No One Lives Forever

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Product Description

No One Lives Forever is a story-driven, first-person adventure delivering over-the-top action, tense subterfuge, outrageous villains, and wry humor in the tradition of the great 1960s spy films and TV shows. Players assume the role of Agent Archer, an operative working for a covert anticrime organization. Armed with an assortment of conventional and experimental weaponry and gadgets, players explore exotic locales and contend with deadly agents as they evade traps, unravel mysteries, and become entangled in a cleverly constructed conspiracy that threatens the entire free world.

No One Lives Forever is an outstanding action-adventure game that combines the campy 1960s-style spy-spoof story lines of the Austin Powers movies with the best single-player gameplay we've experienced since Half-Life. Clever, funny, and stylish aren't words normally associated with first-person shooters, but NOLF is anything but normal.

Assuming the role of sexy UNITY operative Cate Archer, you must complete 15 enormous and distinct missions to keep the world safe from H.A.R.M., a nefarious organization rife with colorful arch-villains. In true Hollywood style, the game is laced with cutscenes that set the stage for your missions and advance the plot by showing H.A.R.M. higher-ups boasting about their evil plans. The dialogue in both the cutscenes and the in-game action sequences is witty and genuinely funny, and the voice acting is excellent. We found ourselves hiding in dark corners just so we could eavesdrop on the bad guys.

The comic antics end abruptly when enemies catch wind of your presence. Whether they stumble across a body you carelessly left in your wake, hear you creeping about, respond to a tripped alarm, or simply see you, these foes are all business. They will stalk you, duck behind cover, and call for reinforcements. All the action is straight from a spy movie: shoot a guy on a balcony, and he'll tumble over the rail and fall to the ground. Fire a gun underwater, and you'll see the spiral trail of the bullet.

Most missions can be approached in a variety of ways, and although full-frontal assaults are possible, stealthy progression is usually better for your health. Being a superspy, you'll have plenty of gadgets to help you along the way, from a lock-pick barrette to a robotic poodle capable of turning even the most ferocious attack dog into man's best friend. Players who like to send a more direct message will enjoy playing with the game's full assortment of firearms, including Bond-worthy silencer pistols and briefcase rocket launchers.

The quality of AI and inventiveness of the single-player missions are fortunate because the multiplayer component doesn't compare to Unreal Tournament or Counter-Strike. Regardless, No One Lives Forever should be on the short list of any fan of first-person shooters looking for an unbeatable solo experience. --T. Byrl Baker


  • Multiple approaches to nearly every level add to the replay value
  • Loads of atmosphere
  • Contains some of the most unorthodox and enjoyable missions we've ever played
  • Amazing detail
  • Smart and funny
  • Not the prettiest 3-D engine on the market

No One Lives Forever is a story-driven, first-person adventure delivering over-the-top action, tense subterfuge, outrageous villains, and wry humor in the tradition of the great 1960s spy films and TV shows. Players assume the role of Agent Archer, an operative working for a covert anticrime organization. Armed with an assortment of conventional and experimental weaponry and gadgets, players explore exotic locales and contend with deadly agents as they evade traps, unravel mysteries, and become entangled in a cleverly constructed conspiracy that threatens the entire free world.

Customer Reviews:

  • Challenging and Fun
    Finally a fresh title in the world of first-person shooters. There's lots of great features about this game. The enemy AI is great! I found myself yelling at it when I first played it - "They're ducking and rolling!". Very slick. Lots of different levels as well. Standard stuff like factories, but there's a sunken freighter (complete with sharks) and one level where you're actually falling out of a plane and having a shootout in mid-air. Plus there's lots of humor in the game, both in the cutscenes as well as some of the dialog between enemy NPCs you hear as you go around the maps. Lots a fun and highly recommended!...more info
  • better even than the sequel
    This game is one of the best PC games ever. The graphics are OK but the gameplay is out of this world !...more info
  • best game of 200
    man did i love this game. i just beat it and it has a lot of fun missions. the humorous guards and listening to their conversations is imusing. the graphics are pretty good. there is a great story line in it. you get to ride motorcycles snowmobiles scuba dive fall out of an airplane. i really recomend this game to anyone who likes first person shooters. go buy this now....more info
  • Man, this is the most polished i've ever seen a game
    Most games have little bugs that show it was rushed or that no one cared. And even great games like Half-Life have really bad parts like that whole Xen thing. But this game is just plain fantastic

    i like the weapons. The humor (this is a funny game first person shooter, not a serious spy game) is awesome. i hate the '60s and those ugly constumes, but this game is still wonderful.

