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Hundreds of thousands of parents worldwide have found they can 'Get it tight, with Mighty-Tite.' Fit Mighty-Tite onto any seat belt, lift the ratcheted handle a few times and you can easily remove unwanted slack for a tight car seat fit. It's really that easy. Manufactured to the highest standards, Mighty-Tite has been extensively crash tested and is continually recognized around the world, winning accolades and awards for its outstanding design and performance.


  • Easy to use and portable
  • Extensively crash tested
  • One per pack

  • As many years of research have revealed, the best way to keep your baby safe while riding in the car is to place them in a car seat that has been properly installed, with restraints that have been properly adjusted for a snug fit. The Mighty-Tite car seat belt tightener makes car seat installation easier by allowing you to tighten your vehicle's seat belts and reduce the amount of slack around the base of your baby's car seat. Installation is very easy. After positioning the tightener next to the car seat and fitting your vehicle's seat belt through the included spindle slot, simply ratchet the tightener's handle until the seat belt is snug around the base of the car seat. Removing the belt tightener is also very fast and easy. --Chris Burns
  • Child proof release
  • Tightens any car seat in seconds
  • Fits onto any seat belt
  • Works with all carriers and car seats
  • Lift the ratcheted handle a few times and easily remove unwanted slack for a tight fit

Customer Reviews:

  • Unsafe Aftermarket Product
    There is a review on this site saying the reason CPSTs don't recommend this is because then we'd be out of a job. No, the reason we don't recommend these is because they're unsafe and do more harm than good.

    The instructions for this product actually negate the use of it. It says "instsall per carseat manufacturer's instructions" and then put this on afterwards. If you install the seat following the manufacturer's directions not only will you not need this product, you'll also note that it says not to add after market products to your seat.


    I'm one CPST who won't be losing their job by this product flying off the shelves. I'm a volunteer who pays for my travel, training and certification out of my own pocket. And I still don't like the Mighty Tite.

    If you are having trouble getting your carseat installed correctly, contact a technician in your area. They can be found via the Safe Kids website or through NHTSA most will more than happy to meet with you and help you learn to install your seat safely and correctly and without the use of an aftermarket product such as this....more info
  • Works, but not approved by NHTSA.
    I took my Alpha Omega car seat to the California Highway Patrol Substation in San Juan Capistrano along with the Mighty-Tite. We had made an appointment almost a month in advance for our one hour personal instruction.

    I asked him about the Mighty Tite and he said it was not approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( He could not recommend using it.

    He checked the car seat against the recall list and showed us how to install it and said not to have things loose in the car. They become flying projectiles in a serious collision.

    He cut a section from a four inch in diameter water noodle foam pool toy to level the seat. It doesn't scratch and does not compress.

    The CHP officer twisted the seat belt buckle (female socket end) to shorten it. He split the plastic housing of my new 330i.

    Day's later, the dealer used cyanoacrylate (Crazy Glue) to put it back together, but it was forever marked with the white foggy haze at the seam.

    I now use foam drawer liner / netting as an anti slip mat between the car seat and the leather upolstery.

    I still use the Mighty-Tite as needed when I'm unable to lock the car seat down so it won't move more than the one inch maximum without it. It is a bit bulky in small cars though.

    Bottom line:
    Not approved by NHTSA, but it does do a good job of tightening the seat down. You can skip it and have more play or use it to easily tighten the seat down to within the one inch maximum play room....more info
  • A must have
    Let's face it, it is virtually impossible to properly install a car seat. Why do you think such a large percentage of them are not installed correctly? Even if you follow the instructions exactly and tighten the seat belt as much as humanly possible, the seat will still usually move far too much.

    After struggling with installing my car seats, I dreaded having to switch them into a different car and reinstall them if someone else was watching my daughter or we needed a ride to the airport or something. I picked this product up about a year ago and will never go without one again. Installing the car seat is much faster, as you do not have to spend time kneeling in the seat and trying with all your might to tighten the seat belt (which really can't be done in most cars). The seat can be installed in mere minutes and will not move at all, even when you are dealing with a lap/shoulder belt combination. Switching the seat between cars is a snap now, so I don't need to worry if I need my daughter to ride in someone else's car. I am expecting another baby in October and am planning on purchasing another mighty-tite for his car seat. I will never again let one of my children ride in a car seat that doesn't have one of these attached....more info
  • Some of us need one
    I understand the people who install car seats who feel this item isn't needed and distrust its lack of crash testing, but my infant car seats are hand-me-downs without LATCH. My car has LATCH, but does not seem to have the kind of seat belts that stay tight. My car seat doesn't just get a little loose... you can move it 4 or 5 inches side to side if you try. It may be that a car seat tech could train me to do a better job with the locking clip, but I can't get it to stop this. And one of the seats was given to me without a locking clip at all. I have no problem tightening the seat belt enough - it just won't stay that way.

