Nordic Ware Microwaver Popcorn Popper 12 Cup

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Product Description

The NordicWare 3-Qt. Popper makes light and fluffy popcorn in about 4 minutes. Just place 1/2-cup of popcorn kernels in the bottom bowl and cover with the lid. When the popcorn has finished popping, invert the bottom bowl and lid, and you instantly have a container for your freshly popped corn. No oil needed, makes up to 12 cups of popped corn.

  • Dimensions: 9.875" x 9.875" x 5"
  • Handwash with Mild Cleanser

    Made of gemstone, an unbreakable, chip-proof cookware material, the Nordic Ware corn popper efficiently transmits microwave energy directly to the popcorn kernels, popping them quickly without oil. It produces the results of a hot-air popper without an additional appliance. This oil-free method is refreshing when compared to bagged corn, because you don't have to contend with grease, salt, and artificial flavoring unless you dress the corn yourself after cooking. However, take care to monitor the progress of corn during the first use. The manufacturer lists a three-to-five-minute cook time for 1/2 cup of unpopped kernels, but as microwave ovens vary, it could take considerably less time to pop. And overcooked corn burns fast using this method. Luckily, the base and lid are designed not to warp or melt, so burned kernels won't damage them. Use this versatile popper for cooking, storing, and serving popcorn and other snacks. The popper base is also ovenproof. --Carol Gnojewski
  • Features:
    • Makes light, fluffy microwave popcorn without using oil
    • Made of gemstone unbreakable cookware with a plastic lid
    • Microwave safe
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Made in the USA

    Customer Reviews:

    • Great Value
      I love popcorn, and this product makes it very easy and quick to enjoy with little clean up. Requires no oil to pop either. Very good product....more info
    • nordic popper
      Bought the Nordic microwave corn popper. It is
      so easy to use and the popcorn comes out crunchy,
      not like the air poppers - I'm a popcorn addict and
      this is great for me... ...more info
    • Good corn, 1 out of 2 tries.
      The first batch of corn I popped all came out great. But be careful, this popper needs to be watched, especially in more powerful microwav units. My second attempt led to burnt corn and burn marks inside the popper. Even so, all of the kernals were not popped, so I am unsure whether I am at fault, or the popper. I have yet to be able to remore these scorch marks by the way. I had lightly coated the inside of the popper with oil (as per instructions). Maybe I missed a spot or two? Perhaps I should have ignored the instructions and skipped the oil coating?

      But when it works, it seems to produce wonderful pop-corn, even if you are using the inexpensive brands.

      Still too soon for me to definitely recommend this unit or not, so I give it a solid '3'....more info
    • Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper
      I am very pleased with the popper. I have other nordic ware microwave
      cookers. They all do what they are intended to do and clean up with ease.
      I would definitely recommend them to a friend.

      Contrary to what I read about the container getting too hot or staining
      I have no problems after heavy use for 5 weeks it looks good as new.

      The popcorn is light and fluffy and you can season anyway you want....more info
    • If You're Cheap and Green
      I love popcorn, but am trying to loose weight. This means that those bags of butter flavored popcorn are a no-no and it's not easy finding plain microwave bags. I bought this thing and a bag of kernels and it works like a charm! Popcorn tastes great with a little olive oil and salt. I can buy kernels in bulk from my local health food store making this cheaper than buying bags. It's also green since there are no weird chemicals like in the bag and no trash except for a few unpopped kernels.

      My only complaint would be that the bowl gets very hot. I don't want to dirty another bowl, so I just grab it with a towel and use that to hold it on my lap. I'm a big fan of this thing and recommended it. ...more info
    • Great popcorn maker
      I've been concerned about the extra calories and salt in microwave popcorn and the environmental consequences of the packaging. I bought a tub of popcorn kernels from the Boy Scouts this year and now make my own, fresh popcorn and add toppings as I want, to my own taste. The popper works fine with only a few unpopped kernels. I have nothing negative to say about using it. I like the bowl - it is more of a serving bowl than other microwave poppers I have owned....more info
    • Excellent crunchy popcorn
      I actually started out with an air popper but for some reason the popcorn seemed slightly stale after popping. I'd then put the popcorn in the oven to give it some crunch. Not exactly convenient.

