often. It is easy to move from carpet to bare floor, but all the other problems make this a poor choice. Too bad, my twenty-year-old hoover worked better. This one is headed to the landfill....more info
    • Run, don't walk, away from this stinker!!
      What a dissapointment! This vacuum was good for about two weeks, now the rubber belt has stretched and it will not spin the brush-bar. The hose from the cannister to the wand attachment is too short, so I am constantly hauling the cannister towards me. Also if you want to vacuum blinds, you have to lift the entire cannister off the floor with your other hand - not convenient. The bag is small and requires replacement often. It is easy to move from carpet to bare floor, but all the other problems make this a poor choice. Too bad, my twenty-year-old hoover worked better. This one is headed to the landfill....more info
    • plastic not durable
      I have owned the S3630 for 3 years. Performance is OK. BUT shortly after I got it the plastic handle clip broke, then the headlight bulb went and I couldn't find a replcement in any store. Next the 2 small wheels on the motorized power head kept falling off (they seem to just clip into the plastic and won't stay put). Also if you try to buy replacements for the dust filters, you're out of luck,unless you special order from Hoover and who needs the hassle? It cleans well on the whole. I do find that dog hair tends to cling (thro. static) to the body and power head and is hard to remove. It's a pricey disappointment!...more info
    • Not bad, but could be much better
      I had the next model down Hoover Windtunnel S3630. I think the main difference between the S3639 and S3630 is that the Plus model has the mini power hand tool. We had the vacuum for a little less than a year. The machine had all the good features: on/ off switch for power nozzle, 4 main attachments, added filter for better filtration, covered tool storage, doubled brushed edge cleaning along with special edge groomers- this makes it a little harder to push but it does an excellent job along walls. The machine was convenient to use it had very good suction for cleaning and a high speed power brush that deep cleaned. I don't know why this is but the vacuum was moody, somedays it cleaned well, and others it seemed like I was sweeping the carpet and not sucking up. The vacuum would leave a line of dog hair behind the nozzle entrance that was visible upon moving the power head forward. We did everything: new bags, new belts, checked the brushes, and since it was under warranty we took it to the Hoover Service Center but they found nothing wrong with it. Our cheaper model the Hoover Powermax cleaned hair much better. You could tell that it was deep cleaning like the windtunnel design is supposed to help with but it was cleaning the dog hair. After getting tired of it not getting hair we returned to the company and got our money back, Hoover was very cooperative customer service wise. We now have a Hoover Powermax Runabout that works very well and cost ... less. See my report under the Powermax Deluxe S3607. Our windtunnel might have been a lemon but don't know can't really recommend unless you have hard floors or need a good attachment canister....more info
    • Too much plastic and poorly designed
      Well, I expected a better quality machine from Hoover. Plastic wheels and axles, plastic hinges on the lids and suspiciously weak plastic latches on the wands. I don't expect these to last much beyond the warranty period, if that long. The headlight does not illuminate the floor. The hose connector on top of the machine does not even begin to swivel smoothly. It tends to bind, causing the vacuum to wander erratically everytime the hose is moved. The lack of a swivel mechanism on the tool end is also unfortunate because this almost guarantees that the hose will kink, twist and try to tie itself into knots. There is a strange preset angle moulded into the hand grip (remember it does not swivel). This makes for unnatural and uncomfortable arm and wrist positions while maneuvering various cleaning attachments into position. To be fair the suction power appears to be very good. I wrote to Hoover voicing my concerns (in far greater detail than this review) but only received a form letter that did not address any of my issues. If a product is "Made in USA", then it seems fair to expect better quality....more info
    • Cleans well, quality questioned
      I have owned the Hoover Windtunnel Canister vac for 17 months. It cleans well. It has lots of power. Supposedly an upright cleans better, but I like a canister vac because you don't have to push the whole motor back and forth, as well as the cleaning end. You can take it apart if the whole thing is too heavy to take up the stairs. I like having all the other tools so handy.
      I have had trouble with putting the power cleaning attachment on the tube because the gasket doesn't want to stay in place. The power attachment developed a noise, after it was out of warranty, that is due to a small piece of the motor brushes breaking off. My dealer is trying to see if Hoover will replace it anyway. The power attachment has a "edge" cleaner that works somewhat. The paper bags that go inside are supposed to filter more things than most vacuums do. I can't judge that. I like the rubber gasket on the bags that that fit tightly. I owned the previous best Hoover canister vac for many years. I thought it was great vacuum. It still works well, but the hose wore out completly, so we have lots of duct tape on it. The little springs were poor quality. It is much heavier than the current Windtunnel canister vac. I can't help but wonder how the new one will hold up when it is so much lighter. What is different?...more info
    • Excellent Vacuum!
      This is the best canister vacuum I have ever used/owned. It is easy to use, powerful, and has very low emissions. It is a true high efficiency vacuum. The bag, Hoover S, is easy to change.I do have one quibble that keeps it from 5 stars. It is NOISY. If it were quieter, it would be the equal of the expensive European vacuums, like miele, and nilfisk....more info
    • iVac [is bad]
      I orderd this vacuum to replace an old hoover that I thought was worn out. Well, my "worn out" canister vacuum is much MUCH better than this "new" model. The transparent iMac look and the poor performance reminds you of a Fisher-Price toy vacuum rather than a real model. The fancy brush attachment is "powered" only by suction, so it STOPS spinning/brushing as soon as it comes in contact with whatever surface you are trying to clean. The big powered brush head couldn't vacuum cat hair off a low pile rug. After vacumming for three times as long, I was able to do a better job in less time and get the rugs visably cleaner with my old worn out Hoover canister. This new iVac model performs FAR worse than my old Hoover....more info
    • Perfect for hard floors & stairs
      I decided to purchase a canister vacuum after moving into a home that had a combination of hard surface (wood, tile, linoleum) and carpeted floors. After much research, I chose this model based on both product reviews and specific model features.

      Overall, I am very satisfied with this vacuum. The suction power is more than adequate for all jobs. I am especially impressed with the hard floor attachment which vacuums in both forward and backward strokes unlike some hard floor attachments which tend to push dirt around. In addition, the handheld attachment includes a rotating brush similar to floor attachments which makes vacuuming stairs very easy and does a much better job than attachments that only provide suction. Finally, the upholstery attachment with soft rubber comb works very well, especially for the collection of hard-to-lift lint and dog hair.

      The one negative to this vacuum, possibly inherent in all canister vacuums, is that the carpeting attachment does not have enough weight to firmly press the agitator into the carpeting as compared to a standard upright vacuum. However, I believe some of my dissatisfaction is due to the fact that I have berber carpeting which is known to be difficult to vacuum. This carpet attachment does an acceptable job but I do find that I can continue to remove a small amount of dirt with my upright vacuum immediately after using this carpet attachment.

      All in all, I am very satisfied with this vacuum and continue to utilize it as my primary vacuum. This model also balances well on stairs and is lightweight and easy to carry. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone who has a combination of floor surfaces in their home....more info