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Hamilton Beach? 05519 2.5 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier - EasyClean System: Cleaning your humidifier shouldn't be a chore. Our water tank and tray are designed to be washed in the dishwasher, leaving them thoroughly clean and sanitary. Easy Drop-In Water Filter : Changing a humidifier filter doesn't have to be a messy inconvenience. Thanks to our drop-in filter, you just pull the old filter out and drop the new one in - it's that easy.Control Your Own Humidity: AirSmart Control continually tracks your humidity level. Set it to the humidity you prefer, and it automatically turns on and off to maintain your desired level. Convenient Cord Storage: The cord won't get in your way because you unwrap only the length of cord you need. When it's time for storage, the cord wraps inside the unit. Large EasyFill Tank: Features an extra-large opening for easy filling and a "leg hugging" indentation for easy carrying. Water tank adds the capacity for up to 24-hour operation. Enjoy Quiet Operation : Keep the noise down and increase your humidity at the same time - it's so quiet, you may forget it's on. The low QuietMist setting is perfect for bedrooms. Durable Construction: This humidifier delivers durability and performance you can count on. From top to bottom, it's built with heavy-duty materials that will last for years. 3 Year Limited Warranty: Hamilton Beach stands behind its quality products by offering the protection and reliability you expect.

By evaporating 2-1/2 gallons of water into a room over 24 hours (at high speed), this portable humidifier soothes dry throats, prevents dry skin, and alleviates congestion due to colds or allergies. Digital controls adjust the three-speed fan and permit the desired humidity level to be set, with an LCD screen displaying both the current humidity level and the selected level. A sensor automatically turns the unit off and on to maintain the selected humidity. One speed setting is called "quiet" for bedrooms and nurseries. The humidifier uses a large filter to wick water from the 2-1/2-gallon tank, and the fan then circulates cool mist throughout the room. Both the tank and the filter tray are dishwasher-safe so it's easy to prevent mold from forming in them. The wick drops into place, allowing for easy replacement. The humidifier carries a three-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack

  • Evaporates 2-1/2 gallons of water in 24 hours at high speed
  • Soothes dry throats, prevents dry skin, alleviates congestion
  • Automatically maintains selected humidity level
  • Digital humidity control and three-speed fan; bedroom-quiet setting
  • Dishwasher-safe water tank and tray
Customer Reviews:
  • Noisy, dirty
    I bought this humidifier a couple of years ago. For the first season, it worked pretty well. Increasingly, however, it has become noisier and noisier. One possible reason is the design: by drawing air through the fan blades, it accumulates dirt and dust in the fan mechanism, which can't be cleaned. Replacing filters is a regular expense - figure out the total cost of ownership before you buy. You may be surprised....more info
  • The best one I ever seem so far
    I've using cool mist humidifier for years and this is the best so far, quite and easy to clean. I use it on medium level and it is good enough for a large bedroom and very quiet compare with others that I been used before.

    ...more info
  • Works well, quiet
    I've been using this unit in my bedroom for about 4 months and find that it performs as advertised (humididifies well, easy to fill and maintain). It is not "whisper quiet." However, if you can tolerate a low whir, you should be fine with this noise. On Low speed, it is probably quieter than a desktop fan. High speed is another matter entirely, but I have never had to resort to this setting....more info
  • It is loud!!
    I have been searching QUITE humidifier before purchasing this. The reason that I purchased this model is its "Quite Mist" mode was emphasized to be very quite. However it is still loud. I have to turn it off while sleep....more info
  • Works Great - Perfect for the nursery
    I purchased this for my twins nursery back in November 2003. I have been very happy with this product. I researched many makes and models and selected this one based on some of the reviews. Its Quiet setting is the perfect amount of white notice for the babies while they are napping and the auto-shut-off when it reaches the preset humidity level works great(...). We have been keeping the unit clean and I think that helps prolong the life of the filter! We have not had any issues with wetness on furniture or dripping on the carpet like critics of some of its competitors reported. Overall it has been great through the mild Texas winter and has been vital with helping the twins through their little colds....more info
  • Great humidifier and super quiet
    I got this humidifier for my newborn's room. Initially he slept in our room so we had the humidifier and it worked great. We noticed the difference almost immediately. Its is quiet enough for us to sleep through it (not sure what others are complaining about.. they must be the lightest sleepers in the world) It was able to maintain 50% humidity in our medium sized room with ease.

