Evenflo 8-Ounce Classic Glass Nurser 3 Pack
Evenflo 8-Ounce Classic Glass Nurser 3 Pack

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Product Description

Evenflo Classic 8 oz. Glass Nurser - 3pk A classic glass bottle is for more than just a nostalgic look, especially when it's Evenflo. The bottles are easy-to-grip and retain heat. Plus, they don't stain as easily as plastic bottles do. The bottles have Sensitive Response nipple that adjusts to baby's sucking pressure for just the right amount of flow. The Micro Air Vents reduce the amount of air in your little infant's tummy.

Small and durable, the eight-ounce tempered glass bottles in the CustomFlow Nurser 3-Pack from Evenflo offer a simple and pleasurable feeding experience for both parent and baby. Easy to assemble and clean, each of these compact bottles come with a nipple, cap ring and nipple cap. Made especially for infants or babies who cannot yet hold their own bottle, the CustomFlow Nurser gives you the option of avoiding plastic bottles while still making sure feeding time is comfortable and safe for your baby.

The Evenflo 8-ounce CustomFlow Nurser offers:
  • Durable BPA-free construction.
  • Soft and flexible silicone nipple for the baby's comfort.
  • Includes nipple cap and cap ring.
  • Eight-ounce size.

The CustomFlow Nurser retains heat and cold well. View larger.
Safe Alternative to Plastic Bottles
These BPA-free glass bottles help you avoid the risk of baby possibly ingesting chemicals while feeding, providing a safe alternative to common plastic bottles. The CustomFlow Nurser also retains heat and cold well and avoids staining, making clean-up a breeze. And you can see right through them so it's easy to gauge exactly how much baby has consumed.

Responsive Nipple and Micro Air Vents for Comfort
The CustomFlow Nurser comes complete with soft and flexible silicone nipples that respond to baby's sucking pressure for a comfortable feeding experience. Micro air vents help to promote an even flow of liquid to keep air out of baby's tummy, helping to reduce gas and prevent the nipple from collapsing. The slow flow nipple is ideal for newborns up to three months old.

About Evenflo
For over 85 years, Evenflo has been a worldwide leader in the development of innovative infant equipment and is now one of the nation's leading manufacturers of high quality baby care and juvenile products. Evenflo began as a company that solely distributed baby care products. They have now expanded to manufacturing products, like car seats, strollers, high chairs, play yards and activity centers, that meet all the needs of children from birth to the pre-school years.

  • Three pack of 8 oz. glass bottles
  • Micro-vents allow even flow of liquid, prevent nipple collapse
  • Includes 3 bottles and 3 slow-flow nipples.
  • Recommended for newborn to 3 months

Customer Reviews:

