Lentek 10-70G Sila Trash Air Purifier/Deodorizer

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Lentek calls it Zyonic Super Oxidating Sanitizing Technology--or SOS--and it's simply amazing. In layman's terms, this dandy device neutralizes nasty odors by emitting negative ions and superoxygenated air--and it does it safely and quietly with no moving parts. It operates on four C batteries that can give you up to four months of lovely, clean air. Attaching the Sila trash air purifier/deodorizer is a cinch. It comes with two different mounting brackets that allow you to slip it over the edge of a trash can or attach it to a nearby wall. The unit itself is compact, light, and comes in a cool charcoal gray color. The deodorizer's boost mode is a great feature: if kitty makes an unexpected visit to the litter box, simply hit the blue button on top of the device. An orange LED light flashes, letting you know that for the next eight minutes the trash purifier will be working overtime on kitty's behalf. This air purifier/deodorizer also takes the guesswork out of knowing when to change the batteries--a red LED light flashes when it's time to plop in four new ones. --C. Whitney-Ward

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  • Compact air purifier/deodorizer for trash, fridge, and hamper
  • Neutralizes odors and airborne pollutants
  • Boost mode for excess odor
  • Includes two different mounting brackets
  • Safe for pet areas
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't Expect Miracles
    I also bought this item to deal with my cat's litter box. I think it helps a little, but don't expect miracles. I tried the boost function right after my cat did her business and did not notice any difference....more info
  • Great compact battery operated ionizer
    Since I bought it this ionizer sits on my desk at work, rapidly clearing out pollutants in a way that is amazing for something so small. Battery life was about two months with about 12 hour a day use. Since it makes breathing better in a windowless office where people use chemical cleaners and marking pens, it makes my life much better. I can only rave about it. The only improvement I am looking for is one that I can plug in so I don't have to replace batteries....more info
  • Great job - especially for the price
    I got this for the bathroom my cat has his litter box in. No matter how often you change them you still get a certain amount of odor. This little gadget has changed that and really does keep the air nice and fresh. Not quite what the manufacturer wanted it used for but if it works for a cat I assume it would work quite well for trash cans....more info