Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna With Timer

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Product Description

This dual facial sauna comes with a wide facial steamer and narrow sinus cone. There is also a facial tool that has an attachable exfoliating brush and a sponge for applying moisturizer. Warm Steam Facial Sauna On/off switch Safe automatic shut-off and timer to customize length of facial or nasal treatment Limited two year warranty

This unit can be used to steam open pores for cleansing skin and to steam open clogged nasal and sinus passages. The versatility comes from two translucent, blue, plastic cones. The large cone is 6-3/4 inches wide and has a flared, open side to accommodate the face, chin, and neck for cleansing. The small cone is 3-1/2 inches wide, so steam is directed into the nose where it can be breathed in during allergy and cold season. Operating the steamer is simple: using the included measuring tube, pour tap water into the power base's reservoir; twist on and lock into place either of the tubes; switch on the unit with the on/off button; and wait about three minutes for the water to heat. For controlled cleansing sessions there's a timer than can be set from 3 to 15 minutes. And for safety the unit automatically shuts off after 45 minutes. --Fred Brack

  • Facial tool with 2 attachments for exfoliating
  • Exfoliating brush
  • Sponge for moisturizer
  • Facial Sauna with auto shutoff and timer
  • On/Off Switch

Customer Reviews:

  • Conair Fascial / Sinus Sauna Vaporizer
    An excellent value. I used mine as a sinus vaporizer and with the small cone supplier it really did a great job. My GF saw the fascial cone and liked the unit as well, and the fascial brush was immediately disappeared by her as well. Would definitely recommend....more info
  • Not as costly but still good.
    I really liked this item. Compared to its more costly competition it really stacked up. I use it about once a week and every time I use it my face feels like I just left the spa. Really recommended to anyone who wants deep facial cleaning, but also has sensitive skin....more info
  • Average product
    First things first, I fell for the good reviews and Conair's name. I know its not costly, just 21 bucks but still, its supposed to produce freaking steam, which it does very miserly.

    A request to all, please send me $5 and I will tell you more effective ways to break a sweat on ur face then this thingy will ever do for ya. I wud have preferred to pay 50-60 bucks for a nice product then waste 21 on something I'm might trash. This thing looks nice but I hope it produced more steam....more info
  • Great Product !!!
    Very helpful to maintain healthy glow and helps to get rid of should be used regularly .I loved it & recommends this product ....more info
  • Help for pores and sinuses
    The dual cones are most functional. The one smaller in diameter is great for helping clear sinuses, the larger one for giving facial pores a good "sweat bath." A fine addition to my health and beauty routine....more info
  • Better than 70$ evry month to the spa
    I bought this facial sauna after my first visit, to a SPA, in USA for a deep pore cleansing where i was very desappointed because my face was looking the same after the facial and after $70 payed. I went there for a deep pores clean. expecting to have at least half of my face clean, but it didn't happend. She used the facial steamer and then a lot of masks, which i am sure they were expensive and good but my face doesn't really need them,it needs just a DEEP PORES CLEANSING! I left the spa very disappointed starting to look online for my own facial sauna so i can do it at home, for free. That's how i bought this product and it is working, it is working as good as the spa one was working minus $70 every time i use it. Makes enought steam and has a better effect if you use a towel around your head so it can keep the steam on your face. I personally add some tea in the water also, to me it makes a difference. You can add even the tea bags you have at home.I am happy with it and i am recommend it....more info
  • Good simple device
    Am using it to make steam infused with herbal oil for relief of bronchitis. I use it 6-10 times a day. I've had no problems at all. It is simple and easy to use. Jim...more info
  • "Always trying to find the perfect gift shopper"
    I originally received this as a gift. So, I bought this 2 different times for others as a gift. It is an awesome product. Works great on sinuses, in winter and refreshes skin. Love the scrub brush for microdermabrasion too. Take a while to heat up but I put a towel over my head when using it - seems to make the steam more potent. Would and have recommended to others. ...more info
  • Facial Sauna
    I was very pleased with the quick shipment and the facial sauna itself. I got more than I expected for the money....more info
  • Exactly what i was looking for
    Yes, it takes longer than a few minutes to warm up, but once it is steaming full strength it works miracles. I just turn it on while washing my face with the exfoliator brush before hand. The steamer opens your pores, and helps pull out impurities. I put a mask on directly afterwards to complete my facial. It also primes your face to get better results from your anti-aging and moisturizing products. You can also add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils to help you relax or aid in the clearing of problem skin. ...more info
  • spend the $40 and get it professionaly done
    don't waste your $20 something dollars on this product, spend the $30 or $40 dollars to get a professional microdermabrasion every or every other month you won't regret it...the handheld tool was not even powerful enough to exfoliate your skin correctly and the steamer doesn't do a thing...more info
  • order
    the item was refused. sorry please refund my money. i wanted face steam by kaz. i can purchase that steamer at walgreens for 10 bucks. when i clicked on steamer by kaz there was a offer and it was not for a brush. i have several brush. please refund as you can track the package i return...more info
  • inexpensive/ a must have product
    Dr. Gross of MDskincare recommended this product in a Elle article ages ago and I finally got around to buying it. Its a v. basic no frills model that is v. easy to use. I steam and then use pore strips on my face and I love the results. With regular use pores are clearer and appear smaller. My facial sauna came on vacation with me and my hostess loved it so much that I bought her one as a thank you gift. ...more info
  • comme la, comme sa
    Ok - for those who want to do a general facial sauna. The gadgets can be safely thrown away, the nose-apapter is useless. Takes some time to start up and in my case the timer does not work. Don't want to be harsh, since it might very well be only for me but the bottom-line is a crude cheap product which I WILL ADVICE to purchase if you're looking for a simple model doing just that steaming to your face and you're ready to wait for 10 min. while the stuff heats up....more info
  • Conair Facial Sauna - A Great Find
    The Facial Sauna is compact, light weight, and easy to use. The compact size makes for ease of use and storage. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. The results were as I expected for my facials. I have already recommended the product to my friends and given one as a gift....more info
  • Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna With Timer - Good Value, Nice Unit, Could be Better

