Cosamin DS Joint Health Supplement, Capsules, 210-Count Bottle

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Product Description

Nutramax Labs, the makers of Cosequin, also offers Cosamin DS, a joint supplement formulated especially for human use. The only brand proven effective in controlled, published U.S. to reduce joint pain Shown in laboratory tests to protect cartilage cells from breakdown Contains the proven low molecular weight condroitin sulfate and glucosamine combination not found in other brands Manufactured in the United States following standards practiced by the pharmaceutical industry There are no known interactions or serious side effects with Cosamin DS Exclusive ingredients allows reduction in the number of capsules taken over time Serving Size 1 Capsule Amount Per Capsule Calories 5 Sodium 35 mg Vitamin C 16 mg Manganese 3 mg Glucosamine HCl 99% 500 mg Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 95% 400 mg

  • One bottle with 210 joint health supplement capsules
  • Only brand that contains pharmaceutical-grade TRH122 chondroitin sulfate and FCHG49 glucosamine
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules work better and last longer, proven to reduce joint pain
  • Number one recommended brand by orthopedic surgeons and rheumatologists to protect cartilage, and help keep joints healthy and flexible
  • Number one brand recommended by orthopedic surgeons

Customer Reviews:

  • arthritis supplement
    This product was recommended by a friend who had been using it for a long time for his arthritic conditions. Within a few weeks of use myself, I noticed a big difference in my hands and generally in my joints overall. I would definitely recommend someone try Cosamin DS to alleviate aches and pains due to arthritic conditions. I take one in the morning and two in the evening, and will continue this regimen for 2 months before reducing to 2 per day. I am very satisfied with the results so far. Give it a try!...more info
  • Obscenely expensive but . . .
    Compared to other osteoarthritis formulas, this product is horribly expensive and has just one thing to recommend it: taking four pills daily for a few weeks eliminates all traces of pain in my fingers. And when I tried to lighten up on my pill-taking while away on vacation, the pain began to return in as little as a week.

    So I pay the absurd price, although--like most things--it's less outrageous at Costco, especially when they run a store coupon for it....more info
  • doctor suggested
    I have been on this since Jan. 4th and I don't know if it is my imagination or the cosamin but I am getting around better and not having as much pain. I would recommend it and am getting ready to get a new supply!...more info
  • This works!
    I have tried a number of different chondroitin/glucosamine joint supplements and nothing comes close to Cosamin DS -- it has helped my knees ENORMOUSLY, four pain-free dance classes a week for over a year now. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • This stuff works !
    My husband and I have been using other brands of Glucosomine for 7 or 8 years. It helped but was no miracle. After finding out that this brand was the only one that was tested and proven effective, we switched over to it. That was 6 months ago. After about 3 weeks - we noticed a major improvement in our flexability and reduced level of joint pain. We are now able to do a lot of activities that we either could not do last year at this time or do them with considerably less pain. ...more info
  • Great for the dogs too

    This is the same product, same mgf. , that vets give to large dogs, but cost less in the human form. My vet recommended these and they are great......more info
  • It works
    This is what my doctor prescribed. It works. Best price I could find....more info
  • Good Stuff
    I buy this regularly for an 84 yr old woman who swears by it. That's all I can say about it. Afterall, she's 84!...more info
  • Great Stuff
    Dosamin DS really helps. Didn't take it for a while and found my knees begin to hurt. Didn't think of Cosamin and then one day realized that I'd not taken the Cosamin DS for a while. Went back to it and after a couple of months my knees felt fine. Recommend it highly....more info
  • Arthritis Relief
    Cosamin DS was recommended by my orthopedic doctor when my knees were "very unhappy" and much to my delight the product has helped ease the pain from arthritis in all my aching joints. It may cost more than other OTC products but it is well worth the additional money....more info
  • Huge help for my low back/hip pain
    My chiropractor recommended this brand specifically. I have been taking two per day for a few months and have noticed a huge improvement in preventing my chronic hip/back pain. It took about 6 weeks or so for it to make a difference, but it really helps.

    I definitely plan to stay with this brand though I have not tried others, no need to - the benefit is worth the price. I don't want to risk having to start over if a cheaper brand doesn't work out....more info
  • Dr. Recommended
    Cosamin DS Joint Health Supplement, Capsules, 210-Count Bottle

    When I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee a couple of years ago, the Dr found that I was down to bone on bone. I had very bad arthritis in that joint and he recommended this brand of Glucosamine. I have been pretty good about taking it faithfully and I am able to do most activities painfree. My exercise is restricted because of other damage to the knee so to be fair it is comprised of activities like bowling, bicycling, low impact aerobics and weights. I was particularly pleased to find the program where the supplements will be sent out on a regular basis so that I don't have to worry about reordering. Plus, the price is one of the best I have found. ...more info
  • Doctor Recommended
    I use this product because my doctor told me he takes it. He recommends it over all other brands....more info
    Upon the recommendation of a doctor, I began taking Cosamin DS five years ago for my deteriorating knee joint. Within weeks the knee pain gradually disappeared. My knee no longer is a concern. I have recommended this product to others with joint problems. Most of them have had similar results....more info
  • Good product
    Seems to help with arthritis pain in the knee. I'll know better in a couple more weeks....more info
  • Best Price for CosaminDS
    I did my shopping and found that Amazon offered the "best" price for this product. It also arrived quickly....more info
  • For stiff, creaky knees
    I used to have creaky, stiff knees - like rusty hinges. Since I started taking Cosamin DS (one in the morning, one in the evening), my knees do not creak and are not stiff.

