Medela Breastmilk Storage and Feeding Set

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Product Description

Ideal for mothers who breast pump. Includes 4 each of 150 ml containers, slow-flow orthodontic nipples, collars and discs for short-term storage, solid lids for long-term storage, caps for traveling or cup feeding.

Ideal for mothers who use a breast pump, the breast milk Feeding and Storage Kit from Medela keep breast milk fresh, either in the refrigerator or freezer. This system makes it possible for mom to keep nutrient-rich breast milk on hand and to easily track the amount they have pumped. Compatible with any Medela breast pump, the items in this helpful kit are designed for safety and convenience. All parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP free, and everything is dishwasher safe.

The Feeding and Storage Kit offers:
  • Storage kit for keeping breast milk fresh in the fridge or freezer.
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe.
  • Silicone based nipple for slow-flowing output.
  • Clearly labeled volume markers.

Safely store breast milk until feeding time. View larger.
Complete Feeding and Storage System
This kit lets you keep breast milk safely stored and ready for feeding. Four five-ounce plastic breast milk containers give you plenty of storage, and each clear plastic bottle comes with two kinds of lids. Use the two-piece plastic lid when milk will be used within a few hours, and choose the solid, air-tight plastic lid for long-term storage in the refrigerator or freezer. Each bottle also comes with an orthodontic, slow-flowing silicone nipple--ideal for use when mom is away.

Sanitary and Safe
Because baby's safety is so important, this kit helps ensure that the milk he or she drinks is fresh and sanitary. First, each piece is made of durable plastic that's specially designed for safe, long-term storage of breast milk. Additionally, the small plastic nipple covers fit tightly over the nipples and protect them from contamination.

These caps are also great for traveling and can even be used as a cup, if need be. When it comes time to measuring exactly how much baby is consuming, the colorful, easy-to-read volume marks in ounces and milliliters allow you to keep easy track both before and after feedings.

About Medela
Founded in 1961 in Zug, Switzerland by Olle Larsson, Medela is committed to supporting the WHO Code's depiction of breastfeeding and breast milk as the optimal nutrition for the growth, development and health of babies. The company believes it is their obligation to offer a complete solution, "from breast to belly," of high quality products that enable mothers to provide the optimum nutrition of breast milk to their babies. Today, Medela's primary focus remains to help moms successfully breast feed their babies as long as they wish. This goal lies at the heart of every product the company develops.

What's in the Box
Four each of 150 milliliter containers, slow-flow orthodontic nipples, collars and discs for short-term storage, solid lids for long-term storage, and caps for traveling or cup feeding.

  • 2-pc. lids keep milk fresh in refrigerator or freezer
  • Air-tight solid lids are great for long-term storage
  • Use any Medelabreastpump to pump directly into the container
  • Nipple covers protect nipples from contamination
  • Complete storage and feeding system

Customer Reviews:

  • Good for storage, not for feeding
    I use the pump-in-style advanced breastpump, and I really like that these bottles screw right into the pump assembly. I like having many bottles on hand so that I don't need to wash them every day. I don't freeze my milk in these (I use Gerber bags), but they're great for temporary storage until pouring into the feeding bottles. I use Avent bottles as my baby seems to like the shape and flow of the newborn nipples (these nipples seem too fast-flowing)....more info
  • Great system
    I've been pumping breast milk into these bottles for my son since he started "school" at 2.5 mos. I have the Medela pump in style pump. I have a few sets of these and the 2.5 ounce Medela freezer set of bottles that look like test tubes. I love that I can pump directly into the bottles and don't have to use the disposable bags. I also love that Medela is a responsible company that makes BPA-free baby products. My only wish was that they had the 6 ounce marking on them - since they do hold 6 ounces. My son loves the nipples. He's a breastfed baby, and had no problem transitioning to the orthodontic nipples at school (2 bottles in the morning) and transitioning back to the breast when he was with me the rest of the day. In fact, these nipples were the only ones that flowed at the correct rate for him). He also likes nuk pacifiers (also the orthodontic shape), so it's likely his preference - each baby is different! Overall, these are fantastic - I'm very pleased....more info
  • Good basic system
    I like that the caps seal well, the bottles fit in the ice pack that comes with the pump in style advanced breast pump. When my baby was ready for a faster flow nipple, however, I have been unable to find them (my guess is that Medela doesn't make them). So now my little boy is used to these Medela slow flow nipples but I have to get him used to something else now that he is getting bigger. Ah well. I am still happy with my purchase....more info
  • Good, but has some fairly useless items
    I like all the Medela products, but this came with a few items that I really didn't need. On the plus side, the bottles are sturdy, the caps seal tightly, and the whole thing works with the 'pump in style' breast pump I was using. Also, the nipple-rings are great and work with any brand of nipple you buy. The bottles are also great for freezing milk.

