Hamilton Beach 04922 TrueAir Replacement Carbon Filters for 04160 & 04161 Air Cleaners, 3-Pack

List Price: $20.00

Our Price: $12.99

You Save: $7.01 (35%)


  • Compatible with 04160 and 04161 model air purifiers
  • Work in tandem with HEPA filters and UV germicidal lights
  • Absorbs unpleasant odors in a room
  • Covers up to 200 square feet
  • Customized for fast and easy replacement
Customer Reviews:
  • Works as advertised
    This product is in two rooms of our home. Has done an excellent job....more info
  • the airl cleaner has really helped
    this is a great product if you have allergies or sinus problems, this will make a difference i breath normally at night and it helps cut down on the numerous colds and sinus infections i am prone to...more info
  • Great replacement filters
    Great replacement filters, good value (3 pack). Hamilton Beach should, however, package them flat (not folded), so they can be installed properly on top of the main filter....more info
  • These filters also fit Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner Model 04150
    Although it doesn't mention it, these filters also fit the Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner Model 04150. I had to email Hamilton Beach to find out, but they were very helpful and responded right away. When the filters arrived from Amazon, I saw that on the box it says "Fits Models 04160, 04161 & 04150."

    With our cat and houseful of antiques, we always seem to have dust bunnies floating around. I run this model in our office, under the table which holds the computer. Since placing it there I have noticed the buildup of dust around the modem is almost entirely eliminated. I placed the larger model in our living room and it certainly is doing its job. The regular settings can be louder than expected, but I leave them on the "whisper quiet" setting when we're in that room and I don't even notice them being on. I would definitley recommend the Hamilton Beach air cleaners....more info
  • Pretty good product
    The carbon filters do a pretty good job of filtering dust, etc. before it enters the unit's main filter. They are pretty gross when changing though. ;) The only real drawback is that little black fibers from the pre-filter get on the unit (and elsewhere) easily when you are replacing them....more info
  • Hamilton Beach 04161 Is the Best
    I have asthma and the Hamilton Beach 04162 has both my votes. I did a lot of research and intially bought the Blue Air (which I returned the next day). The reviews indicated it was the quitest air purifier. It isn't and it cost 2 and 1/2 times the price of the Hamilton Beach. Although it supposedly has the lowest decibel level (which I do not believe), the BlueAir has an extremely irritating high whine that oscillates irregularly, not to mention an annoying bright blue light. This might be good for torturing someone, but the BlueAir is NOT quiet. The only reason I didn't buy the Hamilton Beach to begin with was because a reviewer said he could not sleep to it. ... The Hamilton Beach on low setting has a white noise effect and I actually prefer to have it on when I sleep. It's sound is soporific. The light from the Infrared can be turned off, but it is not annoying like the light from the BlueAir, so I leave it on. The infrared has elimated the mold problem we were having in our bathroom. It is very attractive, well designed, well built, doesn't way a ton, monitors the air, does not incorporated ozone (thank God), and has enabled me to sleep much better. The air is noticibly cleaner and fresher now. The bottom line is I use to get up frequently at night wiith my asthma and now I don't!...more info
  • Picture was very helpful!
    I don't think I would have bought this product without the helpful picture....more info
  • Fine Value
    I found the replacement filters are equal to the original..No
    change in thickness!!...more info
  • Pre filters
    These filters were not as dense as the filter that originally came with the unit....more info