Dirt Devil 08230 Ultra Power Handheld Vacuum

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MODEL- M08230X VENDOR- DIRT DEVIL FEATURES- Ultra Power Handheld Vacuum This Hand Vac offers the ultimate in power and convenience with its 4-amp motor for more suction and cleaning power. This lightweight and compact cleaner is great for lifting pet hair and dirt from upholstery stairs cars and hard-to-reach areas.* Standard Air System * Belt Type - Style 1 * Motorized Brushroll * Cord Length - 20 Feet * Crevice Tool * Standard Filtration * Standard Grip Handle * Hose Length - 11 Inches * Hose Type - Stretch * Motor Amps - 4 Amps * Nozzle Width - 6 Inches * On Board Tools * Weight - 4.9 Pounds * Ready to Use Hose * Upholstery Brush * Wand

Whether it's pet hair, car interiors, or stairs, when the job is too tough for a broom but too small to haul out the huge vacuum cleaner, grab the Dirt Devil Ultra Power hand vac. With the power of an upright in a lightweight, compact design, the hand vac's 4 amp motor provides powerful suction, and its revolving brush aids deep carpet cleaning. For those tough-to-reach spots, such as under car seats or between couch cushions, the hand vac has a built-in stretch hose and a crevice tool (ready to use with Dirt Devil accessories). The two speeds allow you to vary your suction, but be aware that the lower speed is very gentle and the higher speed is loud. The 20-foot cord ensures a large cleaning radius, and a cord strap provides tidy storage. This hand vac is not recommended for vacuuming long strands of human hair--they tend to get caught in the revolving brush. Be sure you fill out and mail in the warranty card included in the package so you can take advantage of Dirt Devil's two-year limited warranty. --Ariel Meadow Stallings

  • 4-amp motor with deep cleaning revolving brush; two-speed switch
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Built-in stretch hose and crevice tool
  • For cleaning stairs, upholstery, cars, and RVs
  • Long 20-foot power cord; cord storage strap
Customer Reviews:
  • Works fine but is painfully loud
    I've owned this Dirt Devil for over a year and have had no problems with it except for the fact that I have to wear earplugs when I'm using it....more info
  • clean...
    does a lot of noise for the size, easy to open when the motor get stuck because you sucked a screw or something big like that. start to smell like something burn when you use it for too long. I like it because it has not batteries but it is connected directly to the AC and because it is easy to fix when it breaks. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money on this.
    The brush is air driven so when you place the vac. on the carpet it stops spinning. Was told by the manufacturer not to place the vac. directly on the carpet that there should be a gap between the carpet and the vac. so that the brush could roll!! Product is junk!...more info
  • cheap cost = cheap product
    I bought this because my parents had a similar dirt devil handheld that has lasted upwards of 20 years. Unfortunately I could tell upon opening the box that dirt devil has apparently lowered their standards. Within about 15 minutes of vacuuming the vacuum started to smoke and smell. I exchanged it for another and I'm continually having to clean the brush roller to keep it from burning out the motor. I've been extremely disappointed and I'm glad I'm now in an apt without stairs to vacuum so I no longer have to use it....more info
  • Almost useless
    I bought this to clean the carpeted stairs in our house. This unit is very good at two things: generating heat and noise. It does suck also, but to a lesser degree than it's capacity deafen and burn....more info
  • Noisy and Weak!
    I needed something small, portable, and powerful for vacuuming my carpeted stairs. Dirt Devil has always been a reputable name in small vacuums, so I settled on this one.

    I purchased this product yesterday and tried it on my stairs last night-- it is going right back to Target tonight. First, it is SO LOUD! Unbelievably loud! My poor cats went into hiding for a good part of the night after I turned it on. Second, it has terrible suction-- the hose attachment is useless, which is a shame, because I was anxious to use that when cleaning the crevices of my stairs...

    Anyway, it was noisier than even my regular full-sized vacuum cleaner, and I thought something was wrong with it until I came here and read the reviews.

