Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick (Black/Yellow)

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Put some spring in your step! This sturdy pogo stick, sized junior-through-granny, will safely support bouncers weighing 80 to 160 pounds. It seems easier to tame than most, and you can quickly find yourself using the entire 8 inches of spring travel for blasting off. The brightly colored exposed main spring is set in the middle of a black steel main frame. The multicolored rubber footpads, grips, and tip are replaceable. --Richard Farr

The Foam Master Pogo Stick is Great fun for boys and girls of all ages. Lots of good healthy fun and exercise, indoors and outdoors

  • Will safely support 80 to 160 lbs.
  • Fun and exercise for boys and girls, ages 9 and up.
  • Replaceable non-slip foot pads, handlegrips and rubber tip.
  • Fully Assembled.
  • 1 year

Customer Reviews:

  • Pogo Stick
    We all enjoy this toy. It is challenging and entertaining. So far no accidents with it. I have always loved a pogo stick....more info
  • Rubber tip lasts only days
    Purchased pogo stick for 11-year-old 80-pound boy. He enjoys the toy and is able to bounce quite high. The rubber tip wears out shockingly fast, after only days of use. The company includes an order form for replacement rubber tips, $1.50 each. Stupid design or ingenious revenue producer? Hmm....more info
  • So glad we got it
    We were glad we went with this pogo stick. It is very durable. The boys love having contsts to see who can do the most bounces. My husband even joined in on the contest. However he just couldnt keep up. I will say it was a good call on buying this item.....more info
  • age sensitive
    The pogo stick was purchased for my 8 yr. old granddaughter. The age said it was for this age child, but she is not heavy enough to make it work. My adult childen did fine with it. But I'm sure she'll grow into it. ...more info
  • Pogo Stick
    My 9 yr old son loves this Pogo Stick. His record is 1562! We all like to jump on it. Any younger then 8 or 9 may not be heavy enough to "pogo". Good, solid product....more info
  • Difficult but....
    This toy takes some practice. My 10 year old hasn't mastered it yet, and my 7 year old is not heavy enough to manage to make the spring contract to get some bounce. Probably better for the 10 and up crowd, especially those who understand it will take practice to get the hang of it....more info
  • pogo sticks
    The wrong pogo stick was sent. We ordered the smaller stick and received one that was for bigger kids. Had to exchange them at a local store. ...more info
  • Master Pogo
    This was bought for my son a 5 ft. tall 135 lb 10 year old. He loves it. It is strong enough for his weight and he is trying to wear it out. It has replacable pads and a very strong frame. I would definitely buy it aggain. ...more info
  • Good Spring....
    In general it is fun and easy for me to use. I am 5'3" 125 lbs and it is not quite as intense as I had imagined. It is rated for up to 160lbs and I can easliy bottom out on each hop, so not quite as strong as I had hoped but still a good workout!...more info
  • Flybar is a huge hit for my nine year old!
    We purchased the flybar for my son for Christmas. He'd done some searching on-line and knew this one was exactly what he wanted. It's important to buy a pogo stick by weight of the player. He's about 85 pounds and it's perfect. His younger brother, about 75 pounds isn't heavy enough, but the nine year old quickly got up to over 375 jumps without stopping! After reading other reviews, I require him to wear a helmet. He did slip in our garage, but it was a wet spot he didn't see. He took a fall, but of no fault of the product. He loves it and it gives him great exercise. He's happy with it. Amazon shipped promptly too! Would recommend. Great gift and reasonable pricing....more info
  • Nice Sturdy pogo stick
    It is a nice quality pogo stick that does not cost a fortune. It probably would not be good for an adult who is looking for exercise, but I expect it will last a good long time for my son....more info
  • higher flying pogo stick
    We bought the Black Lightning pogo stick for our 11 yr. old grandson, and really hit the jackpot this Christmas. This pogo stick is good for up to 160#, so he should be good for years to come. He actually took it out in the snow and could jump about 2' off the ground! (Of course it was the shoveled area). My son was almost as excited as he was! Can't speak for the future, but for the moment, it seems like a good value for the $. It also comes with a form for replacement parts (e.g. rubber tip)and has instructions on maintenance with silicone spray. Hope it's as good as it seems!...more info
  • Great stick if you're not too big...
    I just got my friend a Foam Master (from toys-r-us) for his birthday. I myself have a GG Super Pogo, so here are the differences:
    CHEAPER: You can't beat the price for this pogo stick. Any bigger/better stick will cost you from 80 to over 200 dollars.
    SMALLER: I'm about 6 ft tall, and this stick is a bit too short for me. I Have to hunch over to hold the bars.
    BOUNCIER??: Well, not really bouncier, but if you're close to the suggested weight range it takes very little effort to mantain a good bounce. On my GG stick, I really have to put alot into it to get a good bounce.
    All in all, this a good stick. As long as you aren't too tall or too heavy for it, it's a great buy even if you only get a few months out of it before moving up to something bigger....more info
  • great little stick!
    If you proportion your weight right, this is an outstanding product. If you are near the max, I would suggest the next stronger stick....more info
  • POGO
    I got this for my granddaughter and she just loves it. It only took her a day to really get jumping. Now her goal is to count how many times she can jump without falling off.
    Thanks!...more info
  • Foam Master Pogo stick review
    I got this stick for my 80 lb., 9-year-old son. It was a little stiff for him due to his being right at the low end of the recommended weight range, and he had trouble with it at first. It didn't spring enough. But that wasn't the stick, just his weight in relation to the spring tension. After a day or two he got to bouncing on it and learned to bounce higher and come down more forcefully, and since then he's had no trouble with it. He bounced 300 times the other day without falling. This thing about the bumper coming out and people getting hurt -- if you were bouncing on a slick surface and the bumper came out, and you didn't notice the change in the sound and feel of the pogo stick, I suppose a person could fall and get hurt. It's a shame that one child (in a previous review) took a bad fall. But we haven't had anything like that happen. The bumper on the old stick came out twice (it was a cheaper version of this stick) but the kids just shoved the bumper back in place and that was it. The bumper on this one came out once, but we noticed immediately and this time I put a little silicone cement on the end before my son put it back in. After that it never came out. You could also drill a small hole and put a set-screw in. It's just like the eraser in the end of a pencil. There are probably a half-dozen very simple solutions the average person could come up with to keep the bumper in. Why the factory doesn't use one, I don't know. Overall I think it's a great stick for the money, if you're buying for a child and it's just for fun. ...more info
  • Fun Christmas present
    I gave this pogo stick to my granddaughter and it was a hit with everyone, I even got on it. Everyone was taking turns jumping up and down on it in the road in front of my house. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • A ok Begining POGO
    After breaking my one of these pogos i got another one. the rubber tip wore off and the tip broke off (I still ride it). after having it for about a year and a half it is starting to fall apart. If this is your first pogo and you just wand to jump up and down in place go ahead it is the perfect pogo for you! but if you will be jumping off stuff ,doing tricks and moving it will break, I would sugjest a Flybar or check out for revews.