    The Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna With Timer is a nice product for steaming your face. The size is large enough for most people with small to medium sized faces, though many will have to adjust their heads side to side to get even steaming all around. This is a product that will most likely be used more by women than men, and the face cup seems to be designed with that in mind.

    I purchased this as a gift for somebody. While they enjoyed it, it ended up being one of those items that gets infrequent use. I started using it after that. After doing some testing on it myself, I found that there were some good things about it and some that could be improved.

    + Very fair list price and a good value for the mix of functions
    + Seems to work relatively well, depending on your needs
    + Nice compact size
    + Simple controls are intuitive to figure out
    + Decent amount of steam is produced quickly
    + Timer feature and auto-shut-off will be a pluses for some
    + Extra sinus attachment may be useful for some
    + Both the normal steamer or sinus attachment help to relieve congestion
    + 2 year warrantee is quite generous given the price

    - The face brush doesn't produce enough friction to really perform deep cleaning
    - More heads on the brush would have also been nice
    - The unit little water, requiring most people to refill it to finish a session
    - Difficult to position yourself for comfort and full coverage
    - The edges of the bowl could have been better designed for comfort

    I am not sure if larger units that hold more water for steaming are sold here. This unit requires refills for a single session. That can be distracting when you are trying to use this alone. The face brush includes two small heads for cleaning and moisturizing, but doesn't seem extremely effective. Yet newer versions of the brush concept may not necessarily be better than a washcloth to gently clean away dead layers and dirt from your face.

    This item works, but there are alternatives. The jury is still out on similar tools, even those with wider cleaning heads like the Neutrogena Wave Deep Clean Foaming Pad. Even tools like the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit may deserve consideration for cleaning out problem areas. More established tools like the Clarisonic PRO Professional Skin Care System have prohibitively high price tags.

    Many will find that the steam helps not only with skin care but also with opening the sinuses. Higher end steamers are also hard to find, but if you are primarily looking for something to aid your sinuses the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler is probably worth looking into. Finally, the number of creams and other cleansers that may achieve similar results without steaming is almost infinite.

    If you need steam at the cheapest price, this unit is a good consideration. If you want a little bit more comfort and capacity you may want to try another product.


    ...more info
  • where is the timer...
    I think it is OK, but I don't know why the timer doesn't work and I don't know how long I have been steamed... Until the water stopped boiling ( I can hear from the water) and I finally saw the water is all dry... Don't have something to stop it automatically when it is dry...

    anyway I think it's OK because it steamed face quick good....more info
  • Great for sinus relief, clear breathing, colds/flu, and for facial pores
    This was exactly what I wanted, at an unbeatable price.

    I was looking for a sinus solution (Neti Pots work great, but sometimes I want something more soothing). I looked at all the different facial saunas/steamers, and the Conair was the best value (at $22/free shipping), with the two attachments, and some extras.

    This works great for me - just put in a couple ounces of water, wait about 60 seconds, and it pumps out steam.

