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Crunch, a New York-based gym, keeps bringing innovative and hip exercise videos to VCRs across the country. You don't have to be in a metropolitan area to experience cutting-edge fitness trends and formats because Crunch: Yoga Mama delivers an effective (and chic) pre-natal workout that can be done in the comfort of your living room. Instructor (and pregnant woman) Sue Elkind leads this 40-minute workout with concise descriptions and a healthy knowledge of yoga as it relates to pregnancy. The content here provides a workout that is both safe and efficient, with great attention to participants' individual fitness levels. This session is presented with a backdrop class (consisting of women in various stages of their pregnancies) that demonstrates modified and more challenging options to each pose. Pregnant participants may find it more appropriate (and less annoying) to take direction from another pregnant woman rather than an ultra flexible, ultra thin (non-pregnant) instructor. Basic postures within yoga are taught with intensive focus on breathing, flexibility, and the constant connection between mind/body (and mother/child). Some poses are altered to accommodate the roundness of the midsection with constant awareness of spine alignment. Elkind gives special attention to balance as she slowly increases the intensity of postures. After a series of basic poses are performed, Kegels are practiced (which strengthen the pelvic floor), and meditation closes out the workout. This basic format is friendly for beginners, pre- and post-natal women, or anyone who requires modifications. This safety-conscious video offers a simple, straightforward workout with real potential for increased strength and flexibility. Props needed: a blanket or pillow, a mat, and (especially if you are expecting) a chair. --Olivia Voigts

Customer Reviews:

  • Slow moving
    This was much to slow moving for me. I found myself getting agitated because it seemed to be dragging on and that is definitely not what you want out of yoga, to be agitated. ...more info
  • too slow, hard to do the whole routine
    I usually like most yoga style tapes, but if I only have 15-20 minutes of time to work out I cannot do this tape. If I put this video on for 15 minutes, I don't get much of a workout because the instructor spends so much time talking. She is a very over talker! I don't seem to get anything accomplished with this video. Leisa Hart's FITMAMA is so much better and worth it, I don't think people who truly like video are yoggies or fitness people, they are very curious to me if they like this video, it is a poor production by Andrea Ambandos with Dragonfly, she is producing more junk these days....more info
  • Great prenatal yoga dvd
    Since going from a yoga practitioner with a challenging vinyasa practice to someone who is completely fatigued all the time, this video is perfect. Instructions are clear, you don't have to mess with props other than a chair for those in the 3rd trimester. The dvd includes half salutes, triangle, side angle, wide leg forward bend and alot of floor work, including down dogs, all at a very easy steady pace. I just wish the hamstring stretches were held a bit longer. This dvd is alot better than Shiva Reas Prenatal Yoga dvd, when I'm exhausted from a day in the office as well as dealing with pregnancy symptoms, the last thing I want to deal with is messing with chairs and thats for everyone, even those in the 1st trimester have to use the chair....more info
  • Loved It!
    I loved this dvd! I alternated between this and a prenatal cardio dvd for my last trimester. I used to do a lot of yoga so I was a bit nervous as to how I would like this. But the instructor was great and the poses were simple but effective. The stretching/poses really helped with some of my leg cramps and lower back pain. If I went a few days without doing this tape, I could definitely tell. It is a great buy (plus my fave part was at the end when the instructor had you lay down for a while - nice getaway from the real world)....more info
  • one of the better prenatal yoga videos
    I am 20 weeks pregnant and have been doing yoga for about 3 years, although I haven't been doing it since about week 9 of my pregnancy. I wanted to find a good video that would help me get back into my practice, stretch me out, and strengthen my muscles.

    I bought Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga video and was annoyed by it. Although I am very familiar with common yoga postures, I couldn't understand what I was supposed to be doing from listening to her, and I had to keep looking at the screen to figure out what she was talking about. Then, as soon as I got into the pose, she would quickly shift to something else, so I never got to hold any pose for more than a few seconds. Annoying. She also drones on at the beginning of the video for a few minutes, which is minimally boring when you want to get started the first time, but REALLY boring when you are doing the tape on a regular basis and you have to fast forward through it every time. Lastly, I felt like I got no workout whatsoever from Shiva Rea's tape, and barely a stretch. Maybe if I had been able to hold the poses a little longer than the split second she allowed... The woman in her third trimester hardly did anything at all.

