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007 the World Is Not Enough

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007 The World is Not Enough Nintendo 64 N64 game cartridge only.

Considering the success Rare's GoldenEye 007 has had on the Nintendo 64, Electronic Arts designers had their work cut out for them in making another 3-D shooter using the James Bond license. The World Is Not Enough is a smashing success in terms of its graphics and sound, as well as in how it weaves the movie's plot into the gameplay. Unfortunately, this Bond game has just enough flaws to keep it from achieving classic status.

If you've seen the movie on which this is based, the game's levels will all be familiar. There has been a kidnapping and it's up to you to scour the globe, rescue the victim, and untangle a twisty plot laced with betrayal. It wouldn't be a Bond game without myriad gadgets to help you along the way, so there's plenty of stuff to play with, including a multifunction laser/stun gun/grappling hook watch, safecracking equipment, and x-ray glasses. Weapons range from Bond's signature 9 mm automatic to shotguns, assault rifles, and everything in between.

The game takes full advantage of the N64 Expansion Pak to pump up the graphics, and the game uses speech compression to give all the characters spoken dialogue. This makes the missions far more engaging than they would otherwise be, but brain-dead enemies really spoil the fun. The average Bond movie henchmen don't exactly have Einstein- caliber IQs, but shooting wave after excruciating wave of soldiers who do little more than blindly rush at you is just tedious. At least most missions throw innocent guards and bystanders into the mix so that even if the enemy isn't thinking clearly, you still have to be on your toes to prevent civilian casualties. The World Is Not Enough is a solid game that should appeal to fans of the movie, but stick with GoldenEye 007 or Perfect Dark if you want to experience a truly good 3-D shooter on the N64. --T. Byrl Baker


  • Good graphics, and the clear speech is a nice touch
  • Tough missions are filled with fun objectives
  • The need to protect innocents adds a lot of tension to the game
  • Don't even think about it if you don't have an Expansion Pak
  • Games must be saved to a memory card
  • Generic opponents don't provide much of a challenge

The World Is Not Enough is the highly anticipated sequel to the Nintendo 64's hugely popular first-person shooter, Golden Eye 007. Playing as James Bond, you'll accomplish mission objectives while using your Licence to Kill any bad guy in your sites. Crouch, jump, swim, climb, and run through each mission. There are three difficulty settings, each one making the bad guys tougher while adding mission objectives. And, playing to Bond's particularly glamorous skills, there is a forced-scrolling skiing-and-shooting level. Get important game info from the good guys you meet, including Q and M.

Just like its predecessor, The World Is Not Enough has a multiplayer mode that's sure to be popular. The game has at least five multiplayer arenas for two-on-two, two-on-one, and three-on-one teams. Choose any character from the single-player mode, designate players controlled with artificial intelligence, and customize the match's settings: starting arsenal, weapons available for pickup, health power-ups, and match duration.

  • 007: The World is Not Enough game cartridge
  • for Nintendo 64
  • Rated T for Teen

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Multiplayer Game Ever
    You will really enjoy mutiplay in this game.I love every part of this game.all I can say is buy it....more info
  • Pretty neat game BUT....
    Mainly it's a super neat game that's got slightly better graphics and voice recognition than Perfect Dark.BUT,I've had this game for 3 days and I'm on level 6:Night Watch.It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT!!You can't kill a single person(if you run out of your lousy 12 darts,stun someone with your watch laser then punch someone twice-twice because they fall down and dissapear!)whitch I think is extremely lousy!Also,Electra's head bodygaurd,Gabor,walks around in a light brown dress coat and if he wants to even walk around that O-so-certian-corner that you,James Bond,may be standing at the GABOR dude sends about 5 gaurds to lock you back up in your state room.I also think Multiplayer mode could have some better stuff like better slections of guns and stuff like that.Overall, If it was a life or death situation I would suggest this wwwwwaaaaayyyyy over Perfect Dark....more info
  • excellent !
    with out a doubt 007 is very cool,the special effects are magnifacent and i just love playing the game over & over, as you move from level to level the game just intensifies with each new mission the game is wonderful and i am so glad i received it for christmas....more info
  • The best game on N64
    different than perfect dark and goldeneye (i have both) and a bit more restricting, but the single and multiplayer game is unbelievable. Single and multiplayer levels are better too. smooth grapthics and movement add to the effect. buy it today. you may not like it at first, but you will after a little play time....more info
  • Addictive game; frustrating at times.
    I loved this game because once you start playing it you can't stop playing it, but most of the time it can be somewhat frustrating, especially the last level. If you loved Goldeneye, then you'll definitley love this game....more info
  • Wow... A Disappointment...
    The World is Not Enough came out just as I completed Goldeneye. Now, I thought that the sequel would be AWESOME, considering that Goldeneye is a terrific game. However, I was disappointed when I got TWINE. The graphics and the dialogue are cool, and the gadgets are terrific, but the levels are way too easy. Your enemies die in a couple of shots. Also, in Multiplayer, you don't have much health. Two shots, you're dead. Another terrible thing about TWINE is that it takes time to load, which is strange, considering that it is a cartidge for the N64. At first, I thought that EA Games was trying to take my money, because in order to save games, you had to have a Controller Pak. Borrow this game first, to see if you like it. Then buy it....more info
  • Great multi-player.
    This game has a great solo campain but the multi-player is where it is at in my opinon. There is a lot of weapons to choose from as well as characters and unlockables.

    Gameplay: Pretty straight foreward. I have found something cheap in it with the AI. They are cheap when with fully automatic weapons you hear a bang and you are dead. Well that is how it is for me.

    Sound: Pretty real... not much more to say..

    Story: Not to complex.