    I recommend Cosamin DS to anyone who has the same problem....more info
  • Why I take CosiminDS
    Years ago I read an article in The New York Times written by a woman whose dog was diagnoses with arthritis. His veterinarian had prescribed CosiminDS for him, and his owner recognized a marked improvement in his movements. She started taking CosiminDS for her own arthritis and also noticed an improvement.
    In the meantime I looked up on Dr. Koop's website to see if there could be any ill effects from taking Cosmin/Chondrotin and was informed that there were none. (I have yet to read of any studies that dispute this statement, although it's always wise to check.) So being arthritic myself, I started taking it and have done so for years. Be it coincident or not, I have no need to take any other pain medicine for my arthritis....more info
  • Don't think twice - buy it!!
    I have basal joint arthritis, which means the cartilage at the base of my thumbs has deteriorated. The pain was excruciating and treatments were not working. In desperation, because the pain was ruining a vacation (I couldn't even hold six playing cards in my hand), I bought Cosamin DS after reading everything in the drug aisle. Within 30 minutes of taking it, the pain was bearable - HUGE improvement. I could not believe the difference. If it did that miracle in less than 30 minutes, I can't wait to see what it does long-term.

    Update (Feb. 2009) in case anyone reading this has basal joint arthritis or other joint problems. I had adult stem cell treatment (from Regenexx in Colorado) last year (stem cells from my own marrow and blood), which has helped my hands enormously and which I wholeheartedly recommend. One of the pre-injection and post-treatment therapies requested by doctor was CosaminDS, which I still take and which continues to make a difference in my improvement. ...more info
  • dirty drug
    Inside the bottle of DS Joint Health Suuplement, the capsules were all covered with dust. Quality controls on this product were apparently inadequate....more info
  • Arthritis Pain Reliever
    This product was suggested a few years ago by my Sports Medicene Doctor, based on some testing results HE HAD SEEN. I find the capsule form of the suppliment easy to swallow. I had tried another product a bout a year ago for several months, but decided to return to the Cosamin DS, because it was more effective. ...more info
  • cosamin DS. I order all my cosamin over amazon but last time you sent me two bottles of 210 and I sent back one of the bottles.
    I order all my cosamin from you. The last time I recieved 2 bottle at once I sent one of the bottles back in the same box but you have not refunded my money. I really don't need that much at one time but I will order more when I need it. Of course it will be with you. Please take off the cost of the bottle sent back. Jean C.Arledge...more info
  • Joint Health a Plus
    This is the only joint suplement recommended by my healthcare team, including orthopedic surgeon....more info
  • Cosamin DS
    Great product -- My dog uses it. Same ingredient distribution as Cosequin, which is specifically for dogs (but more expensive)....more info
  • good bye knee pains
    Cosamin DS Joint Health Supplement was recommended by by orthopidic surgeon. I have taken it for 4 years and have not had knee pain, as I am an active tennis player over 60!!!
    Buying on Amazon has also saved me money on the prodeuct as well as shipping....more info
  • great deal
    This product works, especially for me, your mileage may vary.
    A great deal considering no tax and free shipping, the per pill
    cost is very low compared to local drug stores and etc....more info
  • I avoided hand surgery
    After taking Cosamin DS, two capsules per day for thirty days, the terrible shooting pains I had in the index fingers of both hands disappeared. The debilitating effects forced me to use only four fingers on each hand. To test to see if it was the Cosamin DS, I started taking only one capsule per day. After approximately three weeks the pain started coming back, although not as intense. I resumed my two capsule regimen and about two weeks later all pain was gone. I was told I needed surgery by an orthopedic surgeon. It has also alleviated the pain in my knees....more info
  • A very satisfied user.
    This product seems to work better for me than glucosamine. My knees have stopped hurting and the arthritis in my joints has calmed down considerably....more info
  • Cosamin is the brand to use
    Not everyone benefits from Glucosamine and chondroitin, but for those that do, this is the best product and certainly worth the extra price....more info
  • Cosamin DS beats my old supplement!
    I have osteoarthritis and was taking a glucosamine/condroitin supplement for the past few years. I still had quite a bit of pain. After seeing an advertisement for this product, I decided to try it. I took three tablets for one month and now am on a daily dose of two. The pain in my feet and hips is practically gone. ...more info
  • Great
    I had knee surgery and use this product daily along with an herbal anti-inflammatory and am able to walk without pain and without taking any drugs....more info
  • Cosamin DS
    Started taking it on recommendation of my vet. Works for people, too, and helps my rheumatoid arthritis. Glad they have a version for people now and I don't have to keep "stealing" the pills from my dog. Mary Lou Wood...more info
  • Being strong, feeling healthy
    This product is very helpful to lubricate the joints and make exercise easier. ...more info
  • Great product at a good price from Amazon
    We have routinely taken this fine product for the past several years, but were always dismayed when we had to purchase a new supply locally because of the high price. Purchasing the product through Amazon is much more economical and convenient. Cosamin has helped tremendously with joint pain for both myself and my husband....more info
  • Cosamin DS
    I have used this product now for over a year. I believe that it has reduced my joint pain significantly during that time. The effects are not immediate; expect to use it for a couple of months before seeing the benefits....more info
  • Did not notice any difference
    I took most of the bottle and did not notice any difference when taking this product. Would not order again. Since we are different your experience may be different.

    ...more info
  • Reviews of Cosamin DS
    I'm taking Cosamin DS 3 times a day per my doctor for knee pain and other joint pain. I have had considerable relief. My knees no longer go snap, crackle, pop when I get up from sitting. I'm continuing with this for the next few months at least since my doctor says I need to get it 4 months before deiciding how totally effective it is. For now, I'm pleased with the product and what it has done for me!...more info


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