    I've used the facial attachment, and also the sinus attachment - and have had nice, soft pores this winter!

    Just inhale deeply for about 3-5 minutes, then blow your nose gently, and all those irritants and particles will come out. Repeat if you still feel some "junk" up in your sinus passages. It even works when you're stopped up - the steam will definitely work its way through your sinus passages and loosen any mucus. For me, the sinus pressure almost always goes away within a few minutes.

    One more note - I'm not necessarily loyal to the Conair brand. This just seemed like the best value, and it's worked well. It seems to be a durable machine, and has performed flawlessly. But whatever you do, please consider using steam, neti pot, saline sprays, or something other than chemicals and prescription drugs to deal with sinus pressure. Be kind to your body! One family member developed permanent health problems from over-reliance on things like prescription drugs & Tylenol Sinus, when natural options like this are faster, safer, and cheaper.

    As I said, the Conair also works great as a facial spa/sauna, though my family uses it primarily to clean sinuses. Hope this helps in your purchasing decision!...more info
  • so far very happy with this product
    I just received this product yesterday, and used it the same evening. It took approximately 3-5 minutes for water to heat up. Meanwhile I washed my face and put some cream on my eye area (btw, that was a good tip from manual, as you protect your sensitive skin around eyes). Steam was very good and strong, but I would probably be more happier if the facial cone was a bit longer, so my face is not so very close to the steam coming right out of the machine. I think using a towel over your head will be very helpful if you want to steam your face for more than 10 minutes. Just to add more effect to your steam facial treatment :) I set the timer on 10 minutes first time and it did work. I have been using my facial brush to exfoliate my face in the shower, but I like this facial brush that comes with this product. Brush is very soft and work pretty well. I thing this brush is more gentle but yet more effective than just using my old brush. It is not so harsh on your face. Use a generous amount of cream or moisturizer after using brush to exfoliate your face. Also, my personal recommendation - I would probably not use brush to exfoliate your facial skin more often than once in a week or two. Facial skin is very thin in general.. you don`t want to take it completely off :) Using mask right after steaming is very good idea too. Yes, I have been using boiling water in pot so far, but I find this product to be very convenient way of doing steam facial. And one more tip, if you still miss steaming your face over a boiling pot with herbs (sage is excellent thing) use this herbal tea instead of using mask.. Simply damp the towel and put it on your face for couple of minutes after steaming. So like I`ve said - product works very well and I am so far very happy with it. Enjoy!...more info
  • Facial Sauna with Timer
    I love it. It work extremely well. It does a good job between Facials.
    I highly recommended. ...more info
  • Nice Facial Sauna
    Good Product. Does the Job ended with this after trying a few. Satisfied with this product....more info
    I am very happy with the subject Sauna. However I am very unhappy with the tardy delivery as it was to be a Christmas present. The product was originally scheduled to be delivered on December 21, 2006. I received it on January 2, 2007.

    Margaret Espino...more info
  • Wonderful! Give yourself a Facial
    I've had a conair facial sauna for years (and it was still working fine when I lost/misplced it) so I had to try another Conair.

    Well, this is perfect, even better than the first one I got. Why? It's got that safety timer, it tells you when it's ready, it comes with two cones to choose from. Plus, it comes with this free exfoliating brush and sponge. So nice. I used it last night and now my skin's glowing beautifully, like it got a polishing. It's a nice way to pamper yourself.

