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India Arie's Acoustic Soul is just as advertised: grooving soul music with an acoustic bent. Arie herself plays guitar, supplemented by strings (instead of synthesizers) and drums (instead of drum machines). The first single, "Video," is a calm, confident ode to self-love, comparing the dreadlocked, petite Arie to the average girl in a video. Arie is indeed anything but average: her debut marks the auspicious return of the black female singer-songwriter, in the vein of Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Tracy Chapman, and Dionne Farris. If you like their music, with thoughtful lyrics and layers of instrumentation, you'll love this album. "Video" is fabulous, but other high points include "Ready for Love," a lament that smolders before slowly building to a crescendo, with tinkling piano, guitar, and cello swelling beneath the vocal. "Strength, Courage, and Wisdom" is an optimistic anthem that'll have you clapping your hands and swaying from side to side, and the best track on the album, "Simple," is a straightforward love song with a pulsating beat. Acoustic Soul may not be full of radio-friendly tracks, but every track is strong, and the disc improves each time you press play. --Courtney Kemp

Excellent Condition

This Japanese pressing features the earliest release. Motown. 2005.

Best-of Collection from the R&B Singer/Songwriter, Includes Acoustic Versions of her Past Hits. Will also Include Brand New Tracks. Earlier Release Date Set for Japan.

Customer Reviews:

  • all time favorite artist
    i heard snippets of this album on the bamboozeld soundtrack and couldn't wait to buy it when it came out. listened to it everyday and love every track on it. ...more info
  • Magical and engulfing. Take us there, India.Arie.
    Soulful. Gritty. Humble. Longing. Energy. Faith. Spirit. Likes. Music. Blessings. Wisdom. Confusion. Hurt. Love. Dislikes. Honest. Heart-warming. Acceptance. Growth. Stubbornness. God. Stars. World. In-perfections. Stripped. Jewel. Flavor. Blues. Night. Day. Wondering. Searching. Prayer. Writing. Exploring. Giving. Receiving. Light. Dark. Night. Day. Frenzy. Irrelevance. Acoustic. Soul. Brown. Skin. Classic.

    I think I summed the album up pretty well with my numerous one-word descriptions (LOL!).

    Standouts are:

    Brown Skin
    Strength, Courage & Wisdom
    Ready for Love
    Back to the Middle

    4.4375= 4.44

    4.44 stars.

    ...more info
  • Our generation's Nina Simone.
    I'm a big fan of Nina Simone's but didn't really make an effort to seek out Arie's music until I heard a clip of "I am ready for love". I was instantly sold and knew that I had to have the cd and boy, does she deliver! It's soulful, intelligent, and just plain groovy. This is a musical artist who will always deliver whether or not the results are 'pop' catchy. Enjoy!...more info
  • Great CD
    You gotta love India Arie. She has such a smooth and beautiful voice. This cd is soothing and pleasant. Would definitely recommend....more info
  • Flawless album that addressed a lot of relevant topics in my life..
    India.Arie"showed-out"creatively on this landmark album!!No one (besides Lamya and Siloam Pool)delivers this kind of consistent quality THROUGHOUT an album!!The standout song on this album is the tribute to Stevie Wonder,which really displayed CLASS and RESPECT on Indias' part!!Srength,Courage and Wisdom"and "Simple"are great songs,with excellent points,and musically are "Ear-candy!!"Part of My Life"carries' an excellent point:"Yeah you may LOOK gorgeous honey,but can you do something MORE,than cause "fireworks" in BED for me?!?India says:"I know that it looks good,but can you be apart of my life?!?" "I'm sure that it feels good,but can you be apart of my life??" Then India REALLY drives this point home,when she says:"And it probably even TASTE good,BUT can you be apart of my LIFE?!?This is a concern I find myself musing,every single hour,of every single day,when a GORGEOUS,nubile young lady is basically "throwing herself" at me!!(No,I dont use the attachment:"Envys'favorite target"in vain,because I'm one STUNNINGLY handsome fella who can set his watch(more ACCURATELY than the nations' Atomic Clock)by ladies approaching me with lewd"proposals"!! Dudes'SEETHE with hate for me on SIGHT!!Most of my"friends"(and apparently,some family)"secretly"despised me!! Law 46 of the book"The 48 Laws of Power"WARNS the reader of this particular brand of clandestine animosity when it quotes:"Envy creates 'silent' enemies."Law 46 also alerts men of distinction(like myself)thusly:"Envy is the"tax"that all(people of) distinction MUST pay!"The un-envied person might say:"There's NO way your own FAMILY members could be jealous of you!!" Yet(ultra-exposing)Law 46 clearly cautions:"Never UNDERESTIMATE the(malicious)POWER of envy!!" Which leads me to believe that a persons'own brothers,cousins and even their own MOTHER can succumb to the POTENT influence of envy,which has actually been defined by a noted philosopher as:"UNhappy ADMIRATION!!" {To borrow a line,from a friend of mine who also has been plagued by the RELENTLESS ONSLAUGHT of envy for most of his life:"Jealousy....I find myself LOSING more"friends"that way!!"}Which brings me to another beloved track on this SUPERB disc:"Back To The Middle" Lemme explain...I grew up with ABYSMALLY low self-esteem(stemming from RELENTLESS negative barbs from a real"gadfly"of an older brother who I(gullibly)looked up to,and(naively)thought the world of)only since 2005 gaining a healthy opinion and respect for myself(with the aid of retrospect,hindsight and focused,SOBER thought processes)along with the realization that smouldering,festering decades-long envy was the driving force behind the(unprovoked)onslaught on my self-esteem and that my mother"enabling"me(whatever that was SUPPOSED to mean,since to ENable someone,means giving them the means to become independent,NOT causing them to become dependent on another..We need more dictionarys' in this world!!)was NOT the(prime)reason for all the animosty/disdain he displayed towards me since 1978 and actually the ladies ALWAYS found me(extremely)attractive(even,despite my host of imperfections,even BEFORE I "got out of" my action-figures and "kiddie-books" and started pursuing them)and that my"GLARING"flaws"(big nose,gumpy walk/horrible posture,overall"lame"appearance,skinny legs,"peasy"hair,racoon"eye-rings"cheap gold"trinket"wearing,"heap"driving and all was(strategically)being said to actually PREVENT me(sadly enough very sucessfully so)from recognizing that I in fact was a good-looking,charming,intelligent man of distinction,who posessed a lot of(enviable)effects that others didn't feel I deserved to have,so I was hoodwinked with the age-old"Sour Grapes"tactic!!!!! For years I was besieged in the MIND,which blinded me to the fact that I was indeed a very handsome guy!! I recently read this quote that is VERY relevant to my former inability to percieve myself as I truly was in a book of great quotes that read:"NOTHING is more moving than beauty which is UNAWARE of itself..." But now,that I have essentially PURGED this POISON from my mind,gained confidence in my appearance(And precisely as India cited on this track)it quickly turned into arrogance!!!Like they say on the streets of Detroit:I'm"on one"(matter o'fact,i'm on TWO!!)I now can now"ACCEPT"that women basically view me as"all that",AND,a pound of(weapons grade)uranium!!!A SOLID 9.6 on a 10-point scale!!!Lyrics from the disco classic:"Greatest Dancer"by Sister Sledge describe me to a TEE:"He had the kind of body(I'm BUFF,with a MASSIVE chest)that could SHAME Adonis{I'm 5'11" 230 pounds of SOLID MUSCLE with a BONE-SHATTERING/foe-DEMORALIZING right cross}and a face that would make ANY man proud!"(But mostly it just manages to make dudes JEALOUS)I've gone from thinking:"I'm just"through",to realizing:"I'm an"8+2"So,now I'm gonna take Indias' advice and go back to the"MIDDLE"(My mother always told me,that I needed some moderation in my life,right AFTER she informed me that GOD Himself frowns upon the very concept of moderation and would prefer someone be either HOT or COLD,because if you're lukewarm,read:moderate/middle of the road.. He will spew(spit)you out of His mouth!!) The song "Beautiful" makes me think of my imminent arrival into Heaven(as a born-again Christian)and how beautiful an ETERNITY there is going to be!!!(My SIX(and counting)alcohol,party and sex-free years will have been(WELL)worth it!! And the few bucks,I paid for THIS album was definitely worth it!!"Nature"is an ingenius song.."Lets sit and watch the stars put on a SHOW!!India makes this VERY profound statement on"Back To The Middle"that I've personally found to be totally true:"Don't make no mind about"falling down"because when you're IN that"valley"you can see BOTH sides more clearly!!" India is the TRUTH!!!and "Acoustic is as brilliant as a SUPERNOVA!!...more info
  • I love this album!
    India.Arie has a special place in my heart. I've seen her live for both of her CDs. Her beautiful singing and guitar playing brought tears to my eyes. She is such a beautiful person (inside and out). There is not a single bad song on the album, and I would recommend it to almost anyone. India.Arie can be compared to other artists like Lauryn Hill but she stands out from her. I highly suggest buying this CD, and seeing her live. You will not be dissopointed either way....more info
  • Soul Sister
    01. Intro (No ranking available)
    02. Video (10/10)
    03. Promises (10/10)
    04. Brown Skin (11/10)
    05. Strength, Courage, & Wisdom (11/10)
    06. Nature (8/10)
    07. Back to the Middle (8/10)
    08. Ready for Love (11/10)
    09. Interlude (No ranking available)
    10. Always in My Head (10/10)
    11. I See God in You (10/10)
    12. Simple (10/10)
    13. Part of My Life (8/10)
    14. Beautiful (11/10)
    15. Outro (No ranking available)
    16. Wonderful (Stevie Wonder Dedication)(10/10)

