Hamilton Beach 04163 TrueAir HEPA Air Purifier with UV Germicidal Light

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Hamilton Beach 04163 TrueAir HEPA Air Purifier with UV Germicidal Light

Equipped with a UV germicidal light to help kill airborne microorganisms and a three-speed fan to continuously circulate air through two filters, this portable air purifier removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria, viruses, and odors. Helpful for asthmatics, allergy sufferers, and cold/flu patients, the purifier contains a true HEPA filter that is at least 99.97 percent effective at trapping tiny particles; a prefilter reduces odors. A digital readout displays air quality (good, fair, or poor), and the fan can be set to automatically adjust speed according to air-quality needs. Digital indicators show when filters need replacing. The purifier measures 19-1/2 by 14 by 8-1/4 inches and is recommended for rooms up to 350 square feet. Filter replacement is simple: open front, remove prefilter and/or HEPA filter, position new filter(s), and close. The purifier carries a three-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack

  • Recommended for closed room up to 350 square feet
  • UV germicidal light helps kill bacteria, viruses, and mold
  • True HEPA filter at least 99.97-percent effective; prefilter also reduces odors
  • Digitally displays air quality; three fan speeds or automatic adjustment
  • 3-year warranty against defects; 19-1/2 by 14 by 8-1/4 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Great product!
    We have purchased Hamilton Beach products several times in the past two years (for our daughter who has allergies), and this model is the best yet! Not only does it clean the air in the room, but it is also soothing when she becomes fussy! *** If you purchase it, just remember to change the filters when required. Also, if you will travel with it, I recommend packing it in bubble wrap before placing it in a suitcase.
    ...more info
  • Doesn't solve cat allergies
    I recently bought the Hamilton Beach Air Purifier to improve the air quality of a room where 2 cats are living. I am allergic to cats so I was hoping this filter to at least improve the air quality of the room and reduce my allergies. After a full week of use on average speed, I still can't stay in that room for more than one hour. When I use the air purifier on automatic, the sensor says the air is perfectly clean. I did not observe any improvement of the air quality. Maybe it works for other types of particles, but it doesn't solve cat allergies issues....more info
  • Works great. Quiet setting is really quiet.
    I have had this unit for over a year. We turn it on only when we perceive a problem and now that I give the cat a clip each Spring and Summer we don't seem to need it so often. In the winter when the doors and windows are closed we use the unit to remove cooking odors which seems to work well. It is nice looking unit, designed so that it still works if pushed up against a wall....more info
  • Noisy but good.
    Great quality and features for the price. The air quality sensor works well. It does not blow air out the front as you would expect, but out the top on the right side because the fan inside is hamster wheel style. It is nice not having to guess when to change the filter. The whisper setting is much louder than you would expect. I like white noise when I am trying to sleep, so this was not much of a negative factor....more info
  • Have had no problems with this unit
    I purchased this air purifier over a year ago and have been running it EVERY DAY since then. My wife and I use it on medium as 'white noise' while we sleep and enjoy the benefit of it cleaning the air in our bedroom. We don't really have allergies or anything so we can't say that we can tell it has made a difference in the air quality, which is not that bad to begin with, but from the look of the wads of dust in the carbon prefilter shows the true story of what it's doing for our air. We recently got a puppy and would love to purchase a second unit for the area she sleeps in, I'm sure we'd definatly notice a difference there, but it's hard to justify paying 144 for it when i got the same model 4163 for only $99 well over a year ago. As for it being loud as some would claim, perhaps if you are really sensitive to noise but only on high does this thing make a lot of noise in my opinion. Overall I'm very happy with this unit and would recommend it to others. ...more info
  • LOUD
    This thing works well, but it has to be out in the hallway or in the corner of an unused bedroom because it's so loud. It works very well, I definately must give it that much, but it is LOUD....more info
  • There are better purifiers out there for the price
    It works, but it could be better. I've had it in the bedroom for a few years, now, and it it still running. However, I'm looking to replace it because air purifiers have come a long way in 2 years. I never turn it off. The pre filters need to be changed when you can see tons of dirt on them, because the method used to determine if the filters need to be changed is a joke. The HEPA will last for about a year when running 24/7. It has a powerful UV light because the inside of the unit where the UV light hits is no longer black, but a light brown color after 2 years. But, I wonder how effective the UV light really is. Also, the fan is considerably louder than slightly more expensive purifiers on the market. Even the Low setting on this unit is sort of loud, but I got used to it. The Medium and Quick Clean settings will surprise you when the sensor kicks them into gear. It's almost hard to even talk over the highest setting. The air quality sensor is very sensative, and does work extremely well. However it needs to be cleaned frequently, which is easy to do and only takes a second or two. This machine really does a good job filtering stuff the air, but I have a problem with how the filters actually seal into the unit. The pre filter just sort of sticks loosely to the HEPA filter at the 4 corners, so there is a considerable gap between the carbon pre filter and teh HEPA that air can go through. I actually used packing tape to seal the carbon filter to the HEPA to close that gap. The HEPA sits loosely in the unit and I suspect that a lot of air can actually bypass the filters all together because there's not a good seal. I actually had to wedge little cardboard pieces around the filter because it vibrates. That's how loose fitting it is. So, I give it 3 stars because even though it does a good job filtering air, now there are now much better units out there for the money. It was a great price a few years ago, but not anymore. Check out other purifiers. A little more money goes a long way....more info
  • Good product so far!
    I've had the 04163 air purifier for a little over a month. I like the added benefit of the UV light but only use it sometimes because I don't think I always need it. The air purifier is noisy when you have it on quick clean but it really moves a lot of air! I can actually feel more air coming towards me from about 20 ft away than my ceiling fan pushes when standing underneath it (mounted about 20' high). I usually have 2 but can have up to 4 Australian Shepherds in the house and it does wonders with the hair that you can see floating through the air. It doesn't seem to do much with the hair that sticks to other things, but I expect it to. The air purifier is quiet enough that I couldn't hear it in the same room that I was having dinner in with 5 other people. Having it on low doesn't bother my sleeping either. I think it's a really good unit and hope its holds out for a long time. I'm planning on buying another unit for my parents to have at home. ...more info
  • An Excellent Buy
    My husband suffers from environmental (and food) allergies. It has been quite a process to indentify all of the myriad allergen sources and eliminate them. I am not by nature a clean freak so when we realized he had dust-mite allergies, I was depressed. Since he has the allergies, he can't do the cleaning (and I _am_ the one who is home full-time.) So it fell to me. Uughh!

    The thing is though, whenever I sweep, all of that dust gets kicked up into the air which makes the situation temporarily worse. (I know because my HB Air Purifier tells me so on its air quality monitor!) So I crank up the purifier to high speed whenever I sweep or dust or move the area rugs to shake them out outside. As a bonus, keeping the air purifier running means that there is less dust floating in the air and settling on the furniture which means less dusting for me!

    Also, we have two small children. They get pretty excited when Daddy gets home and there is a lot of running and jumping and wrestling. That kicks up a lot of dust! If we don't keep the air purifier running, my husband is stuffed up and sneezing within minutes. With this air purifier, they're having a lot more fun! I've noticed that my one year old is less congested now too.

    FYI, we also but allergen barriers on all of our beds and pillows. We replaced our traditional sofa with a futon with an allergy barrier and fitted cover that gets washed every two weeks. And we will _never_ live in a home with either carpeting or forced-hot-air heating again! But we bought the air purifier before we made those other changes and I credit it with at least half of the improvement.

