Hamilton Beach 04923 TrueAir Replacement Carbon Filters for 04162, 04163 & 04152 Air Cleaners, 3-Pack

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Product Description

Hamilton Beachs TrueAir carbon pre-filters work in tandem with HEPA filters and UV germicidal lights to power the companys air purifiers. Carbon pre-filters contribute by absorbing unpleasant odors in the air. The 04923 filter fits with 04162 and 04163 model air purifiers to cover rooms of up to 350 square feet in size. Each filter is customized for fast and easy replacement

  • Compatible with Hamilton Beach 04162 and 04163 model air purifiers
  • Works in tandem with HEPA filters and UV germicidal lights
  • Absorbs unpleasant odors in a room
  • Covers up to 350 square feet
  • Customized for fast and easy replacement
Customer Reviews:
  • Filters
    Items were shipped and received in a timely manner.Hamilton Beach 04923 TrueAir Replacement Carbon Filters for 04162 & 04163 Air Cleaners, 3-Pack...more info
  • Filters used for my nutone range hood
    The kitchen odors were getting very bad. We realized that the filter had never been changed. It is an old recirculating system over the stove. Finding filters is for the birds. Filters are all listed by a serial or code number. I think the psychology is that you use ONLY the filter from the original manufacturer. After looking at many different types of filters, these seemed to be cutable-is that a word? We did not need to cut, they fit into the Nutone range hood perfectly. Our nutone hood is so old that we could not find anything listed on the Nutone site.
    So these fit, the house odor while cooking is diminished. What is not clear is how often they should be replaced. Obviously when the smell gets worse, but I have no idea if 6 months or 6 years. Will buy more, cheaper than a new hood....more info
  • These filters also fit the Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner Model 04152
    Although it doesn't mention it, these filters also fit the Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner Model 04152. I had to email Hamilton Beach to find out, but they were very helpful and responded right away. When the filters arrived from Amazon, I saw that on the box it says "Fits Models 04162, 04163 & 04152."

    With our cat and houseful of antiques, we always seem to have dust bunnies floating around. I run this model in our office, under the table which holds the computer. Since placing it there I have noticed the buildup of dust around the modem is almost entirely eliminated. I placed the larger model in our living room and it certainly is doing its job. The regular settings can be louder than expected, but I leave them on the "whisper quiet" setting when we're in that room and I don't even notice them being on. I would definitely recommend the Hamilton Beach air cleaners....more info
  • Easy to change
    These carbon filters work great! The room smells cleaner & fresh. It is very easy to change them!*** Make sure you order the right size!*** Change it every 3 months (as sugested)*** Lightly vacumme the filter once a month (if your house is dusty or you have pets)...more info
    I purchased this to replace the filter on my 04163 unit and although the description (and box) say it is compatible with this unit, it was the wrong size! I still don't know how to order the correct one....more info
  • Great pre-filters
    These filters are great and are very easy to install. I live in a house that gets dusty quick even without my 2 Australian Shepherds. I even vacuum off (don't know whether Hamiltom Beach would approve though) the pre-filters every week or so. The unit definitely catches a lot of the dog hair that floats through the air after I brush the dogs. I've found that the pre-filter does a pretty good job of catching hair and dust before it even gets to the HEPA filter. ...more info
  • filters
    We received the filters in two shipments, which was perfectly fine, as we only needed one box at first. We ordered a double shipment to save on shipping and it is nice to have them on hand when we need them next. These filters are difficult to locate in nearby stores, so this is easy to order through Amazon! ...more info
  • Easy to replace, fairly cheap, but check manually
    For the filters themselves, they're fairly cheap, though $10 would be nicer, and extremely easy to replace. "Peel" the old, dusty one off, dispose of it, and lay the new one right over the HEPA filter.

    My concern though is that the air filter just has a regular clock in it which says, "Okay, three months, light up the change filter check mark!" I recently replaced a filter that was absolutely disguisting... covered completely in dust and grime, and while this is great, because it means I'm not breating these things in, one would assume the machine could realize this, and manually put the change filter mark on. This was a filter that was in there about two months or so. (I live in New York, hence the city pollution I suppose)

    So anyway, nice filters, easy to replace, and fairly cheap, but I would recommend physically checking your filters to see how dirty they are every two weeks or so instead of relying on the change filter indictator....more info
    These filters are so easy to replace and come three in pack. Great product....more info
  • Surprising benefit - quieter!
    Ordinarily I would not be particularly excited about odor-removing filters. However, I was surprised after installing my first replacement set of odor filters that my purifier (model 04163) ran much quieter at the lowest speed setting. I'm not entirely sure of the added electrical cost of running these filters (I have pet birds that generate a lot of dust and dander and the filters run 24/7), but it may be that the reduced fan speed to get the same air discharge will save me money. Nice!...more info
  • Expensive
    Quiet enough but not particularly affordable. Wish for a generic....more info