    Only complaint i have is that i didn't like the scuba diving level. Also, the sharp shooting level where you protect the dumb US guy was pretty hard due to your limited field of view, but still fun

    This is probably the best FPS i have played in a long, long time...more info

    I've played this game almost every day for the past nine months. It's awesome. Austin Powers meets Deus Ex. Very funny, excellent graphics, excellent voice and music. Also such variety of locations, it NEVER gets boring. I'll tell ya what, you REALLY gets your money's worth of entertainment here. If you don't get this game, you are really missing out. I LOVED it....more info
  • Don't let the box fool you!
    Judging by the box design, I thought this would be a crappy shooter game for kids. I Was DEAD wrong.


    Its a hillarious spy game with half-life like game play, controls and graphics. This game is highly addictive the story line is really good and the gadgets are pretty cool too. The characters in the game are not dumb, they have highly intellectual conversations (when your listening around the corner) It almost makes me feel bad when I shoot them. The AI is pretty good. The enemy soldures don't just stand and let themselves get killed; They duck behind objects and run for help.

    This game is one of the best new games out here! for any bond fans (for the n64) or half-life fans: this game makes a great sequal.

    What an awsome game....more info

  • Awesome
    First let me tell you that this game is excellent. The first time I played this game was when I downloaded the technology demo about a month ago. At first the game seemed sort of stupid with its bright colors and goofy 60's theme, but then I played the first mission and couldn't stop laughing. You start the mission behind (and out of sight) of a guard that is in the process of being sold a monkey by an old street merchant (who gets upset when the guard won't buy the thing). Hey I almost died because I wanted to hear them argue. The fact that I could shoot the guard at any time made it even more fun. (Note: if you shoot the monkey you lose) All the levels are fun and creative with excellent level design and some serious game play. The game ran like greased lightning on my P3 500 with a voodoo 3 card. Any thing less and you might want to download the demo to see how it runs. But, if you've got the horsepower I seriously recommend you pick this game up....more info
  • Frankly Astonishing....
    This is a great game. Funny, engrossing, challenging. And the details can blow you away...

    For example, when was the last time you played a first person shooter where you shoot a guy at the top of some steps and he rolls down the steps seamlessly, just like in the movies. I suggest never. Or, if you shoot a guy on a balcony, he falls over the railing just like the movies. There are no games in the market that have this sort of extra character animation.

    Or background music which seamlessly blends in with the action? The music can have a sort of quiet sound, but when you spot a sniper and pick him off with a rifle, the music kicks in with a single beat, like a drum shot, just like the movies. When people suddenly discover you, the music changes intensity smoothly, like the movies. Believe me, you haven't heard music transitions handled this well since the LucasArts Jedi Knight PC games.

    These are only examples of what can happen during the shooting action in the game. The music, storyline, cutscenes, voice acting, missions, etc. are all just wonderful, and the main character has to be one of the most attractive woman in PC gaming history. If you play a lot of PC games, this is the sort of game which can take your breath away and make you say "Wow..." in how the game just does things better than so many of the other games out there.

    The graphics engine is a bit weak, but perfectly adequate, and very satisfying when you consider games like Rune which are stunningly gorgeous but become incredibly boring after the redundant gameplay drives you to tears...

    NOLF simply rocks. A must buy....more info

    THIS GAME IS AWESOME.... It instantly caught my eye.. I love the Austin Powers/James Bond setting. I have just recenly gotten into the harm vs unity online, and just love it......more info
  • wow this is cool we dont have a james bond game
    I really like this game you get to do super spy stuff the weapons are cool its a good buy trust me this game is as deep as any other FPS out there to tell the truth we need a part 2 get this its really good :)...more info
  • If only EA...
    ...could make Bond titles this good! Playing NOLF really puts an emphasis on the creative apathy at Electronic Arts. Monolith took a clean-slate approach to the superspy FPS genre and came up with a fun, hip, slick shooter that feels like a stealth title, adventure, and shooter wrapped up in one day-glo far-out package. It's long, deep, and constantly innovative. No level feels like the last, there is no "value padding."
    Even while executing its maneuvers with grace and force, NOLF will draw smiles and an occasional chuckle with it's self-deprecating sense of farce. It's the rare game not afraid to laugh at itself! NOLF is thoroughly enjoyable and a must-play for all PC gamers.