    That's (128/130) or 98% AMAZING. If you don't buy this CD, you're really missing out on some great modern acoustic soul....more info

  • Drop the Acoustic Guitar \ and learn to play the guitar
    There are a few songs I like, but seriously drop the tired ass riff playing guitar...get a better production, her lyrics are descent, a little too much preaching, but OK...I couldn't listen to the whole CD, sorry...more info
  • A very unique and different R&B record.
    I wouldn't really call this album "acoustic" it's more perfect Stevie Wonder style R&B mixed with an acoustic tone. The album came out at the right time, just when young talented singer-song writers were lacking. India.Arie came out with her daringly different debut single and album.

    Just from "Intro", "Interlude" and "Outro" you can tell there's something special here: a simple acoustic melody with a mellow honest voice that's ever so blissful to hear.

    Her first single, "Video" is a daringly different R&B ode to self-love, which maintains calmness and confidence. A very special and inspirational uplifting classic that incorporates some high-thinking and daring lyrics.

    "Don't want your silicon/I prefer my own"

    "Brown Skin" has a harder beat and is also very experimental/different. It reminds me of hot chocolate dripping. "Strength, Courage & Wisdom" displays a God-ly India, and has a humble message, which though not said is about Jesus. "Nature" with its irresistible melody and instruments also includes a message about God, and is very logical and philosophical.

    Though the record does at times fall into mediocrity on "Always In My Head" (even with her amazing vocals in the chorus), "I See God In You" (even with its rhyming poetry) and "Part Of My Life" (all three have good themes, lyrics and music). It bounces back with songs like the mellow, honest and real "Ready 4 Love". You can feel India's emotions and frustrations and desires. "Promises" and "Back To The Middle" with their unique character examples. And off-course the Stevie Wonder dedication, I'm kind of surprised she didn't use an excerpt of the bridge on "Pastime Paradise" like fellow Motown/Neo-Soul artist Erykah Badu. Guess both of them are originals.

    With this credible and unique debut, India.Arie will always be one of my favorite artists, also partly because she is humble, calm and honest. She is a high-thinker, godly and spiritual but doesn't comprise that pride. Though India.Arie has been recognized for her talent, she still is overlooked. Because she is about the entire album and not radio airplay, it will take time for new fans to discover the absolute brilliance of this musical mind.

    Her song "Video" should have been rewarded a Grammy for "Record of the Year" and the album was also robbed of "Album of the Year"....more info

  • India Dazzles
    The music industry, as always, is the obedient trend follower. Once artists climbs up the charts record companies scurry to find, or sometimes create, the next big thing.

    After Alanis there was Jewel, Meredith and Natalie. When Britney made it - Christina, Jessica and Mandy "sings-from-the-side-of-her-mouth" Moore arrived shortly thereafter.

    With Erykah's success, we find Jill Scott surfacing and, now, India.Arie bursting into the biz scene.

    India.Arie is the newest addition to the neosoul phenomenon. She is signed under Motown record's rooster and was a Lilith chick. Her debut "Acoustic Soul" is a collection of soul ballads and bluesy folk hymns.

    India.Arie's name is, as you might've realized, a bit different. The dot between her first and last name looks peculiar. One can't help but wonder if she is trying to be unique or if her father is a Web site. But, regardless of her name, compared to what is on radio nowadays, her music sticks out like Cher's old nose.

    As an introduction to India.Arie, her record company released a music video titled "Video." The song was a marvelous rant on the objectification of women in the media. It serves as an insightful statement when sandwiched between "The Thong Song"2 and Britney sexually molesting a chair.

    The rest of the album follows the debut single in a mellower tone. "Promises" brings the atmosphere of a dim bar, while "Brown Skin" is a ballad to shag by. The promising debut does not plummet from there. The album evolves into a mature anthology of songs for life.

    "Strength, Courage & Wisdom" develops into a sing-along after a couple of listens - habit that you will form after you play this album.

    There is nothing better than a low-key tune with hard bass beats, which this album offers in "Nature." India.Arie is experimental with her music, but doesn't stray out of the soul category. "Back To The Middle" is reminiscent of a young Tracy Chapman.

