George Foreman GR10ABW Champ Grill with Bun Warmer, White

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Thermostat Controlled / Non-Stick Cooking Plates / Floating Hinge Evenly Cooks Thicker Foods / Drip Tray / 110 Volts AC / WHITE Floating hinge for even grilling of thicker foods Drip-tray for run-off Bun Warmer Light indicator lets you know when grill is ready Easy to clean Easy to use White finish

Topped by a bun warmer with a transparent lid, this Champ is a variant of the popular George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. The electric appliance's appeal lies in its simplicity and countertop convenience--not to mention its fat-fighting ability. The double-sided grill (a 6-by-7-inch nonstick cooking surface) cooks burgers, steaks, chicken, sausage, fish, shrimp, and vegetables top and bottom in minutes. (Recipes accompany the grill.) Grill marks not only look appetizing, they contribute caramelized flavor. The bottom grill's deep grooves collect fat, and the grill is sloped so the fat runs off into a dishwasher-safe plastic tray stationed under the unit's front.

The nonstick bun warmer draws heat from the grill and can be used while food is grilling or by itself. (The entire unit, grill and bun warmer, turns on by plugging in the power cord.) The warmer heats a burger's bun as well as other bread items, including English muffins, tortillas, pita bread, sliced bagels, and croissants. Because the grill is nonstick, cleanup is a snap: just a quick scrape with a plastic spatula (included) and a quick wipe with a paper towel or a sponge. --Fred Brack

  • Great for grilling burgers, fish, vegetables
  • Includes dishwasher-safe plastic drip tray and spatula
  • Also includes bun warmer
  • Patented grill grooves let oil run off while food is cooking
  • Interior wipes clean easily

Customer Reviews:

  • I like how I can warm my bUUns on it!
    It cooks food evenly, and fast. Warms up in what seems like minutes. I chop one onion and my foreman is already ready to throw on the rub a dub grub. I have the large model like pictured. It doesn't burn my morning sausage. I love it, and its easy to clean. Essential for those days of being locked up in the house during a grueling winter day and be missing the grill. Just bust out our foreman with the bun warmer, some mustard and maybe... some ketchup
    NOn stick, fast warm-up time, cooks evenly, works even better than thought, actually something good that was first advertised on TV.

    Tip- take ground beef, chopped onions, A1 steak sauce, a pinch of season salt mix all together and throw on your foreman. Add cheese and like YuM!...more info
  • George Foreman GR10ABW Champ Grill
    I absolutely love this. It cooks very quickly and is easy to clean. I only wish it came with cooking charts. Timing is difficult at first....more info
  • Best kitchen appliance ever!
    As someone who hates cooking, and loves microwaves and toaster ovens, the George Foreman Grill has actually made me WANT to cook. All you have to do is brush veggies or burgers with some olive oil and you are ready to go. They cook pretty fast and come out juicy, but without all the grease and fat. Cleaning up isn't as difficult as everyone keeps saying either, as long as you wipe it down right away with a damp paper towel. I'm sure if you let things dry and get crusted on, it's difficult to clean, as with anything. My only gripe about this model is that it is so small. There isn't enough space to grill for more than 1 or 2 people, and if you want to make a large helping of veggies, you have to stand by and grill things in batches. You're better off buying one of the larger ones. The bun warmer works well, but you can only fit one in at a time in order to heat both top and bottom. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone because it is so quick and easy, and I plan on getting a bigger model soon....more info
  • Works well but is really small and a pain to clean
    This is the first George Foreman Grill that we purchased. It is good for cooking things like hamburgers because it drains so much of the grease out of the meat during cooking. However it tends to leave the meat very dry so it takes some getting used to. When you see what drains out into the grease catcher you will be glad that you aren't eating it. The bun warmer is pretty cook and works well. This machine is pretty small and you can only cook two small hamburgers on it at once or one large one. It works well for serving one person but that's about it. The one thing about this unit that really turns me off is that it doesn't have removal plates with makes it a pain to clean. This is the reason that we ended up getting rid of this grill and upgrading to the large grill with removable plates. It's about double the price but is well worth it. ...more info
  • Pretty darn good!
    I'm really glad I bought this thing. I'm a single person who doesn't usually cook more than one piece of meat at a time. I also love vegetables like red onions and green peppers that I used to try to saute in a skillet. Now I just spray the grill surface with olive oil spray, throw on the vegetables, and after about one minute my apartment smells like Chili's. It's a bit small so with the amount of vegetables I like to eat, I can't cook the meat and vegetables at the same time, but I knew this when I bought it since it's the smallest model.

