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A first-person-shooter based on the Resident Evil series of "survival horror" video games, Resident Evil: Survivor is an unfortunate casualty of political correctness. It's painfully obvious that this game was meant to be played with a light gun, which the Japanese version supports, but the U.S. version decidedly does not. Instead, a rudimentary control scheme using the PlayStation controller has been substituted, one which is simply ill-suited for the otherwise unmodified arcade-style gameplay.

Were it not for this major shortcoming, Resident Evil: Survivor's other flaws would be more tolerable, if not excusable. The attempt here to graft various elements of the Resident Evil games onto a shoot-'em-up just doesn't take. The plot--which casts the player as an amnesiac who survives a helicopter crash only to find himself in a foreboding town swarming with zombies and other hideous biotechnological mutations--is more of a side story to the Resident Evil saga, and not a very interesting one at that. The game's puzzles practically solve themselves, and while your character is free (more or less) to go where he pleases, the gameplay is so terribly linear that it might as well take place on a predetermined track. Once you factor in the game's coarse graphics, choppy animation, and spotty sound, what you're left with here is far more horrible than horrifying. --Joe Hon


  • Provides some side-story elements to the Resident Evil saga
  • No light gun support; substituted controls ill-suited for arcade-style gameplay
  • Coarse graphics, choppy animation, and spotty sound
  • Short game length with practically no replay value

A first-person-shooter based on the Resident Evil series of "survival horror" video games, Resident Evil: Survivor is an unfortunate casualty of political correctness. It's painfully obvious that this game was meant to be played with a light gun, which the Japanese version supports, but the U.S. version decidedly does not. Instead, a rudimentary control scheme using the PlayStation controller has been substituted, one which is simply ill-suited for the otherwise unmodified arcade-style gameplay.

Were it not for this major shortcoming, Resident Evil: Survivor's other flaws would be more tolerable, if not excusable. The attempt here to graft various elements of the Resident Evil games onto a shoot-'em-up just doesn't take. The plot--which casts the player as an amnesiac who survives a helicopter crash only to find himself in a foreboding town swarming with zombies and other hideous biotechnological mutations--is more of a side story to the Resident Evil saga, and not a very interesting one at that. The game's puzzles practically solve themselves, and while your character is free (more or less) to go where he pleases, the gameplay is so terribly linear that it might as well take place on a predetermined track. Once you factor in the game's coarse graphics, choppy animation, and spotty sound, what you're left with here is far more horrible than horrifying. --Joe Hon


  • Provides some side-story elements to the Resident Evil saga
  • No light gun support; substituted controls ill-suited for arcade-style gameplay
  • Coarse graphics, choppy animation, and spotty sound
  • Short game length with practically no replay value

Customer Reviews:

  • This game is a joke!
    Ok let me tell you this. RENT DONT EVEN DARE BUY! The only thing that kicks on this game is first person view mode. But this game is not even fun. You work for umbrella in some crazy city a little after resident evil 3 and you fall from a helicopter and get amnesia not knowing you are the most feared person in the world. You screw around killing zombies but you never ever ever get to have any fun at all. Whats with capcom now? Why are they so lazy now when it comes that they make even greater games than konami does. Now one game i reccomend is Resident Evil Code Veronica, its very fun....more info
  • What a load of TRASH!
    I rented this game a couple days ago, and it[s] really, really [bad] The graphics are the worst I've seen in a Resident Evil game and the plot itself is laughable. The first person shooter option [is] totally [bad] too... I'm warning you people not to buy or even rent the trash! What a waste of my money! Whoever gave this game more than one star does'nt know what real video games are! Play Resident Evil games, except this one. Complete Garbage!...more info
  • Another excellent instalment to the RE series
    Apart from the fact that most people think this game is awful. This game is a first for the RE series a first-person shoot'em up. This game has a new hero, the same enemy (Umbrella) but a different city. You have a short prologe at the start about what happened in Racoon city. Then a fast introdution. The man your suppose to be is suffering from amniesa after being in a chopper crash.

