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A beloved children's band from Australia, The Wiggles are four music-making guys: Jeff, Murray, Greg, and Anthony. When the Big Red Car (a whimsical dune buggy) won't start, or as the Wiggles say, no "Chugga, Cugga, Toot, Toot!," it's an ideal time to sing and dance. There are songs about walking across the street and eating foods that are healthy as well as some that are more familiar like "Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes" and "Look Both Ways." The lads stir up a whole lot of energy with the help of their costumed friends, including Wags the Dog, Officer Beaples, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain FeatherSword, and Zardo Zap. Their videos have a retro '60s feel, very upbeat and fun. It's easy to see why they are so popular in the land down under. Ages 3 to 6. --Peggy Maltby-Etra

Customer Reviews:

  • A First Class Wiggle
    This is by far the best Wiggle production ever. There are 18 songs, and that's a lot of entertainment.
    Some of the songs are educational, an aspect sadly lacking in later Wiggles videos, and the children's dancing brings it all together.

    "Look Both Ways", "John Bradlelum", "Henry's Underwater Big Band", and "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" are clear favorites in my family.

    There's even a story line of the Big Red Car breaking down, and the very British mechanic who fixes it and gives some good advice. Officer Beaple's performance is great comic relief, and you even get Wags and Dorothy dancing the Tango!

    To put it all together: "funny, entertaining, educational, catchy songs, professional choreography, cute kids, Wiggles at their best."...more info

  • Three Times the Fun From Down Under!!
    This three pack of Wiggles video's has provided hours of peace and quiet! My two-year old twins love the Wiggles, and getting three videos for such a good price makes Mom and Dad happy too!
    We recently saw the Wiggles live in concert, and these videos certainly prepared the boys to sing along and wiggle their hearts out.
    These videos are earlier releases with cheesy special effects, but the singing and dancing is some of the best out there.
    We can't wait for Space Dancing to be released to complete our collection.
    This family LOVES the Wiggles!!...more info
  • Toot Toot
    I enjoy watching this with my youngest daughter, the other two think they are too old for it. I say, "I'm watching it and I'm older than you," but they just roll their eyes and probably think I'm crazy.

    The songs are great. It was the song 'Fruit Salad' that brought me to the Wiggles years agon.

    Great, safe video for any child. And if you're not careful, you may find yourself humming Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car at work....more info
  • OK
    Not as great as the other wiggles video. It just doesn't capture my 15 month old twins attention....more info
  • Almost a 5 star!
    It is a good one. But since newer stuff has come out that IS a tad better because the new ones are song after song after song and this one has breaks in the singing as the Wiggles go over a storyline about their big red car having broken down---so sometimes DD loses a little interest. But, of the older Wiggles DVD's this is by far the best....more info
  • Best of the Wiggles Videos
    We own a few of the Wiggles Video and Toot Toot is my son's favorite as well as mine. It is the most tolerable of them all and my son would light up when we would watch it! The Wiggles are so much fun for the little ones, I can overlook how annoying they can be. This is the least annoying of them all and if I were you I would get this one!...more info
  • Great value for fantastic videos!
    These videos are awesome! Especially Toot Toot! However, if you watch the Disney channel, these are the only three videos that they have so most of the songs on the Disney channel are on these three videos. Other than that, they are just a pleasure to watch....more info
  • Incredibly entertaining
    Not only does my son enjoy this dvd but I do too! The songs and the dances are so catchy..we often dance around together and have a lot of fun. Our favorites is Zardo Zap..Captain Feathersword and Silver Bells. The Wiggles really know how to capture the attention of children who truly enjoy catchy tunes. This DVD will not disappoint....more info
  • These are the ones to buy!
    These 3 Wiggles DVDs (or VHS) are the best (and I've seem 'em all!) They were shot at the same time so the backgrounds are consistant and the songs are catchy. This 3 pack is a must have for your little one!...more info
  • Excellent!!!!!
    This is an absolute favorite here with my 16 mos old. It is amazing that the Wiggles can get a child this age to not only pay attention throughout the entire video, but sing and dance too. The dances are fun and simple to do and he does some of the moves right along with them. He loves the wiggles so much that he pulls the videos right off my shelf and tries to put the videos in my vcr himself....more info
  • Great fun for a toddler
    My 2-year old loves this DVD. One of the few DVDs that capture his attention enough so he can happily be by himself....more info
  • Quick delivery
    Video was delivered quickly. It was just what I ordered and in the condition promised....more info
  • Best Wiggles Movie
    This movie ties together an ongoing story line, some nice dance numbers and lots of The Wiggles' classic songs. Toot Toot features Halloran choreography at its best, some better props and locations than earlier films, and lots of Wiggles tunes. This is easily the most watchable Wiggles video for the adult companions of the vidoe's small owner....more info
  • Get This One Now!
    The Wiggles are absolutely something else and this video is by far their best, I think. The songs are just so well written and it's so refreshing to hear something written for children that isn't just plain stupid like Barney. Three of these guys are teachers and it definitely comes out in what they're doing. Thanks a bunch Wiggles for all the fun. Just wish they'd include the dance steps so the moms out there can learn the dances faster! The song "Captain Feathersword Ahoy" is just amazing. The first time I saw it on the Disney channel I just sat down and couldn't believe it. Never has there been such attention paid to children's programming as what these guys are doing. A fully choreographed dance number, that song just captivates my child each time. Also, the song, Toot, Toot (Chugga Chugga Big Red Car) is an awesome song - just TRY to get that one out of your head. Grab this one for sure if you're not sure on what the Wiggles are all about. You will certainly be impressed....more info
  • Thank God for the Wiggles
    My son is obsessed with the Wiggles! He loves to sing and move so the first time he saw it on playtime Disney he was hooked. Then my sister-in-law bought him the 'Wiggle Time' DVD and he has watched it over and over- you know how obsessive toddlers are! He eventually recked it, trying to take it out of the case, so I bought the 'Toot Toot' title. He's a happy customer!
    He even has his teachers at day care doing the dances....more info
  • The Wiggles Do It Again!
    The Wiggles have invaded my home again. This time it is The Wiggles-Toot Toot! These young men fascinate my sixteen-month grandchild. We have several videos for him, but he will not watch any unless they are the Wiggles.

