Honeywell 17000 Permanent Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier

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Honeywell Quiet Care, True Hepa Air Purifier, Incorporates Patented Airflow Technology With Sound Reducing Features For Ultra Quiet High Speed Operation, Removes 99.97% Minimum Effectiveness At Capturing Airborne Particles As Small As 0.3 Microns From The Air That Passes Through, Soft Touch Electronic Controls With 3 Speeds & Indicator Lights, Intelli Check Feature Electronically Monitors Filter Usage, Easy Filter Access For Convenient Replacement, 5 Year Limited Warranty, Room Size 12' x 14'

  • Uses Replacement Pre Filter #38002 & Replacement Hepa Filter #HRF 11 (2 Filters Required)

    This portable air cleaner is recommended for filtering the air in a closed room as large as 168 square feet (12 by 14 feet). As it continuously circulates a room's air--about six times per hour--it employs two filters to remove smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria, viruses, and odors. Especially useful for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, the cleaner contains a true HEPA filter that is at least 99.97 percent effective at trapping extremely tiny particles (as small as 0.3 microns) while a prefilter reduces odors. Honeywell's IntelliCheck system permits monitoring the filters' lives. Each filter has a button. Pressing a button activates a light, which blinks or shines steadily. One blink indicates that the filter has lots of life remaining, two blinks means less life, three blinks means even less, and a steady light indicates the filter needs changing. The HEPA filter lasts one to three years; the prefilter, three months. Filter replacement is simple, and replacement filters can be ordered separately. The air cleaner has three speeds, and all are exceptionally quiet for an air cleaner this large and powerful. It carries a five-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack
  • Features:
    • Reduces up to 99.4% of bacteria & germs
    • New Permanent Lifetime True HEPA vacuumable filter
    • QuietCare technology for ultra quiet operation
    • 3 speeds with filter clean monitor
    • Recommended for medium rooms

    Customer Reviews:

    • It will solve your allergy problem. Fast.
      I have seasonal allergies in the spring for a few weeks. In the fall, I developed some type of dust allergy after taking antibiotics for 10 days (messes up your immune system balance). My allergies were somewhat reduced after using the filter, but I don't know exactly to what I was allergic to in the first place. Anyways..about the filter.

      This is the "true hepa" filter, which is the highest rated at 99.7 or so percent. It takes some room up, unlike the column filters. However, if you suffer from allergies due to airborne pollutants, this will be a lifesaver. It has three speed settings with bright blue LED's. Some users reported a lot of noise. YES, this is true. On the highest setting, it sounds like an air conditioner. But this is what is called the "turbo setting". It's intended for quick air purification. And let me tell you, it MOVES air....FAST. Look at the CADR (clean air delivery rate). This one is really up there. If you put this filter on the lowest setting, it is truly whisper quiet. After a few days of using this filter, my mom walked into the room, and said..."Hmmm! it smells fresher in here". This filter is the way to go. (So is the 50250N, the round one, but it was out of stock). They also claim the actual HEPA filter on this one never needs replacing. I doubt this is true, but it will definitely last a very long time before you need to replace it....more info
    • Fantastic Air Purifier
      I've had this air purifier for almost a year now. I'm a college student, and there is a ton of disgusting black dust in the apartment dorm that I'm living in. This cleaner does an amazing job picking up great amounts of dust, hair, and other particles which you can see on the black pre-filter. While it is loud on the "high" setting, it works just fine on the "low" setting. A good idea is to put it on "high" when you are out of the room, and when you come back, set it on "low".

