Medela Vehicle Lighter Adapter

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Product Description

Now there is never a need to rush home to pump! Pump discreetly in your vehicle with this cigarette lighter adapter made for use with the Pump in Style or the Lactina breast pump. Includes a three-foot cord that gives you lots of room to pump comfortably and easily.


  • Perfect for breastfeeding working mothers
  • For use with Pump In Style or Lactina Breast Pump
  • Includes a 3 foot cord
  • Vehicle lighter power adapter for all Medela 12-volt Pump In Style & Lactina Breastpumps
  • 8-foot long power cord

Customer Reviews:

  • Traveling Mama
    I recently returned to work & I am going to continue giving my daughter breastmilk at least until she is 2 years (is 4 months old now). My challenge was to find a way to pump my milk at the workplace. I don't work in an office. I do work in different locations each day & my car serves as my office. This product is the solution! I am able to pump my daughter's milk in the car & it works great! My Medela breast pump is about 5 years old so I had to buy a 12vdc. I couldn't find a 12vdc at Baby's R Us; they only carry the 9vdc (the newer pumps take 9vdc). I was in luck when I found this on! : ) It shipped within a week; just in time for me to use it on my first day back at work. The only thing different is speed one is faster than when you use the regular power plug in a wall. Start with 1 & then crank it up if needed. I rarely need to go above speed 3 in the car. Works great! this product is my daughter's ticket to better health! Breastmilk is best! : ) I am one happy mama. Thank you Medela! : ) Now I just need something to hold the cups on my breasts "hands free" so I can read a book while I pump! But I am usually finished in only 15 minutes; it is fast. ...more info
  • Great for Long Trips
    I purchased the car adapter for a 10 hour drive that my husband and I were making with our toddler and infant. I pump exclusively (not able to breastfeed) so the adapter was a Godsend! We didn't even have to pull over. Just make sure you are well covered and don't end up stuck in traffic next to people who are probably wondering what you're up to (unless you're into that sort of thing)....more info
  • Great for pumping!
    I had to return to work after my second daughter was born and had no place to pump. I bought this and pumped in my car for several months. Great!...more info
  • Very handy
    This is great for any time you need to pump away from home, I used it during long car trips. It easily reached into the back seat and provided power better than the battery pack (I have the Medela Lactina, so the battery pack is intended for the Pump in Style and is a little weak for it). My only complaint was that it is a little difficult to remove from the lighter, good because you don't want to accidentally tug it out while you're working and have your hands full, but annoying when you're ready to unplug it....more info
  • It works.
    It does indeed adapt it so you can run the thing in the car. My wife used it on a cross-country trip we took and it basically saved our lives. Well, not our lives, but it does work....more info
  • life-saver for traveling
    This adapter worked great; in fact, it provided more power than the traditional AC power cord, and I had to adjust the pumping rate on my breast pump. We used it during our summer vacation so that we did not have to stop as often to nurse. I would reccomend it to any pumping mother. ...more info
  • must have for nursing moms
    My hsuband and and decided that I would nurse Hailey her entire first year. I work at a school and was able to pump twice a day. I didn't like doing it in school though because there wasn't space for it. SO I would go in my car and do it. All I had a first was the battery pack. I would go through 10 batteries a week and half way through the week I would loose strength/suction.

    Once I got the adapter I never had a problem again. We could go anywhere and I would always have access to power Including when we drove from VA to GA. My husband would drive and I would pump. It is great.. ...more info
  • Convenience at its peak!
    Thanks to this adapter and the Medela Pump In Style pump, breastfeeding while working full-time is completely possible! The adapter fits perfectly in the Pump In Style travel bag and the cord is long enough to reach into the backseat. Great product!...more info
  • Only for Medela Pump In Style
    I didn't get a chance to use it. It's not stated in the description, but you can only use this for the Medela Pump In Style. ...more info
  • Great...if it works.
    This adaptor made the medela pump work even stronger than when plugged into the wall. Unfortunately it stopped working after 3 weeks or so....more info
  • A Must Have!
    I too bought this for a road trip I was taking. It worked like a charm. As a little warning: I usually pump on speed 5, however, with the vehicle adapter, I guess the power is that much stronger, I could only pump on speed 1 or 2. Don't go cranking that baby up at first.