    This product allows me to tighten the car seat enough to meet the "one inch" spec. Nothing else has. So it definitely adds to my baby's safety.

    Finally- to the car seat techs- with the number of these that have been sold, it doesn't appear that anyone has come forward to say that it failed in a crash. Just because it hasn't been crash-tested does not mean it is unsafe. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with aftermarket goods as a rule, tho manufacturers will ALWAYS tell you otherwise....more info
  • Thats one tight seatbelt!
    Mighty Tight seatbelt tightener for car seat. Works as promised! great for travel in unfamiliar and rental cars - I tighten in onto the seat in back for travel! ...more info
  • worked well in car crash
    I bought this product because I was so afraid of the seat belt not being tight enough for the infant seat base. I have used this product since my son was just a few months old. I loved it. I never worried about the seat belt again. I was in a car accident with my child when he was almost 3 years old. I was still using this product with his forward facing car seat. My car was totalled (I drove a Saturn)...the only part of the car without damage was the roof & the drivers son's car seat was on the rear passenger side, so he recieved more of the impact than I did being the driver. I honestly believe that this product saved him from worse injuries than he recieved. He came out of the wreck with only scratches on the top of his head. Even though the Mighty-Tite makes the seat belt tight so that the car seat itself won't slide around, his car seat still fell over & that is what shielded his body & face from the glass. I don't know how it worked out that way, but if his car seat hadn't fallen to its side, I think that he may have been hurt more. The Mighty-Tite still worked fine after the wreck, & the seat belt never broke like some of the other reviews say. My son is now in a booster seat & we don't use the Mighty-Tite anymore, but I am pregnant with my 2nd child, I am definately going to use this product again with this baby. ...more info
  • Some where in the middle...
    Ok, I have read most of the reviews on this item. But first let start from the beginning.

    I came across the mighty tite while buying a second carseat. I thought I would try it out just to see since carseats can be a pain. I found it easy to use and very secure. Also worth the price. I was so happy with it I went to buy another one but they were sold out.

    Just out of bordem I thought I would search online, maybe get a cheaper price, and here I am. I read the reviews and found out very quickly that I needed to give my carseat more effort. I went outside and did my carseat with all my effort I had at 2:00 am and found the car seat was perfectly tight without the mighty tite.

    I still don't know where I stand. Everyone has made great points but in the end I feel like this. If an extra device has to be used to safen a safety product, something is being overlooked. In my case it was just time and effort I was putting carseat is great!!! go evenflo triumph 5!!...{{shameless plug!}}.

    Before you buy the mighty tite make sure YOU have done EVERYTHING you can to make it the seat tight. We dont pay hundreds of dollars on them for nothing. And also make the decision for you and your child. If it gives you peace of mind good for you, but I can't ignore my gut feeling....more info
  • Only use if you might crash.
    This is a great product, I use it for all 3 of my kids. This is the only way we have found to secure the car seats into the car. My wife was in an accident and our SUV tipped onto its side. I didnt have the mighty tite on the car seats at the time but the seats were installed correctly. My daughters car seat was still loose enough that it slipped sideways and she hit her head on the window. If you think you car seat is tight enough then install it correctly then grab onto it and jerk it back and forth with all your might. A 35 mile per hour collision would move the car seat a lot farther than you can push or pull on it. If your car seat moves maybe you should think what it would be like for your child sitting in that seat during a roll over or impact. Just beacuse a car seat sits nicely in the car doesnt mean it will remain secure during an accident. So give your car seat the tug test and see what happens. Then get a mighty tite, jerk the seat belt to lock it then crank it down with the mighty tite. (Dont forget to put something under your car seat as it will be so tight it could leave marks on your seats - I use a rubber car seat matt from kids-r-us) After you put the mighty tite on try the tug test again, you cant move the seat. It might be a little bulky and take a few extra minutes to install but I would say thats a sad excuse if something were to happen to your kids. ...more info
  • Mighty Tite Gave Us Peace of Mind
    Mighty Tite is a great product for securing your child's car seat. After installing the Mighty Tite, we could tell a noticeable difference in how secure the seat was in our car. Mighty Tite also makes transferring the car seat between vehicles alot easier and much faster process. I recommend it....more info
  • Awsome Product
    I bought this product and loved it. It helps to hold the carseat in place in the seat of your car. The carseat will NOT move. It ia amazing how good this product tightens the seatbelt. There is no slack to the seatbelt once the Mighty Tight is on. I highly reccomend this product well worh the $$!!!...more info
  • Very unhappy with Mighty Tite!
    I purchased this product recently and wish I had not. I got home with it ready to install. For my car seat, I have to use a locking clip, which evidentally means I need to follow a different set of installation instructions. According to the instruction pamphlet, these special instructions are available at the company's web site. I am not sure why they could not have included them in the pamphlet. After a long search, I found nothing on their web site about installing the product using a locking clip. So, not only do I not know the proper way to install this product, but now that I have done more research, I see that the product may not be as safe as claimed. ...more info
  • Highly recommend
    We use the Mighty Religously.