    Great price too! ...more info
  • Conair: The Complete Facial Spa
    Overall, I like this product. It is rather relaxing to sit and pamper yourself. The unit makes short of a hissing noise as the water boils, but it's not too loud. Make sure to keep an eye on the water level. It shouldn't all evaporate if you only do this for, say, 10 minutes, however longer times require water to be added and if you don't add the water in time sort of a "burn" smell results. Add the water before putting the blue top on - otherwise it sort of pours out here and there. I don't like to use the timer because the beep noise is really loud and annoying. I wish the face cone was longer as well (as someone else noted) - while the steam doesn't hurt my nose - it does sting my forhead if I tilt my head to steam that area. I also do not like how your hairline and sides of your face to not get steamed unless you turn your head, which is uncomfortable. I recommend putting the unit on a few phonebooks (if you don't mind possibly spilling water on them) to ease have to bend your back and/or neck so far down. Keep napkins nearby to move the unit - so as to not burn your hands if water spills. Don't put lotion on your face or else it will end up smeared all over the blue part (eye area might be ok). The unit I purchased did not come with a face scrubber, so I have no comment on that. If you take the blue part OFF the unit (once it cools off and you remove the water), it will better fit in the original box for storage!!...more info
  • I Love This Item!
    I replaced a well known name brand (expensive) with this item. It is far more useful for me because of the timer and the signal to tell me when it's ready...couldnt be better!...more info
  • Great buy!
    Very relaxing way to spend a couple of minutes. Bought it for acne control can't tell if its working. At the very least its relaxing and clears up stuffy noses, just got sick recently. It does get VERY HOT though, enough to make breathing a bit painful, I found having my mouth half in and half out while I breathed through my mouth helped....more info
  • Great tool for health as well as beauty
    I ordered this because of the secondary cone which directs the steam more to the nose area than the entire face. Due to a medical condition I cannot use decongestants, so I needed something to duplicate the congestion-busting effects of a hot shower (nothing against showers, but let's face it: Taking a shower six or seven times a day in order to clear a stuffy head is just NOT practical, not to mention the wasted water!) and this facial sauna with the smaller alternative cone fits the bill perfectly. It produces steam almost instantly, is 100% effective, and it easy to store when not in use. I realize it can't be marketed as a health or medical aid but it sure does the job in that department!...more info
  • use a pot of boiling water
    Overall, the product is not what is expect. First, the product is smaller than what I expected. Only the front of your face gets pampered, you have to manuever your face to get the sides steamed. Second, the amount of steam coming for the unit is like a cup of hot coffee. Finally, the product is a big rip off, if the manufactor wanted someone to enjoy it they would have made a product that is productive. Don't waste your money, put a pot of water on the stove and use it. ...more info
  • great for sinuses
    This little product clears my sinuses every morning. I use my electric teapot to pour some hot water into it, hit the power button, and it starts steaming a minute or so thereafter. Three minutes of heavy breathing later, my sinuses are clear. I put a little bit of vicks vapor rub in it sometimes too....more info
  • This really works!
    I was skeptical on this product and I was so desperate for a solution in helping my skin and my sinus problems. Well I knocked out two birds with one stone. I have am a 33 year old man with ache on my chin area and have some problems with the hair growing on that area too. My condition has dramatically improved with this machine. The steam is fast and helps open the pores and clear your skin. The exfoliating electric circular brush works so well with antibacterial/glisern bars. I also found this to be therapeutic for my sinuses. I am so pleased with this machine....more info
  • Good
    It does take time to warm up. I get the machine going as I start to clean up after dinner. In about 8-10 minutes the machine is going gung-ho. I thought it was a small amount of water in the reservoir, but I got tired of the steam :-) while there was a lot of it left!! I think it will work very well with all the clogged noses we will have in winter. The timer does not seem to work. So I set up the microwave timer to go off at 10 minutes.
    I am using Deep Scrub on the face. It is much more softer to use the given brush than using my fingers to rub it in!! All in all money well spent. ...more info
  • Just like going to a spa
    This product is wonderful. It also really helped daughter with acne. Very relaxing. I'd recommend it to anyone....more info
    I am 40 years old and this is the best my skin has ever looked. The facial steamer and microdermabrasion tool have left me with an incredibly soft skin texture and appearance. I've had acne since my teens and also have keratosis pilaris which leads to a bumpy skin texture. Since using this product my skin is smooth and really does not need make up anymore which is the best part. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I bought mine a few years ago. It's absolutely great. Even my kid (boy age 15) loves it. It's very therapeutic and relaxing. I love steaming my face and then cleansing with a clay mask or using the oil cleansing method. Very good buy and I don't feel the need to spend almost $200 for a "professional" brush. This works well enough for me and I am quite satisfied. ...more info
  • Absolutely fabulous, dahling
    We all know that when you buy a product, you shouldn't actually expect it to do what the ads claim it will do. At best, you can hope for a mildly effective effort on its part. Not with this sauna. After one use I was astonished at how smooth and glowing my face was, and kept touching my cheeks all day to feel how soft they were! The steam is just right--not too hot, yet effective--although I had to put my face down into the opening in order to really get the benefit. The microderm abrasion tool also works as advertised to scrub your skin without causing any pain, and the moisturizer pad did a great job of working moisturizer into my skin. And, as I said, afterward my skin looked better than it ever has, and my pores looked cleaner than they have in years. In fact, I had a professional facial at a good day spa not a year ago, and I don't remember having had results this good!

    I recommend this product to everyone, without hesitation! ...more info
  • Wanted to not like it - BUT it is AWESOME - get it - you wont regret
    1st - I saw some reviews complaining about plastic smell (with some other saunas also) - DO THIS: wash it with soap & warm water before you use it.

