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Baby Bjorn Potty Chair The Baby Bjorn Potty gives the child a chance to learn to use the bathroom like an adult while using an ergonomically designed chair. The potty features a design which allows for softer forms and more leg room for the child. One of the most important things in picking out a potty chair is picking out one that is comfortable for the child. Potty training is a difficult task in itself. The last thing a child needs is a toilet trainer which isn't comfortable. This potty chair allows the child to get closer to the inside of the potty. It features sturdy armrests and a backrest to get the child comfortable and acclimated to the potty chair from Baby Bjorn. The inner potty is removable for easy clean up. The Baby Bjorn Potty Chair will quickly become a favorite chair of the child's, where they will be happy to sit as long as necessary

Potty training is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges a parent (and child) can face. The BabyBjorn Potty Chair helps make it easier on everyone right from the start. Made of durable, scratch-resistant plastic and available in an array of bright, glossy colors, this sturdy chair is just the right size for toddlers learning to sit on the potty. You may just want to have one in every bathroom in the house!

The BabyBjorn Potty Chair offers:
  • Durable, easy-to-clean construction.
  • High splashguard helps prevent messes.
  • Ergonomic design offers legroom and comfort.

The Potty Chair will help your child start life without diapers. View larger.
Ergonomic Support for Optimum Comfort
Many children begin the potty training process feeling fearful of sitting on the toilet. That's why it's so important that their practice potty give them the support they need to feel secure. The Potty Chair features an ergonomic design with rounded styling, a high, comfortable backrest, armrests, and lots of leg room so your child can get closer to the seat without worrying about falling off, or in. A splashguard at the lip of the seat prevents messes from landing outside the potty. On the bottom of the chair is a rubber edge that keeps the potty chair in place.

Easy-Care Design
The potty training process can be a messy one, but the Potty Chair can help make clean-up easier and more pleasant. The inner section of the potty removable for fast and easy cleaning--simply empty the contents into your regular toilet, then hand wash the Potty Chair with soap and warm water. Environmentally conscious parents won't have to worry about the potty ending up in a landfill once your child is done using it. Instead, you can celebrate the end of potty training by placing the recyclable Potty Chair in your recycle bin.

Also available in
Snow White

About BabyBjorn
BabyBj?rn AB is a family-owned, Swedish company founded in 1961. Right from the start, BabyBj?rn's goal has been to simplify everyday activities for parents and small children by developing innovative products for children up to the age of three. Their products are now used worldwide by millions of parents. BabyBjorn also works closely with pediatricians, a practice that began in Sweden, but now includes an international network of doctors in Germany, France, Sweden and the USA. The company aims to identify those little everyday problems parents face and then to come up with ingenious, long term solutions to them.

Potty training is one of the biggest challenges a parent (and child) can face. Thank goodness that BabyBj?rn provides a great potty chair to make it easier on everyone. This chair, which comes in a rainbow of bright, fun colors, is the right size for kids and has all the right features for parents.

Made of durable and easy to clean PVC plastic, this chair stands a foot tall-the perfect height for a training toddler. The high back, armrests, low seat, and wide legs offer ergonomic comfort, allowing your child to take as long as needed.

Parents will love that the inner potty (a 5.5-inch diameter bowl) can be removed easily to empty and clean, that there is a splashguard to keep things neat, and that the base's edge is rimmed with rubber to make sure the chair doesn't move while in use. A bonus to the environmentally conscious: the chair is recyclable once training is complete!

With so many important features packed into one small chair, you may just want to get one for every bathroom in the house.

  • Removable inner potty for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy backrest and arm rests
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5 x 12 (inches)
  • For health and hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns on this item

Customer Reviews:

  • The best thing since sliced bread!
    I had very high hopes for my son in terms of potty training so this pretty and sleek BabyBjorn potty was purchased when he was less than a year old. Needless to say, it stood unused for quite some time until he realized that in order to become a 'big boy' he needed to master the very adult art of toilet training. Here are the reasons why I think this potty served as a positive enforcement in his determination to achieve this complex task:
    1. The potty has no useless bells and whistles. I remember going through the toilet isle at my local Babies'R'Us and could not comprehend why a child would need flashing lights and music to sit on a potty. Toilet should serve one purpose and one purpose only (I won't spell out exactly what), and too much stimulation takes away from the real function of the apparatus.