    When we moved the baby to his own room, we unfortunatley lost the humidifier :-( but let me re-iterate that it is quiet enough that our sensitive baby monitor picks up its sound as a barely audible hum. Now the downside is that in the small baby room, during the cold winter nights, it got a little cold, we were using cold filtered water.. we started putting a little warmer (like normal tap temperature) water and it got better but still cool. Thats the reason why I didn't give this humidifier 5 stars. I didn't like my son's room being a little chilly but thats not that bad of a downside.

    Cleaning is a breeze, diswasher it up! We clean it once every 2 weeks and haven't encountered any problems. The filter seems to be working fine after 2+ months.

    I love the digital humidity control, it allows for more configuratability for anyones needs. A co-worker of mine bought the same humidifier (at the same time I did) and loves it too.

    No water spills, the fine mist works well, the carpet around the humidifier and the rocking chair next to it are NEVER wet.

    Note: Our medium size room had a return vent but the small baby room did not.

    I would recommend this humidifier for anyone using it in small or medium sized rooms (I can't speak for large rooms)...more info

  • stay away!
    I guess I was one of the last idiots to buy this product since it seems to have been discontinued two days after I bought it. I was persuaded by the good reviews it received, one with over 200 helpful votes. I live in an apartment in NY and this thing doesn't humidify at all (it never went above 34% though the desired humidity was set at 50. The cold breeze it emits forces you to keep it away from where you are and the filter got brownish after just 3 days. I could go on and on. I have just wasted 45 dollars and need to get a new hot mist one. You have been warned....more info
  • It's not the WORST, but it's pretty bad
    I wish I had seen some of the other reviews on here before purchasing. I bought this humidifier 2 months ago and it is terrible. My latest complaint is that the filters last for about 2 days. That is utterly ridiculous! I don't know what I'm supposed to do, replace it every day? I started being very meticulous about cleaning it and I'm still having the filter problem.

    My previous complaints were that it is too loud, even on the Quiet Mist setting, but I've gotten used to that noise (high pitched hum). It also does not put out enough moisture. I leave it in a closed room and it barely gets in the 30-percent range. I have another humidifier (non-replaceable filter) that is much more efficient but unfortunately that one is loud as a freight train! Back to square one with the humidifiers! I hate winter!!!...more info

  • Pro's and Con's
    The humidifier does all it says it will do...or almost.
    It's quietness is absolutely great. It really puts out
    the steam and does a good job for me

    However, it has it's short-comings. There is no way this
    machine is going to run 24 hours at top speed without any
    refills (as per the website' review data.) Additionally,
    the humidifier's measurements are also incorrect.

    All-in-all, however, I would not hesitate to recommend it!...more info

  • pretty decent humidifier, yet questionable effect
    this is pretty good humidifier. it was really easy to set up and refill water.
    however, this humidifier made little more noise than what i had expected. but it was acceptable level.
    and i am not sure if this is only case for me, but i never can get my room humidity above 40%, even if i turn this on (HIGH) all day along! maybe i still need to put wet towels and cactus beside my bed......more info
  • A very poor product... I recommend avoiding it.
    I should have heeded the warnings here, but I bought this product a couple of months ago.

    Today I literally threw it in the garbage.

    Even with careful daily cleaning of the unit, and using a brand-new wick, the wicks would become discolored within 1-3 days of use. It looked like something was growing on them.