    As for the quality - you get a lot of bang for money - the included automatic brush works real nice & you probably don't need $200 clarisonic if you use this for cleaning - 2nd brush work real nice for applying moisturizer

    Sauna itself - double whammy - good for your face skin + good for your breathing. Facial sauna is probably the Best thing you can do to clean your pores - you can apply scrub or pore cleaner after for best results.

    Also - what goes very nicely with this set is to get a small bottle of Essential oils (I use 10ml peppermint with just a few drops)...more info
  • I absolutely love it!
    I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I liked this product! It came with a thin, easy to understand and to the point booklet!

    The steamer DOES heat up in 3 minutes and lets you know with a peep that it's done heating up, it does point out in the booklet though that it sometimes could take a couple of minutes more then 3 minutes to heat up, probably depending on how much water you put in, or how cold the water is you put in there to begin with!

    The timer works very well too and I did not find the beep too loud. When the time you set is up and it beeped, the Steamer emmidietly shuts itself off!

    The Steamer comes with a little cup to fill the right amount of water in the steamer! I found one cup is enough for a good five minutes of steaming! When I want to steam longer I simply fill twice the ammount in which works just as well.

    I'm not a very big person (5ft4)so the facialtube is big enough for my face! To reach all the areas in the face, to get the hairline and to intensivy the effect all at the same time I always use a big towel over my head. I find that it has the same effect then even if you are not all the way on the facialtube, good to know for people with bigger faces, in addition to that I find it even more relaxing to steam away in the darkness under the towel- feels like going into your own world a bit!

    The Microdermabrasion piece works great, spins two sides and runs in two speeds as well as it comes with two differend heads, one for the abrasion and one for massagning moisturizer in!

    ...more info
  • Good Value
    I chose this item because I'm not really the spa-going type, and I wanted to steam my face more effectively than standing over a sink with hot water and a towel over my head. Oh, and I didn't want to spend too much. Overall I am satisfied- the item does what I need it to, and I feel like I didn't pay too much for it.

    -Doesn't take up too much counter space
    -The base stays cool even after using for 10-15 minutes
    -Produces effective amounts of steam to open pores and clear out the sinuses
    -Ability to set a timer is convenient
    -Auto shut off gives forgetful people like me peace of mind:)

    -In my opinion, the face tool/attachments don't do any more than a loofah or washcloth + exfoliating cream. Beware if you have long hair. Even though mine was pulled back, I got too close with the rotating tip and ended up having to cut some of my hair out of the tool.
    -Sitting bent over the cone for any more than 10 minutes is neck-stiffening. I've tried propping the unit, using a taller chair, etc. but there's no way around it that I've found.
    -The larger of the face cones doesn't quite get all of the facial areas. I've found that I have to spend a few minutes tilted one way, and a few the other in order to reach all of my cheeks, forehead, and chin. Using a towel behind the head seems to help a little.

    Overall I am happy enough with this unit and its results that I will continue using it several times a week. ...more info
  • Full Steam Ahead
    I actually bought this item with my clogged sinuses in mind and it has delivered. There are no miracles in life, but this is a good bandaid until that happens. Not only do I clear my sinuses, but I get a skin treatment. How good is that?...more info
  • Not a fountain of youth BUT
    I am an older man and maybe still alittle vain from my younger years. This moisturizing unit is wonderful, no only does it
    clean my skin but breathing in the steam opens my nasal
    and lungs for better breathing so its like have two
    units working for you.Conair is a good name and I have always
    trusted their products and I do use them...I usually do the
    face moisturing after I shave... its great and I may not
    look younger but my face is aglow and I feel great...more info
  • Use a pot....
    this product was bought for some sauna action and i found that using a pot with a towel is just as good, if not better, i used this product once....more info
  • great choice
    I love this little sauna, it has done a great job cleaning pores and is also very healthy for sinuses. You can't get a better unit for the price. ...more info
  • Conair Facial sauna
    This is a piece of junk. I bought two of them . one was a mistake and I couldn't find any way of deleting the second one. I was charged for both and they came on time. But they are useless.
    Don't buy this. The thing takes awhile to warm up and the steam in of no use. Sincerely Wanda Rinehart....more info
  • not bad
    I am used to steaming my face the old fashion way, boil some water, cover with a towel and steam as needed.
    I bought this because for few months I could not use the stove top.
    Let's just say the good old fashioned method is definitely better.
    Not enough steam and does not steam the entire face especially the upper neck and just below the jaw line.
    Too soon to tell if the scrubber is helping my face....more info


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