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  • Lighten up bad reviewers!
    This movie is not intended to be taken seriously, and to watch it, you have to remember what it was like to be a kid. Kids are a little egocentric(some more than others) and that is where the humor comes in. The stereotypes of all the places North visits are a dead giveaway that this is how these places are percieved in a child's mind. Typical things most people hear about a place, such as the french people being obsessed with Jerry Lewis. I must reiterate, you cannot take it seriously. Those people that find it offensive completly miss the point. The point was that North is a typical kid who doesn't appreciate his parents. The fact that he sees his parents as not appreciative of him is what is typical of children, and what makes him so amusing and adorable. He is not unreasonable in expecting acknowledgement of all his acheievements, and his baffled expression when he tells his coach his problem is just so believable. I think any kid can relate. "A child is born. He is given a life. And he is appreciated by everyone but the parents who gave him that life." That's pretty close if not an exact quote. He doesn't whine when he says this. Just looks confused. And when you see the opening scene of his parents rambling on about their work problems not even listening to each other while North feins a heart attack, you have to agree there is a problem. But it's obvious that they do care, because they finally acknowledge him when he falls out of his chair onto the floor yelling dramatically. The point is parents aren't perfect, although this is an exaggeration of that point. This is one of the things North realizes at the end of the movie, and he is all the wiser for his outrageous adventures.I thought this movie was charming, but not the best family film I ever saw. It could've done without the inappropriate adult humor in some scenes, although most would go over young viewers heads. Like the scene where Bruce Willis is doing stand up and tells a tacky joke about sex, which is one of the more noticable examples. Otherwise, it's worth at least a rental if you have a light-hearted silly side and can relate to kids and their troubles. The celebrity cameos are very entertaining....more info
  • Can I give a negative score... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
    You know, people talk about bad movies. When seeing Bruce Willis as The Easter Bunny is the highlight of a movie...P>To say this movie is the worst I ever saw doesn't do it justice. I would be tempted to watch Mondo Trasho, a movie which caused me to need therapy, before I would watch this again (ok, that's an exaggeration... I didn;t need therapy, but I felt soiled after watching it).

    Take a talented director, and tell him to remove all semblance of a real plot, good dialog, and good acting, and North would get an A+++++.... This has to be used as a movie to teach others how not to make a movie.

    To this day, I can't take Elijah Wood seriously as an actor. It was only after I made that connection that I started to enjoy "Lord of the Rings".

    On second thought, burn every copy of this film and remove it from human memory. This would be the kindest act that could be blessed upon humanity....more info

  • Theres no place like home
    This movie is really great! Bruce Willis is great and so are all the other actors. It reinforces the idea that you can't choose your family but in the end they will always be there for you. Even thought someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. Watch it, it's great!!...more info
    I actually bought this movie by mistake, thinking that I had picked up Mr. North, the film adaptation of Thornton Wilder's book of the same name. The video lay around my house unviewed for some time after I bought it, and by the time I realized my error, it was too late to return it. So, I decided just to watch it and see what I had actually gotten.

    Well, what I got was an enjoyable little fantasy/comedy directed by Rob Reiner. It centers around a terrific eleven year old kid named North (Elijah Wood) who feels that, despite his scholastic, athletic, and thespian achievements, his parents just ignore him. So, he does the unthinkable. He gets himself an attorney. He gets a legal separation from his parents. He then travels the world, searching for the perfect parents. In doing so, he inadvertently causes a mini-revolution that puts kids in the driver's seat, as parents scramble to remain the parents of record.

    There are some very funny moments throughout this film, which boasts a stellar cast. Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are well paired as North's self-absorbed parents. Jon Lovitz plays the role of North's sleazy attorney. Bruce Willis is the sage that mysteriously appears in every vignette in which North is trying out new parents for size. Probably the funniest potential new parents are those played by Reba McEntire and Dan Ackroyd. Moreover, one of the bonuses of having Reba McEntire in the film is that she sings in it and is simply terrific, as is the rest of the cast. This is definitely a funny little film that turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

    ...more info
    "North" is the best movie ever because it is funny, and there are people dancing. People being North. He sings too...i like that song. I think that song is the shizit. It is also great because you can mimick him and sound smart..."North always looks both ways. North never spoils his appetite. North floss'" He also knows stuff about Photosynthesis, which is helpful in Year 8.
    Everyone in the world should watch North and be touched by the magic of the movie. Plus you get to laugh at seemingly pointless plot points. Like aeroplanes bumping into windows. Hahahahaha! It so funny. Oh, and the scary billboard. Damn that octopus! Revealing his most private crevice! MAKES ME SO MAD!!