      For almost a year of using it without ever shutting it off, I've never had a problem with it. The air smells clean and the filter does its job. What more could you ask for? If you're looking for an air filter for a bedroom or office, this is the perfect choice. ...more info
    • Missing Pre-Filter. Manufacturer no help at all.
      The machine looks like it would be wonderful at cleaning and purifying. Too bad I cant turn it on. I have to 'Locate pre-filter in the box and install before initial operation'.
      There is no pre-filter in the box.
      Amazon recommends you try to settle things with the manufacturer first.
      The manufacturer has not responded to phone calls and emails.
      And here I sit.. with a rather large fancy paperweight.
      ...more info
    • With a smoker and a cat....
      This air cleaner does its job! The white noise doesn't bother me one bit. It doesn't do its job if you have your windows open, however. I can definitely smell the difference when it is not turned on and the smoker is there compared to it being on. We have it on 24x7 and clean out the outer filter (just run the vacuum over it) every 3 months (we've only replaced it once). All in all, it was worth the purchase!...more info
    • Don't bother.
      I bought this machine and was very disappointed. It is loud, bulky and does not do a good job filtering the air. I would recommend getting a really good vacuum (we have the yellow Dyson and it does a wonderful job) and just going over your floors and surfaces everyday if you want to cut down on dust and pet hair....more info
    • This unit isn't perfect, but it works pretty well
      I have four Honeywell 17000 air purifiers. One is noisier than the others -- it rattles a bit -- so it goes into the spare bedroom, and I rarely run it. The other three units rotate between my living room, my office, and my bedroom.

      I run the living-room machine 24/7; the office unit about nine hours a day; the bedroom purifier when I'm in bed, as you might expect.

      My Honeywell 17000s get the job done. However, they're a pain in the butt because they require frequent changes of the pre-filters. I have a dog who sheds constantly; through experimentation I've learned I need to change the pre-filter on the living-room unit after three weeks of 24/7 duty.

      After changing the pre-filter, I rotate the units between the bedroom, office, and living-room in such a way that the unit with the newest pre-filter is in the bedroom. I keep the door closed in the bedroom throughout the day, and start the air purifier before I go to bed. As a result, the air in the bedroom is always sweet-smelling and delightful; my allergies rarely bother me at night.

      To keep three or four units supplied with HEPA filters and pre-filters costs me about $200/year, which is ridiculous. But it's just about worth it because the filters do a good job of keeping the air clean. The one exception is the performance of the machine in the living room, hangout for the aforementioned perpetually-shedding dog. The Honeywell 17000 can barely keep up in that dusty, hairy room, and it helps to run that unit on "high" for a short time each day.

      Still, the condition of the air in my living room is much better now, compared to the sneezy times I endured and barely survived, before buying the air purifiers.

      The unit probably deserves only three-and-a-half stars out of a possible five. But I'll be a little generous and give it four stars, because I have no regrets. ...more info
    • fantastic!!!!
      LOL, there's nothing quiet about this thing but man o man i works wonders for my allergies! I just one day of having it on in my room i notice a drastic difference. I no longer have a stuffy nose and scratchy eyes when i wake up in the morning!!!! Thank God!!!! Worth every penny IMO...more info
    • 17000 QuietCare Air Purifier is the Best!!!
      This is the best air purifier I have ever used! My kids all have mild allergies and this purifier virtually eliminates all of their symptoms. It's also very quiet, which makes it wonderful for the bedrooms! The amount of dust it removes from your home is unbelievable. After seeing the prefilter after 3 months of use, I would never go without it on 24/7!

      ...more info
    • Great Product...BUT beware vendor choice.
      This product is great...and I now have 3 of them. Reason for this review is I want everyone to PLEASE check seller feedback if you plan to get this item. I bought 2 of these in last 9 months...from Amazon Prime (well actually 3 now but read a bit further to see why). When I wanted a 3rd one for a gift (DIL was awaiting a bone marrow transplant)I accidentally purchased from another vendor (don't assume when you want to purchase same item from your buying history that you will get same vendor choice when you click the link). It was a HUGE mistake. Vendor sucked. Sent the OLD 17000 Honeywell. NOT the 17000N Honeywell PERMANENT Hepa Filter. (Kaz the makers of Honeywell told me that the N means "new" models and they don't make any of these units without a permanent hepa filter for some time now).