    The cord was nice and long, so I was able to pump from the back seat. I keep it right with my pump just in case....more info
  • Does not work on Subaru Tribeca
    I tried to plug in to my 08 Subaru Tribeca, It was very hard to push in and pull out. i didnt even attempt to start in. Afraid I would cause a short in my new car. if anyone has any other suggestions. Help. I have athe old Pump and style backpak....more info
  • Car adapter is a life saver
    I can't explain how this car adapter has made my life easier. I have been numerous places trying to find an outlet for the wall plug (McDonalds, Arby's, Walmart, O'Charley's, etc.) and have not had any luck so I am so thankful that I found and purchased this car adapter. Great product I would recommend this to anyone who has a Madela Breast Pump...more info
  • A must-have for pumping mamas!
    I went through many AA batteries before discovering this little gem. This fits my Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced pump. I've heard that it doesn't fit all Medela pump models, so just verify first....more info
  • A must have for anyone that owns a Medela pump
    This is such a great product to have. Much better than the battery pack due to the expence of batteries and the batteries don't last long. So many places that I've been to don't have outlets to plug in the pump and what to you do??? Well now I don't have to worry just go back to the car and pump. This adapter is always with my pump so no matter where I'm at pumping is no problem!!...more info
  • Very handy
    This adapter can come in quite handy and it works well. I didn't have any issues connecting it to the pump or the car....more info
  • great idea... but
    but it doesn't work for the single deluxe medela pump which i have.
    i bought this adaptor so i could pump in my car on my lunch break but apparently the power is too much for the motor on the single deluxe.
    unfortunately, the product details do not advise that this only works on the in style pump or else i wouldn't have bought it
    i wish they would make one for their other pumps and i'd be glad to use it. ...more info
  • Not for use with DoubleEase pump & carry All
    Just wanted people to know - I purchased the DoubleEase Breastpump & carry all. The site told me that other consumers who purchased this pump also bought the Vehicle Lighter Adaptor. What a GREAT idea! However, you should NOT use the adaptor with the DoubleEase Breast pump. They advise you right on the box. Do not waste your time and money!...more info
  • Very Convenient
    This has been a great help! It is worth the money if you are on the road a lot - or, a working mom. Just remember that the pump frequency increases with this adapter so just turn it down low....more info
  • This is the ticket!
    Love this. I use it all the time when I am traveling to see family. I pump in the car while my husband drives and we have a fresh bottle when we arrive at our destination. It saves the time of heating a bottle and allows you to give your baby fresh milk. Fresh is suppose to be better than cooled and heated milk. ...more info
  • Glad I added this to my pump purchase
    I will admit I haven't yet used the vehicle lighter adapter for my Pump in Style; I'm still on maternity leave and haven't had a need for it. I do spend a fair amount of time in the car for work, so I thought it would come in handy.

    I'm glad I bought it. A friend of mine with the same pump and who is in the car a lot for work too used hers quite a bit and was very pleased with it. Based on her rave reviews I would give it 5 stars, but since I haven't experienced it myself yet, I only gave it 4....more info
  • Buy it!
    If you need to pump in the car for any reason:
    Working full-time, during lunch.
    Long trips (vacation) during the summer.
    Asking someone to drive, while you pump in the back (cord long enough).
    :)...more info
  • Great for road travel
    This adapter works great when you're traveling on the road and has a long enough cord that I have been able to use it while riding in the back seat of the vehicle and needing to pump in the car. I would highly recommend for anyone that travels!...more info
  • BUY IT!
    If you're on the go with your pump you absolutely need this adaptor! Most public restrooms do not have electrical outlets and this gives you a clean, private place to pump in a pinch. I love it......more info
  • On the road or out for the day? Use Medela's Vehicle Adapter!
    Recently went to a NASCAR event that took me away from my daughter for 12 hours! I was able to pump to and from the event in the back seat while my hubby drove! The adapter cord is long, so it will extend from the front adapter to the back seat in an SUV. The power is great and I was able to pump 6 oz. from each breast in 30 minutes using this takes longer when plugged into the wall!...more info
  • Adaptor doesn't work in older cars
    I found the adaptor worked well in our newer car -- bought in 2000 -- but didn't work at all in our older car -- bought in 1995. Other adaptors, i.e. cellphones, work in both cars. I think the difference is that this adaptor has only one connector prong on the side; the cellphone adaptors have two. Beware!...more info
  • Awesome!!
    This is so wonderful! I have needed to use this so many times! Can't recommend it enough for anyone on the go. ...more info
  • Works great for me!
    I purchased mine for travel and have had no problems with it in any automobile. Mine was much cheaper as an accessory to the pump purchase from info
  • not happy
    The product was supposed to make my breast pump work in the car. I was away from my baby for the day and needed to use this item. I plugged into my lighter in the car and the product would turn the pump on, but there was no pumping action. I had to find a public bathroom w/an electrical outlet and pump there. It was very inconvenient and a little embarrassing. I am planning to return the product to the nearest babies r' us store....more info
  • Fanastic accessory!! A must have!!
    I bought this yesterday when I knew I was going to a "tailgate" party where I would be away from the baby and having a few drinks, and I may have to "pump and dump". I was nervous at first, but this thing worked PERFECTLY! It worked just like it was plugged into an electrical outlet. It successfully pumped my breasts in 10 minutes and it fits into the case next to the regular plug. I also bought the Medela sanitary wipes to clean the breast sheids since there was no sink near by. This outlet plug is a must have if you want a quiet, clean and safe place to pump your milk. The cord is 8ft long so you can go back into the car. I love this thing and wish I bought it sooner!! It will also be great on long trips, too, so you don't get any clogged milk ducts. Highly reccommended!!
    ...more info
  • Working Mom's Breast-Friend
    I am a full time working mom. In the beginning I pumped in the conference room restroom of my small office. It was always hit or miss on wether someone would use the conference room while I was in the restroom, hence extremely uncomfortable. I had a hard time letting down, and an over all hard time pumping.

    I purchased the vehicle adapter and couldn't be happier! It does pump much faster than the AC adapter, but I thought it worked out well. I let down faster, and was finshed pumping faster. You have the option with the Pump-in-Style to adjust the suction, so that may counter act the speed. Plus you are in the privacy and security of your own vehicle. You can listen to music to help relax your self. You don't have to worry about people overhearing the churning of the pump.

    My vehicle adapter recently fell apart however, but I think it was turn to the frequency of use. I can't imagine them being design for every day use. Regardelss, I am purchasing another adapter, because I am back to the conference room bathroom and again struggling with the pump! ...more info
  • Great Accessory
    I purchased this to use on long trips. About a week after I got it, we had a power outage. I'm sure I looked silly sitting in my dark garage pumping with this adapter... but it worked!...more info


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