  • I love these bottles
    We bought these glass bottles due to the plastic bottle scare. They were actually cheaper than the plastic Advent bottles I used for my first child! I love how cute they look and how easy they are to clean. They travel well, they are made of sturdy glass and come with a little disk that fist between the bottle and the nipple to keep the milk from leeking out into the diaper bag....more info
  • Nice glass bottle and BPA free
    I like the fact that is glass and BPA free. I voted 4 stars because it leaks when mixing the formula. I am getting the Born free for the 8oz, because it's wide neck for easy cleaning, leak free and BPA free. ...more info
  • no cap rings
    I think the product itself is fine, but I was disappointed to find that the bottles did not come with a cap ring to hold the nipple on. I tried using Dr Brown rings, and they do fit, but they leak. I cannot find rings sold separately anywhere, so I have not been able to use these bottles. In the description of this product, it says that cap rings are included. ...more info
  • glass nurser
    this is the only bottle i will use with my new born baby with everything that is going on in china now............more info
  • Excellent Glass Bottles
    I have been searching for some glass bottles with all this talk of BPA's in plastic bottles. I have been using these Evenflo glass bottles for a month now, and I love them. They retain the heat better than plastic, and they seem to wash better as well. I can't say enough good about them!...more info
  • Excellent!
    We LOVE these glass bottles. I have dropped these all over the place and never one has broken. Though, I have yet to drop one outside on the pavement. My daughter had a hard time with the natural rubber nipples at first (when she was less than one month old). She wasn't strong enough to work it and ended up swallowing a lot of air causing colic. YUCK! So, we switched to the silicone for about 2 or 3 weeks (easier to pull the milk through), so she learned how to get her milk more easily. Then we switched back to the natural rubber nipples, no excessive gas problems since. Also, we were screwing the rings on too tightly, so we had to loosen those up a TINY bit to allow a little air in when she sucks. I love that they aren't terribly expensive. Babies and kids are expensive enough, so I was thankful to be able to find something I felt comfortable with that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We have 6 4oz and 6 8oz, for us that's more than enough bottles for our now 5 month old. If you are worried about the weight, they are heavy in comparison to a plastic one. Our DD is beginning to figure out how to hold and grasp them. We have to help her, but it's no big deal to me....more info
  • glass is great, nipples for bottle are horrible!
    the bottles are great, bpa free etc.
    however, the nipples kept collapsing and there was no funnel for gas. i eventually switched bottles for my daughter....more info
  • Do not buy it.
    The bottle part is all right. The cap and nipple have poor quality. You have to tighten the cap very hard to seal the bottle, otherwise milk will leak. I bought bottles with slow flow nipples, and my baby does not like it. Even when I change to Evenflo fast flow nipple, she does not like it either. There is no hole in the fast flow nipple, only a "x" on it. It is poorly designed, and it takes my baby very long time to finish one bottle of milk. I would not recommend this product. ...more info
  • Good buy!
    I ordered these as a gift. I was very impressed to find glass bottles. Evenflo is a good brand name, and the price for the 3-pack was about what I had expected to have to pay for a single bottle....more info
  • A great alternative to plastic
    These bottles are BPA-free, and like all glass, completely recyclable. They are very sturdy, and I've had no fear of them breaking. Also, very inexpensive. Why spend $18 on a BPA-free plastic bottle when you can get 3 of these for such a great price?...more info
  • Awesome Price, Quality Product, No BPAs
    I love these bottles. They get cleaner than plastic, seem to hold temperature (cold/warm) better, and contain no BPAs. Slow flow nipples work great for my breastfed baby. Nipples were clear silicone, not the yellow rubber ones pictured. They are sturdy, so I'm never concerned with glass safety. Affordable and useful. Buy these bottles over expensive Born Free or Medela plastic!...more info
  • No bpa, but the nipple gets stuck
    Love that it is not plastic and dont have to worry about the truth about BPA. But I dont like that the nipple get stuck. I have to pull the bottle out to let the air in and my son, doesnt like it when he is trying to fall asleep with his bottle so he sometimes stop drinking and I cant get him to finish his milk....more info
  • Love my Evenflo bottles!
    1st time grandma ordered the glass Evenflo bottles after the BPA announcement. They are just like what I used for my own children, 30 yrs ago!! My granddaughter had no problem converting from the Avent bottles/nipples/breast. Evenflo nipples didn't collapse. She burps easily. We are VERY pleased with our purchase and have ordered 6 more bottles!...more info
  • Excellent
    Evenflo 4-Ounce Classic Glass Nurser 3 Pack