      So I decided to try this, and I'm really really happy with it. I use it everyday and it always pops perfectly crunchy popcorn! Easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Can't ask for more. ...more info
    • Nordic Ware Microwave Corn Popper
      I am pleased by how quickly this corn popper arrived. It is a good quality product and has already performed well. My husband used it
      the very day it arrived, with excellent results. This will enable him
      to enjoy microwaved popcorn cooked in a much more healthy way than before!
      I'm really glad to have found it and then for it to be such a reasonable
      price in addition!...more info
    • Wonderful
      I bought this for my husband for Christmas and he loves it. It eliminates the packaging waste from other microwave popcorn and it lets you pop without adding extra fat. ...more info
    • Nordic Ware microwave corn popper
      I was looking for the Nordic microwave corn popper for a specific gift. Since I already owned one of these (and loved it), I wanted the same kind to give. I could not find it in the stores so went to the internet in search of it. I especially like that you don't have to use heating pads - it is all self contained. Also, the cost of using the Nordic is cheaper and healthier than the boughten microwave popcorn. ...more info
    • Outstanding Popcorn Maker!
      This product makes totally yummy popcorn! It's easy to use, and I really appreciate being able to add the exact amount of oil (I use olive oil) and salt that I desire. I eat popcorn everyday, and I was a bit concerned about all the chemicals and additives in the standard microwave packets. This popcorn maker makes delicious popcorn that's more healthful and cheaper than the products from the grocery store. I like it so much that I bought another one as a back-up! ...more info
    • I have used this for over 10 years
      I've probably used it even longer than that. I actually own 2 of them, and both of them work fine. I haven't had any problems with the lid being mishapen, probably because I don't use my dryer element in my dishwasher. I turn that off, and my dishes are virtually dry when I take them out anyway, because of the hot water. If you want to put this item in the dishwasher, I recommend turning off the drying element or just washing it by hand.

      That said, I've enjoyed this very much. I used to shake a pan on top of the stove, and that was a little more work than just putting the popcorn in the bowl, putting the lid on, and putting it in the microwave. I have burned a batch or 2 from not watching it carefully, so I do try to stay near the microwave so I can make sure it is not burning.

      If you want kettle corn, add a tablespoon of sugar, and a pinch of salt before popping the corn. It's delicious! I also do this when cooking on top of the stove. It's hard to resist the slightly sweet taste. Add butter to that and I'm in heaven. I also can eat this without butter, but I'm prone to wanting that buttery taste, so I melt a little butter in a custard cup in the microwave for 1 minute and pour it on the popcorn. It's better for you than movie theatre popcorn, because who knows what they use to "butter" your popcorn.

      It's also more economical than buying the microwave popcorn in the bags, not to mention that most of those have hydrogenated oils that clog up your arteries.

      You will have to use pot holders to take it out of the microwave. That is a given with something that hot and steamy, unless you let it sit for a while.

      I bought the second one because I could not find the lid to the first. Now that I've found the original lid, I have 2 bowls, and that's fine with me, because I know this product is good quality. I may wind up giving one to my daughter when she moves away from home....more info
    • The Greatest Popcorn Popper Of All Time
      This is a low tech gadget that makes great popcorn. The only trick is, you have to calibrate the cooking time to your particular microwave oven and the brand of popcorn you buy. For example, if you change popcorn brands, you may have to alter the cooking time; if you switch from one microwave to another, you have to adjust cooking time. NordicWare is a great company. In the rare event you have a problem with a popper, they'll stand behind it. ...more info
    • Nordic Ware 12-cup Microwave Popper
      This is an excellent product. Not only is the price right, but it pops most all of the kernels, and the popcorn is neither too tough nor too light....more info
      I'm so glad I went back to this method of popping corn. Years ago when microwaving was new I had something like this and it worked well. Then since newer is always better (hmmmm)I went to hot air. Never really liked that, and had to find a space for it. Then we moved onto popcorn bags we tossed into microwave. Now in my old age I've evolved BACK TO BASICS. DUH!! We're really enjoying this popper. Yes the bowl does get hot. (so I'm prepared). Yes you have to watch and listen for when it's done. I've burnt one time and it did discolor the bottom of the bowl. No biggie. I'm trainable. I did really well buying kernels at WalMart.Name brand jar brand. Also flavor shakers which are delish. Spray popped corn with calorie free cooking spray just a little and shake on flavor so it adheres. Works just fine. I've been telling friends about my new/old discovery. Actually have suggested it to people at the grocery store when I see them in the popcorn aisle. (that's just me..LOL).In this economy this is great way to go. Needless to say a GREENER way of doing it. ...more info
    • Wow, sentimental journey...
      I had one of these 30 or 40 years ago and was tickled pink to find it again.

      I just like:
      1)not having the screaming jet engine noise of the thermal popcorn poppers.
      2)not having an extra appliance around.