    As long as you don't try to throw something frozen on there, your meat won't come out black on the outside and raw on the inside (who does this to an outdoor grill?). I live in Kansas, so I don't have the advantage of Southern California weather so outdoor grilling is VERY seasonal.

    I highly recommend this grill to anyone in whatever size would accomodate their needs. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that they could've put more options on it, and like the larger models, they could've made its legs adjustable....more info

  • One of those products you have to try to believe it!
    This is my review of the George Foreman GR10AWHT champ grill. Not a real fan of the bun warmer version. The lid kind of flaps around and seems flimsy to me. But the grill is amazing love it. Excavation .

    The George Foreman grill is one of those items you see it yard sales per $10-$15 used maybe once. It's one of those items that people think is a hoax-a hack, but amazingly it's one of those items that works. The fact that you can get a brand new one for $15 is amazing. Sometimes you can even get a brand new one on Amazon for 10 that's crazy go nuts!

    It is my recommendation buy one of these grills and make grilled cheese. It's amazing, done in less than seven minutes, or try a frozen chicken breast from frozen to juicy and done in less than 10 minutes. Perfect for bachelors or moms with bachelors in training or moms married to bachelors. You get the point.

    So give it a shot perfect in what it does. I liked it so much upgrade to a larger size (know I didn't buy the company), and I use it everyday.

    And yes I do know that he has six children named George crazy go nuts....more info
  • Great for College life!
    I bought this for my daughter to have at Wheeling Jesuit University and she loves it. We are a fitness/nutrition-minded family that looks to solve eating problems (bad college food) through good products and healthy cooking techiques. This grill works perfectly. It cooks a small amount of food quickly with little mess or clean-up. We are both thrilled....more info
  • Definatly not the best...
    I had a different grill at another time, so I guess I can say I was spoiled. But this was really a disappointment to me. There is no timer for this, so you will have to watch the clock when you cook things. Plus (the worse part) is that the surface gets quite warm. You can only eat something fully cooked if it is thin- like a very thin hamburger. The outside of the food will burn before the middle gets cooked. If you do try to risk cooking a fat hamburger and warm a bun at the same time, the moisture from the cooking goes right into the bun warmer, and makes the break a little wet on the ends. It gets a little annoying after a while. You will always have to plug it in whenever you need to use it- it is always on. With my other, when I was ready to cook, I just turned on the timer to warm up, and it would be ready. I guess with this, you get what you pay for, if you dont pay full price......more info
  • Greatest little appliance
    I love this little George Foreman Grill. It was given to me as a gift. It works so fast and it is so easy to clean. It is an appliance that you should never put away.
    The more you see it, the more use you have for it....more info
  • Very Pleased by George
    The George Foreman GR10ABW Champ Grill with Bun Warmer is an outstanding unit. We use it primarily when we are indoors to cook up Chicken Breasts. They come out moist and golden brown. The beast white chicken I have ever tasted! We is best about this unit is that it cooks to our liking consistently. It is also easy to maintain and clean. It is attractive and innocuous. We love it.
    ...more info
  • Greatest Machine Ever Created!
    Forget all the bad reviews you may have seen. This machine is awesome! Before this machine I wasn't allowed within 50 feet of an oven. This thing cooks steak perfectly and makes killer grilled cheese sandwiches. THANKS GEORGE!!...more info
  • nice gift
    I ordered this for Christmas, and even with the busy season, it arrived on time. and it was a good deal. very satisfied....more info
  • THe Greatest Invention For The Kitchen
    I love my grill, it's the best present that I have ever gotten. I can cook just about any piece of meat that I could want. The greatest thing about it, I no longer have to fire up the grill and wait 20 minutes for the coals to cook a good burger. Once this baby is warmed up I have a medium burger in less than 6 minutes. All of the fast food places would love to be able to trun out a true 1/3lb burger that is as nice and juicy as a George Foreman burger. But they can't becuase they do not have this grill. Fajits and small steaks and chops are just as easy and just as fast. Just remember to filp your food about halfway through, the top cooks slightly hotter than the bottom. Get this grill, and you will have great food in no time...more info
  • no temperature control
    I purchased a white George Forman product from the shopping channel a year and months? and have used it very little as I can't judge the heat on chicken, hamburgs and steak. When I saw it being advertised it looked great but alas I now know different. I tryed to send it back for a new george forman grill that now have thermestats but I was a few months late....more info
  • hu hu... bun warmer
    I actually bought this for a friend last year as an x-mas present and whenever I see him he always sings its praises. He says it's easy to clean, cooking temp is consistent and that he can make great steaks on it. This is one of those things that people claim they can use everyday and that's exactly what my friend does! He said he goes to Costco and buys a big pack of steaks and he's set for a couple of months. That actually doesn't sound very healthy or appealing but the point is that the product works as advertised. ...more info
  • Great indoor grill
    Easy to use, small size, bread warmer comes in handy, fat buster! lol Great for cooking frozen beef patties if you don't have a patio to grill in. Easy to clean (just wipe off debris)....more info
  • Excellent, but....
    Have always wanted to try one, and finally gave in and ordered it.
    Two complaints:
    One, cleaning is not so easy, as the plates are not removable, but it isn't too bad either, so not a stopping point.
    Second, for me, it is too small. For a single person, maybe it is ok, but for my daughter and I, it just doesn't hold enough.