    I replaced it with a competing model that has a permanent wick treated with an antimicrobial coating....more info

  • The best in its class
    I thought my last humidifier was good. After three seasons of use, the motor died. I started looking for similar features in a new model and found one exactly like my old one, the Honeywell HCM 2000 (mine was sold under the Robitussin brand name). It did not get glowing reviews, so I set my sights higher. This model by Hamilton Beach had all the features I wanted; at least two gallon output for use in a bedroom, easy to fill, easy to clean, humidistat, three fan speeds and easy to find, reasonably priced, longer lasting replacement filters. The price was a little higher, but the reviews were excellent, so I decided to try it.
    The fan is very quiet especially in the Quiet Mist (low) setting. It's barely audible. Even at the highest setting this humidifier is quieter than my old one at the lowest setting. Yes, there is a "glub-glub" sound when the water is siphoning into the resevoir, but that's how this class of humidifiers works. People who complain about this should maybe look at a different type of humidifier.
    The water tank needs to be filled once every 24 hours on days when the outside temps are very low and the air is very dry. If the outside air is damp, the indoor humidiy is naturally higher, so the motor runs less and refills are less frequent.
    The digital humidistat seems to be fairly accurate. Generally, when the doors are closed, the level of humidity is maintained overnight even on the lowest fan speed. The level drops a few points when the doors are opened and the amount of space being humidified is increased. The tank is easy to carry from room to room. The one-twist sealed cap is a bonus; easy on, easy off, and no leaking. I prefer filling it with filtered water as it helps extend the life of the filters. We have good quality water, so this also helps. I've lived in places with very hard water were keeping a filter longer than a week was nearly impossible. So far the first filter still looks good. I found a generic brand of filter (KAZ WF620) designated for use in this model that was less expensive than the one offered on this website. They are available in most drugstore and department stores.
    I'm very pleased that the components are dishwasher safe. What a time saver! No more soaking in vinegar, wiping clean and then soaking in bleach water. The fan vents are removeable so you can wipe the fan blades clean as well.
    It was a good buy. Thanks to all the reviewers who helped me decide to buy this model....more info
  • Humidity in my desert home
    After moving from a humid to desert environment, I really needed to bring up the moisture level in my apartment. I wanted a humidifier that would cover a large area, be easy to clean, and keep the humidity level fairly consistent without having to fuss over it.

    So far, this humidifier has fit the bill. It took a few days of near-constant use and a few refills of the large water reservoir to raise the moisture level from 27% to 45%, but has since maintained 45% humidity very nicely on the low "Quiet" mode with surprisingly little water use.

    A note about placement: the owner's manual says to place it on an inside wall. This proved to be a necessity. In it's initial place near a small window, the humidity level simply would not go up.

    The pros: evaporative, fan-based mechanics do not produce the damp mist that some others do--I haven't seen any moisture on nearby items; the Quiet mode is very quiet. The medium and high modes are what you should expect--medium is clearly audible and high could be considered loud; every part that you'd need to clean is dishwasher-safe; the humidistat allows it to maintain the humidity level on its own, and the reservoir is large enough that you could fill it up and forget about it (though, as the manual says, you should empty and refill the water on a daily basis).

    The only con is that the fans do produce a cool breeze, especially on high, which can be a little chilly if you're sitting nearby.

    I have not had to change a filter yet, but it looks very straightforward. Should be as easy as purchasing it, reshaping it, and setting it on the tray.

    Unlike some humidifiers, this unit does not have an auto shutoff if the water runs out, but I don't think it needs one. At the worst, I believe the fan will simply run with no water to evaporate--but I have yet to see what happens when it does run out of water.

    Overall, I'm very happy with this humidifier and highly recommend it. It's one of those products that simply works.

    Update: After a year of use, this humidifier's still going strong. Filter replacement has been about every 2-3 months--the key is not letting it sit without use, which is no problem here. I'm still very pleased....more info
  • Disappointing - doesn't work in very dry weather
    We've had this humidifier in my son's room for a year now. While it is quiet and easy to refill, it doesn't fulfill its purpose very well during dry weather.

