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Give baby fresh food without risk of choking. The Baby Safe Feeder was invented by a dad whose baby nearly died choking on a biscuit. Its patented mesh feeder allows you to feed baby fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats safely (while teaching baby how to chew). Makes a terrific soothing teether just fill with ice or frozen fruit. Kit includes two complete feeders, plus two extra pouches. Sanitary and dishwasher safe. For ages 5 months to 2 years. Made in the USA

  • Lets baby enjoy food with no fear of choking
  • Feeder keeps large food pieces safely contained inside a fabric mesh bag
  • Easy for baby to suck or chew minimizing the risks of choking
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Great concept!
    although i don't have this specific feeder, i do have one by Sassy. the whole idea is great, and my 7 month old son loves it. we also looped a pacifier keeper around the handle so that when we go out to eat we don't have to worry about it falling on the floor. i got the Sassy brand one at k-mart for $4, it has a few bonus features such as the inside part of the handle (not the part you hold, but the part that is on the inside of the bag) is filled with water that keeps the food chilled if you want. Also a big bonus is that it comes with a cover so that you can cap it and put any unused portions away for later, and the mesh bag won't touch anything. it also has a safety feature, like on pill bottles--that clicks so you know it is secure, and has 2 buttons to push on while turning that releases it. it's a great invention whichever one you buy, i highly recommend the Sassy brand....more info
  • disposable
    This feeder is a great idea! Except, it's pretty much disposable! The feeding bag looks horrible after the very first time we used it (we put a third of a banana - the leftovers are impossible to wash off!) It's going to be pricy to buy the set of extra bags if it's good enough only for 1-2 feedings.

    The manufacturer needs to come up with a new idea of a reasonable and practical replacement bags, FIRST!

    I'm not buying it again! :-(...more info
  • Fantastic
    I buy one of these for every pregnant woman I know and every one of them has thanked me months later! My daughter would get so excited when she saw me take it out because she knew something yummy was coming!...more info
  • Great but better one for less at Target
    At first I really liked this. My 9 month old daughter loved munching on fruit with this. But, when I tried to clean it I realized that it was a bit more work than I expected. You can purchase new netting for it but why spend the extra money when you can buy one by Munchkin at Target for less? The Munchkin brand has a levered top so you don't have a bunch of seperate parts to monkey with. Also - not to be weird but on a taste test the Munchkin brand had no taste while this one seemed to have a little, bitter taste. For $3.00 go with the Munchkin one. You will need to not only run it through the dishwasher but also give it a thorough once over. Sometimes little bits if food gets stuck in the netting (but in this one and the munchkin brand). Whichever you decide to go - this is a great invention!...more info
  • Must have baby item
    Aside from the ease of feeding baby and the ability to keep baby from choking - this is a parent's dream for dining out. My husband and I love to go to resturants but don't think it's fair to make other diners listen to noisy or crying children. With careful timing (ie, not near naptime, before dinner but not too far before) and this feeder we were able to resume dining out at will without disturbing other patrons or creating an insane mess for the server to clean up. By popping a variety of items from our plate in the feeder, our older daughter kept herself entertained and became used to eating out. We would feed her after we left, and she would snack on the feeder while we dined. Now we are ordering more for our second child, and our 4 year old has fantastic resturant manners because she is so used to going out and being expected to behave....more info
  • i hope i didnt waste my money
    i believe this is a good product but its not suitable for my 14 month old daughter. she screams when i show it to her and wants all her fruits in hand to chew on her own. she has 4 teeth up top and 2 on bottom. since she was younger, she has been excellent about not swallowing what she knows wont fit down her throat. i plan to use the feeder with my next baby due in 2 weeks as soon as he is ready to use it and hope he favors it. ...more info
  • A parent's best friend....Baby's, too!!
    We started using this feeder when my son was just 3 months old. He loved the flavor of melon, but we were uncomfortable with letting him bite on a piece of melon for fear he might choke. The baby feeder was the perfect answer.