    Crunch Mama was MUCH better. I really liked the teacher. She was straightforward, and best of all, she was actually pregnant! She gave a better selection of poses, a bit more challenging, but still very easy, and I hardly had to even look at what she was doing...she was very descriptive when telling us what moves to do next. I liked the variety of pregnant women in her "class". She had women in all different stages, and they were all doing pretty much the same moves, except for one woman who was demonstrating modified moves for women who wanted to take it really slow. My only complaint was that I would have liked to hold the poses a bit longer, especially at the end, when she guided us into a closing relaxation/meditation poses that you normally allow at least 10 minutes for in a typical yoga the video we got about a minute to relax and clear our minds before being told to get back up again....more info

  • Must have for Pregnancy
    I used this DVD nearly everyday of my pregnancy(first child). It is very relaxing provides just enough of the appropriate conditioning for someone who is preparing to give birth.

    The squatting pose felt a little silly to me, but I was so grateful for it during labor. My daughter was born with her hand on her head and her elbow next to her ear. I had to do some serious squatting to avoid a c-section, and I believe this DVD was essential in preparing me.

    My pregnancy was great - my weight gain was text book, I never had any back pain or any swelling, I did get some leg cramps, but only if I skipped a workout - I really think this DVD played a huge roll in how comfortable I was during pregnancy.

    When I was pregnant, I thought the fact that this comes from Crunch indicates it should be more challenging. Take my advice, when you're pregnant you don't need challenging you need relaxing. This DVD will help you maintain your physical fitness and prepare you for birth....more info
  • Great yoga workout for mom's to be.
    I really like the instructor and find the workout helpful. It may not be all that fast paced, but you shouldn't be doing that type of yoga when pregnant anyway....more info
  • Great for beginners!
    I just did this workout for the first time and it was very relaxing. Since I am totally new to yoga this DVD was definitely my speed. If you've been doing yoga for awhile then this probably isn't the one for you...
    ...more info
  • Enjoyable
    Overall I find this an enjoyable yoga session, one of my favorites. Particularly good if you are new to yoga because they show many variations for those who are less flexible and they are careful to point out that you should only go as far as your body lets you. I would recommend this video if you are looking for increased flexibility, relaxation and inner peace, and a spiritual connection to your unborn baby - not a challenging workout, however. I began doing this video in preparation for pregnancy, continued throughout my pregnancy, and still do it on days when I want a lighter, more relaxing workout (even though I haven't been pregnant for 3 years!). One drawback I'll point out is that the instructor tends to go off on tangents in the middle of poses, which can be annoying. You may find yourself saying, "ok, can we get back to the poses now, please?" a few times during this video. For that reason, I deducted one star, but despite that I think it's worth buying....more info
  • Great for all stages of pregnancy
    I think this is a great video to follow for all stages of pregnancy. They use women who are in various trimesters and it has modified poses - very easy to follow....more info
  • nice but not quite what I needed...
    I was happy when I recieved this DVD yoga mama, but as I prevued it before trying it out I was greatly disapionted. This really does seem to be a good prenatal yoga vidio but it is of no use to me and because I opened it to view I do not even think I can send it back which means I can not afford a different one.

