Hamilton Beach 04161 TrueAir HEPA Air Purifier with UV Germicidal Light

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Product Description

Features: Recommended for rooms up to 200 square feet (13' x 15'). Carbon prefilter reduces tobacco smoke and odors. Hassle-free HEPA filter is 99.97% effective at trapping airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. UV germicidal light helps kill bacteria, viruses and mold. Three fan speeds with extra-quiet WhisperClean low setting. AirSmart+ system monitors and displays air quality continuously, adjusts fan speed accordingly. Filter refill indicators. Space-saving design. Infrared light sensor. Three-way protection. EasyClean grille.

Recommended for rooms up to 200 square feet, this portable air purifier is equipped with a UV germicidal light to help kill airborne microorganisms and a three-speed fan to continuously circulate air through two filters that remove smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria, viruses, and odors. Helpful for asthmatics, allergy sufferers, and in a cold or flu patient's room, the purifier contains a true HEPA filter that is at least 99.97 percent effective at trapping airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. There's also a carbon prefilter to reduce odors. A digital readout displays air quality--good, fair, or poor--and the fan can be set to automatically adjust speed according to air-quality needs. One speed setting is called "whisper" for bedrooms and nurseries. Digital indicators show when filters need replacing. Filter replacement is simple: open the front, remove the prefilter and/or HEPA filter, position a new filter(s), and reclose the front. The purifier carries a three-year warranty against defects. I>--Fred Brack

  • Recommended for closed room up to 200 square feet
  • UV germicidal light helps kill bacteria, viruses, mold
  • True HEPA filter at least 99.97-percent effective; prefilter reduces odors
  • Digitally displays air quality; three fan speeds or automatic adjustment
  • 3-year warranty against defects
Customer Reviews:
  • Reliable unit
    I've had this unit running nonstop for about 4 years. Filters are very expensive but I think I have only replaced the main filter once and it still seems to be moving a lot of air....more info
  • Did not like it
    This HEPA filter puts out air which smells funny and exacerbates my asthma. I do not recommend it. My Honeywell works much better....more info
  • Air purifier
    Have operated these units for over a year non-stop without a problem. Work really well for normal sized room. Note that dust is reduced with units....more info
  • Best little air purifier on the market
    This is a great machine. At first I was a little skeptical because I wasn't sure what the quality would be like, but it's very well built. Quiet mode provides a nice white noise buffer for the kids and it's a very effective air filter....more info
  • Not as promising as it looks
    Baught this air purifier hoping to have quite nights with clean air. Well, the first part is definately not part of the equation when it gets to this unit. It is VERY noisy and we ended up stop using it. I do not know if the problem was with the specific unit that I recieved or with the product in general, but it is something that you should take under consideration....more info
  • Very nice product
    Quiet and smaller sized. I like the UV Germicidal light option and the air quality meter is an added bonus. The only reason why I didn't give 5 stars is because my room can sometimes get a musty smell (Pacifica, very foggy and houses mildew easily) and it doesn't clear out the smell all the time....more info
  • air purifier
    So far it has worked for us. It is quiet and does the job. I have purchased two, one for my bedroom and one for my family room. I have not yet replaced the filters so unsure of their cost of replacement....more info
  • This one really does what it claims.
    My son suffers from allergies and frequent (almost constant) colds. He was attending college and sharing a room with someone. Two guys sharing a room are usually not the best housekeepers. I bought this unit for him hoping it would reduce the allergens, germs and God know what else in the air in his room. He set it up in his room and runs it 24/7. Amazingly, after he began using the air purifier, he did not have a cold for 6 months! He had never gone that long without a cold - ever. When he did get a cold, I knew it was time to replace the filter. When he changed the filters, he said it was very dirty.

    I think this is a testament to the effectiveness of this Air Purifier. In a real world test it was very effective. My son says it is the best.

    Another reviewer said she was not sure if it was working, which you could say about any air filter. I can tell you that it works great!...more info
  • Third One
    We have bought three of these. One for upstairs, one for downstairs and one for the van. We enjoy the auto setting, especially when driving through a construction zone, the big city or just flopping on the bed; you hear it pick up speed upon sensing the dust cloud. Terrific product....more info
  • Great Filter
    The indicator shows your room air purity, perfect. The low noisy is acceptable in daytime, but not when sleeping. I run this maching 1-2 times a week. It could remove the allergy source. ALso great price. ...more info
  • Hamilton Beach 04161
    The unit does a good job cleaning the dust from the air. However the UV germicidal light never did work. I called Hamilton Beach customer service number on the light tube package and reported that the light was not working. They were going to send me a replacement tube. Its been over 7 weeks and I still have not received the tube. I plan on calling again.

    ...more info
  • Too noisy for my taste
    This product works fine to clean the air in my small work room. The quick clean feature is particularly nice to clear something immediately. I gave it three stars mostly because the fan is too noisy on the lowest setting. ...more info
  • Great product
    I have chronic asthma and did some research on air purifier for my bedroom. I purchased this product with not very high expectations, because of the price. I was pleasantly surprised. I've had the product for about 2 months now.

    Results? Much improved air quality. My asthma episodes have almost completely stopped while in my bedroom. I am truly amazed. I have used my inhaler maybe 3-4x in the last 2 months whereas before it was just about every other night. ...more info
  • hamiliton beach trueair air purifier
    love the product, does what I was told, was delivered faster than expected...more info
  • Great product!!!!
    I need it an air purifier for my son's bedroom and I got this one thinking that it wasn't going to be the very best but probably it was going to work untill I got enough money to get a better one.