    It brings back many of the creatures and animals (and course zombies) from the previous games this I think will make some RE fans quite pleased to see some of the old foes. There are some new ones also such as the "cleaners" mutant humans with SWAT suite and a machine gun. Fast but simple to kill. Also new types of "lickers" with a slight difference which is the claws.

    Many of sounds and noises are back but the gore has been alost taken out in this RE which is not always abad thing. There are a few puzzles mostly to find keys ect. This is never a down side in my opinion because at least RE keeps to its roots unlike other games.

    The plot has a brilliant twist to it and its quite gripping at times. There are no cinematic scenes I say SO WHAT! This game works brilliantly without them. The plot is wonderful not so much scares but how a shoot'em up is quite free and concentrating on the shooting of zombies to looking at info in the other games such as "Nemesis" is mentioned on one of the papers or diarys I picked also mentioning of Leon Kennedy from the second RE also Claire Redfield (From RE 1 and 2) and Jill Valentine (From RE 1 and 3). This is perfect in keeping (some) gamers intersted.

    Overall this sets the origanal and new in a fairly smooth way it. Introducing a new hero and also some more characters to the series. Its worth getting if your a fan are just curious.

    P.S. U.K. version could be different to U.S. (U.K. version is what I have.)...more info

  • worthless
    when i found out that there was a resident evil game that i didn't own, i had to have it. although i still have this game for collection purposes, it was awful. this game doesn't seem to fit into the storyline of the resident evil universe, which is fine, but the gameplay and graphics were lacking, at best.
    capcom tried something new with this RE game, and i daresay, failed. unlike previous RE titles, this one is played as a 1st person shooter. all elements of horror that i have come to love in the franchise were not present. i am no longer counting my ammo, and rationing my herbs. i like, very much to use head and solve the puzzles and whatnot in RE games, but this game was nothing more than a mindless 'run and shoot' attempt at turning a profit.
    as for the graphics, and engine... well, let's just say that my personal belief is that a few people were bored one weekend, and decided to throw together a game, to be completed by monday, and on the shelves by tuesday. (not literally, but it wouldn't shock me to learn that capcom invested little to no time in the testing and improvement of this title. instead of pushing back the release date to clean up the graphics, and improve on thier product, they sent it right out to the consumer.
    i feel stupid for buying this game in fear of perpetuating the game developer's assumption: "we can produce a complete piece of TRASH, and consumers will still supply us with thier hard earned dollars". i would hate to think that i have encouraged capcom by purchasing this game.
    do not buy this game... or buy it, just don't cry to me when you realize what a huge mistake it was....more info
  • Are you sure this is a Resident Evil game
    Actually if it werent for the zombies i proabably wouldnt know that it was a Resident Evil game. This game gives RE a bad name! First of all its short! Short as in an hour and a half of gameplay for you first time playing it! Next is it has an awful story line! You a dude who lost his memory and thinks hes vincient (who is bad) and latter recovers his memory. Bosses..... im not sure if there are any,you run into Mr.X a few times but thats all besides the final tyrant......very easy! I just stood there while he ran in circles around me and jumbed over me and shot at him. Graphics.......hmmmm not good not good! Another thing is if your gonna play it and have a short ammout of time and think you can just play it,get a little ways in and save your wrong! No saves,nope none. Have i already said this game is easy? First time playing my ranking was an A. What about ammo,will you ever run out? Not in this game because you have unlimited ammo with the hand gun! Pluse you find ammo like crazy for the other guns! If you like playing bad games or are a huge resident evil fan get this game! If not forget it and play dino crisis2 or resident evil code:veronica!...more info
  • Great Idea, Wretched Reality
    This was one of the most disapointing games I have ever had the misfortune of playing. I am glad however that I rented it and did not buy it. There are so many things wrong with this game, that I wont even try to list them all. First of all the Evil series is known for its great graphics, (particular Nemesis) but this game has horrible, blocky, pixelated graphics. When you get close to zombies it gets worse. The zombies arent even well done as they had been in the past. They all look the same, and when you shoot them you get the same damage animation. Before if you shot a zombie in the head its head exploded. Next comes the controls. Horrible, just plain , horrible. This game needs a light gun. Furthermore moveing and shooting is very important to the game, but it is so hard that you need to stand and fire to be succesfull. lastly the game just isn't any fun to play. I found my self haveing to force my self to continue on. No rewards at all for keeping on. In the end this game could have worked if they had made it a straight shooter with a gun. This hybrid should be put to sleep....more info
  • RE Worst
    RE Survivor was very disappointing for it lacked the thrill of the previous RE series. I definately did not like not being able to see my surroundings or if I had a creature behind me...... I felt like returning the stupid game because it was one big waste.