    Although it claims to keep a very large area moist, it has not been able to get above 25% in his 15'x15' room this winter. (And we replaced the filter very recently.) As I type this, the outside humidity is 43%, but the humidifier is showing just 25% in my son's room.

    I haven't tried many others, but so far this humidifier has been a disappointment....more info

  • Great humidifier, completely happy with it!!
    This humidifier is simple to use and gets the job done. I have had it for two months and it works great. The fan has a soft humming sound. If any little noise bothers you while you sleep you may not like it but I find it soothing rather than bothersome, it is a very soft sound. I was expecting some swooshing sound or bubbling from a humidifier but not this one. No more sinus headaches in the morning and being dried out, this works well! Very easy to operate and fill water. I would recommend this product. I live in south Texas humidity capital of the world and during the winter when the heater is on I get so dried out and this machine really helps! :)...more info
  • Great Product
    I purchased this item after reading several of the reviews and doing some homework on my own. I have to say I am glad I made the decision to get this humidifier. It works great, keeps the air at the right humidity, is fairly quiet, and the mist does not get the carpets or table that it is on wet. That to me is the one of its best features! I am planning on purchasing 2 more for my family members who have commented on how great it would be to have such an item for their homes....more info
  • It is louder than I expected, even at Quite Mist mode!
    After a long time search, I bought this product. I expected something quite and powerful. This product claims "set the humidifiers on the low QuietMistâ„¢ setting anywhere you don't want much noise". However, I am very disappointed. It is very LOUD!!! And No humidity from this humidifier,...more info
  • Just not worth it!
    I've been using the humidifier for about 2 weeks now. I use it in a small bedroom and it never increases the humidity of the room. It runs on high all day and never reaches the desired humidity, which isn't much higher than what it reads as the current room humidity. The filters are expensive and it started turning green only after 3 days of use.. so I'm guessing it needs to be changed atleast before 2 weeks. I would look at another brand before buying this humidifier....more info
  • Big, safe, and solid - we are getting a second one.
    We have purchased this humidifier about 1.5 years ago (thanks to the nice and helpful reviews here on Amazon) and I think we are ready to express our opinion on it.

    This model is very nice and we like it. It is safe, i.e. it doesn't use steam and the tank is big enough to refill it once a day or two. With regular washing of the tray, we have not observed any mold. The device is sturdy enough and with the exception of the electric circuitry everything else seems to be sturdy enough to hold for years to come. Speaking of the electric part, at some point the humidity level selector buttons stopped working for us. I never got to disassembling the device but I remember I did something that seemed to fix the problem. Hopefully, it was just a temporary problem in one device - we never saw it since then.

    If I were to name the biggest problem with this model, I'd say it is the tank lid. For some reason it is extremely difficult to detach, probably due to the combination of water, plastic, rubber (and possibly some microscopic mold). You have to use a lot of force with your fingers in order to unscrew it and it is a pain. It would be great if the next model had a lid on top of the tank rather than on the bottom. There it could be less tight and easier to take off.

    One more thing that may be related to both quality of water and the filter is that we had some period of time when the device produced a really nasty smell of very stale water. We've repeatedly washed all parts and the filter. Filter replacement would help for the first two-three days and then the problem would show up again. Eventually, the problem went away. Again, this could have been some water quality issue.

    These problems notwithstanding, I like this mdoel very much and I do recommend it. In fact, we are getting one more for our living room....more info

  • A nice humidifier, but no mist.
    The words "Cool Mist" are somewhat misleading. This is a wick style humidifier, not an ultrasonic one. Therefore, you don't get mist - you get cool air from a fan: a fan that is not silent either.

    Even on the smallest setting "Quite Mist" you can hear it. Whether or not it is enough to bother you depends on the person. For us, it is tollerable - just, although I expected it to be more quite than it is.