    Anyway, I did a lot of research before I bought this unit. We have owned it for about four months and I am 100% satisfied. I came online to buy new filters. We do rinse the prefilter regularly and that also seems to make a big difference.

    I, too, have noticed that the air quality gets worse when I'm cooking- especially if it's something greasy.
    ...more info
  • Seriously Impressed!
    After researching several air purifiers, I found a recommendation for this one at Allergybuyersclub.com. Since it was relatively inexpensive, I decided to try it. Wow, am I impressed! I set it up in my bedroom. It did smell of plastic for a few hours, but by morning the smell was gone. But the important thing was that for the first time in months, I woke up without a stuffy nose or any wheezing. The very first night, it made a tremendous difference! And it has several nice features, like the air quality testing, and a way to test the efficiency of the HEPA filter. I love this purifier so much, I bought another one for the living room. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Does the job well
    I've had this air purifier since August now, and I have to agree with others here who have said that it does the job well. The first week or so there was a faint plastic odor emitted from it, but that quickly faded. As for the noise level, I actually enjoy having the white noise at night; I think I've slept better because of it. That said, I've never had problems sleeping. I've kept mine on automatic around the clock and it has stayed at low for the most part. This is reassuring, since I live in a big polluted city, and it's nice to know that my space contains decent air. It IS quite sensitive to food and other odors. The filters cost about $15 for 3, which is reasonable.

    I spent a lot of time investigating air purifiers before I made my purchase and I've been happy with this one so far. Prior to this, I had a Honeywell air purifier purchased from Costco, and it was noisier than this one. Unless you want to spend much more, you can't beat this one for the functionality and price point. ...more info
  • Great Workhorse Purifier
    I love this Purifier! Especially cool is the auto speed setting which reads the air quality of the room, and adjust the speed of the fan accordingly. Sometimes when I'm cooking something that has a lot of aroma, it whips into high speed.
    It's a large cleaner, but not too large that you can't move it from room to room.
    I leave it running in my Bedroom at night, and the white noise is perfect for deep sleep. You won't find a similar cleaner even close to the price of this one. An awesome buy!...more info
  • the sound not a problem but...
    the sound is not a problem becuse its nothing but the sound of the air that gets blown (strongly) in quick-clean mode its not noise from the engine or the fan so we can't complain.
    the problem is when i leave it on for a long time (more than 3 hours) it gets hot and puts out a smell in the whole room, not a burning rubber smell but an unpleasant weird smell, ive had it for a month now and hope this will stop in time when the engine is not new any more, other than that its efficient and it shows you that it is efficient with the cool display at the front.

    Edited to Add: a few months later and the smell is gone. Purifier is running great and i use it everyday....more info
  • Works Great For The Baby's Room
    Purchased this air purifier in July '05 for $99.99 on Amazon. It went into the baby's nursery and has taken the smell of poop out of the room everytime! It's not "whisper quiet" but it has never waken the baby. Don't expect it to make the room feel refreshing like a carribean breeze in the morning -- the room will still get somewhat stuffy when you leave the door closed all night, but at least you know the air is cleaner.

    It's also very easy to set up and use. No cons so far....more info
  • Made a difference in my family's Quality of Life
    I would recommend this to all my loved ones - friends & family. I like performance of this unit in my apartment - made really big difference in air quality. I gave 3 start only because if its noise. This unit is designed for residential use, but sounds somewhat more suitable for heavy duty environment. =)

    If noise cannot bother you as a big of the issue, this is pretty good.

    (...)...more info
  • Wonderful!
    We live in a small, cramped, old apartment that attracts dust very quickly. After my wife's latest bout of coughing, I decided it was high time we did something about it. It took us a few days to get used to the clean air--at first it seemed drier than normal, but now I would never give it up. It definitely makes a difference.

    Also, the noise it makes on the lowest setting has really helped to block out street noise and aid in sleeping....more info
  • great unit. awesome price!
    okay, so my husband and i had assumed the ionic breeze unit from shaper image was the way to go, but upon doing some homework we came upon this model. not only does the unit work well, but it is not as loud as others. my husband, who has breathing issues noticed a difference right away. the air felt cleaner. the only downside is the size of the unit. it's not huge, but a bit bigger than i would have liked. with that being said, we made some concessions and very easily found a home for the unit in the rooms we purchased them for. overall, we are very happy!...more info
  • Definitely worth it
    I've been using this air purifier for the last month or two, and I love it! Due to a recent move and increased allergens in my environment, I've been experiencing more difficulty breathing and sleeping. After purchasing this product, I never feel like breathing comfortably is an issue my apartment! I love the automatic option that adjusts depending on air quality. The noise level has never been disruptive or annoying, and I often enjoy the gentle "white noise" when I'm sleeping. Plus, I feel safe knowing this product actually filters the air versus emitting potentially harmful, unwanted substances/chemicals.
    -JG in VA...more info
  • Excellent product and can't beat the price
    Recently I purchased this product. Can't beat the price and more features than I anticipated. Previous reviews indicated the unit was noisy, but I have not found the noise to be disruptive to sleep. This unit certainly moves the air. Excellent product, I couldn't be happier....more info
  • VERY Good purifier - not quite enough for the bedroom
    This is a very good purifier. I love the automatic sensor feature and it really works. For example - I live in a 1 BDRM appartment and when the dishwasher is working in the kitchen - there was this smell from the chlorin in the living room. The purifier picked it up right away and increased the fan speed automatically and then reduced to the lower level again when the smell dissapeared.

    On the down side - even on the lowest fan speed (they call it Whisper Clean) it is MUCH more then a whisper. You will have to get used to having a sound equivalent to a medium speed fan in your bedroom....more info
  • Never Slept so good...
    I have pet allergies. I always have, and I've never been able to have a pet. My allergies are worse around cats than dogs, but they are bad either way. My Girlfriend recently decided that she had to have a dog, and since we are in a new city and lonely, I figured what the hell, I'll live with my allergies. I knew I would have to do everything I could to keep the house as clean as possible. I vacuum at least once a week, and bathe the dog often as well. After reading reviews of all the air purifiers I could find on the internet, and taking into account that I am not rich, I decide to get the Hamilton Beach 04163. Even when I didn't have any pets, I have always suffered from post-nasal drip, especially when I sleep. Every morning I wake up and have to clear my throat for about 15 minutes. It's gross I know but the point is that after I started using this purifier I no longer have that problem. I run it all night, and for about 1 hour before bed. The noise is not a problem unless it is on the highest setting, but that is not really necessary at night. Medium or low are both very queit. Sometimes I will bring it into the living room and run it for a few hours there as well. I have never had as many days without allergy symptoms as I have now. I still have allergies outside, but they used to be worse indoors. After about 2 months, the carbon pre-filter was solid dust and pet fur, so I would recommend replacing it every month if you have a pet. The main filter has lasted about 3 months, and it is starting to look like it needs replaced as well. Some people have said they kept thiers for a year and it didn't get too dirty, but they must have unusually clean air becuase I clean my apartment at least once a week. I would also recommend getting a vacuum cleaner with some type of filter on it as well if you have pet allergies since it is the dander that is the problem. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from pet allergies. ...more info
  • The right fit for pet allergy problems
    I've had this Hamilton Beach up and running (24-7 on high) for almost a year now, and I'm thrilled with the product overall.

    At this moment, I have an air purifier in every room of my home (three top brands represented - Hamilton Beach, Hunter, and Honeywell). They've all been put to the test. This one has performed the best on the quality of the air output, the feedback from the unit ("please clean me"), the endurance of the filter, and the price and time commitment of upkeep.