    On the negative side, the little discs that go with the nipple rings that they include to create a 'temporary' cap is pretty useless. I wish they had just provided a few more 'full' caps which provide a better seal.

    Also, the nipples for all the Medela products were never a favorite with my son, though that might be a personally preference of his. I just use the Playtex or Evenflo nipples with these bottles, and they work just fine.

    Last, for some reason, the other caps they provide that are supposed to fit over the nipple & nipple-ring never really fit, so it would often leak out into the diaper bag.

    Bottom line: Worth it, I suppose, for the items that work, but ditch the other items as they are not very good....more info

  • The Best Nipple for Breasfeeding
    My son had a very difficult time with a bottle. On the day I went back to work I called the nurse at my doctor's office and she suggested trying these ones. I had the set and thought the nipple flow was too fast so I did not try it. I called my father in law who was at my house with my mother in law. He pulled the nipple out of the drawer, sterilized and my son immediately took to it. We tried every other nipple for three weeks and he could not latch on to it properly. He latches on to this similar to how he latches on to the breast, they work like a charm. The bottles are also a great size. I will recommend these to everyone who breastfeeds. ...more info
  • Not practical for usage of bottles for feeding
    This was great to pump milk right in to, using the Madela hand held pump, as attachments screw right in to the bottles. After pumping milk, they seal up very nicely, and store in the fridge airtight. However, after heating the bottles, and screwing in the nipple attachments to them, our baby didn't feed well out of them, much too fast of a flow, messy, and the latex nipples had strong latex smell, (and I imagine latex taste to baby, we prefer silicone)our baby rejected feedings from these bottles. Nipples were much too small, also, baby would put entire mouth around them, not practical for switching between bottle and breast. I ended up just using them to pump and store milk in, and would nurse baby, and then pour milk in to Playtex Nurser bottles with silicone nipples, to take with me for outside feedings....more info
  • i love medela
    i love the pump in style breast pump, i tell everyone to buy it. but i like gerber's storage bags because they have a ziplock seal. these bottles are ok, but my 4 month old baby hates bottles, so i havent had much luck with them....more info
  • love these bottles
    These bottles are so easy to use - easy to store, easy to tote & our son has no problem using the nipples that come with this. We run them through the dishwasher & have thrown them in the deep freeze over & over - We have about 16 bottles & only one of the lids has ever cracked (our son is 6 months old). They aren't available in our Target anymore, so I'm glad we were able to find them here. Highly recommend to any mother who needs to pump significant amounts (for working, school, etc.). ...more info
  • Ok, but leaky the bottles aren't the best
    I ordered this product thinking it would be great if I could pump directly into the bottles we'd be feeding our baby with, eliminates a step right? Well, having the extra bottles for pumping has been great and the work well in the freezer but they don't work well for feeding. Milk seems to pour out our newborns mouth (3 mos now). I hate pumping and really hate seeing my milk being wastes so we have stopped using the bottles to feed and only for storage. I like the evenflow glass bottles better, she wastes very little milk with those...more info
  • Love these bottles, caps and nipples
    I just love these Medela products. The bottles are great for storage (both freezer and fridge). I really like that they hold more than 4 oz of milk. I have noticed my baby doesn't spit up as much when she is fed using the Medela nipples. I like the fact that when you hold the bottle one way, the flow is slow and if you hold it the other way, the flow is a bit faster. It allows me to control how quickly she eats. If I notice she is eating to quickly, I just turn the bottle around and her eating slows down. She hardly spits up when I feed her from these bottles/nipples. And, I love the pop-out caps too. GREAT PRODUCT!!!! I'm going to purchase more even tho I have a ton of evenflo bottles (they work with teh medela pump too). I like the Medela bottles much better!!!...more info
  • Good Storage...
    While I didnt like the breast pump too much, the accessories are great! Provides more then enough storage with no leaky caps. ...more info
  • Worked well for us, but change nipples for newborns
    I used these Medela bottles for a year and they stood up well to 5 days/week of pumping/feeding/washing (my son was exclusively breastmilk-fed, but I had to go back to work full-time at 2 months). They are pricey, but overall I am glad I purchased them. I probably could have saved money buying cheaper storage containers or another bottle brand and using a conversion attachment to fit my Medela PISA pump (an Avent attachment is available through some Medela distributors or Avent), but I just bought these for convenience, and glad I did. Convenience is important to help continue pumping and breastfeeding, especially if you are returning to work full-time. We never tried any other bottle brands to compare, but we never had any real gas or spit-up issues.