    Anyway the reason I can not use it is mostly the section called Downword Facing Dog. I have had problems in my previous yoga practice with that pose, even before I was pregnant and I am not going to risk hurting myself while PG. Even with the alternatives being shown this is not a workable yoga workout for me. Now I know I could just skip this section, but it is a large portion of the DVD. Anyway I wish there was a list of poses or some kind of discription that could be read before buying so we a consumers check if these yoga vidios will work for us.
    Very disapionted,
    Cloe ...more info
  • not a heart pumper but a good stretch
    If you are looking for a good stretch and a chance for light exertion this video is for you. There are examples of every trimester in the video with good ideas on how to modify for a less strenuous workout. In my opinion, this video could be done at all stages of pregnancy even by those totally new to yoga. It is a very easy, slow paced routine. The instructor gives useful cues and is informative. ...more info
  • This video really helps!
    I did this workout as well as Living Arts 'Prenatal Yoga' during my entire pregnancy. Having just given birth to my first child, I believe these tapes really helped with the birthing process (toned, relaxed muscles can do the job a lot faster) as well as reduced back pain and lethargy during pregnancy.
    This is a fun, relaxing workout good for yoga practitioners of all skill levels....more info
  • lame
    This DVD provides no work-out at all. Also, there is way too much "forced" smiling from the participants. This DVD is not for "real" pregnant yogis....more info
  • Crunch Mama Yoga
    I've never been into yoga at all, but during the end of my 5th month of pregnancy, my body felt so confined that I had to do something. I got the Crunch Mama and enjoyed it. I am not flexible at all, so this tape should last me a while; but for those who are more advanced, it may be a little to easy. What I liked about it was that the instructor had a nice voice and that there were all pregnant women in the video. And for 45 minutes, the video went fast. I wasn't bored at all, and my body does feel better for doing it. I think this will be routine for me; it helps with energy also and for tired, confined muscles. For new yoga-ers, I highly recommend it, but for someone doing yoga previously, you may want to find something a bit more challenging. ...more info
  • Okay video. Too sappy and long winded.
    This is a good video to get an idea of what poses you can do during pregnancy. I've been doing yoga DVDs at home for a couple of years and needed some extra guidance for prenatal modifications. There's not enough explanation of why the poses are benficial to a pregnant woman. Would have liked a little more info about what not to do in yoga while pregnant, so I could modify some of the poses in some of my other tapes which I actually like.
    This doesn't give much direction beyond finding the pose and the instructor making some corny remarks. The breathing pace seemed off as well, especially if you get winded easily as I do since I've become pregnant....more info
  • Yoga Mama
    I liked this video because it included a lot of the yoga I had become familiar with in my non-prenatal yoga videos. It was a good workout with modifications that were really helpful for some of the problems I have already developed in my pregnancy, not to mention my lower back which is a problem in and out of pregnancy. As I read in some other reviews of this product, she is kind of slow and quite sappy! All I really cared about is a good workout, so it was fine....more info
  • Disappointed
    I have been doing yoga for about 5 years now. This video just did not seem to flow. I would have liked more stretching and loosening of the muscles. The instructor was adorable and fun, but more fit for an aerobic type video. With yoga, I would rather see a calm, almost "ethereal like" instructor. I like Shiva Rea's Prenatal much better! ...more info
  • Low level workout
    The tape wasn't educational in how it explained why moms-to-be were doing the poses instructed. Additionally, it wasn't much of a workout just long rests with fill-in talking....more info
  • For beginners to yoga
    - I am a beginner and I found that I can follow the exercises without looking at the TV.
    - When she says bend to the right she means your right so you can copy her easily as she bends to her left.
    - There are about 6 women of all different body shapes behind the instructor which I like because I don't want to look at all slim, flexible women while I am getting bigger and bigger!
    - A pleasant and friendly instructor with a nice voice (although her top gapes a little when she bends over in front of the camera. Nothing obscene in the slightest and when she is standing you would not think anything of it. It's just a little thing I noticed that I though was odd).
    - The stretches are comfortable.
    - Background music is pleasant and soft enough to go unnoticed
    - The set is OK, modern, nothing special, nothing irritating to look at repeatedly.
    - I do not find her phrases irritating even though she always tells you to look down at your belly, when I'd be happy to forget about my belly for a few minutes and simply be told to look down.
    I enjoy doing the DVD but am going to buy another one as this one gets a bit boring because...
    - The actual stretches are really, really spaced out because the instructor talks in between them. She usually gives instructions for modifying the stretch and things like that but I think you spend half of the tape just standing waiting for the next stretch. I hold the stretch longer or do an extra set and make sure I have the remote close by and fast forward between each stretch. Yes, the inactive parts really are long enough that it is worth fast forwarding!
    - The instructor LOVES downward facing dog pose. I'm sure it is great for "creating space for the baby" (her favorite phrase) but it gets really tedious to do the same pose over and over and over. Last night I found myself wincing every time she said to fold in half from standing or straighten your legs from being on all fours.