    I was up for a surprice. Not only my son's asthma attack are reduce to less than half, but in general, the air purifier is just amazing!!!, I'm thinking about getting one for my room and my daughter's too.
    ...more info
  • definitely makes a difference
    But I'm not giving it five stars, because I still have some allergy symptoms :P
    I can tell it's working though, since the air in my room smells fresher, and I wake up in the morning without a stuffy nose. I'd recommend this product for anyone who has serious allergy problems, like me....more info
  • What a Gem!
    After lots of searching both on-line and at retail stores for a HEPA air cleaner that wouldn't break my budget, I was skeptical at first when I purhcased this Hamilton Beach HEPA air filter with UV germacidal light. Retail stores were selling similar units for three times this price, they were very heavy, replacement filters cost a fortune and I was discouraged. I gave this Hamilton Beach unit a try, and I adore it. It's very lightweight (so I can move it around, until my other unit arrives), works amazingly well. I love the dirty air sensor and automatic adjustment sensor. The 'wisper mode' is really quite and provides great 'white noise' for sound sleep. As a doctor, I have recommended this product to my patients with allergies and sleeping problems. A real HEPA filter and UV germacidal for this price, some deals REALLY ARE as too good to be true. So, stop looking, you've found the right product. The only slight problem I had was in setting it up, but I just needed to read the directions better. Oh, and the unit arrived faster than I anticipated. ...more info
  • life of unit
    I loved my hamilton beach unit and when I got use to the small about of noise that did not bother me. Dusting was way down and now that my unit has stopped working I notice a big big difference in the dust and my allergies. I have no idea why it stopped working after only having it for 3 years but it did. Anyone else have this problem?...more info
  • Hamilton Beach air purifier
    With 4 birds in the house and a husband allergic to feathers...I purchased a unit around Christmas for our bedroom which helped almost immediately. I was so impressed that I purchased a second unit to place in the area of the birds so that he could be around the birds and not suffer. It appears to have worked and for the price, I'm thrilled. I would recommend to anyone with similar issues. The comments of noise -- if you place it on "auto" mode -- occasionally it will kick up if it detects something in the air which then sounds like a fan on medium/high. I can honestly say it has never bothered me through the night....more info
  • maybe good but not for me
    Product looks good and works well.
    But i couldn't sleep with it at night - too noisy for me....more info
  • Great product
    We bought this because we life in Wisconsin. That is to say, we close up the house and plastic over most of the windows in order to keep the bitter cold out and the help with heating costs. I don't run this constantly, only after a few day when the air begins to feel like we've all been in a submarine for a little too long. It helps reduce the dust and gives at least a psychological lift to all of us when the germicidal bulb is humming. We have a small house, so I go ahead and rotate it around the rooms everyone once in a while. It works great....more info
  • Works well but UV light has short lifespan
    Has worked well for two years, but the UV light only seems to last for a few weeks. I have stoped replacing it.
    ...more info
  • Nice
    I like this air purifier a lot. The "Quick Filter" option is very loud but can and will clean the air in a room very quickly. The "Air Quality" sensor doesn't really work all that well. It usually just displays the air as being the cleanest even when I took it into my basement. The UV light comes on and stays on whehn its supposed to. The quiet settings are quiet. The medium setting is good white noise for sleeping if you like that sort of thing....more info
  • OK, but fairly noisy
    I have tried several different air purifiers, and I haven't been impressed with any of them. This one is not bad for the money. It works as well as some others costing much more. I have two complaints about air purifiers in general. The fan-less models (like Sharper Image) do not adequately circulate or move the air, and in my opinion really don't do very much, except make the air smell better. The HEPA models (like most of them, including this one) use a fan, which tends to be noisy, especially at the higher speed settings. This model has three speeds, and even on low it is fairly loud, but tolerable once you get used to it. Medium and high are obviously louder, to the point that I think most people would be unable to sleep or watch TV, if the unit were placed in an average size room. There are other brands that are quieter on their lowest speeds (Blue Air and IQ Air), but they are considerably more expensive. It all comes down to what you are willing to spend. The air quality where I live is very bad, and my experience is that none of them (including this one) totally alleviate the dust, they just cut down some of it. ...more info
  • dusting cut in half
    since we live on a gravel road, dust was always a big problem. Since we purchased the Hamilton Beach air filter, dusting is cut in half, and we don't seem to be sneezing as much....more info
  • Great for the money
    I highly reccommend this and for the money...it is a real find. Good HEPA cleaner with mutiple settings, from quiet to high power, easy to read display, good looking....an all around winner. ...more info
  • worth it
    This is a great item. Worth the money (and it was a good price). In a room with new drywall and dust, it cleared it within a day. Smells great all the time(no ozone smell - just a clean smell). We enjoy the sound (we keep it on auto)- it's like a mild sound machine for sleeping. Very happy with it and will be purchasing another one. Also rec'd it very fast!...more info
  • Good for the money
    Does a good job cleaning the air. I have noticed less dust. Noise level does not bother us (sounds like a box fan on low). We have noticed the air in that room is very dry. I guess this happens with other Air Purifiers. However, in the winter months with the heat on high and the purifier running it may be too much to handle....more info
  • Happily surprised
    I an happily surprised with the quality of this product. I have used it for several weeks and find that I am sleeping comfortably through the night. Prior to having the Hamilton TrueAir Air Purifier, I awoke every night with a blocked head and dry mouth. This does not happen anymore.

    The TrueAir is small and quiet. I do not even hear it during the night. I have noticed that if I am in the room cleaning or moving things around, the machine starts to work hard, then quiets down.

    This machine is a good deal and well worth the moderate price....more info
  • great product
    bought one, after using, ordered another. seems like a great product and price....more info
  • Quality and Ease of Use
    The perfect air purifier for a small room. Simple to set up, easy to replace filters and works very well. My allergies have improved immensely! Now I need to buy several more (office and living room)......more info
  • Works great!
    This very nice unit has an automatic control which we find very useful. On low setting the fan and power consumption are excellent. The air is much cleaner and everyone feels healthier too. No more dust bunnies!...more info
  • Much better than expected
    I was skeptical to buy an air purifier because I wasn't sure they would actually do much good, but seeing as how I have a cat and really bad allergies, I figured it was worth a try. I ran it in my livingroom all day yesterday, and while I wasn't sure it was doing anything at first, I noticed that I was much less sniffly yesterday and today than normal. I also noticed that the display would show the air quality decline every time I opened my front door! I'll keep running this for a little while and see how it goes, but so far, so good!

    I have been running this unit in my apartment pretty consistantly, and I must say I'm completely impressed. I turned it off for a night because it does blow some cold air out, and it was already chilly enough in here. I was amazed at how much worse I felt when I woke up in the morning! I forgot how horrible it was to be woken up in the middle of the night by allergies. I am now completely off my allergy medication, and rarely use my inhaler. I feel like taking this thing with me everywhere I go!! If you're considering buying this unit even a little bit, DO IT!! You won't regret it. This is the best purchase I've made in quite a while....more info
  • Well Built Air Filter
    Very well build air filter. Quiet enough on low setting to use at night in bedroom. UV filter is nice since it is germicidal. As normal, great service from Amazon....more info
  • Great filter at a great price.....
    I have two dogs, a cat, and a stinky boyfriend. This air filter takes care of them all, and then some. Great product!...more info
  • Clean air.
    I'm very pleased with this product. I'm in a very dusty area and I can tell it's working.
    I'm very pleased with the price and delivery.