    My son was overwhelmed at first with the fast nipples too, so I bought some Gerber NUK orthodontic newborn slow-flow nipples from BBRUS (our pediatrician recommended orthodontic nipples, like the Medela's). When he was older (4 months or so) he used these Medela nipples, and then around 8 months the Gerber NUK fast-flow nipples (note that the hole faces up when feeding from orthodontic nipples - this took us a little while to figure out).
    I never used the discs that fit inside the collar rings, because I used the coller ring, nipple, and cap for the daycare bottles and the regular solid lids for the bottles I pumped at work. I have never had a leak, although maybe if I packed the bottles with nipples upside-down this might have happened.
    If you are returning to work and exclusively breastfeeding, I would recommend investing the money and getting 3 sets of these bottles: 3 or 4 to send to daycare, 4 to pump at work, and a few in the freezer (important to keep an emergency milk supply frozen, and if some are already in the bottles instead of storage containers/bags, you can just warm it and pop on a nipple in a pinch).
    I also used the Medela Micro-steam bags for quick cleaning of the nipples and pump parts (the bottles and lids are faster to wash with a bottlebrush)....more info
  • Great bottle!
    I am a working mom who pumps and feeds my son from the bottle. He had a problem with spitting up. We bought 2 of these when I was going back to work so that we could have bottles at home for the day and I could take some to work. The nipples turned out to be the best that we have tried yet! They take a little getting used to because the baby has to put his whole mouth on it and get his lips in the little grooves, but once they get used to it they were wonderful! The hole being on top of the nipple keeps him from gulping so much and solved his spitting up problem. I haven't had any problems with leaks or anything. I love that it came with the solid caps AND the caps with the pop out middle for the nipple AND the nipple cover. We didn't buy them online so we paid a little more than the price here. I still think they are a great value. I will buy more and this time get them for the online price!...more info
  • Cheaper alternatives available.
    The bottle quality isn't great for the price. Dr. Brown's bottles (the narrow ones) screw right into the Pump In Style. So you can pump and use, just as you would with these bottles. If you use regular bottles, the Evenflo set is 1/3 of the price and fits right in. Or you can buy Evenflo bottles without the nipples for $4.99 to pour into other brands of bottles. I use Dr. Brown's - since those are pricey, when I use up all of those, I just use the Evenflo to store extra milk and pour it into the Dr. Brown's bottles. ...more info
  • Where's the 'No Star' rating?
    I was very disappointed in this product. It was highly recommended by the hospital, so I bought TWO sets of these bottles before my baby was born. After breastfeeding for about four or more weeks, I tried to get her to take a bottle and she refused the Medela nipple. We also tried the Avent nipple and she didn't like those, either. We finally ended up with the Playtex Premium. She only needed a small amount of coaxing to take those. Now she's a pro! (Anyone need my Medela set????)...more info
    I love these bottles because the nipples are perfect for newborns accustomed to the [...]! They are slow enough so baby won't take in to much milk and choke! Even if you don't own a medela pump, these bottles are the best for formula too!!...more info
  • Really convenient!
    I am really happy with this set. I bought two more sets to go with the ones that came with my Medela pump. It is really convenient to pump and store in the same container and then just attach the nipple and it's ready for dad or babysitter to feed. My daughter really liked the nipple and she was a tough one to get to even take a bottle. She seems to latch the same as with me so it works great. I would highly reccommend this set....more info
  • I love medela bottles
    I love medela bottles, I love that they are BPA free. I love this product, I like the way it looks, the only thing I HATE are the bottle nipples. They look horrible and my two month old daughter does not like them at all. I went online and got other medela nipples, those she likes. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby and am pumping extra so her dad can give her a bottle a day. The bottle size is perfect for newborns and infants under 1 year who are eating primarily at the breast and are just being given a few ounces of supplement size breastmilk or formula. My daughter prefers the breast, but she latched onto the Medela nipples without a problem, and did not experience any nipple confusion when going for her next feeding at the breast. The Medela nipples are very closely shaped like the real thing. Also, I love how the caps can be used for cup feedings, too.