    You can cut up just about anything and place it in the feeder bag. We even put lightly frozen grapes in it when my son was teething. We used it mostly for fruit, especially melon, grapes, pears, and strawberries. I will admit that it can be messy to use this feeder, but it was totally worth it to us to give our son a chance to learn to love fresh fruits. Enjoy!!!!...more info

  • Greatest invention for babies, EVER!
    Well, I think this is the best thing ever. My son started using it around 6 months. He started showing an interest in "big people food", so I figured this would be a great way for him to explore new tastes! He has had bananas, meat sticks, diced fruits and vegetables, ice cubes, cheerios and all sorts of crackers/biscuits! In my opinion, it isn't hard to clean, it just takes some time! What do you expect though? A tiny mesh bag that food has just been sucked out of, c'mon, be patient! And for those of you who didn't rate it high because your children weren't interested in it, thats just bad luck :) I would say that it depends on how picky your child is! Our son will try anything once! Thanks for coming up with such a great idea! This is my shower gift from here on out!
    Thanks Again!
    Mommy to Hayden!...more info
  • Love this product!
    I used this product when my 3 year old daughter was a baby and LOVED it! I now have a set of 8 month old twins and it is a lifesaver! Have you ever tried monitoring TWO babies while they were eating teething biscuits? And now they can enjoy fresh natural foods! A MUST have - I often purchase it as a baby gift!...more info
  • Love this Item
    We love this item. Not only does it allow for my son to feed himself all kinds of foods from frozen milk and frozen veggie cubes to graham crackers and teething biscuits, but it keeps him busy since he can 'do it himself' so that hubby and I can enjoy dinner together and not in shifts. Cleaning it has not been a problem at all...even when I left banana in it OVERNIGHT. (I don't recommend doing that...but if you will come clean). I took the advice of another poster who reviewed this product and clean the feeder with hot water, some vinager and denture cleaning tabs. Works beautifully. We've had our feeder now for about 2 months and use it practically everyday and we're still on our first bag. We LOVE it!...more info
  • Great product, just wish baby would use it.
    I became so exited when I read all the great reviews on this product. I went and bought two. One for me and another for grandma. Well, first day I put some fruit in it and my 6 month old seemed to love it, but he did not keep it in his mouth for very long. The next day he outright refused it! He would only chew on the handle, and whenever I tried to put it in his mouth he would cry. He would rather try to hold the food himself and eat it, but I am terrified of him choking. Has this happened to anyone, and if so, did they eventually use it if you keep on trying? I hope he will eventually use it because he loves teething biscuits, but he will bite large chunks out of it and I have to fish it out of his mouth....more info
  • A must have for all babies!
    Baby Safe Feeder

    I very first purchased one of these for my grand-daughter 6 year ago and have purchased many more for all of the grandbabies and friends with babies! These are awesome as you don't have to worry about the babies choking on crckers, cookies fruit etc! They are wonderful!...more info
  • He LOVES it!!
    Our son loves the Baby Safe Feeder. One of his favorite treats is frozen baby fruit juice--great for teething!! Be sure to buy replacement bags (they're easier to clean!)...more info
  • Great Idea
    I love this idea and so does my son. He had his first local gorn apple at 5 months old thanks to this product. He gnawed that thing to death. We keep one at home and oone in the diaper bag for when we got out. It is easy to clean and is one less thing to worry about. Of course supervision is still required but makes you feel safer knowing the baby is eating healthy food and staying safe from choking....more info
  • Great Product
    My baby loves this feeder. She just turned 6 months old and the baby feeder can keep her busy and satisfied, when other items such as, teethers and blankies, get old. In order to help me clean it, I bought a small inexpensive toothbrush. It really helps the cleaning process. So I would definitely recommend it....more info
  • The best $10 money can buy!
    This was absolutely fabulous for my family. We used it with frozen fruit for teething, and just about any snacks my baby wanted to eat. I never had to worry about her choking and it was so easy to clean.