    Cory Dudley
    San Felipe, Baja California...more info
  • A little loud, but in general good
    Seems to do a pretty good job, well built, good fit for a bedroom, etc. It does seem a little on the loud side relative to a few other HEPA air cleaners, but I'm happy with the purchase (good size / functionality / value). Actually bought a second after owning one for a few weeks....more info
  • it works
    I've had this for a few months now after a friend of mine suggested this one. For a midsized room, it seeemed to work just fine. I noticed a lot less dirt and if there's moisture in the room it seemed to clear it up and improve the smell of the room. My allergies seemed to improved. The first few days I ran it for several hours but after that only 30 mins before I go to bed is good enough. ...more info
  • Very Effective product
    I am very satisfied with the product. My daughter used to have a running nose all the time and thats when we bought this hamilton Beach air purifier. It really helped her and her running nose is hardly running anymore.

    ...more info
  • It works
    We have two cats and a dog and have this air purifier in the bedroom. It works well and it's quiet. Neither of us notice the noise at all but if you're a super sensitive sleeper I'd imagine any air purifier would be too noisy. The lcd panel shows how much dust it's sensing and the auto position on the dial adjusts the cleaning power accordingly. At first I thought that might be a gimmick but it really does seem to work... when the cat rubs up next to the purifier the lcd meter increases and the unit kicks into high filtering mode until the meter goes back down. UV light is a nice plus. Good price....more info
  • Whisper quiet....yeah right
    First let me point out to the uninitiated that when you buy something from Amazon with "free" super saver shipping if you send the item back for a refund Amazon will deduct the original shipping fee (that was free) from your refund. As far as the air purifier is concerned it is anything but quiet. Even on it's lowest speed it makes as much noise as a conventional fan. I really don't understand why someone can't make a reasonably priced air filter that is quiet enough to run at night. I would not recommend this unit to anyone....more info
  • This air purifier works really well
    With the unit set on Auto, if you stir up a little dust (that you don't even notice) ... in a few minutes the unit has switched to High to clean the air of the dust it has sensed.

    After only a few nights of running it in the bedroom I no longer have the stuffed up nose I used to wake up with every night.

    Although I could move the unit to the living area during the day, I'm considering getting a second unit for the living area....more info
  • Great item
    One of the best Air Purifiers that we have owned. We received a great deal on this item and for less than $100 from Amazon it has done very well for us. Especially like the feature of the Air Purifier auto adjusting automatically.

    Would give it a 5 out of 5 stars on a 5 star scale....more info
  • Seems like a great filter but too costly and not sure it works
    Beware that the cost of the refill filter is $50.00. You could buy another filter for that. I bough 3 of these filters after developing severe sensitivity to pollen and mold and had it in a room at work that turned out to have toxic mold in the air. I had the filter running at slot to high 24 HRS a day and I don't think it killed any mold. I developed a severe allergic reaction to the mold even with the filter running all the time. Then I found out that it costs 50 dollars to get a new filter at a discount place. I am throwing the filter out and keeping my old ones that I think work better....more info
  • Cleared out smoke smells almost immediately.
    We purchased this for our daughter who lives in an apartment which gets a lot of cigarette smoke smell from her neighbors. It cleared out the cigarette smells almost immediately. She keeps it running 24 hours a day and the apartment now smells clean and fresh....more info
  • Quite-works good
    auto setting works great-when I fold clothes it kicks way up. keeps the air virtually dust free....more info
  • Does the job
    This is my first air purifier to buy and I'm very satisfied with it. I have year-round allergies AND we have 3 cats & 2 dogs. The cats are indoor only cats so the dander and hair is plentiful. I vacuum daily but that still wasn't enough. I now have a Hamilton Beach purifier in the bedroom and living room and have noticed a remarkable difference. I don't wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose and rarely get itchy eyes. Before the purifiers that was a daily thing. I was taking 4 different meds a day for allergies (some OTC to relieve symptoms) and now am down to 2.
    The filters are inexpensive and easily found.
    As always Amazon.com was quick getting my order to me and the price was unbeatable....more info
  • Great job of cleaning the air!
    I have been using the Hamilton Beach 04161 TrueAir Air Purifier for about 3 months and have noticed that my bedroom smells crispy fresh. I sleep better, wake up refreshed and my sinuses are not stuffy. I was so pleased with this hepa cleaner I told my sister about it and she also got one for her bedroom. It's streamlined design doesn't take up much space in the room....more info
  • Great *little* HEPA!
    I really like this cute little HEPA cleaner, but I should warn you that it is much smaller than I thought it would be. I also have a Honeywell and Kenmore HEPA units that are much larger and move a lot more air. However, for a small room, the Hamilton Beach unit provides quiet, efficient air cleaning in a compact unit. The Germicidal light is a nice touch. ...more info
  • does what it says
    I've had this unit more than 6 months. It filters air which is what I bought it for. Works well. On auto mode can get noise when it cranks into high gear. So, I leave it on low-med which seems to keep the air pretty clean. The air quality indicator is a very nice feature. It seems to really work, because when I vacuum my room, it can tell almost immediately that there is a lot of dust in the air. The LCD also will indicate when you need to change the pre-filter and the HEPA filter. On mine, the pre-filter is easy to clean if you use the vacuum attachment on your vacuum. This is a great cost saving. Just be sure to do it outside and wear a dust mask. Great unit, which is working flawlessly....more info
  • Be careful with the manufacture rebate!
    This product is excellent. However, do not count on the rebate arranged by CMS rebate service. I submited a rebate in mid November and I got a rejecting letter saying that the rebate was already expired. (It clearly stated on the rebate form that it would expired 12/31/2006.)...more info
  • If only there were half options in ratings...I give it 3,5
    1. Does a fairly good job at detecting bad air.
    2. Quiet except in Quick Mode

