Vornado AQS35 Air Quality System

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By continuously circulating a room's air through two filters, this portable air cleaner removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria, viruses, and odors. Invaluable for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, the cleaner contains a true HEPA filter that is at least 99.97 percent effective at trapping extremely tiny particles--and actually gets better with use, as captured particles catch other particles. A prefilter reduces odors. The cleaner measures 22 by 13-3/4 by 10 inches and, because the air exits upward, can be placed behind furniture. Recommended for rooms up to 405 square feet, the cleaner has five speeds for different-size rooms, a quick-clean speed to filter a room's air within minutes, and a dirty-filter indicator. The HEPA filter lasts two to four years, the prefilter three months. (Two extra prefilters are included.) Filter replacement is simple: Lift off front, unhook elastic straps, remove prefilter and/or HEPA filter, position new filter(s), and hook up the straps. --Fred Brack

There's a significant difference when you use the Vornado AQS35 to clean the air in your room. Vornado's exclusive Vortex Action circulates and cleans the air in the room quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. Distinctively styledGraystone finish leaves a small footprint so you can fit the AQS35 almost anywhere Supported by Vornado's 5-year warranty Color - Greystone

  • Clean air is circulated up and out into the room, not across dirty floors, like traditional designs
  • True HEPA filters removes a minimum of 99.97% of airborne particulates
  • PreSorb prefilter for odor and hazardous compound reduction
  • Whisper quiet operation with built in handles for portablity; Flat back for easy placement
  • Simple room matching guide and dirty filter sensor
Customer Reviews:
  • Purchased 12/05, melted and burned 4/07
    Loved the unit until the day 2 weeks ago where the motor stopped working on the lowest setting, melted the unit down and caught fire. Needless to say, it got tossed out and we purchased something different this time. Love our Vornado fans though......more info
  • Works great!
    This works so well, I am very impressed. It removed smoke from my house very quickly. The fan is loud, but then, at its highest setting it cleans out a 400 sq. ft. space, so, for that, you need a strong fan. I bought this hoping to clear out the smoke that came from improper use of our fireplace. If you have ever smelled smoke that has come back in from the fireplace, you know how badly it lingers. After two days it was all gone. And that was not even a constant 48 hours, so this really does the trick. I suspect it will handle anything you can through it at, or just about. I am very glad I purchased this and I recommend it highly. One note, we purchased this at BB&B using one of their 20% off coupons and it was under two hundred dollars. I hope this helps....more info
  • Not Pretty-but Nice
    This purifier works well and I am gratified and disgusted by the amount of thick dust that accumulates on the pre-filter. I have been changing these about once a month. We live on a noisy block in Manhattan and it does double duty as a sleep machine for us. I give it four stars because it is ugly and though nicely portable seems a bit cheap with the rubber band holders. I had an Enviracaire before and would recommend this over the Honeywell....more info
  • Amazing
    This well-built, powerful, well-designed filter does exactly what it claims to do. We live in an apartment in Manhattan and the kitchen lacks proper ventilation so any kind of cooking creates odors which linger for days or which requires the window being opened, a Vornado fan being used to draw in fresh air and opening the front door to create a draft, sending the aromas into the hallway and sharing them with all our next door neighbours. Less than ideal. Now we start to grill or cook, turn the AQS35 on full blast and the odors are dealt with in real time. The air is kept constantly clean. Amazing.

    Additionally, Manhattan apartments accumulate enormous amounts of dust (maybe apartments in other parts of the country do too but I wouldn't know about that) due to the dry air and heat. I leave this little guy on during the day while I'm away and the apartment air is cleaned, making coming home even more of a joy. Well done Vornado. Superb product....more info
  • Nice!