    "Ready For Love" and "Always In My Head" are connected by a slow interlude, which some people underestimate the power of. In this case, the interlude blends the sonic themes of both songs.

    Interludes are used to create a certain atmosphere by interconnecting songs - it works magic for some artists.

    The album moves on to more street-wise beats. "I See God In You" makes a pleasurable lullaby, but "Simple" outranks the tracks with its subtle melodic approach.

    India.Arie is very similar to other neosoul artists. She has the earthiness of Erykah Badu and the smooth edge of which D'Angelo is a master of. However, she has the moodiness of Des'ree and the meloncholy voice that will remind you of a slow Billie Holiday.

    "Part Of My Life" sounds like a slow-mo Motownphilly tune, while "Beautiful" is a mellow ballad.

    The moody album ends with a skillfully crafted tribute to her role model Stevie Wonder. With this bonus track, "Acoustic Soul" is concluded with an uplifting air.

    Her new video might help as a sneak peek of the album, but there is no assurance that this soultress will float through the media's short-lasting attention to talented newcomers who can bust a tune without having synthesizers plugged in everywhere - a brave thing to do.

    There are few albums that take you up and then down and still leave you satisfied. What makes "Acoustic Soul" remarkable is India.Arie's blatant approach to making music for the soul....more info

  • Not your average "R&B/Soul" album. Much better!
    India.Arie is one of my favorite artists ever. I really like her subtleness. She isn?°•t of those wannabe hard-core acts. She is true R&B °ßCthe music from the soul. Her debut single, ?°„Video?°ņ was very impressive. I watched it on this ?°„latest music videos?°ņ program, which got axed (sadly), in 2001. I remembered being blown away by the song and the gal, and as I went to school that day, I was thinking of the lyrics: ?°„I?°•m not the average girl from your video, but I learnt to love myself unconditionally because I am a queen.?°ņ And soon started to cry? It really made me feel. At that time I was/am not confident, and I didn?°•t have inner love. I was in young adolescence and a bit depressed °ßCreally lost! Unfortunately after watching the video I was thinking to myself:

    Such a shame that India ain?°•t famous, and that her album/single wouldn?°•t ever be released in Australia?- FASTFORWARD?-

    Then in 2002 when the Grammy?°•s were on. Didn?°•t even think much of India.Arie Simpson or Alicia Keys, but then I got A. Keys?°• debut and loved it. Then after 3 months, I felt my musical diversity was lacking. And I saw an article on Lamya Al Mughiery. And I decided to check her out @ and saw India.Arie on the related artists list. And I pre-ordered Lamya?°•s CD, and went to the shop and got India.Arie?°•s ?°„Acoustic Soul?°ņ and ?°„Voyage To India?°ņ. And I tell you now that India has been one of my fav artists ever since.

    What I love about her is that she is subtle, real, intelligent, freethinker, different and not a crowd follower. She reminds me of Renee Geyer. She?°•s as talented as Alicia Keys. It?°•s just she?°•s different from her. They both write great songs and can play musical instruments. So I reckon India.Arie should?°•ve won ALBUM OF THE YEAR at the Grammys instead of U2. At first I loved Voyage better than Acoustic, but it?°•s only been recently that I?°•ve discovered the beautiful pure vocal arrangements and the usage of warm instruments with personal themes and messages. I now see how ?°„Acoustic Soul?°ņ is so good. It?°•s chapter 1 while ?°„voyage?°ņ is chapter 2.

    The album has musical variety considering most of the tracks are acoustic guitar based. ?°„Video?°ņ is an ode to self-love, acceptance and approval, which many people °ßCnot only teens have trouble with. All of her songs have a Christian touch to it. As India is a very spiritual person. ?°„Ready 4 Love?°ņ is also a very touching track. I remember thinking back to the lyrics on the bus and how they related to situation of mine. Other great picks are ?°„Interludes?°ņ, ?°„Promises?°ņ, ?°„I See God In You?°ņ, sweet ?°„Beautiful?°ņ and the wonderful ?°„Wonderful?°ņ.

    I believe it?°•s her natural tunes and lyrics, which make her one of my fav singer-songwriters. I?°•m eagerly waiting for Chapter 3.

    Note: If you listen to her music, then forget it and put it down for a while and get back to it. You?°•ll discover the magic of it.

    I gave this album a (5), not because every song is a hit. But because there is so much soul on it....more info

    "Video" highlighted my expectations to this album, Video it's such a great song, great message, and makes you remember of the good music that was use to be made, but it's a fact that most of the rest of the album is pretty boring and forgettable. The worth tracks here are the leading single "Video" and "Streght, Courage and Wisdom". Sadly I have to say that the cover of the album stands out, but the music not....more info
  • Just gets better with time...
    Granted, while Acoustic Soul may be India Arie's most commercially successful album, to date. There's definitely more to this artist than meets the ...ear!
    I've listened to this compilation over and over again. And I have to admit that, at first, I was smitten with the catchy phrasing and pop freshness of the song "Video." But with time I've grown to appreciate this artist and her soulful incantations in songs like, "Brown Skin" not to mention "Strength, Courage, & Wisedom", "Nature", "Back to the Middle" and "Always in My Head."

    So if you're looking for an artist that you can come back to, in time, and discover a whole different perspective of her rainbow. Then I invite you to indulge yourself with this album and do as I did. Listen to it... put it down. Forget about it... and then (some time later) pick it up again, because you identified the artist's voice on a track playing in some obscure place and start the cycle all over again. But this time, you'll listen a little bit harder, a little bit longer, and a little less effortlessly... because you're finally where you need to be to truly begin hearing what this artist is putting forth. Her truly unique and "Acoustic Soul"....more info

