Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick (Red/Blue)

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Product Description

This blue and red foam covered metal pogo stick will last for years and offers healthy exciting fun for boys and girls. Features replaceable non-slip, safety handles, foot pads and rubber tip, and safely holds 40 to 80 lbs. Offers lots of good healthy fun and exercise for kids, either indoors or outdoors. Measures 36.75"L x 8.75"W x 2.25"H.

A pogo stick for smaller bouncers, this all-metal kangaroo substitute features a completely enclosed main spring--hence no pinching. The all-black steel shaft is brightened up by multicolored rubber footpads, grips, and tip, all of which are replaceable. Designed to support 'roos aged 5 through 9, or weighing 40 to 80 pounds. --Richard Farr

  • Will safely support 40 to 80 pounds
  • Fun and exercise for boys and girls ages 5 to 9 and up
  • Features replaceable non-slip foot pads, handlegrips and rubber tip
  • Fully assembled
  • One-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • flashy pogo
    my grandson's sister got a pogo stick for her birthday and she wasn't the greatest about sharing, so I ordered this one for a 9 year old boy for Christmas...just right, and the black stick has a neat flash graphic on it...this boy is about 65 pounds, a stronger pogo would be too hard for him to use, this is perfect!...more info
  • Too hard to compress spring
    My son has had this pogo stick for about a year and has not been able to play on it because the spring is too stiff and does not compress easily. Even my daughter who weighs 70 lbs cannot get it to work. Our 11 year old neighbour who has her own pogo stick had no problems, but it is not for the beginner....more info
  • pogo party!
    Used 4 of these for a birthday party for 3rd graders. Kids had a great time and surprisingly, none of them had ever been on a pogo stick, which made it even more special for a party. Nobody fell, no pools of blood.., no lawyers....more info
  • Maverick pogo stick
    Grandsons really loved the pogo stick. After a day of getting used to it, they took off and loved it. Very happy with item....more info
  • Great but weight specifications not accurate
    I think it is a great product, however it says it is for weights between 40 and 80 pounds. My son is about 45 pounds and can't get the spring to compress. Therefore it is useless until he grows into it. I think a more accurate minimum weight might be closer to 50 or even 55 pounds....more info
  • great product!
    Great product, my 6 year old son started very slowly and now after a few weeks can pogo non stop for times in excess of 15 minutes. Awesome....more info
  • good to go
    this pogo stick is well made. that is the first thought that enters your head when you see and hold it for the first time.
    i bought this for my 6yr old. she is small and does not weigh a whole lot. she has a tough time getting the spring to compress. she is somewhere between 45 to 50 lbs.
    i noticed a lot of reviews complaining that the tip wore down and kids were receiving head injures. so i bought and recommend getting a helmet, elbow, and knee pads....more info
  • Great Toy
    I bought this pogo stick back in 2004 for my 6 year old. While at the time it was probably a bit too soon for her to actually use it, she loved the idea of having one. Now, three years later she's become an expert on the thing and bounces around like a crazy woman! :) It's held up very well! The rubber piece on the bottom comes off if you use it in the grass (who needs a professional lawn aerator when you have this toy?)but goes back on securely.
    Definetly worth all 5 stars....more info
  • pogo party!
    Used 4 of these for a birthday party for 3rd graders. Kids had a great time and surprisingly, none of them had ever been on a pogo stick, which made it even more special for a party. Nobody fell, no pools of blood.., no lawyers....more info
  • Highly Recommend!
    My grandson wanted a pogo stick for his ninth birthday and so I bought him one. He and his brothers love it! It is sturdy and inexpensive which is a great help with four little boys for which to buy gifts. This was a great find for this grandmother! I highly recommend this pogo stick!...more info
  • Good Old Fashioned Fun
    I purchased this for my 60 lb. daughter for Christmas and it has been so much fun. I love the exercise she is getting while she thinks she is just playing! She was able to get right on it and pogo around the block the first time she tried it. Very easy to use and tons of fun....more info
  • Big hit
    My 9 year old daughter who weighs 57 lbs. loves this pogo stick. Just the right size and weight for the 7-10 year old. She bounces from one end of the driveway to the other and has figured how to jump up and down over the curb. The foam coating makes easy to hold on to with you knees....more info
  • Great for the price
    Santa brought a pair of these pogo sticks to our seven and eight year old daughters for Christmas (2008), and they were quite the hit. The girls weigh about 50 lbs and the size and bounce on the pogo sticks is just right. I weigh 125 lbs and I am definitely too heavy for this model.