    So, back to Target it goes tonight, and my search for a handy, powerful vac will continue....more info
  • Wear Ear Protection
    Noise seemse to be at a dangerous level. I am shocked that a manufacturer is willing to take such risks and not muffle the sound somehow. DO NOT USE AROUND SMALL CHILDREN for this reason. I'm serious about wearing ear protection during use. Do not underestimate what others have said about the noise (as I did)

    I'm keeping the machine but only because it is the only one I found that serves a specific need and I keep ear plugs around for such needs....more info
  • Handy vac, I like it.
    I like this hand vacuum. I find it to be very useful, and it does a pretty good job of cleaning stairs, chairs, the bricks around the fireplace, any small area where you just need to do a quick vacuum. I do not find the noise objectionable, although this unit does make noise. The fact that this unit uses disposable bags is also a plus. The cord is very long, and the attachment tool (which is always attached--can't lose this attachment) really makes this unit versatile, good for getting to the edges of the stairs, and right up along the edges of the wall.

    One thing you must know if you have to change a belt: YOU MUST TWIST THE BELT TO THE LEFT 90 DEGREES AS YOU PLACE IT ON THE MOTOR & ROLLER. IF YOU TWIST THE BELT TO THE RIGHT, THE BELT WILL IMMEDIATELY COME OFF WHEN YOU TURN THE UNIT ON. If your newly replaced belt comes off the unit, your vacuum is not broken, just twist the belt the other way and everything will work. Note: I bought this new unit because when I put a new belt on another old unit I owned, the belt kept slipping off, and thus I thought my old unit was broken, missing some piece or gizmo or something which held the belt on. Nothing was wrong with my old vacuum, I was simply twisting the belt the wrong direction. So I bought a new vac. Well, now I have 2 that work. And now I know which direction to turn a newly place belt.

    I think for the small sale price of this unit, this vacuum is worth the money. I think a small hand held vacuum is very useful for keeping one's living area clean. The roller brush does a good job of sweeping pet hairs off furniture. Owning this unit saves me time and money by not having to always get out my big upright vacuum and hooking up the hand attachments to the floor vac. Plus, at this price (I paid about $20) I can afford to have 2 units, one for each floor of the house. I do recommend this vacuum. It will not suck up a bowling ball like a floor vacuum might (if you believe the TV commercials) but this unit does do a nice job for small areas. It is very handy. ...more info
  • dirtdevil
    i ordered 2 dirt devil hand vacs and got a great deal on pricing and shipping costs...more info
  • NOT as powerful as the name might suggest !
    Although the material used to make this vacuum is durable, this vacuum is VERY noisy and lacks the power needed to do a good job. This vacuum contains a rotating brush at the front underside of the device. This device can be transformed handily to use a small hose crevice tool which comes with this vacuum for the purpose of cleaning smaller areas. However, this device has the suction power of lousy cheap hand vacuums. This vacuum is only ideal for light vacuuming jobs - maybe for light pet hair. I bought it for more than that, especially since I do not own a pet. I feel like I wasted my money. ...more info
  • Buy the Classic - not this one
    How can this vacuum work when the brush stops turning as soon as it touches the carpet? Give me a break! The brush is driven by the suction of the vac, not the motor. It's a very bad design. It's also bulky. Buy the Classic. It is a real performer and it comes with attachments as well. ...more info
  • Better than the Classic
    Purchased the Classic a few weeks before purchasing the Ultra. The Ultra is definitely the better handheld. Just the fact that it uses a bag makes it a winner. Get the attachments, too; well worth it. Enjoy!...more info
  • Hello? I Can't Hear You!
    We purchased this item for our office to do all the little touch-ups that the cleaning staff sometimes miss. We ordered it via an office supply store so couldn't try it out first. What a mistake. For a small item it weighs a lot and is very bulky to carry around. And it sounds like a plane taking off when you turn it on. Very noisy-- everyone in the office knows when it's running. It became a running joke. Until it broke-- after only a few uses. Definitely not recommended. ...more info
  • best ever handheld vacuum