    And we were in a rear ending--unknown impact force as I was driving 45mph and was purposefully rear ended by a very agressive hit and run drive. I had to replace the rear door on my mini-van. The dent was rather impressive seeing as I was driving 45mph at the time.

    Mighty Tight had no problems.

    We did replace them and the car seats s suggested. We do relocate seats often enough that it hasn't allowed the opportunity for the belt to relax over time.

    It is a wonderful product....more info
  • Dangerous to your kid and your car!
    First off, this may have been crash tested, but since there are currently no regulations and no standards for it to meet, anything can say it meets the current standards. A piece of duct tape could claim the same thing. The biggest problem with this is that is winds all the seatbelt up in it. In a crash, if it breaks (which it very likely might do), your seat will be VERY loose at the exact instant you need it to be very tight.

    I have seen this item shred vehicle seat belts, cut through seatbelts (that would be fun in a crash), and jam seatbelts so they are no longer usable.

    If you can't get your seat in tight without an extra device (that most car seat manufacturers specifically say NOT to use) you aren't doing it right. If you seat gets loose after a few days, you aren't doing it right. If to get a correct fit, you need a device like this, either the car seat is incompatible with your car or, you guessed it, you aren't doing it right. In any of these cases, go see a certified child passenger safety technician. Yes, they have 4 days of training and that is enough to know how to install seats. If 4 days of training isn't enough, why would someone think one $15 device can solve everything? Get information from people who are educated specifically on car seats. You can find information on this at ...more info
  • Great device.
    I have two of these and have been very happy. I can't recommend it more. It is my #1 recommendation to a new parent. I think if used properly and you do not excessively tighten the belt the should work great. You need to practice putting it in. This includes making sure you have plenty of room to operate it as well as that you don't bind up the cord as you tight up the device. I also wouldn't accidently install it in such a way that you are tightening against a locked shoulder belt. Remember, it is to tighten up the lap portion and not the sholder part.

    I have also looked over a number of the negative reviews. One interesting thing about the negative reviews is that they seem to be cookie cutter (i.e. campaign to trash the product as specific key words "CPST", "Fireman", "Policeman", "Untested" show up on those review), don't provide any emperical evidence that there is something wrong with the product or feed upon each other (i.e. Someone submits a negative review solely based upon reading someone elses negative review). Please review ALL of the facts and make your own informed decision....more info
    I am a certified child passenger safety tech and these are not safe in anyway. These companies are not regulated by the government and do not have to meet crash safety standards NHTSA has in place. They put a little saying on the side saying they are recommended by pediatricians and so and so. It doesn't matter what it says. This is an aftermarket product and should never be used when installing a car seat. The Mighty Tite can not stand up to crash forces during a crash and will break off the seat beat. It can even rip the seat belt apart. With either of these things happening then your child and car seat are not protected in any way.

    If you can't get your seat properly installed please go the and find a local car seat tech to help you install your seat properly.
    ...more info
  • unnecessary item
    I received this as a shower gift and thought it was great. I installed it and used this until my daughter was 7 weeks old. Then I went to a car seat clinic. I was told that this item is very dangerous because it make the seat belt TOO tight and makes the seat belt not work as it's naturally intended, with a little bit of stretch. In an accident, it can make the seat belt actually snap apart, causing your baby/child to be flung around in the cab of the vehicle (in their seat). Although the packaging makes it sound as if it's been through testing, it has not been approved for safe use....more info
  • Good product
    I used the Mighty-Tite for all three of my kids when they were in infant car seats with a base. It was the only thing that got the base tight enough that it wouldn't move more than an inch. I wasn't aware that it's not recommended by fire departments or the NHTSB. I might think twice about using it again if I have another baby, but it worked great for the last three. ...more info
  • Mighty Tite is a car seat NECESSITY!
    I feel so much more secure with my baby's car seat fastened with the Mighty Tite. I am confident that it holds the seat down tighter and that the seat won't move around. It also makes it easier to take the SnugRide baby carrier out of the car seat base since it holds be base down tighter to the car....more info
  • Convenient for Parents, Concerning for Safety
    I have used the Mighty Tite with my son (who is now 10) but would not use it with my daughter (now 4).