      I pop the corn, add the salt and extra piquant spices, and pack my stomach full without any extra cholesterol. It's a sweet life....more info
    • Awesome!!!
      This popper is great! I put in a little oil..1/2 cup of popcorn and mixedi in a little tabasco for spicy popcorn. I made so much it was overflowing out of the poppe. ...more info
    • Best Popcorn
      This is the best way to make popcorn in the microwave. It always comes out just like you want it to. You can use oil or just air and it is great....more info
    • great popcorn
      The microwaver corn popper performs as described and makes great popcorn with or without oil. We add a half teaspoon of popcorn oil per batch and it gives it a real buttery taste. I would buy this product again....more info
    • NordicWare Microwave Popcorn Popper
      I've had my Nordic popper for maybe 6 months, and I use it almost every evening. I prefer my popcorn dry and with a little salt-substitute and some Mrs. Dash, which is a good thing, since I need to watch my blood pressure. And my husband and I are both on WeightWatchers, with the fat limitations. I was looking at reviews for the Presto Popper, because I thought my Nordic took too long to pop, but then I saw reviews for the Nordic and I realized I needed to try popping without any oil at all in my Nordic. We found that it actually pops more quickly without any oil, not even the spray. So I'm not going to replace it at all, because my husband and I are sitting here eating our second batch of the evening, popped perfectly without oil! And only a few kernels left! He sprays his batch with butter-flavored spray, and we're both happy! Thanks for all the reviews; you not only saved us the cost of a new popper, you helped us to know that, if we used it correctly, Nordic Ware Microwaver Popcorn Popper 12 Cupwe had the best one already!...more info
    • microwave popper
      this thing is garbage. we use the 1 we bought as a watering dish 4 my wifes dog. maybe 25% of the kernels used to pop, wasn't worth even sending back in....garbage, unless u have a dog...more info
    • nordic popcorn popper
      great popper especially for the price, all around i don't think you could beat it!!...more info
    • Nordic Ware Microwave Corn Popper
      Nordic Ware Microwaver Popcorn Popper 12 Cup

      I adore this product. It keeps me on my diet. I gave up nibbling between meals because I promise to treat myself at the end of the day with a measure of popcorn made in this product. I make it oil free and with only a minimum sprinkle of salt. My cholesterol has dropped as has my blood pressure.

      I have bought these corn poppers for my relatives who are Weight Watchers. They made a big hit taking the corn popper to their Weight Watcher meeting....more info
    • Great product
      I had this bowl when I was in college (15 years ago) and I have been looking for another one ever since. I love this thing! My kids are learning to appreciate "real" popcorn, instead of the artificial stuff - plus it is soo much cheaper to make and better for you! A great buy!...more info
    • Why didn't I buy this sooner?
      Since my New Year's resolution was to drastically cut down on my potato chip consumption, I turned to popcorn since it is quite a bit healthier yet gives me salty, crunchiness. I had been buying the 'natural' flavor microwave bags. Not only are they expensive per serving, they are still full of junk. So I got a clue and ordered this popper. I'm so so happy with it. The popcorn it produces is so good and much cheaper than microwave bags. A box (3 bags) of mic popcorn ranges between $2.50 and $3.50, a bag of popcorn kernels is about $1.39 and makes almost 25 servings. I use about 3 tbsp kernels and add just a few drops of olive oil...enough to coat the kernels. Then I add some salt to that mixture. (I stir it around with a spoon to make sure the oil/salt is all evenly distributed. It's worth taking the time to do this step.) Then it only needs about 2 1/2 minutes to be perfectly done. I've also tried cheese topping which was good but my favorite so far is the salt and vinegar I tried...olive oil and salt to coat kernels and then just a few drops of vinegar. BBQ seasoning I had in my pantry was yummy as well. The possibilities are endless!

      The description states the bowl is unbreakable, but I dropped mine in the sink and the corner broke off. But it still works just fine. ...more info
    • Love this popper!
      I love to use my stir-crazy - but sometimes just want a quick batch of popcorn. I hate microwave popcorn - it tastes artificial to me. I LOVE this little popper. I use about 1 tsp olive oil and 1/3 cup kernals - pop for about 3 1/2 minutes - listen to the popping slow or it will burn. then I add a sprinkle of salt. If I use butter - I put it in tiny pieces on top of the unpopped kernals - it melts as the popcorn pops.

      For about $8.00 - I use this about 3 times a week - and have had it for several months now with no problems with it at all....more info
    • Popcorn
      I love this popcorn maker. It makes fluffy popcorn in just 2 minutes and I can make as little or as much as I want....more info
    • Tasty and healthy way to make popcorn!
      I had a problem finding a microwave popcorn popper in the stores so a friend recommended this one. We like it a lot! It makes delicious popcorn and we can control the butter and salt that goes on it unlike bagged popcorn. It's a must for popcorn lovers!!...more info
    • Awesome popper
      After some research and reading reviews I chose this popper and what a great choice. After a couple tries to get the time just right, I now get perfect popcorn every time....more info
    • My First M-W Popper
      Prior to this product, I was using air poppers. Plural, because after the first one died and I couldn't find a replacement, I bought a different brand. Air poppers are fine, though there are disadvantages for which a microwave popper does not suffer. Because microwave (m-w) poppers are self-contained with a lid, whatever kernels pop, remain in the vessel. And unlike an air popper that can allow popped corn to fly everywhere including kernels that pop after leaving the popper, again, a m-w popper inherently eliminates this phenomenon.