    In summary, do I like it, yes, definately, but I will soon be replacing it with one that is larger.

    ken...more info
  • Another clunky appliance I won't use that is taking up space
    It made our turkey burgers great but we tried to do a thicker burger and it looked absolutely done on the outside (it was almost burnt) but it was absolutely raw!!!!

    The grill has been moved up in a rarely opened cabinet next to the sandwich maker and itty bitty crock-pot.

    Don't bother with this, just use your skillet on the stove top to make your burgers, etc........more info

  • Fantastic gift for my daughter (college student) : )
    The George Foreman GR10ABW Champ Grill with Bun Warmer, was a Gold Box item. Everyone that I spoke with, raved about their "George Foreman." I thought it would be a great gift for my college student daughter (not domestic at all). She absolutely loves it! So far she has cooked chicken breast, all types of fresh veggies, and veggie burgers. I thought it would be a cleanup problem ~ but she said that it is not messy at all. Now I do not worry about her eating properly. She likes hers so much, I am buying the family one too! My parents (age 80) have a much larger one and they love it....more info
  • Great Grill for college student
    Wonderful grill, perfect for the college student,

    cooks a 1/2 pound patty in mintues,

    cooked chicken and steak on it too,

    along with bun warmer, makes a toasty warm burger :)

    the foreman grill lives up to it's reputation....more info
  • Just what I expected
    The GFG is a must have for every home. Bought as a gift and he loved it! Especially the bun warmer. What a great idea. I only wish they made this model in a bigger size. Fast delivery. Perfect Product!...more info
  • Must have..
    Does what it says it does. Cooks the meat just right and really drains a lot of fat and grease. Its a must have for every college student. Great product.

    Cons: Wish the power cord was a little bit longer....more info
  • Excellent=Easy, Good, Fast
    This product is one of the best things to have in the kitchen. For experienced and inexperienced cooks. Meat only takes a few minutes and it tastes delicious! You can cook a huge variety of things on it too. The only bad thing is that there is no temperature gage so you can't change the temperature. I suggest spending a little more money and getting the one with the temperature gage. However, I completley recommend this product. It even comes with a few receipes....more info
  • Useful, compact means of preparing veggies.
    From the outset, I bought this machine to make healthier foods i.e. veggies for the family and it does not disappoint. So far I've grilled onions and I've done asparagus and sliced yams in a teriyaki-style marinade. Everything cooks up quickly and evenly. Keeping the grill veggies-only means I'm less concerned about whether food residue is left behind. (This grill IS a bit hard to clean.) After the surfaces cool down, I wipe thoroughly with a dry paper towel and it's ready for the next time....more info
  • Good tool for the kitchen!
    I quite like my George Foreman Champ grill. For just myself and my husband, it's quick and easy grilling with less grease and smoke than a charcoal or gas grill, and the cleanup isn't bad at all, the trick is to spray with water while still hot and wipe down quickly, takes less than a minute with burgers or chicken, a little longer with steak. I do think this size bun warmer is supeficial, there's barely room for one bun in the warmer and I find them to be too moist when we use it, but other than that, it's a great little gadget. If you're cooking for more than 2, though, you may want to consider a larger model....more info
  • love it!
    I really like my George Foreman grill. It's great for burgers and also grilled cheese and just about anything else that you'd normally cook on the stove. It's easy to clean and small enough to fit in a corner.