    So Please Please save your money on another game...more info

    I can honestly say that I did not have a bad time playing Resident Evil Survivor. Although I'm a fan of survival-horror, I'm a big fan of first-person shooters, and I have been for years. I can understand why Resident Evil fans b***h about how this game sucks, it's not as awesome as the other Resident Evils(except Gaiden), the creepy vibe is absent most of the time, the voice-acting and story are more cheesy as well, and the graphics actually look worse than the other Resident Evil games on PSone. The game takes place after the events of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on an island where apparently the infection had been brought to that was outside Raccoon City; where the infection started. You are a soldier, and during a flight on a helicopter a scientist was clinging to the bars on the chopper and he shoots down your flight. It turns out you are the only survivor and you've lost your memory (Gasp!). So you shoot your way through hell while discovering the secrets of your past. The shooting mechanics actually use the same buttons the other Resident Evil games use on PSone (Hold down R1 to aim and press X to fire), except trying to shoot something is not haphazard. The creatures are still gross, freaky and nasty, and the game feels like an arcade game (Think House of the Dead, Carnevil, and Time Crisis combined), plus you never run out of ammo, and you will laugh at the lame story and voice-acting. Still, this game while having better controls than the other Resident Evil games, it just isn't as fun as the others and it feels like it has more thrills than scares. Damn, this was a good Christmas. Especially with getting games like this one, Resident Evil: Director's Cut, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil: Gaiden, Parasite Eve 1 & 2, Final Fantasy VII, XIII, The Punisher, and Mercenaries which will keep me busy for awhile and I'll get to Amazon eventually to say if they are good (So far so good though, really good in fact)....more info
  • Resident Evil
    Well, I Love Every Resident Evil Game, And This Combines From Favorite Monsters And Storyline With My 2nd Favorite Type Of Game! I Know That I'm Getting This Today!...more info
  • why all the bum reviews?

    first off the graphics are pretty nice, the best of the type on the playstation and the zombies look, move and die better than in the other light gun games on the console. to say that the graphics are poor is wrong, you'd have to miss all of the nuances of them, like the flesh dripping off the zombies or all of the other resie touches in the game

    the gameplay is a pretty standard affair for lightgun games during combat but bnothing short of revolutionary when moving. you point at the screen and click the trigger to kill the enemies, normal, but to move instead of using a controller you point off the screen in the direction you want tom move and hold the trigger. great and really adds to the atmosphere as unlike the other resies you can only see whats infront of you.

    there is a problem though with this method as the AI in the gamne is not exactly top notch and this means that the hardest enemies in the game, the bosses can be beaten with relative ease. well, nope...

    there is a bit of replay value in there though with the premise of different endings and to pick up all of the documents within the game and so see the whole story. much like almost every other resie game / survival horror game on the market......more info