      While it may seem an honest wasn't. Even the box didn't show the item as described on the purchase page. In fact it looked like it was many years OLD, very boxy and huge chunky buttons. The box didn't even say it was a PERMANENT Hepa Filter. There have been other complaints of this vendor on this same it was unlikely it was a mistake...but more likely...they hoped unsuspecting buyer wouldn't realize the difference till they found out they had to buy a whole filter assembly.

      Sooo IF you want a Permanent Hepa Filter...and you don't know if the vendor sent you the right one...I can tell your this...the box will be plastered with PERMANENT HEPA FILTER. The booklet will SAY Permanent HEPA Filter and how to vacuum it. When you first open unit to put the charcoal pre-filter around the ROUND permanent hepa will be clearly seem a product that can be vacuumed..where as the OLD filter will be like a cheap car airfilter with a cheesy black plastic screen around the filter. The PERMANENT one has a fine whitish mesh that is firmly attached to protect the inside paper filter to withstand vacuuming. MY first unit was run about 9 months (with 5 prefilter changes (cheap to buy)and only recently did the actual hepa filter light show it needed vacuuming.

      Since that flaky vendot sent the WRONG model...I was desperate to get a new 17000N to my DIL's little apartment across from the Cancer Unit. So I had to buy another of these units (from Amazon Prime) while WAITING for this vendor to refund my money after I had to ship it back after many days of trying to get them to respond by email or phone. It' just not worth the hassle and cost my be careful that you look hard at the vendor. I have not received full refund yet from vendor. My mistake was to assume that if I clicked on my order history..and clicked the same unit I had purchase 2 times in last 9 months...that this unit would come from the same vendor. So check CLOSELY that you do want your vendor...and that you know what to look for to make sure you get the RIGHT unit.

      ...more info
    • Programable
      My kids keep shutting it off. Little do they know, it is programmed to come on a couple hours before bed time at a low level and be on high during the day when they are playing too loud to hear it... :)...more info
    • Everything I hoped for
      I've had this product for about 3 years and am very pleased. The noise level is fine for me. We keep it on low and have no trouble listening to the TV. It also provides some nice white noise for sleeping.
      I change the carbon prefilter every 2 months and it is amazing how much dust is on it. I buy cheap replacement carbon filters at Lowes. The HEPA filter I changed once (after 2 years). These are pricey, but with the amount of dust this thing takes out of the air, I knew it was a good investment.
      Filters are easy to change, machine itself is easy to clean, and it does a great job....more info
      I bought this filter for my mom's house because she has bad allergies and has a cat. It is VERY LOUD, so she can not leave it on during the night while she sleeps. Also, the HEPA filters that you need to change out every year cost almost as much as the unit $60-$90 and you also have to buy another filter that is not as expensive $20 but you have to change out every other month. The 1-bedroom condo still smells of Tiger the cat, even though he sadly passed away several months ago. ...more info
    • Works great!
      In the bedroom overnight, less allergic congestion in morning. Great white noise for our 3 mo old little girl. Good buy for the money. Would buy again....more info
    • A little noisy but what did you expect?
      I bought my honeywell 17000N a few months ago and am very happy with it. I could feel the difference in the air the first night that I turned it on. The air felt clean and I slept very well with no stuffy nose in the morning. It's a little bit noisy, but it really moves some air. I think it would be pretty impossible for any machine to be any quieter while still circulating the amount of air that this thing does. The filters are easy to change/clean. The little light comes on when it's time to change the pre filter or clean the "Permanent Pure HEPA filter". I've been running it 24/7 since I bought it and have changed the pre filter twice. I have not yet had to clean the HEPA filter. Great buy!...more info
    • A lifesaver!
      I recently purchased this air purifier from my local Target store and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! I have been waking up with terrible headaches and stuffy noses due to allergies (the pollen count has been outrageous where I live due to very little rainfall in the past few months). My doctor recommended that I look into air purifiers and that could easily solve my allergy problems without having to pop pills everyday.
      The very FIRST night I used the machine, I noticed waking up without any problems. No stuffy headache! I leave it on all day in my bedroom on the LOW setting, and I find that the noise is nothing like other reviewers are saying. It really is whisper quiet. Of course, there is a slight hum of the fan, but it is in no way bothersome.
      If you are looking for an air purifier that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, look no further. This thing WORKS, it is AFFORDABLE, permanent HEPA filter, and QUIET. All pros in my book!...more info
    • Light sleeper? Perhaps not the best choice.
      The general consensus on Amazon is one I have to second: the 17000 is a steal for a cleanable, true HEPA-powered, multi-setting machine. Its low profile is likewise a terrific boon, allowing for easy placement in the smallest of corners.

