Vornado AQS15 Air Quality System

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Product Description

By continuously circulating a room's air through two filters, this portable air cleaner removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria, viruses, and odors. Invaluable for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, the cleaner contains a true HEPA filter that is at least 99.9 percent effective at trapping extremely tiny particles--and actually gets better with use, as captured particles catch other particles. A prefilter reduces odors. The cleaner measures 14-3/4 by 13-3/4 by 10 inches and, because the air exits upward, can be placed behind furniture. Recommended for rooms up to 233 square feet, the cleaner has three speeds for different-size rooms. The HEPA filter lasts two to four years, the prefilter three months. (Two extra prefilters are included.) Filter replacement is simple: Lift off the front, unhook the elastic straps, remove the prefilter and/or HEPA filter, position the new filter(s), and hook up the straps. --Fred Brack

  • Clean air is circulated up and out into the room, not across dirty floors, like traditional designs
  • True HEPA filters removes a minimum of 99.97% of airborne particulates
  • PreSorb prefilter for odor and hazardous compound reduction
  • Whisper quiet operation with built in handles for portablity
  • Flat back for easy placement
Customer Reviews:
  • Inhale, exhale, ahhhh.
    I agree with the other reviewer that there's not much noise difference between low and high, and it's not really silent... but I've concluded that this is NOT a bad thing. If you want clean air, it has to move. The noise this thing makes is not from the motor at all - it's the moving air. It's changed the whole environment of our bedroom. And it really circulates the whole room. I had a small Hunter air filter, and on low you could hear the fan wheel wobbling - very annoying; also only mediocre on effectivness. I got used to the sound of this Vornado, and sleep better knowing my nostrils won't be slammed shut by morning due to bad air. ...more info
  • good filter but noisy
    For a basic filter this one's pretty good. I used it during a construction project in my home. There was a lot of drywall dust and it did a good job of filtering the air. However the filters did get dirty and I had to replace them after just a few days of the work. I can't listen to the radio or tv with it on though. If you need a product that you need to run frequently you may want to look for a quiter one. ...more info
  • Very effective - I have two of them
    My son always woke up stuffy in the morning and - not knowing anything about air cleaners - began looking at their stats. This unit seemed to be the best in terms of circulating air and cleaning the air. Its not a flashy looking unit but it worked so well I bought a second unit for downstairs...

    I have had the first one for over 6 months and even with almost constant use it works as well as it did the first day. The second one is everal months newer and that one has been problem free as well.

    I will say the unit it fairly large - it usually doesnt go unoticed in a room. That said...its not the size of a building or anything like that...but it is larger than some units. I have it fairly out of the way in one room but in my sons room, being a smaller room, its more obvious.

    About noise: Its not a silent unit. The units that claim to be silent are not cleaners but ionizers and their effctiveness according to consumer reports is doubtful. I also looked at them when I was buying...but they did mention to clean the unit if you notice *arcing*... arcing is what happens when you put metal in a microwave. Perhaps the chance of this happening are low but it was a definite minus in my book...they also do not filter the air.

    As far as this unit and noise; there is noise but it is of the white noise variety. On high you would have to turn up a TV, on low its easier to forget your hearing it, it becomes background and I find it to drown out outside noise. I like it. And after the first few days of running it on high I mostly keep it on low - except after dusting or cleaning the room.

    This is an excellent unit and after running it a few days, take a look at the filter. You will be glad you got it. What it collects is impressive. I will probably buy one more in the near future for a second bedroomm...more info
  • I love Vornado products....
    I use the Vornado AQS35 filter systems and they are fabulous. We have two filter systems, one in the "bird" room where I keep my Cockatiels (and my computer), and the other upstairs near our bedrooms. The bird room is clean as can be and at the end of the day when I clean cages I only sweep up spilled pellets and seeds. I have never been bothered by Cockatiel or any other bird dander since I got the Vornado filter systems, and I have allergies. My office supplied a less effective filtration system, so I notice the air quality right away when I arrive at work. Don't give up your bird, get an air filtration system from Vornado.

    Oh yes, they are quiet. The system makes a comforting sound, something like the distant roar of the ocean when you are at the beach, so your sleep will not be disturbed if you have one in your bedroom. In fact, I often think of it as "white" noise for street noises. As one other reviewer said, they are perfect for city living (I live right under the National Airport flyway), but will work with pollen, mold and mildew particles in the country. ...more info
  • Perfect for City Environment
    Works great, but also generates enough white noise to drown out street noise and neighbors. If you live in a city, and have trouble sleeping; try using this air filter....more info
  • Love it!
    It is a loud machine but it's great for me because I live on a noisy street and it blocks out all the other sounds so I can sleep at night! It works great too, and it's small in size and not heavy, so when I have people over that smoke I move it to the living room or wherever we are and it completely eliminates the smell....more info
  • Nice machine, but too loud
    I just purchased all three Vornado air filters: the AQS15, AQS25, and the AQS35. All have the same basic design, and the higher the model number, the larger the size. The AQS25 and 35 deserve five stars: good design, and quiet operation. The AQS15, however, has one major problem. It is loud. On its lowest setting (of the three speeds it has), it is as loud as either of its bigger siblings on their highest settings! The AQS15 is so loud that I personally can't stand to be in the same room with it. An air filter should be seen and not heard. I don't know why it is so loud, possibly because of its small size and the huge volume of air that it moves. I own other Vornado products, such as their heater, fans, and humidifier. This is the first time Vornado has disappointed me.

    Bottom line: if you want a *quiet*, high quality HEPA air filter, get the AQS25 or 35. The AQS25 is the best buy for the money. On the other hand, if you don't mind having a filter that sounds like an old fashioned 9-horsepower box fan, then get the AQS15. Aside from the Vornado design, the only thing this filter has going for it is its small size....more info