    2. BabyBjorn people really understand male anatomy. My mom got another potty for when my son visited and returned it after the first try when her living room rug ended up covered in you know what. Boys need higher tabs in the front of the potty, and BabyBjorn is an excellent example of good design. We've never had an accident at home.

    3. The potty is easy to clean. It consists of two parts: the base chair and a removable bowl. There are practically no nooks and crannies for dirt to accumulate making it very useful for a busy mom.

    4. My son is very comfortable sitting on it. The high back support and no slip rubbery bottom make it a happy and easy experience for him. It's so durable that he usually just uses it by himself without me present when the inspiration hits. I just leave it in the family room where he plays and he calls me after the deed is done to clean up. Works out for both of us :)

    So overall, this is an excellent potty. The BabyBjorn products are usually on the expensive side, but are well worth the extra couple of dollars. The higher price accounts for exceptional design, which other companies tend to forego.
    ...more info
  • Best potty chair ever!
    I really love this potty chair. We are potty training our 20 month old son and this chair is awesome. It is very comfortable and my son loves using it. I have heard that other chairs cause problems for boys, but this chair works perfectly for my son. The pee stays in the potty and it is super easy to clean. I would recommend this potty to anyone wanting to potty train!...more info
  • LOVE it and have tried 2 other before...
    We've tried two before...the on-the-toilet, a branded version (Dora) and this version is so clean, simple and fits the little toddler body perfectly. Easy to clean and small enough to put anywhere in the house. I've since purchase multiple versions for each location and even drop shipped one for a vacation....more info
  • awesome!
    Really like it. The front barrier needs to be a little higher for boys but otherwise, it's easy to clean and my toddler loves the red color. It also helps that it matches my bathroom!...more info
  • Love it!!!
    My son loves this potty and I love it since it's so easy to keep clean!!! My 2 year old can even dump it himself without making a mess. ...more info
  • Best chair I could find but still leaves room for improvement
    I purchased three of these chairs so that I could have one on each floor of the house. It was the best chair I could find on the market and had some of the best reveiws I saw. It is overall a decent potty chair. I have two young boys. One successfully potty trained on this chair and one is still in the process. While my overall view is positive and I would buy it again, here are my areas of concern:

    -My kids didn't want to sit and go potty. They wanted to stand like daddy and big brother. On occasions where they have missed the bowl and hit the back of the chair, the liquid leaks underneath the bowl and goes right to the floor/towel/mat whatever happens to be underneath at the time.

    -While this chair only has two pieces, there are many ledges that urine can get to that can create colonies of bacteria. I just wanted to mention this because I have to clean the entire chair every single time just to make sure nothing was missed.

    - The bowl could be a bit deeper for #2. Enough said.

    This is otherwise a great seat and I would buy it again.

    ...more info
  • Grandson's First Potty Chair
    This is an excellent potty chair. My grandson isnt afraid to sit on it at all. I think potty training with"his special chair" will be a breeze...One can only hope!...more info
  • The perfect potty chair. Worth the money!
    I resisted shelling out the dough for this chair for as long as I could. I have twins and paying this much for potty chairs was something I wasn't going to do if I could help it. So first I bought the potty chair from Ikea. While the cost was amazing, I mean who can beat $4 (!) it was waaaaay too small and my son and daughter just wouldn't sit on it (and they aren't even large toddlers). Then I bought the Bjorn junior, and it also was too small. So I finally broke down and bought the full size chair. Wow! What a difference! My son immediately wanted to sit and go potty. It was the first time he peed in a potty and he was so proud of himself. He sat for quite awhile and read a book. So did my daughter. It was obvious that they were comfortable on the chair and that made mommy happy, too. I also like the high back on this chair, as my kids are given a sticker every time they goe potty and they stick them on the back so they can see them. I would definitely buy this chair again!...more info
  • Best poty chair - EVER!!!!
    This is by far the best potty chair out there! It comes in many different colors and my daughter picked pink. It is very easy for kids to sit on, so easy to empty, and no room for leaking on the floor like the models that have the slide in catch area.