    One final note: Elijah Wood's (North) hair is pretty funny......more info
  • Hilarious and witty
    North is a comedy for the whole family. Elijah Wood is brilliant. Bruce Willis is charming. The entire movie is hilarious. Definitely Reiner's best!! "My Crack?!?"...more info
  • A true example of Hollywood excess run amuck
    There is no other way to express it, other than to say that "North" is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad movie. This movie is so patently awful that it can't even be classified in the category of 'so bad it's good'. For it to be in that category, it should at the very least have amusing moments and laughable dialogue. Everything about this movie is just cringe-inducing. Respected film critic, Roger Ebert, summed this movie up best when he said, "I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it." Those are his exact words(!), and I whole-heartedly agree. The truly sad thing is, given the (in some cases, alleged) pedigree of all parties involved, this movie should be much better than it is. Rob Reiner is a gifted director who has crafted such remarkable hits as "This is Spinal Tap", "The American President", and "The Princess Bride". Why he would attach his name and agree to direct such dreck is beyond me. In celebrity roast for Reiner a couple of years ago, he was chided often for this movie. The actors should have also known better. Names like Dan Akroyd, Kathy Bates, Bruce Willis (though still in his obnoxious "Moonlighting" frame of mind), Jason Alexander, and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss should all add up to a better product. The actor who plays the title character, Elijah Wood, is the worst part about this movie. His acting can best be described as a horrible combination of whining, yelling, and sulking. This was one of my earliest exposures to Elijah Wood and this movie was so awful that I have not cared for him as an actor since then. It's a spectacular accomplishment for a movie to be this bad.
    The alleged plot of this movie focuses on a child prodigy named North (Wood). He is supposed to representation of everything every parent wants their sons to be like. He's the perfect kid. Yet, all is not perfect in North's life. He is a bit annoyed that his parents (Alexander and Dreyfuss) don't pay more attention to him than they already do. So, he decides that, since every other set of parents in the world would love to have him as their kid, he should divorce his own parents (who are conveniently put in suspended animation after this) and go on a world-wide search for new parents. Already makes you love the kid, eh? Along the way, he 'auditions' new families from Texas, Alaska, and the Amish country (to name a few). Each time, he finds some sort of imperfection with them and ends up throwing a whiny tantrum and sulking about it before moving on to the next 'candidate'. During these scenes, the movie gets particularly insulting. For each of these potential families, the script takes existing stereotypes about that particular demographic and amplifies tenfold. There is some incomprehensible sub-plot about a megalomaniacal kid who seems to be using North's situation to further some plan to take over the world (at least that's what it seems like. It really didn't make any sense). In the end, North decides that he really IS happy with his own parents and returns to them. I suppose the message is "there's no place like home", but 5 minutes of "Wizard of Oz" expressed it better than the whole of this movie.
    It is a monumental accomplishment for a movie to be this bad. Do not even waste time watching it if it should appear on TV. Even if my opinion doesn't sway, just remember the words of Roger Ebert....more info
  • Good one for kids
    I bought this to see Elijah Woods, one of the best child actors ever, in my opinion. He gives his usual strong performance in North. The story is part parody, part fantasy, and is quite enjoyable on a family level, or purely for children. The comedy tends to be kind of broad and silly, but there are some good belly laughs. I wish Bruce Willis had a bigger part, but his few scenes were particularly enjoyable....more info
  • This is the cutest movie!
    this movie is great. i like it because bruce willis is in it and he is so hott!! <3. it has a great storyline to it and its really funny. i can watch it over and over and still be surprised and laugh at everything. i love it!...more info
  • One of Elijah Wood's best movies!
    I loved North. It was so funny. One of my favorite parts was when he went to Hawaii and then during the ceremony thing, they showed him that big boared thing with his butt crack! It was a very hillarious movie and the thing that was the most hillarious about it was that Jason Alexander and Julie Lewis-Dreyfus (I think that's how you spell her name) played North's parents and they were both on the TV show, "Senfield"! But of course, my favorite character in the movie was North and he's played by Elijah Wood. By the way, Elijah Wood is soooo cute and does very well in this movie and if you love Elijah Wood, Jason Alexander, Julie Lewis-Dreyfus, Bruce Willis, Reba McIntire, or Dan Akyroyd, then you'll love this movie 'cause they are all in it and it's one of the best movies I've ever seen!...more info
  • If they outlawed paddling, the cane and CHILD MOLESTATION... they should outlaw this
    by Dane Youssef

    Here is a movie so wrong-headed, wrong-hearted, wrong-made... so worng, you'd think the old axiom of a broken clock that's right twice a day would prove. But nope. It doesn't. Not by a long shot.

