Black & Decker Side Bag Assembly #BA-075

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Side Bag Assembly, Fits Mowers LM175, MM275, MM575 & MM675.

Easy to attach and built for years of bagging grass clippings, Black and Decker's lawn mower side-bag assembly fits the company's LM175, MM275, MM575, and MM675 mowers. The plastic side chute let's even the wettest grass slide smoothly into the bag without clogging and bogging down the engine. The bag itself is made of nylon for optimal durability and mold resistance. The bag measures 7.9 by 6.5 by 30.5 inches and weighs seven pounds for easy emptying and attachment. Black and Decker backs this item with a 2-year warranty. Brian D. Olson

Designed to fit mowers LM175, MM275, MM575, and MM675, and ideal for smaller yards, this side bag assembly from Black & Decker helps your lawnmower run more smoothly by efficiently moving tall and wet grass into the bag so it won't hamper the engine. Constructed of rough and tough, mold-resistant nylon with a plastic side chute for added durability, the #BA-075 features a back end with zipper for easy emptying that's not too stressful on your back. It also helps pick up leaves and other debris in the fall.

  • Designed for use with mowers LM175, MM275, MM575, and MM675
  • Constructed of mold-resistant nylon with a durable plastic chute
  • Handles even tall, wet grass with ease
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 6.5 x 30.5 inches (WxHxD); weighs 7.0 pounds; 2-year warranty
  • Back-end zipper for easy emptying

Customer Reviews:

  • B&D Side Bag Useful in the Fall
    The Black & Decker BA-075 Side Bag Assembly is great for bagging the mower's mulched leaves in the fall. For small lawns, it's a lot easier than raking. The bag attaches and detaches quickly and easily from the mower, and the bag unzips easily for emptying. The leaves, being mulched, are much more compact than raked leaves for more convenient disposal. I enjoy fall lawn cleanup much more with this mower attachment. ...more info
  • Black & Decker Side Bag
    Works well. Only drawback is that it's small. You will have to dump it many times, even for a small yard. Zipper gets caught quite easily....more info
  • It would be nice if it is a little bit bigger...
    It is fairly easy to put it on, and verything works so far. But the bag is on the small side......more info
  • Spews Dust
    I don't mind that I have to empty this bag several times. I don't mind that it sticks out and can get in the way. I mow my lawn when it is dry. I hate that this bag spews dust in the air, so much that I have to stop and stand back for a minute or two or cover my nose and mouth with cloth.

    Is everyone else experiencing this problem? Do I have a defective bag?

    This bag is a health hazard!!!...more info
  • mower bag is a little small
    I got the bag to pick up leaves. It works great and seems to be well made. It is just a little small. I have to empty often, but that is much better than raking by hand. cut my fall clean up time down by 1/2, easy. If you have a small yard, it is nice to have....more info
  • Bag Assembly for B & D Electric Lawn Mower
    Easy to assemble, does the job, could be a little larger....more info
  • Black & Decker BA-075 Side Bag
    It arrived quickly. However, the product is cumbersome and not really easy to use. (I had a rear bag for my last B&D electric lawn mower but one was not avaiable for this model.)First of all, it hangs off a bar that attaches to the back of the lawn mower. Second, when you empty it, you have to shake it hard because the opening is so small. The grass does not come out easily....more info
  • grass catcher
    Since my lawn mower only accepts a side grass catcher I of course had to choose this item. I am happy that I was able to purchase this item from you, but I wish my mower could accept a back grass catcher because this one sticks out and gets in the way of anything that I have to get near, such as the house or a plant, etc. I would have to say that I am otherwise happy with my purchase....more info
  • Side bag
    it is the normal sidebag for your clippings. Get it if you have a landscaped yard so you don't have to clean them up!...more info
  • I can't complain
    The bag is easy to attach, remove and empty - that's what probably matters the most I guess. On the downside the bag is a bit small (my lawn is not big, but still I need to empty it once in between. I cut the grass every 7-10 days). The side bag attaches to a separate arm on my B&D mower. Not only that it looks awkward and ugly when attached, but it also gets in way of almost anything. I have learned to live with that. ...more info
  • Mower bag
    This was a replacement bag. It has ripped in the same area as the first one, making it un-useable. Not happy!...more info
  • Great, but too small
    This side bag assembly is really a nice addition to my B&D BA-075 lawn mower. With the bag, I oftentime have a hard time mowing tall grass because of the massive mulch accumlated under the mower. With the bag, that is no longer an issue. However, the bag is way too small. For my small backyard, I had to empty the bag over 10 times. Also, it keep falling off the mower. The clips just doesn't seem to hold onto the mower that well. Having it on the right side of the mower also made the it mowing certain part of the lawn a bit difficult due to the fence, tree, or other obstacles. I can only mow one direction with the bag attached....more info
  • Clumsy design and after a month I HATE IT!
    The bag hangs by a hoop off of an annoying metal rod. The rod has a tendency to move. The bag has a tendency to scrape the ground.
    The cord gets tangled in the bag.

