Honeywell HCM2000 HEPA Replacement Filters

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Product Description

Keep your lungs and houseplants healthy with a large-capacity humidifier. This one has a 4-gallon upright tank in translucent gray plastic, a three-speed fan control, and a simple dial adjuster so you can find the right humidity level and keep it automatically. A red warning light indicates that the humidifier needs to be refilled, and a blue light indicates that the desired humidity level has been reached; in either case, the unit shuts off automatically. Its 15-by-12-inch footprint takes up more real estate than some equivalent humidifiers, but provides extra stability. --Richard Farr

  • Domestic humidifier with soft carrying grip
  • Large 4-gallon daily output
  • Three-speed fan; removable water tank
  • Automatic humidity control and shut-off
  • 5-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Filters get moldy, expensive replacement filters
    Works fine, BUT the filter gets moldy if it dries out at all, then it's expensive to replace the filters. Running unit with any mold in the filter is an allergy risk. Find a model that is cheaper to maintain and monitor and doesn't pose a mold threat....more info
  • Hustled
    This company is a crapper outfit . lowball machine and then charge you 19.95 for filters etc .
    Save yourself , from buying crap . It worked fair . I have a vornado , works an the filters are easy to find .
    Honeywagon not honeywell ....more info
  • Loud but works when it works
    This humidifier is pretty loud compared to other ones I have used in the past. To get proper coverage in my 14x15 room, i had to turn it on high. After 1 winter season, it stopped cycling the water. I am now looking for a replacement. I would not buy it again....more info
  • Great for Infants' room
    It is slightly loud at ts lowest setting, but it works great in my 16-month old son's room. The white noise it produces helps him stay asleep as well as keep the air moist in his room, since we live out in the middle of the Mojave Desert....more info
  • Gross filters!
    OK - I like the feature that allows you to set how humid you want the room but I went into the room it was on in and noticed an interesting smell. I took it out and discovered a nasty mold covered filter filter. Granted, we should have known to check it earlier but we have only used it for a month on and off. I really wish there was some kind of warning (label, sensor or whatever) that would let you know to check the filter....more info
  • Not for your bedroom
    Summary: If you want this in your bedroom while you're sleeping, it will probably be too loud for you. Otherwise, it's a nice unit.

    We were looking for a humidifier to replace our Katz evaporating humidifier for our bedroom. So, we gave the Honeywell a try. (BTW, I believe this is the same model as the Robitussin DH-835).

    The Katz is a very quiet, no-frills humidifier. The Honeywell is a very loud, got-all-the-bells-and-whistles kind of humidifier.

    On the loud part, it is just too loud to sleep with. I suppose if you live in the city with cars driving past your house at all hours of the night, this might just block out all that noise. But since we are used to the Katz, this was too loud for our tastes - even on the low setting. Someone can verify this, but at the low setting it sounds like one of those oscillating fans at high speed.

    On the features, it has a lot of extras. I like the tank because it's big and you can fill it with water while the unit is still running. You can pull the tank out without much mess, and it is easy to put back in. However, the rubber ring falls out everytime I open the cap. If I lose it, I'm curious if I'll be able to keep using the unit.

    So, our unit runs in our living room for now as I figure out which humidifier to user for our bedroom....more info

  • Capable, but noisy. Good capacity
    I personally don't mind the noise, it relaxes me the way rain on the window does. My wife, however, is a bit annoyed by the sound of the fan. I like that it has a larger tank compared to other portable humidifiers. Of course that also means you need more strength to carry the full tank from the faucet back to the unit.

    FYI, I found that both Home Depot and Sears carry the replacement wicks. This is the second season that I'm using this humidifier and I expect to go through two wicks this year....more info

  • loud and goes through water
    I keep it on the lowest setting cause of the noise, and it still sucks through about a filling a night....more info
  • huh? what?
    Okay, this thing is loud. And suprisingly so, it looks like it should be so quiet. In all fairness, it does have three speeds, and when switched to low, is pretty quiet. However, it's only capable of humidifying, say, a closet at that speed....more info
  • Works well, but replacement filters hard to find
    We bought and used this last winter season and liked the auto shutoff feature when the room reaches a set humidity. The water tank had good capacity and was relatively easy to refill. However, at the end of the season's average use(2-3 months), we discovered that the filter was completely clogged/gross and needed to be replaced. It has been difficult to find a replacement filter at stores, until just now when I found the official Honeywell online site (follow the consumer retail division) to order replacement filters/parts. They cost (...) each plus shipping, so be prepared to spend that much each year additionally if you buy this humidifier. Over lifetime that can add up, so just be aware of this additional cost per average season use, which is why I'm giving it three stars....more info
  • Humidifier does it's job
    A nice, quiet humidifier--works perfectly for my average-sized room. For those who get dry skin in the winter the affordable HCM-2000 is highly recommended....more info
  • Can't find filters
    My husband and I bought this humidifier a year ago and have been able to use it 2 out of the 12 months we have had it! To find a store that carries these filters is very frustrating!...more info
  • Finally, something that performs as advertised!
    We recently purchased two of these units. They are well constructed and easy to use. There output is about ¾ gallons per day, as advertised. The controls are convenient to use and the humidistat effectively controls the units output.

    The water container is readily removable and can be refilled without spillage. We believe this is one appliance that performs as advertised and we highly recommend it.

    The low speed fan noise was quite acceptable at night....more info

  • Works great
    Fan can be noisy unless its on the 'low' setting. Otherwise, it works great. It's easy to refill and you can actually refull it while it's running if there's a little water left. The four gallon tank means that it can run 24 hours a day and only needs to be refilled once (at least in my home!). The extra humidity has helped my home stay warm during the winter, thus reducing my heating bills....more info