Hamilton Beach 04912 TrueAir HEPA Replacement Filter for 04160 & 04161 Air Cleaners

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Product Description

Enjoy cleaner, fresher air for you and your family. The Hamilton Beach 04912 TrueAir HEPA Replacement Filter is designed for 04160 and 04161 model air purifiers that have 200-square-foot coverage. The HEPA filter provides 99.97-percent filtration and replacement is fast and easy. T

  • Replacement filter for 200-square-foot-coverage air purifiers
  • HEPA filter provides 99.97-percent filtration
  • Fast and easy replacement
  • Fits models 04160 and 04161
  • Measures 2-1/4 by 11-5/8 by 13-5/8 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • pleased
  • HEPA Happiness
    This replacement filter fits perfectly into the Hamilton Beach air purifier I own. Kind of expensive, but worth it. Try to find it on sale!...more info
  • Good Investment- Does the job WELL....
    I spent some time searching around, with my criteria being of course cost-effectiveness, low noise, and mostly the ability to clean the air effectively. I was initially under the impression that the replacement filters would save me a lot *(over previously systems I had owned), but that was not the most important selling point. I am now shopping for filters, and realizing that it is a two-step process... getting both the carbon screen and the entire filter. While I am shopping around for the best deal, I am planning to meanwhile just use the vacumn to prolong the life of the existing carbon screen and filter.... seems to be ok to do. I highly recommend this product.... GREAT UNIT !...more info
  • Hamilton Beach TrueAir HEPA Air Cleaner & Filter
    After owning several more expensive HEPA filters over the last 10 years, I have been very impressed with the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Cleaner. I throughly researched this unit before purchasing and have been very pleased with its capabilities. It's quiet, the filters are easy to change and find, and its automatic function with the UV light works as expected. It was well worth the investment....more info
  • Hepa Air Cleaner
    these hepa filters are reasonable unlike most air cleaner filters, work well and keep my room free of allergies and fresh. I am really pleased with how long they last, you only need to replace it once a year....more info
  • These HEPA replacement filters also fit the Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner Model 04150
    Although it doesn't mention it, these HEPA replacement filters also fit the Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner Model 04150. I had to email Hamilton Beach to find out, but they were very helpful and responded right away. When the filters arrived from Amazon, I saw that on the box it says "Fits Models 04160, 04161 & 04150."

    With our cat and houseful of antiques, we always seem to have dust bunnies floating around. I run this model in our office, under the table which holds the computer. Since placing it there I have noticed the buildup of dust around the modem is almost entirely eliminated. I placed the larger model in our living room and it certainly is doing its job. The regular settings can be louder than expected, but I leave them on the "whisper quiet" setting when we're in that room and I don't even notice them being on. I would definitley recommend the Hamilton Beach air cleaners....more info
  • Great filter!
    Great filter. Amazon just needs to stop increasing the price (a filter should not cost as much as the main unit itself)....more info
    Okay so Asthma can't actually be cured but oh my god did it reduce it!!! I no longer have to take medicine every day! I almost never have to use my inhaler! It's sooooo great! It works really well and was super affordable! GREAT PRODUCT!...more info
  • good quality
    The product quality is good. If you can bear the delay of the delivery, nothing could be blamed....more info
  • Takes a Licking Keeps on Ticking
    This filter is wonderful, lasts at least a year, tip - can even be vacuumed for longer life, and even better my faithful Hamilton Beach air purifier continues to work steadily 24/7 for over 3 years!!...more info
  • This really works
    We have a musty moldy smell in our basement. This Hamilton Beach model and filter have removed all traces of it. THis was an excellent purchase....more info
  • Horrible Odor
    Recently bought a replacement filter for a Hamilton Beach 04161 that has worked perfectly for the last 3 years. The new filter produces filtered air filled with a strong musty smell similar to a wet dog. I returned the filter and got another replacement with exactly the same problem. If I leave the unit running, the room is soon full of the bad odor. This doesn't happen with the old filter or if I run the air purifier with just the carbon pre-filter inside. I am ready to give up on this thing!...more info


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