    I think the thing that impresses me the most about The Wiggles - Toot Toot is it seems the whole video is done in vibrant color. It is very eye catching. The songs are very seems to stay in your head long after the video is over. This is entertainment at its best for a young child. This video has more educational value than others by the Wiggles. My grandson's favorite is the song where you actually can do the movements at his age, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes I believe is the name of the song.

    I give up on hoping to expand his interests. The Wiggles are here to stay and this grandmother might as well give up and just buy all the videos. This has to be entertainment at its best if it can captivate the attention of an active sixteen-month every time we play it....more info

  • Keeps my 19 month old asking for more
    My son loves this DVD....he is always asking for more. He loves the songs and the vivid skits that go with the songs. This DVD is a lot like the Wiggles TV show on Disney Channel so if your child likes the show...they will love this DVD. He is always on his feet dancing when I put this video on. We took a flight to DC this past weekend (6 hours) and when he got fussy I put on this DVD and he calmed down right away and started to dance in his car seat! Great job wiggles!...more info
  • Best Wiggles DVD Out There!
    We have rented this in video form numerous times, and couldn't wait for it to be available on DVD. We bought it the day it came out and we just keep it in the player because my 22 month old son asks for it at least once a day, sometimes more. It keeps him up and moving while he watches, much better than just sitting there zoning out like with other shows. Best of all, my husband and I dance along with it too, so the whole family gets exercise!...more info
  • A Great Video
    I (and my son) like this video as much as "Yummy Yummy". The last couple of songs don't hold his attention as much because they are more dancing instead of singing and interaction but it is still a great addition to our Wiggles library....more info
  • 2 1/2 year old daughter loves it
    My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves the wiggles and these videos. Our 6 1/2 year old son will sometimes watch them to, but they are more suited to the 2 1/2. Lots of singing and dancing and they are goofy. Sort of like the Monkees but for younger kids in that there are 4 young men singing. This series is based in Australia. There is a sidekick named Captain Feathersword. Glad we found them (...)....more info
  • Great Fun!
    My 20 month old is a BIG Wiggles fan and this is one of his favorite DVDs! The songs are so catchy and full of energy that he loves to get up and dance along! These guys have a magic with kids and their songs are so catchy that you just can't help humming them! The choreography is wonderful and colorful characters like Captain Feathersole, Officer Beadle, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog and Zardo Zap just add to the merriment! The video is so colorful and the sets are simple but tastefully decorated! Great DVD with wonderfully catchy tunes that will keep your little one entertained for hours!...more info
  • The toddlers love the wiggles
    I have 3 grandchildren who are 20 months and 19 months (twins). They love to sing and dance to these videos. My daughter (the mother of the twins) goes to work singing the songs!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • These videos are wonderful...
    My 16 month-old daughter had started to watch the Wiggles on Playhouse Disney, and we were planning a vacation so I purchased this three pack to have a video for her if she seemed bored. What a blessing these videos were. She loves every song on them, and tries to dance along with the cast. She is just mesmorized once the video begins. She claps after each song, and the songs are the right length to hold a toddler's attention. I strongly recommend these videos....more info
  • catchy tunes for a toddler
    My daughter, who is two and 1/2, loves the Wiggles. This collection is just the right length for entertaining her in the car while running a few errands. Bouncy, catchy songs....more info
  • Wiggles Toot-Toot
    My 2 yr old granddaughter started watching the wiggles before she was 1. She loves this one! She'll dance and sing along and we usually have to replay it at least once. I highly recommend this one!...more info
  • A Journey through Wiggle-World
    The Big Red Car loses its mojo and strands the Wiggles in the middle of town. Jeff, showing remarkable leadership in a time of crisis considering he normally just seems to be the poster-boy for narcolepsy, hops out of the car to go visit friends. Musical numbers ensue, all of which are pretty good stuff and far superior to anything Barney ever put together. My only qualm with this video would be that Greg goes from being fairly competent in past DVDs to totally idiotic in this DVD. He doesn't know that mechanics fix cars and prior to figuring it out puts a dog and a pirate in charge of his car repair. I'm no technician, but that couldn't be a good idea....more info
  • scarey captain feather sword?
    my 11 month old son and i love the wiggles and really enjoy the video, "toot toot"; but i realized that he is consistently, very afraid of the the scene when the big red car back fires in the captain face and he comes close up to the screen with black on face! my son starts to get upset and frightened as soon as the part is getting close! and when he sees the captain's face all black, he cries a frightened cry; it really upset him! after it passes, he gets happy again with the next song and dance. he's never afraid of captain feather sword except for then. now, when that scene is coming up, i sit with him and laugh and giggle excitedly, "look, the captain is funny!" i just thought it was very cute and wanted to share this; i'm curious if any other babies are afraid of the same part? i suppose i can see why it is scarey. his face comes real close with black on it, and even the backround music is kinda scarey. very perceptive of my boy! lol i hope it passes; he just can't be scared of the captain because he's my favorite!! lol...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    This video was a big hit for my 15 month old granddaughter for Christmas. She LOVES the Wiggles!...more info
  • Great Wiggles DVD!
    My daughter is only 14 months old and she is starting to imitate some of the dance moves on this DVD! I would recommend this DVD to anyone who has a child that loves the Wiggles. Beware though - some of the songs may get stuck in your head!

