Vicks V9075 Air Purifier True Hepa Kaz

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Product Description

HEPA filter media captures airborne particles and bacteria as small as 0.3 microns. Advanced 4-stage filter system. Filters the amount of air in a medium room (10x12 feet) 5 times per hour. Ionizer freshens and helps remove particles from room air. True Hepa Filter Media - Captures 99 97/100% of Airborne Particles - as small as 0.3 Microns such as: Pollen. Mold. Spores. Dust. Pet Dander. Bacteria. Smoke.

Customer Reviews:
  • Small price for a big help
    We had been shopping around a while for a purifier, they were either too big or too expensive. This one, although it's small has been working very good for us and the price is not too high either. Our daughter was born prematurely, and hospital atmosphere is so clean and sterile, I was afraid she would come down with something when she got home. We decided to set the crib and the purifier up in our room for a while until she gets strong enough to sleep alone and we can really feel a difference in the air. It is compact taking up little space and blends nicely, its not an ugly looking clump. We will be buying another one for our other daughters room....more info