    I've been a devoted fan of the dirt devil product line. the new version is even better then the older version the additional feature of the hose is wonderful. and above all the price of this unit was one third the price in a retail store three cheers for amazon. ...more info
  • Good Overall
    I was looking to replace my old Dirt Devil corded handheld and unfortunatly the chargable vacuums have not been impressive. They don't seem to have good suction. I particularly wanted one with a rotary brush because they clean more effeciently. This unit seems to be powerful even though it is a bit noisy - the two speed feature helps that problem. It is easy to use and store. Overall this vacuum is the best I have found through my research. ...more info
  • Have always liked this model
    When our previous Dirt Devil died we replaced it with what seems to be the same model or very close to it. Powerful and efficient, great to have the long cord. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Handheld
    This is the most powerful handheld vacuum that I have ever used. It does the job. to get this power you have to give up portability. You are tied to the wall via the power cord which limits its use. I keep it in the garage and find it handy and useful there....more info
  • Cleaning air purifier
    I bought this to clean my portable air purifier. The air purifier needs to be vacuumed monthly. I wanted something that was small, easy to handle, easy to store and reasonable cost. It does do the job that I need it for. It has a very long cord so that is extra for me....more info
  • Terrific
    A great little powerhouse of a hand vacuum. I like the vacuuming quality but also the ability to block the brush aperature and use the hose to suction tight small places.

    The manufacturer recommends disposing of the bag when full...I find them ease to empty and reuse several times.

    The cord is a bit too long but better than being too short....more info
  • This vacuum DOESN'T suck!
    The problem is that vacuums are suppose to suck, as in have suction. I hate bagless vacuums and this was the only hand held I was able to find with bags. But I am not even going to buy any more bags. I used the one which came with the product and I don't need to buy any more to know that this vacuum is a waste of my time. I use the Eurika Quick Up and that works fine, except that it is bagless....more info
  • Never had a problem
    I had one many years ago and never had a problem. Good suction, maybe a little loud, but I don't care. I liked it so much I'm trying to get a new one. I don't recall ever having a problem with it like other reviewers have mentioned -- smoking, etc. It worked well and cleaned well....more info
  • Good suction, ear-piercingly loud
    This vacuum has good suction power. I haven't come across many things that it won't pick up, including mammoth-sized cat litter crystals. Since you pretty much have to carry it with you the whole time you're using it, your arm will probably go numb from the intense vibration of the motor. Also, I can't warn you enough about how loud this thing is. I suggest putting on some earphones and cranking up the MP3 player first, to create a sound buffer against the onslaught.

    I had a bit of a struggle getting the bag that holds the dirt on, since the circumference of the opening for the bag is like, a millimeter smaller around than the opening it's supposed to "slip" over.

    I'd recommend checking the belt that goes around the roller brush fairly regularly. Mine broke and got caught up in the intake area, which I didn't see until I snapped off the Dirt Devil logo, and pulled it out. Replacing the belt is a little more complicated than the diagram they give you would lead you to believe. In addition to unscrewing the plastic casing, you also have to pay attention to the fact that one end of the hose actually slips between two of the plastic pieces before you screw them back together. If you neglect to notice that, then you'll spend 20 minutes driving yourself crazy trying to figure out how to snugly attach the hose to the unit.

    I haven't noticed much of the burning/smoking that some people have, but I also don't use it for stretches of time longer than say, 10 minutes. It has a freakishly long electrical cord, which is great, however the actual hose for vacuuming is really short and doesn't stretch, which isn't so great. Also, the strip of plastic they give you to wind the cord up when you're through is fairly useless, since it doesn't attach easily to the notch it's supposed to slip over. I've given up trying and instead just wind the cord up and stuff everything inside a drawer.