    The bun warmer feature is great and makes for some tasty sandwiches.

    This is also great for chicken nuggets, by the way. ...more info
  • From bachelors to housewives................................
    Having this grill makes cooking a simpler task especially when you're rushing trying to decide what you can cook, and how you'll be able to get it finished while helping the children with homework, and preparing for tomorrow's day.

    We're living in the phase of "drive thru convenience" You know that we all want it quick, fast, with minimal cost, and not a lot of clean up. Here is the answer to McDonald's Burger King, and any of your other fast food COSTLY spots.

    Not only does it save you DOUGH, but it also CUTS the fat. Breakfast, lunch, and or dinner this grill is sure to please every consumer.

    What every kitchen wishes for.......more info
  • George Foreman GR10ABW Grill Pretty Good Grill
    The George Foreman grill was delivered super quick. It was a lot bigger than I expected. It can easily fit two burger patties or chicken breasts. The bun warmer is a nice feature! It was easy to use and cooked perfectly. The clean up wasn't too bad either. I cleaned with a wet sponge after done cooking. The best thing about the grill is the price. A great deal for this useful grill! Not too many complaints for a very inexpensive priced grill. Buy it! It does the job and does it well!...more info
  • Not that great
    I had a few problems with my grill.

    The first problem was that the bottom plate got hotter than the top plate, so the food had to be turned over to ensure even cooking. The whole point of having two cooking surfaces is that you don't have to turn the food during the cooking process.

    The cooking plates got too hot, so the outside of the food got a little burned and dry by the time the inside of the food got cooked. I especially noticed this when I cooked chicken breasts and Italian Sausages. This might not be a problem if you're cooking something thin, like bacon.

    The drip tray is just plain messy. It has to be perfectly aligned with the grill, if it's off by just a little bit, you have drippings all over your counter or cooking surface. Even if you carefully center the tray when you start cooking, it's easy to bump it without realizing it. They should make some kind of rack to hold the tray in place. Also, the tray isn't that deep, so you have to be really careful when carrying it to the sink, so you don't spill the drippings everywhere. This is a particular problem when you cook something that drips a lot of grease, like Italian Sausages or Bacon.

    Finally, while the cooking surfaces are supposed to be nonstick, I had a lot of trouble cleaning them. Juices from the food stuck to the cooking plates and charred during the cooking process. You can't soak them in water and can't use steel wool to clean them, so you're stuck scrubbing and scrubbing to get them clean. Some people have recommended sticking a wet washcloth or papertowel inside when you're finished cooking and while the grill is still hot. I tried that, but it didn't really help that much.

    I bought the George Foreman Grill to make my life easier, but in the end it was more trouble than it was worth. I found that I was better off just cooking my food in a non-stick pan on the stove top. Sure, the grease doesn't drip off, but you have more control over the cooking temperature, so your food doesn't burn, you don't get grease all over the place, and cleanup is easier. My grill was just taking up space and collecting dust, so I got rid of it.

    If you REALLY want one of these grills, I suggest looking in a second hand shop (like Goodwill or The Salvation Army), checking at yard sales, or asking your friends.

    ...more info
  • Awesome Grill
    I love this grill! It's great! You can cook all sorts of food on it. The grill cooks food fast and it's easy to clean. It's a great way to cook a low fat meal!...more info
  • Champ didn't knock me out
    Too small to cook more than one hamburger pattie at a time which eliminates the time saving aspect of this grill. Also, I found that the outer edge of even the thinnest burger did not brown. Add the time needed for cleaning and I find it faster and more efficient to use a stove top skillet. I'm giving this one away but maybe, I'll try a larger size....more info
  • Decent functionality but too small
    We've had a George Foreman Champ grill for a while now. It was one of those purchases which Ryan really wanted, even though I was happy making burgers in a pan. I think it boosted his machismo or something but, to me, this little white "grill" isn't really an ode to anyone's masculinity. LOL

    It's been used quite a few times since we got it, although it isn't something we always use on a weekly or even a monthly basis. It is nice for a couple reasons but there are a few setbacks which would prevent me from buying this same model again. I'd be interested in a bigger, better Foreman grill, however.

    The Champ grill so marketed as an easy to clean counter top grill with bun warmed. Unfortunately, anything which is a feature of this grill pretty much comes up short. In fact, there are a few ways in which this machine does not measure up.