    P.S. I am 85 pounds and it works great (in fact the pedals go down to the tip when i jump!

    P.S. You can't get over 1foot of air (unlike flybar)...more info
    Bought this as a present for my grandson's eleventh birthday. He had some trouble with it the first few times but now he is becoming an expert! Last I heard he is well over 130 jumps at one time and is loving it! He is a swimmer and a soccer player and I think it will help to strengthen his kick in both sports. It was delivered much faster than I thought and I would buy it again....more info
  • Make sure it's weight appropriate
    I purchased this for my 10 yr old granddaughter. Her dad (45) loves it!! But, her weight is too slight (65#) to bounce. She carries it around, tries to balance on it, etc....but it is stiff. We've noticed the warnings concerning the "tip wearing through"...and use of a helmet. My son weighs in at about 180# which is max....and holds him just fine. It is very well built, the foam should provides added cushioning between the legs, and, the price was excellent. I found a "Hannah Montana" model @ another store for the same price and quality was not there so .I ordered the model just under this one and should receive it soon for her to use.... Will save this model for later. ...more info
  • Durable Pogo
    This pogo stick is very well built and worth the money. The handlebars seem a little close together and I wish they were longer but my niece and her friends love it. Not good for anyone under 70-80 lbs because of the heavy duty spring needing more weight to make it bounce. The best pogo stick I found for the price....more info
  • Very good, but you have to loosen up spring first
    My children weigh about 70-85 pounds. I weigh 118. And none of us could initially get the spring to compress enough to use the stick effectively--even when my 200-pound husband tried to help.
    Use a lubricant. It makes a huge difference, but lighter kids will still need for you to break it in first....more info
  • pogo stick
    My kids love it, they play for hours in the garage. It keeps them away from the television and computer in the winter. They are also exercising while having fun....more info
  • A Good Pogo Stick
    I got this as a gift, and lasted me a full year. The tip didn't break and it didn't come off. It just broke 2 hrs. ago. I was bouncing, and I began to hear this weird noise, and I flipped off it onto the concrete. I wasn't hurt, but the pogo stick had broken in 4 pieces. But, it lived up to its warranty, and I'm getting a Flybar 800 soon....more info
  • Uncomfortable to use with shorts on
    I bought this for my son a week ago and he hates it. Because it is so wide it rubs against his legs and really hurts him. It also doesn't bounce well at all....more info
  • Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick
    I give this product a 4-5/5 stars. We just got it a few weeks ago. My three kids are very pleased with it so far. The manufacturers are right about the weight, our youngest weighs about 76lbs and cannot quite make it bounce. I chose it, rather than the pogo stick for younger kids, so it would last longer for all three kids. The reason I gave this product a possible 4/5 is that the foam on the handle bars, while seemingly strong, also looks prone to break after a few of the inevitable drops on the ground. I will let you know by the end of the summer. Overall, a great buy! ...more info
  • jumping fool
    I purchased this for our son but I had to try it out before we gave it to him. Loved it. It pogo'd me with ease....more info
  • Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick
    Having bought this product for Xmas and not given it to the person I have no idea whether it is a good product or not. It looks to be a nice pogo stick but....................more info
  • Good buy!
    This was exactly what I wished to purchase for my Grandson to fullfill his birthday request. It was a big hit. ...more info
  • Pogo Stick
    This item (pogo stick) was sturdy, well made and should last a long time. It made a wonderful gift for my granddaughter. ...more info
  • Foam Master Pogo Stick
    My son loves this Pogo stick. He is 9 years old and a naturall!! Not for the faint of heart as this goes really high off the ground. But if you like flying high and looking for an upgrade from just the normal you will LOVE this Pogo Stick...more info
  • Lightning Bolt
    This was my son's favorite Christmas gift. It took him only about 5 minutes to get the hang of hit and he just bounced all day. We've not had any problems with the pogo so far. ...more info
