Hoover Type S Futura/Spectrum Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bags, Package of 10

List Price: $10.99

Our Price: $8.91

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Customer Reviews:
  • Not a good bag...perhaps the wrong bag?
    I ordered these because my Hoover calls for type "S" bags and they are quite hard to find in regular stores. It turns out that even though these are type "S" bags and they are made by Hoover, they don't seem to fit my vacuum, and now my vacuum sucks and then spits. I think maybe I ordered the wrong thing....more info
  • Vacuum Cleaner bags
    We like these bags for everyday use in our home. Hoover Allergen bags work even better, so we use them several times a month as well. West Texas is very dusty and this combination has lowered the dust level in our home....more info
  • What goes in them stays in them ... even that dusty smell

    I have been using the same bag for a month now and still haven't filled it up. I have been vacuuming everything too, so I would say the size of the bag is good. There hasn't been a dusty smell either even when the vacuum is first turned on.
    I highly recommend these bags, what goes in them stays in them. :)...more info
  • No more smelly dust
    These bags are better than the Sears brand type. They are also 20% cheaper too. I don't notice the dusty smell anymore. I guess the filtration must be better....more info