    Overall: A great buy for the multi-player. The single player is fine but no where near as fun as the multi-player....more info
  • 007
    007 is sweet. It has awsome new guns, much better than the first 007. Also it has new levels and cool plots. I totaly think everybody should own this game....more info
  • A Thriller
    James Bond's " The World Is Not Enough" is the best. In the first level you must find the Appointment Card to see a man. You shoot him and then crack a safe for a Security Clearance Card. You then go in a room with it and grab a suitcase full of money. Then you beat it. On the way, don't kill civilians, including police. To get people out of your way, go in the start menu, choose the dart watch weapon. Shoot people with it and it will make them go to sleep.
    On the second level, watch out for terrorists coming through windows. Lock down the third & first levels, wipe out terrorists and find the man in the vault. He will hand you an object. You must then get to Sector Q.
    This game is a best buy. You must get it. Just don't get it for young children. It may scare them. Get this game quick before it goes. Also try Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six"...more info
    This Game IS NOT ENOUGH! I rented it last week and after playing it for only an hour, I could not get away from the nintendo. I was addicted to this game. The first game, Goldeneye 007 was a major hit because of it's amazing graphics and action scenes. Well, this game is 10X better. The graphics are unbeatable. The graphics look like it's a gamecube game. This addition to Goldeneye features: Better weapons, better missions, better gadgets, better action scenes, and also REAL dialogue.

    The game has some of the greatest weapons you can ever shoot with. In Goldeneye, when Bond reloaded the gun, it would disappear. In this game, you see Bond actually reloading the gun. On his hand gun, the P2K, you see him taking out the clip and putting a new one in. I know it's not much but, it is an example of how much more closer it is to real life. Other cool guns are in the game like the .44 Magnum, which is barrel gun that holds 6 bullets with a scope and is EXTREMELY strong. It only takes one shot and your enemey is down for the count. The brother to this hand gun is the Raptor Magnum. This one is as STRONG as the .44 Magnum but instead of a scope, on the bottom of the barrell is a laser beam to aim that you can turn on and off by pressing B+Z. Remember the shotgun in Goldeneye? Well, the shotgun in this game, the Finesse Special 12 is a pump-action shotgun with that holds up to 8 cartridges. THIS IS EXTREMELY STRONG! It is 100X better than the 2 shotguns in Goldeneye. As you shoot one after the other, you see James's hands reload the shotgun. A weapon that wasn't in the first game was the Crossbow. This a really cool weapons. The arrows shoot really far and are really STRONG! For guns that launch grenades and rockets are in the game too. Except one of the grenades/rocket guns has a guide in the bombs. You shoot your rocket and it goes where your aimer went. It does slight turns, etc. There are a couple of the same weapons as the first like the Soviet K47, the Sniper Rifles except a lot STRONGER!

    The missions in this game are really action-packed and really thrilling. Really cool missions like: King's ransom where you are in the 007's headquarters and need the find King and initiate lockdowns, turn on the sprinklet system which looks really cool. Underground Train Station where you must free a couple hostages, and defuse a terrorist bomb (be careful, down defuse the bomb too quickly because it'll blow). Remember in the movie where James and Electra were skiing and terrorists were shooting at them? Well there is a mission that does that where you're skiing and there are terrorists shooting at you from little planes, and you have to blow up the tanks at the oil stations as you go down (Don't go too fast or you'll miss and FAIL). One mission that was really hard was Nightwatch. Here's the hard part. In every mission you are shooting people right? In this one, YOU CANNOT SHOOT ANYONE! There are gaurds everywhere and have to avoid CONFRITATION! You have to photograph secret documents in safes, disable the highly equipped security systems, plant phone taps, and goe about 2 miles avoiding all gaurds to defeat the mission. That's a brief description about a few of the missions. There are plenty more to defeat.

    The gadgets in this game are 10X better than the first. Jame's watch has several gadgets built into it. The first is a stunner beam that makes your enemies dizzy while it gives you a certain amount of seconds to shoot them depending on how long you stun them for. Like the first game, the laser is in the watch. Also is a couple missions you watch shoots tranquilizer darts that will knock your enemies unconsious for a long time. It's fun to shoot them when they're laid out on the ground. This gadget comes in VERY handy in the Nightwatch mission. As a weapon you can use this as a weapon to avoid confritation. The reason you need this is because when you go in the security booth, there is a gaurd you need to shoot with it as soon as you open the door so he doesn't yell, "Bond is HERE!". Be careful how you use it because there is only about a dozen in your watch and there are no enemies that have ammo for that. Also in the watch is a grapple hook. This is like Batman. In some missions to get to a higher level you need to use this. In cases where you are trapped, look up at the ceiling for a yellow and black stripped section in the beams. For missions like Nightwatch, you have X-Ray glasses that allow you to see through things like Superman. Unlike Superman, you can see through lead. Also night glasses that are made for really dark areas. Like the first game you have your safe crackers, keypad unscramblers, etc.

    A cool addition to the graphics is the speech. Instead of the first game where you only saw dialogue sentences, in this one when somebody speaks, you hear their real voices from the movie like James, Christmas Jones, Electra, Moneypenny, Valentine, Renaud, Gaurds, Scientists, Airport Control room employees, etc. That is a really effect that was added into this game.

    The game is totally 100X better than Goldeneye 007. Better weapons, gadgets, graphics, speech, and missions. This game throws the Goldeneye 007 game right out of the water. You must give a praise the the makers of the game. If you ignore this game, you don't know what you're missing out on....more info

  • This Game Wasn't Enough!
    Prepare your gun, fire up that N64, and get ready for a fun experience in EA's latest fun trump, "The World is Not Enough". After loving "Goldeneye", I figured this sequel would provide the levels of frustration and fun the first one provided. I wasn't disappointed.