    We got the simple "Black Lightning" color Flybar Foam Maverick pogo stick - I could not see a good reason to pay more for a blue or silver.

    The pogo sticks bounce well, both on little hops (like when they were first getting the hang of it) and now that they are making big, deep hops. Our younger daughter is up to over 130 hops in a row. Here in NH, it's great to have something active they can do inside (they've been hopping on the family room rug), that doesn't take up a ton of space.

    Time will tell how well they last, but so far, these seem to be a good product, at this price. ...more info
  • Awesome fun!
    Perfect Pogo Stick for the 40-80 lb set. My 8-year old (50 lbs) just graduated to this model, after spending three years on the "Grow to Pro" model with the wide base. After a few jumps he was completely addicted. Great fun, and the tight springs really get your child airborn!...more info
  • Cant get her off it
    My 7 year old girl got this from santa and could only do 1 hop on christmas day. She then rode her battery operated scooter for a few days. She got back on the pogo and has now done well over 250 hops, one handed at times. She absolutely loves this, now the brand new scooter is parked and she does this as soon as she gets home from school. It was stiff at first but has loosened after some use. Great product, I cant remember what the weight limit was but my daughter is 60 lbs and her cousin is 100. They both enjoy it...more info
  • Pogo Stick
    I bought it for my niece who loves it. She's 8 yrs. old and is about 70 lbs. For her size it was working better on the grass than on the driveway. Probably because it helped to stabilize her. Good hunting!...more info
  • Love to pogo
    My son loves his pogo stick. His friend has one just like it and he learned how to use it before he got it. You have to use it a little bit to get the stiffness out. But once the bottom of the pole is greased up good the kids were bouncing down the street. Wonderful toy I highly recommend!!!!...more info
  • Granddaughter's Birthday Gift
    We bought this for our granddaughter for her 7th birthday. She was really tickled to get it until she tried it.

    She is a tall thin child. Height-wise, she is fine, but weight-wise, she is barely over the minimum (maybe at most 10 pounds over). She had a terrible time trying to get the spring to go. It was much too tight for her.

    I told my son and DIL to get her older, larger cousin to use it for a while to loosen it up. I don't really know how that came out. I am told she has played with it when she had a chance. I am hoping that next summer she will be able to hop it up and down, and she will have a lot more fun with it.

    This is a good quality pogo compared to what I remember from my own childhood (centuries ago). The tubular parts are much larger and there is a LOT more padding (there was NO padding when I was a kid)....more info
  • good, sturdy, and great fun
    i got this pogo stick for my little brother. He's small for his age, and i was worried because most pogo sticks would either hold too much weight therefore leaving him too small to make it jump, or too flimsy. I was at first turned off by "foam" in the title, but after researching all the available sticks, I took a chance on this one, and it has been far beyond expectation. The foam doesn't rip easily, and it provides excelent cushion for a more comfortable ride. Also the knob at the end is nice and wide for good balance. My brother got it in the mail, and for the next week, spent more time on his stick than off. he came to a 2 hour game of mine and pogo'd the whole time...he didn't stop once!
    overall a great stick and highly recommended for smaller children....more info
  • Very hoppy
    What a fun thing. My daughter has had a hoppy good time on this pogo stick. It works great and offers her some excellent exercise. And to boot...its fun! It's a win - win!...more info
  • Great Outdoor Toy for Active Kids
    Both my kids love this pogo stick. They like to be outside and this gives them another reason during the short summer months. The love to have contests to see who can jump the farthers, longest, and with no hands. The product is well made and simple to use for kids of all ages....more info
  • My Child Loves It
    My child is 11, but very small for his age. The only thing he asked for as a birthday gift this year was a pogo stick, but since he is just under 60 pounds none of the ones targeted for his age would work well with his weight. This one works perfectly for him and he has used it daily for hours on end. ...more info
  • worth every penny
    we got this for our 9yr. old son-he had an old cheap one before this. He loves it-hours of fun. looks to be holding up good after 5 months of play. 5 stars :)...more info
  • great product so far
    My son loves his pogo stick. He got tired keeping track of counting his jumps at 325. Lots of fun and well far, so good....more info
  • Pleasing, but not perfect
    I got this for my 7-year-old for Christmas and he has gotten really good at it in just three days. My 5-year-old (40 lbs) does not seem to be heavy enough to make the thing bounce. I am happy that the stick has been a fun challenge without being so difficult that my older son gave up on it. I think this has helped him gain confidence and realize that practicing on something can really pay off. My only complaint so far with this pogo stick is that the rubber stopper on the bottom falls out of it -- this started happening on only the second day of use and it now falls out with any vigorous jumping....more info
  • Pogo Joy!
    I bought this pogo stick for my 7-year old daughter and she just loves it. It took her about a week to get the hang of it and now she could jump forever if she didn't need to eat! This is a well-built product and does exactly what it should. It's nice and heavy - no cheapie plastic anywhere. We couldn't be happier with it....more info
  • Not what we expected
    My daughter's pogo stick looks more red and blue than pink and blue; as shown in the picture. Which was a little disappointing for my 6 year old.

