Honeywell11520 Envirocare Portable HEPA AirCleaner, White

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Product Description

Features: Electronic 2 speed controls. Cleans 12' x 16' room. Alabaster white. Two speeds give you increased comfort control. It's lightweight and portable. Features patented 360 air intake and discharge for maximum performance.

This is a simple circular-design domestic air cleaner that meets HEPA standards (removing 99.97 percent of all particulates as small as 3 microns). It has a single knob on the front that controls off, low, and high settings. A fold-down handle on the top makes for easy portability. Both filters can be replaced, which needs to be done every one to three years, depending on use. Honeywell recommends six complete air changes per hour, which this model will accomplish in rooms of 192 cubic feet or less--in other words, a 12-by-16-foot room with 8-foot ceilings. The unit has a 16-inch circular footprint. --Richard Farr

  • #1 Choice of Physicians.
  • 99.97% true HEPA filter
  • Recommended for a 12' x 16' room; 6 air changes per hour.
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR) for tobacco smoke: 160.
  • Two-speed fan
Customer Reviews:
  • portable, relatively quiet, well-designed
    This unit is a bit large, but not very heavy at all and has
    a convenient handle on top, making it easy to move it to
    another room, if necessary. The purifier both takes in and
    expels air horizontally in all directions, taking in air
    through the grille and expelling it very close to the floor
    through the gap that runs around the unit just above the fan
    switch. The lower of the two fan settings is very quiet and
    is barely audible. The higher setting is audible but unless
    you're a light sleeper (e.g., unable to sleep w/ an air
    conditioner on), you could put this unit in a bedroom. The
    handle has a threaded bolt built into it and screws on to
    the top of the unit, securing the plastic grille/cover.
    This makes opening up the unit to replace filters is as easy
    as spinning the handle to unscrew it and lifting off the
    cover. It's worth noting that we don't have really bad
    allergies, so I can't provide a confident testimonial of
    this product's effectiveness for a severe allergy sufferer,
    but we definitely noticed an improvement in air quality in
    our (small) apartment. (Of course, you have HEPA
    certification and the promise of handling 192 cubic feet to
    take at face value.)...more info