    1. The manufacturer recommends replacing the filter every year. I would recommend replacing it every six months. It's not cheap, but this is a case where you get what you pay for. It's the heaviest and most effectively layered filter I've seen. The crinkle-style of the fabric in the filter means you're getting much more use and effectiveness for your buck. As you use the filter, pull it out and look at the back side, the fabric there is completely clean and nothing is getting past the filter even though the front side looks well used.

    2. There's a carbon pre-filter on this unit. Take it outside and dust it off with a broom every other week in order to maximize use. Don't get it wet. Replace with a new one every 3-4 months.

    3. I use the UV germicidal light when someone in the home has a cold, which is not very often. I'm not sure if it does anything meaningful, or not. (as a skeptic I would have to say: "probably not")

    I'm one of those cat lovers, who's also unfortunately allergic. My combined effort of kitty baths, Aller-C pet rub, personal allergy shots, keeping floors clean, and air purifiers has brought me to just welcome a second kitty into my home. I'm breathing free and clear, never sneezing and no runny noses, and completely med free (no Allegra, Claritin, Sudafed, etc, etc) This air purifier is a significant player in the equation.

    I'm grateful for the improved quality of life....more info
  • Works well but very noisy!
    This air purifier works very well to eliminate dust, polllen, etc. from the room. The auto detector kicks it into higher speeds when impurities are discovered -- very cool! It is extremely loud, however. It is essesntially a three-speed fan and its noise level is comparable to a medium-sized fan. We turn it off at night because it's in our master bedroom and keeps us awake a night. I'm pretty sure mose machines like this will create a similar noise level, so I still give it a high score. ...more info
  • Excellent air purifier
    I suffer from allergies, colds, the flu and catch just about everything else that causes illness - especially during the winter months. I purchased the Hamilton Beach 04163 HEPA air purifier with UV Germicidal Light and am looking to purchase more of them. They are good for single room use but they do an excellent job! I keep mine on auto all the time and it's just amazing how it detects impurities in the air and compensates by speeding up the filtering system all on it's own! I feel SO MUCH BETTER since running the purifier and wish I bought it sooner. For the price this one is well worth the expense! If you want a reasonably priced air purifier that works really well this unit is for you!...more info
  • I can sleep with it in the room
    Not too sure what sets the sensor off as my air quality has gone from one bar (very good) to max bars (horrible) with fan automatically running on high and I don't know why. Cat broke wind perhaps? Anyway, I set it on whisper mode at night (sensor off) and it is "white noise" quiet to both my wife and I. We don't need to increase the TV volume because of it. I guess it is working well - the air smells fresh and neither one of us awakens with sinus or eye problems since getting it. As allergy sufferers, it was a small expense for some springtime relief....more info
  • A great purchse
    I have 2 cats - one long hair and one short. I am slightly allergic to their dander. Prior to purchasing this air purifier, my mom couldn't be in my place for more than a couple hours because she is very allergic to their dander. Now, I'm not sneezing and don't have the itchy eyes and my mom is hardly bothered by the cats! This purifier is wonderful. There is less dust on my shelves and in general the air just smells better. I changed the carbon filter (there is a carbon and a HEPA filter) and after 4 months there was a ton of dust collected on it so I can see that it's working. Also, I love that the machine automatically adjusts itself when there is more/less pollution in the house. ...more info
  • Which one would you Choose?
    I at a point where i need to buy one, i live in a place where it's just dust city. I have bought the Ionic Breeze and something from Home Depot. None of them did the job. Now, this one they say is good, i like the Air-Quality Sensor screen.
    But there's one that they are selling on HSN called the Hunter QuietFlo HEPAtech Air Purifier and Ionizer. They say that one is quieter but people have a hard time replacing the filters because they can't find them. Need Help....more info
  • Burn smells gone!
    Had a lingering burned fish smell on the second floor of our house for about a week. Finally with the air purifier running on AUTO for about 2 days, the smell is gone! I couldn't tell you how it was able to do it, but it did.

    The unit IS too noisy for a bedroom even though its room size rating suggests it would fit right in. Unless you're a deep sleeper, keep this unit in the hallway.
    ...more info
  • relieved asthma, allergies--and back pain
    I bought this because I live in a tiny, dusty New York City apartment and was tired of waking up every morning to an hour-long sneezing fit. (I suffer badly from both asthma and dust allergies.) I had recently started working from home and was constantly sick. This received high ratings on an allergy website and the price was right (and it came in black!) so I decided to try it. It proved its worth immediately. The first hour I had it on, I was also taping up the air conditioners with packing tape and plastic for the winter. The "auto" setting immediately went on high and cleared the air of the tape's chemical smell.
    I left it on low all night and woke up for the first time in years without sneezing.

    Interestingly, I also woke up for the first time in years without intense lower back pain. I used to have to do 10-15 minutes of stretching every morning just to be able to move normally during the day. Since having the Hamilton-Beach, the back pain has almost completely abated. I can't explain it, but I know it's related since if I forget to leave it on at night the pain returns--although it's not nearly as bad now.

    Yes it does make noise, but less than a normal air conditioner running on low. The "white" noise actually does help me sleep. However, on a setting higher than than "low", it can be pretty loud. The fan is quite strong and really creates a breeze! Also, the manufacturer says the pre-filter lasts three months, and in my experience it needs to be changed every month, but this is a small price to pay for the relief it's brought me....more info
  • Great buy! Does the job I bought it for!
    I am really happy with this unit. For the price I feel that it was a great buy.

    I bought this unit because I had just moved into a new apartment and after a month everything was so dusty. So I cleaned and then a week later it was just as dusty. So I became really concerned with what I was breathing. I did a little researching and for the price I thought that I would try this. (I was willing to pay as much as an Ionic Breeze, and now I am glad that I didn't, this is a great unit for a fraction of the price.)

    Since I have had the unit it has cut down on the dusty apartment. I don't run the unit all the time, as I have picked up a light timer and set the unit to run at various times during the day. As far as the unit noise goes, anything with a running fan is going to make noise, that's why I like the unit on the timer.

    I run it a few hours during the day to clean the air before I come home and through cooking dinner, turn off during some primetime TV and on a few hours while I am asleep. (It's doing a nice job on a 950sqft apt)

    I always run the unit on WHISPER QUIET, it does the job and it is quiet enough to even have on while watching TV. It does have an AUTO feature that will adjust its self, but I found that I did not like that feature because of it turning its self onto a high setting at anytime can be obnoxious and the AUTO setting never powers the unit off when it thinks that the air is clean enough it just shifts it down to low.

    I love the digital display that shows the current air quality. Also I think that the size of the unit is fine.