    1. Wish it did a better job at decreasing odor.
    2. Not sure how much dust it is actually collecting. Mine sits next to my tv and my tv always has dust on it.
    3. Filters are expensive
    4. Does not clean as fast as I would like it to....more info
  • Too noisy for a small bedroom
    Too noisy for my small bedroom, but the fan cools and cleans the air in my overheated apt.
    Should have bought a smaller one....more info
  • best one found, and no more bad smells!
    I was searching all over the internet for a decent air filter. I could only find expensive machines that didnt offer anything. I got one by honeywell at target and spent $160. the fan broke after 6 hours. So i returned that one and found this one that was less expensive, has an automatic air sensor, and a uv light too! it is working great and our garage office smelled better quite quickly. (it is also the smoking room) This seems to work well even though the room is large. (The honeywell model we returned was made for a large room)...more info
  • Good value.
    The Hamilton beach 04161 True Air Hepa is fairly quiet except when in the Quick Clean mode. I feel it is more effective than the ozone producing filterless style sold by the Sharper Image. I have only had this filter for a few months, so not sure about the carbon and HEPA filter longevity. The HEPA filter is not cheap to replace, about $30, so I am hoping to get a year out of it....more info
  • love it love it love it - and now it's on sale...
    do I buy another??

    I got this unit in addition to some other purifiers and dehumidifiers that I have and I can honestly say this is the most efficient and effective one I have, and it runs so quietly that it is the one I have in the bedroom. Medium and Fast speeds are louder for sure, but it doesn't crank up to that level often as the air is now clean....more info
  • great product for the price but a little bit noisy
    I have year round allergies and for most of my adult life I wake up coughing in the morning , since using this product I rarely if ever cough when I wake up. I also get frequent sinus infections all winter long, I am hoping this product alleviates that problem. You cannot beat the price for what it delivers, triple filtration plus the UV germicadal light, however it is a little noisy, Overall i would recommend it!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    Filter is very quiet and more compact than previous models. Filter replacement indicator light is helpful to remember to replace the filter....more info
  • This Air Purifier Works Well
    We like the Hamilton Beach air purifier. It is relatively quiet, really collects dust and air particles, and has been humming now for almost 3 months. The drawback that I see, is the cost of replacement filters. The carbon filters need replacing every 3 months ($3.33 each on sale) and the Hepa filter needs replacement once a year and is fairly expensive.
    However, this purifier has a fan which actively moves air through the filter. Nice!...more info
  • Great value
    I bought this to replace it's older model because the motor quit. This one has new features and works great so far. We keep it on all the time and the motor does not see to struggle. The price was the best by far. I searched a lot of sites and looked in stores and could not get even close to the price. ...more info
  • Review by a Cystic Fibrosis Patient Parent
    I have been absolutely amazed by the performance of this unit!

    We have owned NUMEROUS Hepa and "permanent" "Hepa Type" filters - and this out performs them ALL! The price point is spectacular and the automatic setting is really effective. I have noticed when the machine is on automatic (self adjusting air flow based on air quality) - it will turn itself on high when my dog plays in the room - or when we dust etc.

    It is simply amazing. I highly recommend this Hamilton Beach unit....more info
  • Doesn't kill molds and viruses
    I bought one of these for my bedroom to test to see if it can remove viruses and molds from the air. I also bought an "Indoor Air Quality Test Kit". Three days later, the petri dish that was exposed to air for 1 hour was covered with "stuff" even though I had been running this Hamiltion Beach UV system in my foom 24/7 for 1 week. (250 sq ft room). My conculsion, the UV lamp is too small to do anything. I contacted HB and asked for info on their virus and mold killing tests and have not heard back for over 1 month now, hence this review. In my opinion, saying it kills viruses and molds is false advertising. It doesn't!...more info
  • A mixed bag
    **See EDIT at end of this review**

    I've owned quite a few air purifiers over the years and have become somewhat selective in the ones I keep.

    All the HEPA air purifiers I've tried have been fairly effective at improving the air quality. And this one is no different in that regard. No one smokes in my home and there are no pets or other particularly onerous environmental factors present. However, I do have chronic sinusitis and a nasty post nasal drip. This is basically the only reason I use air filters and the only reason I gave this one a try.

    This is a very sophisticated and well constructed machine. The automatic feature really works and is really the main reason to buy this particular unit. I'm not crazy about the UV light.

    The highest speed is very loud, especially when it kicks in unexpectedly. Think of a small vacuum cleaner and you'll be close. The lowest setting is acceptably quiet, but still louder than other machines I've tried. No one has mentioned what bothers me the most. When activated, the UV bulb adds just enough heat to the outgoing air to make the room occasionally too stuffy and (surprisingly) sometimes seems to lower the humidity in the room to an uncomfortable level. Keep in mind I'm probably more sensitive than most, but this issue bothers me so much that I rarely use the UV feature. Also, while this model definitely filters the air, in my opinion it's not quite as effective as other HEPA air purifiers I've used.

    Most people will love it, and I'll continue to use mine for a while, but for some reason which I cannot explain, it does not give the air that particular freshness and crispness that I've come to expect from other units, especially the older, smaller, and in my opinion more effective Holmes HAP-240 which is perfect for small bedrooms and offices.

    This is not a bad machine, and as mentioned seems well put together and designed, and is chock full of bells and whistles. I just expected better performance. Would I recommend it? If the UV light is important to you, definitely yes. So long as you're not sensitive to the change in humidity I, at least, noticed. If you're looking for that nice, clean, crisp air quality, then I'd make another choice. If you have a small bedroom, try and find the older model Holmes HAP-240.


    Apparently my particular specimen required a "break-in" period, because the staleness and additional heat/humidity problems I mentioned suddenly disappeared one day about three weeks after I started using it. It's now working perfectly, and if it were possible I would change my rating to 4 (actually 4.5) stars, with a deduction only for noisy operation for a 200 square foot capacity model. The UV still adds a bit of extra heat, but not as much as when I first started using it....more info
  • Great purifier - very quiet (update)
    Edit from 1.5 yrs of use (and bought another one). Not as quiet as I would like, but still running strong. I use the UV light more than I thought I would (not sure how effective it is though), and liked the unit so much bought another. I mentioned how quiet it was, but had I to do over, I would have paid the extra $$ required to get a truly quiet air cleaner. Even on lowest setting these are NOT that quiet..it sounds like at least 50db to me, possibly much more.