  • very fun and entertaining
    I think this is really fun. I don't agree that the the tip wears down. I've had this pogo stick for almost a year now and I haven't fallen off one time. ...more info
  • Zounds it is fun
    My kids got this from me as a birthday gift and absolutely love it. The other kids at their birthday parties loved it too. I can use it as well. I used to have one as a kid and set personal records of 5000 and 10000 bounces. Took me hours to do it and I got a lot of blisters on the inside of my knees. Beware, this thing is addictive. Buy it. ...more info
  • Great Item!!
    I bought one of my nephews one of these for Christmas and he loves it!! So I purchased this one for my other nephew and he loves it also!! They have so much fun!!...more info
  • Great pogo stick.
    I bought this pogo stick for my 13 year old son for Christmas (he asked for it). I wasn't sure how it would work or if he would even use it. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. It is a very solid, durable pogo stick. My older kids like it too. It has quite a lot of spring action and will allow you to jump pretty high off the ground. I even tried it. It is great exercise and was bought at a great price too. ...more info
  • Easy to use and is a blast!
    My 9 year old daughter just got this one for her birthday and loves it. We have the smaller version but she got too heavy for that one so wanted one for bigger kids. It is very sturdy and easy to get on. This is probably the best pogo stick she's ever tried. The company makes awesome (says daughter) products....more info
  • best present
    We bought this for my 10 year old son's best friend (who is 11). They played with it for hours. My only mistake was not buying one for my son and his little bother. I plan to buy another and the smaller version for my 6 year old. I read the safety concerns by other reviewers. We will keep check on the bottom tip and order a few to have on hand, so we can replace as needed....more info
  • Nice pog stick
    Since my son received this for Christmas, it was like a new toy for everyone that came over as it's a blast from the past. So, it's had plenty of use, and it's holding up great. I bottom out on the thing, but I'm sure that's because it was not designed for someone 190 lbs. But it still works just fine for me also....more info
  • awsome
    I have used many pogo sticks in my time, I am a 37 year old female (yes i bought it for myself), and this pogo has bounce. I was very impressed with the quality. There isnt anything negative I can say about this product.
    The shipping was the fastest I have ever seen.
    highly recommended...more info
  • Good, not Great
    The Foam Master is a very good beginners pogo stick. I personally own a Flybar 800 and a Motostick, and i find the Foam Master a great way to pull of challenging/ technical tricks. Because of its size it allows for easy movement. I would recomend this pogo for any beginner that is interested in doing tricks. I personally started off with a Motostick, and found if you are able to learn some tricks on a Motostick, when you get on a smaller stick, you will be able to pull of a lot more tricks. This is not an alternative to some of the higher end products, so i would recommend this as a junk pogo, to crash/ fall alot. The durability is also nothing to behold. The shaft and hanbdlebars will bend easily, but like i said this is pretty much a stick to try new tricks on before you risk denting a nice pogo stick. For pogoist who are interested in the sport and beginning i would recommend this pogo stick more than any other one (that is unless you feel like buying a vurtigo or flybar)...more info
  • Needs more "give"
    My 9-year old son was excited to graduate to a larger pogo stick but was disappointed that there was no "bounce" to this new one. Even when I attempted to jump on it (and I'm at the higher end of the weight requirement) I could not get the spring to give more bounce. We added some WD-40 and noticed a very slight improvement. Hopefully in time it will get broken in and bounce like a pogo stick should ... but kids should be able to jump right in to the fun when they receive a new toy. ...more info
  • Excellent sturdy pogo stick
    The pogo stick is very well-built. We first bought one locally, but had some problems with the foam splitting. The second one we bought here on Amazon. It came quickly, it's had no problems and the kids have really been enjoying it.