    One of my most depressing experiences as a child was seeing Rob Reiner's "North." In fact, as extensive internet research has shown me, it was a painful experience for many as children and stayed with him throughout adulthood.

    One of the worst movies of the year. One of the worst movies of the decade. One of the worst movies ever made. One of the worst ever. And when I say "worst", I'm comparing it to thinks like the Black Plague, the Holocaust, World Hunger, AIDS and Leperocy.

    Elijah Wood is a wonderboy who is constantly ignored by his parents despite his best intentions and efforts that make most parents beam like the sun with pride. He spends a lot of time feeling ignored and sits in a chair in a furniture store at the mall to think. He decides he deserves better parents than the ones he's got (who doesn't?) and divorces them.

    His folks are comatose from shock, but who cares? He's already in search of better ones.

    He travels all over the globe and finds surrogate folks which are not right for him. Not loving, caring, nuturing... or very funny or interesting.

    His best friend from school is enthusiastic about the divorce and gets the word out to all parents that children deserve better and thing better change or else.

    I was actually in physical pain watching how badly the film's plot is handled.

    While it is a thrill to see Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus together as a married couple and action legend Bruce Willis in an easter bunny suit... believe me, it doesn't last. The bad outweighs the good. Oh, HOW the bad outweights the good.

    The big-name celebrity bit-players are many: Dan Aykroyd, Reba McEntire, Jon Lovitz, Bruce Willis, Graham Greene, Abe Vigoda, Richard Belzer, Ben Stein, Alexander Godunov, Kelly McGillis, John Ritter, Scarlett Johansson, Lauren Tom and Alan Arkin. Films with a big-name cast doing walk-ons is kind of tricky. Often this leads to a bunch of actors embarassing themselves in bit throwaway roles for a quickie paycheck and "the sake of work." It all really depends on the film itself--the screenplay and the director.

    When a film with such a high pedigree of actors and filmmaker, Mr. Rob Reiner, you have to wonder why this whole damn thing went so incredibly wrong. And then kept going. And going and going. I am reminded of the legendary quote, "Only those who dare to fail greatly, can achieve greatly." And just about all who flaunt this picture have achieved greatly at one time or another. So... there you go. The ying to the yang.

    The result can be "Traffic" or "Gosford Park." And the result can be "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" of "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas."

    You know, it's funny. When I first saw the trailer for "North," I thought to myself, "Wow. This looks like a good movie. I'm gonna see this one." And yes, the trailer damn well made this look like a good one. It just goes to show you... advertisements can make anything look appealing. Hey, remember "Babe: Pig In The City?" The ads didn't make the movie look like much. But the movie was... wow.

    Hey, come to think of it-- I would like to advise to eveyone who was unfortunate enough to see any more of this one that what they used for the trailers (so much as a frame more) to go out and rent "Babe II." It's an ideal antidote.

    Of course, you may need a few days of bed rest and antibiotics right after seeing "North," but after that... please... don't let this one put you off movies. Or any of the truly gifted people who were associated with this abomination.

    Wood is one of the most talented actors ever to grace the business and the man seems unable to do a bad job on screen. Just check out "Radio Flyer" or " for evidence. But hey, like I need to tell you, right?

    But while his acting is on-par with Brando, Guiness, Hopkins and Kilmer, not every movie to come his way compliments his talents. Just after the disastrous misfire "The Good Son," this one floated it's way into theaters like a chunky, nutty, crooked turd after a whole year of improper diet. Adding further insult to injury.

    It is perplexing--to the point of going cross-eyed and your whole head exploding "Scanners"-style--trying to figure out what in God's name the filmmakers were thinking.

    Seriously, I actually picture Jesus H. Christ himself on the cross, thinking to himself, "I died for this... ? If I'd known, I wouldn't have bothered."

    We all make mistakes, even collosal ones. Even the best of us.

    Hell, especially the best of us!

    Walt Disney was an anti-Semite. L. Ron Hubbard was a pedophile. R. Crumb is a racist and misogynistic sycophant. And I myself...