    If you have a Pump In Style regular or advanced pump, you'll really like how you can pump directly into these bottles. Plus, it's good to have a few extra bottles that come with this kit, so you don't have to constantly wash the few that came with the pump and always have clean ones on hand. ...more info
  • Why make things more complicated?
    I really like this set, because it saved me research time. I just had my first child and I had no idea about what products to by, what types of nipples to use, etc. My baby loves the nipples that come with this set and he has no problem switching between the breast and the bottle. The set is easy to use and I have never had any leakage problems with it. When I am at work, I pump (medela travel-in-style) right into the bottle and then just screw the nipples and caps on and bring it right over to day care in the evenings and I place in the refrigerator for the next day! If you plan to be a working mom and want to breast feed your child - this will help you make it as easy as possible....more info
  • good for refrigerating milk
    I use this to refrigerate after I pump when I know I will be using the milk soon. It works well for this purpose....more info
  • Serves it's purpose: milk storage
    These of course work great with your Medela pump to pump milk into and store, but me and my 8 week old son hate the nipples that come with them; the hole is so big he nearly choked. I just replaced the nipples with some size 1 Nuk nipples and it works better, but I decided to just stick with my regular bottles and use these for milk storage. They seem pretty airtight and spill proof and they are a lot more convienient than pumping into a bag! Only problem is, like you do with bottles, you have to wash and sterileze them. But I think in the end you save more money since they aren't disposable....more info
  • Medela Nipples better than Avent for my newborn
    We started using Avent bottles at 4 weeks. Our baby had a lot of gas and it seemed difficult for her to negotiate the newborn nipple. We accidently came across this Medela feeding set. She is able to eat more efficiently without the corresponding gas issue, or fuss. The shape, plastic softness and multiple holes seems to make her much happier while using a bottle. Now, at 11 weeks, we are still using this system successfully....more info
  • Great even for formula!
    I got the Medela bottles because I intended on breast feeding my child. Unfortunatly I was unable to do that. But these bottles work wonderfully with formula!

    My daughter retains much less air with the Medela nipples and she seems to prefer the shape as well. I found that when I sterilize Gerber nipples they become "gummy" and "sticky", but the Medela brand holds up very well in our sterilizer.