    Following the plot of the movie, you work your way through each level, attaining objectives and moving forward. Ahead of you lies many obstacles, bombs in subways, dock chases, and a particularly difficult sleath mission that doesn't allow you to shoot one person. It all adds up to fun.

    I have to agree with the one reviewer as far as the guards and bad guys you shoot. They seem really stupid at times, picking them off is sometimes too easy. Unless you are right in front of them, they don't fight back.

    All in all, I was able to complete this game at Secret Agent level in about two weeks, so if you are interested, you may just want to rent this game from your local video store rather than purchasing it .

    Overall, a fun time!...more info

  • Could have been better,
    overall this game is nothing like goldeneye and doesn't even score any where close to the quality of perfect dark. I rented this thinking it was going to be another perfect dark but its not. Maybe because it's made by ea and not rare, maybe thats it. But overall if your expecting a game like perfect dark you can pass this one up....more info
  • A Little Disappointing
    The World is Not Enough is a wonderful game- as far as the one-player missions are concerned. The second functions of weapons make play a lot more entertaining. The missions are also not too easy, but not too difficult.

    What really lacks in this game, especially in the wake of Goldeneye, is the multiplayer. The play in versus mode is fast, but it is too easy to kill opponents. The boards for multiplayer are also, in a word, lame.

    This game is worth buying, but not if you want it for multiplayer. Rent it first....more info

  • the best game in town
    this is a alsom game with chet codes it is a 5star game because of action guns pp7 and sniper guns...more info
  • Not Surperior to Goldeneye On Gameplay
    Graphic Wise This Game Is Better Than Goldeneye, But When It Comes To Gameplay This Game Falls Short. I Thought It Was Cool That The Characters Now Speak, But Still Their Mouths Don't Move. The Biggest Loss Is That There Are No More Explosives Or Cool Guns. Where Are The RCP-90's and Remote Mines? If You're Like Me and Love to Fill Your Enemies With Hot Lead Or Blow Things Up You Probobly Won't Enjoy This Game As Much as Goldeneye. Finally There's The Multiplayer, Wich Is Good But Very Cheesy....more info
    The game is great.......BUT, Bonds charm is lost!!!That is the one bad part about it!!...more info
  • The World Is Not Enough for Nintendo 64
    ...This game rocks a lot and has a heavy payload of different weapons, from the small Wolfram P2K, to the big grenade-launching GL 40. Whenever the two of us play on multiplayer, our favorite level is the one with all the snow and those tunnels that I usually hide in... This game's graphics and sound are extremely good, and the action never lets up. This is a great game for any Bond and/or N64 fan. Rated T for teen for violence (shooting and punching people)....more info
  • Surprisingly more than enough
    This is of course the video game adaptation of the third James Bond movie featuring Pierce Brosnan. It's also a kind of sequel to the N64 classic GoldenEye, though it's developed by Eurocom rather than Rareware.

    I'm not sure how well this game sold, but it's a surprisingly above-average effort considering the expectations it had to live up to. It borrows heavily from the control scheme established by GoldenEye while throwing in a few new modifications (ability to jump, new gadgets, etc). The graphics are pretty solid, including some nice scripted animations of bad guys jumping in through windows and other effects. A lot of care was put into the movie license with solid voice acting (including John Cleese as R) and detailed recreations of key movie scenes and sets, a rarity in older games. Also like GoldenEye, you can unlock secrets such as new multiplayer characters by completing missions within a certain time limit.

    The problem is that while The World is Not Enough is a strong effort on its own, it still pales to GoldenEye and also Perfect Dark, which was Rare's other masterpiece shooter for the N64. Enemy AI is pretty weak, and its robotic nature occasionally pulls you out of the cinematic experience. The decent amount of multiplayer options simply doesn't match the massive bucketload that Perfect Dark offered, and again the AI bots are lacking. Finally, the biggest annoyance is that the game needs the controller pak for save files. Other games need the controller pak too, but saving to the cartridge is always easier.

    If you collect all things James Bond, The World is Not Enough is a solid title to grab (and is much stronger than the completely different PSX version). If you're looking for a good N64 shooter to fill out your collection with, this is also highly recommended, though you may want to try Perfect Dark first. ...more info
  • You cant kill me, Im already dead!
    This game is awsome! it follows the movie well, except for the Subway level with the bomb and the terrorists, which I didnt see in the movie. It as a WAY better multiplayer than Goldeneye, heck, it has way better evrything THAN goldeneye. ( except that there are no codes for one-player, no bonus things, you dont have NEARLY as many guns as the First game. Also, it shows you reload your gun, instead of just bringing out a fully loaded gun, which is bad because you could run out of bullets while in combat, and you will have to stand there forever waiting for the gun to reload.) All in all, this game is really cool, and is a must-have for 007 fans....more info
    The World Is Not Enough is good multiplayer and mission. And Also I finished all level mission for agent only I going to win all level mission for secret agent and 00 agent. It was good challenge mission and had cool weapon and gadgets. I give 5 stars for good game.I recommend they should buy that games....more info
  • Bond is Back
    In the sequel to GoldenEye for N64, 007 proves that nobody does it better. Again. As you turn on the console, you will note the first of its flaws. You must sit through about 10 seconds of credits to EA games and MGM interactive. The second thing is, unlike its predessesor, it doesn't have a gun barrel scene (not even in the first level cutscene) which could have turned out beautifully and instead goes right to the title screen. The options include: Start Game (14 total levels), Load/Save Game (yes, you will require a memory pak to save your progress, another flaw), Options, and Multiplayer (10 open levels, 4 locked ones).
    Single Player:
    General-You will the selection of three difficulty levels: Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent. 00 and Secret Agent will not have as many bod armor vests and the enemies' bullets will hurt more. The cutscenes have spoken dialogue, a welcome improvement as well as appropriate body movements and gestures.
    Gameplay-You will begin almost every mission with your Wolfram P2K, by pressing B+Z, you can silence it as well as change other weapons to secondary fire mode. Your hands will look realistic and not flat, like in the PSX version (though this version's backgrounds are not so detailed). You can watch Bond do the reloading instead of hiding the gun, reloading sounds, and it comes back into view. The guns are accurately articulated and the firing of the weapon will look convincing (even more so with the optional expansion pak). You can jump, crouch, strafe, even swim in particular levels in addition to running and shooting. No vehicles will be driven, though there is a first person skiing level which is designed much better than the one in the PSX TND game. Finally, Q-Branch has equipped you with top of the line gadgets one of them including the Tazer/Dart/Laser/Grapple watch, the pen grenade, covert modem, data scramblers, finger scanner, and more. Over 15 different weapons included.
    In this game, you can play multiplayer alone with the new-to-Bond AI Bots. They are pretty stupid but even so can present a good challenge. There are different sets of weapons and game modes.
    In conclusion, a worthy sequel to GoldenEye....more info
  • This game is cool
    I love this game, i just got it a few days ago and i already have made it to the night watch level, but i'm sort of stuck on it, anyway, i really like this game because of all the weapons you have and the levels are really realistic. Well if anyone has info that can help me on the night watch level email me at david_aaron236@hotmail.com, thanks!...more info
  • The game is not enough
    It's great I love it give me more of this game, I can get enough of this game go buy it HEY! I know it's good ok. The other game you can't walk aroung well, some games you can. The tool's you use are cool. The level's are easy to do. There are 1-11 level's on this game so take your time and have fun I did.

