Sailor Moon - The Legend Begins (TV Show, Vol. 1)

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High-pitched, relentlessly fast paced, and filmed in eye-gouging gumball colors, this video series combines two previously released dubbed episodes from the Japanese animated series, along with a couple of new ones. The adventures of a group of schoolgirl superheroes, Sailor Moon is a lighthearted kiddy variation on a ubiquitous Japanese subgenre, stories of alienated adolescents granted paranormal powers and enlisted on the side of virtue in apocalyptic struggles across space and time. Imported to the U.S. in an attempt to create a post-Power Rangers franchise for girls, the show never became a mainstream megahit in the states, although it still has passionate fans (thanks to airings on the Cartoon Network). The chirpy, giggly tone may be off-putting, but the level of visual imagination (and the self-sufficient courage of the young heroines) can be exhilarating, especially when kids and parents watch together. This first volume kicks off with the "secret origin" episode, "A Moon Star Is Born," in which Tokyo middle-school student Serena is transformed into the title character by the occult power of a mysterious locket. She acquires a cute sidekick (a talking cat named Luna), and in the three succeeding episodes she begins to assemble her support team of spunky Sailor Scouts, with names like Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus. In the second episode, "Talk Radio," a phantom radio program is somehow connected with the door-to-door delivery of flowers whose fumes put people to sleep. Also includes the episodes "Slim City" and "So You Want to Be a Superstar," with a total running time of 90 minutes. These edited shows are appropriate for fans age 5 to 12. --David Chute

Customer Reviews:

  • Not the real Sailor Moon
    I like Sailor Moon in Japanese with English subtitles. But I used to own this DVD and I didn't realize how bad it was until I saw it in Japanese.
    Before even had it in Japanese I decided to sell this in a garage sale because it was too babyish and it was getting boring to watch it.
    Then I got the Japanese version and saw how much they had changed. Usagi's name was changed to Serena, Ami's was Amy, Rei's was Raye, Makoto's was Lita, and Minako was Mina. Naru's was Molly, Umino's was Melvin, Motoki's was Andrew, and Mamoru's was Darien. I've never actually met anyone with the names Lita or Mina, but I don't like how they named them that because they actually sound a lot alike. Also, all the villains' names were changed except Queen Beryl, Zoicite was turned into a girl, and I'm not sure about this since I didn't see the whole series in English but I think they took Queen Metalia (that's the name in the manga anyway, I'm not sure about in the anime because I haven't seen the end yet) completely out of the show! Episode 2 was taken out because Umino pulled up Ms. Haruna's skirt and the whole class saw her underwear, and another episode was taken out and there doesn't even seem to be a reason. The last two episodes were turned into one episode and the sailor warriors didn't die like in the Japanese version. Every single thing the characters said was changed, except for the part of Usagi's speeches she says in each episode.
    However, I think this version is okay for little kids but if you're older and think Sailor Moon is dumb because of the American version, the Japanese version is for teenagers and adults and it's a lot different. (Some of Sailor Moon's speeches were really weird at first though.)
    But since they made the American version babyish, now kids can watch this, and teenagers can watch the Japanese version.
    Usually the Japanese version is 100-150 dollars, but I found mine on eBay for 30 dollars plus shipping. I haven't had any problems with it so far except it kind of stopped in places and then started again on the computer, but it never happened in the DVD player. I wouldn't recommend this DVD to teenagers, but little girls like it. ...more info
  • Sailor Moon's Beginning
    This video is very good for anyone who wants to get an understanding of the series. It is more suited for the teenage crowd, but is great for all ages. DIC released some Salior Moon Videos beforehand, but they were Pink and sparkly. These are now made to hide any embarrasment for any guy who wants to buy them!

    [...] This season deals with the outer scouts Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto, and another mysterious scout to be revealed.

    Also the movies are available on video: The promise of the rose, Hearts in Ice, and The Black dream hole.