  • A One Woman "Anti-Bling" Crusade....
    Without a shadow of a doubt, one of R&B/Soul music brightest stars....her debut album "Acoustic Soul", is a frighteningly worthy first effort, which brings to mind such talents female neo-soul vocalists such as "Lauryn Hill" & "Alicia Keys", yet her music isn't a faceless imitation of both these superlative females. India.Aire's music is a much more Sophisticated affair, with fantastic acoustic guitars & slender strings compositions, fighting for equal billing on her quite frankly Diva-esque vocals. Her emphasis isn't about `Men bashing or hating', but more about forward thinking and expressing & freeing the mind, with songs that are deeply personal introspection presented in a suitably organic way. (her album isn't as glossily produced as Lauryn Hill's or Alicia Keys albums, but her delicate mood feels far less Heavily produced, and far more natural). With lyrics that are sublime in their wording, such as when she call into question `A womans worth', by gracefully singing...."No!!..I don't wear any pantyhose.....but a womans worth isn't what she wears, but what she knows!!", based on what on display here!!, India.Aire's debut, has gained her Entry into the R&B/Neo-soul elite....more info
  • Simply one of the best neo-soul musicians!!!!
    This is a great album and India is a great artist this album has great songs on here and they are very nicely composed also I really do think that this is a very nice album and especially a great album to be a debut she is fantastically creative and talented she is truly an artist snd she deserves any award that she is nominated for!!!!!! Some of my favorite songs are: Video, Brown Skin, Strength, Courage, and Wisdom, and I am ready for love and many others !!!!! Therefore, I would recommend anyone who likes and enjoy neo-soul music!!!!...more info
  • Video is the only REALLY good song
    Video is the onyl good song on this album,and then it all goes downhill from there,which is not too good since Video is song #2. Not very catchy melodies,not too good lyrics,overall good effort but still. Out of 15 songs,only one was "repeatable" and that was "Video". All the other ones were of the same subject matter and got a little boring after a while. So get this if you want,i guess, but if you have a choice between this and another cd,get the other one. I can almost assure you itll be better....more info
  • celebrating the beauty of a woman
    every woman out there should listen to this album. truly beautiful in every essence. arie's soulful voice totally brings out the love, warmth and courage in us.
    this album rocks and deserves more than 5 stars!...more info
  • One of my favorites in my collection!
    I have many R&B albums by you name it, but this one is my favorite R&B album. It's one of the few albums I have that is good as a whole and has no filler in my opinion. Even the for the content(which isn't all about loving self) it was amazing the spin she put in it. For example "Brown Skin" which is about India finding a brother with that brown skin and then taking him to....and then going for seconds (I'm not lying look at the lyrics). R. Kelly couldn't make a sensual yet tasteful song like this if his career depended on it. "Always in my Head" is about India's love of music which no one can't deny. "Simple" is about trying to find the right words when it is just so simple to say "I love you"; it's just beautiful. "Part of my Life" is about India having them physical desires but she tells herself that she wants more from a man than know. Anyway this album is more than what it seems and that's why I love it....more info
  • Magical
    I'm not sure on what show my husband and I first heard/saw India Arie. What I do know is that we were in amazement and hooked instantly. Incredible voice. Incredible sound. She is truly magical.

    We now have this cd and we love it. India Arie is so smooth. What a pleasure it is to be carried away by her fresh soulful voice.

    India Arie - we look forward to your next album!...more info

  • This Girl Is So Beautiful... that she makes me cry
    I'd suggest to buy this with "Voyage To India" :) (I did)

    At first, i have 2 say that i didn't like India.Arie, because if i liked her, i would be betraying Alicia Keys, but now i know that i was stupid.

    They are two very different artists... But i have to say India.Arie is calm and that's what i love about her.

    She is a woman who is so calm, beautiful, smart, gifted, talents, lovely, nice, kind and warm.

    And this CD delievers her personality.

    EVEN IF YOU NEVER HEARD OF HER, listen to "Video" and you'll love her as much as i love her....more info

  • The actual Best R&B Album of the year.
    Remember the Grammys when Acoustic Soul was nominated over Songs in A Minor for Album of the Year. YET Songs in A Minor won over Acoustic Soul for Best R&B Album (how backwards is that!). Well forget the past and look at the album that should of took recognition for being what it was: The Best Cross-over R&B/Soul/Folk album of the year. India deserves continued praise for giving R&B and Soul a bright outlook.
    Video (the woman anthem of 2001) is original with thoughtful lyrics, but it doesnt stop there. Brown Skin is the most tasteful sensual song I've heard in a while. And Simple, as was said is anything but. There are so many standout tracks on this album, which is rare. This is not for everyone's taste but it definitely has my respect for being positive and beautiful. Highly recommended....more info
  • nice
    this is a good CD, nice to relax to and full of melody and soul. ......more info
  • Positive role model for aspiring artists
    India.Arie just feels so real. Her magnetic appeal is not forced or contrived like many of the synthesized Studio Wonders that blanket the Billboard today. Raw talent, smooth vocals, head-nodding acoustic guitar riffs, meaningful messages...ingredients of an out-of-the-box masterpiece. She speaks in Layman's terms on how to love yourself, being positive and natural without taking on the aura of Earth Goddess.

    I have a teenage sister who is loves to sing and is pursuing a career in being a musical artist. After hearing 'Video', 'Brown Skin', and 'Strength', I wanted to give her an R&B influence that was not crass or obscene. Something outside of her Gospel background. Without the work of India.Arie and a few others in this industry, I would be hard pressed to find a cd that I would be comfortable with giving her....more info

  • WHAT???
    Ok, I really hate that when some girl comes in, people think that it's just some miraculous talent just cause she writes her songs, and doesn't sing about sex and the usual r n'b stuff. Get over it. India Arie. is not the incredible talent that people make her out to be.It just really shows how much soul/r n'b music has gone down if we get so impressed when somethin' like this gal comes in.The music is incredibly repetitive.I'm sorry, but with the exeption of maybe 2 songs, everything runs together, making me want to fall asleep.And this is coming from a person who adores slow songs!Her lyrics are VERY elementary, and just seem contrived. Really, she's so on with the whole "love urself" thing that it just gets depressing.Why can't she just share honest music??I'm sure not every aspect of her life has been so "uplifting".But the thing that annoys me the most about India Arie is how she uses her race to sell her music. I swear,in practically every single song, she just has to let ya know that she's Black.Don't take this wrong way, but it almost makes me feel uncomfterable.Imagine, say a White artist mentioning the fact that he/she is white in half their songs??????She's obviously using this to sell, which is kind of sad.What happened to the days when artists shared their soul,not the color of their skin.I wouldn't care if India was pink,purple,or yellow for that matter.It's your skin color, and that is nothing to be proud of.We all have skin,and you know, having a certain skin color is not achieving something great in life!I give it two stars, because I think she has a nice voice, and I like it how she keeps it simple and doesn't try to oversing.But other than that, India is unbelievably overrated,and does not deserve a quarter of the praise she's recieved.Just because she's not Britney spears doesn't make her some out-of this world artist....more info
  • Awesome CD! Just Press Play!
    I love this CD, she is a great singer, song writer, and musician! The songs have great lyrics with deep meaning, the beats are all good, and the feel of this CD is one that makes me smile and wanna dance! She's very positive and smooth! I'd highly recommend getting this CD if you like even 1 of her songs! The whole CD is good in my opinion, and that is hard to find today!...more info
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
    In world full of songs about sex, money, and cars, it is refreshing to hear someone like India sing about things that actually matter in life: life, health, happiness, love, and God. R&b has become so trite nowadays that it's like when you listen to one song, you've listened to them all. But not with India. Her voice is so beautiful and calming and she uses it effortlessly on the songs on this album. The best songs are "Brown Skin," "Nature," "Simple," "Ready for Love," and "Always in My Head." India's music makes you sit back, think, and appreciate all the good things in your life. If you want to get away from all the "bling bling" and baby-mama-drama plaguing contemporary r&b, come give India a listen....more info
  • Heart...
    Indie Arie, spoke from the heart of every women who is absolutely proud to be ordinary, or proud to just be themselves. She expressed so much joy on this album! Job well done, India Arie....more info
  • It grows on you....
    India Arie's debut effort is a mellow but powerful blend of folk, R&B, and soul. I received this particular disc for my birthday in November and found that it took me a while to really catch the fever and understand why everyone was raving about this album. On a first listen many of the tracks sound the same, but the more you listen the more the real gems begin to stand out. Like most, I was drawn in by the single, "Video" and am glad to finally say that there are many cuts that are just as good, if not better, than the first single. A few standouts include:

    "Strength, Courage, & Wisdom" is a funky, uplifting, mid-tempo contemplation on, surprise, strength, courage, and wisdom.
    "I See God in You" is another mid-tempo cut that discusses the worth of another person and all the good qualities they possess, allowing her to see their godlike nature. Arie's voice is superb and soulful on this cut.
    "Ready for Love" is the most powerful song on the album. It's a very simple, acoustic ballad in which Arie grieves over a lack of love and wonders why it has evaded her for so long. It's really a touching, haunting song and the best of the best, in my opinion.
    Another charming highlight is the Interlude in the middle of the album. Arie lists a great number of her influences like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Charlie Patton, and others. Arie and her guitar are excellent in their heartfelt simplicity.

    This is a great album, and I think India Arie will be around for a very long time. It promises to appeal to a large audience and stretches across numerous genres. I urge you, even if you have some doubts, pick up this album and give it a go....more info

  • Heartfelt and Personal
    Only after listening to India Arie's second CD, Voyage to India, that I finally realize how good Acoustic Soul is. While very good, Voyage isn't quite up there with Acoustic Soul. Simple, catchy, and honest, there isn't an uncomfortable note nor a corny word in Acoustic Soul. I guarantee that you will listen to this whole CD without skipping one song. Video, Simple, and Part of My Life will have you humming along with their catchy beats, while Back in the Middle, Ready for Love and Beautiful are honest and well, beautiful. But above all, the one song that separates India Arie from the rest is Brown Skin, which is original lyrically and brilliant musically. Acoustic Soul is undoubtedly one of my favorite CDs of all time and my only advice to you is to buy this CD and give it sometime to grow on you. You will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Wonderful
    What a honor to have been able to see her live. It's just her and the guitar. She brings somthing to the music industry that is undeserving. When you listen to her you feel like you are in a zone somewhere surrounded with nature, close to God.
    ...more info
  • Simply Beautiful
    The lyrics, the acoustics, her voice all come together to make a beautiful music experience. I don't care what your musical preferences are, no music collection should go without this cd. ...more info
  • A Rare Musical Gem
    It's about time that more and more people discover the musical creations of India.Arie. Michael Mann incorporated one of her songs, 'Ready for Love', in his stylish '06 Miami Vice motion picture.
    By listening to each song you can tell that a lot of work and art went into its creation. India Arie is not just another pretty voice, but instead there's much more to her as the whole CD has a lot of substance and she puts true soul into each song.
    Her sultry voice soothes while she tells a story. Also the instrumentation is very well arranged with taste and applications in all the right places. This CD is a rare musical gem from an artist who comes across as believable and as someone who loves to do what they do....more info
  • Absolutely Heavenly!
    I enjoy all of the songs on this album and think that India Arie is the greatest! Her voice is beautiful, strong and powerful. Every song on this album is just as great as the previous song! Her songs aren't flashy, but down to earth. I think India Arie will be around a long time as a singer!...more info
  • great cd
    i would to say think india for me this is the frist that she come with she did a job with i remeber when she come frist out in 2001 almost her songs are postive she doe,nst win any awards but she won my heart common message it,s paraell to her she remind you lyaun hill while everyone else chasing beyonce and alica keys been a fan of india her for 3 years now beyonce can learn some form you her cd stinks india is better her along with common are two of my favortie artists but sad thing nobody pay mind to her .this what happen to aaliyah from 94 to 2000 the six years only small group follow her ...more info
  • alright
    It was straight, i was expecting more but its all good. her latest was better...more info
  • Soultry...
    This cd was like a breath of fresh air with new vibes. I was definitely feeling "Always in my Head" - awesome cut. Perfect for relaxing with the s.o.s. This is definitely one to add to your collection.
    Thanks India for being different!!!...more info
  • India.Arie Presents Us With Soul-Food: 4-4? Stars
    The soulful India.Arie caught the attention of millions as she proclaimed: ''I'm not the average girl from your video/And I ain't built like a supermodel/But I've learned to love myself unconditionally/Because I'm a queen''. The lyrics, taken from the song Video, seemed to capture the mood of many women, as they, perhaps, couldn't relate to the so-called perfect ideal of a woman. Video catapulted India.Arie into the mind of listeners, as the song generated quite a buzz. Released in 2001, Acoustic Soul ensured India.Arie several Grammy nominations; however she had to see herself beaten by Alicia Keys.

    Lifted as the first single from Acoustic Soul, Video made a lasting impression. It was refreshing to witness a young woman, singing of self-confident and self-worth rather than the pro-typical choices of heartbreak and love. In a day of age where appearance is almost everything, here is a woman proclaiming that self-worth, a clich®¶ nevertheless, comes from within rather than being reflected by one's appearance. Undoubtedly, India. Arie struck a nerve with many listeners, who seemingly could relate to the featured topic. The jazzy mid-tempo Promises with its smooth sound is another brilliant track and one of my favourites on the album. The amazing Brown Skin is, undoubtedly, the best offering on Acoustic Soul. Its sensual and playful melody is heavenly to listen too. Definitely worthy of a Grammy! A positive outlook is what springs to mind while listening to Acoustic Soul. Despite the hardships in life, one should try to preserve a positive outlook on various aspects in one's life. It is as if India.Arie has tried to describe the different feelings which occur within the soul, mind and body of every human being. The upbeat and lovely Strength, Courage & Wisdom displays the positive mood of the album, stating the need to live each day to the fullest.

    The funky Nature is an ode to the beautiful landscape surrounding the human race, as India.Arie encourages her lover to join her on a journey, exploring the fascinating elements of nature. Another favourite is the soulful Back To The Middle, displaying that extreme behaviour will cause trouble, while encouraging people to find a middle-ground to tackle life from. Still, Acoustic Soul does have its weak offerings: the dull Ready For Love. Aware of the coming backlash, I dare stating that Ready For Love is entirely forgettable. Having witness India.Arie in concert, I can recall her saying that Ready For Love was her fave cut from the album - Well, it isn't mine!! The dreamy Always In My Head has a summer-ish feeling to it. The catchy chorus has you remember it for days.