    I truely reccomend this product for worry free feeding!...more info
  • Baby Safe Feeder "THE BEST"
    Three years ago my twin girls enjoyed a large variety of fruits and veggies. The Baby Safe Feeder was like an extra pair of hands.
    Now I have a 5 month old son who is teething. I purchased the Munchkin feeder because it was less expensive and I couldn't find my Baby Safe Feeder.
    After I used it I discovered that I couldn't take the bag off of the feeder to wash it. Then I realized that I would have to buy a new feeder every time I wanted a new, or clean bag. It turns out that the Baby Safe Feeder is a better buy and a superior product.

    Mary J from NJ...more info
  • Best gift ever!
    I love love love this! I give this as a gift to everyone I know who has a baby. The babysafe feeder got my daughter to like fruit, learn how to chew, soothe her when she was teething, and generally keep her occupied for an extra 15 minutes or so. It is a wonderful product and I can't say enough about it. Definitley get the replacement bags with it because they can get grimy pretty quickly, and FYI - bananas are a pain in the neck to get out of the feeder bag. Frozen grapes work well, and any other fruit. We even put some meat in it once. Love it!...more info
  • Great product
    I bought this for my 6 month old who is very restless in her highchair. She was very content with this product. The first time I used it with bananas and she loved it. I want to provide healthy food for my baby and this helps me out alot. Not to mention without the worry of a choking hazard. I would have rated this product with 5 stars, but it is a pain in the neck to clean. Food does get stuck in it and takes quite a bit of work to get out. However, I will take the advise of the other comment and buy more bag refills....more info
  • I have a ton of these!
    They're great. I gave them to my triplets when they were younger. I put melon, fresh fruit, strawberries, and veggies in there. It really helped their love of fruit and veggies! I've got about 8 of these at least! I keep one at the diaper bag so I can feed the baby on outings! It even seems to really hold the juice in it. ...more info
  • Great for a snack
    I LOVE this item. I have a preemie who is almost a year now. I was so scared of feeding him "real food", he was constantly gagging on the biscuts, cheerios, and crackers. He's behind in his grabbing ability, so fruit on the highchair tray wasn't working! I got this item after thinking about it for awhile. My son's first tooth was coming in and he wasn't happy with any of the "cold teethers", so I thought I would try this for a frozen fruity treat. I use this maybe once a day, usually with frozen watermelon, cantaloupe, and bananas-sometimes frozen. My son LOVES it and totally "got it" the very first time I gave it too him. Yes, he chewed on the plastic part, but that's exploring. No, its not a breeze to clean, but there are replacement bags and keeping its very own toothbrush to clean it helps a GREAT deal. I think its worth the extra effort to clean to see my son enjoy a real fruit snack so much so that he will cry when you take it from him when he has "sucked it dry"!!! ...more info
  • In reguard to the one made by Munchkin
    A wonderful gadget! My son loves munching on fresh grapes and bananas through the netting.

    The one from Munchkin FALLS APART!!!! This one may be a little more difficult to clean but... we've had the $3 version for about 2 weeks and my 6 month old son can pull open the lever, which by the way is starting to break off.

    BUY THIS ONE INSTEAD!!!!...more info

  • Well worth every penny!
    I bought this for my son (now 2), and again for my daughter (6 months) when she was born. I absolutely love my baby safe feeder. We do use it for food, but more often, we fill it with ice. Especially while out at restaurants. The ice works great to keep baby happy, is healthy for baby, and when teething time comes, is fantastic to sooth those sore gums.

    I am now buying another baby safe feeder as a gift. I love this product! It's inredible that so few people know about it still!