    The product is made of glass and that is the only reason to buy this. However after getting the product we found that its light weight. I recommend using this product....more info
  • Great Customer Service at Evenflo, but nipples collapsed
    We tried to switch our 8 month old son from Avent bottles to these bottles when I first learned about BPA. The nipples collapsed. I purchased a different size of nipples, and they collapsed, too! So I contacted Evenflo, and they sent me another size of nipple, which also collapsed, but their customer service was excellent! They were kind, helpful, and efficient....more info
  • Good bottles, the cap is not so
    These are good bottles. Glass is definitely an advantage. Hopefully they don't mix any dangerous chemicals into the glass. But the nipple cap needs some redesign. It leaks unless you tighten it really well. ...more info
  • Safe for Baby
    I love these bottles. I know my daughter is getting her breastmilk while I'm away without any threat of harmful plastic (bpa) or latex. She took it at 2 days old with no problem. I recommend these to every mom!...more info
  • Good bottle - great price
    These are good basic bottles. Going to the baby store and shopping for baby bottles as a new parent was daunting. There's a litany of choices and every imaginable variation on design. How do you choose? For us, it became simple when we decided to stick to glass bottles. There aren't many choices out there in glass, and those that are available are usually very expensive. Our daughter has had no problems eating whatsoever so I can't say anything about any of the specialty bottles on the market, but for most babies, I can't imagine needing more than a basic bottle. These are more or less the time tested glass baby bottle. Basic and no frills, but solid and sturdy. We like them a lot, and the price is very affordable....more info
  • not good
    after the bad comments about the plastic bottles, I try to look glass bottle and found this. I bought this but end up never using this. the nipple is too small, and it is very hard to put the powder in. and my baby can't hold it. too heavy....more info
  • Perfect Baby Bottles
    Great bottles, come with nipples too! I did not want to use plastic for my son so I used these and they worked great. I placed breast milk in them for others to give a bottle to my son andthey worked just great! Never broke and easy to clean and store....more info
  • Best bottles for newborns!
    Love that they are made of glass - tried the Born Free for the Bisphenol-A free plastic, but they dripped all over the place.
    Love that the nipple truly is slow flow.
    And really love the price!...more info
  • Not the best for pumping
    I use a ghetto-rigged method to allow me to pump hands-free without shelling out the $$$ for a hands-free bra... I loop pony tail holders over my bra straps and then around the horns of my pump. I find that these bottles are too heavy to use this method. They might be OK with a real hands-free bra... maybe one of these days I will buy one and see. :-) (These do fwiw screw onto my medela pump - so if hands-free is not an issue or you have a real hands-free bra, these may work well for you)

    Another problem with these, though, is if you store breast milk in glass bottles for less then 24 hours, certain components of the milk adhere to the glass and won't be released to the baby. They will un-stick after 24 hours - so if you use these to store milk, you will need to use that milk after 24 hours.

    So these bottles are ok as far as functionality - the nipples work OK for our babies and they are cheap, sturdy, not easy to break - but I prefer the plastic ones (Evenflo and Gerber both make a BPA free plastic version very similar to this)

    We got these with silicon nipples, not latex - they are available! It's a boring looking skinny nipple but seems to be my babies' favorite - we tried some pricier bottles as well as different nipples for these, but the nipples these came with work best for us....more info
  • Use for warming up liquid
    I gave my baby pumped milk in Advent bottles but after all the scare with BPA, even buying the bpa-free Advent bottles, I did not want to warm up the milk by sticking the plastic Advent bottles into hot water. I bought one pack of these glass bottles to warm the milk up in, then I transfered the warmed milk to the plastic bottles. If I hadn't already spent a fortune on the plastic bottles, I would have purchased 20 of these glass ones and used them as the feeding, and warming bottles. Buy these in the beginning! They work and they are worry-free....more info
  • I can't image there is a bottle that leaks worse
    My wife and I got these bottles, because they are glass and therefore BPA-free. The problems is that of the six that we have, only one doesn't leak. And when I say leak, what I really mean is pour. The milk flows freely from around the nipple where it contacts the glass. So my recommendation is to look elsewhere for bottles....more info
  • Made in Mexico, good for pumping and freezing...
    These are made in Mexico if you're looking for usa-made items. Glass is fine, washes fine in dishwasher, lids are cheap plastic (at least they look like that). They have not leaked on my yet though I've only used for "feeding" a handful of times. Upon freezing, I'm not tightening the lid before frozen as I read that may cause breakage, yet after frozen the lid doesn't screw on secure it just keeps turning and turning. I don't know why that is but it's slightly annoying...I also hold the bottle the entire time I'm feeding and have instructed my husband to do the same even though my son (5 months) wants to take it from me at this point. If I was feeding him daily out of a bottle I would invest in a more expensive glass bottle with one of those nice sleeves to prevent injury upon breakage....more info
  • Evenflo 4-Ounce Nurser
    great glass bottles, only problem i have had with them is the nipples.
    the silicon evenflow nipples (slow flow) that came with them colapse. i purchased gerber slow flow nipples and they did NOT seal, and would leak pretty bad as soon as the baby started to suck. Not really sure if the problem was the gerber nipples or the size of the ring caps on the bottles....more info
  • glass bottles are easy
    The glass bottles are great, although the Evenflo bottles leak when you shake them. I don't like the evenflo nipples that much, so I just bought Dr. Brown nipples to use with the bottles.