    [...]...more info

  • In the beginning...
    This is a must have for anyone who has ever liked Sailor Moon. This is the beginning of the collection from Episode 1 of Series 1. It shows how it all began. It shows the meeting of the scouts, it shows.... Well, see for yourself. I wasn't a fan until I began watching the series a few months ago and I will buy the whole 82 episode series as soon as they all be come availabie....more info
  • Go Go Sailor Moon
    I am probably one of the oldest girls that like Sailor Moon, but I am a big fan of her. I think this was a good video, because it shows you how she actually becomes Sailor Moon. Serena a real cry baby becomes her. I actually couldn't believe it that a cry baby like her will become the greatest hero known as Sailor Moon when I first saw that episode. I also like it when they put little lessons behind each episode, because they are really helpful. I thought so....more info
  • Sailor Moon Teaches!!
    To all you Sailor Moon fanatics, I would advise you to purchase this Sailor Moon DVD because of the little segments after each episode called "Sailor Says". They teach valuable lessons that are capable of being carried into the next generation such as belief in yourself, discipline, and self-control....more info
  • Sailor Moon in NA
    I like watching Sailor Moon, but I prefer the original. One of the odd things about the English Version of Sailor Moon is that in "Sailor Says", there were scenes that were cut from the episode. Here is the listing:

    Sailor Says EP #1 "A Moon Star is Born": There was a short shot from the cut scene which shows Usagi groaning that she is hungry before she sneaks into her lunch.

    Sailor Says EP#2 "Talk Radio": There were some scenes from skipped episode 2 which shows Motoki (or Andrew) teaching Usagi (or Serena) how to play the Sailor V game.

    Sailor Says EP#4 "So You Want to Be a Superstar": There was a scene which shows Umino (or Melvin) being clobbered by a roll of streamer thrown by Usagi (or Serena).

    Sailor Says EP#(?) "Much Ado About Babysitting": A scene which shows Natsumi (or Ann) carrying Manami (or Jordan). Then we see him urinating on Ann!

    I forgot what the other ones were...

    My favourite episode was "So You Want to Be a Superstar"....more info

  • Pretty Good
    A big Sailor Moon fan, I know DiC took out a lot and changed a lot too. I would recommend this for your kids, as it shows lots of positivity. But a true Sailor Moon fan of the original episodes would be mad at this because they "chopped" it up and changed 95% of it. The MUSICAL SCORE is fantastic. I actually prefer it, than the original. Just the score though. Some of the INSERTS are cool too....more info
  • Could be much better...
    This DVD is good for little kids. The storyline is much easier to follow than if it was taken straight from the Japanese version (and a little more appropriate), but you sacrifice a lot of the good storylines. If you want the real story, go for the boxed set of season 1 and 2 DVDs, in Japanese with subtitles, or try the "Heart Collection" and "Pegasus Collection" DVDs. although they are seasons 3 and 4, they have the option of watching it, uncut, in the original Japanese with subtitles, or in English. I really wish these DVDs had been done like that, but i guess we'll have to wait and see....more info
  • The Start of it all!!!!
    Even though a lot of people that are die hard fans don't like the first series very much because of it's bad translation, I thought this was very good, of course it's just starting the series out and it doesn't start up very fast, but it has to start somewhere. If you don't read the manga and you watch the show, you have to watch this because it tells the start of why Serena is Sailor Moon and starts giving you an idea of what kind of person Serena is. I thought this tape was cute and funny in it's own quirky way, and I have enjoyed the rest of the first seasons tapes. If you want to try something new and it's Sailor it!!!! I haven't regretted and now I'm a die hard fan and have spent hundreds of dollars on the show and the manga. I hope this does help if you had any questions!!!...more info
  • The First Movie!!!!
    I really wanted this as a video, and for Christmas we got a DVD player, so I bought the DVD! I've never actually seen it as a video, so this is kind of hard to find. Here are the stories o it:
    A Moon Star Is Born: One day, a talking cat named Luna comes and tells Serena Tsukino that she's Sailor Moon. Then, she has to save Molly from a monster.
    Talk Radio: Serena likes a new show on the radio, but when Molly and Ms. Haruna get prizes from it they fall asleep!
    Slim City: Serena thinks she's fat, so her and some other girls go to an exercise place but the bad people try to take their energy.
    So You Want to Be a Superstar: There is a contest, and all of Serena's friends start acting weird, and at the show they all fall asleep because of a monster.
    Computer School Blues: Serena thinks the new girl, Amy, is a bad person, but then she turns into Sailor Mercury!
    Time Bomb: Serena and her parents get new clocks but they make everyone act strange and the Sailor Scouts get stuck in a weird place.
    This is my favorite Sailor Moon video/DVD because it tells how she first turned into Sailor Moon!...more info
  • ADV Films!? What is wrong with you!?
    Save your money. If you seen the TV show then you've seen the DVD. Episodes are still missing. The DVD from ADV Films shows the first six episodes as:

    1. A Moon Star Is Born
    2. Talk Radio
    3. Slim City
    4. So You Want To Be A SuperStar?
    5. Computer School Blues
    6. Time Bomb

    For TRUE DVD Sailor Moon, the first six episodes would be:

    1. Graceful Change Of Crybaby Usagi/Serena
    2. I'll Punish You! The Fortune House Is A Monster's Mansion
    -->(This episode was totally skipped....TWICE)
    3. Mystery Of Sleeping Sickness, Defend The Loving Heart Of Maidens.
    4. Usagi/Serena Will Teach You! The Way To Get Slim
    5. The Demonic Scent! Schanerla Steals Love
    -->(This episode was also totally skipped....TWICE)
    6. Protect The Song Of Love! Usagi/Serena Is Cupid
    -->(Another episode that was skipped....(TWICE)

    Three episodes were completely left out. All ADV is doing is using the original DIC edits, (which is straight off the television), and placing them on DVD. Hopefully we will get Sailor Moon Uncut with ALL the episodes on DVD.... Just like we are getting Sailor Moon S & Sailor Moon Super S....more info

  • Great Start to the Series
    Sure, DiC cut out this and that, changed the music, but still, they did a pretty good job with this show. It introduces Serena, a teenage school girl who seems to think that all life is, is food, Manga, and boys. Unfortunately, her school grades aren't really what you would expect...But, one day, a black cat named Luna appears and says that she is the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, who must defeat evil with the power of the moon.

    I always have liked this series, both dubbed and the original. This is an absolute great buy!...more info

  • Disappointing.
    I am a huge fan of Sailor Moon and Japanese anime. When I heard that they were going to be releasing the first season of Sailor Moon on DVD, I was estatic!.......
    ....Until I found out it only came dubbed. Sailor Moon is probobly one of the worst animes when it is dubbed. Don't get me wrong, the Japanese version is great...but when is translated, they turn it into a G rated show by editing out important things and changing around entire episodes. Some episodes were not even aired in America, because they were thought to be too "riske'".
    I hope, for the sake of myself, and many other fans, that Naoko Takaushi decides to release the series with a subtitled bonus. I'll be waiting with my fingers crossed....more info
  • Love It's Coming Out on DVD
    Too many people go gaga over the subtittle version. I love the dubbed. Sure, I would love to see some parts that were cut out like when Mars slapped Sailor Moon or when little baby Jordan wet Ann (doom Tree). I found the dvds a lot clearer. I have all vhs and let me tell you they take up a whole lot of space in my room. I find the dvds to be easier to have and nicer too. They are worth it if you want to save on space....more info
  • The Adventure Begins
    I know that a Sailor Moon fan would love this, I certainly do. This is about Serena (Usagi), who is the biggest cry-baby, ends up being Sailor Moon. I won't tell you the rest because I don't want to spoil it for you. Hurry up and buy it. :)...more info
  • Zinton's Review
    This is a great DVD to add to any anime collection! Some think this anime is too girlish but once you get into it, it is a very exciting anime that will keep you off the edge of your seat. Try it, you will like it!...more info
  • Flavour lost in the editing room
    I have collected all Sailor Moon dvd's and This title is quite cheap and tacky. The episodes have been cut and no original Japanese soundtrack. In a nutshell, the flavour of the original Japanese version has been lost.