  • One of the worst games ever...
    I had a headache playing it... This game is really bad. Not scary, not cool. Is the worst in the exellent Resident Evil Games... Just buy if you have ALL the other Resident Evil Games and you want to complete your collection....more info
  • Resident Evil: Gun Survivor
    I LOVE the Resident Evil series. But this game, ow my, it's the worst game I have ever, ever played. I was thinking to burn the CD, but the fire could be really disappointed burning one bad CD. I know you won't find this helpful, but, on my opinion, DON'T LOOSE MONEY!...more info
  • Disappointing
    Resident Evil: Survivor was a big disappointment for me. I was hoping for a House of the Dead-like Resident Evil-style game, but instead we get 4 types of Handguns to use against these creatures (zombies, giant spiders, lickers, Mr. Xs, giant alligators, gas masked men with machine guns), and a shotgun and a grenade gun. I've read guides that say there's a Rocket Launcher, I haven't found it yet, and I got up to the final boss. I also don't like how you can't save. That's ridiculous. In every RE game, the tradition was to have a typewriter to save your progess with using Ink Ribbons. But not in RE: Survivor. The instruction booklet says you must save after dying, on the "Continue?" screen. That's [dumb]. Otherwise, the storyline is awesome. There are a few things that confuse me, like why there's a man in a white coat hanging on a helicopter's bottom rails at the beginning as they fly over an island off Raccoon City's shores. Also, there's a man I call the "librarian" because if you go into the library, you'll meet him. On the second floor of the library in one of the rooms, he locks you in to fight a Hunter and laughs outside the door. In another part, in the Prison I killed 2 giant moths, and went through a small ventilation shaft that lead into the sewers, which was infested by zombies, which I all killed. At the end of my long sewer quest, the librarian locked me in a room with a giant alligator. Than, another giant alligator popped through the wall blocking the way to the door I just came through! I had to kill them both, and I used almost all of my health sprays and green herbs there, because all I had was Handgun B, Handgun A, and the Shotgun. There's 3 places to go at first: the Restaurant, the Movie Theater, and the Church. First time through, I went in the Church. Second, the Theater. Third, the Restaurant. The Church is quite big, and reminds of you of the famous mansion from RE1. It's filled with zombies. The Theater is also filled with zombies, and you have to get Film and project it on the movie theater screen, and than you'll get a key that leads out of the Theater. In every area, you get a key that leads out of the building you're in. Then you have to kill 2 dogs in the next hallway and pick up a hang-up phone. Going down the stairs, you must verse 2 lickers, and collect another key on the first bench you get to. At the end of the alley, there's a Green Herb near the stairs, pick it up before going up. Once up, pick up the phone and after that sequence, there's once again 3 areas to pick from--the Amusement Arcade, the Hospital, and the Library. That's enough of my mini-walkthrough. Well, this game isn't that bad....more info
  • Its a good game, Oh yes it is!
    One of the best games ever played on this planet, NOW ON MARS, IT WOULD BE SPIDERMAN ON PLAYSTATION, however since this is earth, i will have to consider this is an all time favorite all fans of pure horror. it doesn't let you down like those pathetic horror movies of the new millenium. this game has actual horror and the puzzles are tough, they are so tough, that this game and others like it are helping decline the ratings of the wwe. this game and spongebob square pants are taking vince to the cleaners....more info
  • Awesome Game!
    This game is very cool packed with awsome adventures and freaky surprises. If you liked the first 3 then youll love Resident Evil Survivor!...more info
  • Would Have Been Great........If it had guncon
    Well To start off, over all the game sucks. The Story Line is ok but it is more a BOOM BOOM BOOM story line. The Grapics are not as bad as they say, But its still boing overall. If it came with guncon support, and you could still walk around with the controler, it would have been great just because shooting the screen adds alot (for some reason) also CG cut sceens would have been nice. So this game is worth renting, but since there is no gun support a game the take 1 hour to beat (which would be ok if you could use the gun) Is only worth renting...more info
  • A game the resident evil series would be better without.
    I love the resident evil series. The games have great graphics,controls and storylines BUT resident evil survivor is horrible! The graphics are bad ,the controls can be confussing and the storyline is not thought out well at all. I'm happy Capcom tried something new with Resident Evil survior but this game just doesn't match up to the original games. Buy any other resident evil game but just don't buy this one!...more info
  • Meh, it's alright
    I already knew that this game wasn't going to be as good as the other ones, but I decided that when it came out I was going to get it just to add it to my collection. Well, it wasn't too bad of an idea, the game is not total .... but I knew that the Playstation would not be able to handle something like this. Capcom should've waited till the PS2 came out and THEN they should've put this game out. The best part of this game is just the whole first-person gig, I actually didn't think Capcom would go through with it but they did. However it is pretty cheap in some ways, besides the graphics. Whenever you run by an enemy that jumps toward you (e.g. licker or hunter) they will not damage you at all, and also the acting is just horrible. The acting in this game makes Resident Evil 1's sound like a Metal Gear game or something. I cannot fathom a reason as to why some people think this game is better than the others (and it's not), if they think that they need some serious help (especially that gamer from partridge who said nemesis is a waste of time *rolls eyes*). Either way, if you are kind of curious about this game I suggest you rent it first....more info
  • Resident Evils failure
    I try not give this game a rating because it doesn't deserve any!I beat it when I rented it in 2 hours and twenty two minutes then I was bored and beat it at 1 hour and 55 minutes!