    This filter truly scrubs the room well... After about 2 hours at full speed, I walked into the room, took a deep breath, and it felt like a real relief....more info
  • Fresh Air
    I have exotic birds which all release a type of dander and powder down. This unit works vey well to help reduce these particles and is super easy to clean and quiet to boot. After I receive this order I will have 4 units in the house. Highly recommended....more info
  • First Rate!
    I purchased the Vornado AQS35 in December 2003, and have no regrets! Our home is quite small, and this unit services the living room, dining room and study (in its entirety, an open,L-shaped area approximately 250 square feet). I chose the Vornado AQS35 because of its square-footage cleaning capacity, and especially for its small footprint. It's a good-looking machine that fits well in our tiny house! I haven't read any of the recent reviews (there were not many when I purchased it), but I would like to address some of the complaints I remember reading. #1: It's loud. (?) O.K., I've never had one before so I have nothing to compare it to. I hear it when it's on, I also notice when it's off. Put it right next to the television or a stereo speaker and likely you'll be fine. I have mine on the highest setting right now (quick-clean, #5), and I can hear the dog's tags and the cat's bell from the farthest place in the house (they're in the kitchen, drinking spilled milk)! #2: The HEPA filter doesn't last long and is expensive to replace. One of the things I looked at before I purchased the Vornado was the cost of replacement filters. Yes, they are all expensive. I'd say it was around the middle or the lower end of the pack as far as filter replacement cost goes. I'd suggest shopping around. I just replaced the original HEPA filter today (after 10 months of non-stop usage). The filter replacements I researched ranged from $45 USD - $69 USD (most were closer to $69). I ended up purchasing the replacement filter for just under $58 (shipping included). I have no problem with the cost, or the life of the HEPA filter. I use the vacuum on the pre-filter once or twice a month, and it's UNBELIEVABLE how much hair and dust accumulate on that! Remember, small house and a couple pets and three people. I don't know that Vornado recommends vacuuming the pre-filter, but I do it, and I bet it extends the life of the HEPA (at least a bit). #3: The rubber bands used to hold in the filter and pre-filter are flimsey. Well, yes they are. They haven't snapped yet, but I'm sure I'll replace them soon. A heavy-duty band would be nice, but it's not essential to the main purpose of the unit itself. I've got a number of ideas about how to replace it when it DOES go. All in all, this is a great machine! It looks good, does its job well and unobtrusively. I'm not breathing in all that hair and dirt and dusting has become way less frequent. A definate buy as far as I'm concerned!

    ...more info
  • Great for baby's rooms!!!
    Not only has this product been awesome to use a) for a quick 10-minute stint in the bathroom to get the bleach smell out after cleaning b) to clear the smoke out of the living room when "Daddy forgot to open the flue in the chimney", but because it does make some noise, a nice white noise, it's been perfect in the nursery and kid's room in a small house as it blocks out outside noise and that means Mommy and Daddy don't have to get up in the middle of the night or make naptime rescues, so it is well worth it!

    It's also nice that I bought my first on back in 2000 and they still make the same model so my filters for the old one and new one I just bought are all the same size etc.!

    Last, it seems to catch just about everything, so put your dust rags away for good!!!

    Don't forget to take it on vacation too!...more info
  • great product
    i've been a heavy smoker and my room stinks to a point that even myself can't stand the smell anymore. consider i already have a vornado fan and heater, and both work really well, so when i think of a air cleaner, the first brand i think about is this one. i totally love it and it works fantastic for me, just one nite use and my room already smell much cleaner and i can tell the air is much freasher. it might be a bit noisey for certain people, but to me the noise is very acceptable except the highest setting, i have no problem sleeping when the machine is on all nite at setting "3". i'm so glad to have it and feel sorry for those people didn't like it....more info
  • Wait ... I'm not sniffly any more!
    I bought this HEPA filter after reading other positive reviews about it. I had previously tried a Honeywell filter but found it too big and loud.

    This filter is still pretty big. (It's much bigger than it looked -- to me -- in the picture on Amazon.) But it's lightweight, easy to move, and can be pushed up against a wall without compromising function.

    INITIALLY, I was disappointed with the filter. Most of the reviews I'd read made it sound like a miracle had occurred the morning after they plugged the filter in. I woke up the morning after having used the product's "Quick Clean" feature and running it all night, and I didn't find that my whole world had changed. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I suddenly realized that I had quit sniffling all the time and so had my two roommates (who are allergic to my cat). So in my case, the relief was more gradual than for others, but in the end, the thing WORKS.

