Gerber 07564 Pro Scout Needlenose with Tool Kit - Multi-Plier 600

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Product Description

Gerber Blades Deluxe Needlenose Multi Tool with Tool Kit: Model G-7564. 5 1/8" closed. Features include:

  • Needlenose pliers with wire cutters
  • Crimper
  • Standard & metric scale
  • Partially serrated drop point blade
  • Phillips screwdriver accepts tool kit coupler
  • Saw coupler with exchangeable jig saw blade
  • Medium screwdriver/bottle opener
  • Fiskars scissors
  • File
  • Small screwdriver
  • Can opener
  • Comes with Tool Kit - coupler and six bits. Black ballistic cloth sheath included.

    The Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Pro Scout Needle-Nose Multi-Plier with Tool Kit and Sheath features a one-handed plier opening for ease of use. No handle rotation or gyrations are necessary to open the Pro Scout -- just a flick of the wrist slides the plier jaws into the locked and ready position. The locking system is safe and easy to use with components locking up against a solid bar of steel, rather than a spring. It also features independent tool rotation, allowing access to components you want without other tools following it out. The multi-plier includes wire cutters, wire crimper, serrated knife, RemGrit saw with universal saw coupler, Fiskars scissors, cross point screwdriver, small flat blade screwdriver, medium flat blade screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, file, and ruler. The multi-plier comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

    What's in the Box
    Multi-plier and sheath.

  • Features:
    • Gerber Pro-Scout Needlenose Multi-Plier with 12 tools including saw coupler and can opener
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Tool kit with adapter and six bits
    • Tools lock for safety
    • Limited lifetime warranty

    Customer Reviews:

    • Gerber Multi-tool
      An excellent product for those having outdoor activities. All of the essential tools for that unexpected job. Great quality. ...more info
    • Best multi-tool around, could use some minor changes.
      Gerber has made some of the better multi-tools for a long time now, and they've always outdone their top competition, leatherman, imho.

      The pliers are far more useful than Leatherman's thanks to the locking design, the tool is a bit lighter than say Leatherman's Wave, and I've found that Gerber makes some of the most easily opened tools around. I can open everything on this tool one-handed, whereas with the Wave, which is advertised to be largely one-handed, I sometimes need to use another tool to get access to some of the smaller screwdrivers and such.

      The additional bits add only a little thickness to the case, and I find I use them as much as any of the other tools. It's a little too bulky for my pocket when I carry both the extra bits and the tool, but the tool on its own is plenty small enough.

      On the downside the knife, though already under 3", is half-serrated, thus giving less than 1.5" of cutting surface. Gerber, being a subsidiary of Fiskar, always has great scissors, but since I bought my first Gerber tool some of the other tools have been downgraded. The file, though sturdier than most, is not as nice as it used to be, and doesn't have a very fine grit, so don't expect to use it on your nails. The Remgrit saw is great, but it's hard to find replacement blades, and most standard hacksaw blades require a little surgery to fit the tool....more info
    • Superb Quality and so Versatile
      I have had this tool for a couple of years now and am so pleased with it. The metal finish is so smooth that it is a delight to hold. Friends just can't put it down sometimes. The blades and tools included are exceptional quality, especially the scissors and knife. The accessory kit enables you to turn the screwdriver into a holder for other size screwdrivers or even sockets and Allen keys. I have added my own accessories to the kit so that I have everything to maintain my wheelchair. A superb tool and much more comfortable to hold than the Swiss tool and Leatherman that I looked at....more info
    • Comfortable to use, full featured, extra tools questionalble
      I'm a Gerber loyalist. Owned them for 10 years, gave them as groomsmen's gifts at my wedding, given several other times as gifts. I own the Pro Scout 600 without the extra tools and use it frequently around the house as well as camping, hiking, etc.

      Overall winning features of Gerber over competitors:
      -one handed open. This is invaluable! A flick of the wrist and you've got needlenose pliers.
      -locking tools. ALL tools lock, not just the blade.
      -Easy unlock. As a lefty with BIG hands, a lot of unlocking mechanisms are too small or poorly placed for my preference. Sliding the gerber's locks are easy.
      -High torque scissors. The blades are short, which can be annoying for long cuts, but the Fiskars scissors are tough and will cut through most anything.
      -Solid blade. Half-serration gives me the flexibility I need for different cuts.
      -internally housed tools. This gives you a sturdy, rounded handle which makes holding the pliers more comfortable over the long run.
      -Larger, flatter pouch/sheath. This makes taking it out and putting back much easier than most other multi-tools.
      It's these small things that make a bid difference over the long run.

      I just purchased this one as a gift for my father-in-law. Honestly, it was cheaper than the basic Pro-scout 600 at the time, which is why I went for the extra tools. After receiving it, opening it and comparing it to mine, I gotta say the extra bits are probably not worth it to most people. If you find you're constantly looking for the right screwdriver or fastener tool, then maybe, but for my typical uses, the standard philips and flat blades included are sufficient. The extra tools add significantly to the thickness of the sheath, not to mention weight. Definitely stick with the needlenose, and Fiskars scissors.
      ...more info
    • Best of all worlds
      I've had this multitool for about 9 months now, and use it everyday.