    LIKES: Price, UV light, Digital Display, and ease of use, powerful little cleaner.
    DISLIKES: Needs programmability, auto feature can turn the unit on high at the worst moment.
    ...more info
  • This air cleaner is amazing!! Set it on Auto and forget it!
    I've had one of these for about 2 months now... I don't think you can buy a better machine for anywhere near the well spent money. I am a springtime allergy/asthma sufferer that lives in a humid mold friendly area (marsh, marine or tule fog!) My unit is set up in a huge 35'x15'room x9' high ceiling that is my kitchen/nook/family room... complete with two bubbling aquariums and a cat never mind the kitchen and adjacent laundry and bathroom w/catbox, you never know what is in the air... my air has NEVER been cleaner. My breathing is definitely easier, others notice as well. This is an amazing machine in AUTO mode, with it's 3 speeds automatically controlled by a very sensitive sensor (complete with air quality indicator gauge), it literally blows away my big round Enviracaire and Hunter programtimed HEPA machines and my 3M Filtrete furnace filter because it will go from low to full throttle before you would think to turn it up or on yourself, as you've got lots of other things on your mind and a smoking frying pan on your hands perhaps a few screaming anklebiters as well... the machine will be on high in a literal minute. (actual response time to a single puff of dissipated smoke or burnt toast from 30' away) This filter circulates the air very well through the whole room... even on low... I have it set up on the floor in one corner of the room, it blows it's hardest up and to the left about 45 degrees all the way across the ceiling, I can feel the air moving in the far corner of the room.
    I think it does a better job distributing warm air off the ceiling than my ceiling fan does. On high it moves a lot of air, i would definitely NOT put it in a smaller room than they suggest unless you like a good breeze and the noise that goes along with moving so many CFM in a small room. So now the down side of a unit this size of course is noise... On high, you know it's on, on low, it may or may not bother you it, subtle white noise at best, I can still sleep on the sofa with it on, but I would not want to sit next to it except perhaps on a hot day. My computer case fan is far louder and more annoying. As far as the UV sterilizing light goes (manual on/off), seems like a great idea, I am hoping to see less mold related spoilage. Maintenance wise, this thing is really easy to open for filter changes... my filter change indicator hasn't come on yet and it runs 24/7. Hopefully you found this long windedness useful...
    ...more info
  • Effective & welcome addition to our home
    I purchased this air purifier to rid ourselves of an annoyance due to the fact that our apartment is above a smoker's apartment. The nightly wave of cigarette smoke was driving us insane, let alone what it may be doing to our health. Since buying this product, we now have smoke-free and happy evenings. It really does a great job. (I'm not sure how it would fare in direct contact with smoke.) I like the air quality meter because it is fun, although not a necessity. I also like this product because it has several different levels (quick clean/high, whisper quiet, auto, medium). It was very easy and quick to install. It does make some noise, but I think this is expected from a product that has a fan blowing in it. It isn't louder than our air conditioner. The benefit we get from it is worth any noise! Overall, highly recommended. ...more info
  • Do your research first
    Got this for a good price (discount coupon). Also own an IQAir which costs more than three times, so shouldn't really compare them.

    - A lot of Features for a really good price (UV light, Active carbon odor-eliminating prefilter for under $170.). Big bangs for the bucks!
    - True HEPA filter!
    - You can place it on the side of the room against a wall and still have the unit work effectively.
    - Really like the active air quality monitoring sensor (which shows you the current air quality in realtime).
    - Clean a lot more air than the expensive Ionic Breeze for a fraction of the price - please do yourself a favor and do a research on the net.

    - Somewhat NOISY for its rated cleaning air flow.
    - Huge in size for its rated cleaning capability (don't be fooled by the tiny picture).
    - Although my wife did not complain about the noise at night, she hated the constant cold breeze reaching her face while sleeping, no matter which location or how we positioned the air cleaner. So, I swapped it with the "breeze-less" IQAir for the bed room.

    The smaller clean air outlet(actually nozzle) of this Hamilton Beach air purifier causes higher airspeed and noice level even at the lowest speed setting. ...more info
  • Great Product
    Is a great product for the price.pretty good warranty compared to others of the same price. Like other reviews could have probably did without the digital disply but it is nice to know air quality. the auto setting is nice and seems to work good, actually senses when a door or window opens.replacement filters are priced cheaper compared to other brands,I did think it was noisy the first couple of days but i really dont notice it anymore i would compare the noise between a fridge running and and a small fan running on low . Overall I happy with it and would purchase another if I need to ...more info
  • Wonderful Purifier...I tad loud
    I just go this purifier and it's already made a difference. I keep it on "Auto" and it works flawlessly. I had it in my bedroom but even on the lowest setting, it was still too loud...so I moved it to the living room. It really moves the air (on Max it will knock you over :)
    I recomend the purifier for people who really need to move the air in a room that they don't sleep in. If it weren't for the noise level, I would give it 5 stars...but it's defintely a keeper!...more info
  • Very effective (but noise is an issue)
    I've been very impressed by our 04163 since our purchase several months ago. We have it on "auto" setting and it does speed up/slow down as it senses contaminants in the air (for example, when we fry bacon!). We feel that it has done well for us as an air filter (that's why we bought it). I'm fairly certain that I'll order another two of these units: one for our upstairs bedrooms and one for our basement.

    So... why not five stars? It is a little bit louder than we'd like and it does produce a very strong draft when it's running at maximum. Neither "shortcoming" is a surprise, of course, and those two drawbacks may well be the price of cleaning the air effectively....more info
  • Works great but noisy
    I have been using this product for a year now with great results. It really does seem to clean the air and has improved my allergies. The filters are extremely easy to replace when necessary. My only complaint is that it is noisy, too noisy for me to use when I am sleeping....more info
  • Work well
    My room used to be very dusty but since I purchased this product, the room is much cleaner.

    It's a bit noisy, but not a big problem. I hate the fact that I will have to replace the carbon fillter once in 3 months, and the hepa filler once a year.

    It's still a better product out there....more info
  • Very Impressed
    It has been 3 months since I received the air purifier, one word, WOW.

    For over 3 years, I have suffered from postnasal drip and congestion every morning due to minor dust allergies. I have noticed this has progressively gotten worse over this period. In an effort to remedy this situation, I was more diligent in dusting and cleaning my apartment and I visited my doctor a few times over the past few years. I was prescribed allergy pills and steroids in an effort to cure me, nothing worked.

    I finally decided to buy an air purifier as general means of breathing cleaner air. I selected this one based on the reviews and comments others reported and was not disappointed. Literally, the first night I used the purifier, it cured my postnasal drip problem. The morning after, my nasal passage was clear and dry. I could breathe!!! Now every night before bed, I turn on my purifier and every morning now, I wake up clear and congestion free. I have even noticed when I am away from my purifier/apartment, the congestion returns.

    Now to review the product itself... I must say the gadget-lover in me, opted for the UV light and digital readout of this particular model. Honestly, I probably could have done without the UV light and digital readout. There have been nights where I forgot to turn on the UV light and still woke up fine, perhaps it may be more effective in the winter when there are more germs flying around. The only semi-annoying thing is the device does not remember the UV setting when you turn it off. With the digital readout, I think I could have done without it. As I said, I love gadgets and features like this. However, it does work though. For example, when I open my window, it quickly determines the air is much dirtier and reacts accordingly. How smart!!!

    People have noted that the purifier is very noisy. I think this is a purely subjective matter. I live in NYC on a ninth floor apartment off the East River on the FDR Drive. I am accustom to a certain amount of noise. I am subject to varying levels of car and wind noise 24/7. Concerning the purifier, I typically run it at low speed each night (I only run it at night). It is positioned at the foot of my bed. IMHO, using the lowest speed is no noisier than running an air conditioner at low speed. After a couple nights, it became white noise and is hardly noticeable to me now.

    As far as size goes, I was a bit surprised how large it is but considering the size of the HEPA filter. It is not that bad in comparison. I am sure the larger size helps in better coverage of a large sized room.

    The only negative I could come up with is the price (I paid about $140) but, given my success with the purifier, I cannot really claim this as a real fault. After 3 months, I am still on the original HEPA filter. The carbon filter I actually rinsed off the dust with some running water a couple times. It is a bit of a messy process but seems effective. I recently ran the built-in test on the filters and it passed. The replacement HEPA filter is a bit pricey; I think it should cost a lot less. They run about $40 to $50 each while the replacement carbon filters run three for $10.