    *Download the V1.03 patch from the company website before play*
    -Innovative and USEFUL gadgetry
    -Brilliantly colorful, detailed, and geographically correct environments
    -Masterful use of shadow and lighting
    -Variety of gameplay, never tedious
    -Accurate, responsive control
    -Engaging story and characters
    -Humor ranging from Carrot-Top corny to occasionally hilarious (the German HARM agents debating morality killed me)

    -Slighty over-cooked dialogue (could have benefitted from editing)
    -Poorly executed "stealth" missions (major inconsistencies in enemy and surveillance camera awareness, even with V 1.03 patch)...more info
  • An Awsome Game
    I have never played a first person game that had such a variety of environments, such great dialog and so many cut scenes. Neither have I seen such great looking main character in any other game. Great story, hard bosses, and lots of enemies that can be avoided of shot on sight to save yourself from beeing discovered. Drive vehicles. Jump out of the airplanes. Have a punch out contest with a bad guy and solve a hard story puzzle - who is the Bad Guy......more info
  • Shock to a Stagnant Game Market
    I had recently stopped playing games, namely FPS because I was so uninteresed in the relative lack of innovation. It was during this hiatus that a friend menioned No One Lives Forever. I was immediately drawn in by this Austin Powers/James Bond mix and had to be dragged away from the computer, mid-mission 2 hours later. NOLF quite effectively balances actions, cut-scenes, gadgetry, and pure thought process to produce one of the most enjoyable games in memory....more info
  • If you haven't played an FPS in some time, play this one
    No One Lives Forever is a 007 with a twist. Secret operative is your job description. If you liked Half-life, this is another FPS with a story and not so much just go around and shoot everything. Of course, that is what ends up happening anyways. There are lots of cool gadgets and weapons that you get to choose from over the course of the game. Very cool scenes and places to explore. This is a definite purchase....more info
  • Too Bad.......The Possibilities Were Nearly Endless
    I was really disappointed once I started playing this game. It was a brilliant idea.......70's spy game, great for anyone that likes Bond movies or any other movie in that genre. Don't get me wrong this game is fun to play, but here I will point out the cons: 1.Where is the 3D we all love? This game lacked the graphics that you need to compete in today's market and really fell short of stupendous 2.Weapon Selection-more than disappointing in this field, hardly any thing to work with 3.Story-What we all loved about those 70's spy movies was the villian and the spys journey into defeating him, the game lacked on this side of the game too......................................................Well, if you are thinking about buying this game make sure you check out the demo ... before buying it because you may be glad you didn't decide to buy it. One last note though......this game genre is no where near out of the question for making a new game, so I challenge any and all manufacturers out there to put this game in the dust! Good luck browsing/shopping!...more info
  • A groundbreaking, witty, seriously creative classic.....
    After Half- Life, no other game came close to matching its style and execution. At that time, Age of Empires , Warcraft 2 etc were the mainstay since they offered some variety in real-time strategy. However, the First-Person shooter genre was devoid of any conceptually appealing games, barring the usual Quake or Unreal, which weren't story driven in the real sense. One can call them as graphics-defining games. But a struggling company called Monolith, which had a few average games to its credit, released No One Lives Forever, and the result was a community changed overnight !. Never in FPS genre has a title influenced so much in both gameplay and story. Half-Life was indeed great, but creativity in NOLF is downright legend.

    The game sets you in the swinging 60's. You are Cate Archer, a sexy, svelte, lethal super-spy working for a top secret anti-terrorist organization called Unity. Being a former thief, you have the skills to hide, sneak up, snipe and use wicked gadgetry behind enemy lines with a cat-like grace and oodles of energy, confidence, and humour. A sinister organization called H.A.R.M seeks to destroy the world by unleashing a chemical agent (I wont tell you what it does, it'll spoil the fun !), bringing with it utter chaos and fear. Cate must race against the clock to unearth H.A.R.M's true motive and eventually destroy it.

    Before I get to the positive points, let me first talk about the graphics. NOLF runs on Lithtech engine, custom created by Monolith itself. It is the same one driving the Alien vs Predator series. The engine is fairly old and many objects appear blocky. Also, the lighting is non-dynamic and shadows do not cast any visible image on other objects of the environment. In short, there is nothing home to write about NOLF's appearance. But then again, this game was released way back in 2001 and at that time, it looked really pretty. And it still is , even today. NOLF derives an unusual sense of appeal from the way it is presented. Since the swinging sixties was all about hippies and bright colours, this engine is absolutely perfect in capturing the essence of that era. Cate herself looks gorgeous , even with the limited textures. And the level design is absolutely superb. The game developers knew exactly the weaknesses and strengths of the engine and derived the most out of it. Please dont judge NOLF by how it looks (from a different perspective, it actually looks fabulous !) because its real strengths lie somewhere else.

    The story actually sets your senses running. It is not something you read a thousand times in one form or another. The way the plot is revealed really appeals to the senses. NOLF has tremendous twists and the plot is thankfully human-centric too. You feel for Cate when she is in desperate situations or really laugh out when she is faced with the lighter side of things. But all this is ultimately packaged with humorous dialogues. NPC's will converse if you are stealthy enough to not alert them and their discussions is what makes this game so ground-breaking. Sensational interaction. You'd actually want to listen to them talk and the result will be some really lung-splitting verbal exchanges. It's that good. All the main characters, who move the story forward, are some of the most memorable ever made. And each one has a unique personality that is endearing. Simply put, every character :friend of foe, has someting to say and it's a treat. Monolith has blended pure action with creative dialgoue and story to bring out a new FPS outlook. On top of that, if you do alert your enemy, you will be faced with some of the most intelligent AI in any game to date. Your enemy is no pushover. He will, shoot, hide, reload, run across the room, roll over and also co-ordinate attacks with his like. If you play in the hardest mode, better learn their patterns, or you're toast !. But once you learn to anticipate, then they are easy to kill. Expect accurate shots from them though !.