    I can't believe some think this is better then RE2 or even Re3 this game is very bad and shouldn't buy it!

    I haven't ever fought at alligator but someone said back their he is in the game oh well.

    Probably the only fun part is where you climb down a rope then 40 feet away from you and you better shoot fast because the walls are 1 feet away.While he just walks!Also in the background you here shooting sounds then after you kill him and his music stops there's a room then Tyrants music hits again and he will chase you into every room.Then stops!

    There is no way you can say Survivor is better then Code Veronica or RE3 or Re1 not even Re2 the original bad one of the group!

    Rent dont buy!!...more info

  • this is a okay game
    this game is a okay game but i rocmend that u rent it first so than u csn see if u like it or not the grahic are so so the game has a good story plot. it about this guy that is a scret agent that get abmisa and thiks he somwe one eals but later in the game he finds out who he rellay is thats all i'm going to tell u so rent the game and find out for your self....more info
  • A very hard to stand on stepping stone in the RE series
    Many of the reviews are right on the money with this game. I was very disappointed with this game. I cuurently own all of the Playstation versions of RE and was happy with the series up until now. I highly anticipated this game after I had completed RE3. When it came out, I heard that it was a cousin to the dreamcast release of Code:Veronica. Well, Dreamcast gets alot of points over playstation for having a better game. My first disappointment was the firstperson point of view of this game. The second was the length of the game. When I bought this game, I was ready to spend a couple weeks on another RE title. But this one took about an hour to beat and left me wanting more and more. That may be one good point of this game, that it left people wanting more of the classic style RE. Which brings us to another point. Although the storyline adds to the RE series by bringing us to a remote island owned by Umbrella, where ( ironically) the Code:Veronica game takes place, they happen to leave no possibility of any future stories on this island by the end of the story. I think any future RE titles would have to expand to other locals, which in my opinion, would just be a little too much in a series that has been a great story up until now. Long story short, if it werent for Silent Hill, I probably would have given up on the whole RE gaming due to this latest title....more info
  • easy
    this game was easy. I beat it in one hour. who in thair right mind would like this game. sure it was fun ...... for the first hour. thairs no new ending depending on wich rout you take (besides who gets killed at the end) over all it was too easy. I would stick to 1,2,3, and code veranica....more info
  • zzzzzzz....
    Trust me when I tell you that this game is not worth a rental let alone a purchase. This game is definately the weakest of the RE series. This is obviously a last ditch effort to rake in a few more dollars with the Resident Evil name. This first person shooter game lacks any originality or creativity. It's the same thing over and over and over and over (well, you get the idea). The gameplay is sloppy and the animation is a joke. Your character is lame and slow and seemingly stupid. Don't bother wasting your time or money on this game. The reviews that you've read up to this point are correct...wake me up when it's over....more info
  • Dont waste your money on this one.
    A complete waste of time for any Resident Evil fan. I cant belive Capcom actually put this game out without light gun support. The game play is terrible, and zombies dont react to certain spots when you shoot them; I had to shoot one five times in the head just to bring it down. The story seems like it was written up in less than two hours, and the characters are the worst. If you want a better time, buy one of the RE books, there a million times better than this....more info
  • the angry Resident Evil Nerd review
    1.the graphics are rehashed from the other games mostly RE 2 only they look crappier.
    2. the items are floating, spinning defiances of physics and common sense.