    It's not a beginners pogo stick either. I hope that after lots of practice she'll get the "jump" of it! Right now she can not balance let alone jump.

    She really likes it, despite these setbacks...I just hope she gets to use it!...more info
  • Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick
    I purchased this pogo stick for my grandson's 8th. birthday. He really loves it and just can't stop jumping on it. He has a twin sister whom I purchased a different type of pogo stick for and it's just not as easy to use as this one! I would recommend this pogo stick to people with active children. This is a great form of exercise. So far so good with the quality of the product. I will give the pogo stick five stars! Thanks Amazon for the speedy shipping and great price. In a week I will purchase this same pogo stick for another granddaughter!...more info
  • Great first pogo stick
    My son received this as a gift when he was 7. It took him a while to get the hang of it but after alot of practice he is now an expert. He is now almost 9 and about 72 pounds and it isn't quite big enough for him anymore. I have had no problems with it at all....more info
  • Returned this pogo stick.
    My 10 yr old son (70 lbs) got this for Christmas and he liked it but it was too short for his heighth so I returned it to Amazon and was charged a $6.14 restocking fee which makes me mad! I had to pay for return shipping which wasn't cheap either due to size of box. So make sure this is what you want so you don't have to return it & pay the restocking fee....more info
  • sproing - sprong - sprong
    The pogo stick arrived on time. The quality is nice and sturdy. Our 7-year old grandaughter loves it!...more info
  • Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick
    Purchased one of these pogo sticks for my grandson at Christmas time. He and his older sister loved it so much they asked for another for the sister. Been a lot of fun, durable. Highly recommend for beginners. ...more info
  • Still a great item after years of use.
    Bought one several years ago and it is still going strong. The foam outside quiets the spring noise. Also the spring is internal so fingers will not get pinched. This item is for up to 80 lbs. My child is near that so I am looking for one for higher weights. If I can get one from the same company, I will....more info
  • Exceptional buy
    I bought this pogo for my oldest daughter 5 years ago. It has been through 5 children, twice yearly block parties, being abandoned in the rain, and generally abused. It was still in great shape right up until last week when my 7yo left it behind my car and I ran it over. She is now saving her allowance to replace it with an identical pogo stick. It's perfect for petite children...the only one they've ever tried that they can actually get to bounce. One of the few toys they've used year after year.

    The replacement pogo just came today. Although I was expecting pink and purple, the color is actually deep red and blue. This was neutral for me as we have girls and either color scheme works. This one looks even sturdier than the one I ran over. The frame is of larger diameter, it weighs a little more, and the tip is bigger and heavier. Good thing because I have 3 more kids behind the older ones who haven't yet sampled the joys of pogo-sticking....more info
  • Fun...
    Purchased for my 5 year old, but the weight is not right on it. He isn't heavy enough to make it bounce and he is a big kid. However, my daughter, 7, can use it and thinks it's pretty cool....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised...
    This was a gift for my six year old niece who is a real girly girl so the pink and purple color was a big hit. It was all ready to go as soon as we slid it out of the box. It is very durable and just the right size for children under 10 or less than 80 lbs. The price was very reasonable. Happy overall....more info
  • durable and safer than most.
    Seems like a softer version than the regular run of the mill Pogo stick. A little lower to the ground too. Kids loved it. I got one for each child....more info
  • pogo fun
    We got this pogo stick for our 5 year old son for Christmas. At first, he couldn't do it. But he kept trying it, and now has mastered it. He loves it! It's very well made and can go really high. If you have a child that it fairly active and likes running and jumping, this is a great toy. It also gets them outside and away from the tv....more info
  • SOO much FUN!
    Our 8 year old wanted this for Christmas last year, and we really hesitated because we worried he would be bored with it after one day. But we got it for him anyway, and now a year later he still loves to POGO! It took him awhile to get the hang of it, but can now jump 100 times in a row without falling. Great outdoor fun!...more info
  • Great toy for kids
    I got these for my niece. The first day she couldn't use them at all, I had to keep holding her the whole time. But then the next day she just figured it out all of a sudden, and now she's hopping around like a happy rabbit.