    All previous releases are very good indeed, all original and full of flavour, this volume and the ones that follow in this release are a true waste of money....more info

  • This Vhs is good!
    This Vhs tells how Sailor moon got her powers. It's good but i like vol.2 better, i like the other volume's better cuz it funny when Serena and Rae fight. But it is relly good anyway. The episods on this Vhs are ep.1 A moon star is born ep.2 Talk radio ep.3 Slim city and ep.4 So you want to be a superstar. If you are a Sailor moon fan you will relly enjoy it, i did. I also like the anime's Naruto, Zatch bell, Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo, Tenchi Muyo, Dragon ball z, and One piece. ...more info
  • If I Could Only Rate 0 Stars
    Save your money. Everybody knows this stuff is worthless with it's highly censored and edited storylines, poor voice acting, and tacky 3D computer generated images flashing over at every scene change. Save your money, especially now when there is something of a chance that sometime in the future an unedited Japanese language/English subtitled version will be made available. The Japanese version is much better (from my own personal experience). Save up for that. Besides, this show airs on at least *ONE* TV station everywhere in the USA weekly. Or maybe even daily. So if for some reason you're stuck on getting the dub, just buy some Maxell VHS tapes and record your own version off TV for free. Am I the only person realizing that even the art on the cover isn't a Japanese peice, but a poor American immitation?...more info
  • Sailor Moon
    I used to like this version of Sailor Moon, but now I'm too old for it and I have some of the uncut version videos and they are a lot better. They turned Sailor Moon into a childrens' show when they showed it in America! I like the Japanese show better, even though I only have two videos of it. They changed all the names in the American show, took out the parts where Rei and Usagi get in fights, changed all the characters' names, and they turned Haruka and Michiru into cousins or something like that.
    Here's some of the changes:
    Usagi - Serena Minako - Mina Ami-Amy Rei-Raye Makoto-Lita
    Chibi Usa-Rini Haruka-Amara Michiru-Michelle Setsuna-Tresta
    Mamoru-Darien Sailor Senshi-Sailor Scouts Dark Kingdom-Negaverse and I'm sure there were a lot more. The only name they left the same was Hotaru and the bad guys' names.
    The American show is way too childish. Sailor Moon was meant for teenagers, not children. The American show is sometimes so silly (when it isn't meant to be) that it's funny.
    They even took out whole episodes and in one they turned two episodes into one. Usagi, Ami, and Luna have annoying voices in the American version of the show. They changed the names of all the episodes and now they aren't even like they're supposed to be. The pictures on the boxes for the DVDs are bad, but luckily the actual DVD looks right.
    If you want to watch the real Sailor Moon show just buy the uncut version. (I'm not sure if they have the first two seasons in that version but I have a few uncut videos of the third season and I know they make it in the fourth season.)
    They don't even have the fifth season, which is Sailor Stars, in America. They should make uncut version videos of the first and second seasons and actually get season five.
    I probably will not watch the childish first and second seasons anymore. I only like the third season in the uncut version, even though that isn't completely perfect, either - they still have the American names. I've only seen a little of the fourth season, and that was the American version, so I'm not sure if I like it.
    I do not reccomend this, and I actually do own this DVD. I guess it's okay for little kids, though.
    ...more info
  • Cool!
    I think its good.If you like the dub,then this is worth your money.I'd buy it,because the episodes are good quality.If you are new to Sailor Moon,then you'll want this,because its got the first four episodes to get you into the storyline.The only complaint I have to make about this Sailor Moon video is that the front cover is very childish and silly.They could have at least printed a nice quality picture from the Japanese version,or even a good screenshot from their own Dic dub,but something that looks like its been drawn by a 10 year old is not on....more info
  • What can I say...
    What can I say... other then that it is 2008, I am in my mid 20's and I still love everything about Sailor Moon. If you enjoyed watching Sailor Moon in the mornings... early 90's, then you will enjoy all the Edited VHS videos....more info
  • Definetely Not for hardcore fans!
    I absolutely hate this video! DiC did a horrible job with the censoring and wording. Sailor Scouts, Negaverse! How lame! The only thing that got this video 1 star was the voices! If your a hardcore SM fan keep your money and save it for the DvD releases of the episodes of S and SuperS. (The DVD will be uncut and Dual Language)....more info
  • Need orignal Japanese please!
    Selling dubbed and edit versions of tV shows and or movies is not the way to go in my opinion. I am saving my money for (hopes of) dvd versions of the oringal and R series of sailor moon; like what they are doing with the S and now the Super S series. Then you will catch my attention. Too bad Laser disc players are going out the window, otherwise I'd buy them for the subtitling!