    3. the motion capture is terrible, the enemys that are gifted with the ability to jump (a skill denied to the player.) the enemys seem to slow down in mid flight. the zombies shuffling motion seem to be all the more drunken puppet show than usual. everything looks like crap
    4.the voice acting is terrible these people did not care about their job. it was like they were all bored. they all sound completly detached from reality. they have no emotion in their voices. except the sewer dwelling homless balding hobbit. it sounded like they had a grand total of 3 voice actors for the entire game.
    5.the weapons are completly random, you have the Glock 17 and Sig Saur and a Berreta in the same group as a Nambu which is just confusing. and to furthor confuse you, you get a M70 grenade launcher which is almost useless. then a Spas 12 and a S&W model 19 revolver. and you dont get enough SG "bullets" like their the rarest ammo to find.
    6. the 2 children in the game are stupid lilly apparently survived only because she apparently is so brain dead the zombies either except her as one of their own or fear her because she could make them dumber. and lott has the most anoying voice ever.
    7.Game play is boring there is just massive dead zones with nothing there. for no reason except to take up game space. the targeting is just annoying the dogs are like crack head fast and will fuse with your legs after a period of time because you cant look down. and while they are down there humping your legs? they absolutly refuse to do damage to you. the zombies are just there they are no real threat. they are really more of a minor annoyance or target practice. the Hunters and Lickes are just epic failures due to their decreased intelgence attack and HP. it is the only RE that i know of that you can shoot a hunter point blank with the 9MM pistol while standing still and not only live but get away with fine health 6/10 times. health items are way to sparse competing with SG ammo in frequency.
    8.the translations (the phone "hang" up) that is the line that says it all. "I cant remember" is stated at least four times like a rapid fire machingun of i cant remember caliber. is just blazing away. this is one game that i wish i could havebeen hit by one of those bullets and forgotten about it. conclusion it is not as bad as the playable failure known as big rigs. its still pretty bad. but at least the enemy has AI. and there is some concept of physics and there is background music. but it doesnt play like an RE game. there is just one thing i cant get over it seems to be so laggy and slow....more info
  • This game is fun for about 15 minutes.
    This game starts out rather interesting, if you can from the start ignore the fact that the US has prevented the use of the light gun. (I understand this is because of the recent school shootings. However, without this function the game looses it's apeal rather quickly.)
    This game has little varition between each senario. Other than two option choices at the very beginning the game is exactly the same through out. It rapidly looses it's challenge and gets completely boring after the you start the second senario.
    If you are trying to improve your first person shooter skills, rent this game, but I would not recommend purchasing it....more info
  • Some major problems, but still decent
    I'm a big fan of the RE games and I was looking forward to this one. I've rented this game for the last 2 days, and I have no instructions, so if I'm wrong about my assessment let me know.

    OK..............WHY CAN'T you save????????

    After playing this game for 2 days, am I wrong, but you can only save the guns you have...........NOT YOUR PLACE IN THE GAME!!!!!!!!!

    Now I've played this game to the end and it takes about 2-3 hours to complete with full guns and ammo. Maybe i'm wrong but who has 3 hours to devote to straight gaming? That's weak.

    Let me restate this. You cannot continue from the place you died. You start over from the beginning with all the weapons you've gained. I can't fathom why this is, but it's terrible.

    Also, as far as bad things go..............there's no "strafe". You can't run and shoot, let alone run right/left and shoot, like most 1st person shooters.

    As far as the good..............The storyline is fun, and all the rest of the RE classic fun things are represented.

    Honestly, if it weren't for the SAVE problems, and the lack of enovation in the 1st person shooter genera this game woulda been great.