      The overall feel of the multi-plier is smooth and extremely comfortable to hold. The sliding pliers are extremely cool and I have made a few cool looking tricks to open them.

      The pliers are excellent. Not only do they have the durability of a double hinge, but the short handles give you maximum torque. The wire cutters are the best wire cutters I've used. Plus, it doesn't hurt to squeeze, unlike leatherman and even standard pliers.

      The knife is excellent. I can cut through anything. Now opening those tamper-proof plastic cases from the electronics store on the way home is a breeze.

      The saw is self-sharpening and soft to the touch. The bad news is that it's so small, it's practically worthless. Slicing though 1cm of plastic takes about 50 strokes. Plus those kind of blades are so fragile, it'll probably break before you use all of it's edge. Being able to replace that blade with the universal coupler is priceless.

      I find that the scissors are too small to use effectively. Though they are cool to take out.

      The toolkit is very cool. Unlike Leatherman, this uses standard hex bits. So you can customize your sheath with whatever bits you already have (as the review above mentioned). I'm just mad that after I bought mine, they came out with an expanded tool kit with allen wrench bits. I want it!!!

      I haven't used another locking system, but the SAF-T Plus system works great. Easy to pull back and fold away your tool.

      All the tools come out nice and easy, and one at a time. It takes a week to fully break in.

      It's durable too. I was using the small screw driver, which is in the middle of the handle, to pry out rusted staples from wood and it never tweaked.

      This tool is great because of the combination of tools you'll actually use (Who uses a "Leather Punch"?), best pliers on the market, one handed opening, smooth handles, UNIVERSAL parts (saw and bits), SAF-T Plus, and high quality usability and durability. And a lifetime warranty to boot....more info
    • Inferior to Leatherman Wave, Feels CHEAPO and Flawed
      I've always wanted a gerber, the other day i've picked up this Gerber 600 at the PX for $40 not a bad price but the joy ended after the so hard and impossible to open clamshell package was cracked open. I just told to myself "This is a $40 loss"

      First my first gripe is the pivot screw, the way that is designed for the retractable pliers, i thought it was a cool idea until i played around and noticed that for the pliers to close completely you would have to close the plier handle to parallel. That means squeezing further than what you would have to with another tool like a Leatherman. This is something very important if you are trying to make precise operations such as cutting delicate cables because it can be very challenging trying to maneuver a pair of pliers with handles almost to touching to parallel.

      The collapsible pliers are locked by two little springs, that means that there is more potential of failure due to springs failing or bad a drop.
      Springs are also found in the locking mechanism of the tools and blades, the release mechanism is actioned by a plastic tab which can also break and doesn't feel as durable as a mechanical frame lock from the Leatherman.

      The tool is not precisely made, fit and finish is something better than what you would expect from a import tool but not a US made tool, not properly of something made in the US. There is just too much wiggle and rattling sound. You can find lateral and vertical play when the pliers are engaged.

      The pouch provided is another bad piece of engineering. Just two pieces of denier 800 nylon flat sandwiched and a velcrop flap. You can see that this pouch is somewhat a generic pouch for gerber tools and not specifically made for this 600 tool. First of all the tool doesn't go all the way down, and second is hard to take it out. Materials are cheap and stiff and is not something you would carry.

      I would gave this tool 1 star but since its made in the US i felt compelled to give a little more. Save yourself some time and look for other alternatives.

      Edit: After 3 weeks of usage
      Evidently i'm not saying this is a bad tool, however when the user looks at it, it just feels cheap. I bet the parts were made overseas and assembled in USA which a lot of companies do. My friends likes the leatherman wave better.
      Here are some observations as mentioned the pliers are NOT as precise as the Wave because the handles need to be closed all the way down for the pliers to the same, very painful for people with arthritis or just plain hard to use for someone healthy.
      The tool can't be flipped open like the typical design so once you pull out one tool you have to have the two handles closed to use the mentioned tool, that gives more leverage for lets say the saw or the file but is totally detrimental if you use the screw driver because it prevents you from reaching tight spots. With a Wave you can have it in a 90 Degree make an L and reach deeper with the screw driver.
      This tool uses plastic tabs as a locking mechanism however i'd much rather use a mechanic locking system which is a type of frame lock found in the other tools. Personally I only carry knives with frame lock and i don't think i'll change for multitools either i love too much my fingers.
      Make your own conclusions and vote with your money. ...more info
    • Great tool!
      Works good and is made good. I use it at my job, and for backyard work. Belt clip makes carrying easy. It does not compare with a good screw driver, pliers, scissors, or file, but it gets you out of trouble. ...more info
    • Handy tool
      This is my second Gerber multi-tool, lost the first one after 10 years of service and I felt naked without it. I have got the Leatherman but don't like it because the blades are in the outside when unfolded, I have pinched blood blisters on my hands with that thing. The Gerber's blades are on the inside of the handle so you don't pinch your hands when using....more info


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