    I think the Medela bottles stand the test of time, which ends up saving you money in the long run and my baby LOVES them!...more info

  • Decent set
    I do like this set. I have recently had to stop breastfeeding, but I still sterilize and use the bottles for mixing formula, but I know that my daughter will outgrow them soon (the bottles are only 5 oz.). My only issue with the set are the nipples... they are okay, they seem a little too flexible. My daughter sort of twists them up in her mouth and seems to get a lot more air than when we use the nipples the hospital gave us. However, the collars and caps are very convenient. All in all, not a bad purchase, even if i was only able to breastfeed for 6 weeks....more info
  • Must have for working mom's
    This is a must have for working moms who have the medela pumps. The extra bottles come in handy for transporting milk to daycare and for expressing milk on the job. Wouldn't live without the extra set....more info
  • Good for pumping and storage, bad for feeding
    I have a medela "pump in style" breastpump, so I use this set daily. It is great for pumping and for storage, but I can't use these nipples for feeding because the milk comes out of the nipple much to quickly (even though they claim to be "low flow" nipples). I had to buy Nuk's low flow nipples instead, and they have worked well with this set. So if you use this set, I would suggest buying other low flow nipples to use with it. Other than that, the set works well....more info
  • Good to have as a spare
    Working full-time and pumping at work and at home. Needed the extra set. Didn't hurt when I saw them come with the nipples for those emergency feedings in the car!...more info
  • Great!!!!
    I needed to pump when I went back to work and I bought a couple of these on top of those that were provided with the Medela Pump In Style. They are very resistant, easy to clean, and the rings and caps are very useful.
    I only put 4 stars because the nipples are useless if your baby is already using another brand, and I would have prefered another bottle and accessories instead. ...more info
  • Work well for feeding, pumping and storage
    These are the only bottles I use and they work well. They are very durable & dishwasher safe. I have a medela pump also. My daughter is breastfed and feeds from these well, except for with the slow flow nipples - I recommend a fast flow nipple unless you want to take over a half hour to feed your baby while he/she struggles to get the milk out. I should mention that she is not picky (becasue some babies are)about what type/brand of nipple she uses as long as the flow is not too slow. ...more info
  • Great for storage
    These are great for pumping and storing. Am very happy with them in that respect but baby did have problems feeding from this bottle so we went to the Avent for feedings. So basically we only use the bottles and screw on lids and that is it. ...more info
  • You're going to need this set if you have a Medela pump
    If you have a medela pump, you will need one or two sets of these bottles for milk storage and feeding. I originally starting pumping and storing the milk in the freezer bags (Lansinoh bags are the absolute best bags, no leaking, double zipper seals, very strong, and hold six ounces-the others only hold five)but when i discovered that I could freeze these bottles, i realized it would be much easier to pump into them and feed straight out of them. The nipples that came with the set were the weirdest ever, my baby just hated them so we don't use them at all. The caps are very handy too. The bottles will hold a full six ounces of milk, although you don't want to freeze them with that much milk, as you have to leave room in the bottle for expansion. The rings and nipples from our Gerber bottles fill just right, as would any other rings and nipples, i would imagine. They're pretty much universal in size, so if your baby doesn't like these nipples, just buy an inexpensive pack from another brand. I bought this set at Target, for about the same price as on this site, except without the shipping fee. I must say, I've been impressed with my pump in style advanced pump, and wouldn't trade it for anything else. If you're going to have the best pump, might as well have the best of bottles to go with it. These bottles are easy to clean with a bottle brush, or in the dishwasher. Make sure you have plenty, since you'll need two bottles to pump into each time. It does get tedious washing them frequently. Hope this review helps you...good luck....more info
  • Compatible with Mother's Milkmate!
    These bottles are great but are very pricey. I have a 2 month old and I was producing more more milk than he was drinking allowing me to store some in the freezer. I was hesitant to use the bags because I was afraid they would leak so I found myself wanting to buy more bottles, but for $18.99 for 6, I needed to find another alternative. I did some research and found bottles made my Mother's Milkmate ( or on ebay) These bottles are compatible with the Madela breast pump and nipple rings. The refrigerator storage system is great too, you have to check out the website to understand what I mean. If you love these bottles, you've love the milkmate ones as well.