      On the flipside, however, other reviewers are right on the mark: this is -- quite frankly -- the noisiest air purifier I've ever encountered. (Picture a warm air humidifier minus the gurgling, that's about where the 17000 clocks in decibel-wise.)

      As a very slight sleeper, I have considerable buyer's remorse on this unit. Purchased to keep allergens at bay in a master bedroom, it seems to do the trick (dust is noticeably less after using the 17000)...albeit with a constant audible reminder its doing so even on the lowest setting. Not an annoying sound per se, rather a constant hum sounding akin to what it is -- a constantly cycling, fan-powered unit.

      Still, purifiers with comparitive features (eg pure HEPA) clocked in at nearly 2x-3x the cost. Perhaps consider the 17000 a nice option for a living, dining or guest bedroom.

      TIP: Stock up on pre-filters. You'll quickly learn just how well this unit works in the need to change pre-filters once every month, on average (sans pets). The good news is - and due to the 17000's smaller footprint - each factory pre-filter replacement produces 2 filter changes. ...more info
    • Honeywell 17000N Permanent Pure HEPA Quietcaire Air Purifier
      Honeywell 17000N Permanent Pure HEPA Quietcaire Air Purifier
      Am actually more pleased than I thought I'd be..Its quieter than I imagined, even on 'low' blows a fairly large amount of air(so more air is processed thru the filters), & I noticed my amount of coughing has greatly decreased. These days, seems that air purifiers are a real necessity.
      Am hoping that the ability to vacuum the 'lifetime' Hepa filter lives up to its promo(tho it means that will now have to buy a Hepa vacuum cleaner to clean it without re-blowing all of the small particulates all over the room, & possibly have to do it out-of-doors) -- Since the Hepa filters cost so much, this would be a great savings, if it works.
      Have had 2 other Honeywell 'air purifiers' -- they each failed after 5 years -- just after the warrenty expired, so expect the same from here.
      What seems to have failed is the lubrication that allows the motor driving the impeller which pulls in the air. The 'break down' of the lubrication greatly increases friction, causing extra wear, and over-heating of the bearing/spindle, after which the motor 'seized up'.
      If you had the right lube(& you'd have to check out which might work), since it would be out of warranty, & you would have no recourse anyway, you should be able to carefully take it apart, & re-lube it -- making sure to keep everything in place to put it back together again. This would likely have to be done before the motor seriously 'seized up', or else the overheating might melt insulation etc., after which you're SOL.
      But don't monkey before the warranty expires, or you will likely invalidate the warranty....more info
    • Video Review
      I think the unit works really well. Had it on the high setting today while watching TV and did not find the unit distracting. It just sounds like a fan. If you are interested, here is a video showcasing the volume of the unit. [...] info
    • excellent HEPA dual filter air purifier
      On the high setting, this generates enough white noise to block out the early morning commuters and all other traffic except the garbage trucks. On medium, the noise fades into the background when I am on the phone. This does a much better job of filtering dust and particles than my old purifier-I have been able to decrease my allergy meds....more info
    • Noisy hell
      The machine sounds like an airplane next to you. It probably does the job well but I never keep it on due to the noise pollution.
      ...more info
    • Some things are subjective...
      I'm not going to address issues of whether this works or not because I'm not qualified to do so and I don't put a lot of value on other reviews claiming that an air cleaner can eliminate symptoms of asthma, allergies, etc etc. in one night. There are studies out there that dispute whether an air cleaner like this produce a measurable effect on air quality at all.