    ...more info
  • The Wiggles-Toot Toot
    It took our daughter a little while to really enjoy this video but now she really likes it and it keeps her entertained. This DVD was originally made for VHS format so it is a little bit older but it has a good selection of songs. Our daughter is 2 and she likes it a lot....more info
  • My son loves this movie!
    The crazy thing about this show is that the dvd i bought seemed like it was a burnt copy because it kept replaying about hundred times and the movie never ended! it was kind of weird. i tried to get some chores done during the 45 minutes it said it ran...and the movie kept running! it's weird but the show was great....more info
  • What the Wiggles do best
    Wall-to-wall song and dance, with lots of kids and the usual characters around. And a minimum of story to get in the way....more info
  • wiggles
    LOVE IT! My 2yr. old daughter loves every song. The Wiggles music is FAR better then any child singers out there. With the way kids love to play the same CD's over and over I'm glad it's the Wiggles. ...more info
  • Great video for kids (and parents)
    We're big fans of the Wiggles, and this is a great DVD. It has lots of their well known songs and is good to get kids dancing and moving. I actually enjoy doing the dances with my 2 year old and it's a good aerobic workout!...more info
  • The Wiggles - Toot Toot!
    I got it for our son, which is a apecial needs young man, and he loves it. So for me it rates a 5....more info
  • A great addition to our Wiggles DVD collection...
    Another great Wiggles DVD. I love watching my boys sing and dance along with the Wiggles. ...more info
  • What a terrific video!!!
    This video gets better and better with each viewing. My little girl knows this video - "it's the one with Wags the Dog" - and she's right. Wags is featured quite often in this program, as are the dancers and the other characters. I must say, though, that the choreography in this video far exceeds some of the others Wiggles programs. There are great numbers of course, but the centerpiece of the show is that the Big Red Car is stuck in place and they need to find someone to fix it, so they ask Wags, and he can't, and they ask different others, but they can't, and finally, Captain Feathersword tries his luck, and fails and gets exhaust in his face.

    Towards the end of the video, of course, there has to be a solution, and the "mechanic" is called, and he encourages the Wiggles that the Big Red Car "runs" on music, so they enlist the aid of everyone in the cast.

    There are some really unique ensemble pieces, such as "Wags does the Tango," "Zardo's Dance," and a few other dance numbers which really make the video great. Then there's "Go Captain Feathersword Go," filmed outside, with the Captain and his crew on a pirate ship, and the other dancers on the dock.