    Hope this helps and saves you money!...more info
  • great
    I bought several different bottles and nipples; these always remained my favorite. I wish they had 8oz bottles as well. When my son needed bigger bottles, I bought bigger bottles but continued to use the madela lids, caps and nipples....more info
  • Product is fine, price is too high
    If all you want is something to pump into and/or store breastmilk in, this won't let you down - but you can get many more bottles for your money going with the 4oz evenflo or gerber bottles, both of which come in BPA free versions. (The colored plastic evenflo are BPA free, not the clear plastic ones) Both brands will screw onto Medela pump hardware and are light enough to do hands-free pumping....more info
  • Wonderful!
    This is the best set I have seen! It is so easy to go from the pump to the freezer to the bottle! It makes me happy to know that even though I cant be there to feed him he is still getting my milk!...more info
  • Work great
    I love these bottles, granted I don't use all the stuff they come with it, I have my own nipples and rings. But I love the bottles and caps. I use them to freeze and store my breastmilk for daycare and they are sturdy and compact. Also, I just have to defrost them and they are ready to use. That's why I chose not to use bags, they seemed like too much trouble- I would rather pay the extra money and have plenty of bottles. I have been using these bottles since I got home from the hospital and would bottle feed him from time to time. I only gave it 4 stars because I don't use all the accessories, otherwise I would have said 5 stars....more info
  • Too Expensive!
    I wish I had not bought these BEFORE I really had experience with pumping and feeding, didn't know what I needed and just got the set that goes with the pump. This week I went to my nearby and bought *16* 4 oz Evenflo bottles ...- no nipples but I don't need too many more. I don't see the Evenflo bottles on the site, sorry. My 5 wk old baby is also having some issues with these nipples, as noted by the other reviewers below....more info
  • Use Gerber bottles for pump
    The medela bottles are fine for collection which is what I use them for. Then I pour the milk into Avent bottles. Anyway, I got sick of washing the Medela bottles EVERYDAY, but didn't want to shell out the $$ for more Medela bottles. Gerber bottles work just as well on the pump and are only $1 per bottle!!...more info
  • Great set
    These bottles are the only ones that my daughter will take. The day she came home we started useing the Avent system but started using these once my milk came in because we didn't have to transfer the milk into Avent bottles after being pumped. From then on it has been smooth sailing... the nipples are really soft and flexible, the hole is on the top of the nipple so she doesn't get squirted in the back of the throat and choke. I do have a few complaints though, I agree that the "sealing disk" are a silly thing, I ended up only using the whole caps. Also, the nipples only come (as far as I know) in "slow flow" and my daughter sucks so hard that the nipple will sometimes go from round to flat because she creates so much suction on it. Other than that, they are the only bottles my "bottle snob" will currently take....more info
  • The Lids and Nipples LEAK constantly, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY
    I bought a Medela pump (love it!) and some bottles came with it. I also bought an extra set of bottles. It was a complete waste of money. I am telling you - these bottles leak out of the top between the o-shaped lid and the nipple. DO NOT BUY THEM! If you're concerned about freezer storage, just buy the Medela pump and save bags, they work great. For pumping, you can attach almost any bottle and store those in the fridge. Seriously, this is such a hassle. You can't take these bottles anywhere without spilling all over and you don't want to mess with them at 3 a.m. when they're dumping milk all over you child, trust me!...more info
  • Good bottles
    I have not had a problem with using these bottles on my older model of the medela pump. Very helpful to have extras!...more info
  • Almost perfect
    I used this set with the Medela Pump in style for my daughter (now 20 months) and am about to purchase it again for number two. I went back to work when my daughter was 5 months, but breastfed her till she was 11 months, so had lots of experience with the set, which was small convenient, easy to use and interchangeable with other niples and bottles for when she got older. My only complaint is that I culdn't buy a steam steriliser to accompany the set (as you can with Avent systems) as boiling the bottles every day was a real chore. ...more info
  • baby bottles
    we used these bottle because they are compatible with the medela pump. the 5oz capacity is much better than the tiny 2oz ones. my wife was very happy when they came. I would check to make sure these don't have bisphenol A (BPA), we didn't know about back when we got them. fast shipping....more info
  • Great set!
    We've been using this set for our 4 month old and I love the fact I can pump right into the bottles and freeze or refrigerate. It's easy to put the nipple/ring on later for feeding. A big selling point is they are BPA free and 5 oz bottles. ...more info
  • Bottles are great but nipples flow too quickly
    The bottles are fantastic for storing milk either in the freezer or fridge. It is much easier than struggling with storage bags and you don't have to worry about the bottle breaking and wasting your milk.