    Up next is the instalment See God In You, a lovely, mid-tempo cut, yet it tends to disappear among the rest of the songs on the album. Simple and Part Of My Life are solid offerings as well. Some may argue that Part Of My Life sounds genetic compared to many of the songs on Acoustic Soul. It appeared to be malplaced on the record, yet I enjoy this addictive track. Beautiful suffers from the same syndrome as Ready For Love: repetitive and dull. Last but not least is the playful Wonderful - a dedication to Stevie Wonder. The song clearly demonstrates India.Arie's fondness for Stevie Wonder. It is actually fun, bubbly and quite joyous to be honest - a nice ending of the album.

    India.Arie's debut Acoustic Soul is a must-have for soul lovers. I have had it in my collection since its release in 2001 and I listen to it on a regular basis. Unusually, there are hardly any weak offerings on Acoustic Soul which tend to be the case with most albums released. However, Acoustic Soul is a cohesive and solid effort- a masterpiece within its genre.

    Overall Rating: 9/10

    ...more info
  • MUSICAL FABULOSITY............................!!!
    The beloved India Arie is the muscial equivalent of the "girl next door." With her earthy, unassuming style and her smooth, melodic tones India reminds us all of a good friend. If she isn't singing about self-love via an upbeat tune that we can groove to (Video), than she is reminding us gently that we are beautiful and to rejoice in our Blackness (Brown Skin). A musical compilation that is worthy of a Grammy simply on the strength of the messages contained in the lyrics...the songstress herself is gravy. Loved it, loved it, and still do.

    DYB...more info
  • I can't even find the words to express myself!
    I can't even find the words to express how I feel about this album, or this beautiful woman...All I can say if India is reading this..."Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, You have touched my Soul, I want YOU to know you are me hero!!!!"...more info
  • kind of a shame it was overlooked
    video was a very nice song but it wasn't wise as a first choice for a debut single. Although the message was very good and the guitars were done well I remember radio dissing Video and turning to dance-pop/r&b instead which was dominating airwaves then. I think brown skin would have been a beautiful choice for a first single....more info
  • A woman who represents Acoustic's Soul
    Acoustic Soul at it's finest. This CD offers you 15 tracks of beautiful melodies, uplifting words and soothing guitar production. "God in You" (just the title along makes you wanna hear it) is one of those smooth bass filled tracks that make you rewind it before it even ends. Back to the Middle" has the feel of a personal vibe to her and just an all around good groove. Many artists have lost the gift of writing from the soul to touch others soul and this is what this track accomplished. You can't really compare her to anyone but the artist that might come close to her would be Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill (the most), and Tracy Chapman, that's the most appealing thing about her and her sound. To come close in describing her, you have to gather a lot of artist (old and new) to create the sound she brings. She's another talented artist bringing a big pot of "SOMETHING DIFFERENT" to the table for all to enjoy a bite of. One of the best songs on this album is "Video" and that song uses a sample from one of 112's songs "Come see me". "Brown skin" is a song that really goes out to black people just from listening to the lyrics. Other good songs on the album are: "Nature", "Ready for love", "Always in my head", "Simple", "Part of my life, "Promises", and "Wonderful" (good tribute to Stevie Wonder).
    India is a mix between modern and soulful old-school R+B. Anyone who likes soul music or wants something outside the norm of R+B should grab this album.
    ...more info
  • I can feel you India
    Ok. I gave this cd 4 stars instead of 5 just because I'm not a liberal when it comes to giving out the twinkles. But I must say that this is a pretty good album. India is more than a singer she's also an artist. Unlike many of albums I was able to listen to this album in it's entirety. My favorite songs on this album are Video, Back to the middle, and Nature. I like Video because she seems to be a girl after my own heart. I like Come back to the middle because it focuses on balance (It's as important to have a balanced mind as it is a balanced meal). And last but not least I love Nature because it's great advice for those entering into relationships. ...more info
  • Amazing
    Beautiful by India Arie is superb. The song opens to the slow strumming of an acoustic guitar and the steady lethargic beating of drums. The guitar becomes a constant friend throughout your journey and is the backbone of the song, going low on occasions but its presence is never lost. The hollow beats of the drums provides solace; the soothing heart beat a child hears against a mother's bosom. Her deep soulful voice is intoxicating as it carries you slowly to your utopia. Swaying to the rhythm of her voice you are taken on an odyssey where the green grass is lush and the line between the sky and land is intangible. Her raspy tone has the soft quality of a woman telling her daughter of a whimsical far away land as a lullaby. Her voice entices feelings of tranquility and peace. The lyrics are simple, better to get the actual feeling from the song than to overcomplicate it with unnecessary word usage. She talks of self-discovery and the realization that you've outgrown your cramped living space. A realization so blunt it's like removing a picture frame off of a wall it's been on for 30 years, seeing the contrast of what is and what used to be. India Arie is among the many like Erika Badu, Lauryn Hill, Musiq and Jill Scott whose Neo Soul music is rooted in the traditional soul music of the 70's. The journey is everlasting, as is the feeling of the song. It's a breath of fresh air from all the mechanical computer-generated pop that litters the radio.
    -Aaleeyah...more info
  • India Arie - Acoustic Soul
    This is the most awesome acoustic soul album I've ever listened to. I listen to it as I'm going to sleep and I listen to it when I first wake up. I listen to it in my car. I tag it along like a dog on a leash everywhere I go. She has a beautiful silky voice and her guitar work is the best I've ever heard in a long time....more info
  • Good debut
    from a talented young lady. This is one of the best soul albums of the last few years. Her voice is really smoothing and she's a good lyricist. It's a great feel-good record, she seems like such a positive and sweet girl. Everytime I'm feeling down this is one of the best albums to put on to make me will better. "Video", "Strenght, courage and Wisdom", and the others always put a smile on my face. Another really well-made song is "Ready for love". The cd has it highs and lows,but overall it's a made-well album.
    ...more info
  • Positive Lyrics!
    One thing I like about India Arie, which is why I know she's not made it mainstream is that she writes positive lyrics. She isn't talking about screwing this and that and all that mess. Her lyrics are uplifting and she is a very talented human being. I hope she releases something in the future. LOVE YA INDIA! ...more info
  • This girl is good!
    This is a magnificent album right here with some of the greatest songwriting that I have heard in a while and downright brilliant musical moments scattered throughout. The fact that India has such a genuine love and appreciation for music and art is strikingly evident when listening to this cd. India is truly talented and she has a beautiful spark about her that I don't see very often. This album is full of outstanding compositions and the musicianship is consistently satisfying. The acoustic guitar dominates and she makes wonderful use of it throughout, but there are also many other various elements used that are just as effective. The writing on this album is outstanding-India is a truly impressive lyricist. Most of the songs are full of wisdom and insight beyond most of our years, and she delivers them with sincerity, genuine honesty, and ease. And her lyrics are just as impressive in terms of style as they are in terms of substance. This stands true for just about every song on here. It's obvious that India didn't write "Part of My Life" even though it is a decent enough dance track, and "I See God in You" is a decent song but it does kind of sound like India is just going through the motions. But still, I'll take India going through the motions over most other contemporary singer/songwriters anyday. I especially love the clever concept song, "Always in My Head" with its thoughtful metaphors and clever imagery. This album is a great listen all throughout and comes to a wonderful ending with her very befitting Stevie Wonder tribute; soulful, upbeat and fit with Wonder-like warm melodic modulation. The lyrics which link together Stevie Wonder album titles and song names and phrases are simple, yet clever without being at all coy, and that's a large part of what makes the song so charming. And, the pseudo-Stevie sounding backing track works perfectly. This is a great album right here that I encourage all music lovers to give a listen. ...more info
  • Never Need to Skip Songs
    I learned about India Arie after seeing her perform live on TV. Soul doesn't begin to describe this girl. She's everything that old school, honest, bluesy soul music was about and then she added guitar riffs. Her voice is hands down one of the best with unique twist and her lyrics actually say more than "I hate boyfriend sucks." I'm pretty confident if you get this album you'll never feel the need skip past a song. Each one is for the most part awesome. I'd say my favorites would have to be Promises, Brown Skin, I See God in You, and Beautiful, but again, I could pretty much listen to each of them when I put the CD on. Why this girl isn't more commercially successful is beyond me. Buy the album. It's insane....more info
  • India.Arie and Acoustic Soul
    I've "discovered" Acoustic Soul around 2 times recently, and each time I listen to it, almost nonstop! Her songs are warm, soulful, and DEFINETELY enjoyable. Each time I listen to one of her songs, it makes me feel good. This album really has no 'fillers' or 'earworms'. I'm especially partial to "Beautiful", a wonderful kind of song you'd play after a sensual movie.
    India.Arie has not been recognized well, and I DO NOT know why! I just wish she continued with a few more albums until she became legend! Still hoping. ;)
    I advise most anyone to buy this album! It lifts me up every time....more info
  • Beautiful
    I finally got this CD - it is so beautiful. Very mellow and relaxing. ...more info
  • Beautiful and Poetic...I LOVE it!
    I can listen to this CD from the beginning to the end without having to skip a song! It flows just like her voice. I even enjoy listening to the tributes she give to the musical legends. Her music is inspiring and I hope she continues!

