Hamilton Beach 04913 TrueAir HEPA Replacement Filter for 04162 and 04163 Air Cleaners
Hamilton Beach 04913 TrueAir HEPA Replacement Filter for 04162 and 04163 Air Cleaners

List Price: $70.00

Our Price: $49.92

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Product Description

This HEPA Filter is the fast and easy-to-replace filter for Hamilton Beach Air Purifier models 04162, 04163 and 04152. Filter fits purifiers designed for 300-350 sq. ft. of coverage and provides 99.97% filtration.

  • HEPA filter with 99.97% filtration
  • For 350-square-foot coverage air purifiers
  • Fast and easy replacement
  • Fits models 04162 and 04163

Customer Reviews:

  • These HEPA filters also fit the Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner Model 04152
    Although it doesn't mention it, these HEPA filters also fit the Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner Model 04152. I had to email Hamilton Beach to find out, but they were very helpful and responded right away. When the filters arrived from Amazon, I saw that on the box it says "Fits Models 04162, 04163 & 04152."

    With our cat and houseful of antiques, we always seem to have dust bunnies floating around. I run this model in our office, under the table which holds the computer. Since placing it there I have noticed the buildup of dust around the modem is almost entirely eliminated. I placed the larger model in our living room and it certainly is doing its job. The regular settings can be louder than expected, but I leave them on the "whisper quiet" setting when we're in that room and I don't even notice them being on. I would definitely recommend the Hamilton Beach air cleaners....more info
  • Great Filter
    Love this product, just wish Amazon would stop increasing the price. A filter should not cost almost as much as the actual unit itself....more info
  • Keeps air dust-free
    Easy fit into the air cleaner and lasted over the recommended 12 month replacement time. My place gets dusty with a minute's activity. The Air Cleaner and its filters does the job....more info
  • Add $2 and get the whole machine.
    I started to purchase this replacement filter for my model 4152 air purifier but luckily decided to see what the whole machine is going for -and it was on sale for $49.99 (this was for sale at $47.99).
    So I bought 3 spare machines - and even if they're not running, I'll have no regret, because they contain the replacement filters. And I got free shipping as a Prime member.

    Next time out I'll look for washable filters because these things are expensive....more info
  • HEPA Filter - Hamilton Beach
    Excellent product which does exactly what it is advertised to do....more info
  • Excellent Filter for an Excellent Air Purifier
    This Hamilton Bch Air Purifier does a more than adequate job of cleaning the air in a room up to 300 Sq Ft and I would highly recommend i considering the wonderfully inexpensive price compared to other leading air purifiers. My allergies have improved greatly and my wife and I catch much less colds....more info
  • A requirement
    I'm glad that amazon still carriers these. I cannot find them anywhere else. I have 4 of these air cleaners - 2 large and 2 small - and I run them 24/7 due to asthma and allergies. I do notice a difference in my son's asthma symptoms if I do not keep them on all the time.

    ...more info
  • too expensive and too noisy
    Although I like this air cleaner because it does seem to filter out dirty particles, I have decided not to continue using it.
    1) filters are way too expensive1
    2) the air cleaner is noisy - I turn it off when watching TV, or conversing with others in the family room.
    3) the air blasts out of the top of the unit -- you can feel it as you walk by; this has a chilling effect on a person as he/she walks by - especially in winter.
    (The smaller 4381 unit for my office, on the other hand, is quiet, efficient and more affordable!...more info
  • Hamilton Beach 04163
    Amazon asked me to review the replacement filter so I thought I'd go ahead and make some comments about the Air Cleaner itself. Prior to buying the air cleaner (must have been almost 3 years ago) I'd wake up most mornings with a runny nose. Since running this overnight for the past 3 years I very rarely ever have any stuffiness or runniness in the mornings. In fact, if someone shuts it off during the night my wife and I both notice the difference in the air in the house. I recommend this any time someone tells me about their allergies - it is one of the highest value purchases I have made - ever...more info
  • Hepa Filter
    Great product works as expected. I have had this HEPA filter in my bedroom for 2 years now and it works great....more info
  • replacement filter
    This was hard to find at stores and easy to get at Amazon. Thanks...more info
  • Filters shipped promptly, works perfectly
    Filters came in promptly. Works perfectly in filter---now to get my Wife to quit smoking....more info
  • Great filter-getting more expensive
    The filter and the corresponding unit do a great job. The filter cost however continues to climb and I'm not sure it's worth it to keep buying them. ...more info
  • Replacement filter
    This air purifier does help keep the rooms that we use them in cleaner. It does purify the air. By changing the filters, we can see the difference. ...more info


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