      What I can speak to is the noise issue since that seems to be the hot topic here. Yes, it makes noise. No, it does not sound like a hair dryer on high.

      To me, things that make noise are only irritating if the quality of noise that they produce is irritating. I don't know how better to describe it but this 17000N does not sound *cheap*, and so therefore the noise it makes isn't offensive.

      Even on low, you're never going to forget it's there, but hey people - you've got a small fan moving a large volume of air through a restrictive filter. If you want one that's truly quiet, either buy a bigger one that's designed for silent operation, or spend the money on a high end product. ...more info
    • Really good
      I bought one of these and they are very good. I had bad allergies and getting one reduced my symptoms. The thing is a *bit* loud on medium setting, and loud on the high setting, but not too bad. If you run it on medium, it is not that loud. I highly recommend it. ...more info
    • Works well but noisy
      I echo all of those who have said this machine works well but is noisy. I bought this for my 3.5 year old son's room. The low setting is noisy enough that my wife keeps turning it off at night. I just run it on high during the day when he is in school. It has definitely helped with my son's allergies....more info
    • Strong but not that quiet...

      They call it QuietCare... It's not all that quiet. I mean, it's throwing out a serious amount of air, and like any fan, it makes noise. Don't expect this to be silent, because it's not. Otherwise though, I find it to be quite nice as an air cleaner. Ultimately, it is easy to replace the filter. You simply twist a knob, remove the filter, add the new one, and tighten the knob. Even my grandma could do it.

      You can also program the unit to operate at different speeds at different times. Not exactly revolutionary, but it's nice to know that you can set the thing and leave it alone, and it'll shut off, or switch to low speed when you aren't at home.

      Overall, if you want a decent HEPA air filter, this is pretty cherry. This isn't some cheap air filter with a weak fan. You could dry your hair to this thing. Safe around kids and pets, easy to move from room to room, and the set and forget system makes it worth the money. The only reason I'd of bought something else is if I had a bigger room and needed even more power....more info
    • Does it's job well
      I am a chronic allergy sufferer, and used to wake up several times a night with a stuffed nose. I purchased the Honeywell 17000N based on user recomendations, and the very first night the difference was aparent. I let it run for a few hours before bedtime, and for the first time in seemingly forever, I did not need Afrin during the night. The noise of the unit is not an issue, on medium it is nothing more than pleasant white noise. After a month, I checked the filter to see what had been caught, and the prefilter was caked in dust. All in all, a worthwhile purchase....more info
    • The honeywell 1700n is worth every cent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I brought the honeywell 1700N and I will tell you, I came back to Amazon to write this review in support of Honeywelland espeacially the 1700N. They only been great in all they provide. Being I have a heater from honeywell and it is also worth every cent! I will tell you don't spend your money thinking your going get anything better just because of money. But if you have the money and will like to spend it go ahead.
      The honeywell 1700N is unreal, it's crisp cleaner air that I never experinced before is remakable. It's like a micheal jackson sleeper!!!!! I read every review on every air cleaner their is, at 3-5 times each. over and over. NOISE! People can be shallow! The Noise shouldn't even be consider or even talked about unless in terms of perfecting a incredible awesome unreal machine that will be apart of the future once people are turned on to it!
      Thank you Thank you Thank you Amazon and Honeywell for this great deal that's a life saver! Buy this machine or any other machine from honeywell! But for $105 bucks and free shipping this is a super deal! If you don't buy this machine I would say BUY a HEPA carbon filter. It really works! I bought it for my Pets and now am thanking them!
      Everyone should have one don't matter what!...more info
    • does the job!
      This air purifier does what it says it produces a little noise, but it's a good white noise. I've never had to run it on anything besides low. It works really well in the 14x14 room we have it in. I've notice a difference in both the reduction of morning congestion as well as reduction of odors in room....more info
    • Built Tough and Works Hard
      Forget all those *Ion Stick* air cleaners. This is the real deal. Moves a lot of air, and gets the room clean and dust free in just an hour or two. The filters are easy to change. The prefilter goes for about 7 bucks each and the main HEPA for about 20, but the latter only has to be changed every couple of years. About as noisy as a fan....more info
    • LOUD...... VERY LOUD!!!!!!! And I mean LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      To call this unit 'Quietcaire' is simply [...] in my opinion. It is as loud or louder than any air filter I've ever owned. Anyone who thinks it is quiet quite possibly has significant hearing loss and/or a high level of ambient noise in their house. I can hear it three rooms away on the low setting.