    Ths is very gentle and the instructor is pleasant. I find it very easy and relaxing to switch on this DVD after a long day at work. I recomend the DVD but be aware that although it runs 45min, you can get it done in 30min if you fast forward the inactive parts between streches....more info
  • Crunch: Yoga Mama is a gem!
    Yoga Mama is such a wonderful video. It's the winning combination of a warm and intelligent teacher and a gentle flowing yoga routine that makes it so. I initally spotted the video at CRUNCH GYM in Los Angeles and purchased it for one of my mom-to-be friends. She used it and loved it!
    As an aside from the pregnancy, the video is a nice gentle yoga class for anyone - with child or not. You can tell that Sue Elkind is a master yogi with great expertise....more info
  • I hated this dvd
    I was so looking forward to this dvd and now I feel like I wasted my money. I really dislike the instructor. She is like a flake. I can't stand her. The workout it self is boring as hell. I tried my best to warm up to it but that never working out at all. I had to buy another dvd because I just don't enjoy this DVD. ...more info
  • Thankful to de-stress
    I enjoy this video very much. I was not a workout "freak" before pregnancy, but I did exercise. I enjoy the stretching in this video, especially after a long day of teaching. I find that my back and legs hurt after work; this video helps me de-stress. I use this video about 4x a week, so yes, Sue does get "corny," but who isn't corny after the 40th time you've viewed a video?...more info
  • Great for stretching!
    I have taken yoga classes in the past but have never been a consistent practitioner, however I found this video to be something I look forward to at the end of the day. I can always tell when it has been a day or two and I need to do my yoga video. This is my second pregnancy and I find it harder to find time to workout like I did with my first pregnancy so it is still important to maintain flexibilty (with this video) and fit in a stroller walk when I can!...more info
  • good but too fast-paced
    I have done yoga in the past, but needed a tape specifically for pregnancy. The video was great for that, but it was otherwise too fast-paced. No pose was held for very long before we were on to the next one. I still use the video, but it is not among my favorites. ...more info
  • Too easy for some moms
    This tape will disappoint if you are at all in shape and have any body awareness. It is designed for moms-to-be who are either deconditioned or who do not exercise on a regular basis.

    The pace of the workout is so easy and the instructor proceeds so gingerly it's as if she's teaching physical therapy or rehab patients. Also way too much sappy commentary. A normal, healthy pregnant woman could handle a bit more challenging pace. Contrary to what another reviewer said, inversions and most yoga poses are NOT contraindicated in low risk pregnancies. I have verified this with my obstetricians. On the contrary, many doctors are now encouraging more robust physical activities.

    I also agree with another reviewer who said that there is too much talk between poses.It seems to take 10 minutes to even change positions. No flow whatsoever....more info
  • Great yoga video
    I didn't work out at all when I was pregnant the first time and like most people had a lot of discomfort when I hit third trimester. I started doing yoga after the birth of my son to get back into shape and loved it! I was thrilled that I could continue to do yoga when I got pregnant the second time (three years later). I bought Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga video and got easily annoyed by it. It was much too easy for me and the instructor wasn't even pregnant. My husband bought Yoga Mama for me for Christmas. I absolutely loved it! I am now 39 weeks and still very comfortable which is a shock since I am bigger this time. I am still able to do everything like shaving my legs, self-pedicures, and playing on the floor with my son. I would recommend this video to anyone even if they haven't tried yoga before. ...more info
  • OK, but instructor is annoying
    I wasn't crazy about this DVD. The instructor is very annoying. She makes suggestions about pregnancy and labor-related things, and giggles as she says them, like she's insecure about what she says so she can't act serious about it. I appreciated the variety of body types shown and that they had a woman doing the poses in a modified manner. I found the whole atmosphere to be too "hip gym", rather than relaxing, meditative yoga. I also found the workout to be too easy, with very little focus on the all-important Kegels. I much prefer Shiva Rea's yoga workout....more info
  • easy and simple yoga
    I am not a yoga person. I thought I would give this a try because yoga is suppose to be a great prep for labor. I actually liked it. It was easy and the stretches really feel good. I did not find it overwhelming to do. This program really made me relax. It is better than some of the other programs that I have tried....more info
  • A great stretch! Very relaxing!
    This video has some really good stretching exercises. I like that it emphasizes good form and safety techniques for pregnancy. It's a little easy for those who have been doing yoga for a while. Although, it is perfect for me because I spent my whole first trimester feeling way too ill to do anything. It's helping me get back into form. I would recommend this video for anyone who is looking for a relaxing stretch to release tension and gain flexibility....more info
  • Crunch Yoga Mama
    This video is pretty easy to follow. It's not a very intense workout but it's good for working out some kinks after a long day at work. I enjoy the fact that as my belly grows, this is still a workout that is easy to follow....more info
  • Good
    It was okay but I thought the positions weren't held for long. I like when the instructor gives detailed information and that wasn't the case....more info
  • Nice and easy, but not exactly a serious workout
    This video is fairly simple and really not too taxing. It's been great for stretching and relaxing, though I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for something that actually feels like a workout. I always feel relaxed and stretched at the end of it, but don't feel as though I necessarily got much of a workout. However, it's great if you're just having a very low energy day but still want to do something. It would probably also be perfect for someone who never really exercised much before they became pregnant and wanted something to start with.