    I have a daycare and all of my parents have purchased this potty after seeing how great it works! Great chair at a wonderful price!...more info
  • Good so far...
    My son hasn't used it yet, but I'm sure it will be great when he does. It had a lot of good reviews. The only downside I see so far is that he always wants to lift the tray out and play with it. I'm hoping he won't do that when there is "stuff" in there....more info
  • super!!!!!!!!
    My 10 months old bay just likes this potty. It is a very good choice....more info
  • Stable
    We love this chair. We used a couple of other chairs with our older daughter and they just were not as stable or as easy to sit down on. This chair is also very easy to clean....more info
  • Toddler True
    This was my second purchase of a BabyBjorn potty chair. I had bought my daughter one when she began potty training my 2 year old grandson, but not one for my home. I was using a potty insert and a stool and found little Ben was having trouble getting on. I asked how the BabyBjorn was working and she told me he uses it only. She was so right, I am so happy to have purchased this; mine is blue and her's is red. He loves it; it is sturdy, easy to clean, and does not move when he sits down or gets up.
    Wonderful item and I highly recommend for the daunting task of potty training! I plan on this being my number #1 baby shower gift from now on!...more info
  • too small,not good for boys
    we bought this one for my son who is 3. it is too small for him. the pee comes right over the pee guard. they should have made the pee guard a little bigger and the seat bigger too. my son weighs about 39 lbs. ...more info
  • baby potty chair
    Best potty chair for little boys. After buying several potty chairs and returning them because the font shield wasn't tall enough ,we purchased this chair. We are hapy to say that are no more messes to clean up. Grandma in Iowa....more info
  • potty chair
    My son loves it. Only problem is he does not want to get off of it. Makes it a little difficult to clean but at least he has not rejected the idea of using it. ...more info
  • Exactly what we needed
    This potty is perfect. Has the right size for a toddler (my son is an average size boy for his age- 16 months) and it is easy to clean and use. My son used it immediately after getting it and was not afraid of sitting on it. I'm very happy with this purchase and will totally recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Good one but didn't work for us.
    My little two year old daughter is...well...LITTLE. I bought this potty based on the excellent reviews here and for the most part, it delivered.
    1. It was relatively inexpensive.
    2. No bells and whistles to distract.
    3. Easy to clean.

    But, being that my kiddo is a shrimp AND a girl, the molded splash guard thing kept poking her in a highly uncomfortable way when she'd try to sit on this thing and it got to the point where when she'd see this potty she'd scream. As a test, we got the pink girly version of the Summer 3 stage potty trainer and the screaming stopped.

    I'd recommend taking a look at this thing at a local store before buying. It's a pretty good product, it just didn't work for us....more info
  • Great potty seat!
    After countless searches for potty styles and reviews, I decided to purchase the babybjorn potty chair for my 2.5 yrs toddler boy. I wanted something simple with no frills/noises/characters, plus I wanted an easy on/off for the potty insert. This one is great with one piece insert vs. others with 2 parts for the insert (splash guard). My toddler and I went on babybjorn's website to see the various screens of toddlers using their pottys. I let my toddler pick out the color, he wanted orange which they didn't have, so he decided instead on the blue. The potty is very roomy and there's no worry of a tip over. To start, I have my toddler sit on the potty every evening before his bath....he loves it and can't wait to sit on his very own potty! I would definitely recommend this one vs all those others that are too distracting to any toddler....more info
  • This is Great for my boy
    I love this potty chair. My son is very tall for his age and was too small for the other chairs. When he would sit on them his little hoo-ha would hang over the edge and he would end up peeing all over the floor. This potty is such a great chair. The oval shape allows plenty of room for boy's parts. He can even swirm around on the chair and I don't have to worry about pee on the floor. It's great....more info
  • we have this in green and in red
    My son was being very stubborn about training. We finally go him this seat in green (now dubbed the nighttime potty) and in red (for mornings of course). He loves using them, and we are thrilled that he is finally finally training.