    In the game you get to go far far away in other country's you play the and fine out have a great time.

    In the game you get to go into someone's house is that cool or what? In the house you plant some kind of chip into the phone and you do that all of the phone's aroung the house and that it I can't give you all of the informate in the game. You go out and buy it or go to hollywood video they have it there.

    The game is very, very fun go get it for yourself....more info

  • EA vs. Rare
    The first game goldneye is a much better game than the world is not enough. First, the graphics in w i n e are very bad, and that is WITH the expansion pack. Also, when there is a lot of shooting going on at one time, the game runs very slow and I have been killed many times because of this. As well as running slow, their are to many video clips of what is happening to bond, like when he is talking to M and King. Finally, the weapons in goldeneye are much better compared to w i n e. Stick to goldeneye...more info
  • 007: Bond is back in action!
    This, is what a true bond game should be. Great speech, excellent graphics, good control, stuff like that. Where it really goes up, is multiplayer. There are, oh, maybe 10+ levels. But the AI bots are a bit too easy. Other than that, this is the must buy game of N64. Hmmmm, maybe, there might be a *SPOILERS* Die Another Day game coming out *end spoilers*. I would say, go for the multiplayer. Definetly a 5/5.
    You heard this by a pro gamer....more info
  • 007 the world is not enough
    This game is one of the best games out there today you have 14 levels in one player mode. You get a lot of cool guns and gadgets plus it just like the movie. If you want a cool game you must get this game. This is a must have for all you bond fans. So what I am trying to say is GET THIS AWESOME GAME OR ELSE.......more info
  • Halo killer!
    First of, don't even think about this game if you don't have an expansion pack, you don't get hi-color graphics which make the game look 100x better. Secondly the single player is horrible, its too easy on Agent and Secret Agent difficulty, plus the baddies don't have brains! What I mean is the AI could be tweaked a little. On 00 Agent difficulty it takes a million shots to take down an enemy. But this review is for multiplayer which is 100 stars. There are many skins and maps, with more to be unlocked. The only problem is for you snipers out there aren't any maps in your favor until you unlock Sky Rail which is bigger and better than the Nightfire one. To get skyrail beat Midnight Departure on Agent within 3:05, I did it with two seconds to go in 3:03. Also, when you beat single player on Agent you get contemporary skins (Alec Trevelyan 006, Wai Lin, Crhistmas Jones(Dress), Max Zorin, and Mayday), on Secret Agent you get classic skins (Bond Tux, Jaws, Oddjob, Baron Samedi, and Scaramenga), on 00 Agent you Golden Gun MP mode, find the GG and get the most kills w/ it. In MP modes from the start you have Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Uplink, King of the Hill, and Last Agent Standing. Unlockable ones are Team KOTH, Golden Gun, Gadget War, Exotic Skins, Exotic Weapons (there may be more so check a cheat website or book). Speaking of cheats I've got some, on the Courier mission on Secret Agent, to get Suit Skins you must beat the level in 2:25 , to cheat this when you get into the safety deposit room, stun the guard, it'll say mission failed but not quite, grab the stuff out of the safety deposit box and leave, don't fight the other guards, you can finish in 30 seconds or less. To get Law Enforcment skins you must beat King's Ransom in some outragoues time. Start the mssion normally and play through, to the vault you see the guard w/ the SMG, noemally he'll tell you to get the doctor, well it'll be hard w/ 50,000 volts of electricity running through him (stunner), on your way to Q Branch stun him again. ...more info
  • this game is TIGHT!
    this one blows goldeneye and perfect dark away. Perfect dark was a little unrealistic for me, and goldeneye was a good game, but The World is not Enough has a lot better graphics. plus it actually has voices, so you don't have to read subtitles. It's a lot more realistic, and did I mention the graphics are a lot better? the sound effects are much better than goldeneye, it also has cutscenes before the missions. overall, i liked this game a lot....more info
  • Better Than GoldenEye!
    This game ROCKS. I got it about 2 months ago...and I still play it every day. The best part is that it's not REALLY hard, so it wont leave you spending $$$ (money) on stupid guides. If you just got the game, you can pratice with an Al Bot before you're ready. The Q gagets. They are SO cool. You can have X-Ray Glasses, Night Vison Goggles, Stun Items, a Cutting Laser, Trank. Darts, and other neat stuff. Before I end, MULTIPLAYER. Not only can you get Q gagets, but there are new game types and "Ways to Die" as I call it. I hope you found this helpful....more info
  • Cool Multiplayer
    Awesome multiplayer. This one and Perfect Dark stand in a league of their own in multiplayer, for the simple reason that you can add bots to the multiplayer levels. This feature is awesome, it enhances the game, and makes it more challenging, and fun. Great levels too. Recommended. 5 stars. Perfect Dark is great too. And unless you can get a great deal, I'd go for XBOX and Halo, which leaves this game in the dust. However, for the time, this game was excellent, however not as good as Goldeneye for the time, it was not a bad follow up. Get it if you're looking for some classic Bond shoot em up action, and if you're looking to have a good time with some friends! Great game....more info
  • Secret Agent Man
    This is action packed and very good graphics. The next Bond game gets even better!...more info
  • Great Game!
    This is much better than Goldeneye but there's 1 problem. If you are really good and beat each level fast, the game is pretty short, this doesn't have as much levels as Goldeneye. But it's fun to play over & over again!...more info
  • One of the best
    The World Is Not Enough is good, but not as much as Goldeneye. Your enemies are not as challenging, but it still has Goldeneye style. I do wish that there were more levels, but you can't have everything you want. I do think the gadgets are more great. Unlike Goldeneye, the game has speech and has a new feature you can jump. The graphics are impressive! The music gives me the feeling that I'm Bond! The levels and settings are more detailed. You do get to see the MI6 building unlike Goldeneye. This game is a good buy but is a bit easy....more info
  • Very bad Bond sequel... no where CLOSE as good as CORE's
    After Playing CORE's version of Bond this game sours in comparison. The controller is no where even close to use as a 1st person shooter. The graphics are sharp but stale looking. The two-player environments are WAYYY too small and confined. Save your money and go CORE: GOLDEN EYE, PERFECT DARK or wait for the PERFECT DARK sequel....more info
  • What a disaster
    I bought the game, and I was pretty dissapointed, the graphics are better than Goldeneyes but graphics arent everything, the game lacks in many departments, such as the enemies AI, they are pretty dumb, and a few levels start to [tick] you off because you keep getting spotted and have to wait for this long cinimatic to roll through. The multiplayer is horrible and the game just doesnt have what it to takes to be called a second goldeneye...more info
  • Good, but ther is better
    First of all, I'm going to keep this short. This game is really good, especially coming from EA, which usually makes sports games. It is better than Goldeneye in graphics and on 1 player, but Goldeneye's multiplayer is much more fun. However, since it is not by Rare, I thought it wouldn't add up. However, I was thoroughly surprised because the 1 player is better than Goldeneye. Better graphics, weapons, etc. But I don't advise you to buy this unless you already own Perfect Dark or played it and think TWINE is better after playing both (NOTE: Play PD with an expansion pack!). Perfect Dark is many times better, especially in multiplayer. However, this game is still really good and I would suggest everyone to play it....more info
  • Great Game-But Lacks The Great Multiplayer of Goldeneye
    This is an overall great game. With wonderful weapon selection and rate of fire choices you'll never get tired with playing this game. In fact this is one of my favorite games of all time. However I had to rate it 4 stars because of the multiplayer. Compared to its predicessor, Goldeneye, the multiplayer leaves much to be desired. With limited weapon and player choice you can't get the same level of fun as with Goldeneye. Also the AI bots (computer controled players) are of little challange so I suggest you stick to the one player. Other than the multiplayer TWINE is a great game.

    Overall: One Player: 5 out of 5 stars Graphics: 5 out of 5 stars Voice: 5 out of 5 stars AI Bots: 3 out of 5 stars Multiplayer: 2 out of 5 stars...more info