    I honestly prefer my FitMama prenatal workout DVD to this video, but that's simply because I feel like I get more out of it than this. However, I still feel that this is a good video as long as you're not expecting much of a workout from it. It has a nice variety of poses and the instructor is fine. My only annoyance with her is the way she appears to be trying not to laugh when she's explaining kegels, but I think that's just because I'd prefer if she'd just explain it as opposed to trying to save our sensibilities. Other than that one instance, I don't find her to be annoying at all, which is a big plus when it comes to any instructional video or DVD.

    So as long as you keep in mind that this isn't exactly a serious workout, I would recommend this. But if you're looking for something that feels like more of a workout, there are other prenatal workout DVDs and videos out there that would probably suit better than this one....more info

  • Just what Mom ordered!
    This is a great video for someone who is used to being in shape and in touch with her body, but finds that pregnancy has disrupted all of that! Before my second pregnancy I was an almost daily exerciser, and thought myself up to the most challenging level of exercise. After a first trimester where getting up my heart rate would leave me curled up on the couch willing the nausea to pass, I was relieved to finally find something relaxing but that still left me feeling re-connected to all of my major muscle groups. You won't be left panting and sweating - but that's not really what you need as the weight in your midsection keeps increasing and sapping you of extra energy. This video is calming and strengthening all at once, and is a pleasure to do....more info
  • talks too much
    This DVD is probably good for people who have NEVER tried yoga. I consider myself a novice, but I've taken beginner classes, so it's a bit too slow for me. The teacher talks through almost every pose, even when there is nothing critical to describe, which I find distracting. Her rehearsed commentary is a bit too fru-fru for me. ...more info
  • OK DVD - nice stretch workout
    I like this DVD. The instructor is warm, pregnant and very reassuring. It's not what I would consider "yoga" - sure the stretches are there, but the music in the background is I'm not quite sure what. All in all, not a bad workout and good for a much needed stretch, but pretty middle of the road....more info
  • Love this tape
    I am one week from my baby girl's due date, and have been using this tape throughout my pregnancy. It has been a life saver for me, especially for lower back and hip pain. I like the instructor's encouraging, light-hearted tone, and seeing all the women in various stages of pregnancy. I've enjoyed yoga for about seven years, and I think this tape is appropriate for beginners through at least intermediate yoga students. They show lots of adaptations for different levels of flexibility and comfort, which helps when I'm feeling sore or just lazy. I will probably keep doing this tape even after our baby arrives.