      Had they not advertized it as quiet, I would have given it more stars (although I probably wouldn't have bought it then). I measured the noise level in the middle of the night with everything in my house turned off. My sound pressure meter jumped from about 20dB to over 54dB when I turned this thing on 'low' at a distance of 1 meter on the side AWAY from the exhaust vent. It exceeds 65dB on high. I chose this model over others based on their claims of quiet operation. Don't buy into it folks. If quiet operation is your main criteria, then look elsewhere. If a noise generator is what you want, then this might be the unit for you. My wife asked me if it was getting ready to take off....more info
    • Good air purifier but not so quiet
      The Honeywell Quietcaire air purifier works quite well. I am highly allergic to pollen, dust, cat dander, and several other substances. When I am sleeping in the bedroom with this air purifier on, I hardly ever sneeze nor does my nose feel irritated. Lately I am sneezing and blowing my nose a lot in other rooms without the air purifier. I'm thinking of buying more of these purifiers. We already have two.

      My only qualms are that the purifier is not quiet like the name says it is, and it is rather bulky. When the air purifier is put on low setting, it is somewhat quiet, like the soft drone of the TV. But if you want it to work better, it should be on medium or high, which is pretty loud. I like the medium setting as it mimics the sound of the air conditioner. This noise is not a problem for me, as I sleep better with white noise. However I don't see how anyone CANNOT find the noise annoying when the purifier is on high.

      Regarding the bulkiness of it, I suppose this product has to take up space in order to do its work--ideally it needs to be placed one feet (or is it 6 inches?) from the wall. I just wish it were slimmer so it doesn't interfere so much with furniture. On the other hand, there are plenty of bulkier purifiers out there.

      So far we have had to replace the prefilter once since buying the purifier. That's about a month and a half of nightly use. I don't leave it on during the day because I'm not in the room. We haven't had to change the HEPA filter yet, and we are hoping not to have to do this for at least a year. The [...] review says that we shouldn't have to replace the HEPA filter for one to three years. Given the filter replacement schedule so far, this purifier is not that expensive to use. The prefilter costs $[...] and the HEPA filter costs $[...] on Amazon.

      If you like white noise and need clean air, I strongly recommend this purifier. It cleans the air well enough for me, but I am sure there are more expensive purifiers who do a better job. Why pay more when this purifer does a decent job?...more info
    • Love these air cleaners.
      I have bought 3 of these and love them. Have one in each bedroom and they work great. Like the simplicity of not having to replace the HEPA filter. Great product....more info
    • Works fine
      I purchased this air purifier to clean up the air after the remodel. It works fine but the 'carbon' oder lasts a little bit too long, and it just confused my nose - can't tell whether the air is more 'crisp' and clean, as it supposed to be. I'm satisfied with the noise level, for such a big machine....more info
    • nice purifier but relatively noisy
      Got this purifier after much reading the reviews in Amazon. Was sceptic about the noise level till I have one. It is indeed noisy in a very quiet Air-condition room, but the noise level would be relatively the same when in an open room with fans.