    I have given and will continue to give this as a gift to all new (and veteran) mom's for baby-to-be!...more info

  • A sanity saving product
    My independent 7 month old wants to feed himself. We tried giving him tiny bits of food, crackers, and teething biscuits but he would inevitably gag on some piece. I read the reviews on this product and bought it for him. I LOVE IT! He can now eat fruit, vegetables, and crackers without gagging. We give him his teether whenever we eat dinner (home or at restaurants). We get a peaceful meal, he gets a variety of nutritous snacks (which keep him entertained and happy), and we all get to eat together as a family. I will definitely buy this for future baby showers. Much thanks to the maker of this product!...more info
  • Mom
    The idea of this product is great and that is why I bought it. It has one major problem. To get it clean again is almost impossible. I used it first with a banana and since I could not get all of the banana out of the mesh I ended up tossing it. It came with an extra mesh and I used an apple in that. It met with the same fate....more info
  • A++ Product
    I bought this product before our daughter was born because it seemed like a good idea. It turned out to be money very well spent. She loves it. I love it. I am able to feed her fresh fruit and know that she is getting good nutrition, learning new tastes, and will not choke. I've used bananas, pears, canteloupe, watermelon, grapes, etc. I am buying them for baby shower gifts now too. To get it as clean as possible again, I soak it in a very dilute solution of bleach water. It works nicely....more info
  • Great for teething babies!
    As many reviewers have pointed out, this product is difficult to clean. The first time I used it with frozen slices of banana, I nearly threw away the mesh bag after trying to clean it (and I did everything recommended, including using a soft brush, effervescent tablets, etc.)

    I came upon a different way of using frozen items to help my son's teething pains, and also an easier way to make clean up a breeze. Frozen baby food (such as applesauce, pears and bananas) is MUCH easier to clean from the mesh bags. I fill ice cube trays about 1/2 way full with baby food and freeze it, and the cubes fit nicely into the mesh bag. I have ordered a small baby food mill, and look forward to grinding my own food in the future instead of relying on processed baby food from the can.

    I love this product, and will definately give this as a gift at my next baby shower....more info
  • good at first
    My son used it alot for fresh fruit when he was about 5 months old. However, by the time he was 8 months old he refused to use it... he insisted on picking up the food with his fingers and eating it normally....more info
  • Get One for Grandma's House too..
    After reading the inventors story inside the package, I went out and bought one for grandma's house. She is always nervous about the baby choking on teething biscuits, so this gave her peace of mind. You do need to break most bisquits in thirds to get them in the net, but it is well worth it.

    As others have said, some fruits are a bit hard to clean out of it, but I found if I hand wash them & get most of the gunk out, then throw them in the dishwasher they are great....more info

  • Taught my son to chew solid food!!!!
    This is how my son learned how to chew solid food, after gagging every time I tried to give him even the softest solids. He learned how to chew in a week!!!!! Need I say more? G-R-E-A-T!!!!!...more info
  • Great idea ... especially useful for us during teething!
    When my 5-month-old started teething, my father-in-law tried to put crushed ice in a Zip-loc bag so she'd have something to chomp on (she wasn't a fan of chilled teethers). We started using cold fruit to soothe her gums, but even without teeth she managed to break of chunks and I'd have to pry open her mouth to fish out the pieces. This simple little plastic and mesh device has worked very well for us. At first we used to fill it with crushed ice, but then started putting fruits or veggies in (as mentioned on the packaging) and it works great for that as well. We even take it with us to restaurants so she can chew on pieces of fruit. I like that she can hold onto it herself and I don't have to worry about her choking (there's no way she could fit anything but the tip of the mesh in her mouth). I have had such good luck with this product that I'm already stocking up on them to give to girlfriends as shower gifts....more info
  • These are great!
    I highly reccomend these feeders. Not only can you use them to get your baby eating fruits and veggies, but they're great teethers. Just freeze/refrigerate soft foods like bananas or peaches, and they make a sweet teething treat. Whenever I see one of these on sale or still in the package at a used baby store, I grab it. I buy them new for friends all the time!