    I LOVE you India!...more info
  • 5+ STARS!
    Do I LOVE this cd? You damn right!! India Arie is what I would call, clear as a bell, perfection! Her voice is dynamic. You must listen straight through. Im simply speechless w/ her work. Get the cd, you'll know what I mean!...more info
  • Soulful and poetic
    I've had this CD for several years now and still listen to it quite often. Its soulfulness is mesmerizing, and the songs reflect a strong spirit that I find refreshing. This artist is comfortable in her own skin and encourages us all to be the same. I found the songs "Beautiful" "Video" "Brown Skin" "Promises" and "Ready for Love" especially heartfelt and inspiring.

    I get a lift every time I listen to this one, and you will too.

    From the author of The Difference Now, A New Dish, and At the Coffee Shop. ( info
  • Soulful and poetic
    I've had this CD for several years now and still listen to it quite often. Its soulfulness is mesmerizing, and the songs reflect a strong spirit that I find refreshing. This artist is comfortable in her own skin and encourages us all to be the same. I found the songs "Beautiful" "Video" "Brown Skin" "Promises" and "Ready for Love" especially heartfelt and inspiring.

    I get a lift every time I listen to this one, and you will too.

    From the author of The Difference Now, A New Dish, and At the Coffee Shop. ( info
  • Classic It's 2004 and I still listen to it!!! Priceless
    This CD is not new and i still keep it in rotation!!! This is an ALBUM just like back in the day, when every song was a potential single! Her voice is in the strong middle "C" like our beloved Whitney! The lyrics have depth and the music simply compliments it like butter to hot bread! I have had several encounters where I have met India one on one both before her first the release of this album and after and I must say that I don't particulary care for her as a person. In each instance she seemed quite rude, self absorbed and egotistical, however, I do have the ability to separate the two and do hope that she works on her humility and grace. I said that to make the point that good music cannot be denied. This CD is worth every dollar and she'll be around for a long time!...more info
  • This CD is a "must have" for your music collection
    India's music exudes a spirit that is wise, passionate, and very very, cool!!! ...more info
    This album is a MASTERPIECE. Nuff said....more info
  • Wonderful Debut From A Talented Artist
    India Arie Simpson made her debut in March of 2001, around the same time as Alicia Keys made her debut. At the Grammies that year, fans of India Arie were stunned when, despite her seven nominations for her debut "Acoustic Soul", India Arie did not receive a single Grammy and many of her fans dislike Alicia Keys for "robbing" India of her Grammies. India Arie was twenty-five at the time of this debut and she, as far as I know, either wrote or co-wrote every song on this album. As well, I believe India Arie herself played the acoustic guitar in many (or all) of the songs. Though her lyrics are somewhat simple, they have a generally elegant kind of simplicity as well. On her debut, India seems to be introducing the listener both to herself and her style and she pulls it off quite well.

    The album starts off with a short "Intro" in which India lists some of the artists who inspired her. It is quite short and not memorable. The first song on the album is India Arie's single "Video" in which she asserts that she's "not the average girl from the video." In this song, India seems to be giving the listener a little insight as to what she's like as a person as well as giving us a taste of her lyrical and vocal style. The vocals in the bridge of the song are especially great (the part that begins "am I any less of me if I don't wear pantyhose?"). Though this is different from most singles in 2001, it is a wonderful song and a great introduction to India Arie. Afterwards comes "Promises", one of the catchiest songs on the album. To me, this is one of the best songs on the album. In this song, India gives the messages that "a man's only as good as his word" and basically, to keep your promises and you will be rewarded.

    Next comes two decent songs, "Brown Skin" and "Strength, Courage and Wisdom". By decent I mean that they are still good but not quite up to the same level as other songs. "Brown Skin" is a touching song about how India Arie loves her man's brown skin. The only downside is the song is quite long and the lyrics are somewhat repetitive making it seem even longer. "Strength, Courage and Wisdom" is a little more upbeat and talks about finding these three qualities inside you. It is a decent enough song but is not quite as good as other songs on the album. After comes the slightly more interesting "Nature" with its captivating chorus and vocal style. This song showcases India's vocals quite well even though the lyrics contain a lot of similes and are not the best. Overall, it is a good song.

    Next come three of my favourite songs on the album, "Back To The Middle", "Ready For Love" and "Always In My Head", though they are interrupted by an interlude. "Back To The Middle" has great vocals and the lyrics seem to be a little bit autobiographical. The music in this track, like with all the tracks on the album now that I think of it, fits with the vocals and lyrics very well. It is not exactly clear what "back to the middle" means but that does not take away from the quality of the song. In "Ready For Love", India states that she is ready for all the pain, joy and time involved in love. The song is a calm ballad that grows increasingly more powerful as it goes on and shows off the sandiness of India's voice. To me, it is a definite highlight. After that comes a short interlude which is mostly a continuation of the intro. In other words, its nothing too memorable. "Always In My Head", like several India Arie songs, contains a lot of metaphors but this time is works well. The music in this song it awesome as well.