    Almost perfect...lacks the last star only because the cord is way too short (what were they THINKING?!).

    I've tried several purifiers, including a huge round Honeywell (the ones from a few years ago) and this thing is just awesome as far as I can tell. I had been running the Honeywell all day in our downstairs basement like room, so I turned it off as soon as I unpacked this model, and within 30 minutes I could tell a difference in the air quality. While I MAY need to change the main HEPA filter in the Honeywell, I probably won't now given how much better this model looks, SOUNDS, and so far performs. I will apply the money I was going to spend on that HEPA filter on another one of these puppies.

    VERY quiet, stands upright, so it doesn't take so much floor space, and has the auto air sensor (which I am not sure if that is a gimmick or not). Not sure if I am happy about the radiation for the UV light bouncing around, so I generally don't use that feature (glad they let you turn this on and off manually).

    Great product for a great price ($69)

    ...more info
  • Does it's job
    I get a decently clogged nose while I sleep that causes me to wake up and clear it once or twice a night. I got tired of that, but didn't like the option of using nasal steroids (i.e. Flonase) everyday for the rest of my life, so I decided (after some research) to get this hepa filter. I was pretty excited because of all the other raving reviews on this site, so I quickly set it up and got it running. For the first two weeks or so, a strange stale-ish smell was coming out of it, but it went away after those two weeks. The first night I had it on I noticed it helped with my cloggy nose, I woke up with a pretty clear nose! It got better over time, but I never got the type of results that some people claim to get, where their allergies disappear. Mine still linger, but is a definite improvement.

    The whisper mode is not very loud. When I'm asleep or when I'm in the lala land between sleep and awake (just before you realize it is Monday morning) I don't hear anything at all, so whisper mode is fine for me. The air quality sensor works great, but don't leave it on while you're asleep. If dust kicks up, the machine can get loud very quick....more info
  • I'm so glad I read the reviews and bought this filter
    My husband's snoring had increased to the point that I was sleeping on the couch every night. My nose was so stuffed every night that I was taking allergy pills. I read the reveiws on this filter and felt it was worth a try. Miracles!!! My husbands snoring is reduced to almost nothing, I've been sleeping in our bed every night, haven't taken allergy pills since I hooked it up. Wish I could leave it on automatic, but I find that it does get loud at night -- but the sleeping level creates just the right amount of "white noise". Thanks to all you other reviewers who took the time to fill it out! Hope it works as well for you!...more info
  • Sensitive UV Light
    I noticed a couple of reviewers had problems with their UV light bulbs not working. If you have this issue after purchasing your filter, try turning the light bulb backward instead of forward (in the opposite direction of the instructions). I got this advice from a really friendly and helpful lady in Hamilton Beach customer service. My bulb would not work turning it toward me (I'd tried a dozen times) and the first person I spoke to at Hamilton Beach said she could not help me because I purchased from Amazon. I'm glad I decided to try calling again before returning it. Now it works great! Overall, I think it's a very good filter. ...more info
  • One of the best air cleaners I've owned.
    I've owned differing types and brands of Air cleaners since the late 1980s. The Hamilton Beach 04161 is one of the best I've owned. We have two large dogs and a cat, so we definitely need one.

    The auto feature works well and only kicks it up when it senses a lot of stuff in the air, such as when we've changed bedding or vacuumed. Exactly the times I would expect it to go on. Plus my wife's snoring due to alergies has dropped about 85 to 90%, from major snores most of the night to three or four soft snores. On many nights she doesn't snore at all. I haven't used earplugs since we got it, and previously, I've always had to use earplugs unless I went to sleep before her. ...more info
  • Great Product.
    This was the first air cleaning product I have purchased, and I really like the results. I have less alergies in the morning and it has really lowered the amount of dust floating around in my room. I like the automatic mode it has where it only kicks up the speed based on the amount of dust it detects. If I shake a bunch of dusty things in front of it, it almost instantly kicks into high speed. Great Product....more info
  • great for sinus problems.
    The UV light kills the mold and the filters cut down on the dust. I sleep with it a few feet from my head beacuse of sinus problems and it helps tremendously. The noise isn't that bad.
    It's hard to find a hepa filter with a UV light, and the cost is reasonable....more info
  • Works very good
    Used this product for about 2 weeks and works good for my allergies. ...more info
  • Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner
    This is an excellent product. It rates the air quality and when set on automatic, adjusts the air filtration level as needed. I highly recommend this product!!!...more info
  • Me? Snore? Not anymore!!
    Extremely easy to put together- within a few minutes it was up and running. I prefer the auto setting, although after just a few minutes it kicks into low and is there pretty much all the time...Best part- my husband's snores have been reduced from freight-train volume, down to faint breathing...hallelujah I can actually sleep through the night! ...more info
  • Works Great, looks ugly
    Excellent price for the features of UV ray antibacterial and a true HEPA filter. The shape is a awkward stumpy trapazoid. Great features including an air quality sensor....more info
  • Works well!
    We have had this unit in our bedroom for about three years. Works great and we have had no problems. Cut down on my husbands snoring. I just ordered a second unit.

    Most days I turn it off during the day when we are not in the bedroom. It only takes a few minutes to cycle the air in the bedroom, so I figure I 'save' filter time by turning it off. Also, I just dont think its made to be running constantly, so I try to give it a break (regardless of what the instructions may say). That strategy has worked well for us so far. I wonder if some of the people who mentioned it broke quickly ever turned the unit off. ...more info
  • Excellent air purifier
    This HEPA air purifier is excellent. We have had it for almost a year, and we have had no problems with it at all. The filters are easy to change, the unit itself is easy to clean, and it works well. My wife's allergies seem to be better since we started using this air filter.

    My only complaint is that it is very loud when on the highest setting, but we typically set it on auto (and it very rarely switches to high)....more info
  • Lifesaver!
    I've been using two of these and the larger one in my bedroom, home office and livingroom for about a week now. The change in me and my son's allergy problems is just short of miraculous! The whisper quiet is just fine -- in fact, I think the sound helps lull me into deep sleep. My allergy problems haven't totally disappeared, but they are sooo much better and my son's have totally disappeared. The cat gets to stay! :-))...more info
  • I love this thing!
    For as long as I can remember, I've coughed myself to sleep; my allergies act up primarily when I'm lying down, and I haven't found any allergy medication I can really tolerate. I figured I'd give this a shot, although I had no experience with air purifiers before.