  • The World Is Not Enough by Electronic Arts
    Missions are intriguing and absorbing. Needs better graphics of people however, but has definatly earned it's 5* ranking. 2 player mode is dissapointing, and more types of weapons are needed. Conversations and messsages are excellent. Follows plot most accuratly and has awesome movie clips....more info
  • Bond Rocks!
    If you like the movie then you'll love this game. It has a total of fourteen single player levels based on the movie and also includes an awesome multiplayer mode with all the characters from The World Is Not Enough and some from Goldeneye and Tommorow Never Dies. The game also has all the classic Bond weapons and gadgets like the Wolfram P2k. It also holds cinematic scenes so you can see what happened before the level starts. So go and stop those terrorists....more info
  • "The name's Bond.James Bond"
    TWINE is the best 007 game yet!It even has full speech!(unlike most N64 games)It has great graphics(with the N64 Expansion Pak)and the sounds are very realistic(it sounds like EA recorded the sounds)EA did a great job on this game!...more info
  • Expecting Davidov? He caught a bullet, instead of the plane
    This is the BEST N64 game. Forget Perfect Dark. This game takes PD and fills it with lead with a variety of interesting weapons! The fun starts in the Swiss Bank in Bilbao, then you go to MI6... My fav level (so far) is Midnight Departure, where you have to get onboard a plane to Kazakhstan. And the speech is relatively similar to the movie, for example, the cool quotes, like the title, are in it. The characters sound like the actors (for once) and everyone has speech you can hear! The only downer is that you need a Controller Pak, but that is as bad as someone poking you with the cartridge its self! Get this game, NOW! There is a modified quote I can say: "Expecting Perfect Dark? It caught a bullet, instead of my extreme praise" :-)...more info
  • A good first person
    TWINE (The World Is Not Enough), is a good firt person shooter. Its got tough missions, but they are really fun. Two player is good. You can do arena, team arena, capture the flag, king of the hill, exct. the computer, or AI Bots, are kind of hard. You can play multi-player with only one controller pluged in. The graphic are pretty good, though they are way better with a expansion pak. Plaenty of good guns of all kinds. Fast machine guns, powerful machine guns, powerful pstols, shotguns, rocket & gernade launchers. There is no blood except when YOU die, the screen fills with red. This is a really good game and i highly reccomend it....more info
  • da bom its total 5
    i love it its like the top game over all Bond is #1 movie...more info
  • Bond is back.....
    The next and hopfully not the last installment of the James Bond video games. This beats Goldeneye in some ways but Goldeneye bounces back with stuff like better weapons. This game follows the movie faithfully and is a good games yo add to a Bond collection....more info
  • Still fun
    This game is a huge step up in the department of graphics and sound from the hit goldeneye. This game includes (reload animations, crisper gaphics, voice acting, and lighting effects. The gameplay while not as good as goldeneye is still solid. All in all if you like the N64 or goldeneye pick this game uo...more info
    If you liked the title, that game was made for you. With dazzling graphics( just like the movie{same sightseeing, same charcters, even the ski and helicopters, even the black boat and the watch!!}don't miss!!) You have the oportunity to handle more then 20 diferent weapons, a big bunch of gadgets, and the multiplayer game is UNBELIEVABLE. Invite a friend and kill him 50 times. You will not get bored, i promise you. Every time your enemy die you have a diferent feeling. There are a lot of weapons, characters, scenarios and game types in multiplayer. You can play above an airplane, in Instanbul , on a Labirynth... The voices of characthers are the same of the movie, including the classic - Bond, James Bond ! This game is 2 times better then Goldeneye, well rated by all critics. If you like to kill a lot of bad guys, buy it now.!! :-)...more info
  • The World is Not Enough
    This is an Awesome game. It's one of my ultimate favorites. The weaponry & gadets are uncomparable to any other game and the graphics are unbeleivable. The multiplayer mode is great fun with your friends. GET THIS GAME TODAY!...more info
  • You'd think they'd at least put blood
    PUH-LEAZ! There's no blood in the entire game. AND they didn't even make the characters mouths move when they talk. How pathetic. Other then that the game is good but not better then GoldenEye....more info
  • A Great Sequel
    Unfortunately for N64 gamers we missed out on the Tommorow Never Dies game. Thankfully, however, we can get The World is not Enough! The great points about this game is that if you have the expansion pak the graphics are great and the artificial intelligence makes some formidable opponents. If you don't have the expansion pak then the graphics and the AI will be drastically lowered! Unfortunately the music is not from the movie, but Electronic Arts puts up a very impressvie musical perfromance with great beats and sometimes chilling tunes. Multiplayer rocks in TWINE because you can play it by yourself with AI Bots! Some of the bots are easy to beat, but the assasins are pretty tough! These guys are good and go for your head. The only real bad points about this game are that in multiplayer mode if you have all the AI bots (the maximum is three) or have three friends; the action REALLY slows down almost to a crawl when all of you start shooting fast-firing weapons at each other and all four of you are visible on each others screen. Another bad point is that there are no hidden single player levels! The secrets you can get are for multiplayer when you beat a single mission in a certain time. You can get extra multiplayer characters, levels, weapons, and scenarios, but again they are just for multiplayer!