      On the note for its performance, my son whom is allergic to dust and will normally sneeze when he wakes up in the morning, is not sneezing in the morning after using the purifier. So far, the purifier does what it meant to do and hence I gave it a 4 stars (1 star less for its noise level though I understand it is inevitable based on its specifications.)

      Happy with the product and will consider to have 1 in each room....more info
    • seems to be working
      Some say it's noisy; my son loves the noise because he sleeps like a log with it running. The air quality in his bedroom appears to have helps his alergies quite a bit (200 sq. ft room), so I'd say it works as advertised. One thing is that it is advertised that filters don't need replacement, but that's not what the documentation in the box says....more info
    • Nice but noisy
      It's easy to maintain, and it works as it says! The only problem is it is noisy. Can only sleep with the lowest level setting. Otherwise it gets too noisy....more info
    • Great Air Cleaner
      Like most I am skeptical of products claims. However, after getting a National Allergy promo ad from my Doctor and reading reviews here, I took a chance on this Honeywell purifier. I have owned other Air Cleaners in the past from Friedrich and they did clean the air somewhat, but were bulky, noisy, and costly to maintain. Electrostatic devices don't cut it for me. You need air to pass through a filter for it be considered an air purifier in my book. I bought this for the bedroom in my apartment (roughly 18'X12'). The shipping was quick and the product showed up with no damage. Assembly was easy, just unscrew the center cap, wrap the pre-filter around the main filter, re-insert, and screw the cap back in. I set this up to run on high like the manual said for a few minutes, but just let it run while I was watching TV in the other room. After one night of it running on High, I could notice a HUGE difference walking between the bedroom and the living room. I have sleep apnea, so this definitely helps the quality of the air going into my machine. It does sound like a fan on High, but it is moving a large volume of air on this setting. Also it works great on High at masking other noises from the outside so it serves a dual purpose in that effect. Overall very satisfied with it. Great product. Should have done this sooner.

      Also I am getting a Honeywell 50250 for the living room. I expect it to perform just as well as this one did....more info
    • AWESOME!!!!
      My husband has horrible dust allergies as well as pet we think....
      We have 3 cats 2 kids and I do not dust as often as i should.
      He has not had an allergy attack since we purchased this!
      We love it and it was very reasonable i just wish I would have purchased it sooner....more info
    • Loud but worth it for the removal of mold!
      I needed a purifier that would definately address mold spores in the air above all other things and this one is getting the job done. Within 3 days of putting it in my bedroom the room smells better and I'm not waking up in the middle of the night coughing with watering eyes from allergens. ...more info
    • Neat trick
      We have had this model of air purifeier for about 9 months. I could go on about its benefits and how it has helped my family with our allergy problems, but I won't. I thought I would share a neat trick that my six year old son discovered. We use this purifier in his room as it is the smaller of the honeywell units we have. It has made a world of difference in his congestion when he wakes up in the morning. However, he recently gained possession of a package of balloons. He figured out that he could blow up a balloon and place it in the exhaust air stream of the air purifier and the balloon would stay suspended in mid air about three feet above the unit. It makes it worth the price just to watch my son learn some basic laws of science and physics. If you have small kids with allergies, this is an added feature you probably won't read in any other review....more info
    • So/So
      The delivery and payment were ideal but the product is just so/so. Last year I purchased a fan from Sams with the ION module and it works wonders... Cost about $40 compared to this - I should have gone back to Sams...more info
    • help for asthma
      I bought this air purifier after looking at many reviews. I found some that rated higher, but were quite a bit more expensive. This one had a HEPA filter, which is the most important feature for people with asthma or allergies, and the price was not so high that I felt it would be a financial stress during these economic times. After the fist few days of use I was sleeping much better and my asthma was gone when I was at home. In addition, I wasn't sneezing from the high pollen count! So, in conclusion, I'm very happy with my Honeywell air purifier. A very good purchase!...more info
    • my old cat is still alive...
      i purchased this air purifier because I was going away for 2 weeks on holiday and my old cat (who has bad allergies) is mean and won't let anyone else give her pills....she was going to have to go for 2 weeks without her allergy medication. I turned it on (very easy to work) and left it running the whole time I was gone (didn't increase the electricity bill substantially..I was pleasantly surprised). When I came back, she was alive and kicking (well, biting, really.) how well does this work? I have no idea. Did it keep the cat alive? I have no idea. I'd like to think it had lots to do with it and brought her tons of relief...but I have no idea. Bottom line is because it was for my cat and not a person, I can get no feedback about the machine's performance. But the cat is still alive!! [=...more info
    • Excellent quiet air scrubber
      I bought a Honeywell Enviracaire HEPA following a large brush fire in our area, it worked very well to clean our indoor air. It's just about silent. I replace the prefilter once every three months, and the big HEPA filter about every other year. It's amazing to see how much dust and crud collects on the prefilters. I'm happier having the Honeywell Enviracaire take the dust out of the air instead of our lungs!...more info
    • Nice air cleaner
      This is a good basic HEPA air filter. We bought it for our son's room. The air smells cleaner. It is a bit louder than I thought it would be on the low setting....more info
    • Functionality Versus Quiet
      I bought this unit to try and assist the whole house aircleaner that we have on our central air system. I was amazed at how much dirt that this unit removed from our bedroom. While it does the job it is supposed to do, it is still a bit on the loud side even when placed on the lowest setting. I am not sure that there is any way around this noise as it is caused by the amount of air that the unit moves through the filter.