    They are a snap to clean. we use clorox anywhere to spritz, wipe and disinfect.

    I highly recommend these!!!

    btw, my older son is egging the little one on. THey have decided to make good use of our two potty living room. They Wii while they wee.

    anything that works.

    ...more info
  • Good quality and price
    Haven't started training yet, but have offered to let the little one sit on it to get used to it... seems good so far....more info
  • Love our Potty Chair
    My 18 month old daughter loves her new potty. She sits in it a couple times a day. I love the fact that it has the rubber bottom so it won't slide around on the kitchen floor. And no matter how she climbs on it she can't seem to tip it over. Its great. We have the green one, its a little lighter in color then the picture online. ...more info
  • #1 potty chair
    We've had several potty chairs and I'd say I like this one best. It has a high back and armrests, making it comfortable for my daughter to sit. There aren't a whole lot of cracks and crevices, which makes it easy to clean. The chair is sturdy and doesn't tip over. It is larger than some of the other chairs, which were a little too small as my daughter grew. If I had to do it over again, I'd buy this chair first....more info
  • Perfect for BIG boys
    Thanks to this potty, my son no longer looks like a gorilla sitting on a donut (husband's words)!!! I love that I don't have to keep telling him to "point it down" anymore because of the design. He sits very comfortable on it despite the fact that he's only 2, and the size of a 3 1/2 year old. The best thing's super easy to clean!!! ...more info
  • Love it! Best child's potty ever
    BabyBj?rn Potty Chair - BlueThis potty seat is awesome. I bought it for my nine month old and he loves to sit on it and pee in it before bathtime....more info
  • Best potty ever!!!!
    We love this potty. We've had 4 other potties and this is my favorite. It is super easy to clean up and the bright colors are great. My son still loves to sit on his green potty. He is 28 months and can easily pee, empty it, and rinse it by himself. I'm not sure what the people who are complaining about pee going over the place but he can do it by himself with no problems. Just teach the child to sit properly in a chair & make sure it's not hanging out of the potty (taught my son to tuck it in at 18 months so there really is no excuse). He is about 32 pounds and 36 inches & I'm sure he will be using it at home for a while. While he's been using the regular toilet for a while too at home, he loves his green potty. BTW, baby bjorn makes 2 potties (and a ring too) this is the larger one. If you are wanting a smaller one, there little potty is great but would not recommend it if you are starting with an older child as it is rather small (my son loved it at 15/16 months and will use it now but I don't think I would buy one that small for an older child). ...more info
  • Simple potty
    I got this for my 14-month-old daughter. Right now it just sits in the bathroom for her to get used to... she hasn't "used" it yet. It's plain, simple, and unintimidating. I think it will be a good potty for us....more info
  • Love it!
    This is the second potty that I bought. I started with the Fisher Price Fun and Learn potty. My son hated it. I bought the white Bjorn potty chair. I let my son put Thomas the Train stickers all over it. Now, he loves it....more info
  • Liked it overrall
    For the most part, I really like this chair. My son is an average size two-year-old, and he fits really well on it. I also LOVE that the guard is permanent, rather than a flap that can fall off or be played with. Also, this chair is really easy for my son to get on and off of by himself, with the rubber lining on the bottom for holding the chair in place.
    The only thing I don't like is that if he sits on it for more than 30 seconds, it leaves a red ring around his bottom. He'll sit on it through a whole book or two, but if he hasn't done his business by then, I'm usually out of luck because the potty starts hurting his bottom and he wants to get off.
    All in all, a great, simple product. Not sure it's totally worth the amount of money I paid (kind of expensive), but my son likes it for short periods of time, so that's helpful in the potty training experience....more info
  • Perfect potty seat for beginners.
    I bought this potty seat for my second child. It is the perfect size and it is easy to clean. Nothing fancy which is perfect. I really like the no skid surface which prevents the seat from sliding around on the floor....more info
  • Not bad but not perfect
