Honeywell10500 Envirocare Portable HEPA AirCleaner, White

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MODEL- 10500 DESC.- HONEYWELL CONSUMER Products FEATURES- Envirocare Portable HEPA AirCleaner White Recommended for rooms up to 108 square feet. Its patented 360 air intake and discharge draws air from all directions, then distributes it evenly throughout the room. 2 speeds. * #1 Choice of Physicians. * 99.97% true HEPA filter. * Recommended for a 9 x 12 room; 6 air changes per hour. * Clean air delivery rate (CADR) for tobacco smoke: 75. OPTION - 20500 Replacement HEPA Filter 38002 Activated Carbon Pre-filter SIZE - 14.5"w x 9.75"h MANUFACTURER WARRANTY:andnbsp;andnbsp;5 YEARS

Round so it continuously circulates air in all directions, this portable air cleaner employs two filters to remove smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria, viruses, and odors. Especially useful for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, the cleaner contains a true HEPA filter that is at least 99.97 percent effective at trapping extremely tiny particles. A prefilter reduces odors. The cleaner measures 10 inches high and 15 inches in diameter, is recommended for closed rooms up to 108 square feet, and offers two power levels for different size rooms. The HEPA filter lasts from one to three years; the prefilter lasts three months. Filter replacement is simple: lift off top, remove prefilter and/or HEPA filter, and position new filter(s). The cleaner carries a five-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack

  • #1 Choice of Physicians.
  • 99.97% true HEPA filter
  • Recommended for a 9' x 12' room; 6 air changes per hour.
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR) for tobacco smoke: 75.
  • 5-year warranty against defects
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Air Purifier for Pet Owners
    With a househould full of animals (literally! 2 cats, a dog, a 10 year old blue crown conure, and 14 chinchillas) I really rely on this unit to help keep the dust and animal dander down in my home. It is a compact, yet VERY efficient, unit that has a special design to allow air to be circulated 360 degrees. The replacement filters and pre-filters are affordably priced, but I have found that cleaning them with the vacumn once a week extends their life by quite a bit.

    I also have friends who are senstive to animal dander and having these purifiers in my home have helped cut down on dander so tremendously that my sensitve friends can now enjoy the time they spend in my home without having to worry about their allergies flaring up....more info

  • Fresh!
    I haven't had mine for long but I can say there's a distinct difference in the air I breath. It's smells and feels better. My nephew now wakes up from his nap without a stuffy or runny nose. The noise from the fan is minimal and soothing so it helps him to get to sleep as well. Great product at reasonable cost....more info
  • My pets would be out on the street if not for this
    I have 2 large dogs,2 cats, 2 VERY dusty birds and allergies...all in a 2 bedroom apartment. This hepa filter has been a God send. It is absolutely quiet,so I can run in on the high setting and still sleep well. The carbon filters are relatively inexpensive and the HEPA does not need to be replaced often. I have had other types of filters in the past ,they were loud and heavy and this one is small and quiet and does just as good a job....more info