    Don't buy it...........RENT FIRST...more info

  • DOH!!!!!!!!! (SLAP)
    Well what can I say. This game doesnt really suck, but isnt that good. The idea of a first person view was a good idea but this game lacked in several areas. The plot wasnt very good at all. It seemed as if the game was just thrown together to just put something on the market. I'm a huge fan of the resident evil series, but this game was a real dissapointment. My advice is to definatly rent the game first (it isnt very hard. I beat it in one day). If your a fan of the series then its definatly worth playing, but i wouldnt pay for it....more info
  • THIS GAME (...)
  • Capcom why I ask why?
    This rates up there with my Sega GT review for worst game ever. Worst graphics I have ever seen for a playstation game and the system is in its 6th year now. All I want to ask Capcom is why release this trash to the public. I'm the biggest Resident Evil saga fan ever. I bought this game with high hopes and was let down by the biggest video game company in the business. I played it for about an hour couldnt take it anymore and threw the game out of the window. Capcom why I ask why?...more info
  • I barely survived the graphics
    On the whole this game was a great disappointment. I found the graphics and backgrounds to be poor-(particularly when compared with "Quake" and "House of the Dead II"). The puzzle solving was extremely unchallenging (keys that float above tables?) and the fighting sequences were slow. All in all I'm sorry I bought it. It seems to me to be a rip-off of the very successful Resident Evil Series....more info
  • I wish it never would've happened.
    As upset as I was about the whole fact that Capcom ever deviated from the original pre-rendered screens I have to admit the game Resident Evil Survivor provides a few minutes of action. It is way too easy, but the Resident Evil title is enough to earn it 3 stars. I played the import which really wasn't all that great. The story provided few surprises and didn't shed much if any light on the original plot of the series....more info
  • still traped!
    Its prety hard for me to pass this game but the cool thing about this game is that what ever diffrent route you take u get diffrent story lines and especialy weapons.This game was cool but the only hard thing to do was trying to survive without dying cause u have to start all over from the begining without starting at you end pint.But i do like this game i was proud to waste my money on this game cause it wasnt that expencive and i got what i wanted.Something new not lot other games have a borring things about it and never try nothing new.Thanx Shinji Mikami! ^_^ :0)...more info
  • Good, but not great
    Ok, RE fans, this is the one you have been waiting for. Ok, well, mabee not. Here it is in a nutshell. Pros: Cool 1st person perspective, new characters, new story Cons: Redundant story line, sluggish fight ability, same ol' weapons, not as challenging.

    Overall, if you are an RE fan, you will enjoy this game. With the 1st person perspective, it gives a new meaning to "survival horror". Places you can hear things but cannot see them. Also, the new characters are entertaining, but the story needs work. Also, toward the end, the music becomes a bit bothersome, but nothing you cannot ignore. The graphics are not as good as previous versions. (looking forward to PS2, are we? )There is A LOT less challenge, including puzzles to solve and items to get. Yet, this game was a fun romp through another biohazzard shoot-em-up kinda town. Just leave your brain at the door, and get ready for some zombie-killin fun!...more info