    I know it sounds like there are a lot of negative things about the vacuum, but honestly, I think it has such decent suction that I tried to overlook the other flaws when I gave it my rating. I will say that at least most of the parts are easy to find replacements for, with the possible exception of the roller brush. [My attempts to ask if they carried that part were met with a blank stare from the Target employee I tracked down, but in her defense, she was in the towel section restocking stuff, so that could have been part of the confusion].
    ...more info
  • Powerful, Noisy, Awkward
    I got this vac for cleaning up a small space, just a room, and did not need a whole upright thing.
    I can say that this unit must have a very powerful motor- when you turn it on, it sounds like a Corvette at 6000 rpm and there does not seem to be anything built into the product to lessen this clamor.
    The unfortunate thing is that all this power as you would think from the sound(s) that it makes does not seem to translate into a lot of suction power. But the brush is very powerful and distinguishis this product from other "Dustbuster" type hand vacs.
    As a handheld vaccum, I do find its brush powerful to get things like cookie crumbs and whatnot out of a cheap synthetic carpet but beware, it is really loud. Well, one other good thing is that the bags are easily available.
    Probably you can find another handheld vac that is quieter but beware that some "Dustbuster" - style vacs do not have a sweeping powerful brush, they just inhale loose debris. So consider it carefully.
    It is an okay product and people ask to borrow it, but it does have its drawbacks in the noise and that the suction is not as powerful as it should be.
    I think perhpas a lot of people here are comparing this Dirt Devil negatively with respect to hand vacuums that do not have powered brushes so it is not really a fair comparison....more info
    I bought this vac to help clean up behind my 19 month old daughter and my 2 pets. I used it once without a problem, seemed to work reasonably well for a hand vac. The 2nd time I used it I was cleaning up kitty litter tracked from the litter box. The 1st pass went fine but then as i was getting ready to make a 2nd pass to finish the job it started whining and it stopped working. I turned the machine off, checked for any clogs or hair of any kind that may be causing the interference but i found nothing. I manually moved the brush around a couple of times without a problem, so i turned it back on. It was still not working and then within 2 seconds it started to smell like something was burning. I turned it off and it was smoking pretty heavily, which lasted for at least 2-3 minutes before cooling off. Don't waste your $$ on this and more importantly don't risk your safety with this fire trap....more info
  • Do not buy
    I wanted a handheld car vacuum. I only got this because it had a cord. I had a cordless Black and Decker which took forever to charge, so I exchanged it and got this.

    It is way too loud and it rattles pretty bad that others may find holding it a little bothersome.

    I must have vacuumed a little pebble in my car and it started smoking and now it's dead. Don't buy this....more info
  • Not an improvement over the classic modle.
    Having owned this modle for a while I have found it to have more noise than power. It dosent pick up pet hair that well on low or high speed because the belt slips I have replaced it many times but it still slips, suction is only best on high speed (but its still not good), its lighter than the classic dirt devil but vibrates badly, it sounds like its ready to explode on high speed, the only things I liked about it was the cord and hose are stored on board. I dont recomend this modle at all it sucks (and not in a good way)....more info
  • Bad Buy
    Good suction but the rotary brush has no power, it barely rotates when contacting carpeting. ...more info
  • Roller brush clogs easily
    I bought this mainly to clean up bird seed from the carpet. I liked the fact it was electric, not rechargable. I stopped using it after only a couple of uses because it got very hot and was noisy and the roller brush clogged very easy and wouldn't turn. When that happened it barely picked up anything. I even took it apart and the next time I tried to use it it immediately clogged again. Couldn't find the receipt so I'm stuck with it. The only thing it's good for is the trash!!!...more info
  • very good
    i bought this after reading many reviews and found that they were all in 2 catagories either you loved it or you hated it. i am no exception i really like it. it works like a dream on plush high pile carpets that you can't really run a regular vacuum cleaner over. i don't have any trouble getting it to pick up dirt. the price was great (less than $30) and bags and belts are easy to find and inexpensive. it could have a little more suction in the hose for attachments but it still picks up dirt well. the best use i get out of it is the roller brush. the roller is very strong and keeps going even when used on deep pile carpets....more info
  • Great on Stairs, Awful on Bare Floors
    I bought this (to replace a dying DustBuster) so I could pick up bits of cat litter on the bathroom floor. I thought it was doing a fine job. But one day, after I'd had it for a week or so, I was cleaning in my bare feet, and felt individual pieces of litter flying at my ankles. The brush/rotator thingie was basically just launching little cat-litter missles onto whatever was behind it--in this case, me, and the carpet in the adjoining room. So much for cleaning!