    We bought two: one for own son's room (which is quite small) and one for our room (which, while, larger than our son's, it too, is quite small - 12ft5 X 15ft). It works well in our son's room, but not well in our room. Our room suffers from a cold draft at the moment and having the humidifier set on anything other than HIGH seems to be inadequate.

    The digital humidity level gauge is a real plus. Overall, we are pleased, but it is louder than we expected at the lowest setting....more info

  • No humidity from this humidifier
    We ran the humidifier in a small bedroom on high speed for an entire night. The humidity increased 2 percentage points with no noticeable improvement in comfortability. We had a humidifier from Evenflo that we liked, but couldn't find replacement filters for it, so we ordered this one. It was a mistake. Now we're just going to find a source for the Evenflo filters and stock up....more info
  • Good For large Rooms not the bedroom
    This is a very good humidifier. It keeps the humidity at a consistent level and the high setting is good when you want to "humidify" quickly. The large tank requires less filing of other smaller humidifiers.

    The downside is that it is still a bit noisy even onthe quiet setting. Of note I do have the 3.5 gallon tank. Another downside is that it is difficult tell when the humidifier is empty b/c of the smoke colored tank. It would also be nice if it turned off when empty....more info

  • A nice unit but too noisy
    I bought this unit based because I liked the idea of digtal control and display, but the fan is somehow too noisy....more info
  • Just what I was looking for!
    I was waking up with a really dry scratchy throat every morning and had already had 2 colds this year, so I decided I needed a humidifier. Based on the reviews on this site, I ordered the 05519 TrueAir for our bedroom. It works wonderfully and does the trick. I always leave it on the quiet mist setting and it doesn't bother either me or my husband. It does such a great job that we bought a second one for the great room/kitchen/eating area of the house. The fireplace was really drying out the air and furniture, so we thought we'd give it a try. So far, I can definitely tell a difference. We're also hoping that it will help the Christmas tree stay fresh. Overall, I am very satisfied with this unit. I bought some bacteriostatic treatment for the water at the local drug store and have not had any problems with the reservoir or the filter getting nasty so far. The only thing I've noticed is that if I set the himidistat to anything over 50% the unit seems to run and run and never quite get to its goal. So I have both units at 50%, and that is working out fine for us. Overall, a wonderful appliance....more info
  • Great performance/buy
    I have used this humidifier now for a couple of months and must say that it really does a nice job. I use the quiet mist setting which you can hardly hear at all even if sitting within a few feet. The only thing it doesn't have is an automatic shutoff when it runs dry so I have to make sure that it is full before retiring to bed at night. All you have to do is read the instructions carefully and sit back and enjoy. During the cold winter months the added humidity inside makes my condo very comfortable. I find the prices/stock/delivery system at Amazon excellent....more info
  • Pretty Good Humidifier
    This is my second winter in Fairbanks, Alaska and the surprisingly powerful static discharges I managed to survive last year due to the extremely dry, cold air had persuaded me to buy a humidifier this year. After the first wave of -20F temperatures rolled into town, I quickly ordered this unit from Amazon. I have had this humidifier for about 3 weeks now and have been satisfied with its performance.

    I have it located in my relatively small bedroom which admittedly makes it easy for the unit to quickly reach and maintain my desired humidity level. Because of this, I can leave the unit set on quiet mode while I sleep without it disturbing me. However, this humidifier does produce a noticeable hum especially at the faster fan speeds (which might be required if the unit is used in larger rooms) and this white noise may disturb some people, especially light sleepers. The 2.5 gallon tank is easy to handle and fill and holds plenty of water for my needs. The humidistat feature is great.

    The instruction manual lists instructions for daily and weekly maintainance which mostly consists of changing water, cleaning water tank, and inverting wicking filter. But I can assure you that I will not be maintaining this thing on a constant daily basis. Who's got that kind of time or wants that kind of hassle? Weekly, maybe. We'll see how it goes.

    The mist it generates is imperceptible to me. Since I like sleeping in cool temps I was worried about the mist condensing on furniture or making my bed sheets damp but this has not happened.