      In many respects, getting used to the noise level of this unit is like getting used to the sound of a Grandfather clock. At first it is extremely iritating, but with time it becomes less noticable. The important part is that it functions as advertised and it does remove a lot of material from the air. Since this is the function that I was after, it does what it was supposed to do. I can sleep again without all of the iritation that my allergies cause.

      The secondary filter (carbon filter) really does need to be changed or vacuumed off every couple of months. This filter acts as a pre-filter for the main filter and will quickly fill with dust. As a suggestion, use a good vacuum with a hepa filter to clean it with or you will just be sending dust back into your room. The carbon filter pack that Amazon sells works well and each filter will actually give you two filters since you need to cut each one in half to fit this unit (there are perforations in the filter to allow you to do this easily).

      I am happy enough with this unit that I have just ordered another one to place in my home office. Remember, that this filter will only do a medium size room and will not be effective for a large room or for a whole house application!

      The reason that I gave this a 4 out of 5 rating is that while the unit claims to be very quiet, that would be a matter of opinion and I think it is a bit on the loud side. However, I can live with it and you become used to it after a bit of time....more info
    • just right
      I'm just a regular guy interested in a purifier. I've owned a bulky old HEPA that I trashed years ago. There's a lot of silly hype over purifiers. This one seems just right. It's relatively cheap, the filter lasts a "lifetime". The handle on top is very convenient. It's small.

      I sleep in a room with my little 1 y/o. The whir of the filter is perfect for a little white noise, but definietly not too loud--my wife hates white noise, she's fine with the honeywell.

      One negative-the blue LED's are a bit bright. It you like a completely dark room, you'll have to cover it up with something creative. Electrical tape works fine.

      As far as quality of purification. I've noticed a change in my stuffy head. It may also be that I changed out our pillows. It's HEPA--it seems to work very well. I'd recommend this model...more info
    • It really works!
      After just a month with this critter in my house, I can't imagine apartment living, allergy season, or owning pets without it. It works like magic to clear out even the most noxious of pollutants, such as when our neighbors decided to smoke right under our kitchen window, which we had unwittingly left open. It staved the constant tide of cat and dog dander collected in this apartment's nylon carpets. It even makes breathing and sleeping easier now that it's pollen season. Best of all: on the "low" setting, you barely even notice it. Other filters I have owned you can either have it on OR the radio, or forget conversation. Not this one! It's VERY quiet on low, reasonable on medium, and not all that bad on high, even. A great buy!...more info


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