    I like the Dirt Devil on (carpeted) stairs a lot, although it is really, really loud (I wear earplugs). It has a very long cord, so one can vacuum the whole staircase without having to unplug/re-plug. But I don't recommend it on bare floors.

    I guess I'll need to get another DustBuster!...more info
  • No good if you have pets
    Me and my mother purchased this vac for the stairs and it is very loud and annoying. Also I think it breads dust mites and smells like dirty dog, I dont think it has any sort of filter. It doesnt clean close to the edges at all and it leaves the stairs dirty, and they are pretty clean to begin with, we only have a short haired boxer and it doesnt pick up her hair well. She also hates the sound of this vac....more info
  • Excellent little sweeper
    I purchased this sweeper because I have a yellow lab, and two light colored cats in my house. I have navy blue furniture and you know how cats, are they alway want to be on the back of the furniture, and I'm very particular when it comes to cleanliness. I would highly recommend this sweeper to anybody. It does an excellent job even on the low speed. It's small so you can even keep it behind the couch where it's handy and nobody can see it. I keep mine plugged in and behind the couch all the time. When this one goes bad I will by another one just like it....more info
  • Good performance...but durability?
    I bought this vac last year mainly to do stairs and furniture, and it definitely sucks up dirt, cat hair, and whatever else with ease. Yes, it's noisy but what small motorized appliance isn't?
    However, the noise just got a whole lot worse after a slight mishap when a cloth strap from a seat cushion got drawn in by the roller and slammed everything to an instant halt. The belt broke, which wasn't surprising and was easily replaced. Having doing so, the next time used it sounded terrible -- much louder and more raucous with noticible vibration. After some disassembly and further inspection I found that the driveshaft that runs the belt is clearly bent. It's only a matter of time now before the bearings will destruct and more belts will break.
    Yes, I was careless for not watching more closely what I was doing but never expected that a simple cloth strap could do such damage. Even so, I will probably buy another and keep this one for parts if needed....more info
  • Does the job for the price...
    We received our DD for a wedding gift. It isn't the best vac I've ever used, but for the price.... Generally have to go over the furniture more than once to get all the dog hair and it can be dusty when emptying the bag, but it does the job. ...more info
  • No power
    This vacuum has no power and it's really dusty. The air that circulates out of it smells and it doesnt trap the dust. The cord is a little heavy duty for this small vacuum and you have to buy the attachments. Mine didnt come with attachments so I had to buy a set. It's a little heavy on the handle side and it makes it uncomfortable to hold and use....more info
  • I like mine although...
    It is a little heavy and DOES get hot fast. BUT.. I have hard woods and several perisan rugs and throws around, and for getting cat hair (and litter) out of those, it works wonders! Also, it sucks the dirt out of corners like a dream, just make sure you don't let the bag get overfilled! My very old unit recently died, and I am at my wits end until I can get a new one! ...more info
  • Great little tool