    The plus is it snaps in easily to the mower.
    It empties easily.

    Save your money this bag is a total hassle unless you rig something up yourself(I used a bungee cord).

    ...more info
  • Black & Decker BA-075 Side Bag Assembly
    I found the Side Bag Assembly easy to use and liked it because it was small, and light weight. Plus, it was easy to dispose of the grass clippings in my waste bag I kept close by. Great for the female species....more info
  • this product is chintzy
    this product is overpriced. it certainly doesn't contain $40 of technology. the bag is made from cheap material. i'm on my third. the first one wore out because the zippers broke. the 2nd one had a hole in it where a metal piece rubs against it. amazon promptly replaced it - thanks. i wish there were alternatives for this product or that it was priced lower. and that you could replace just the canvas bag and not the hole thing. ...more info
  • Lawn Mower Bag Replacement
    It's hard to get excited about a lawnmower bag. Buying it was easy and I got exactly what I ordered. I believe the bag design could be better. The internal metal stiffner on the top rear of the bag protruds and thus frequently catches the electric cord so it wears here quicker and I had to replace the original one becasue the zippers finally gave out....more info
  • Just what I wanted.
    The bag attaches simply and quickly. Holds enough for my small lawn. Double zippers are durable and open up wide to dump clippings....more info
  • Side Bag Assembly for Lawn mower
    This fits my electric lawn mower extremely well. It is easy to assemble and use. The only problem I had was that the zipper gave out after nearly two years of use (during the summer). This is my second one and I would not be without it....more info
  • Handy but of low quality
    I bought this bag 5 months ago and was very happy with it until a month later when one of the side zippers broke. I had used it 2 or 3 times, opening and closing the zipper 3-4 times on each occasion. Since the other side's zipper eas still working, I didn't bother to change or replace it. However, last weekend the other zipper broke as well. I have now written to Amazon and hopefully they (or B&D) will replace it.