    For starters, the Champ grill is quite small. It suggests you can cook two burgers on it at the same time, but that's really not true. It's a bit large for one patty but you won't get two on there unless they're tiny. With a width of just over 6 inches, including the parts of the machine which are not the grill, I think this is easy to understand. It's not much fun to wait for 1 burger to cook and it certainly puts a damper on trying to eat together. In this respect, the grill doesn't hold up very well and I could just as easily use a pan to fry up a few burgers at a time.

    And if two burgers won't fit on the grill, do not expect two buns (which are usually a bit larger) to fit in the bun warmer. Honestly, the bun warmed didn't seal the deal for us, although it seemed like it would be interesting. We quickly stopped using it for a variety of reasons. The buns became crushed in the warmed because of the size. They also became soggy from retaining the moisture of the grill. The cover was also very weak and continued to fall off when we could lift up the lid of the grill. In the end, I think it broke and we threw it away. For something we were only mildly interested in, having warm buns sure was a hassle.

    Although small, the grill worked well. It heated from both the top and bottom and your burgers can get some nice grill lines. I imagine it would also work well with sandwiches and paninis but I haven't tried. I did fry up a chicken breast on the Champ grill a time or two and it's definitely important that your meat is off a uniform thickness otherwise the thicker area will remained uncooked while the thinner burns. I'm not a big fan of having to pound out my meat so this is a bit of a hindrance.

    The burgers are always tasty and the house smells like a real grill it going, however. If you don't want any frills, the George Foreman Champ Grill is a decent product but if you're looking for a little more, I'd skip this one. Some critics mention that there is no timer on this grill which would be nice. The instructions did include estimations for how long food should be cooked and we never have had a big problem with food being too undercooked (I should mention I like my burgers well done and sometimes I've had to toss a burger back on the grill) or burned. I also like that I can flip the top part of the grill up and toss some cheese on my burger to melt a bit.

    One of the positive features of this grill is that is is tilted slightly. Provided with the grill is a small tray to catch the grease that drains. This makes it a bit more healthy than grilling in a pan. Furthermore, having a top portion of the grill means it's less mess than frying in a pan. None of my pans have lids so there's always a lot of messy and, sometimes painful, splatter from the grease. Nevertheless, the decline sometimes causes the food on the grill to slide forward and it doesn't cook as evenly. It's not a huge deal to move the meat but it may mean it takes a bit longer to get all of it cooked or that some parts burn.

    As well as the tray, the grill also comes with a little, notched plastic spatula which doubles as a cleaning tool. The spatula is really flimsy and doesn't work well as a spatula at all. However, I do not want to use metal implements with the nonstick coating and other spatulas are a bit too big to work with this so it's a bit of a hassle. The make of the spatula and even the tray is rather flimsy, although they are dishwasher safe. Plastic is pretty prevalent in the grill and I think it would seem a sturdier product if it were made of a more quality material. However, besides the warmer tray, I have not had any issues with the quality of the grill itself except for the fact that the nonstick coating has started to come off. As you can guess, this makes food stick to the grill as well, making it more difficult to clean.

    And difficulty cleaning is the number one fault I can find with this little machine. The grill plates are not removable so they cannot be fully submersed in the sink or washed in the dishwasher. The instructions tell you to simply wipe it down and it will be good as new but, let's face it, that's not entirely sanitary. One thing I do like is that the spatula doubles as a cleaning implement whose notches fit over the grill so you can scrape food and grease off, right into the tray. We always forget to do this immediately after using the grill, though. I have to turn it back on the heat up the grease and such.

    So once the majority of food and grease is wiped off, you can just wipe this down, right? Kind of. With a damp washcloth, sponge or paper towels (I usually use the latter), you can wipe down most of the machine but the ridges make for some nooks and crannies which are not all that easy to clean. Add to it the flaking off of the nonstick coating and it does become more difficult.

