Febreze 04291 True Air Replacement Filter for Tobacco Odors

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True Air Replacement Tobacco Air Filter For Tobacco Odors With Odorsmart Carbon Filter That Effectively Traps & Neutralizes Odors Lasts Up To 120 Days Plastic Package Keeps Filter Fresh.

  • Tobacco odor replacement filter
Customer Reviews:
  • Fabreeze Air Freshner
    I am thoroughly pleased with this product but would never buy small products such as these from Amazon again.

    The reason is your shipping costs which are outragious. The shipping costs more than the product itself and here I can go to Drugstore.com where it is free shipping and the item is less also.

    I do buy books periodically from this site and do not remember such a high shipping cost. You can well be assured I will find out before I buy.

    Satisfied but yet unsatisfied customer....more info
  • It catches a good amount
    for the size of the purifier and the size of the filter, if you smoke in a room it will clear 1 to 2 cigarettes smoke in about an hour...not bad...more info
  • Product works well
    I'm glad I bought this product. It was cheaper than buying an ionic breeze and it works well considering....more info