Dirt Devil Replacement HEPA Cartridge Filter Part # 3-690320-001 Designed to Fit Vision Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

Replacement HEPA filter for Dirt Devil Vision+, Vision with Sensor and Vision Wideglide Upright Vacuum cleaners. Dirt Devil part #3-690320-001.

If your vacuum cleaner is a Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Vision, you're breathing easy--provided that you remembered to replace the HEPA filter. Your air, your carpets, and your drapes are thick with invisible irritants, and the trouble with HEPA filters is that they efficiently ensnare virtually all of it. So do yourself a favor: replace your HEPA filter regularly--and breathe deeply. --Richard Farr

  • HEPA filter cartridge
  • Fits Swivel Glide Vision model
  • Traps 100% of all pollens
  • Traps 99.97% of all other dust and allergens
Customer Reviews:
  • Dirt Devil upright vacuum cleaner HEPA filter
    This item is an improved item compared to the original HEPA filter that was supplied with original purchase of my Dirt Devil Vision upright. New filter has improved frame with better seal and adhesive fully seals the HEPA element to the new improved plastic frame (previous product was cardboard frame....more info
  • Great product
    The product is great. Good to find at Amazon for a cheaper price since it's for an older product. ...more info
  • Exellent Hepa Filter for Dirt Devil Swivel Vacuums
    This filter works great. Since I had it, I notice every time I vacuum my carpet, my carpet comes back to more life than before I had it. It is worth buying one every year if you have Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Vacuum....more info