    If the story is the icing, then the gameplay is the delicious chocolate cake. You have an assortment of gadgets, from the standard silenced Carbine, trusty AK47 to the awesome Draganov and single-shot pistol. On top of that, Cate has some truly innovative items like lipstick explosive, acid-spray, dog-teaser poodle ,belt zip line etc. All these gadgets are a must-use to see their effect. The missions are beautifully designed and each has certain unique objectives that only a few gadgets can help you accomplish it. One entire level has only stealth, forcing you to dodge cameras and H.A.R.M agents !. In short, NOLF throws you constant surprises at every given turn.

    The music is superbly catchy. Monolith has made sure that the sounds reflect the era and the result is one rollercoaster dynamic soundtrack. Also the game is intelligent enough to change tempo when you combat and enemy or sneak up on him. The ambient sounds are satisfactory and all your gadgets have distinctive immersive sounds. Top notch.

    If there is one occasional drawback (not much actually) then it has to be the in-game cut scenes. Though witty and creative, some are downright too long. And some, you actually cannot avoid. But safe to say, they absolutely do not negate NOLF's overall appeal in any way.

    Conclusion : This is not a game to be rented. It is to be bought !. Do not judge the cover, for NOLF is an absolute page-turner!. It is one of the most inventive, creative and challenging game in the market. If you like a game that does not fall into your standard hit-and-run titles that have deluged the market, then NOLF is for you. Play this title and then you will appreciate its sequel even more, which is fantastic. This is one game that will be in your collection of classics, long after you said Cate goodbye.
    Happy hunting.........more info
  • Excellent FPS!
    This is not your standard FPS. Gone are the days of "kill the monsters, find the door." The missions in this game are so varied, you'll feel like you stepped into a James Bond film. This game has an excellent story that seems plucked right out of any great spy movie. It has the gadgets, the guns, and of course, the girls. Zany villians, who include an overweight big game hunter, a Russian assassin, a disgruntled oprea singer, and a demolition-loving Scotsman are just some of the foes you'll face. This is a standard tuxedo-martini spy game (with just a dash of cheesiness), but this time, the roles are reversed. You take control of Cate Archer, female superspy. You are given unique weapons, incredible gadgets, and a hapless partner who wears pink and green polyester shirts. The graphics were beautiful enough to astound me. (Many things do that to me) The reason I gave this only four stars is because of the system requirements. Buyers with slower systems beware! This game is not meant for you. To get optimal performance out of this game, you practically need a supercomputer. To sum this up, if you have the system, and the dough, buy this game fast!...more info
  • A proud successor to Half-Life
    I'm not usually a fan of FPS games. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Take the best elements of Thief, Half-Life, and old James Bond movies, mix them together, and you've got this game. Whoever designed the levels and missions for this game deserves very high praise. The story is also very engaging, with a tongue in cheek variety of humor that's not as over the top as Austin Powers.

    This game is primarily a sneaker. While you're not completely incompetent in a straight-up fight, you'll do best to get through the missions using stealth. The voice acting throughout the game is excellent. Guards carry on conversations about the nature of evil, job security for being the henchman of a criminal mastermind, etc. All of these are delivered very well and are quite funny. I'd often go back after completing a mission just so I could hear things that I missed the first time around.

    The AI in the game is superb. The bad guys rarely rush at you head-on, like a last-ditch bonzai charge. Frequently they'll flip over furniture to use for cover, and will even use suppressive fire. I can't say enough how much I loved the gunfights in this game. I liked them better than Half-Life's, and that's saying a lot.

    While the engine that runs the game doesn't have as much eye candy as Unreal Tournament or Quake 3, it's definitely passable. Beyond that, though, the animations are perfect. If you shoot somebody while they're going down the stairs, they'll stumble for a while before tumbling down, rather than just gliding down like in most shooters.