    Overall, I am very, very, very happy with my purchase. The money I paid was worth it. I can breathe!!! However, if can settle for the smaller size and/or without the digital readout, just get a lower-end model which sells for much less. The most important feature is the HEPA filter....more info

  • Does NOT work for seasonal allergies!
    So I bought 2 of these Air Purifiers from Amazon after seeing them highly recommemded online and their claim that they remove 99.97% of all allergens from the air including particles as small as 0.3 microns. After continuously running for 2 weeks, they haven't made ANY difference in either the kids' or my pollen allergies. The digital display continues to claim that the air quality is "Good", I even tried running it at High, but it doesn't seem to have removed any pollen from the air whatsoever. Called up Hamilton beach Customer Service today to see if I was doing something wrong and they were quite unhelpful Just said that if it doesn't work for you, return it, which I plan to do!...more info
  • This purifier is great but dont believe all the hype!
    I have allergies... bad allergies. And my doctor ordered me to get a purifier since I won't get rid of my cats or move away from the lovely tree abundant neighborhood I live in. I did a lot of research and the 04163 fit my needs: fits in a corner, has a HEPA filter, and has economical parts. Also, the reviews were astoundingly positive. HOWEVER, here is what I wish I knew before I bought the machine:

    I was stunned at how huge the box was when the purifier arrived at my door. I was able to carry the box upstairs, but when I pulled the machine out, I was still shocked at the size. I'm 5'5" and the top of the machine hits my knee. I'd say the 'footprint' of it is about the size a long shoebox (men's size 10?). Its not small. But, the assembly is easy enough for a child to do and did take less that 5 minutes.

    I started the purifier at 8pm that first night and received another surprise when I went to turn it off at 10am. The UV light was off! I didn't know what was wrong so I called the Customer Service line who insisted it was I who didn't install the light bulb properly. But after much pleading, I finally convinced her that something was really wrong so she sent me a new light bulb and starter plug (for free). Well, it turns out that the starter on my brand new machine blew its fuse. (Note: Hamilton Beach's Customer Service is not the friendliest, and each time I called I had to cajole them into understanding that there was something wrong with their machine and not with me!)

    While I was waiting for the UV bulb, I ran the machine every night but didn't experience the `mountain fresh air' or unstuffy-morning-nose that other reviewers did. And despite all the other reviews, this machine is not `quiet'!!! I read the reviews about the `white noise' and even the Radio Shack decibel experiment one, but this purifier has a fan, and the fan does sound like a fan. The WhisperClean mode is definitely not whisper-like quiet, but very tolerable. In fact, I do seem to get to sleep faster with the steady `white noise' it creates (and you will have to turn the TV volume up when it runs). However, the QuickClean mode is LOUD! There is no way you can sleep with this mode on. Its louder than a hair dryer (but not as high pitched)!

    Frankly, after the first couple of weeks I was disappointed. After doing all my research, I received a machine that was broken, sounded like a desktop fan, and was huge. However, once I installed the new starter, I ran the machine nightly with the UV bulb. The bulb is what makes this machine fabulous (just remember not to look at it directly). I've had the machine for 3 months now and finally (!) I can tell the difference. I've gotten over the size as it sits nicely in the corner. And I've come to the realization that nothing, NOTHING that has a fan will ever be `whisper quiet' despite what anyone else writes. But best of all, I no longer have to blow my nose in the morning to relieve my nighttime stuffiness! For that, I give this machine 5 stars. Just be realistic about your expectations!!!...more info
  • Very effective air purifier!
    I completely agree with the previous reviews, but I would recommend the Honeywell SilentCare air purifier for bedrooms rather than this one because it is quieter and has "no draft" technology so it doesn't blow out as much air as this one! (one drawback of the Honeywell purifier though is that it takes up more space on the floor than this one does, and can't be placed flush against a wall). To qualify that recommendation though, this air purifier is relatively quiet at the lowest speed, but I am highly noise averse, so I prefer the Honeywell in my bedroom.

    That said... I live in lower Manhattan, and there is a lot of construction going on on my building, so there is always a lot of random dust and particles coming in my apartment. I have this air purifier in my living room, and it is fantastic about detecting changes in air quality (when on the auto setting). Every time I open my windows while the construction is going on, it immediately detects the change and ramps up the filter speed. So altogether, I am extremely happy with my purchase, and would highly recommend this air filter to anyone....more info

  • I does make a difference but....
    I started buying air purifiers because of bad allergy problems. Dust, pet dander, pollen you name it Im effected by it. I've had quite a few different purifiers in the past years. I bought this one a few months ago.

    In the past two years the Lord blessed me with two little girls. One of course had to take after daddy. She suffers from asthma. Every time she get even a little sniffle from colds or allergies she developes "croup"(loud barking cough swollen throat). In her first year it seemed like we lived in the pediatric center.

    Ok enough background now for the positives:
    * This unit does works! The charcoal filter cleans the stinky diaper smell out the air in seconds. It will even take the nasty smell of finger nail polish out the air in seconds lol.
    * The hepa filter helps clear up dust, pet dander, etc. The dust has noticably decreased. We use humidifiers for our daughters condition and have problems with dust mites. NOT ANY MORE!
    * As for the UV protection I found it DOES WORK. I've taken upon myself to try to stay in a different part of the house if I get sick and limit my contact with the girls. I used this unit and the uv light must work. As you can imagine daddys little girls always find a way to get to my wife and I. I ran this unit and wash my hands regularly. I did not pass on any colds to my girls. They were only sick once this season and it was for shorter time frame. The UV light must kill germs.
    * the digital display is helpful. I have a 3600 square foot house. As I take it from room to room it gives my a quality reading. My finished basement air quality is always lower than my upstair rooms.
    * this unit pushes a lot of air. On high it will blow you away.
    Even the quiet setting pushes more air than a standard fan.
    * the amazon price was hard to beat. I got 2 with shipping on sale for $260.98. That was cheaper than ebay. Much cheaper than ONE "ionic" purifier that hardly moves any air. I paid almost 400.00 for one unit.

    The negatives:
    * the unit is not whisper quiet, but the noise does not seem to bother my daughters.
    * the unit is large and bulky. I put it on the ground and my oldest daughter plays with all the buttons. It's too large to put on a desk top.
    * the unit blows cold air. If you plan to use it year round you'll need to turn up the heat. It recycles your air so unlike the ionic that blows hardly any air, this unit really puts out some air.

    I hope this unit holds up I use it every day....more info

  • Excellent Product
    I purchased the Hamilton Beach 04163 Purifier almost eight months ago from Amazon and I'm still amazed with the results it gives daily.

    As an allergy sufferer here in "dusty" Texas, I have frequent bouts with asthma, seasonal rhinitis, etc., and having a dog and cat doesn't help matters much. Although medication can assist with my allergies somewhat, pills and asthma pumps can't trap airborne pet hair, lingering pet dander, dust, etc. Thank goodness the 04163 can! The combination carbon / hepa filters work wonders in trapping the airborne hair and dust. I can see the results in the filters themselves (yuck, all that pet hair!) and literally smell fresher, cleaner, crisper air.
    I've noticed a significant reduction in my allergy headaches and asthma. My coughing has reduced noticably within these past eight months and my usual "morning sneezes" are few and far between.

    The unit is lightweight enough to be transported from room-to-room and used whenever and wherever I need. A digital readout on the console panel is handy because you can "see" the air quality readout rise and drop depending on the polluted air particles in the room. The UV feature is very effective in keeping the air germ free as well. If my wife had a cold, I would always catch it. Now when she catches one, I crank up the UV protection and luckily I haven't caught any of her seasonal colds.