    So far, this unit has met all my requirements....more info

  • Adequate but problematic
    I have gone through many different humidifiers over the years. This was the last model I had before I made the switch to one with a heating unit that decreases risk of bacteria. I found this model to be a bit too noisy, it required more cleaning than I was interested in, and it was not strong enough to withstand the occasional jolts caused by my two-year-old's curiosity. It did do a pretty good job of keeping a medium-sized room covered by the mist. Overall not worth the money in my opinion....more info
  • Broken
    I must say how terrible this product is! We purch 2 last year and 1 of them broke w/in 60 days and now that we are in the 2nd season of use the 2nd one has broken as well. The water container cracked (it was never droped) and the setting for the humidity doesn't work properly. It was a waste of good money. I would look around to a better product....more info
  • Hmmm...Not As Good as Expected
    Did a lot of research before making this purchase. I like the humistat, it's handy to know exactly the humidity level. However, this unit is quite large and noisy, even on the quiet setting. After running it almost 48 hours straight it raised the humidity in our house from 54% to 65%. I don't know if that's an indication of how dry it was in our house or how long it takes this product to work. We do live in Seattle, so you wouldn't think our air is so dry, but I guess with the heat it is dry indoors. This unit says it's good up to 900' but I think that only if your area has no walls --i.e., it won't work for 2-3 Bedrooms that total 900', it will only work if there's 1 BR or LR or other space that totals 900'. I'm looking for another unit now, one that's quieter and works for a larger space....more info
  • Don't use the dishwasher
    This is a great humidifier--I especially found the digital setting helpful. It runs very quietly. However, if you wash the parts in the dishwasher they will crack. The water tray cracked. The water tank cracked and its cap cracked twice. Hamilton Beach replaced the tank and cap while the unit was under warranty, but I was on my own after the warranty ended....more info
  • Quiet Operation and Quick Ship
    ... Set up was quick and the unit is very quiet on the whisper mode and not obnoxious on the other modes. Two months of use and still going strong. Had to replace filters after the two months of continous on 24/7. Like the unit and will buy one for a firend that needs a good humidifier. Worth the money....more info
  • Excellent product!!!
    I bought this item as a gift, and it turned out to A++ present! It is easy to use and clean. And after the desired humidity is reached, the humidifier turns off automatically. I really recommend this product!...more info
  • More than my moneys worth.
    I saw this on Amazon several weeks ago but I decided to buy a different brand at a local retailer. I was happy enough with it, but when this came up in my gold box, I decided to go ahead and get it. I am so happy I did! When compared to the Halls brand humidifier, this is so much better! First, it has a very good sized tank that is very easy to fill with a large fill hole. Second; the digital readout is very easy to adjust and read (although the humidity reading at the unit will of course be higher than that from across the room). This is also much quieter than the Halls unit, although on high it is noticable, much like having a fan running, which is what it is! :) But I am not a light sleeper and it does not bother me at all.

    Why not 5 stars? Well, nothing's perfect! :)...more info

  • Probably better for larger rooms
    We have six-month old twins that sleep in our small bedroom with us, and I bought this to keep the room moist for them, just overnight. I've only had this product for a couple days but a few things I noticed right away. It looks great, but it's huge! My old humidifier fit on a TV dinner table, with room to spare for a small air filter unit. This thing takes up the ENTIRE table. Which would be okay if we had a large bedroom. But our bedroom is very small and this humidifier seems way too big for it.

    I wouldn't say it's loud, exactly. I think if our bedroom weren't so small to begin with, it would hardly be noticible placed in a corner. But we have to place it on a table because our pets would chew the cord, and again the room is so small that the noise is just a tiny bit above what I'd like--at least compared to my old unit.

    Another annoying thing is that it does seem to be a bit more high maintainance than my old one. That may indeed be because it is a better product, and therefore needs a bit more care. But with baby twins on my hands, I don't know how I'm going to find time to fuss with the tank and the filters all the time (the manual said you should turn over the filter every day when you change the tank).