    However, the effort is still there keeping sailor moon "alive" in the great big world of anime and into our homes. My cousins, whom are under the ages of 11, enjoy these versions and can quote them front to back. I think their favorite one is when sailor moon fights queen barrel (that volume). You have made many Kids happy =D

    Hopefully if the sales are great and they know what people want, they will respond and say "hey, maybe we should also put the first 2 series on dvd for our millions of fans!! (and maybe some extra marketing possibilties cuz no one is in a business to loose!)"...more info

  • WHY??
    This is NOT right! we get sailor moon S and sailor moon super S uncut! why uncut the end of the show and not the beginning! okay you might just want to save you'r money and get the vhs ver because its the same thing from it super cut and edited tv ver so unless you have a 3-12 year old with a dvd player wanting a sailor moon dvd than this is for them not the teens. I only hope the sailor moon R is not going to be like this....more info
  • Good for beginners, but...
    While this is the best chance a viewer can get to watch the beginning, be advised. This video is the first four episodes of DiC's dubbed Sailor Moon series.

    For those who do not know the difference, ignorance is bliss. But DiC's attempts to edit out cultural references and inappropriate material went, shall we say, overboard. In the original two seasons, before the so-called "Lost Episodes", six episodes were omitted entirely, and two were so heavily editted that they had to be combined into a single episode to get enough air time! Ouch!

    But otherwise, this is a must-have for any American Sailor Moon fan. The music is killer, the voice actors are great, and the action is second to none!

    Need I go on?...more info

  • Why is there no Japanese track?
    One of the huge advantages of the dvd format is multiple audio tracks. Why then, have they not included that for Sailor Moon - which is almost universaly known to have one of the /worst/ english dubs ever.
    As tempting as this dvd is, and as much as I love Sailor Moon, I will hold out for a bilingual or Japanese only version....more info
  • Sailor Moon: The Legend Begins
    Gee, what can I say I bought this movie in hopes that it contained one of the few episodes that had never been seen in America, but I guess I was wrong. On the bottom it says Contains Previously Unreleased Episodes and I had heard from a web page that the Unrealeased Episode was one we've never seen before. But dispite my mis-understanding I was glad i bought it. Having the whole series in videos is great to collect and you can watch them anytime that you like. The sound and quality is much better than you's get by recording it off the T.V. and the cover boxes has great pictures on it. They still have the Sailor Says on the end of each episode and they have to start the show with the opening song animation and end it with end animation and song so it's kind of a hassel to get the the next episode. But I would buy for the sheer fact -more Sailor Moon bought in America the more we get-, and it's great to watch Thanks...more info
  • Great Show! Only one thing is wrong with it....
    Poor image quality and a few gaps between episodes and replayed footage. Don't waste your money on this cheaply made DVD. Buy the tapes they're a better investment and have better image quality!...more info
  • Save your Money
    Save your money on this one. You can get the same thing by buying a blank VHS and recording the episodes.

    It wouldn't be so bad except the fact that they included the begging and the end after each of the four episodes and you have to reach for the remote to fast-forward to get to the next episode.

    My recomendation is to save your money and wait until January for the DVD's of the Sailor Moon S series by Pioneer. Or the VHS's at least they seem to do things in a sensable order. Beginning, all the episodes, ending....more info

  • Makes me thank Kami-sama for Pioneer...
    I, like many people, have been a HUGE fan of Sailor Moon for awhile. Well, I'm a fan of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon... but this, this is NOT Sailor Moon. Upon seeing these hacked up episodes again, I'm surprised that these are the ones that got me hooked on BSSM (and on anime in general actually, since this was my first anime series). I picked this up at the local mall, where I didn't have the benefit of reviews, and thought "Hmm, Sailor Moon season 1 on DVD. Maybe, just maybe, it's unedited or maybe even subtitled. Or at least not DiC." So, I got it (I should have known better) and trust me, it's not. Unedited or subtitled, that is. There are scenes cut out, dialogue completely changed, and the voices are terrible, horrible and really really bad. (I realize that's the same thing. I thought it needed understating.) The names are completely changed, and the picture is horrendous. It's just the DiC dub on DVD. Now, if you (or your children) are very young (as in sit-in-front-of-TV-and-watch-whatever-your-parents-put-on young), this is fantastic! But if you actually care what you're watching, I suggest the Pioneer DVDs or VHSs of the Sailor Moon S and SuperS series. They're excellent! Or, at least, they are compared to this.

