Goldstar M8003R Room Air Conditioner

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  • 8,000 BTU: 10 EER: 115 volt
  • High efficiency compressor design for maximum energy savings
  • New Turbo Fan evenly distributes cool air through 2-way deflection system
  • Low-noise compressor for quiet, smooth operation
  • Energy Saver mode saves electricity by turning off the fan when the compressor is not in use
Customer Reviews:
  • You cannot control this AC WITH A VACATION POWER TIMER
    The AC is fine except for one thing... it can only be turned on and off by use of the remote control and or the on-unit push switches. I.E. If you set the temperature and plug the unit into one of those timers that have the nibs that over 24 hours, will turn power on and off, you will have no luck operating this (and probably many other) modern AC units. Turning on the power only serves to turn on the Infrared sensor, you still have to physically push the buttons to make the AC unit cool the air. This makes this a very poor choice for those who travel and need to keep a room cool while on the road....more info
  • Good product.
    Simple installation, adequate cooling, great features (particularly the thermostat)....more info
  • Best window unit I have ever owned
    We replaced a Fedders unit recently and decided to try this unit. It turned out to be the best move we could have made. I like the unit so much I am buying another one to replace our living room unit (which is currently working fine)....Having the remote control and the timer on/off capability is fantastic. Its like having central air....I come home and the air has been on since 4 30pm....I love it. PS--Our electric bill went down....more info