    Our 21 month old uses this potty all day long. She was potty trained early and seems to like it pretty well. I bought it b/c of all the great reviews! The only problem she has with this potty is that it pinches her when she sits on it wrong. The bucket part would come up a bit if she moved around and that's when she would get pinched. It's happened a few times. It pinched her finger as she was sitting down and then it happened to her little leg. That's the only issue I really have with it and that's why I'd give it 3 stars. Before that, I had no complaints. ...more info
  • Simple Sturdy Ergonomic
    I almost passed over this potty for something with more bells and whistles. There were potties that converted into stepping stools and one that had a handle that played flushing sounds when depressed. $27 seemed a little expensive for two pieces of molded plastic (bowl and base) that made up the entire Bjorn potty get up. In the end, I'm happy with my Bjorn purchase. The simple design is easy to clean. My son is well supported in the ergonomic seat that has a wide base and rubber footings so I don't have to worry about him squirming and tipping over. The bowl is big enough to catch all of his deposits. Some of the potties I've seen have very small bowls which I'd imagine to be difficult targets for little behinds. My only gripe is that my little boy sometimes sprays over the splash guard and wets his clothes. So perhaps Bojorn should look into tweeking that part of their design....more info
  • the best potty training seat
    I bought both the little potty and the bigger bjorn potty simultaneously for my 10 month old son about 3 months ago. We had started doing EC as it was pretty obvious when he had to go. Anyway I think the little potty is a nice size and great for travel but much prefer the bigger potty at home as it has anti-slip stuff on the bottom of it an the back frame it a little more supportive. Given his constant movement at this age it is a big help on my tile and wood floors having that extra grip. ...more info
  • Great chair
    This is a great potty chair. It's comfortable for my son to sit on. However, it could use more of a "splashguard" in the front....more info
  • Good but not Great
    After reading several reviews I purchased this potty chair. Here are the positives and negatices and why I think is good but not great.
    1- REALLY EASY TO CLEAN. This chair is just two pieces both solid plastic. Super easy to wipe down or rinse out with bleach.
    2- DOESN'T COLLECT ODORS. Because it is solid plastic and no soft foam, it does not collect odors.
    3- SOLID WON'T TIP. The design is great. It doesn't tip over when child gets in or out. It grips the floor well and is hard to shove around
    4- SUPER PORTABLE, LOW PROFILE. It's a small, but not the smallest potty out there... they make a smaller one piece potty and it is super portable because of that. It also does not take up much room in the bathroom.
    1- BUILT IN SPLASH GUARD. Because the splash guard is built in, it can be hard for little ones to get on and off. My infant son started potty training at a year and even though he was a walker he could not get his leg over the splash guard to sit down - which discouraged him from sitting.
    2- BUILT IN SPLASH GUARD AGAIN. The spash guard can hurt a little guys parts when they stand up. My son bumped himself several times which discourages him from using it. Now that he is a bit older (17mo) this is less of an issue but be aware of this for the young ones....more info
  • Best potty chair ever!
    This is the second one of these we purchased on amazon for our second daughter. I wish I had bought one of these for my first! They are the best! Super easy to clean, very stable- much better than all the others. We've had many others and they all went in the trash when we got the second one of these. Try it- you won't be sorry!...more info
  • Excellent potty seat
    If you need a potty chair BUY this one. My son is 2 1/2 but very tall and a "big boy"- this chair sits up higher than the othe baby bjorn seat-which is nice, he looks comfy sitting in it -which is all helpful when learning to go potty. I tried other seats ( too low, not comfy) and read review on how this sat higher and it has a built in splash guard style seat and it seperate so it can be dumped and cleaned easily. ...more info
  • Great Potty
    Great Potty. I got this to get my son used to the idea of using a potty and he loves sitting on it. It's nice and roomy and is easy to clean. Just 2 pieces. ...more info
  • Great Potty!
    This is our daughter's second potty chair, and I'm so glad we bought it. We started with the Safety 1st Comfy Cushy 3-in-1 Potty, because I thought she would like the soft seat. That seat, however, is a ring that does not stay in place very well. She always chooses this Baby Bjorn potty over the other chair. It is simple to use and very easy to clean. ...more info
  • Good potty for little boys
    This seat has a large oval opening which allows plenty of room for little boys to scoot around. ...more info
  • the best potty chair out there