    There is another brand of glass bottles, Nuture Pure, which I like much better, but it is harder to find. The Nuture Pure cap fits better, and doesn't leak when shaken. I bought at the (now) defunct Elephant Pharmacy, although rumor is you can find them at Whole Foods.

    ...more info
  • Not Nice Nipples
    The bottles are nice & sturdy but as has been commented before, the nipples are shoddy. I breastfed for 11 months, supplementing with AVENT botles(which I was extremely happy with functionally but they have BPA) but I just switched to these because they're BPA-free. I would not recommend these to nursing mothers because the poorly shaped nipple is completely unnatural. These tiny, narrow nipples are unlike AVENT's nipples, which mimic a good nursing latch. We used a #2 AVENT nipple, which has a slow flow and caused my daughter to actively nurse from the bottle. These Evenflow slow nipples are so fast that they caused her to chug-a-lug quickly. At first she even choked. Medela nipples fit as an alternate but they are faster than AVENT as well and they're just the wrong shape. The seal on the Evenflow bottles are slightly leaky if you don't get the rings screwed on just right, which in my one-handed hurry I rarely seem to be able to do....more info
  • Sturdy
    My wife and I love these bottles! Easy to clean, aren't leaching chemicals into our baby's food and they are so sturdy! Me and my baby have dropped these bottles on the ceramic floor innumerable times and haven't experienced a breakage yet! Great product!...more info
  • I LOVE these bottles
    These bottles are super good quality. I recently switched to them and it's so nice to be able to leave my baby's water in the car and not have it get plastic in it from the bottle. My baby loves these bottles. I bought some nipples for older babies but didn't have to use them because she likes the ones that came with these bottles even though she's 20 months old. I just use them for water (I don't like sippy cups). I don't know why someone said these bottles leak because I've never had a problem. It's great that they are making glass bottles again these days- finally the world is wising up and getting healthier!...more info
  • glass bottle
    i boiled the bottles before i used them and one broke. otherwise, the others were fine....more info
  • Evenflo Glass Bottles
    I love these bottles! I had planned to go with the more expensive bottles (BPA free cute bug designs and all) but decided to save some money. I love the vintage look of these and I'm so happy I bought them. As a side benefit they are a perfect fit for my Medela [...] pump. The one problem I have is that my son won't take the silicone nipple and I'm having a hard time finding a latex one that will fit the bottle....more info
  • nipple colapse
    iam using these bottles with even flo classic nipples total collapse my son works so hard and when i pull the bottle out of his mouth air fills the bottle makes LOTS of bubbles and think about it when he can hold his own bottle he will throw and drop them i know my daughter LOVED TO THROW HERS i will be switching to plastic bpa free bottles...more info
  • Good for storage but bad for feeding
    Like most reviewers, I bought these along with Dr. Brown's glass bottles to see which ones I can use to replace my Avent plastic bottles due to BPA concerns. These were cheaper but as stated in a lot of reviews, the nipples were useless. They collapsed and my son gave up trying to nurse after awhile. I now use these to store my expressed breast milk in the fridge and use my Dr. Brown ones to feed my baby. Overall, it was a cheap solution for milk storage but definitely not for feedings. Dr. Brown glass vented bottles are great although having so many little parts to deal with is a bit annoying....more info
  • Good glass, but frustrating design
    When our Avent bottles started to get scratched and replacements were no longer available (BPA and all that), we decided to switch to glass.

