Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bags, Package of 10 (Type A)

List Price: $10.99

Our Price: $6.91

You Save: $4.08 (37%)


Customer Reviews:
  • Good price
    Hey, they're vacuum cleaner bags, what can one say? I needed to spend a bit more money to get free shipping on my order and this fit the bill, for a little over a buck apiece. These should last me for years!...more info
  • Reasonable for name brand
    Priced well for the amount of bags and the fact that they are genuine Hoover bags. ...more info
  • Hoover replacement bags
    Looked locally for replacement bags for our Hoover upright vacuum cleaner and couldn't find. Shopped at Amazon and they had 'em. I had 'em in three days. Great deal, great delivery. Why go anywhere else?...more info
  • They work just fine!
    Bought these from Warehouse Deals, Amazon's outlet. Three dollars and something just because the box is a bit crushed? Such a deal! Woo-hoo! The bags work just fine in my machine. AND...! Can you believe so many people dissing the bags just because Amazon sent the wrong ones?! ...more info
  • Not Pleased
    Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

    I bought the Tempo Widepath Vacuum of which I am very pleased but the bags that were sent were the wrong ones. This vacuum takes (Type Y) bags. I didn't send them back in time now I am stuck with a box of bags I can't use. Not pleased...more info
  • I'm certain these bags are great... HOWEVER...
    As many have already said, these are bundled by Amazon with the Hoover Tempo Widepath, but they are not the correct bags for that vacuum....more info
  • Not the right Bag
    You sent A bags! I needed Y bags to go with the Hoover Tempo. Other reviews warned me about this mess up. I ordered them both anyway. Even after I alerted you through e-mail that you had the wrong ones connected to the vacuum! Had to return them. And Amazon does not carry the 10 bag Y pack. Return was easy, just bother!
    ...more info
  • Not what I needed...
    This item was featured on my screen as a suggested item. I ordered the bags based on price but when they arrived they did not fit my vaccum ( which I bought from Amazon and for which I assumed were suggested) I had to send them back. Lost the shipping fees which kind of pissed me off....more info
  • retact original review
    I recieved my package late but in good condition. The seller sent the package to my PO BOX. This was a little confusing. The product is of good quality and at a reasonable price. ...more info
  • Hoover Replacement Bags
    You sent me the incorrect size for the vacuum that I bought from you.

    You sent "Type A"; it should be "Type Y"...more info
  • Wrong Bags
    I ordered a Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum Cleaner and also ordered the replacement bags that were offered with the vacuum cleaner. However, the bags that were sent were type A instead of type Y that the bags require. I read the reviews of the Vacuum Cleaner but not the bags so I didn't realize that Amazon was sending out the wrong bags until after they came. Amazon was great about returning them but you would think that they would catch their mistake.

    John...more info
  • Wrong Size Bags again
    Yes I also ordered replacement bags at the time of purchase of the Hoover US140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum and received the A bag not the Y bag required for this machine....more info
  • wrong size bags
    I ordered a Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum Cleaner and also ordered the replacement bags that were offered with the vacuum cleaner. However, the bags that were sent were type A instead of type Y that the bags require. ...more info
  • Wrong Bags
    I ordered the 10 "replacement" bags at the same time that I ordered the Hoover WindTunnel (U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright) Vacuum Cleaner. Instead of the type Y bags required by the vacuum, they shipped type A, which are too large to fit the machine. I will try using them by folding the ends, but would have preferred to get the proper bags!...more info
  • good solid bags
    I guess I was a little hesitant on reviewing about vacuum bags, but these are pretty good.

    Though I know it may not be necessary for those without a Hoover Upright vacuum cleaner, and that they must be bought for a Hoover user, these are still good bags. If you are thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner, you should consider not only the power and quality of its cleaning power, but how easy it is to clean it's container or change its bags. And Hoover makes changing bags easy, plus the bags are quite strong. Did you ever see those garbage bag commercials where they test bags by rolling them down a hill? Well, these bags are stronger.

    A great dirt bag shouldn't be a reason to buy the Hoover Vacuum, which is a great vacuum by the way, but it should be one of the considerations you make....more info