    If you're at all a fan of first person shooters, and particularly if you enjoyed Half-Life, you owe it to yourself to pick this game up. I wouldn't hesitate to call it one of the best games of the year....more info

  • My wife bought it for herself but I can't stop playing.
    While out shopping one night my wife spotted this game and bought it for herself. I installed it for her and started playing, I haven't stopped long enough for her to get on the computer. As a big fan of shootem up types like Quake and Unreal, I was pleasantly surprised by this game. The graphics, scenarios and humor make it an enjoyable purchase. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Fantastic game
    I do not understand why this game never became popular. It is so much fun, and its different. After Portal, this has to be the game with best humor. I love this game and I throughly recommend it. ...more info
  • Who cares about the dumb conversations
    Number one - I love to blow stuff up and wipe out entire armies. That's my idea of a good computer game. This is not that kind of game.

    1) The graphics are good
    2) The user interface works well like other FPS
    3) Good weapons choices and usage
    4) Loved the music

    1) Too much baloney between action scenes. Only losers would say "I replayed the game just to hear the conversations."
    2) See one again - especially the doggone training labs. Where's the skip button?

    3) Reference one again - too much setup in the story. Get me armed and let me exercise extreme prejudice.

    Read the positive vibes. Many admit they don't normally like FPS games. This might appeal to the wine and whine club, but if you want a real game - stick in the realm of unreal, half life, and quake....more info

  • WOW! this is REALLY good
    Wow, what a game!

    Fun, funny, fast, furious, adrenaline pumping and sophisticated problem solving. A very convinvcing world.

    Now it is not like Unreal Tournament in its adrenaline, nor like Aliens in its edge of seat terror - nevertheless, it is just as potent! The tension comes from caring about your character, and trying to complete the missions.

    For example, you are not supposed to shoot civilians, so imagine running around in a heated gunbattle in the middle of a hotel and trying not to shoot any civilians! as they duck for cover behind desks.

    There is variety too, at one time you may be sneaking around, and another time being a sniper (providing cover for someone else), or running about in gunbattles, then hiding your gun and walking about calmly to blend in. Or frantically looking for a way out, and realising you can shoot the lock off a gate and duck through.

    Fox has done it again with this one.

    The atmosphere is amazing. Don't worry about it being 60's, it is not at all tacky or overbearing, it is bright, entertaining and very elegant. Ordinary people are walking about doing their day to day tasks, and they react to whatever you do.

    I think this will become one of the most classic games. The next Lara Croft? Possibly, Cate has a tonne of personality and cheek, AND you get to choose what she says, AND this changes the games outcome!

    I highly recommend you get it, you will enjoy it immensely....more info

  • A lighthearted and fun game.
    No One Lives Forever (NOLF) is a zany spy spoof along the lines of Austin Powers, that strikes the right balance between action and humor. The game is rather dated now, but still worth playing. Like a lot of older first person shooters, it's very long and has a wide variety of tasks to accomplish, ranging from battling sharks to sneaking onboard a rocket to conducting an interview. (Yes, an interview.) The music is a send-up of the sixties without ripping off the "classic" tunes you hear every five minutes on the radio, and the villains are appropriately bad and stupid. One of the my favorite things to do is sneak up on the guards and listen to their conversations. Not only are they funny, but spot-on for the time period the game takes place in. Whoever produced this game did their research. Overall it's one of my top ten favorites, although it's a shame the sequel wasn't as successful. ...more info
  • Best Action Game I've ever played
    No One Lives Forever is the best action game I've ever played. With excellent graphics, brilliant AI, fantastic soundtrack, hillarious story and a wonderful design, NOLF is one of the games that you just can't stop playing.

    Everything in the game, from the weapons & gadgets to the level designs, is inspired by the 60s and by the famous super-spy movies and TV shows. The game succeeds in getting the player right into the "Austin Powers"-style story and characters.

    As an action games reviewer, I can say that NOLF is the best action game I've played in the last two years, and is my favorite game ever.

    I wish I could explain why it is so good, but I guess you'll have to see it for yourself: Every mission is different than the others, and the game combines non-stop action with some elements of 'thinker shooters' - makes you think before you shoot.

    A must-have for all gamers!!...more info

  • A hilarious. thrilling, adventure.
    No One Lives Forever is incredible. Not many games kep me interested and amazed throughout the entire game, but NOLF does it. The creators are absolute geniuses to come up with something so thrilling and so darn hilarious. I found myself laughing the whole entire way through. The villians seem as if they came out of an Austin Powers movie. The puzzles are complicated enough to keep you busy for quite some time. One of the best parts abit NOLF, besides the graphics, storyline, etc. is the length. It takes many hours to get through it as their are 15 missions, but each mission has several scenes. The companion book is good to have, but use it only if you need it. I used it the first time and I'm going to start all over from the beginning without it. Great game. Looking forward to the sequel....more info
  • A good, funny game
    I have to admit I am judjing this game from the demo.This game is also not for any one who expects the best graphics in the world. The movies are fair and the faces of the people look 'kinda blocky. But There is also some good humor in the game. The AI is very good and the your enimes push over tables and auctually know that they are not bulletproof. Though it is said to be a spy game I am almost never able to sneak past people. The gagets are nice and each weapon has a cretain advantage and disadvantage. I would recomend this game to anyone who loves good humor and good game play and does not mind graphics....more info
  • Best game
    This is quite simply the best game I've ever played. I loved every minute of it, and I'm someone who can get bored easily with games. It's a great first-person shooter, but at the same time it doesn't get repetitive like some shooters can be. I highly recommend it....more info
  • So close... but Great all the same.
    This is the best FPS since Half-Life, and betters it in many respects. The humor, story, and in-engine cinematics give the game world great believability. There are, of course scripted events, but you are not obliged (or sometimes able) to view / hear them all. For example, I tried to show a friend a particularly funny exchange between two guards, but could not recreate the situation where it occurred. Sound frustrating? Not really. I like the fact that the people in this world have conversations with each other, and don't particularly care if I'm there to hear it.