    Seat belts are sewn with a small bit of slack built in. When you look at a seat belt, there is a label that says ,"If you can read this label, then this seat belt should be replaced." (or something to that affect.)

    The Mighty Tite's pressure on my '92 Miata's seat belt made this label visible. It is possible to overtighten and hinder your seat belt's ability to do its job.

    "Rip stitching is used on seat belts in conjunction with an air bag and seat belt pre-tensioners. During a collision the pre-tensioners initially pull the seat belt tight, however the stitching gradually tears to allow the occupant to move forward into the air bag at a controlled rate.

    For safety reasons, these belts must be replaced once they have had their stitching ripped. Manufacturers generally fit warning labels within the fold to indicate the belt is to be replaced when the label is revealed." [...]...more info
  • An excellent aid for older cars/seat belt systems
    There's a lot of controversy surrounding the safety of 3rd party items such as the Mighty Tite. I think each parent should weigh the pros and cons of using it in each individual car. I think in some scenarios, it's appropriate to use.

    I bought one a few years back after a friend recommended it to me, but I found it wasn't necessary with my 2002 Toyota Sienna. I was able to get the seat in tightly by itself. Fast forward 2 years; I'm now driving a 1992 Mazda MPV with the older, non-locking seatbelts. Having to use the locking clip makes it very difficult to get that tight fit with just the belt. Thankfully, I still had the Mighty Tite! Now, is is a very important tool that helps me install the carseat tight with minimal play.

    Now I have to wonder how long Amazon will be out of stock! I just had another child ealier this month and realized I need a second Mighty Tite! ;o)...more info
  • Research both sides.
    I think this is a very user-friendly product that when installed properly (just like child safety seats) will only enhance the safety of your child in the car. I have gone to the NHTSA website and looked up the Mighty-Tite testing results, after reading several of the bad reviews of this product.

    In the end, I would weigh what is most important to you. I have seen accidents in which the carseat was not tightened properly and the child either sustained severe injury or death. However, I do not like the idea of having a problem with the seatbelt durability due to overuse of the Mighty-Tite and possibly voiding any responsibility of the child safety seat or the car manufacturer.

    Here is what the NHTSA has to say about this product:

    The Effects of Seat Belt Tightness on Child Restraint Systems

    As a result of investigation and research into the issue of vehicle seat belt tightness and the potential effect of excessive tightness on a child restraint system(CRS), the following salient points are relevant to this issue:

    * In general, CRS design and construction takes into account the tension forces generated on the seat belt during both the manufacturer's recommended CRS installation process and the dynamic crash test.
    * Dynamic crash test forces far exceed those placed upon the CRS during recommended installation(by as much as 8 or 10 times), and therefore these extreme forces are generally relied upon to determine design and engineering specifications for the maximum required performance of the CRS.
    * During the CRS installation process, typically vehicle seats themselves are initially compressed as the seat belt tension on the CRS increases.
    * Empirical testing has shown that with excessive tightening of up to 100 lbs. of seat belt tension force, vehicle seats typically deform and/or are permanently damaged prior to any damage occurring to the CRS itself.
    * Even after excessive tightening of the seat belt up to 100 lbs., vehicle seats immediately begin to "relax" into a position that then relieves the seat belt tension over a short period of time, significantly reducing the overall tension force on the CRS to below 40 lbs.
    * Complaints and returns of CRS units for structural damage as a result of excessive seat belt tightening are virtually non-existent.