    In conclusion, Hoshi says: Stay away from the ADV releases of Sailor Moon. Buy the Pioneer ones (DVD is best but if you don't have a DVD player, subtitled VHS is good too) and get episode summaries (or, better yet, fansubs) of the first two series on the internet.


    PS- James M. Thomas has no idea what he's talking about. "Sailor Moon Says" is a poorly put together bundle of clips from various episodes (a lot of which are scenes that were cut out of the dub. I distinctly remember watching them a few years ago, thinking "What episode was that from?") They tag a corny message about life that's apparently meant to add to the general messages of Sailor Moon. Luckily, TOEI (the Japanese animators, I believe.) and Cloverway (dubber of S and SuperS) were intelligent enough to realize that when a series has as powerful messages as Sailor Moon does, it doesn't need a "And the moral of the story is..." This is just another example of DiC trying to make Sailor Moon "kid-friendly"....more info

  • Great Video!
    I don't have it, but I'm going to get it soon. Anyway, I hadn't seen Sailor Moon in a LONG time, and one day I saw it at my friend's house, and it was great, it broght back so many memories! I didn't really like Sailor Moon's voice, but over all, great video, GET IT NOW!...more info
  • I really Love the DIC version!!! Nadia
    I have to say that I started watching the DIC version of Sailor Moon and there is something endearing about it's version as opposed to the ADV. I have the Hearts collection ( DVD) the Pegagus(DVD) and the three movies'....but when I watched them I didn't like the tone of them or the lack of music as the DIc version has! I know alot is left out of the DIC version but when I watch the ADV it seems like the characters are dull and lifeless? It seems like ADV is missing something...I didn't enjoy them at all....more info
  • Sailor Moon Says: Spend your money on something else.
    I have been a Sailormoon fan since 1994, and have been impatiently waiting for a DVD release of this series ever since DVD players went mainstream. I was thrilled to find that Pioneer did a truly amazing job with the DVD release of the Sailormoon S and SuperS seasons. High quality, excellent covers, a product that kids AND adults wouldn't be embarrassed to buy. I couldn't wait to see if they would FINALLY release the first two seasons as well.

    Then ADV Films came along and bought the rights to the dubbed first season.

    This is a company that is known for releasing such shows as "Delinquent in Drag" and "Kekko Kamen" ("the most outrageous superheroine ever! Clad in a red mask, red boots and nothing else" - direct from the ADV website). I find myself putting their release of the Sailor Moon dub into the same category: "Who Would Watch This, Let Alone Pay For It?"

    Cheesy, low-quality cover artwork that would make anyone over age 12 reluctant to even be caught LOOKING at the DVD in the store, let alone buying it. No Japanese language track, nor seperate Japanese-only release (as Cardcaptor Sakura has done because of the hacking of the dubbed version). No uncut verson. Skipped episodes. I don't need Queen Beryl's crystal ball to tell me the future of this show.

    This DVD is appropriate for young children who were fans of the TV dub, and perhaps die-hard dub fans who just want a clean copy of the episodes. However, if you are a sub fan or simply curious about the show, I would suggest you skip this one over. Sailormoon may be the show that brought the magical girl genre back to life in Japan, but there's a reason that so many fans are adamently against this release: it reduces a beautiful, enjoyable series into a grating, childish hack job....more info

  • A favorite preserved on DVD
    I recommend fans of the North American Sailor Moon buy this DVD.
    Reasons are 1: It will out last VHS Editions
    2: It's Sailor Moon
    3: Best Season
    4: It's a classic
    5: Sailor Moon is no longer TV
    Above all you don't have to tape it off TV anymore....more info
  • sailor moon a classic anime
    this is the first dvd for the dub of sailor moon. sailor moon is a classic anime, many people may not like it but it did introduce tons of anime fans too anime. sailor moon was my first anime.
    the episodes included in the dvd are:

    -A moon star is born
    this shows how serena (usagi) meets luna, and becomes sailor moon

    -talk radio
    everyone is tooneing in to a radio show that reads love letters, just to give the writers of the love letters a flower that drains there energy

    -slim city
    serena(usagi) joins a health club that is free to try and lose weight, just to find out that it a front for the negaverse

    -so you want to be a superstar
    every one become excited to join a talent show that will make them into superstars, but again it is just the negaverse trying to steal everyones energy.