    I've owned this hand vac for a couple of months now. I have a hoover windtunnel, that I love, but the hose doesn't suck up animal hair off furniture, and has too much suction to vacuum plush bathroom rugs. I read the reviews AFTER I had already purchased it, but had not received it yet. So needless to say, I was a little upset to read what others had to say. I expected to hate this little vacuum and to never use it. Well...I use it every other day! I love it!! I vacuum my furniture mainly, due to having pets (that have couch priviledges). It sucks up every hair. I tested it on the kitchen floor to see if it just pushed debris around like one of the other reviews claimed--False. I also have no problems wrapping the cord. I personally don't have a problem with the weight. Overall, I love this hand vac and highly, highly, recommend it!...more info
  • Finally found another
    I have owned the same hand vac Dirt Devil for over 10 years. I have searched & searched for another>>>>here it is.Yes its loud, no it doesn't clean cars well(Go to a car wash), but this is the handiest little tool I have in my home. I will always buy DIRT DEVIL :)...more info
  • should be sold at the dollar store
    i wanted this vacuum so bad to do my stairs with, so i got it as a gift. it worked great for a while 5 months later it now has a loud buzzing sound when i turn it on. also i empty the bag all the time, and it doesnt always suck up the little crumbs. the car forget about it. its not worth the trouble it is kinda heavy to vacuum the car with, and the hose doesnt go very far....more info
  • Forget it for stairs!
    I bought this item for vacuuming the stairs and it doesn't pick up any visible dirt. It's noisy too....more info
  • Greatest portable vaccum
    This vaccum is excellent. This is the only vaccum that has rotar brush which is not rotating by air, instead via the motor of vaccum. it uses belt for rotating the brush. i have self propel wind tunnel and the brush attachment stop if you press hard on the carpet, but his vaccum brush rotates no matter how hard you press on carpet floor. It uses bags which i love, since cleaning bagless is painful. especially watching all the dirt coming out---- what a mess. it has powerfull engine. Also very affordable....more info
  • "Ultra power".....haha, that's a joke.
    If only we had went online and look at these reviews before buying this little monster, we would ALL be a happier family. Not only is this thing LOUD, it SHRIEKS. I've gotten headaches from using this thing. And the suction power doesn't make up for it at all. I've had to pick up some pretty obvious dirt bits, while it just glides over/pushes it around. The hot air being blown in your face is also extremely unpleasent. Try being in a car in the middle of June with a furnace blowing in your face. The only thing you'll be happy with is the nice definition in your arm after having to carry this thing around. It's a work-out and a chore at the same time! The cord is also a complete hassle to roll up. So much so, we just throw it in the closet in a bundle. My mom even does this, and she folds socks.......more info
  • Dirt Devil Hand Vac
    This is the worst vaccuum I've ever owned. It has little to no suction power and it's rediculously loud. My upright vaccuum is quieter than this. I don't recommend it at all to anyone. Dirt Devil shouldn't even make it anymore....more info
  • Fine Vac - No Bags
    I love this little hand vac for its power, long AC cord and light weight. Switching from vac to hose is very fast and simple. This unit outperforms all those cordless hand vacs easily.
    I find using ear protection essential.
    My only reservation is that it takes "G" Style bags - and my Target store does not stock them. I can't even find an Accessories link here at Target.com for ordering them. ...more info
  • It started smoking!
    I was very dissatisfied with this product. I purchased it and within 45 seconds of the first use, it began to smell awful. I turned it over and realized it was literally smoking. Not only was it defective, but also dangerous.