    Implications for the Mighty-Tite Seat Belt Tightener

    * When the Mighty-Tite is used properly, the tension force applied to the seat belt is comparable to the force on the CRS when it is installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations without the use of the device.
    * Even if excessive force is exerted through the use of the Mighty-Tite during CRS installation, due to the dynamics of the vehicle seat and the actual resultant force on the seat belt, there is no indication that CRS performance will be degraded....more info
  • Tightens seat when nothing else will
    I have to agree with many of the other reviewers... the sole fact that a product is "after market" or "not recommended by manufacturer" certainly does not diminish its worth in my mind! Certainly this product could be installed too tightly, but if you're going to ask your "certified car seat installation expert" about the one thing that typically is wrong with the way nearly all car seats are installed, they'll tell you that most ARE NOT INSTALLED TIGHT ENOUGH! Our minivan has leather seats and predates LATCH systems, but our carseats are new Britax that are very heavy... it is not possible for us to get them installed without them sliding several inches, at the base, side to side, unless we use Mighty Tite. It can be bulky, and we rented a minivan this summer that made its use impossible; as with your car seat, check out use with this product (should you choose to use it) along with your car seat before accepting a rental vehicle or making a new vehicle purchase.

    All this brouhaha over the certification of MightyTite reminds me of the FAA not "approving" the Baby B'air in-flight safety vest for lap children on airplanes... it's been approved for use for years in Europe, but in the USA they'll tell me I cannot have my child in this vest during takeoff and landing - does this make my child safer being held by my arms? I think not. Use your noggin - if you need a way to secure your car seat so that it does not move around too much, this might be a good fit for you....more info
  • A Product worth Researching
    Just from reading the reviews, I have noticed a few things. First, all the poor ratings were basically from carseat techs. Why? Probably because this product essentially negates the constant use of them, reducing the overall need and possibly costing jobs. Hey, who knows. A carseat that constantly loosens must be taken continually to carseat technicians and re-installed.

    Despite what has been posted here, this 'aftermarket' device has been tested. However, the CPS website also discusses the Mighty Tite and why they don't recommend it. I suggest you research both sides before you decide to use it.

    Hey, lets face it. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration NHTSA, approx 63% of carseats aren't secured tight enough with seat belts. As one carseat technician pointed out, they are trained for 4 days. Given that there are over 70 different models of carseats and hundreds of different automobiles, all with different angles to their seats, I find it hard to believe that 4 days of training is enough to give any technician the extreme knowledge of proper car seat installation. Only experience will do this. Don't get me wrong. I believe that CPS techs are essential, given that many parents constantly install their carseats incorrectly.

    Point is, something that will allow the carseat to be tightened enough not to have excessive motion is a bonus in my book. Try not to go rachet crazy and overtighten and you have a product that helps prevent movement.

    ..and NO, I don't work for Mighty Tite, *smile*, although it sounds like I'm the spokesmodel. I'm just a concerned mom trying to keep her child safe in his carseat....more info

  • If you have a carseat, you need one of these!
    With my first child a good friend and firefighter recommended this. I thought he was crazy! I got one anyways. It really keeps the carseat in place, and I couldn't imagine not having one! Now I have three kids, and all of them have one. Yes it is a pain to get the carseats in and out of my car, but it is worth every penny. After seeing what happens to carseats that don't have this, I am a believer for life....more info
  • DANGEROUS!!!!!!!
    You may think that this product is getting your seat in tightly and safely, but you are wrong. This product gets your seat in too tight and damages your seatbelt. With a damaged seat belt, there will be no portection for your child in a crash.

    I am a Certified Car Seat Technician and this is considered an "aftermarket" or "non-regulated" product. This means that the car seat was not tested for safety with this product on it. There is no way to tell how the product will react in a crash.

    If the product comes off the seatbelt during a crash, you will have a projectile floating about in your car likely hitting you and your child. When you are in a crash, you multiply your speed times the weight of the projectile to get its force. Consider 35 pounds of force hitting your child. Does that seem safe to you?

    You must also consider your ease of use vs. your child's safety. Is 10 minutes to make sure the seat is in tightly worth the possibility of this malfunctioning?

    The biggest mistake most people make when putting in a car seat is not putting weight into it when installing it. Put your foot, hand, knee, etc. into the seat when installing it. This takes out the extra air in the car's seat and gives you a tight fit.

    I understand that car seat instructions can be confusing, but seek out a certified tech to help. Most Health Departments and Police Departments have Certified Techs who would be happy to educate you on the easiest and safest ways to install a car Seat.