    The game doesn't last long. I beat the Agent difficulty in two days, and the Secret agent was easy too! The only real challenge was 00 agent. Even with 00 agent a skilled gamer can beat the game in a week or two! The game is fun, and with multiplayer mode their is infinite replay value! This is another must have game for N64 owners who don't have the Gamecube or the Game Boy Advance yet. Another plus is that you can actually see Bond load his gun! Have Fun gamers!...more info
  • The World is Not Enough: FPS Shooter's Heaven
    If you are a fan of F(irst) P(erson) S(hooters), or of the 1997 hit game Goldeneye 007, this is the game for you. The World is Not Enough has it all. Shoot all kinds of weapons, from semi-automatics to missile launchers to spear guns; change your gun from automatic to semi-automatic or silence it with a controller keystroke; play one of the very cool multiplayer scenarios and even name your character in multi; dive underwater, jump from roof to roof in Bilbao, you name it, TWINE has it. Not only do you receive these cool features, but TWINE has cinema scenes with real audio clips! I am very confident that, if you liked Goldeneye, you will eat TWINE up. I am 17, so I should know what I'm talking about since I'm a teenager. The missions are challenging and realistic, and you get real weapons, not futuristic ones like the Moonraker Laser, which is cool but non-existent. Whether in single player or multiplayer, you will have many, many hours of enjoyment from this game. I recommend it to anyone 13 and up. And always remember.... one thing you have to remember in TWINE is ... or be ...!...more info
  • The best game on N64
    different than pd and goldeneye (i have both) and a bit more restricting, but the single and multiplayer game is unbelievable. smooth grapthics and movement add to the effect. buy it today. you may not like it at first, but you will after a little play time....more info
  • bond 2
    This game is very fun.It has real life shootouts and real life graphics. it is just like the movie if you liked the movie, but you really have to own the first one. Ive only borrowed it before but it was great.I reccomend you to buy it and that much is a bargain....more info
  • Great Game!
    This is a great game! The graphics are great and you get lots of guns. You get to kill lots of people! The game is based on the movie, so if you haven't seen the movie you'll get a feel on what it is like. If you don't have this game, get it!...more info
  • Great game
    This is a great shoot-em up game. The graphics are great,but I'm just talking about the N64 version. It's exactly like the movie except the beginning is a little different. I don't like James Bond because you know he's always going to win. During the movie I almost fell asleep so I don't remember some of the movie parts that are in the game,my brother does though. I really liked this game but it was very hard to beat. The multi player is cool, especially the al-bots. The guns are nice....more info
  • Bond all the way!!!
    It's not A Bond game, it's a Bond "film" game, which is it's biggest flaw. The team focused too much on making it like the movie rather than like the series...I feel this game is terriffic and completely enoy killing civillians in the first level (it's soooo hard not to.) Other than the lack of the Bond music and Bond sounding like a raving... (I think they should make him sound like Sean Connery) this game scores huge points with a fan like me....more info
  • SO cool
    This game is so cool. If you dont want to play i player you can just do multi player and fight al bots. If you have goldeneye you should definetly upgrade it to this game SOON!!!!!!!...more info
  • cool game
    this game is exciting if you have a memory card if you don't it is very boring....more info
  • The real sequel to Goldeneye
    After a rather empty few years from N64 hugly popular 'Goldeneye' comes agent 007 back for another thrilling installmant of the gripping shoot em up series.Even though 'Tommorow Never Dies ' on PSX was realesed this is the real sequel to Goldeneye. Before I describe the game the plot is quite complicated making it difficult to follow,even though this does not effect gameplay.James Bond is assigned to Bilbao,Spain to visit tight banker Lachaise a middleman in the involvement of the death of a M.I.6 agent.What follows is a classic piece of mayhem with smashed windows,river chases and rather large buzz saws! In total there are a total of 14 levels such as the Thames Chase,Masquerade and Meltdown! Quite realistic first person shooting and real bond gadgets make this a better game than Goldeneye and more action packed than ever! So why do you pick 64's version instead.With 4 more levels more action defenitly more realistic and comftable.Star off the full mark for blocked services and multiplayer modes. In this game you feel like the stunning,cunning Bond,James Bond!...more info
  • boom
    This is a good graphics game. It's got some cool guns and that kind of stuff, but there is some glitches like if you shoot one person you not supposed to you fail. It doesn't save on it's own....more info
  • You Dare to Compare this to GoldenEye!
    How can anyone compare this game to GoldenEye. My brother bought this game and returned it after 3 days. If you are looking for a better game than GoldenEye, get Perfect Dark. I wouldn't play this game if it were a gift to me. It's horrible....more info
  • Better Than the first
    this game is great except that some of the levels are very confusing.the multiplayer gives it 4 stars because you can play by yourself with 3 bots or 2 players with 2 bots or just 2 players there are many many characters to choose from....more info
  • Good game. Buy it now
    This is a good game. I like this game because it is very cool if you like this game, good for you. the World is not enough. If the World was enough then the game the World is not enough would puting limets on itself and that's not good. If the world is not enough was enough then the gaming world would think the world is enough and the world is not enough. If the world was enough what would it be? Enough....more info
  • the world is not enough
    The only good EA Bond game that I've played. It's nowhere near any of the classics, but it could at least hold its own against other games of the non-classic variety.