    Well, I could go on, but you get the idea. Honestly, avoid this one about as much as you hepatitis A-through-Z. A sulfur plant leaves he aroma of an autumn meadow perfume compared to this one.

    In summary, "North" is a childhood trauma that refuses to be repressed. For many, including myself. Don't let it be yours.

    Still, we are all mortal. We are all human. We all make mistakes, we stumble, we falter.

    No one of us are infallible. Rob Reiner has delivered us "When Harry Met Sally," "The Sure Thing," "This Is Spinal Tap," "The Princess Bride" and "The American President." Surely, we can forgive "North." Can't we?

    "Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly."

    And Reiner has clearly done both. Let us at this as one of humanity's greatest follies... and try to find laughter in it. Not at the movie itself, which is clearly impossible, but at the movie's expense.

    Like many Jewish comedians have done with WWII, the Holocaust and the years of slavery they were subjected to in Egypt, this is just one more thing we have to learn to laugh at. Not with, AT.

    OK, Mr. Reiner. You are officially forgiven. Good luck... and let's hope another abomination like this isn't in the works.

    Peace... info
  • North is GREAT!!!
    I have seen this movie multiple times and LOVE it! It is so cute and deserves to be on DVD. I know that the critics gave it poor reviews, but everyone that I know that has watched it loves it. I definitely recommend it to families. It is a classic 90's movie....more info
  • Only if you're an Elijah Wood Fan...
    Yes, this is the film in which Bruce Willis appears in a pink bunny suit! And no, unless you are an Elijah Wood fanatic, there is no other reason to watch this! Anyone under twelve will find this film entirely satisfactory and enjoyable- but then anyone under twelve shouldn't be watching it. The very thinly-veiled sexual innuendo and profanity that appears on several occasions is unforgivable and unjustified in a work marketed as a `children's film'.' North' does not have the depth to be appealing to adults and yet manages to make itself entirely unsuitable for its target audience.
    Its hard to pick out any flaw in the performance of Elijah Wood as the title character- he is uniformly excellent- its just that the rest of the film is purely awful. It starts out positively, working off the interesting premise of `can a kid divorce his parents?' but rapidly descends into dismal clich¨¦s. Indeed some scenes could easily pass for send-ups of the whole `children's movie' genre! Wood is dragged from one slapstick situation to another mercilessly, at a jumpy pace that allows little time for the development of the film's central `importance of family' message. Those who watch `North' through to the conclusion will realise that it was only Wood's skill that came between them and the eject button. He is energetic throughout and, at times, incredibly genuine. Unfortunately even the best of actors cannot wholly redeem a weak film and it is easy to see why `North' failed at the box-office.
    Basically non-Elijahfans should avoid `North' at all costs. Mind you, one cannot discount the obvious attraction of Bruce Willis in that furry pink bunny suit!...more info
  • good family film
    great family film with Elijah Wood as North. Wood has 24 hours to find new parents or he goes back to his orignal ones who are past out and put on display in a museum(just hilarious). he meets a lot of new folks, including, Dan Aykroyd, John Ritter, Faith Ford, Kelly McGillis, Alexander Gounov, Kathy Bates, Graham Greene, Reba MacIntyre and a whole cast load of fun stars including Abe Vigoda, Joe Polito, Jon Lovitz, Jason Alexander, Julia Lous Dreyfuss, Richard Belzer and the great Bruce Willis(who looks cute in a bunny suit) a great time, though theres some violence involving gunfire at north...more info
  • "North" Needs to Head in an Upward Direction...
    This movie had WONDERFUL acting; you would be hard pressed to find better acting from EVERY actor in a family movie. The problem lies in the story... While the idea was cute and perfect for a family film, it was just too pathetic for anyone, including kids, to relate to. Even if a kid was to take over the world, grown adults wouldn't think of serving his every whim. This movie should definatly be seen once by every family with young kids, but once is enough, trust me... Parts are very funny, and others very touching but the story is the scum of movie making....more info
  • This film was never bad
    I Always loved this film i saw it when i was ten i still enjoy it as an adult. How could anyone even say that "it's so bad that it's good" It was never bad. It's funny, entertaining, magical and has an all-star cast. I also want to comment on Matthew McCurley's(Winchill)acting and how great he was. I mean even though Elijah Wood is the star, McCurley's acting was wonderful, so natural and just plain hilarious! He was the geek who made it big, the boy who gave North the idea. It was just so funny and i don't think anyone else could have pulled it off like he did. Oh and for those of you who haven't seen North don't listen to any bad reviews, this is a film worth watching with the whole family....more info
  • Well, I loved it...
    I never liked film critics. In fact, I never could bring myself to understand people who take movies seriously, period, even if they're just nameless moviegoers whose opinions aren't even respected by their own relatives.
    However, after seeing the movie 'North' I've made up my mind, once and for all, that everyone who is under the impression that movies are supposed to be intelligent, realistic and make perfect sense are sadly mistaken.
    'North' is my kind of movie. Not only is it outrageously inconceivable, it's campy, obsessive, confusing and at times shockingly politically incorrect. Yes, 'North' is a work of pure genius.
    I'm aware that there are countless people who have slapped 'North' on their "Worst Movies Ever Made Lists", but I think these people disillusioned themselves into thinking that 'North' was a movie that made sense. Well, who needs that? If you're looking for a revelation go watch 'It's a Wonderful Life'. If you're looking for a perplexing merry-go-round of celebrity cameos, you're in the right place....more info
  • Viva El Norte!
    Yay we love North! Elijah is so adorable, and there are soooo many good actors in this movie. True, this is one of the worst movies we've ever seen, but...we have to say, it IS "so bad its good." [...]. Thank you!
    Love Sarah and Mary Thorton
    p.s. We love Frodo!...more info
  • Cute and Funny
    This movie is for all those individuals who don't realize what they have until they've lost it. North is a delightful journey into the delusions of an 11 yearold boy's mind. Bruce Willis shines as an unlikely spirit guide. This film is perfect for star gazing with its large and recognizable cast....more info
  • Enjoyable
    "North" may not be Academy Award material, but it is definitely a movie you would want to see to have a few laughs. It's sweet and funny, and Elijah Wood is just plain adorable. I have to admit that it was interesting to see Bruce Willis in a rabbit costume. If you need a good family movie with a great lesson, see "north"...more info
  • "North" definately goes in the right direction
    "North" was a movie that came out in Summer 1994 and was the target of getting lost in the shuffle of big budget hits and was subject to extremely bad reviews. "North" is a fantasy which is fun for numerous repeated viewings (I went back several times to the theatre to see it again). Although it gets very unrealistic and quite silly at some points, there is a reason for it. Everything gets explained in the suprise ending. Elijah Wood is perfect, and fits in perfectly with Bruce Willis playing his co-star. If you're in the mood for something a little silly, try this delight. You should expect a fantasy to be somewhat ridiculous at times. The few silly parts will be explained in the suprise of an ending....more info
  • Camp and Corn with Bruce Willis in a Bunny Suit
    You have to see this movie to see macho man Bruce Willis in a bunny suit. Beyond Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood plays North, a young boy whose parents live the yuppie stereotype. It seems they never have time for him, though he's every parent's "perfect child". Because North is so unhappy, he decides to find new parents. There is a small plot twist here that I leave the viewer to find for themselves. During North's travels he meets all sorts of strange people, including one relatively normal family.