    The reason I give this 3 stars is because the nipples flow too quickly. When inverting the bottle, milk comes out at about 2 drops per second. I thought the nipple design might slow the flow when it was in a mouth so I let my 3 month old son try it. He was choking on the milk and gasping for air because the milk was coming out too fast. Had I not removed the bottle to slow him down frequently, he would have finished 3 ounces in 2 minutes. When I feed him from an Avent bottle with a newborn nipple, 3 ounces normally takes him about 10 minutes to finish, which is almost identical to when he is breastfeeding. I was told by a lactation consultant that any bottle should require the same or more effort than breastfeeding to decrease the chances of your baby becoming a lazy eater and preferring the bottle over breast. Needless to say, I'm keeping the bottles and throwing away the nipples....more info

  • Good bottles, terrible nipples
    I purchased these botttles due to them being BPA free and I am using a Medela pump. I agree with other reviewers that they are nice to pump into for storage and I feel comfortable warming them (vs. a polycarbonate bottle with BPA) - but the nipple that comes in this set is TERRIBLE. It flows much too fast and my 1 month old has choked each time I try to use the nipple. I am going to try using a different brand nipple with the bottle. Overall, they are less expensive than other BPA free bottles and the 5 ounce size is convenient for newborns/young infants. I have also used the Medela 2.7 ounce pump and store bottles (with the white lids) and find these are a very convenient size for freezing....more info
  • If you need more bottles to store milk it is a waste of mone
    I bought these for I needed more bottles to store freezer breastmilk. If you are going to use them also for feeding I found the nipples to flow to quickly for my little one. I used a different bottle for feeding and wish I would have gotten website before purchasing as I got their mother milkmate storage system for 27.00. It includes 10 5oz bottles and a handy rack for the freezer keeping oldest milk in front. The 27 also includes shipping - The bottles fit on both medela and ameda breast pumps. It is well worth the money and wish I hadn't bought the medela bottles as they are no longer being used....more info
  • Other options
    These bottles are great because they're very durable and fit well on the pump. My 8 week old breastfed baby found the nipples easy to latch on to, but the flow occasionally choked him. He does better with the Avent nipples. If you're working full time and looking for some extra bottles to use with your Pump in Style, Babies R Us sells a four pack of Evenflo classic bottles for $3.99 which fit perfectly, are dishwasher safe and also sturdy. They do not, however, come with extra nipples. They're great for storage of fresh breastmilk in the fridge that will be used for the workweek. ...more info
  • Fine for storage
    These are fine for storage, but I got tired of having to pour into other bottles to feed. I found the Avent pump conversion kit online and bought that. With it, I can screw the Avent bottles I use to feed my baby right onto the shields. That was a better buy than this....more info
  • Containers are great, although the nipples seem to have too fast of a flow.
    The containers are great, and all total, I have eight of these containers. I also have four Lansinoh containers which also work with the medela pump that I have. I prefer the Medela 2.5 oz. containers for freezing because they have an area where you can write the date with a dry-erase marker. I have twenty-four of the 2.5 oz, and that is what I use for freezing. When using the bottle part of these, the nipple seems to have a much faster flow than the Nuk Orthodontic Slow Flow bottles as my son gets a lot of milk dribbling down his mouth and shirt when we use these. My son does very well on the Nuk Slow Flow bottles -- So I don't use the nipple part very often, but the containers are nice and convenient and a great size for pumping and storing at work....more info
  • easy storage
    These were the perfect size for storing my milk. I only had one problem,but it was fixed by the company VERY quickly. I had dropped two of the bottles and the tops of the lids sheared off. It seemed I would have had better luck storing the milk in a soda bottle! Once I called the customer svc line for medela, they overnighted me 4 new lids free of charge. They were very understanding and willing to help. Even though I had a product that wasn't as great it could have been (I just figured machines do get mucked up sometimes too), the customer service made it worth it. ...more info


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