    The singleplayer mode is good. Some levels are bothersome, but overall, it's fun. Good levels, nice guns, decent a.i. The movie's plot is told very well, from getting rid of Davidov to swimming through a sunken submarine to finish the baddies and save the world.

    The multiplayer is great. It's not quite as option-packed as Perfect Dark, but it's good. My major complaint is the whole GOOD and EVIL thing. Each character is either GOOD or EVIL, and GOOD characters can't fight each other. It's annoying, but there are at least plenty of characters to choose from(and even more to unlock) that it hasn't bothered me more than a handful of times.

    TWINE has some of my favorite multiplayer levels ever. A hedgemaze, two small bases connected by a skyrail(this level is done better than it's Nightfire counterpart), and one of the coolest, a blackbird jet and a cargo plane connected by a fueling line flying in the air. It's fun to go out on the wings and try not to get blown down by the wind, or to go on top of the cargo plane to snipe people off of the blackbird below.

    The bots are generally pathetic, though. If you're accostumed to instinctively circle-strafing, the bots don't present much of a threat. I played an entire game without using weapons. I just got really close to the bot and circle-strafed while punching them, and they didn't even get a hit in.

    But that's only like half of the bots. The other half are okay.

    I was also upset to find that there's no way to setup the controller so that you can use the up and down c-buttons to look like in Goldeneye. Instead, they are for jump and for crouch. No way to move jump and crouch to up and down d-pad. I need my freelook more than I need jump and crouch in multiplayer. O well.

    Overall, this game is actually really fun, but the few flaws really stand out and keep it from being classic....more info
  • EA screwed this up
    If only Rare made this game, maybe it would of been better. I can't even compare this game to Goldeneye or Perfect Dark. Here are the reasons why I don't like this game:
    1. When you start a level, you have to wait 5-10 seconds for a level to load, which is really annoying.
    2. You have to use a controller pack, so without that, the game is worthless (I think EA really wants your money)
    3. The game doesn't even have half of the levels Goldeneye or PD has!
    4. You don't have ANY enegry and you get killed quick
    5. You can't blow up anything like you can in Goldeneye