    The pogo stick itself is quite rugged and the spring action is smooth. I haven't noticed any problem with the rubber foot on this one, it's still solidly attached.

    My niece is actually OVER 80 pounds slightly... but she can still use this (although probably not for long). But if she jumps hard she will bottom out the spring (which is really not that bad)

    This thing is probably ideal for kids 60 to 70 pounds....more info
  • Awesome active toy
    My daughter absolutely loves this pogo stick. I like it because it's covered in foam. She likes to try to better the number of jumps she can do! It's just a great alternative to get her out of the house and active instead of in front of a tv, game console or computer. Love it!...more info
  • More dangerous a toy than the 'foam' leads you to believe...
    I got this for my 6 year old grand-daughter who assured me that she'd used one before at the neighbors. (That may or may not have been the truth.) The instructions warn that the stick will initially be very 'tight' and hard to make work, and that was certainly true. The first time it loosened up when she was trying to jump on it, it almost knocked her two front top teeth out. I'm glad they are still baby teeth since they have been wobbly ever since!...more info
  • Great Purchase
    This has been a favorite of our daughter. I would not recommend for larger/older children, but that is explictly explained on the instructions. Much safer than the pogo sticks I remember as a child (no exposed springs, rust, sharp edges, etc.)...more info
  • Outstanding Service
    The service provided was absolutely outstanding. I had order a
    Foam Maverick Pogo stick on Dec 15, 2006 and I received it on Dec 18th. Prior to ordering through Amazon, I tried to order the item from Target, Toys R Us and a couple of website and they all stated they were either out of stock or the item will not be shipped until mid January. I totally freaked out and was about to panic because the pogo stick was the #1 item on my daughter's Christmas list. When I had tried the website again, Amazon prompted and I thought I'll check it out. I couldn't believe the item was in stock, shipping was only 2-3 days and let alone on sale. I was ecstatic. I order it and got it within 3 days. The pogo stick is very nice and my daughter is very happy. Keep up the outstanding service!!!! ...more info
  • Foam Maverick Pogo Stick
    I purchased this Foam Maverick Pogo Stick for my granddaughter's 8th. birthday! I also purchased the Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick for her twin brother. There is NO comparison between the two pogo stick's. The Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is by far the best pogo stick for children who don't weigh much. The Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is hard to jump on and just doesn't seem like the quality is as good. I wanted to return the Foam Maverick Pogo Stick in exchange for one like I purchased for her twin brother but Amazon has a policy about thirty day exchanges and it's partly my fault because I held it until their birthday and my thirty day exchange time ran out! I am ordering a pogo stick like the one that I purchased for her brother for their little sister's birthday! I would recommend purchasing the Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick NOT the Foam Maverick Pogo Stick!! Sorry, a disappointed Grandmother!!...more info
  • 6 yr old loves her pogo stick
    I got my daughter this pogo stick for Christmas and she really loves it. It was a bit stiff at first, just like the enclosed directions indicated, but once I bounced it up and down a bit, it loosened up enough for her weight to have it go up and down a bit. Mine was red and blue - OK for a boy or a girl. She's have a great time learning how to use it and getting exercise at the same time. ...more info
  • The Only Pogo
    My 8 year old daughter was begging for a pogo stick since all the other kids in our neighborhood had one. They ALL had this pogo stick. Once I did a little bit of research I realized why - it's basically the only one available at a reasonable price. My daughter and all the other kids in the neighborhood (from ages 6-9) LOVE it! It's durable, works well, and fun!...more info


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