    I agree with most of the other reviewers on the positives of this game. My one big disappointment is that "sneaking" around in this game is supposed to be an option, but I found myself having to blow away most of my opposition. I could forgive this, except Looking Glass already showed us how it could be done in "Thief" -- why can't Monolith just learn from that. All in all, a small criticism for an otherwise superior FPS.

    This product just proves that id is a technology company -- but companies like Monolith actually make GAMES....more info

  • Forget Every Other FSP
    I remember the first time I loaded the DOOM demo on my computer and experiencing a gaming experience like no other. Unfortunately like anything that's any good, the PC game industry has beaten the FSP like the proverbial "dead horse". Even the much ballyhooed "Half-Life" seems rather uninspired compared to the innovative N64 titles Goldeneye and Perfect Dark and the cerebral Thief and Thief 2. What set these titles above the pack were the addition of mission objectives and puzzles (in other words, more realism).

    Finally someone has blended all the elements of the best FPS games into one title and that is No One Lives Forever. The game is fast, funny, addictive as crack, and a real pleasure to play. The real beauty of this game is that you can choose to be sneaky or agressive with an equal chance of success. After an hour of attempting to sneak into a covert lab I decided the best approach was to slap in a full clip and forget about the alarms altogether.

    In the end the game is worth the cost just for the free fall from the airplane in Unexpected Turbulence....more info

  • Immersive..gagetfest..the spy who rocks me..!!
    No one lives forever is the FPS that others will be compared to in years to come..wildly entertaing movie style cut scenes..weapons that more than get the job done..upgrades out the wahzoo..gadgets like camera sunglasses..briefcase rocket launcher many others..don't let the box fool you..this shooter has plenty of action that will please the most jaded shooter fans..great level design get to skydive..spear sharks snowmobiles..other vehicles..If you don't dig this need to go have your head examined...!!...more info
  • best FPS game ever!!
    i love this game!!

    best game i have ever played!!
    the dialogues are funny especially listening to the guards talking about everything...[^_-]
    and cool gadgets too like the compact powder,lipsticks etc...

    say no it!!...more info
  • It just RULZ!!!
    NOLF is the first to get it right! For those of you out there like myself who are tired of pointless rampage, slow soggy stories, or games that lose site of what makes a game fun, the cure has been found. You assume the role of Ms. Kate Archer. She is not a lesson in "feminine activists friendly game play" nor is she a over physically endowed creature for eye candy. She is simply Kate, a witty lass looking for some death defying adventure to ease her boredom of the daily grind. The locations and action are incredibly realistic in their cinematics. You have a true feeling of exploring foreign locations while playing much as you did when first laying your hands on MYST 6-8 years ago. But the real winning feature is that it is just downright FUN! It is very self aware as a game and never takes itself too seriously. It's a title that will return to your hardrive many times well after you have finished playing it for the *last* time!...more info
  • A very good game !
    No One lives Forever is a very good and funny game. The graphics compared to Halflife and Quake are poor. It has a very nice story line , you go from country to country doing missions. It is very easy to play this game because when you start to play the game the first thing you do is to go threw a training course and learn how to use every gadget and gun. The selection of guns and gadgets is good too !! The game is funny too, when you try to shoot a guy then he is like , look out for the bullets !! or they talk in a German/English language and it sounds really funny. Was are sie doing here ? It is has a funny mood and good storyline but there are much better graphics avaliable in other games ! David S....more info
  • If you don't own No One Lives Forever you're missing out!
    What are you doing? Stop reading and order both of the No One Lives Forever games before they're no longer in print. I'm serious. These games have a great story, great humor and awesome action.

    You play a 60's era spy on the trail of evil masterminds. No One Lives Forever has it all... great music, graphics (for its time), cool weapons, stealth if you want and long hours of gaming goodness. You'll find yourself laughing at the story and dialogue and you'll catch the evildoers in some funny conversations.