    This is a quality product which operates daily in my home and I'm thrilled with it's performance each day. I highly recommended this air purifier and hope you experience as much success with it as I have. ...more info
  • Loud on Lowest Setting and Didn't Remove Odors.
    I found this unit to be loud on the lowest setting which was problematic at night. The front panel which is supposed to determine the air quality always showed 'good', which made me wonder if the panel was malfunctioning since this was the quality in my dusty apartment before having this unit on and operational. When this product was delivered, I had made fish the night before and the odor still hung in the air. It was never removed by this purifier after having it on all night and having to suffer through the loud blowing fan noise.

    My Kenmore was extremely quiet and that is something that I now appreciate in a unit. I hope I can find one with the odor removal and quietness that is a priority, as well as an allergen removal....more info

    MAGNIFICENT ! *****

    I bought this unit as well as the 04161 and they have both been in use for the past 7 months. This model is at the office and the 04161 at home.

    I came across this filter by ACCIDENT. It was actually a Gold box offering from Amazon and funny enough my entire household was blocked up with the dust. Vacuuming and dusting did not seem to help such that my wife had a terrible cough that would not go away despite several different meds. I had a blocked nose every morning and was constantly sneezing.

    Well, bought the unit for the office. Presto! No blockage. AT home it was amazing. My wife stopped coughing within 2 days of installing the 04161 in the bedroom. Installation took about 5 minutes. 5 mins to get the danged things out of the box and all that wrapping and another 5 to set it up. That was 7 months ago and she has not coughed since!

    The units have performed magnificently auto sensing and adjusting fan speeds to cope with any detected impurity. One note of warning..it may be a little embarrassing when some persons who get too close and the unit auto senses the ahh...disturbance to the environment due to personal hygiene and REVS up full blast! Care at the office! You have been warned!

    At home, if the bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom, then at those personal moments it also auto senses the "disturbance" and revs up!

    I have just changed the carbon filters and expect to be changing the HEPA filter as well. The UV lights still work and I have had NO problems with the units.

    Some reviewers stated that the units are noisy especially on high. This is true but I bought them to get rid of my allergies and that disgusting cough that the wife had. It did! Who cares about a noisy fan! And it really is only noisy on HIGH but most of the time it hums along on low speed with the display showing the air quality.

    Buy it. You will be well pleased!...more info

  • How Loud is it?
    Radio Shack Sound Level Meter at 1 meter away from air filter:
    65db HIGH
    58db MED
    56db LOW...more info
  • My Research
    1. Good business reputation for producing quality equipment.
    2. Lots of features usually found in more expensive air cleaners for a very reasonable price.

    AHAM certified air cleaner

    AHAM certified data on high speed:
    230 CADR - dust
    230 CADR - tobacco smoke
    240 CADR - pollen

    Model 04163 is good for
    up to 350 sq ft, 18' x 19' room
    (Air purification area based on 5 ach - air room changes-hour at high speed)

    Filters Life continuous use:
    Prefilter - 3 mos.
    Hepa Filter - 1 yr.

    UV light - 250 days

    ......more info

  • UV light no longer works....
    I bought this when it was much more expensive. Well the UV light is very delicate I guess, because after a few months, it is no longer working. The reason I purchased this unit was because of the UV light. I am not sure if it you can get it replaced. Forget their customer service. They are not any help at all....more info
  • Good air purifier, but a tad noisy
    I suffer from chronic sinusitis and various other scary sounding things having to do with the sinuses and breathing in general. I also live in a house that I swear oozes dust out of the walls. If you were to lie still for a few days you could be buried. Really. Well not really, but you get what I mean...

    I bought this purifier because I wanted something to help eliminate the gobs of dust that form in the rooms I spend most of my time in. I have had the unit for a few weeks and can say that it has made a dramatic difference in the ammount of dust in the rooms it operates in. I wake up less congested than before and I haven't gone on a 30 minute sneeze-off since I got the unit. (Though I sorta miss the buzz you get when you sneeze that much...)

    The only real downside to the unit is that its higher settings are LOUD. The whisper setting, however, is pretty quiet and is not any more annoying than having an AC unit running in the room. Over time you don't even notice it any more. I have become so used to it that I only really hear it when it kicks into overdrive because of poor air quality.

    Replacement filters are a bit pricey, but if you use the unit properly you shouldn't need to change them much. The purified air from this unit is almost as good as fresh air. The unit performs as advertised though it is a bit bigger than I had anticipated. As yet I have barely used the UV light on the unit. I just turned it on a couple of times to see if I could hear the germs scream. But hearing nothing, I got bored and decided to save the light for when there are bugs floating around.

    If you are looking for a decent HEPA filter to cut down on the allergens in your house and to help reduce the ammount of dust and airborne nasties and you don't want to pay a lot for this muffler...er...um...purifier, then this is your unit. If this unit isn't powerful enough to clean up your air then you probably need to move. Simple as that....more info

  • Best For The Money!
    I'm a shopper who likes to do lots of research. Based on the features, I determined this unit to be the best for the money if it actually worked as advertised. To my pleasant surprise, the self adjusting fan speed works better than I expected. It really does sense an increase in air contaminants (I experimented) & the filters are priced a little lower than the average air purifier. It's not the quietest unit but it moves significant amounts of air & the "white noise" is soon barely noticed. I highly recommend this model....more info
  • Pretty Good, For Its Price and Intended Purpose
    Haven't had it for very long, just a couple of months, but I like it. I had a Honeywell room unit that was okay, but I had no idea how well it was working. With the HB, the air sensor gives you some idea of how well it's working. When first hooked up, the HB showed that the Honeywell was doing a good job of cleaning. At first, I thought maybe I should have just stayed with the Honeywell. I had initially stayed away from using the UV light, after reading that it didn't do anything. Wrong. When I finally switched on the UV light, a lot of my nighttime nasal congestion disappeared. That feature, plus the sensor, makes this model a 4- rather than 3-star product. (Keep in mind tthat this is a one-room unit and not intended for people with severe allergies.)

    Seems to have a small but noticeable effect on keeping dust down.

    Whisper Quiet ... isn't. But it's no louder than the Honeywell. I also selected Super Saver shipping, saved some money, and got it in five business days. If this unit lasts another year without problems, I'll buy another for another room in my house.

    NOTE ADDED 8/13/06: The unit is still going strong and with no sign of wearing out....more info
  • Good for Night Time Allergy Cough
    Every Fall my daughter develops an allergy cough. We tried everything to get rid of it and after weeks of cough syrup, cough patches, humidifiers, and inhalers we decided to buy an air filter. The first night we used it in her bedroom, she stopped coughing! I was amazed. It was worth the money we spent on it.

    The only thing to keep in mind is that the quiet feature is not that quiet. There will be white noise when it runs at night.

    The air quality indicator is interesting and fun to watch....more info

  • GREAT Air Cleaner
    I originally wrote a review after having the product for a week. I have now had it for three months and I would continue to rate it as a 5 star air cleaner! It works much better than our other "top-of-the-line" air cleaners and I especially like the way it adjusts to the air quality. I haven't turned the bulb on yet since I read that the replacement is very expensive. I plan to save it for times when we have a "bug" going around the house. I am impressed with the volume of air that is exchanged with the unit on its highest setting. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • 3 Words: FAB-U-LOUS!
    I own three of these air cleaners -- one for my office, bedroom and baby's room. They work brilliantly, never break down and definitely keep the air clean. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Fantastic Air Purifier
    Our son (3 yrs old) has allergy induced asthma and we wanted an air purifier that would help eliminate the impurities in the air. We did a TON of looking around and didn't want to spend a lot of money. Since we got this air purifier, we've been VERY happy. We keep the purifier in the family room where the TV is kept. It will automatically work harder to keep the air clean if someone's cooking or if there are any impure smells in the air.