    You're also supposed to leave the room door open so it doesn't do overkill, but that seems stupid if the digital control is supposed to shut it off when it gets to a certain level anyway. I can't leave the door open--I need it shut to keep the room quiet and dark so the babies can sleep. I also need to keep the heat in.

    Another reviewer mentioned a strong plastic smell when it was new. I noticed this "new plastic" smell also, but it wasn't overwhelming.

    I do like the digital humidfier control. That is one of the primary reasons I was interested in this model. Still, I don't know if that's going to be enough to make me keep it. This is a good machine, but not a good fit with our particular situation. I recommend something a little less fancy if you have a small bedroom like ours (about 18' x 12')....more info

    I got a Holmes humidifier for Christmas. It was a no frills type,but seemed to work good. I wanted one to use while I slept,because I get dry at night. I used this unit til about the middle of January,but it was noisy,keeping me awake. I took it backto store and got a Vicks ultrasonic humidifier. I used this one 1 night,it did not work well at all but was quiet. I took it back. I was without a humidifier,and could not sleep. I went to Holmes webstore and found a humidifier that was for bedroom use. I ordered it on 1/18/03 and did not recieve it til 2/3/03. I noticed that it had water spots and scratches on tank. When I went to feel it with water,the valve leaked. I called the company and they assured me that they sell only new units,but to send it back and they would inspect it. I used it that night,it worked good and was quiet. I sent it back next day though,knowing it would take upto a month to get another unit. I am still waiting for a refund(3/5). I did some online research and found this Hamilton Beach humidifier. I ordered it through Amazon,taking only 5 days to get. I have used it about a month, and really like it. It is very easy to clean,and i have limited use of 1 hand. I just clean in sink once/wk with soap. The filter is still in good looking condition(use all night/every night). I recommend getting the digial humistat. You can set to any level you want and unit only come on when falls below that. It is a little noisy on high,but only needs set on quiet to work good. Quiet is about as loud as a fan on high. I am not returning this unit....more info
  • Promising but problematic
    If you buy this item, open it in a WELL VENTILATED room because otherwise the plastic smell will linger for a LONG time. If you or people near where this item will be used have any sensitivity to strong odors or chemicals, I don't recommend this item. I usually am not bothered by the "new appliance smell" but this was too much. I returned it because after a week it still was giving off a strong smell....more info
  • Quiet and easy to clean
    This is the best humidifier I have owned, and certainly must be the best for the price. The filter is easy to replace, the automatic operation is wonderful, and it is truly washable in the dishwasher....more info
  • Great Product, Filters need to be improved!
    Overall this humidifier has done a great job keeping the kid's rooms well humidified. However, HB NEEDS to, improve the filters being used. They expire WAY TO SOON given a normal rate of usage....more info
  • Great humidifier for my apartment for allergy/dry air relief
    Humidifies my apartment and the digital humidistat is a great feature so that I can monitor the correct humidity level as perscribed by my allergist. Easy to fill and clean. I have not seen or had some of the problems with the filter as others have mentioned, but I usually only ran it once or twice a week b/w Jan. and Feb. A good suggestion to avoid a mildew smell may be to take the filter out to air dry when not in use.

    Very quiet operation which was also a huge plus in my decision to buy this humidifier....more info

  • Very fine mist... best humidifier yet
    Our pediatrician sent us out for a humidifier when our infant son developed atopic eczema (a dry-skin condition). We had a horrible time picking one (you might notice that Consumer Reports has NOTHING on the subject) and relied heavily on the reviews here at Amazon.com.

    I chose this one because it's not too big (it's the same size overall as some of the one gallon-sized ones at the pharmacy, but holds 2.5 gallons) and has the humidistat control. It has an incredibly fine mist that I can't see (I only run it on the lowest setting) and is very quiet.