    This is one of the best FPS series ever made. To let it pass you buy is a crying shame. Buy both games today. They're cheap and they're well worth the bargain bin price....more info
  • This shooter is a kick in the pants!
    This game is entirely entertaining. With each level, you will use different weapons and devices, such as throwing a coin to distract the guards, using "body powder" to dissolve dead bodies, or using fuzzy slippers to walk through an area without being heard.

    This game is 1 part adventure, 1 part strategy and 3 parts action! It is a blast. There is a lot of sleuthing around and attempting to remain undetected. And there is a lot of sniping. The environments are VERY engaging - discovering the areas is definitely part of the fun.

    When I buy a video game, I'm looking for something to help me escape reality - to suck me into another world and this game COMPLETELY serves that purpose and lives up to my expectations.

    One thing to note, the full install is almost 1 gig. It's pretty intense - so make sure you have a good system. Of course, the size is pretty normal - as far as games go....more info

  • unfortuanelty
    Nice game, couldv,e been great .... expect for the fact that almost every character in this game is a joke, the main character,. nice spy... villians,. maybe if they werent so sweet and happy and funny looking,.. could have been great but the characters were just to childish to have a real FPS effect, just because its in FP doesnt mean that it is a true FPS,.. if your looking for something engrossing and something to get your adrenaline up then get Half-Life or Unreal Tournament...more info
  • Much better than I had expected.
    I just got my copy and I was amazed. No One Lives Forever is long, entertaining, and funny. I would reccommend it because it is so bright and colorful for a FPS. It is like being in a couple of spy movies and TV shows like "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." or "the Avengers". Everything is exaggerated; when cars explode they fly 50 ft. in the air and neat-o gagdets like the exploding lipstick. You can drive snowmobiles and when you talk to people you can choose your own dialogue. Dialogue between henchmen is hilarious. If you had bad performence when plying the demo, no worries, the code has been much improved. The game runs great on my PII-450.

    And yes, the game does have its own theme song....more info

  • A lot of fun
    This game is well worth the purchase. It is a fun escape from your "normal" life, with a good mixture of stealth and shoot-'em up. The helicopter scene is good but a little to easy. The ending level is great fun....more info
  • Is Cate Archer the next Lara Croft?
    I was pleasantly surprised by this game. It's far from the run of the mill first-person shooters that are being churned out.

    What's different? First of all, there's actually a story and plenty of cutscenes between and during the missions. The locations are in the exotic locales you would expect in a 60's spy flick. The music is excellent (you'll find yourself humming the theme song), the acting is top notch (I love Cate's accent), and, as many of the other reviewers have pointed out, the characters have plenty of interesting stories you can eavesdrop on.

    The AI is some of the best I've seen - the bad guys hide, duck behind corners or nearby objects and generally make it seem like they would prefer not to be shot. The developers have spent a lot of time making each locale look authentic, plus they have a great sense of humor too. Among other gags, you'll see a large sign pointing a rocket ship to the left with an equally large sign pointing out the toilet to the right.

    I only have a couple problems with the game. First off, it's not really a "shooter". It's more a "sneaker", resembling Thief or Rainbow Six. Perhaps I'm just not that good at this game but there are missions that I just find impossible to complete. I'm always getting caught which sets off all the alarms and causes a quick death for me. I'll probably have to get a walkthrough or cheat codes to finish the game and I hate games where I have to do that! Maybe I'm getting old?

    The load times are excruciating! Load up the game, start a mission, go make a sandwich, eat it, take a nap, wake up, get married, have kids, eliminate world hunger and hopefully by that time the mission will have started. Finally, I can see people with high-end systems complaining about the graphics. Personally, I don't think it's a big deal, it's kind of like comparing the graphics quality of Unreal Tournament verses Quake 3 - who cares as long as they're fun to play - but I want to mention it as they do look a little dated and that's a big deal for some people. By the way, the framerates are smooth on my machine which only meets the minimum listed system requirements.

    So if you're a fan of the 60's, secret agent movies or you just want to play a shooter that requires brainpower then I would recommend this game to you. I hoped my review helped....more info

  • A 60's Cinematic First-Person Shooter
    'The Operative: No One Lives Forever' is one of those rare breed of first-person shooter games (at least the ones I have come across), where there is more to the game than just shooting. There is a progressive storyline, which shows great care and detail (as well as a wink and nod to old 60's camp spy movies), and the game is divided up into scenes, just like a movie would be. The characters are all engaging (even the mindless guards who you simply need to pluck off with a bullet or what have you). The central storyline revolves around a sinister group known as H.A.R.M. I will not disclose their entire plan here, as that is part of the unfolding storyline, but suffice it to say, they are the bad guys - an evil corporation which employs uniformed thugs to do its bidding. They put the world in jeopardy, and someone needs to stop them. Enter Cate Archer (or YOU!). Cate is a reformed thief, and is recruited by UNITY (a British spy organization) to stop H.A.R.M. Cate has *quite* a personality, and it is alot of fun to play her. She is given assistance during various portions of the game, but for alot of it she is on her own. The locales encountered range from Morocco to Berlin, the turbulent seas to a secret space station. The villians (for it is mostly villians which you, as Archer, encounter, are all rendered with great personality, even down to the simpleton guards, whose AI chips were obviously programmed with care.