    About the noise level: I leave the filter running all the time on either the first or second settings (out of five). On these settings, it's more quiet than my fan, and while I can still hear it, it's pleasant white noise. The fifth setting -- "Quick Clean" -- is intended for short and powerful cleaning and is pretty loud. Fortunately, I've only had to use it twice. (Once for the initial cleaning and once when my roommate cooked some fish that stunk up the whole apartment.)

    I recommend this filter, but keep in mind that the improvement in your air quality may not be drastic immediately. Be patient and give it some time to work. I guess (fortunately!) my allergies just weren't as bad as others....more info

  • Powerful, dependable, efficient, air cleaner.
    This is a good gadget! Our Vornado AQS-35 HEPA Air Quality System has functioned continuously and well for several YEARS of contiuous service. In Tucson, our desert city with high dust and low humidity, dealing with housedust is a significant challenge. HEPA vacuum cleaners help, but the AQS-35 serves to efficiently extract particulate matter from the air, continuously. It works, quietly, steadily and well. The well-made HEPA filters are inexpensive at circa 50 bucks for 3 to 5 years use. Filters and power combined cost less than $19/month to operate. I highly recommend this quality product....more info
  • Dust is Gone
    In the past we have had a dust problem. We needed to dust every 4 days to make it livable. We received our Vorado Air Cleaner. We were wondering if it realy worked. We gave it a trial. It has been 4 weeks and still no noticeable dust. The air circulation is great. It is a little noisy,however to get around that, we operate is at maximum setting at night. We like it so much we purchased another one for our other home. Great product....more info
  • A bit loud but very effective
    We have allergies. We are living in a small apartment. I took a chance on this unit because we had a small HEPA filter before and it does help to freshen air quite a bit.

    The good news: this unit circulates a good amount of air--we are able to filter most of a small open studio apartment with it. The air seems fresher and "lighter" after running the filter all day. Nice to rid the air of cooking odors, cat fluff, dust and pollen.

    The bad news: on any setting but the lowest, you do hear the fan. Vornado is excellend at creating units that move air efficiently but like any good-sized fan, it makes noise when it's really cranking.

    The design is unobtrusive and fits behind an armchair. On the whole, we are pleased with it, and it does help the air quality to a satisfactory extent....more info

  • Great Product
    We are all breathing easier around here with the Vornado air cleaner! It is loud, but I don't think that can be avoided with any air cleaner. We now live with constant white noise. The only problem I have encountered with the Vornado; is the elastic bands which hold the pre-filter in place. They both snapped, all by themselves I might add within weeks of purchase. I called the company for replacement--2 weeks ago--they've not yet arrived. If you purchase one, I would call and ask for replacement bands right away, before they snap. apparently it is a very common problem with this product....more info
  • Big mistake, wish I never bought it
    To be fair, the first week I used it, it was wonderful. Within an hour of turning it on it took all the cigarette odor out of the room and I could smell the air refresheners again. But after that it just went downhill fast.

    This Vornado air purifier arrived on mid to late September, and by the end of October it was time for a new Hepa Replacement Filter..., and a new pack of carbon filters...After only 6 weeks???

    The room that this Vornado system is in is 10x9, hardly a large room, but within 6 weeks of buying this unit the filters need to be replaced.

    And by the way...it is LOUD!
    I have to turn it completely off when I'm on the phone, or I can't hear the conversation.
    The medium setting is so loud it gives me a headache.

    My roommate owns another air purifier and he makes comments about what a bad purchase my Vornado was because his is quiet and really purifies the air. He smokes three packs a day and you'd never know it with his filter.

    One last thing...if you look at the Vornado replacement filters, both the hepa and the carbon, you'll notice theyre usually 1-2 weeks before they ship. Keep that in mind and order very early, as I've been waiting 3 week now and still haven't gotten my filters. And except for amazon I can't find anyone else who sells them. Not even on the manufacturers website.