    So compared to Goldeneye, Id skip this game....more info

  • Another great OO7 Video Game
    This video is as great as the other N64 OO7 video game Goldeneye. It's a great all around action video game I have this video game I play it for hours and hours each day. I do not know why some people don't like it all my friends and I do very much. So do your self a favor get this action packed video. NOW!!!...more info
  • this game doesn't have ENOUGH
    the reason i gave this game 3 stars is because the graphics are so so and gameplay is way to short control is pretty good accept aiming can get a little tricky if your used to Goldeneye or Perfect Darks controls also there isn't enough weapons to chose from but the multi-player is pretty decent to which gave this game 1 of its 3 stars...more info
  • The game is enoughh but the world isn't
    This Game ROCKS!!!I'd rate this the NO.1 gun game of my life.The music's great, you actully hear people moaning,grunting,even talking.I'm happy there's no blood.Millons of charcters make multiplayer great.Heck,you can even play multiplayer by yourself.This is best videogame for the rest of time people can live!...more info
  • Very cool and realistic and lots of action.
    This game is off the charts. It's very fun and a lot of action. It looks cool and real....more info
  • Bonds Best
    This game has great graphics awsome weapons and it follows the movie very close, unlike Golden Eye.Also you can jump And have a lot of gadgets to get people with.Over all I think the game is better than Golden Eye and Perfect Dark....more info
  • A good game, but...
    Don't get me wrong, this is not at all a bad game. What makes it get only three stars is the fact that it doesn't measure up to Goldeneye. And yes, if you ask, i'd say it is worth your [money] to own. It's overall a worthwhile buy and a fair amount of fun. One thing that sets it apart from Goldeneye is that its a lot more intricate and complicated than Goldeneye when it comes to accomplishing all mission objectives, etc. There's more achieving and less shooting. Although you'll hear a lot of people complain about this, I don't think the A.I. level is satisfactory. With Goldeneye, its bad, but not this bad. In one level, I can simply walk casually behind a sentry without being noticed. But its tolerable, I guess. One cool thing about the A.I. is that when a guard spots you he'll yell, "bond is here!"
    or "there is an intruder, raise the alarm!" or "kill him!" there is one level in which you can't alert the henchmen, Gabor, or else you fail. In this one, the guards actually say, "quickly, call gabor!" Also, if you come up behind a guard when they are not aware of your presence they go, "Who's there?" or "what was that?" and then they reach for the sky and drop their weapons. This feature is pointless, though, because you can't do anyhting afterwards than kill the poor [person] , and, if you walk too far away they'll pull out a sidearm and start shooting again. It's also cool that they say everything in a [foreign] accent. The guns are great, too. They have a crossbow, the 9mm, a silenced machine-gun pistol, a magnum with a sniper sight, a magnum with a laser sight, an auto shotgun, a sub-machine gun, an oozie type gun, A super- quiet sniper rifle, A shorter ranged auto sniper rifle, somthing like the rcp-90 but only with 50 rounds, a loud but powerful sniper rifle, an assault rifle, something else like the kf-7 soviet (ak-47), a speargun, a single-shot grenade launcher, a single shot missle launcher, a huge 4-shot missle launcher with a system allowing you to guide the missle itslef (great for helicopter hunting in one level), stun grenades, frag grenades, a "sticky" grenade, body armor, x-ray glasses, night vision goggles, a watch with a laser/dart/stunner/grapple, a safe cracker, keypad decrypter,pen grenade. whoa. Also, all weapons have an alternate firing method (auto or burst, laser aim or not, etc.). whats also good is that the basic gun holds 16 rounds. of course, all of these guns have names, but if you don't own the game then they are irelevant. So, overall,this game gets a three. worth your green but not Goldeneye status....more info
  • Great Bond Game
    I am a pretty big 007 fan, and I purchased this game a day or so after it released. The single player missions are fun and I keep playing them over and over. The graphics are great, considering it is an N64 game. The storyline comes right from the movie, which is great. The characters also follow the movie. The multiplayer portion of the game is good, my friend and I play it a lot. But one thing I don't like and you may not either is the fact that you cannot have good characters fight bad characters.
    I like this game a lot, and I believe EA could have made a few changes that would have made the game much better. Also, the multiplayer arenas are slightly confined and small.
    I enjoyed Perfect Dark and Goldeneye better, but this game is a must-have for and fans of FPS's and Bond....more info
  • The Game Is Not Good Enough (for multiplayers)
    What a let down this game is! If you liked Goldeneye for the smooth gameplay and graphics in multiplayer mode, get ready to be dissapointed. The reaction times of the controller is much slower in this mode, and the graphics don't seem that much better(if at all) to justify the slow down. A worthy sequel to one of N64's best titles this isn't. Spend your money elsewhere!!...more info
  • Coolest Bond Game
    The World is Not Enough is one of the coolest shooters (other than Perfect Dark) that I played. Since that the game engine is improved, you can use secondary functions on your weapons. (Example: You could decide if you want your standard pistol to be silenced or not or have your machine gun be automatic or burst fire) Another improvement is that the graphics, and the realism of the game. What is the realism of the game? Reloading is realistic, hostage rescue missions and less civilian casualties put more pressure, and there is one level where you have to use stealth (not your weapons) to complete the mission. Minus one star for multiplayer. Since that there is computer players, there should be an intelligence setting where you should decide if you want the AI to be smart or dumb. It exists on single-player missions but not on multiplayer.

    The World is Not Enough is a cool game. Hope Electronic Arts releases another Bond game when Bond 20 hits the theaters!...more info

  • James bond 007 in The World Is Not Cool Enough
    This is another good bond game on N64! The Levels are a bit of a challenge but what the hell who doesnt like a good challenge once in a while right? Some of the Levels though are also confusing but fun! I like this game for it's crisp graphics and selection of weapons! There is also a good selection of gadgets!

    Many Levels to do if yur up for it! Sure you might say this guys dumb we beat goldeneye with over 20 levels! Well this game may not have as many levels as Goldeneye but the levels sure are more of a challenge!

    Now it comes down to the final review the Multiplayer! Multiplayer on this game is fun also especially with the addition of bots! Now you can play with yur self all you want yeah I said play with yur self! This game is fun fun fun!...more info
  • da bom its total 5
    i love it its like the top game over all Bond is #1 movie...more info


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