    Please do not buy this product and if you already own it, please stop using it---for the sake of your child and yourself.........more info
  • Tight.......!!! ITS REALLY FREAKIN' TIGHT!
    It gets a car seat in ANY car SO AMAZINGLY TIGHT!!!! My friends introduced me to it, and since then, I've given them as gifts and passed the word.....and EVERYONE says teh same thing....ITS AMAZING!!!!!!! Even for friends who were having issues getting their car seat to properly fit in their car!!!!! YAY!!!!...more info
  • Dangerous
    This item is dangerous. It weakens your seatbelt, and is not recommended by any credible safety group. Unlike car seats, this item was not tested by the government. Your child's car seat can be installed safely and tightly without this dangerous item....more info
  • Great product
    I ususally don't need this product, most of the cars I have put my daughter's carseat in have held the seat with less than an inch of wiggle room, but sometimes we do need it. My mother-in-law's car in particular has seatbelts that allow a lot of wiggle room. We have tried many times and ways to get the seat secured, but were unable to before getting this product. Sure I know I am not supposed to use an after market product in the installation of the carseat, but there was no other option for tightening the seatbelt (except for other after market products). Though I rarely use it I like having the mighty-tite as we are frequently moving the car seats between cars (grandparents, aunt and uncles, friends, etc.) and I don't always know if I will be able to secure the seat properly without it....more info
  • BEST THING EVER..........!!
    I used the mighty tight with the infant car seat for both my 3 year old and 2 week old. They work so well and I would recommed it to anyone especially if you have leather interior. It is so hard to not have your car seats move around no matter who installs them (my husband is a fireman). The mighty tight is the BEST, you wont be disapointed even if people dont recommend them. Considering MOST car seats are installed incorrectly, it is impossible to do it wrong with this device....more info
  • Best way to secure your carseat!!!
    This is great!!! It makes life so much easier when you need to take a carseat in and out. It also takes the guess work out of wondering if the seat is in tight enough. Great for women, since we can't always get the seat in as tight as our husbands :) Definately a must have!!!!...more info
  • 5 years of blissfull car seat installs
    I have never met someone that has istalled a car seat correctly. I show every person I come into contact with the correct way(to the best of my knowlege). Everytime its the same story, the seat has 6 inches of slack to move around instead of 1 inch or 0 slack,and they dont tighten the belts around the child with 1 finger space between shoulder and belt.
    The mighty tite has solved the tighting issue everytime. What I do is install the car seat without the mighty tite 1rst, then if theres any slack at all I will install my mighty tite. Is that so wrong. From what all these negative reviews have said, I dont think so. Its so rare for someone to go have there seat inspected(I wish everyone did) that this can save lives! Who can argue with that.
    ...more info
  • very usefull
    A friend recomended the Mighty-Tite, and it has been very usefull in my van. We have had difficulty in getting the carseats tight and this has been a huge help. I feel my kids are more safe....more info
  • Not Recommended by Professional Installers!
    We bought one of these when my son was a newborn (2 1/2 years ago) because we were concerned about his safety and took his seat to have it inspected at the hospital. They told us that these are not recommended and can be dangerous because they can come unlatched. Car seat manufacturers don't recommend them either. We had no problems getting his car seat installed tightly without this gimmick!...more info
  • Great for travelling
    While I would not feel comfortable relying on this product for everyday use, it works great for those travel situations when you have no idea what type of seatbelt configuration to expect... from the cab to the airport to your in-laws older model automobile. Pack one along (and make sure you test it on your own car before you need to use it) and feel safe knowing you have a fast, easy way to secure your car seat. I just returned home from a trip where the car seat was attached and reattached numerous times in various vehicles and I have no idea how I would have tightened the seatbelts (especially lap belts) in many of the autos without this device....more info
  • Fabulous Engineering! Great Product!
    I'm an engineer, and this product is fabulous, I used to participate in workshops to teach people how to properly install carseats. Most are installed incorrectly. This is a product that can help anyone properly install a carseat! It gets the seatbelt tight so that the seat won't move! It makes putting a car seat in correctly much easier and faster. A fabulous product, we're buying another one for number two coming in October! ...more info
  • Why?
    I got this for a shower gift. I kept it until a few days later when I went to babiesrus and saw the price. Wow!! A week before my baby was born, I had a perfessional install it. I did the same when I switched to a toddler carseat. As I am not a person who would be taking my child's carseat in an out of the car (I've done it probably 3 times in his 2 year lifespan), I would have used it 3 times. That much, for three times. Also, I asked the installer who told me it was not reccomended by them personally. It was actually even more expensive when I got it....more info
  • This works for me and my daughter.
    I really believe this makes a huge difference in the safey of my child when she is in the car. I recommend it to anyone worried about their car seat not being tight enough. ...more info


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