    The whisper mode is also fantastic at night if you're watching TV. You'll have to change the filters every 6 months or so, but you can't beat it's performance for the price (especially with FREE shipping). Finally, living in CA, we've noticed that the Air Purifier will also help to keep the room a bit cooler. Since we've had the air purifier and we changed our son's diet (to more organic foods), he hasn't had a problem with his asthma and he's no longer on the mediation....more info

  • What is this smell coming out of it?
    It smells like "new factory" plastic, and I suspect it comes from the HEPA filter. I see one of the reviewers mentioned it. Does everyone else have this problem? Please let me know if there is a way to get rid of it.

    Besides the smell, everything else works fine. The noise is acceptable, and the sensor seems working....more info

  • Quiter than Blueair
    I have severe asthma and have been VERY pleased with the 04163 Hamilton Beach Air Purifier. I'm not sure what planet the negative reveiwers are from but I investigated all the options regardless of price. I went by Sears and looked at the Kenmore. The reviewer who liked it must work for Sears because it isn't even in the same ballpark as the Hamilton Beach. I briefly bought and returned a BlueAir which cost twice as much and is supposed to be the quietest. Instead it has an irritating high pitched whine that oscillates and would be better utilized as a torture device. The Hamilton Beach, on the other hand, is not only quiet, but the white noise it makes is actually soporific. I prefer to sleep with it on and it runs 24/7. I use to have a constant problem with mold in my master bathroom, but the Ultraviolet light on the Hamilton Beach has kept it from returning. The other day I chased my golden retriever into the bedroom with ear cleaner and to my surprise the automatic fan smelled it, and dealt with it, turning the fan on automatically to a higher setting briefly. I couldn't even smell it myself. To describe it's air cleaing capability, I will just end by saying this, the reason I am on this site is I am getting ready to buy a second Hamilton Beach for my office....more info
  • Reasonable Price, Great Performance!
    I received two of the Hamilton Beach 04163 Air Purifiers a week ago and, so far, they've been exactly what I expected. After several weeks of research, I talked myself out of an expensive unit, not because of price, but because I wasn't convinced it was what I needed. Turns out the Hamilton Beach Purifiers work perfectly in the space they are designed for. I have them in 12x12 and 14x14 bedrooms. I keep them in auto mode all the time. They run on low speed at least 95% of the time and rarely go up to medium or high speed. For this reason, the noise of high speed is not an issue for me. If you intend to use this unit for recommended room size, then I highly recommend it....more info
  • A little disappointed
    There still is a lot of dust in my apartment. I still wake up a little stuffy. I think I had to high of hopes for this product. Maybe you will have better luck :(...more info
  • Excellent Reliability and Results
    The 04163 is the model I have purchased and it is more than I expected. It is a bit noisome (about that of a typical air conditioning unit operating without the compressor actually kicking in- very tolerable if you can't tolerate filthy air.
    The machine does all that it claims and if you've never purchased an item similar to this, you will have more than your expectations met. I am in my second year now and have run it 24/7 winter through summer. Never fails. The filters are affordable if you shop around. I am an asthma and allergy afflicted 29 year old man. Use this in conjuction with other climate control devices (De-humidifier; humidifier; air-conditioner) and with better houshold hygien to bring imminent relief. You sufferers know who you are. Praise the Lord is all I can say for this unit being in my house to relieve my lungs....more info
  • Worked for me!!
    Bought this filter after getting an 8-week old puppy with LONG HAIR. You can see the sneezes coming on.

    Very good product. I've used it in almost every room, and will put it in the car for a bit to filter the air in there after a vacuum, from what is now the 1 year old puppy!

    Also finds that it circulates the air pretty well in our bedroom. Glad I bought it....more info

  • Cleans well but...
    It did a great job of cleaning the air. I noticed right away that I wasn't nearly as congested. However it is a bit noisy, and the motor burned out after about 8 months of moderate use....more info
  • My son's asthma and eczema is lessened plus more usage...
    Amazing product that really works! My son has a really bad allergies and after a month or so of using this product, my son is suffering less and is more active physically.

    Likewise, when it is not in his room at night (on silent mode, or should I say whisper quite mode), we place this product in the kitchen and does its job religiously. The house feels clean and fresh.

    The features are one of a kind. I would rate this a buy!...more info

  • works ok, but....
    I bought this product because I have bad sinus sensativities. the price was fantastic, the features are great and easy to use and operate. The shipping was extremely fast. The sensor definately picks up on solid particles in the air. Unfortunately, it does not do a real good job of filtering out second hand smoke, or the odor associated with it. Maybe it is because of the location, but I bought this unit because of it's coverage area. I use it in an area much smaller than the maximum recommended coverage area, and it does make the room very much less dusty, but it just does not seem to do the job on cigarette smoke. Maybe if it came with some way to use pot pourri or some other type of air scenting type of device. Oh well, scented candles and/or auto air fresheners to cover the odor of the cigarettes. Overall, yes, I would definately recommend this air cleaner....more info
    Surprisingly, hamilton beach (which I used to think is junk) came up with some pretty decent products. In this lineup, I cant complain. Better than Bionaire or Holmes. Not quite as good as Panasonic. The germicide light is hokey. We live in the world with germs every day not in a bubble or microprocessing manufacturing plant. If the light burns out I wont replace it. Overall, im pleased with this purchase. The noise is tolerable. NONE OF THEM ARE "QUIET". but this one is ok. Honeywell is the noisiest....more info
  • Well Built But Somewhat Noisy
    In the last couple weeks I purchased two air purifiers: The Hamilton Beach 04163 and the Kenmore Progressive 335. The Hamilton Beach was for my bedroom, which is about 200 square feet, and the Kenmore was for my 350 square foot living room. Both were purchased because of my allergies and fairly heavy dust buildup in my apartment.

    I chose the Hamilton Beach because of it UV light, since I suspected mold in my apartment, and the Kenmore because of its value for money based upon a Consumer Reports' review and its cleaning capacity, which is one of the best of the affordable air cleaners.

    The Hamilton Beach is well built, sturdy and has features not offered by most air purifiers: UV light and air quality sensor, which regulates the purifier's speed. I do agree with someone's earlier comment that it is fairly noisy, even at the lowest speed. If I had received the Hamilton Beach before the Kenmore, I might not have been so critical, since the Kenmore, even at high speeds isn't very loud. The Hamilton Beach makes a higher pitched sound which makes it difficult to sleep with it on and it can be heard through doors. The Kenmore really can't be heard when standing just a few feet away nor can it be heard through doors.

    I find that both work very well, but, if I had to do it again, I would opt for a quieter air purifier (the Kenmore) for my bedroom and pass on the added features of the Hamilton Beach....more info

  • Kinda noisy
    Overall I am quite pleased. Haven't had to replace the filters yet, although it looks like it will be very easy to do when it comes time.

    I only have two real complaints about the unit:

    1. It is noisy - granted I have little experience with air purifiers, but this is noisier than any fan I have around the house - I can't sleep with it running in the same room.

