Enviracaire 20500 HEPA Filter Fits 10500, 17000

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Product Description

  • Compatible with Honeywell 10500 and 17000 air cleaners
  • Keeps air free of pollutants
  • 99.97 percent effective at removing articles as small as .3 microns
  • Collects dust, mold spores, mites, pet dander, and other allergens
  • Removes harmful particles rather than displacing them
  • Features:
    • Compatible with Honeywell 10500 and 17000 air cleaners
    • Keeps air free of pollutants
    • 99.97 percent effective at removing articles as small as .3 microns
    • Collects dust, mold spores, mites, pet dander, and other allergens
    • Removes harmful particles rather than displacing them
    Customer Reviews:
    • Much better than some alternatives
      Honeywell makes a smaller size filter selling in stores that requires two to replace this filter. I find the single filter much easier to use and it also seems to perform better. I am grateful to finally find this product, and recommend it highly. ...more info
    • filter doesn't fit
      This filter was supposed to fit my Honeywell air filter, but it doesn't. I called the mfg, they offered little help--even after I sent them photos of the difference b/t the filter they sent and the one being replaced (thier's was about 1/16" to narrow--which is a lot for air passage). They did offer to refund 20% of the price, but that barely covered shipping. Bummer....more info
    • Breath Free
      Great for persons who suffer from upper respitory tract disorders or persons who want to enjoy a clean "whiff" of air....more info
    • it works
      Theses are a little larger that the ones shipped with the original unit, but they fit OK and work fine....more info
    • Does not fit 17000 air cleaner
      It's about 1/4" too wide and thus the cover on the cleaner cannot be fully tightened down - there's an obvious air gap. The OEM filter fits perfectly....more info
    • Too expensive!!
      Don't pay $50!! Rip the old paper out of the filter, place a thin layer of cotton on 1/3 of the prefilter and wrap it around the center of the main filter. Bingo!, you have your "lifetime" filter. ...more info
    • Why I get this particular filter.
      I'm a smoker, I want to address the issue of the house smelling of stale smoke. I do this by owning 3 ionizers and 3 hepa filter machines. 2 of the hepa machines are honeywell 17000, which are easily and conveniently placed on the floor in my main smoking room. The machines are priced right, and the hepa filters are also, which is an important factor to consider: before you buy a machine, consider what it costs to maintain it. Also, i would buy the 17000 again to replace a broken floor machine, and if I couldn't, I could still use the filter in the other 17000: consider the importance of interchangeable parts(hepa filter) and the posibilty of a certain model going out of production and still owning a good part, you've got a good part and can still use it. The 17000 comes with 3 speeds, I usualy keep them at medium speed, but my needs vary, and I change the speeds to meet the changes of my schedule, so with 2 17000s, these puppies can do the job. I'm a frugal consumer, I looked for the best price for a filter, and this time I found it at this web site. ...more info
    • replacing a HEPA filter in your air cleaner
      This fits my air purifier just fine & was easy to install. Check the numbers on you machine before ordering a replacement filter to make sure you get the right one. It works so much better than the old filter that we had used for several years. Be sure to get the pre-filters (quite inexpensive) too & replace those every few months to make the HEPA last longer....more info
    • wrong size
      suggested by Amazon after selecting the correct size - cheaper so purchased - had to return it since it didn't fit. ...more info
    • Very satisfied
      This replacement HEPA filter for the Honeywell 20500 Enviracaire air purifier was easy to install and was much more economical than found at other sites. Was well packaged, received within a week of my order....more info
    • Wait a second...!
      This is not so much a review as a cautionary note.

      I've done a lot of research on filters and the such since my son tested positive for exposure to lead.

      Both of the reviews of this filter (I have this or a similar Honeywell which is great but I am not sure which model.) Anyway, both of these reviews mention vacuuming the filter(s) to extend the useful life of the item. IF you are using a HEPA filtered vacuum, and only if you are using a HEPA filtered vacuum, should you think of this. But the cost of these filters is not so great that this makes much sense.

      If you are not using a HEPA filtered vaccum, than all you are doing is sucking the stuff you don't want to breath out of the filter (which is what you bought the machine to do in the first place) and blowing it back into the air (which is what you boght the machine to prevent.)

      Basically, the few bucks you save is not worth the risk....more info

    • just as good as any other HEPA filter
      HEPA filters were developed by the US Atomic energy commision to remove radio active particles from a contaminated environment. So they are more than sufficient for removing dust, mold spores, cockroach feces and dust mites which have been known to cause respiratory problems such as asthma.

      Don't go by the light on the your Honeywell unit to tell when it's time to change the filter because the manufacturer wants you to change it as frequently as possible. When you find that the flow of air has slowed down and dust in the vicinity of the unit tends to collect more, then it's time to change the air filter. Also, vacuuming the outside of the filter may prolong the life. I vacuumed my HEPA and found that there was an increase in air flow afterwards and less dust collecting around the unit....more info

    • Time to Change the HEPA Filter on Your Air Cleaner?
      Before ordering a replacement HEPA filter for your Honeywell (or other brand) Air Cleaner, be sure to check the model number on the unit. This filter is for the smaller round unit (Model 10500) and for the smaller of the two upright units with handles (Model 17000). I replace my HEPA filter every year because I am very allergic to cigarette smoke, pollens, dust, molds, and other allergens and irritants. Also, this HEPA filter has pre-filters that wrap around it, so you may want to order a box of those, too. The pre-filters should be changed every 3 months, but I check them more often and vacuum off any accumulated pet hair....more info