    The morning after the first night I used it I realized that I had not coughed at all while going to sleep. I no longer cough when I lie down; also I have a fan that I run frequently that used to get caked with dust, and I noticed now that there's almost no dust at all on the blades. I have two cats, and this apartment also seems to collect dust, and I can say for sure that this product has been EXTREMELY helpful.

    It is never completely silent; on the lowest setting there' s sort of a "white noise" effect. It took me a couple nights to get used to it; I don't notice it at all anymore. However, at the highest setting it is noisy; but I have it running on automatic and it almost never goes into the highest setting. One thing I thought was funny at first, is that the sensor is so accurate that I can be standing in the bathroom, using some hair spray, and the purifier (located in the living room) will immediately kick into high gear. If you want to be sure that you're not awakened in the middle of the night, I wouldn't suggest leaving it on automatic, since there is the off chance that it could kick into high and the noise might wake you up.

    There is a very slight breeze that comes from the front grill; however, this is not a problem for me because I do not have it positioned so it is facing me directly.

    All in all, I am extremely satisfied with this product, and it is much better than I expected for the price I paid....more info
  • Not as good as I thought based on reviews
    The main reason I got the cleaner was to help clean up the odors in my one bedroom apt. Well, it doesn't seem it does that particularly well, as after leaving it running full blast in my living room over night, I could still detect some of the odor from what I had cooked the night before.

    I also got the unit to help me a little with the dust and pollen when spring rolls around, I haven't had much of a chance to test that just yet as I've had it for only a short while, but that seems to be what everyone commends it on, so perhaps it does that particularly well....more info
  • OK. But do your research first.
    Got this for a good price (discount coupon). Also own an IQAir which costs more than three times, so shouldn't really compare them.

    - A lot of Features for a really good price (UV light, Active carbon odor-eliminating prefilter for under $170.). Big bangs for the bucks!
    - True HEPA filter!
    - You can place it on the side of the room against a wall and still have the unit work effectively.
    - Really like the active air quality monitoring sensor (which shows you the current air quality in realtime).
    - Clean a lot more air than the expensive Ionic Breeze for a fraction of the price - please do yourself a favor and do a research on the net.

    - Somewhat NOISY for its rated cleaning air flow.
    - Huge in size for its rated cleaning capability (don't be fooled by the tiny picture).
    - Although my wife did not complain about the noise at night, she hated the constant cold breeze reaching her face while sleeping, no matter which location or how we positioned the air cleaner. So, I swapped it with the "breeze-less" IQAir for the bed room.

    The smaller clean air outlet(actually nozzle) of this Hamilton Beach air purifier causes higher airspeed and noice level even at the lowest speed setting....more info
  • great product
    This is a really great product. We have two cats. We also have several birds that put off tons of dust/dander. My wife is alergic to pet dander and the dust was causing what would have been $1,000 a year in medical drug expenses - and that's WITH insurance ugh!

    We purchased this in hopes of offsetting that 1K expense. Sure enough, it caused 3/4 of the sniffling and most all of the sneezing to go away.

    It really works! The pre-filter was packed full of bird dust in a month or so. We have to replace the pre-filter often.. but that's because of the birds. We tried the same unit in another room with normal usage of just the cats and the pre-filter actually didn't get filled up until about 4 months or so. We were so happy, we also purchased hamilton beach products similar to this but with the ionizing feature instead of the germicidal for the rest of the house.

    We're still confused after reading about ionizers and ozone products and how they can or can't help and how some can actually be bad for you... we're sticking with the cost of filters for now.

    We then ripped up the carpet throughout our entire brand new house and put in laminate hardwood type flooring. No sneezing, no pills, fresh, clean - it's wonderful.

    Throughout our entire house, the pre-filter and regular filters cost us about $100 a year. Our air is actually clean for once, plus we don't have the outrageous medical costs any more - or the endless nights of sleeplessness for the both of us!

    ...more info
  • Bad experience
    I received this item yesterday and while it seemed to work fine at first, when I unplugged it and moved it, the UV light wouldn't go on. I called customer service this morning, and was first told to take the bulb out and put it back in, which did nothing. I suggested to the rep that the problem might be the starter, and she said they would send me a replacement starter. However, they needed the series number. When I told her that they had not put one on the item (the back says "Series:" and that is followed by nothing), she kept insisting that I just wasn't looking carefully enough or that I was having a bad day. I had no problem reading the model number, but they had obviously not put a series number on this particular item. She kept telling me that they couldn't ship the replacement without a series number, and I kept telling her they hadn't put one on the item. (Don't tell me that it's imprinted in white and hard to see -- the model number is imprinted in white, as is the word "series", but the series number just isn't there.) Finally I insisted on talking with her supervisor, at which point she put me on hold, came back, and started asking me for my address. Lo and behold, they CAN send the starter without a series number. Of course, I don't know if that will actually cure the problem....more info
  • Great; Very satistfied
    I had heard about HEPA air purifiers before but hadn't found one that fit my budget or my needs exactly. I recently moved into a corner apartment in a high-rise building. Apparently, my next door neighbor smokes in his apartment, and everytime he "lights up," I could smell his cigarette smoke in our bedroom. Plus, this apartment had wall-to-wall carpeting which seemed to be worsening my severe allergies and asthma. So after doing some extensive research, I decided on this model. I bought two units, one for our bedroom and the other for our living room - and overnight - no more second-hand smoke! My wheezing and other allergic symptoms practically disappeared as well. The automatic sensor mode is very good - it is very sensitive. When I make our bed in the morning, it actually "kicks into" higher mode due to all the dust the bed-making is causing. I've been so happy with these that I bought 2 for my parents' apartment as well. They had moved into an apartment that had recently been painted and ever since they started to use the air filters, they don't smell the new paint smell anymore. Overall, I have absolutely loved these filters. ...more info
  • Pleased with purchase
    I hesitated on purchasing this because of other reviews regarding noise and possibility of break down. I am VERY happy I went for it. This has got to be one of the best air purifiers I have ever owned. It IS quiet (especially on whisper mode, much quieter than my Honeywells. I keep it on 'auto' until bed time). It is only noisey when the air quality changes, and quickly cleans the air to a quiet humm again. The only thing I was kind of bummed about is the size, but it is not an eye sore to look at and goes nicely against a wall. Other reviewers complained of it breaking down after a few months. I noticed in the manual, it mentions do not use in kitchen, to clean oil type smells, etc. These reviewers did exactly that. Also, do not touch the UV light on the glass, it will take life off the bulb, because of the oils on the skin.
    I did notice a slight smell in the air the first day, but, hours later, the room smelled normal again. I do notice a clean air feel when I breathe in my son's room, we both have allergies (dust mite/pet dander, which is why I purchased this). Lastly, the UV light is not bright at all, the only way you notice it is if you look behind the air purifier, which is not necessary unless you have dropped something behind it. The little glow on the top just lets you know that the bulb is working.
    So, with that, I sure hope mine doesn't break down, works perfectly in my son's bedroom and I plan on making a few more purchases of these as Christmas presents (friends and family love the unit)....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought this machine to help me with my allergies. It has worked tremendously and I highly recommend it. Running the purifier in the bedroom overnight has allowed me to sleep peacefully. The purifier is also excellent in the kitchen at removing any odors from cooking.
    The machine is louder than I would like. On the lowest setting it can still be heard but is tolerable, and after a while you don't notice it. On the highest setting the noise is deafening and forces me to turn it to a lower setting. However, on the highest setting it is very fast and effective at cleaning the air in an entire room....more info
  • Great, but doesn't seem to last
    This air cleaner has to be one of the coolest air cleaners out there. So far, I have not seen any in this price range that automatically adjust to the air quality. I like that it comes with a guage to let me know when I need to change the hepa filter. The gauge and a cleaner for the air sensor each have a special storage spot, so they don't get lost.