    2. The output airflow is not adjustable (redirectable) - I guess this is not the end of the world, but it kind of limits where I can place the unit....more info

  • I like it. It is clearly an improvement
    I think the light is not a problem although I found only one place on the internet that sold the replacement bulbs. I bought two for the future. I think if amazon.com sells the machine it would be nice to sell the basic refills. ... The sound is very quiet compared to any other air cleaner that I've had and I have had a lot except for the totally silent sharper image ones. I find it hard to believe they really work. Much of what i've bought from them is so-so. Maybe they work...

    But this from Hamilton is very very nice. The grills are removable so that you can wash it off in the shower instead of the bionare problem of trying to wipe it off while attached to an electrical appliance. I like the vertical layout a lot and the air is coming out of the top just at the right angle so that it goes up but not wasted straight up. The air volume that is cleaned seems large on the lowest setting but diffused enough that it isn't an obvious blast.

    And the bottom line. It works. The air is really clean. I am giving it five stars but I can't say anything about it's durablity. I have only had it for six months....more info

  • Still undecided
    I suppose I could make a better evaluation of this product if I suffered from asthma or allergies. Fortunately I guess, this phenomenon of congestion and sinus problems is rather new to me. I lived in Los Angeles, no stranger to bad air, for a number of years, but it was only during my recent move to Las Vegas that I started having allergy and sinus problems resulting from what I assume is the dirt and dusty air.

    The unit itself is easy to put together, just throw a filter on top of another filter, put it in the unit, install the UV light (typical flourescent), clamp the grill on and it's ready to go. One piece of advice, make sure you locate the sensor cleaner, I almost threw mine out. The first problem I ran into was this awful plastic "new factory" smell that lingered for over a month. I called up tech support, explained the problem, and put the unit outside to air out in the sun as they recommended but it really didn't take care of the problem. As the 30-day return deadline came and went, I realized I was taking a chance on whether the smell would ever go away. It did (eventually).

    The air quality sensor really does work and works well. I put the unit in my bedroom and it could "sniff out" the cleaners I was using in the bathroom across the hall. Believe it or not, it even sniffs out and responds to the not-so-pleasant odors coming from the bathroom. This will, of course, make it a great topic of conversation and the focus of a number of jokes at the expense of your friends who come to visit.

    The UV light installs at the top of the unit. While it is covered, a glow does emanate from the top where the air comes out. It's strong enough to hit the roof in pitch black darkness so you may find it distracting to leave it on while you sleep. In addition, the term "whisper quiet" is definitely misleading. It's not annoyingly loud at the lowest setting, but it's definitely not a whisper. It makes about as much noise as a portable fan turned on the medium setting. It can be distracting to those like myself who enjoy perfect silence, but those of you with the ability to tune out screaming kids, yapping mutts, and other noisy "devices" probably won't even notice it.

    The biggest question I have yet to figure out is whether it really makes a difference in the quality of the air. It's evident it does filter some of the air, just opening the grill and seeing the dirt on the charcoal filter will confirm this. However, after leaving it running throughout the night, it's not as if I wake up feeling any more refreshed than I did before I bought it. I also notice a slight increase in temperature as the air passes through the unit itself. Naturally accumulating dust may be reduced slightly, but I still have to dust the room.

    Maybe I am being harsh expecting laboratory-clean air (even if it does claim to filter out 99.97% of the pollutants out.) The point I'm trying to make is that it doesn't seem to make any difference to me, personally. Even if the air is clean, it's definitely not pure. For those with serious allergies, it may help. In my case, my best solution is to get out of Vegas....more info

  • Works great....until it breaks
    This purifier worked well for about 5 months when it broke. The fan motor just died. The cost of repair, plus all of the expensive filters etc. make this one costly unit to operate. ......more info
  • Made a huge difference
    Put this in the bedroom because I woke up congested every morning. The air in the bedroom is noticeably cleaner and I no longer wake up congested. This is well worth it... I should have bought one sooner!...more info
  • An effective device
    The Hamilton Beach 04163 works well in all respects, is more aesthetic than many other purifiers on the market, is reasonably quiet on low speed, and is a great value. I have mind in my bedroom. If I even slightly shake my comforter, the purifier's sensor quickly detects the dust fibers that are released. I checked the carbon filter after about 2 weeks of nightly use and could easily see on the filter where the purifier had trapped a great deal of larger dust particles and fibers. My only criticisms are that the purifier does not "remember" the UV light on/off state. So if I turn on the UV light, then turn off the purifier, when I turn on the purifier again, the UV light will not longer be on. I endorse this product....more info
  • Loud and expensive to operate
    Initial value is good but the continued operation of the unit is costly. Figure it will cost you near the price of the unit each year in replacement filters and bulbs. Higher line units may have an initial cost of 2-3 times the price of this unit... but if you operate the unit for 3 or more years you have reached the pay-back point. Also higher line units offer higher CFM rates that will cover a larger area. If Hamilton Beach would cut the cost of their replacement parts in half.. this would be a very nice unit....more info
  • Worth every penny
    I ordered this particular HEPA air purifier with the UV light because it was recommended for my two children. They have many environmental allergies and are always sick with some sort of respiratory illness. I also have allergies. I have REALLY noticed a difference in all of us since buying this air purifier. We wake breathing freely and that's unusual for anyone in this house! The whisper quiet mode is pretty quiet. I comfortably watch tv over the sound. You get used to it and soon barely hear it. In fact, the medium is pretty quiet as well. The highest setting is loud, but it is high so I'd expect that. I run mine 24/7 on Auto mode and love that I can see a readout of the air quality and the way the sensor will automatically adjust the speed to clean the air more or less when needed. Once I slightly burned some microwave popcorn - in another room - and I heard it cycle up to high to clean the air! Well worth the money for the features. If I had to point out one negative I guess it would be that I don't look forward to replacing the pricey filters or UV bulb. At least, according to the booklet, they should last a year....more info
  • My (Usually) Quiet Helper
    I bought three Hamilton Beach 04163 air purifiers, two for myself and one for my son. Both of us have enjoyed improved health as a result. I had occasional infected allergies, but none since I bought the 04163 over two years ago. I love the little bar graph that shows the air quality in your room right now. It does not need to be set in the middle of the room because the cleaned air blows out the top, not the side. I keep it at its lowest setting because that way it stays quiet and uses less electricity and it still cleans the air within about 5 minutes if something raises dust. I only turn it on when I'm in the room.

    My son and I have both experienced a change in the quiet behavior of the 04163: Sometimes it runs with a loud whistle. We were quite concerned because the noise was distracting, and it sounded like a loose belt, or perhaps a dying motor. I finally figured out that the whistling is caused by air leaking past the side of the HEPA filter. The cure is simple: (1) Turn off the 04163. (2) Tilt the 04163 to the side until you hear the HEPA filter bump into a new position. (First tilt to the right, and if that doesn't produce the "bump", tilt to the left.) After that, the 04163 will run quietly until someone moves the 04163 and again shifts the HEPA filter into a non-optimum position. Shaking or tilting the 04163 while it is running will not stop the whistling because the air pressure holds the HEPA filter in place.

    The HEPA filter is supposed to last a year with continuous use. A tip on buying replacement HEPA filters: I have found them online about $20 cheaper than at my local discount store....more info

  • Impressive
    This is my first air purifier so I was not sure what to expect. I am impressed. My 13 year old unboxed it and set it up according to the instruction manual. No problems and she was actually intrigued by the UV light and automatic features. I set it on automatic and it works great, especially helpful when we have a fire in the fireplace. After the first few hours, it usually stays on the low setting. Every once in awhile, it ramps up automatically to high if it senses poor air quality. The high setting can be a bit loud, but it usually ramps back down very quickly. I like the idea of the UV light killing bacteria. I'll probably buy another one for an upstairs room as well....more info