    OK, these bottles are glass--that's good. Also, ours came with silicone nipples, also good (vs. latex). However, the rest of the bottle is an exercise in poor execution.

    1) The bottle is too small! All available formula mixes 240ml water/4 scoops formula, but these 8oz bottles simply don't have enough room for the water plus formula, so we're reduced to 180ml/3 scoops. The 4oz bottles will take two scoops just fine, so you're only gaining 50% in moving up to a supposedly double-sized bottle.

    2) They leak! Oh LORDY, they leak! Too tight, they leak. Too loose, they leak. Just exactly the right torque on the collar, and they might not leak, if you've got the lid slammed down as hard as possible. Of course then they won't vent.

    3) The nipple collapses quite easily, and is much slower to feed than it should be. This is partly related to the venting mentioned above, but it bears repeating.

    4) The opening is too small! OK, I know that this is a standard and the nipples/collars will fit on premixed bottles of formula, but it's a BAD standard! The Avent bottles were so much easier to pour formula into, in comparison.

    Why can't they (or anyone!) fix these things? The cheap plastic (BPA-free!) Gerber bottles are absolutely leak-proof. The Avent BPA-containing bottles are easy to fill and close to leak-proof at the collar, but have a terrible lid design (which melts just above boiling). The glass Evenflo don't vent, and leak all over. Haven't yet tried any of the others, but I don't see anything that meets all the criteria for a perfect baby bottle:

    1) Proper size
    2) Leak-proof
    3) Glass
    4) Silicone nipple
    5) Vents
    6) Simple design (which drops the Dr. Brown, from what I've seen)
    7) Idiot-proof (because who wants to mess around with getting a bottle _just_ right at 3:30am with a screaming baby on one arm?)
    8) Affordable - the small (5oz) Born Free bottles are FIFTEEN DOLLARS EACH locally! That's just ridiculous, folks.

    In short; They're decent, as good and bad as anything else out there, but not as good as they should be....more info
  • Great bottles!
    These bottles are fantastic. BPA free (of course...they're glass), sturdy, easy to clean. My son is 4 months and we haven't had any issues yet. I did order the 'comfi' nipple, as I breast feed and they are more simlar to the breast. Also, these are SO much cheaper than other glass bottles (which I have a few of), and they do the job just as well. I would recommend........more info
  • Very Good
    These glass bottles are great and they are easy to clean. I don't have to worry about chemicals that are in plastic bottles so I can heat without any worry. They are a little on the heavy side. The 4 oz bottles are great. I would recommend the 8 oz bottles for older infants who can hold their own bottle though. Overall this is a great product and I would recommend them to a friend. As a side note if you have a Medela breast pump you can pump milk right into the bottles!...more info
  • Good but some key things missing
    Evenflo's glass bottles are great and their nipples are good. They seem to work well. The biggest problem I have is that there is no marking on the nipple to identify it as slow / medium / fast. As I'm guessing everyone does, I have a lot of nipple floating around the house and it not very str8forward to identify the fast from the slow since these are 'variable flow' nipples and respond to the sucking pressure so the flow rates with water (to test their speed) are far from consitant....more info
  • Nipple sucks!!!
    These bottles sucks! The nipple keeps collasping after every 5 sucks... I keep having to interrupt my baby's feeding after every 5 sucks to fix the nipple... ...more info
  • Back to the Basics
    The bottles are great, the nipples were not so much. My son wouldn't drink using the nipples provided, but using other nipples solved that problem. I felt very safe heating up his milk in this glass container....more info
  • Glass Baby Bottles
    I am pleased with this purchase. With all the scare about plastic bottles, I wanted to find some good old fashioned glass bottles. Thanks Amazon! ...more info
  • Got rid of the BPA bottles and LOVE these
    Threw out ALL my plastic evenflo and gerber bottles and purchased these! They work great. For anyone afraid of giving glass bottles to the babies, no worries. My little darlin has dropped these on my tile floor in the master bathroom and they didn't even come near breaking. I've also caught her clanging 2 bottles together!! They are a bit heavier than the plastic, but she adjusted just fine after a few uses. Helping her build up her biceps :) Oh and after finding a bottle that had been "lost" for a few days, the "cottage cheese" mixture that had formed inside washed right out with warm water and then was put in the dishwasher. The plastic bottles would always hold onto all that gunk and inevitably end up in the trash....more info
  • great classic bottle
    We started with these because they're BPA-free. When we got them, they came with the old brown latex-rubber nipples, but now they come with silicone nipples. Also when we got them they came with the stopper discs, which I'm not sure are still included, but you can always buy extra discs.