      Since this is the first m-w popper I've owned, I can't compare it to any other. I will say that the corn that pops tastes the same as air popped, which is to say that unless it's buttered and salted, it will never approach the taste of theater corn or some of the m-w bags. I cannot indulge for medical reasons.

      I gave it 4 stars, because I expected it to leave fewer un-popped kernels. For a 1/3-cup portion, 35-45 kernels consistently remain un-popped. It doesn't matter whether the kernels are fresh. Yes, I had some VERY old corn that popped, surprisingly. I thought that fresh corn would provide better results, but it didn't matter. If all other m-w poppers perform the same, then this product should get the full boat.

      I would echo the cautions of some other reviewers regarding how hot the bowl gets. But all you need is a towel or something equivalent to insulate it, and have at it. I think I will....more info
    • Great idea!
      This is the product I have been waiting a long time to try. I can't seem to microwave bagged popcorn without burning it and I didn't want to purchase a stand up, powered popcorn machine that would cost $30 - $50.

      The Nordic Ware product is near perfect. It does a great job popping corn without having to add oil, etc. I've used it using a little oil, but it seems to leave the popper very oily. Also, as others have said, it does leave quite a few kernels.

      I picked it up for just under $3. As pleased as I am with the product, I would be willing to pay up to $10 for it. ...more info
    • WOW, the best popcorn ever
      A friend of mine recommended this to me and actually picked it up for me at our Target, after giving it to my husband as a gift and he took off the packaging we noticed there was a huge crack in the bowl (so it is breakable evidently) but it still works great. My friend suggested NOT putting the butter or oils right in the bowl but using a separate bowl so it doesn't stain the popper.
      I am on here now to buy another one for my mom for a gift, She is very health conscious and I know does not like microwave popcorn but would never go through the trouble of cooking it on the stove.
      These are the best thing ever and SOOOO CHEAP!...more info
    • First choice
      I have a variety of popcorn makers, but this microwave popcorn maker is the one I use the most often. No more bags of microwave popcorn that I have to purchase. I can choose to add oil or not and I can control the amount I want to make. After researching brands I am more than content with Nordic Ware. If you like popcorn this would be my first choice....more info
    • Ugh, sooo displeased!
      I purchased this product while on vacation. I happened upon it at a small town pickle factory. I had never seen one like this but I needed to replace my presto powerpop that I had used until the lid fell apart.

      This product was a huge disappointment! It is much heavier than the powerpop, and it cracked when I placed it in my luggage to take home. I still used it, determined to get some use out of it. Then came the MAJOR disappointment, it gets HOT! I mean REALLY hot! I always used the Powerpop as a popper and bowl. We ate the popcorn right out of it, this bowl is steaming hot when removed from the microwave and remains hot for a very long time. Such so that I have to use a towel in my lap to hold it while I eat the popcorn.

      The Presto did not get hot like that.... I am currently searching for a new Presto!...more info
    • Does a great job
      I've used a hot air popper for many years before trying this Nordic Ware Microwave Popper. The Nordic ware popper makes a much crispier batch of popcorn. Although there are some unpopped kernals left, it's not a big deal. Every other machine I have tried leaves some kernels unpopped as well. As with any microwave or hot air popper, the corn is a bit dry, but a little butter spray and a shake of popcorn seasoning easily fixes the problem. ...more info
    • Great replacement for microwave popcorn bags!
      For a person who enjoys popcorn and eats it regularly, this is a good purchase. If you want to reduce the cost versus bag popcorn while getting the convenience of the bag, this model is the answer. The flavor is great and the costs are excellent. The cooking bowl doubles as a serving bowl and it and the lid are dishwasher safe.
      Four tablespoons of unpopped corn works best; offering the greatest capacity with the fewest unpopped kernals and no overheating of the popped corn. Use just enough oil to soak the corn without pooling and cook it for 2:45 or so, depending on your microwave. It works as well with Act II as with Orville Redenbacher's....more info
    • It works..
      The Nordic Ware Corn Popper is good for those who would like to eat popcorn in it's healthiest form (which is why I bought it). It's nice because theirs virtually no clean up because oil is not necessary for popping. It's best put about a 1/4 cup of popping corn in and cook only small portions at a time, if you put in anymore, then most of it will be overcooked. You shouldn't eat more than that amount any ways because corn is a common allergen which can cause breathing problems, hives, and gastrointestinal upsets, if you eat a ton of it. Any ways, my only problem with this product is that it's big and tends to wear out your microwave. But it works....more info


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