    The one I have now is the second one I have bought, but the third one that I have had.

    The first one worked for about 9 months, then the motor started to squeak. I called Hamilton Beach, and they asked me to send it in for warranty service. I got a brand new one back. I was about to have to change the filter in mine, so it worked out kinda nice. The new unit lasted about a year, then the motor just stopped. It was out of warranty by this point, so I went out and bought another.

    Now I have had my third unit for about 6 months, and the motor died again, so I am going to have to call Hamilton Beach again, and probably ship it out.

    I would think the motors should outlast the HEPA filter, but it hasn't been the case. I am a smoker, so it cycles from low to high quite often, but I wouldn't think that should be a problem.

    When this filter works, it works great.... It helps keep my place from stinking from the smoke, and helps my allergies. The customer service has been great so far too. I just wish the unit would last....more info

  • Does it all
    This air filter is designed amazingly well. It can even be placed against a wall. The air enters through the front passing through a carbon and hepa filter, then the air exits through the top on its way back out into the room. Before the air exits, it passes by an ultraviolet light which kills mold spores, bacteria & viruses (a must for the au courant hypochondriac). It is very quiet & has a sensor which automatically & temporarily increases the fan speed to clean the excess pollution from the room. It even has a digital display to let you know it's working. This air purifier has everything you need and all for under $150. After owning it for two weeks, I bought a second one. If you have allergies (and even if you don't), buy one and your nose and lungs will most definitely thank you....more info
  • An ok machine
    It works hard for the money. It takes out odors, cleans the air well. Filters easy to change.
    Negative - The germicidal light has never worked. I bought a replacement and that never worked as well....more info
  • Love this thing!
    I love this product! I have had it running continuously in my home for about a month and a half, and you can't tell I have 2 cats and a dog. My allergies seem to have improved greatly, much better sleep because of that. I bought a more inexpensive Hamilton Beach purifier for my bedroom (basically doesn't have the digital readout of air quality and the "time to change the filter" light, plus germicidal light), it is also great. The germicidal light, surprisingly seemed to help when my husband had a severe cold/flu for about a week - I didn't get sick! :) Easy to set up, not a bad price. ...more info
  • No Light!
    I am SO disappointed! I just returned from Target with the last Hamilton Beach HEPA UV Air Purifier they had (had to drive to 3 stores to get it too!) Unpacked it and the UV light does not work! Grrrr...I hope it's only the bulb and not the starter too. I've been all over town today looking for one of these and Target was the only store that had ONE....more info
    MAGNIFICENT ! *****

    I bought this unit as well as the 04163 and they have both been in use for the past 7 months. This model is at homeand the 04163 is at the office.

    I came across this filter by ACCIDENT. It was actually a Gold box offering from Amazon and funny enough my entire household was blocked up with the dust. Vacuuming and dusting did not seem to help such that my wife had a terrible cough that would not go away despite several different meds. I had a blocked nose every morning and was constantly sneezing.

    AT home it was amazing. My wife stopped coughing within 2 days of installing the 04161 in the bedroom. Installation took about 5 minutes. 5 mins to get the danged things out of the box and all that wrapping and another 5 to set it up. That was 7 months ago and she has not coughed since!

    The units have performed magnificently auto sensing and adjusting fan speeds to cope with any detected impurity. One note of warning..it may be a little embarrassing when some persons who get too close and the unit auto senses the ahh...disturbance to the environment due to personal hygiene and REVS up full blast! Care at the office! You have been warned!

    At home, if the bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom, then at those personal moments it also auto senses the "disturbance" and revs up!

    I have just changed the carbon filters and expect to be changing the HEPA filter as well. The UV lights still work and I have had NO problems with the units.

    Some reviewers stated that the units are noisy especially on high. This is true but I bought them to get rid of my allergies and that disgusting cough that the wife had. It did! Who cares about a noisy fan! And it really is only noisy on HIGH but most of the time it hums along on low speed with the display showing the air quality.

    Buy it. You will be well pleased!...more info

  • Great purifier for the price!
    I recently purchased this unit with hopes of reducing dust and other particulates in my bedroom. For reference, I live in Manhattan where the air quality is sometimes not the greatest.

    Summary: Great unit for the price. Super ergonomics and clear displays make this unit a winner!

    Positive aspects

    1. Inexpensive price. Good value for the buck compared with many other filters on the market.

    2. Good ergonomics. I actually liked the fact that you can monitor filter lifespan and air quality on a clear to read LCD. You can also see if the anti-germ UV bulb is working by seeing a glow out of a darkly tinted (for safety!) window on top.

    3. Easy to set up! I had this puppy up and running in under 10 minutes. Pretty foolproof installation makes this one a keeper.

