Memorex 32021926 Clear Slim Jewel Cases (25-Pack)

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Product Description

Store each CD in its own separate protective container / Transparent plastic looks like commercial packaging / Easy to store

This package of Memorex clear, slim jewel cases contains 25 clear, high-impact plastic cases. Measuring just 5 millimeters in thickness, these slim cases fit any audio or data CD.

  • 25 per pack
  • 5 millimeters thick
  • High-impact plastic
  • Clear lid; colorless, frosted bottom
  • Fits all audio and data CDs

Customer Reviews:

  • Jewel Cases
    Over the years Ive ordered these things from various sources. Most often at least a few of the cases are broken during transport. This time however all arrived in good condition. They have all worked as they are supposed to. That's about all I can say for something this simple and utilitarian....more info
  • Very bad
    The ones that came with my order were damaged very badly. When I opened the package little plastic shards were all over the place. Buy this if you like to have broken jewel cases....more info
  • Works as they should
    These worked fine as advertised. Clear plastic, thin, protects cd's dvd's just fine while taking up less space....more info
  • Great Product
    Nothing fancy; just some jewel cases. I can't complain, I ordered five and none of them have been broken that I have opened....more info
  • Basic Case, nothing special
    Ordered 2 of the 25 pack cases. A couple of them were broken, but I guess that is to be expected when they are as flimsy as these are, and are shipped instead of picked up at the store. They serve their purpose....more info
  • Good quality - good price
    These are the basic clear cd and/or dvd SLIM JEWEL CASES that you are looking for. They are not as easily breakable as other brands. They are NOT recyclable....more info
  • Fast and friendly
    Got my order quickly and found out that these cases are much BETTER than the ones sold here locally, and they were CHEAPER !!!...more info
  • No complaints
    Items were as advertised, arrived ahead of schedule and undamaged.

    In short, the sort of product and service one should expect from any retailer....more info
  • Flimsy
    I don't know if it was the shipping or the product itself, but 15 out of 25 cases were broken when I opened the package....more info
  • Jewel Cases
    Over the years Ive ordered these things from various sources. Most often at least a few of the cases are broken during transport. This time however all arrived in good condition. They have all worked as they are supposed to. That's about all I can say for something this simple and utilitarian....more info
  • Memorex 32021926 Clear Slim Jewel Cases (25-Pack)
    Exactly what I was looking for. A better quality slim case. Every one of them arrived intact, my experience is unlike others. A little more expensive than other brands but worth the extra money. The center hub is deep enough that you are sure the DVD/CD will not touch the case....more info
  • Arrived in Pieces
    They would be very wonderful jewel cases except they must be very flimsy because more than half of them arrived broken....more info
  • What do you say about jewel cases ?
    They're jewel cases - what do you say about jewel cases? Good product, you get what you pay for, they're nice and sturdy and well worth the price....more info
  • clear slim jewel cases
    the slim jewel cases are perfect for making your own Cd's. they are the perfect for storage. i would recommend this to my friends...more info
  • Great space saver!
    I like keeping all my stuff in one place, but don't like CD folders, so these slim cases are great. I accidentaly sat on one of them and although it did crack, the case didn't break, and the cd was fine. All in all, a great product....more info
  • Quality Jewel Cases
    For slim jewel cases these are quite impressive. Their durability is outstanding and actually better than I expected. Usually I have been using slim cases primarily for data Cds. These are so convenient and durable I began using these for music CDs. I like them and continue to use them.
    ...more info
  • would buy again
    before buying this product, i read some of the reviews. after reading them, i was thinking.. hrm, should i really buy this or not. because most had said that a few had been broken. well, i opened up both packages today, and not one was broken out of either package. 50/50 cd cases are in perfect and useable condition. i would deffinitly buy these again...more info
  • OK - if they survive the shipment
    The majority of my cases were damaged in shipping. I immediately threw away about eight, but as I tried to use the rest I gradually found ten or so more that had sustained damage as well. Maybe I'm alone, given the other high ratings, but these seem more fragile than other slim cases I've used in the past. I'd give them 3-stars (because they're cheap) if they didn't have to be shipped.

    ...more info
  • Perfect
    These boxes are half the size of regular cases, just right--not too bulky like the regular ones....more info
  • all right by me !!!
    These slim jewel cases by Memorex provide sturdy protection for CDs; but they can also store DVDs as well as CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, and more! I have been fortunate in that the cases I bought never cracked when I tried to open them. Could that be because I'm a 90 pound weakling? SMILE Well, I doubt it--I think these are well constructed. They hold together for years at a time and that's great.

    Moreover, these slender jewel cases provide excellent storage for media and they measure roughly less than half the width of the older, original jewel cases that seem far too wide and "fat" today. You can stick a "post-it" note to the front of the jewel case to indicate what's on the disc inside, too. These jewel cases can be storing discs on bookshelves, cabinet shelves or whatever.

    They provide you with colorless plastic cases and a slightly frosted bottom for the case. The center hub keeps each disc firmly in place inside the plastic case, too. That's a great added feature--and you can also see the disc being stored without having to open the jewel case. They certainly aren't ugly!

    Overall, I highly recommend this CD/DVD jewel cases for anyone who wants compact yet sturdy storage for their media. Use these in good health!

    ...more info
  • Excellent jewel cases
    As your DVD/CD collections grow, these are ideal for protecting and storing your "treasures". Easy to open and take up little storage space. The center lock tab is secure but allows you to remove the discs from the case with ease.
    Just a great product....more info
  • great to conserve space
    two of these jewel cases equal the size of a regular cd case. buy them and conserve space. there great!...more info


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