    Needless to say, I returned it and got a refund....more info

  • Broke within two uses
    The vaccuum was extremely loud and did not do a very good job. Bigger pieces were not picked up. The belt broke off on the second use and started to smoke. Tried to replace the belt but an annoying amount of screws and lack of directions caused me to give up. The store I bought it at would not take it back, so now the vaccuum resides somewhere in a trash heap. The product was totally useless and ended up being a waste of money. ...more info
  • Strong enough, but the belt falls off every time I use it
    I had used the classic hand vac and loved it. But the ultra was the only thing I could find in Target when my old classic went kaput. Unfortunately, everytime I use this blasted ultra, the belt comes off. And it's a pain to get to the area where the belt is just to twist it back on. In the classic there was an easy little window to twist it back on (and it rarely fell off). The Ultra requires me to grab a screw driver and unscrew lots of bits and then do some finger acrobatics to get the darned belt on. I would not recommend this vac. Go with the classic. I think you still get the power....more info
  • TOO Noisy
    Way too noisy for such a small vacuum! Does an ok job, the hose with an attachment works better than the vacuum itself. Again, way too noisy to use on a regular basis for any length of time. It will wake the dead!...more info
  • extremely loud
    It worked good, but it is annoyingly loud. Mine broke down a couple of days ago after only using it for a few months. I used it for my car and it did not get the sand or dirt out. I would not recommend this product for anyone....more info
  • Handy but loud
    I bought the Dirt Devil because I needed a hand vac. One reason I bought this one was because it had a cord, rather than a rechargeble battery. Rechargebles eventually die. When I got it home, I found it used a disposable bag rather than a reusable one - a minor annoyance. When I turned it on, it was louder than my full sized vac. Donning ear plugs or a hearing protector I have, helps a lot. It does shoot out some heat from the motor, which is nice in the wintertime. I like the rotating brush - good for carpets. Sucking power is decent. Hopefully if it's treated with respect, it will hold up. (A little vac like this shouldn't be expected to do the work of a big vac)....more info
  • Too noisy!
    Don't waste your money on this machine. I picks up ok but is too loud. I bought it to vacuum the stairs in my house and it does a poor job. There is only suction in the middle and doesn't pick up anything on the edges....more info
  • Broke after one month
    I used this vacuum cleaner for one month before it broke. It was powerful but loud and heavy, and it vibrated like crazy. Finally it caught a tassel of my area rug and blew the motor. Definitely not recommend....more info
  • Broke after one month
    I used this vacuum cleaner for one month before it broke. It was powerful but loud and heavy, and it vibrated like crazy. Finally it caught a tassel of my area rug and blew the motor. Definitely not recommend....more info
  • Worst Hand Vac Ever!!
    For one there is a cord. 2 does not get the dirt off the floor very good. 3 A pain to change the filter bags....more info
  • Fragile and poor performance
    Didn't seem to have enough sucking power and broke after not much use....more info
  • Good on pet hair... until it breaks.
    I loved this for getting dog and cat hair off upholstery. It was loud and heavy, but I was so thrilled it worked I didn't care. Then the belt broke. We replaced it, but the thing never worked again. Also, when we ordered the roller for it, we never got it. Something more reliable next time....more info
  • Do *NOT* Buy this ...
    This thing is loud, heavy, cumbersome and it eats belts like there's a belt famine. It has basically blown out every time I have tried to use it. It is far more convenient and much less stressful to just haul out the big guns and just get the job done. From one vacuum junkie to another: leave this one on the virutal shelf. It was so much hassle that I didn't want to bother with the additional hassle of returning it. I'll never use it again....more info
  • Loud, Heavy & Bulky -- not a good car vac
    This vacuum proved too loud, heavy and bulky. I almost never used the Devil as a normal handheld vac, instead opting to attach and use the included hose when cleaning carpet debris in my car. However, the hose is not long enough to comfortably vacuum your car without either holding the vacuum in one hand and vacuuming with the other, or placing the vacuum down inside your car as you vacuum (excruciatingly loud, and it seemed to effectively swirl/spew dust around my already dirty car interior -- disqualification, on both counts.) Running the unit for 20 minutes or so caused it to get very hot around the motor, and occasionally you could smell rubber. Also, the intake seemed to get clogged fairly easily when there was a lot of debris like cat hair, carpet fibers or string.

    All in all, not a desirable unit to own... (I don't own mine, any longer, for these reasons!)...more info

  • loud
    Sorry, I found this lacking power with the sound of a jet taking off. Very akward to use....more info
  • Good power but veeeeeery loud
    This little guy has good power, and does its job as advertised -- but it's also extraordinarily loud. We've finally decided to buy a different model, because it's just too painful to our ears....more info
  • Chiquita paro pecosa, So small bet yet so hot !
    I've had my red devil for a list 5 years,and it just broke down and that using it about, I say between 5-7 times aday I don't need a dust pan no more just sweep and live the rest to your little devel,When I first got mine it was because of my chidren always spilling something always making a mess,and now I got to use it with my grandchildren. I realy say for mothers even daddy's out there get one or two. Because with husbands that loves sports there just as messy as the kids.GO ahead it's so small take on vacation with you , believe me you be glad you did.It sure worth the money.I have no idea how I did with out it,IT'S GREAT even my dog is messy.THANKS,YOU DIRT DEVIL!...more info