    I *cough* wish I bought a different air purifier *cough* *cough*....more info

  • every pet owner should have one!
    i purchased this unit about 2 months ago and have been very pleased with it. it is noisy, but i run it on high while i'm at work and leave it off when i'm home and it still does a great job.
    i've noticed a marked changed in the smell and dust in my home since using this.
    word to the wise though - if you have several pets (i have 4 dogs), you're going to go through the pre-filters quickly. they recommend changing them every 3 months, but mine are loaded after 1 month....more info
  • Time tells ...
    Sometimes you have to wait a while, give the product a fair trial, and make sure your expectations are realistic. It also helps to do some research, especially with products of this nature.

    Having done all of the above, four months after purchasing and trying all possible ways to get this air cleaner to work, I gave it up. Even if it uses 1/3 less the electricity of other air cleaners, it's not worth plugging in at all.

    I'm quite convinced that unless you can spend $300 plus dollars for a one room air cleaner (ridiculous), HEPA is hype.

    I'm back to old faithful ... lemon juice in a mister. A few squirts and, ahhh. And if it is all just perception anyway, I'm happy to be deluded with citrus lemon air....more info

  • Got loud after about a year
    UPDATE FROM 2005: Unit now makes quite a bit of noise; the front is loose or something.

    I got a VAQS35 about a year ago, after my round Honeywell died after 3 years of use. On first pass it looked a tad flimsy -- you rubber-band the carbon prefilter to the HEPA filter, which looks like one of those cardboard-cased furnace filters. But in fact this makes it very easy to change the prefilter and (eventually -- they say every 2-3 years) the HEPA filter itself.

    The unit works great -- strong output at 5 speeds, light that indicates untroubled flow, low noise. For some reason it was the only unit I found that ejects out the top instead of the bottom. This is why I bought it, and it does seem to be an improvement over my Honeywell, which ejected over the floor. I would and probably will buy another one.

    If you're into aircleaners, this seems like the one to get....more info
  • Somewhat noisy but very effective air purifier.
    I purchased this purifier recently and was impressed at how fast it cleaned the air in our master bedroom. I can run it on a higher speed during the day, and then cut it way down at night so as not to disturb our sleep. I am very happy with our purchase....more info
  • Quiet and powerful
    I really like the AQS35. I've only owned one other air filter system, and compared to it, this one is super quiet, and it looks much nicer sitting in the corner. It really blends in, since you can place it right up against a wall. My only problem with it was right out of the box. The 'squirrel cage' fan was warped, and would scrap against the unit. I took the back off and readjusted it, and now it is whisper quiet. It comes with one HEPA filter (lasts 2-4 years), and three prefilters (one in the unit and two spares). These are changed every 3 months....more info
  • Very good machine
    I just purchased all three Vornado HEPA filters: the AQS15, 25, and 35. The AQS15 is way too loud, but I can find no fault with either the AQS25 or AQS35. Nice design, *very* quiet operation. Unlike other HEPA air filter machines, this one is easy to clean and maintain. If I ever need another HEPA filter, I would not hesitate to buy this machine again. However, based on the current prices, the AQS25 is the best buy for the money. It is only a little bit smaller than the AQS35, and has 3 speeds as opposed to 5....more info
  • Clean, simple design. Functional and efficient.
    Like many other air filters, this features a squirrel cage blower to decrease noise. Five speed fan. Top exhaust. Easy to clean inlet louvers (the whole front panel removes quickly and easily for washing and the louvers are spaced apart so you can get in there with your hand). The large HEPA filter has a washable and cheap to replace pre-filter. The filtration path is excellent and sealed to prevent bypass flow.

    The only downside is the noise (all of these air cleaners are loud, in my opinion because they all are made of lightweight materials) and the cost of filter replacement. The HEPA filter is about [price] to replace and, although that is ridiculously expensive, all the air cleaners are that much.

    Vornado seems to make excellent products and they certainly didn't rush to market with this one. They took the time to design it right....more info