    It's been in a corner of the baby's room about 2 feet under his toy net and only 6 inches from his changing table for a month or so and neither the stuffed animals above nor the changing table have ever felt damp... but the water disappears and the humidity stays around 50% (which is recommended) even though it's winter and we've had the heater running (which dries out the air).

    The tank part fits just fine in my dishwasher (it says put it in there once a week, but I have actually been a little slack on that part) and the filter still looks okay- it's been a month.

    Before ordering this humidifier we tried almost every one available at local pharmacies- but they all spewed thick vapor that condensed on everything. I'm allergic to mold and mildew (very likely the baby will be, too) so that's NOT something I wanted in our house.

    We also looked at one that "never" needs cleaning or new filters - a Hunter Care-Free... but after reading the manual (which says in small print to clean it based on usage with vinegar, etc. and that the antimicrobial properties advertised don't extend to the water or mist) I decided not to get it.

    My aunt has had her Hamilton Beach 05520, which is larger and doesn't have the humidistat, for over a year now, so we assumed this one would have the same very fine mist and would be easy to keep clean... so far it's everything we hoped it'd be....more info

  • Easy to clean but we go thru filters like candy
    I bought this humidifer becasue it was easy to clean, which it is but I find that every time I put a new filter in it takes only 3 or 4 weeks before it start to get a little mildewy and smell a little musty. I realy don't know what to try next. We are on our 4th filter since November and now I can't find them in any store becasue it is a seasonal item and the stores have moved on to summer things....more info
  • Nothing but problems
    I bought this humidifier after my other got a short in one of the connections. I have had nothing but problems from the time I opened the box. This humidifier doesn't humidify anything. My filter is constantly drying out and the humidity levels never go above 30%. I have been trying to get a replacement for this unit, especially after having read all the other experiences. The only thing that Hamilton Beach has done is send me replacement filters. The problem is not getting any better, and my house is full of static electricity. By no means am I condeming the whole Hamilton Beach line, I have many quality products that have been made by them, however, I have found the lemon!...more info
  • Hamilton Beach 05519 Humidifier
    Bought this in November 2001, and have used it a good 2 months. Overall I'm happy. As others have indicated, it's noisy at the highest setting. I use it in my bedroom and basically crank it up an additional 5-10% humidity during the day, and turn it off at night for sleeping. The 2.5 gallon lasts about 1 day of use for me. My original filter is shot (again after 2 months) and are somewhat pricey.... Figure on 2 filters to get thru an average winter, so have a couple handy before the season begins.

    This unit has the humidistat, and I find it worth the extra cost. The unit is VERY easy to clean. Basically the only items that get wet are the tank, the filter and the tray that the two items sit in. All are very easy to remove and wash/rinse.

    My only suggestion is if you'd like to cut down the amount of refills to get the bigger 3.5 gallon model. Plus the larger filter is priced the same 10.00....more info

  • cool mist
    Noisy except on lowest setting-- Filling only lasts about 12 hours on low. Easy to fill and clean....more info
  • Love it!
    The digital read-out makes it easy to pick your humidity level. One read out for your desired level, and another to show the actual level.

    It is very easy to maintain...filling the tank is a breeze and the water lasts all night and into the next day (I live in the desert, so that is a real plus!)

    It is also quiet, especially on the Quiet Mist setting. But, even the medium and high are tolerable. I keep it in my babies room and I think the noise helps her fall asleep (like white-noise)....more info

  • The Best Humidifier on the Market...
    I've been searching for a good humidifier (at the right price) for a long time... Finally, here it is! One that can control humidity level and give me a digital read out of the current humidity. This model also has a nice size water tank that can be filled without taking the whole unit to the sink. This model also included a filter system to help clear out dust and pollen. A nice size fan pushes the air to circulate the whole room. It also shuts on and off automatically, to keep the desired humidity level. There are 3 speed settings; quiet, med, and high. The high makes a good amount a sound, but I only use it when no one is in the room and need a boost of humidity. Quiet is just that... Like a portable fan at low speed. Worth every penny!...more info