    One thing to be careful about: there is no packing or space around the pogo stick (after all it IS already foam-wrapped). Since the ends of the box are heavily glued, you might be thinking about using a knife to open it. Since the pogo stick is just under the cardboard with no protection, and you use a knife...enough said.

    In fact, the packaging is the only reason I marked it down - it's just too easy to damage if you use any tools at all to open it. Just rip it apart, and you'll be fine.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Great Customer Service
    My sons both have a fly bar. We have an issue with both. When calling customer service, I received the best service ever. They are replacing one and sending new parts for the other at no charge. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!...more info
  • Great birthday gift
    I purchased this as a birthday gift for my 11 year old nephew, and he is having a blast with it. He had enjoyed playing with a pogo stick at school, and I had heard positive remarks about the flybar, so I chose this for him. He quickly mastered it, and it's a great incentive to actually play outside!...more info
  • Honesty
    I am rating manufacturer of this product not product itself. I am so mad to them that, I request Amazon to stop them of selling all products manufactured by this company period. They don't have any kind of quality instection and responsibility before shipping. I had purchase this for my 12 yr daugher's Christmas gift. We hide from her till night before and wraped up and next day when she opened package in front of everybody. We found half piece of broken pogo stick in side the box. Upper part was completelly missing. That was deartiest jok someone would play with anyone. That was heartbreaking experience for all of us and my daugher. We were waiting to see big smile on her face, insted we saw sadness and cry on the morning of christmas. Product was manufactured by SRI Enterprises....more info
  • Lots of fun!
    I bought this for my 12 yr. old grandson for Christmas. He loves it. And it gives him some good old fashion "exercise"! I even tried it! I can't believe he can do 75 without stopping, and I can't even get to 2!! All the grandkids like to take turns trying to out do each other! Very well made and very study!!!! Well worth the money!...more info
  • sweet
    Watch Video Here: this thing is awesome! i was on a regular yellow foam master for years, but then it broke, so i bought this one. I can do lots of combos. It's awesome! Buy It!! Maybe when you see my vid you'll buy it!...more info
  • perfect gift
    I highly recommed this pogo stick...but they really should put the minimum weight or the weight range on the write ups.... I don't know any 9 year old that would weigh enough to do this. My 12 yr old (not skinny, not fat)can barely do it...but loves it..and it will last him a long time. He is below the minimum but close. So I don't think I needed the next one down...he would have out grown it too fast....more info
  • Not for smaller children
    This is a fun throwback toy, but be aware that the child you are buying it for should be at least 100 lbs in order for it to be effective. The 80 lbs that the company recommends is just a little too light to compress the spring in the pogo stick. I would also recommend not using it on rougher asphalt, as that is what seems to wear down the tip the most. Using it on smooth driveway concrete seems to be just fine, and all the neighborhood kids come around to take turns bouncing around on the pogo stick.

    Hey, its a fun toy for kids that encourages exercise (Having tried it out, it's quite the workout!) There are the obvious safety issues that are part and parcel of a toy of this nature, but that is not just specific to this particular pogo stick, it's pogo sticks in general, so it is somewhat unfair to single out this paricular product as being "hazardous" ...more info
  • pogo problem
    It is well made but is too stiff for a seven year old to use. She can't get any bounce out of it. I haven't been able to find an adjustment of any kind yet....more info
  • Works great and logged 1000's of flawless jumps in the first month
    We got this for our son, and what a hit!

    He loves it and bounces till his heart content.

    Highly recommend it....more info


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