    All in all, the George Foreman Champ Grill is a decent appliance to have in the kitchen even if it is a little small and does make cooking easier while reducing splatter, if not quicker. The heating portion is solid product but the grill would be improved with a few features such as removable grill plates to make cleaning more thorough (and dishwasher safe would be good, too!), a stronger spatula/cleaning tool and perhaps a timer or temperature control. I could honestly do without the additional bun warmer and would probably consider a larger George Foreman in the grill. In the meantime the Champ Grill works okay but isn't a miracle worker....more info
  • do not buy this grill, buy the new version!
    I like this grill a lot but cleaning is awful. There is a new George Forman Grill out called "George Foreman GRP99 Next Generation Grill with Removable Plates" that will be similar this grill but with removable grill plate for easy cleaning....more info
  • Too small for more than one person but it works well
    I was unsure about the George Foreman School of Cuisine but my sister (who has a big one) raved about how fast and easy it is. She's right. It IS fast. It IS easy. But the Champ is just a wee bit too small to get down to business with if you are cooking for more than one person. I wish Salton would add a variable temperature control to its design, which is a good one. My main tip for cooking on it is to turn the food once as the top plate does get hotter than the bottom one. The bun warmer is a joke.

    Overall, if you are one person and not looking to cook a feast, this size of Foreman will do you fine. Try marinated grilled shrimp or portobello mushrooms on it. It does a fine job....more info
  • Item works great - especially for the price.
    I bought one of these to replace one I had a few years ago. It worked better then I remember. Go right from the freezer to the grill and in no time you have a good dinner. It easily holds a couple of big burgers or chicken breasts. I gave one as a gift and they love it also....more info
  • A great appliance
    We love this item! The food tastes great and it is easy to clean. It is great for anyone who does not have an outdoor grill (or doesn't like to use theirs). A word of warning, though. This is small - you can definitely only do 2 hamburgers (or chicken breasts) at a time. If you think you'll want to grill more things (or larger things) at a time, look into the larger grills. Also, we like our hamburger buns toasted, not just warmed, so we never use the "bun warmer"....more info
  • Not as advertized
    The grill marks on the top are very shallow, making this device better for panini than for grilling meat. If that was what it was advertized for I'd give it 3 or 4 stars. The plastic cleaning fork is worthless, and the non-stick coating begins to flake after 6 months. The barely raised ridges on the top makes the top of your meat evenly brown & dry without the grill marks. The bottom is not nearly as cooked as the top, and has the best marks near the opening where the grill lines are raised to form "teeth" to hold the meat in. When the grill started flaking, I went back to the Cast Iron grill I can put over 2 burners & control the temperature. I still use this grill for grilling panini sandwiches, as it makes the bread nice & toasty. Not reccomended for meat unless you make sure they are even & level. Not very fun to clean....more info
  • Pretty Good
    It was a Christams gift for my boyfriend. It was a little small but will do the trick!...more info
  • bad nonstick coating
    i used to use this whenever i was grilling a type of meat or vegetable, but it always burns them and leaves other parts uncooked if other pieces arent uniform in thickness. this is not grilling because the heat is only transfered from those protruding grill lines which burn anything your cooking to simulate grill marks. all my marinades burn and get stuck to the grill. you definatly need to get a cooking spray because if you brush it on it will come right off. this is bad because i like to use olive oil, but even if you put it into a spray bottle it still likes to drip off. cleaning this unit is a chore because you cannot soak it, and it takes a bit of time to cool down before you can pick it up and go wash it in the sink. you also have to hold it at weird angles(upside down even) to avoid water getting into the unit especially the top half. the surface isnt really non stick and requires some scrubbing with a soft sponge. the bun warmer is useless, your better off having the grill open and placing you buns on that. the only thing that this thing does well in is make grilled sandwiches, the bread doesnt burn really but does get good marks if you butter it lightly.

    if does take out alot of the oils but also alot of the juices because everything is being pressed, it is not a time saver, if you have a decent stove at home use it, the cleaning time will be comparable and you wont get transfers of taste or burnt bits onto other dishes. also the teflon nonstick coating has been questionalbe as a carcinogen in studies.

    if you want something nonstick at a decent price get circulon, they make some decent cookware with also raised ridges that helps with reducing the amount of oil needed to cook....more info
  • Fast, Easy, Fabulous
    I purchased my champ grill back in Feb. It gets used 2-3 times a week. I live in a hot climate and my husband is a vegan. Eating right in the summer was always a problem for me because it's (a)hard to cook just 1 serving of meat conventional ways and (b) it tended to heat up the house.

    Now I just put meat in the fridge to defrost over night, come home from work and within 10 minutes have a fully cooked healthy meal, and once the grill cools down a tad it's very easy to clean.

    I've even made grilled veggies on this for my husband. Delish!

    I can see this being a very useful appliance for a single person or couple with no kids, a college student, or anybody with a busy lifestyle....more info


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