    Perhaps the strangest and funniest of North's potential parents are Dan Ackroyd and Reba McEntire as over-the-top Texans. Everything on their ranch is big, and everything they do has a sense of exaggeration about it. It's campy and funny and corny. North also gets to go to Hawaii and Alaska among a couple of other places. There was one place where I felt a bit uncomfortable during his stopover in Alaska, though, as Grandpa (Abe Vigoda) was getting set to sail off into the sunset. While there may be some truth in the custom, I felt the portrayal was a bit disturbing.

    Some reviewers have faulted this movie as being terrible or awful. While this movie was unlikely to win any awards, Elijah's performance was good. Further, I felt that this movie was suitable for children. The reaction I've seen from children thus far has been positive.

    Many adults will likely not appreciate this movie as there are too many clich¨¦s. Furthermore, some aspects of the movie have been previously done. Lastly, the corny way in which some vignettes are done can be distracting. However, you need to remember the source of the vignettes, and realize that the camp and corn are appropriate to the source. Enough said.

    I thought the movie was interesting and watchable. Admittedly portions are weak, but I found a number of funny points. The first time I watched I wasn't paying as close attention, and lost how North transitioned from being in the mall to looking for new parents, and thus I lost part of the point. The second time I watched, the movie made much more sense and I understood why everything was so corny. Give this one a shot if you like children's movies....more info


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