    Pros: affordable, simple/not a lot of parts, bpa-free, glass is dishwasher safe, "hexagonal" shape means a knocked-over bottle doesn't roll away (as opposed to Dr Brown's perfectly round bottles), fits standard breast-pump

    Cons: glass is heavier and more breakable, no sophisticated venting for colicky babies, nipple rings will wear out over time and I haven't found where they sell replacements...more info
  • Classic Design; Safe Materials
    These bottles have been perfect for us. We started bottle-feeding out of necessity when our baby was only 6 weeks old, and these bottles have worked perfectly. They're BPA free, which means we don't have to worry about heating them. We haven't had any trouble with the nipples, and we're currently using the Stage 2 (3-6 months) size.

    We love these bottles and their classic design. And the price is great (BPA-Free plastic bottles often cost $12 each). If you are bottle-feeding, I would recommend getting at least 12-15 of them so you don't have to wash and sterilize bottles everyday....more info
  • Great
    Bottles came on time and very well packaged. I havent used them yet but i look forward to it. ...more info
  • Great bottles that really don't have plastic
    I have now used these bottles with 2 children (the first time 17 years ago and am using them again with my 5 month old) and they work wonderfully. I recently decided to buy the Dr. Brown's because I had heard that the venting system was great. What I found, however, is that Dr. Brown's glass bottles use a plastic straw made from potentially hazardous materials so we returned those right away. Evenflo glass bottles are easy to clean with no small peices that require special cleaning tools. They also don't get scratched up like plastic. They are sturdy (we dropped one and it rolled under the car without breaking.)

    I do not use the standard nipples because I have always preferred Gerber Nuk but the batch of these I ordered did come with silicone nipples....more info
  • evenflo glass bottles
    I know some other people have had problems with the caps on these bottles leaking, but I have not experienced this at all. We also hand wash all our bottles instead of using a dishwasher, in the past with plastics that became a problem because the caps warp in the extreme heat. Personally we love these bottles. so much safer than the plastic ones and these are a quality we can pass down to our next children. With plastics we just threw them out cause eventually you just can't get them clean....more info
  • Sturdy, no plastic worries
    Wife ordered these because of the recent BPA scares. They've held up well to drops and abuse and clean well in the dishwasher even if, because of their height, they need to be loaded carefully. Nipples are a little finicky to clean as they have a small ridge around the inside.

    No problems for us yet, but there is always a risk of broken and/or chipped glass. ...more info
  • Excellent bottles, nipples not so much
    Excellent, safe alternative to plastic bottles. I do not like that they come with slow flow nipple for newborns since these bottles are most likely to be used with older babies due the size of the bottles....more info
  • BPA free...period
    Cheap and BPA free. Bottles hold up and you can put other nipples on them than the ones it comes with. What is $2 per bottle for the piece of mind you are keeping your baby safe from BPA and other nasties the other bottles leech out....more info


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