    -computer school blues
    ami is introduced in this episode so we finnaly get to see sailor mercury

    -time bomb
    a clock store is selling clocks that speed up time and makes people exert energy from the strees so the negaverse can steal there energy. i really liked this epesode becuase ami and luna figure out something is wrong becuase serena (usagi) was on time for school.

    all in all this is a good dvd and is fun too watch. i personaly do not mind the dub becuase this is how i was introduced to sailor moon and it remineds me of old times. if you hate the dub you can always just but the japanese version with sub only. i have that one too and i love it just as much....more info
  • The Beginning of a Great Series
    This tape is the first four episodes of the Sailor Moon english dub. The series, in any language, in wonderfully produced and enjoyable for most anybody. With five seasons and 200 episodes, long story archs are divided by season. However, this series has quite a bit of filler episodes (episodes not advancing the main story). In this tape, there is only 1 episode dealing with the main story.

    For this 1st series, the story has to do with the wicked Queen Beryl who is trying to gather energy for the Negaverse. She commands her strongest warriors to create monsters to steal this energy.

    Episode 1: A Moon Star is Born - 1st appearance of Serena (Sailor Moon), Darien (Tuxedo Mask), Luna, Queen Beryl, Jedite, Molly, Melvin, Andrew. Obviously, this is an important episode. Young 14 year old Serena is tapped by the talking cat, Luna, to become Sailor Moon and battle the forces of the Negaverse. Serena is a reluctant hero and spends much of her battles whining and crying. She is aided by the mysterious Tuxedo Mask and so how, she always manages to gather enough courage to face her fears and defeat the villain at hand.

    Episode 2: Talk Radio - Jedite uses a radio love show to steal the energy from young girls. Serena stumbles upon the plot while attempting to get her love letter onto the show. Fun filler episode which introduces the Luna Pen, an object that allows Serena to change her appearance.

    Episode 3: Slim City - Serena and her friend, Molly, attempt to work out and lose weight. However, Jedite is stealing the energy of those who work out. As her friends begin showing signs of drained energy, Serena catches on to Jedite's plot and faces another of his monsters. Good filler episode with a good message for young girls about weight and appearance.

    Episode 4: So You Want to be a Superstar - Serena, Molly, and their friends are desperate to win a contest to be chosen as a new celebrity superstar. But, of course, Jedite is behind the contest and steals the energy of the girls until Sailor Moon leaps into action and defeats another monster to save her friends. Another fun filler episode.

    This is a great series if you just sit back and enjoy it for what it is. These episodes are a good introduction to the show and this gives a preview of what a great series this will grow to become. ...more info
  • moon freak
    i realy cant stand usagi's voice in the dub. in the japanese its ok but it sounds like shes 3. in the dub amy and lita's voices r the japanese all the voices r soft accsept for taiki amara and setuna' i dont have the time to tell u the rest...more info
  • The first eposodes are the best
    This is the first volume of the sailor moon series. If you just started to buy sailormoon vidoes or just started getting in to it. I recommend to buy this one because this volume is where it all started...more info
  • I would buy this but...
    It seems such good value that I have been tempted to buy this... but... having seen the fansubs, and the paltry few episodes they showed on terrestrial tv over here, I don't think I could bear to sit through the awful dubbing and the dreadful hacking job they did.
    I'm afraid I shall hold out until a subtitled version becomes available... if ever.
    I would give it more than 1 star, but I feel some redress was needed for the 5 stars it's got so far....more info
  • Cool show
    As a kid I LOVED Sailor Moon. I remember the nightgown I had when I was 5. Anyways the show is cool and all but here are my complaints:
    1. I don't like Serena/Sailor Moon/Usagi and Trista/Sailor Pluto/Setsuna's voice.
    2. It is was NEVER meant for kids in the first place (though they did sell toys in Japan), so why did DIC make it a kiddie show?
    3. DIC cuts out almost everything. CWI showed more stuff, making the show a tiny bit more mature

    All 'n' All: This show is cool. It may take awhile for the voices to get used to, but you'll enjoy it....more info


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