    4. Great filtering technology. The unit can automatically adjust to the air quality in your room. Very nice! Also, I noticed a change in the air quality within 1 hour of operation.

    5. Small form factor. After all, no one wants a huge unit in their bedroom!

    Some minor complaints:

    1. Power cord. I wish the power cord were a bit longer so that I could have greater placement flexability. Not a big deal.

    2. UV bulb. Replacing the UV germicidal bulb is tad bit expensive. Again, not a big deal....more info

  • Short life cycle
    The unit is noisy at highest speed, but it creates a nice breeze and really collects dust. But the motor konked out after just 4 months. Avoid!...more info
  • Gets the job done...
    Over the years, I've owned several air purifiers and I have to say that this one has been the best purchase yet. It's a larger unit, but is very sleek in it's design. I especially like the Germicidal Light. It also has a "Quick Clean" setting, as well as "Silent" settings. Another nice added feature is the display bar showing the quality of the filter inside....more info
  • works for me
    i was originally interested in getting the ionic breeze from sharper image. but after doing some research that it produces some ozone, i decided to try the hamilton beach purifier after getting a special offer from amazon. we recently did a lot of remodling in our house and there was a lot of dust from scraping off the popcorn off our ceiling. my parents have been coughing quite a bit the last few months so i decided to go ahead and purchase the purifier. it has worked great so far. my parents have stopped coughing. the unit is a bit noisy as people mention. i liken the noise to that of an electric fan. it has different settings; when you put it on high it is pretty loud, but the whisper mode is hardly noticeable unless you're really sensitive to noise. my parents don't really care as they sleep through almost anything. :) all in all i would recommend the unit for a bedroom unless you need a real quiet device....more info
  • Works like the proverbial charm
    I live in Colorado and am afflicted every spring and summer by seasonal allergies, mostly due to airborne dust (we have very dry air) and pollen. My apartment has substandard air conditioning, which forces me to sleep with my window open. In the mornings, I feel as though I've contracted the world's most powerful cold, and it takes a good hour or two for my breathing to return to normal.

    Then my Gold Box pops up this little gem of an offer and I buy it, figuring I'll give it a shot. And by golly, it works better than I had expected.

    I leave it on all night in my bedroom (which falls within the recommended 200 square foot capability of this unit) with the door closed, and when I wake up in the morning, I am simply amazed at how freely I'm breathing. The air quality in my room is measurably better.

    I suppose it could be a little quieter. Normally I sleep with a fan running in order to provide white noise to prevent my raucous neighbors from disturbing me, so I was already used to falling asleep to the sound of a fan in the background. Still, I usually have to run it at the "whisper" level, because the "medium" level can be a bit loud.

    It is a fine product that does what it advertises....more info

  • Allergies cured!!
    I have had severe allergies for the past 3 years, partially to dust and other environmental factors. I was almost ready to move out of my house because I felt like I had a cold about half the year. I had tried a very cheap small air purifier with no luck. After much research on-line the 4161 with germicidal light seemed to have the best customer reviews overall. Amazingly enough (and I'm the last person to believe in "miracle" type cures), I have had no allergies for the 3-weeks since I've been using it. The noise level is no big deal, the whisper mode is fine to have on all day. I also like the cool feel of the air circulating throughout the room all day. This is definitely worth the price and in the long run will save me significantly on allergy medications I would otherwise have to buy. I absolutely recommend it!!...more info
  • Good product concept/mediocre manufacturer support
    I bought three of these air purifiers. The features are excellent, when they work. Two of the machines completely stopped working, one in six months, the other in less than two weeks. The manufacturer will repair or replace purifiers with warrantable repairs, but the problems were likely caused by the starters; starters must frequently break because they are excluded from their warranty. The manufacturer requires that these bulky units be shipped at customer expense for repair work. Fortunately, Amazon was one of the retailers, and it provided the customer service for which it is famous and replaced the unit at its expense....more info
  • it lasted about 2 months
    you think if you pay top dollar you get top quality right? i bought 2 of these units for my condo. one of them is dead after about 2 months of use. what a waste. the retailer where i bought the unit... stopped carrying them and the filters. now i have no where to buy filter replacements except at some online rip off outlets. i was happy with the unit before it died....more info
  • Great Office Cleaner Too!
    I bought my HB 04161 air cleaner for my office cubicle and it works great. The item was packaged very nicely with easy instructions for setup.

    The Auto setting works quite well with the air quality sensor. This is a feature I highly recommend. Scrape your feet on the carpet in front of the unit and the sensor detects the lowered air quality and increases the fan to a higher setting. It even works for food smells and local foot traffic.

    On the lowest setting the unit is very quiet. I leave mine on Auto and turn it off when I go home at night. I also own a Honeywell air cleaner which works well and moves a lot of air but doesn't have all the nice features of the HB unit. I have the 04161 positioned to blow the clean air across the front of my chair where I sit.

    Summary: Good value, great features, nice styling, small footprint. One of the few low-end units to offer a UV germicidal light....more info

  • Silent night
    We live in Hawaii and like many people here suffer terribly from allergies, especially when the Kona winds are blowing from the big island, bringing the dreaded "vog" (volcano smog) with them. On top of that, my husband is allergic to our two beloved cats (the cats and I decided to keep him anyway) and I was allergic to his subsequent noisy snoring, so I purchased this item. I must admit I thought it might wind up just being another gadget lying around the house, but I am very pleased to report that it is an extremely useful device that has made our sleep significantly more peaceful and restful. We keep it on automatic most of the time; it's a tad noisy at night if it kicks into high gear, so occasionally we switch it onto whisper quiet before we sleep. I'm so glad we bought it, and I'd recommend it to anyone who suffers from allergies or has pets that they don't want to banish from the house. I also like the streamlined design of the Hamilton Beach model, the others looked too heavy and obtrusive....more info
  • An Allergy Sufferer
    This is the perfect air purifier for ANYONE who has allergies. We keep it in our bedroom and you can tell a difference in the air the minute you walk in. This air purifier is so different than all the other models we researched. It has a display that tells me the air quality in my room - I love that! This is the second air purifier I have purchased, and I would recommend this one over the other I have owned.

    We have several family members with allergies. I am definitely going to buy one for my baby's room. This would also be a perfect baby shower gift!!...more info