    Next comes "I See God In You", which could have been extremely cheesy or wonderful. Thankfully, it is closer to the latter. The song mostly repeats the chorus with only two real verses, but India's voice and the catchiness of the song save it from being too cheesy. Afterwards come another three decent tracks, "Simple", "Part of My Life" and "Beautiful". "Simple" has a catchy beat to it but suffers from average lyrics. The vocals in the chorus sound great though I think there's a little too much of the background singers in the chorus. However, it does sound pretty good. "Part of My Life" is decent but not nearly as good as some of the other tracks on the album. It suffers from subpar to average lyrics that do not do India Arie's talents much justice. "Beautiful" truly lives up to its name, particularly in the chorus. However, while "Beautiful" is good, it is not quite as good as other songs on the album. Finally, we come to the Outro and the bonus track, "Wonderful" which is a dedication to Stevie Wonder. The Outro is basically a "thank you" song to India's family. "Wonderful" is somewhat cheesy but is still a nice dedication to Stevie Wonder. Despite its good lyrics and great vocals, the song just seems to be lacking something.

    Overall Mark: 4/5

    Overall, India Arie comes out with a wonderful RnB/Soul debut album that touches on many topics that are not generally talked about in modern music. Despite the quality of the album, I do not think it would be one that many people will remember several years down the road simply because now, three years after this albums release, very few people even remember India Arie as more than "the one who sang Video". This is really a shame since India Arie is an undeniably talented artist. Unfortunately, her sophomore album wasn't nearly at the same level as her debut. This album is great to add to any collection....more info
  • ########11111111
    Great CD India! The words to her songs are full of meaning and expression. She handcrafts every detail of feeling and creates a masterpiece. The best songs on the cd are: Video, Promises, Brown Skin, Simple, God in You, and Part of My Life. These are in no particular order. I just bought this cd 2 weeks ago on the internet along with the Alicia Keys cd I purchased. On a review for the AK cd, it said Acoustic Soul was also highly recommended. I bought the CD only knowing 1 song on it and I have to say that I'm quite pleased with it. THIS IS A MUST BUY FOR YOUR CD COLLECTION!...more info
  • Wonder what life would be like without this album
    Is it possible to NEVER get sick of an album? I don't know how many times I've listened to this since the day I bought it -- how long ago? But it never wears out.

    Actually, I love it more now than I did the first day.

    I bought it, of course, for the song "Video" -- I mean, what woman can resist a song that says, "My mama says a lady ain't what she wears, but what she knows. Keep your silicone, I prefer my own, what God gave me is just fine." How can you resist that? So of course I had to buy it.

    It took me a few days to get excited about the rest of the album. It has a "midnight smooth" feel - ultra polished - which isn't my usual thing. But the songs grew on me one at a time.

    After Video, the next song that got me was the one about how everything in life makes music, including "a tin can rolls across the gravel like a tambourine". Very meaningful song to those of us who are deeply drawn to sound.

    Then I went crazy over the song that proclaims love of a man by stating, "I see God in you". What a great way to put it!

    Next, I got taken in by the gentle, understated tribute to deceased artists and ... by now, I'm pretty much wild for every song on there, and I never get tired of listening.

    Let it grow on you if it's not your usual thing. There's lots of instrumentation and it's very traditonally polished -- not the kind of sound we usually associate with great lyrics. But this one has them.

    If smooth, soulful, polished music is already your favorite kind -- then no sweat! You'll love this album from the get-go....more info

    yep, its official I LOVE video. only gd song on da album. i mean, she has gd voice but alicia keys & lauryn hill r WAY betta than her. glad she missed out on the 7 grammies she was up 4 in 2002...more info
  • A Soul Sista with a Soulllllll!!!!-- Love it
    What can I say about this album that is not already said. Bought this album when it came out in 2001 and I pick it up a week ago and put it in my cd player and wow!!! I got to say a calmness and freshness came over me like the album had just release a week ago. The freshness is still there, a Classic album and the grammys did her an injustice when they nominated her for 7 grammys and in turn gave her no award for her beautiful and distinctive work. She is not the prototype of todays artist who shakes A$$ and bling out in fake diamonds. Her words from her albums exubes the beautiful black woman that she is --humble,spiritual and talented. You will NOT--let me emphasize that a little more you will NOT skip any track on this album, hence you will not be dissapointed. She is the female Maxwell with a mixture of Tracy Chapman creative writing. Just imagine that picture in your mind and go out and GET THIS ALBUM ALOMG WITH "VOYAGE TO iNDIA"


    1)BROWN SKIN ( a concept that exubes beauty and self confidence of love the skin that you are in --melow with a touch of R&B)

    2)Video---describe exactly how people like myself view the music videos today (a True song about the real sistas/young ladys carry themselves in a positive light)

    3) I see God in You--The title speaks for itself

    4)Ready for love- woooo --one thing you need to do is turn everything off around you a listen to the words of this song and you will be amazed of this singer/songwriter creative genius

    5)Promises-- laid back relax and listen

    6)"Beautiful" & "Strength Courage and Wisdom", is very uplifting

    7)The rest I can't list cause words will do no justice to this album and final thought she is not the BRitneys BEyonces, Christina etc, and that to me is very uplifting because she is the essence of a true artist. The nusic should speak for itself and people like MTV should recognize that and stop promote artist that a purely based image. Thats the reason artist like her don't last long on the music scene beacuse that don't get the deserved promtion they need to keep they career alive and that is ashame. GET THIS ALBUM She had a far better album than Alicia Keys: A minor but the grammys went with the "prototype"(I not going to get deep or prolific on that statement but you can read through the lines...more info
  • Acoustic Soul
    This is one of the best debut albums I have in my collection. India had the disadvantage of debuting along with Alicia Keys who had a phenomenal advertising campaign which saw her appearing on all major shows prior to her album release date while India debuted with much less fanfare. However, rightfully she received 7 grammy nominations and devastatingly did not receive one - she was robbed blind in my opinion. As much as I love "Songs in A Minor", "Acoustic Soul" is a superior album as a whole and should've won at least 2 grammies (one for r&b song, and one for album of the year).

    India has a deep contralto voice that I find fit beautifully with the songs on this album. If you enjoy neo-soul music, this would be an excellent album to add to your collection.

    The standout songs are:

    Video - a strong anthem with a catchy hook
    Brown Skin - a beautiful song that celebrates "brown skin"
    Strength, Courage & Wisdom - uptempo catchy song
    Ready for Love - beautiful ballad
    Simple - catchy, upbeat love song...more info