    This is a terrific video, and it's highly recommended for the whole family!!!...more info
  • the best buy
    these three vhs are a good deal to buy. i had these three vhs and my son watched them over and over again. my son have been watching the wiggles when he was 10 months old and now he is 14 months. i really hope that they have those in dvd because there is no need to wait for the tape to be rewind all the time...more info
  • Great DVD
    A friend recommended this DVD and my daughter loves it. It was a great purchase....more info
  • Fun
    This is great for a two to three year old but now that my son is four he's over it. Lots of non-stop songs and action. Easy for my son to get up and move to....more info
  • My daughter loves this
    My 2-year-old daughter is FASCINATED with The Wiggles and loves this DVD. The songs do get slightly irritating for adults (I find myself singing them during the day) but they are catchy for kids. Also, instead of sitting like a lump in front of the tv, she is up dancing around and singing with The Wiggles. Who knows, maybe it will inspire her to make millions doing kids videos when she is older!!...more info
  • The best Wiggles DVD.
    We own a half a dozen Wiggles DVDs. "Toot, Toot" is my daughter's favorite and mine. Good, catchy tunes with a wide variety of styles. Be warned: there is a lot of SMILING, but, hey, it's the Wiggles....more info
  • Toot Toot for this Wiggles Video
    My 21 month old loves the Wiggles and this "red car" DVD. He would try to "wiggle" with some of the songs. What I liked about the DVD was that it actually had a storyline... not just random clips of the Wiggles pieced together. Most of the songs have a catchy tune. You'll find yourself humming to some of them after you turn it off. I would definitely recommend this to any Wiggles fan....more info
  • The Wiggles Toot Toot
    This Wiggles DVD is a must have. It has enough familiar songs to keep the whole family moving. We enjoyed this very much, it is an older movie that doesn't have the newer effects that they use now, but it is still worth the money....more info
  • Excellent!!!!!
    This is an absolute favorite here with my 16 mos old. It is amazing that the Wiggles can get a child this age to not only pay attention throughout the entire video, but sing and dance too. The dances are fun and simple to do and he does some of the moves right along with them. He loves the wiggles so much that he pulls the videos right off my shelf and tries to put the videos in my vcr himself....more info
    My son LOVES the Wiggles! I chose these three videos ("Wiggle Time", "Toot Toot", and "Yummy Yummy") to buy for him, because they are almost all singing and dancing. My son and I watch them together and I can get some well-needed aerobic time! He gets a kick out of watching me dance like the Wiggles and I get a work out! Two birds with one stone!!...more info
  • I am glad I purchased this
    I bought this DVD as a gift for my friend's 13 months old daughter. She loves it so much and she watches many times in a day. Sh also started humming the songs!!! Even the adults in the family love watching it. I am so glad I bought this as a gift for her....more info
  • Wonderful!!
    We bought these three tapes nearly two months ago, and my 19mo daughter absolutely LOVES them!! She never grows tired of watching them (and thankfully, neither have I), and she even tells me when she wants to watch them, either by handing me the remote or by doing one of the many dance steps demonstrated in the tapes. She has learned to dance by example, teaching herself to jump, twirl, "shh", and a whole bunch of other things. She has become a wonderful performer, who is delighted at learning new steps and at astonishing everyone with her new talents. The Wiggles are not simply tv "candy", nor do they only teach young people lessons and messages. The Wiggles entertain and teach, but they also actually get kids off the couch or floor and into active participation, which is a fantastic habit to learn at such an early age. I am SOOO pleased that I found these tapes for my daughter, and I know that she will continue to love these tapes for many months/years to come....more info
  • The Wacky Wiggles at their Best!
    Okay, I think the Wiggles are and excellent singing group for children of all ages. Some people think the show is weird, but if it wasn't, jeff wouldn't fall asleep every day, and the Wiggles would not go in adventures with Wags the dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur, and of corse, the Friendly Pirate, Captain Feathersword!
    It has a story to it to, the Wiggle's big red car broke down! Everyone is helping to fix it, do you think someone will be able to?
    The songs will make anyone want to dance with the Wiggles. With familair songs, like "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and new songs like "Go, Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!"
    I think you will find a liking for at least one of these great people!...more info
  • Movin' & Groovin'
    What is fun about the Wiggles is that they are a fast action group and my 2-1/2-year-old granddaughter loves to dance with them. If they say move your arms or touch your head, she does! She loves Capt Feathersword and their antics always make her laugh :)...more info
  • Great Wiggles Video
    My 14-month old daughter adores the Wiggles and this is one of her favorites. It's non-stop music and dancing and holds her attention like nothing I have seen before...she actually will sit down and watch it. If she does stand up, it's do dance and clap to the songs....more info
  • Great entertainment!!
    This DVD is really great for kids (and their parents!) The songs are catchy and educational. Good clean entertainment you can count on. Looking forward to buying more of the Wiggles!!...more info


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