    The graphics look really good. There is really no difference between the gameplay scenes and the "cinematic" ones. The cinematic scenes are where the major plot points of the game unfold, and they, like much of the game, are *very* tongue-in-cheek. If I do have one qualm with 'No One Lives Forever', it is that the there are almost TOO MANY cinematic sequences - especially at the end. Let me just forewarn you now - the last part of the game, to me, was a bit of a letdown. The gameplay portion, compared to other gameplay scenes, was pretty weak, and then the game actually ends with - ANOTHER cinematic sequence. I am not giving away plot points here, just letting you know my misgivings.

    Other than the aforementioned, I can see no reason not to run out and get this wonderful game. It is a lot of fun, especially to re-play. As the "official" title is 'The Operative: No One Lives Forever', I smell a sequel - 'The Operative: something something something'.

    We should be that lucky....more info

  • A quirky and all around fun first person shooter.
    No One Lives Forever effectively combines the best elements of first person shooters from the past, while adding great new elements to go along with an outstanding, funny story.

    Gameplay - One word to describe the gameplay in No One Lives Forever is outstanding. The story revolves around spy Kate Archer in England during the 1960's. The missions are some of the best in any first person shooter. In one, you must drop from a crashing airplane and obtain the parachute from an enemy while free falling and fighting off attackers. The originality doesn't stop there however, the weapons are good, but the gagets are extraordinary. Some of the many gagets you get to try out are lipstick explosives, and a robotic poodle. The story progresses with funny clips with lots of intriguing characters. The plot twists, although predictable at times, are good as well. No One Lives Forever is, without a doubt, one of the funniest and original first person shooters to date.

    Gameplay - ****1/2 out of *****

    Graphics - The graphics are good, but are not up to par with other first person shooters such as Unreal Tournament and Quake 3. For example, there are no reflections of lights off of floors or walls. Although the graphics aren't the sharpest either, the death animations are very well done. If you shoot an enemy at the top of a flight of stairs, he will tumble down the entire stairway before coming to a stop at the bottom. Great job.

    Graphics - ***1/2 out of *****

    Sound - The sound and music in the game is top notch! I don't think I have ever heard a better soundtrack (except perhaps Command and Conquer Red Alert 1 and 2) The 60's music is funky and down right fantastic. It sets the mood for the game perfectly. Voice acting is also done well. Kate has a great voice (not unlike Elizabeth Hurley in the movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) as well as all the other characters, especially Tom Goodman, Kate's partner. The excellent sounds compliments this excellent game nicely.

    Sound - ***** out of *****

    Bottom Line - If you are at all interested in the first person shooter genre, or want a break from all the serious games out there, pick this up. You will not be disappointed....more info

  • Cool Game
    I found this game to be challenging and fun. I have a 850 mhz 256 mb Ram ATI Rage Mobility Video and at times the game was still slow and choppy. It seemed this way whenever the graphics became intense with too many characters or objects. The story is great, I even found myself laughing many times during the dialog scenes....more info
  • Simply Awesome
    This remains my favorite game ever, even if other games had better graphics even when it came out.

    Not only do you play an interesting character and you have a great story, the enemy aren't complete idiots. Best of all, the game makes you laugh. I can't count the times, I stopped to listen to a side conversation and was laughing to hard to avoid getting shot.

    Valve updated the graphics for Half-Life; I wish Sierra would do the same for No One Lives Forever....more info
  • One of the best games of the era
    One of the most outstanding games of the era. This games basically reminds me of Austin Powers and James Bond combined. The games is also like playing a movie they are a lot of cut scenes in the game.

    In this game you play a British Spy named Cate Archer. You basically must save the world from the Notorius Mad Man named Dimitri Volkov who has killed half of your agents. (That's how the story starts)

    What is good about this game is that you just cannot go around like Rambo killing people. You will have to sometimes sneek around and collect intelligents. Or sneek your way out without tripping any alarms. Aside from fire power you also have alot of cool gadgets in the game

    I Highly recommend this game to anyone.

    (P.S. The charactor Bruno Lawree (Cate Archer's Mentor) you will see in the beginning of the game eerily reminds me of actor Sean Connery He even sounds like him too....more info


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