    I also have the Shiva Rea tape, which is pretty good. However, I find myself using Yoga Mama much more often, because it's shorter and generally more inspiring. Doing this tape at least twice a week has really helped me stay active and flexible during pregnancy, and I hope it helps during labor! I've even got this tape packed in my bag in case I'm stuck at the hospital for a long time in early labor....more info

  • Too slow - instructor talks too much
    I ususally only have 15-20 minutes of time to work out per day. If I put this video on for 15 minutes, I don't get much of a workout because the instructor spends so much time talking. I don't really feel much better after this workout. I like Shiva Rea's (sp?) Pre-Natal workout much better....more info
  • Crunch Yoga Mama
    This workout helps you learn poses that will help you during labor and afterwords help you bounce back in shape. This tape helps with relaxation and back strengthening poses....more info
  • Great for your entire pregnancy
    As soon as I found out I was pregant I switched to prenatal yoga. I found this video to be one of the better prenatal yoga tapes. I liked that the instructor as well as the class were all pregnant and in different stages of pregnancy. I was able to do the workout through all three trimesters. I would highly recommend this tape....more info
  • Great tape for Yoga beginners
    This DVD was a real help relieving all this new pregnancy-related tension and discomfort, and as an added bonus really helped me with stress. I almost fall asleep at the end of the tape because I am so relaxed. Be careful if you are new to Yoga - I am, and I twisted some muscles out of whack in my back a few times. I find if I just stretch to MY comfort level and not try to imitate the actors, then it really helps. Pace is great, and moves are explained in enough detail that you don't have to look up at all while in a pose. Highly recommend! ...more info
  • It is just okay
    This video was just okay. It is a little long especially with being very pregnant and if you are a busy woman takes more time than I think it is worth. The instructor is somewhat hard to listen to and there are a lot of instructions to try and hear while you are putting yourself in these crazy positions. If you have done yoga for a long time or regularly it will probably be just fine for you....more info
  • not worth it
    I usually LOVE "crunch" videos, but this one was just to slow, I am pregnant not quadriplegic... they did downward dog WAY WAY to much, all the blood was rushing to my head and it was just way uncomfortable. I wouldn't recommend it. ...more info
  • my most favorite prenatal yoga dvd
    i really love this prenatal dvd. the moves are so gentle and relaxing. i think it's perfect for all levels of yoga. the instructor is not annoying - she is also pregnant and has a soothing voice. absolutely recommend....more info
  • Crunch Yoga Mama - Prenatal Yoga
    My wife recently read reviews and settled on this DVD. As an individual that probably didn't work out enough before becoming pregnant, she was a little skeptical about starting a prenatal workout. This DVD was good in that it was clear and provides different levels of difficulty. Definitely great for a beginner. The dialog is calm yet not cheesy and the background music is just that, it doesn't interfere with the process. She's even found myself using some of the techniques in her daily tasks....more info
  • Great for yoga beginners
    Unlike some of the other reviewers, I don't have yoga experience. For this reason, I love this video! The moves are challenging enough for a beginner, but not so hard that I feel like I am over exerting myself. The back stretches on all fours taught in the beginning are a great way to relieve lower back pain. I can do them even when not watching the tape, and my lower back pain goes away. Its a great way to avoid taking Tylenol all day! I love this tape and would recommend it for all pregnant yoga beginners. ...more info
  • Excellent for easing back discomfort
    I bought this DVD along with the Shiva Rea pregnancy yoga DVD when I was in my first trimester. I was relatively fit when I got pregnant but didn't have any specific workout routine. I found this DVD to be excellent for keeping my back & hips flexible. I could really tell how well it worked when I got lazy & didn't do the yoga for a couple of days -- it felt SO good to get back into it & stretch out those aching hips!
    Thanks to this DVD, I was much more flexible at 9 months pregnant than I was before I conceived. I had no major back pain or sciatic pain to complain about, and I feel that the regular yoga practice was the key to my healthy pregnancy.
    I agree with other reviewers that this DVD was much better than the Shiva Rea. Shiva was annoying & my body didn't feel stretched and relaxed after that DVD. I much preferred Yoga Mama -- it was reassuring to see the pregnant instructor and all the different pregnant body types in the class. I also liked that I could do this routine without modifications throughout my entire pregnancy. Occasionally, this instructor got a little annoying too, but at least I felt like I was getting a good stretch.
    Right after my baby was born, I lent this DVD to a pregnnt neighbor, who has since moved. I kind of wish I'd kept it. There are days that I wouldn't mind doing this yoga DVD now, even though I'm not pregnant, and I will definitely buy it again when we go for kid #2....more info


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