  • not a real great game
    this RE game is by far the worst one. The controls are poor, the story really isn't that great, and doesn't add all that much to the actual RE plot. It's more of a Tangent to the storyline than anything else. It was also way too short, as it only took me about 2 hours to beat, and there are no save points. There are no real shocking or really really scary moments as in all the other RE games. It is also very easy to pass better weapons as I did on my 1st time through the game. (I missed all but like 2 or 3 weapons)...more info
  • awesome game
    this is one of my favorite resident evil games, great monsters and guns, fun to play alot of different paths you can take. one of my fav games. dont lisen to these other idiots this is a really really good game and it is worth the money. also a great story line...more info
  • A good game that had good intention, but got off track
    Survivor was a good game in my mind, possibly because Im obsessed with everything Resident Evil! I believe capcom meant well with this game but got sidetracked in the development of other RE titles. I higly reccomend everyone to purchase this game I enjoyed it alot ( it could have been better!!!!, BUT IT STILL KICKS!!!!!!)...more info
  • Why is everyone bummed?
    All over the internet, people are saying how Survivor sucks. People are saying how its a disgrace to the RE universe. Well, I'm here to give u people the real deal on this game compared to what the "Game Experts" are saying. Bad Graphics? No way, man. The graphics are awesome giving more detail to the monsters' bodies and faces that it ws incredible! As far as the gameplay was concerned, it was the same kind of gameplay that all Resident Evil fans have come to know and love. No difference. Some of the problems WERE the lack of plot and good voice actors. The voice actors were worse than RE1, and thats saying a lot. However, this does not at all affect the overall awesomeness of the game. The first-person concept was a brilliant idea for a Resident Evil game and well-done. This game might be a better rental game, though. As I had payed nearly everything the game had to offer in a couple of nights. But it was a great game, regardless of what anyone says. Rent it and find out for yourself....more info
  • man this is soooooo dumb
    okay look to buy this game youed need to be on somthing this game is easy i beat it in a hour and 2 min dont waste your mony i only got it because it looked kool rent then buy but if you do be ready to laugh at it then beat it with no difrent ending (exsept for who dies at yhe end) I was dis aponted with the tirant so no buy...more info
  • The One And Only Shoot'em Game
    I had the luck to play the Japanese verson and it rocks. I loved the game play and the graphics are awesome. The only thing I was disappointed about was the time it took to beet it. Other than that, this belongs with everyone's RE collection....more info
  • Biohazard
    Residant Evil: Survivor or Biohazard: Survivor (Japanese name)is not at all like I had expected. There was practicly no blood...let alone gore. I played it a a movie theater (even though it was called Biohazard, I knew it was the same thing) and after I was done I thought "What a waste of money!" So whoever you are viewing my review, DON'T BUY IT...BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!...more info
  • If There's A Remake, Get It, Otherwise Skip This Title!
    Let me start off by stating that I got this game with the strategy guide, and I have yet to see what any of the pages look like. This game is painfully easy and un-advanced.

    In Japan, the gamers were able to play this much more like "House of the Dead" games, rather than in the US where it seems that Capcom wants to cash in on the American lust for first-person shooters. The light gun is just something you CAN get for the PSX, but it isn't what you might call "Standard Issue" for the conventional hard-core gamer. A light gun additive being required or at least allowed (I'm not sure if it is, a gun costs sometimes ..., and I have a few freinds who had problems playing this with it) would have made this SO MUCH BETTER! Also, give us rapid fire for the guns!

    Also, while I have seen much worse, the graphics can use a serious polishing. Also, the animation is distorted by the fully 3-D world, and the first person view destroys all fear techniques used so well before.

    The sound is terrible. To start off, there is really no decent music like in RE's 2&3, the music in here is really both bland and pathetic. Also, the voice acting is pretty bad, but I'm sure that it would sound a whole lot better if it didn't sound like you were listening to them underwater. However, while the sound it awful, it's nowhere near as completely worthless as much as the sound in the first RE title(mainly the beyond dismal music and voice acting).

    Now, the story, well, actually, it's not so bad. It does have a really good setup and a few good plot twists, and also the main character was told to investigate by his freind Leon S Kennedy (the hero of RE2 who could with one finger kick Chris Redfeild's ...!)! Also, the area's that are only accessible through replay have some excellent files that rival the best of RE's 2&3. However, the decent (although terribly short) storyline is destroyed by all lack of realism in the gameplay. I mean face it; you fight a Tyrant only 20 minutes into the game, the puzzles solve themselves, enemies can't hit you when they are directly behind you, and even if they could, you have SO MUCH health, and you generally start off in the same basic location when you start with your next "life".

    All in all, this game is far from worthless, but even further from being able to hold onto the "Resident Evil" title it holds. I liked the first one, I was blown away by the second, the third one rocked my world, and now...this. I'm now just waiting for Code Veronica for the PS2, while playing something else....more info


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