    It is otherwise quite sufficient for my backyard and is very handy, easy to put up and clean....more info
  • Attachment is a waste of money
    I love my Black & Decker electric mower so I had no hesitation about purchasing the bag attachment. What a disappointment! First, the bag arrives in a monstrously huge box which belies the actual diminutive size of the bag. When you finally get through all of the cardboard & packing material, the bag is quite small. To its credit, the bag is very easy to attach to the mower, though. The next big problem arrives when you try to use the bag - 1)it holds very little volume so you must empty it every few minutes & 2)if there is any (& I do mean even the smallest amount of)moisture in the grass that you're cutting, the clippings all get clogged at the opening of the bag. In other words, it won't suck the clippings into the bag. I finally got so aggravated that I took the thing off & just raked up the clippings so I could put them in the mulch bed. If I hadn't already used the thing for the first (& last) time, I would have shipped it right back & asked for my money back. What a disappointment....more info
  • So far so good
    Although I haven't had a chance to use this product, it fit easily and seemlessly into the intended slot. It looks solid enough and appears durable....more info
  • Black and Decker is TopNotch
    I really had my doubts about a side bag on an ELECTRIC mower?? Snaps on and off easily, Black and Decker has some great engineers, this is a perfect example of putting the consumer first. Four dollar gas is not problem for me with my GRASSHOG!...more info
  • Does not last
    I seldom used this when mowing my small lawn, but even so, the hole in the mower's plastic deck that holds the metal rod that in turn holds the bag up wore out, so the rod would not keep the bag up any more. ...more info
  • Lawnmower Bag
    It arrived promptly and in brand new condition. It was exactly what I was looking for and has worked out great. No complaints whatsoever....more info
  • Better than not having it!!
    This unit still lets much of the finer grass clippings out through the 'cracks' but, all in all, it is much better than not having it. The capacity is somewhat low but, again, it's better to make a couple extra trips to the trash can to empty it instead of having to rake the lawn later....more info
  • Better Without
    Thought having this would help. Didn't. Grass would clog at the opening of the bag which of course caused the mower to slow or stop with grass clogged in it. In the end it's just easier to rake up after mowing. Also, if it did go into the bag, the bag doesn't hold very much....more info
  • HUGE Improvement!
    This grass catcher bag has been re-designed in a way that eliminates the bottle-neck clogging issue suffered with the original models. ...more info
  • Very handy to have
    Works great with the mulcher/mower. Fills up completely. It would be nice if the zipper was easier to open, but overall I am very satisfied with it. It made it much easier to bag my yard full of leaves, in way less time and with way less back pain....more info
  • Side Bag Assembly
    Product is great. Was easy to assemble and attach to lawn mower. Removes easily and the large zippered area makes it easy to dispose of grass clippings....more info
  • Black and Decker (Electric Mower) Side Bag BA-075
    The purchase, including shipping, was less money then any other place I shopped. A lot of stores such as Home Depot and Lowes did not even carry the item. The Black and Decker store carrying this item was about 25 miles away and about the same price. But,why drive??? It got here in a few days and I am very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I was very pleased with both the product and the fast delivery. Trustworthy seller, one of the best....more info
  • Again with the zipper problem
    The bag is okay. Don't have too big a problem with the size and all but one major problem is the lousy zipper. Read lots of problems about them and I had one too the first month or so. The other worked but now I have problems with that one as well. I cannot zipper it all the way or the one functioning zipper comes off so I have to keep it open slightly and get pelted with cut grass till the whole plugs up.

    The other problem is that it does not hook on so well so if you lightly bump into something the bag falls off...not major but a pain in the neck....more info
  • Reasonable Expectations
    The bag itself seems well constructed, is easy to attach, and easy to empty. It's a little smaller than the bag you may be accustomed to if you have been using a gas powered mower. Since it is used on a side discharge mower, B&D has elected to use a separately attached side support arm that seems a little awkward, but does the job well enough....more info
  • Review of B&D side bag assembly
    Black & Decker Side Bag Assembly #BA-075
    We were so happy to find this product for our mower. We find that the bag so not stay on the mower and we are going to have to engineer a way for it to stay on. It just falls off (from the mower and from the hook). ...more info
  • neccessary nuisance
    With the mulching mower, I don't use the grasscatcher very often. I cut the grass every five or six days....more info
  • The mower is great, this is... not so great
    It works. It's "ok". The design allows you to hold/carry/unzip the bag and empty it into a bin with ease. However,

    1) It's sort of small.
    2) The metal rod that is supposed to NOT turn is held in place by a small nub of plastic in the lawnmower body that immediately gets rounded out and starts turning freely (not a big deal)
    3) Occasionally, when mowing on a curve, if nearly full, it detaches from the mower on its own. It might be nice to have a slightly better locking mechanism.

    Meh. You gotta get one unless you have some other solution for the debris on your lawn. And if you do, let me know....more info
    This item, Black and Decker Grass Bag, BA-075, does not attach to the Grass Mower (Bully Cordless Lawn Mower Model 2020) which I purchased in the same order.

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