    We threw out another brand to get a second one of these for our upstairs bathroom. Little to no extra mess to clean up....more info
  • Perfect!
    This product is so awsome I acually bought 3 of them for my daughter. One for home, and one for each grandparent's house. Adorable, practical, easy to use and clean. Also very durable if you have one of "those kids." Good price, ready for potty-training. You can't go wrong with this product....more info
  • Works great for our 2 year old girl
    I originally bought a seat that fits on the toilet and a large stepping stool to save myself from having to clean out a potty seat. This worked fine when I was placing my daughter onto the toilet, but she is too small to climb up by herself, especially with pants around her ankles.
    This potty is much better as it allows her to develop the skill of taking her pants down herself and sitting on the potty. We got the white one to match our bathroom and my daughter loves the teddy on the front. She is comfortable sitting on it, and empties it into the toilet herself. The potty comes out of the seat easily, and is very easy to wipe clean....more info
  • loved the potty
    My son loves this potty and I think it's easy to clean. we have several around the house and even have one for the car....more info
  • Great poty training tool!
    I cannot believe I spent so much money in potty chairs and potty training solutions before! My son, who is three, had been potty trained at school for over a year yet will not go potty at home. We bought everything you can imagine to motivate him and get him interested. Nothing worked. I read somewhere that kids may find some potty chairs uncomfortable or too baby-like. I read the positive reviews about the Bjorn chair and, since it was so inexpensive, I decided to give it a try. My son chose the color he liked (green) and started using it since it arrived. He was so comfortable when using it that he would take all the time he needed (sometimes he would even read a book while seated). He was off diapers in just a couple of weeks. It is also great to keep next to his bed during the night while he gets night trained as well. It is very easy to clean and disinfect, both the bowl and the frame, and it actually has a sleek design. I give it five stars!...more info
  • Great seat for boys!
    This potty chair is great! My son is a big kid at 2, and the other chairs I purchased were way too small for him to get his whole behind on. Plus, this seat is oval so it gives him plenty of room for his "baby boy parts" without scraping or squishing him, and plenty of room to keep the potty from splashing out. He has never complained about sitting on this chair, and will sit there for ages while we wait! A great product!...more info
  • Great potty!
    I love this potty chair. It's been very simple to clean and my 14 month old daughter seems to be comfortable sitting on it. She's more than willing to sit and go potty whenever she is sat on it. It doesn't move around much on the floor as it has a rubbery strip to keep it from moving. I also enjoy the fact that the bowl in it doesn't move around inside the chair so no accidental spill, misses, etc. The edges of the bowl are slanted and when you dump the contents into the toilet you don't get drips like you would on a flat edged one....more info
  • LOVE it!
    I chose this potty for my son after reading the glowing reviews online and I was not disappointed. It is sturdy, easy to clean, easy for my son to get onto and the splash guard in front keeps the pee in the toilet. What more could I ask for? ...more info
  • Best Potty on the market
    I have a 2 year old son and he loves this potty. We have one for our house and one at his grandparents house. I thought it was a little pricey compared to the other models but I just didn't like the other options. I love that there are just two pieces and it's a cinch to clean. My little boy loves dumping it himself in the big potty. The pot is one piece with a built in boy shield that is just the right size. We have tried another potty with the removeable shield and he could not back into the seat and sit down without knocking off the guard. I would highly recommend this Potty to everyone, try this one before you try anything else. ...more info
  • Simple and helpful
    I love the simplicity of this potty. It has a nice high back. The removable seat makes it easy to clean out, but is nice and secure when my son is sitting. The bottom has a rubber no-slip trim which is great for any kind of flooring. Perfect size for a toddler....more info
  • Perfect! Easy to Clean! Portable!
    This has worked great for our tall average weight 20 month old girl. She can easily sit on it herself. The pull out bowl and simple lines make it very easy to clean. Sculpted handle in back allows easy carry to other parts of the house if needed. Very stable. ...more info


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