    The only thing I would comment on is the reccomended age on this site. 4 months is REALLY early to be starting a child on fruits and veggies. It's only reccomended that you start your child at rice cereal from 4-6 months. Also 24 months!? You are KIDDING me right? Thats why they break so easy, is because kid's with teeth take one chomp and of course they're going to break. I believe the key time for this feeder is between 6-7 - 12-13 months (of course, depending on your child!). Once they can eat veggies and fruits by picking them up, then they probably don't need this all the time. However I still use them even though my kids are able to pick up their own food now, in the car, because then they don't make a mess. ...more info
  • I'd save your money...
    This item seems like a good idea, but after purchasing two I feel that we've fallen victim to "new parent baby marketing". Our baby wasn't interested at all in sucking on anything in it. She woudln't even go for fruits that we knew she loved. I'm guessing the mesh is too distracting or annoying to them(?) She would just shake it around, bang it, or throw it. Also, it's a total pain to clean it. The netting never gets clean in the dishwasher.
    Save your money on this one....more info
  • Save your money.
    This is a great concept, but didn't work for me. The product works well at allowing a baby to eat virtually anything solid without choking, but I found it to be very difficult to clean the mesh bags. I spent way too much time trying to dig out all the pieces of food stuck in the very small holes, even used a brush and still had trouble. As a matter of fact, I never got all of it out. So i eventually gave up and used it for a teether. I would put icecubes in it and my baby would have a field day chomping on it in the hot summer months. Another plus is that it's fairly easy for a baby who is at the self-feeding age to hold. Keep in mind that you do have to buy replacement bags if you continue to use over a long period of time. I suppose some will love this and won't mind dealing with the lengthy cleaning up process, but I couldn't take it anymore....more info
  • I must be missing something
    I used this twice, once with a teething biscuit and once with banana and found it impossible to clean. Washed it several times then put it through the dishwasher and what came out was a disgusting mess. I threw it away. Everyone else here seems to love them - what am I missing?

    Also, Target sells a version by Munchkin that's less than half the price....more info

  • Caused a rash after each use
    A neighbor had recommended this product and it sounded great. I bought it along with extra bags and my baby loves it. We have used it several times and have found two major problems with it. It is really a pain to clean but worse than that - my baby breaks out in a rash around his mouth after each use, despite us washing his face immediately after he is done eating. We have determined that he is allergic to the mesh and won't be using it again. What is it made of anyway?? I threw the packaging out and wish I had kept it....more info
  • works just fine
    My son seems to like this. Though if he bangs it around enough, the ring becomes slightly loose. Haven't had any problems cleaning the mesh bag. ...more info
  • You can attach it to the FP Deluxe High Chair!
    I was afraid that my baby would throw/drop this and break the ring, but then I discovered that I could link the handle to the attachment on the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Highchair. It works great!...more info
  • My Daughter Loves this Product!
    This is perfect for little ones to begin chewing on fruits, veggies and even meats....more info
  • Baby Safe Replacement Mesh
    I only rate it a 3 because I haven't tried it yet myself. However, I did look up the product and found that there are Baby Safe Feeder Replacement bags. They come 4 per package, are top rack dishwasher safe (or utensil basket). They cost around 7.99

    This should help in alleviating the frustration some have expressed regarding the cleaning process....more info

  • Worth Every Penny!!
    I had seen this product in the store, but had put off buying it thinking it wasn't necessary. Then one day I realized how much my daughter LOVED whole friuts vs. the baby-food puree & it was also the first time she choaked on anything... a piece of peach. A few days later I had the safe feeder & its great to let her sit in her highchair and eat on her own. Nice break for me to do paperwork at the same time too, instead of cutting up small pieces for her!! :) Excellent product. Leahs Mommy :) ...more info
  • Happy Baby = Happy Mom
    This is one of the best baby products ever! My 9 month old daughter is very high needs and this is the only thing that will keep her occupied for more than 30 minutes. It not only gives her healthy, fresh snacks to eat but it gives me much needed free time to do things like cook dinner. I wish I would have purchased this for my now 4 year old son when he was small. He nearly choked to death on a meat stick. I plan on buying more to always have a clean one on hand. ...more info


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